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  • Current Version: 11.00.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Epic Games
  • Compatibility: Android
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Fortnite App

Fortnite DOES NOT support: iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus; iPad Air, Mini 2, 3; iPod Touch 6th gen and lower Fortnite has come to mobile! Squad up and compete to be the last one standing in Battle Royale, or use your imagination to build your dream Fortnite in Creative. Requires an internet connection and iOS 11 or above. On mobile, Fortnite is the same game you know from PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Switch. Same map, same gameplay, same weekly updates. Build your fort as you battle to be the last one standing. Jump in and squad up with friends around the world or in the same room! Powered by Unreal Engine 4. PARTY HUB - Connect with Fortnite friends on the go so the party never stops. See who's online, party up and jump into the game together on any platform or just voice chat. Want to hang with friends in game while you're out and about? Now you can take the party with you! CREATIVE - Enter a universe of endless creative possibilities. Play games with your friends and explore countless community creations. Head to the Creative hub to check out new featured Islands every day. BUILD & DESTROY - Shape the battlefield by building your own cover. Opponent hiding behind a wall? Take out their cover to get the edge. GEAR UP - Board the battle bus and drop in on your favorite zone. Gather resources, collect gear, and battle your opponents! Last one standing wins. SQUAD UP WITH FRIENDS - Team up with your friends around the world or in the same room! EPIC UPDATES & EVENTS - Weekly updates constantly fuel the fun. New gameplay modes, serious and insane new looks for your avatar, new weapons and items….Fortnite is always expanding. CONSOLE GAMING ON THE GO - Play the full game anytime, anywhere. Complete quests on the go, progress your Battle Pass, and more.

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Fortnite app reviews

  • Fortnite 5/5

    By savageforce25
    I love this game
  • Fortnite is good as hell 5/5

    By KKoltz74
    I wish I can get the pumpkin skin in the item shop
  • لعبة حلوة وانشالله لأعلى يارب 5/5

    By mahdi9699
    احلى لعبة
  • 5 Gig Update? 1/5

    By Crusader97b
    5 gigs out of the box. Talking all night to download.
  • This game ...... 5/5

    By wastland survial
    Is unlike others it has storyline and new features all the time I wish that epic games would give more items.

    By blazeboy728
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By happpppppppyyyyyyiiii3
    Love the new map
  • Bugs and glitches 3/5

    By Gumba776
    Hey, I’ve been playing Fortnite from season 2, and I must say it’s a phenomenal game... but there are some bugs that I would like for you to resolve, each time I go on my iPhone 7 to play, all I get is a bad frame rate and the game freezes when I’m about to fight someone, the game also crashes when it freezes for a long time
  • imlove fortnite 5/5

    By Thecoch12
    i love epic games and fortnite is the best game you ever created please make it seoson 11 please
  • Like Fortnite 5/5

    By meera almaz
    I like the game hopefully I will be good at Fortnite
  • fortnite bad 1/5

    By smolsadboi
    minecraft good
  • بغداد 1/5

    By abdalkafour
    ارجو حل مشكله البوتات لم تعد العبه جميله
  • I can’t login 2/5

    By uiopl2310
    I’m trying to play this game but my mom can’t Login so change it where you don’t have to login Please
  • Account got locked for almost a year after spending a lot of money on it. 1/5

    By Noura22
    So I logged out my account, i wanted to check my old locked account to see if i can get it in but i couldn't. My old locked account has been locked for almost a year now, and i cant get it unlocked. After that i gave up and made a new acc, now this acc i spent money on too. When i logged out and logged back in it keeps says something about credentials being invalid. So i kept on repeating and then the next thing you know, my account got locked. SO IM EXPECTING IT TO BE LOCKED FOREVER. i need epic to fix this cause its a reslly huge problem. I tried many ways to solve it but it wouldn't unlock any of my accounts and im so mad about it.
  • Fortnite is the best game 5/5

    By Ahmad Goran
    Please can you guys give me vbucks I only need three thousand please
  • A good game 5/5

    By yeetcpnnnirkr
    Very nice much wow
  • ليس لها معنى 5/5

    By abdullax12
    افضل لعبه في عالم الاء عام بعد
  • Freezes 2/5

    By YTMrCoD
    I love this game but on my iPhone 6s Plus, the game freezes so much that it’s hard to get a win without having my friends to carry me. It gets hard to deal with.
  • Toooo laggy 5/5

    By Mislachicha only
    Tooo laggy
  • Is it just me... 1/5

    By djokapoka
    6 FPS, unplayable. Freezes randomly, then respawns with no sound.
  • Not good things 5/5

    By Djking77666
    I like the game but when I have a scar or something I don’t have a aim sight but on ps4 I have one and my graphics don’t be loading.
  • Thank you fortnite your the best 5/5

    By akisbest
  • Fortnite is great 5/5

    By thunderC1ast
    Fortnite is one of my favorite games it is child friendly and has cartoony graphics and is a online multiplayer game that allows you to play with friends and family.
  • I love it 4/5

    By by jonah
    So far I’m doing better than I did last chapter I only go about 15 or 16 wins but this chapter I bet I will do way BETTER!👏🤝💪👍
  • Best game ever 5/5

    By identityfaisal
    This is the best game I ever played in my life
  • Fortnite is good on console but phone 5/5

    By Playcoolguys12
    It’s nice and cool but if you play on phone or mobile it’s so laggy but I love how that creative still has all of the guns and cars,boats,planes
  • I cant log in my account 1/5

    By shadow_deron
    How do u login!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^~^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jaj 5/5

    By SantiagoPenaFx
    Great game
  • Dead 1/5

    By fghduur
    Fortnite is dead
  • Gavin Sebastian 5/5

    By gavin sebastian
    Awesome game but could you guys limit the sweats/try hard
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Hatty Gee
    Great game real good shooter.
  • FIX IT 1/5

    By blanca_💙💜💛🧡
    When I get in games my game freezes and my sound go out
  • Fortnite is the best video game 4/5

    By dojie888
    It can be hard trying to get loot and other stuff but later it gets easy Everyone should like this game
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By rylandthegamer
    This game is gay
  • Fortnight 1/5

    By bloop83572
    Fortnight is the worst on mobile
  • awful 1/5

    By Ty Otto ._. got that?
    every time I start a game, my character would always freeze and i wouldn’t be able to shoot, move, build etc. my frames drop to 5 when im in close range with an opponent, even when i bought v bucks, it wouldn’t load onto my account! 20$ wasted!
  • Trash 1/5

    By Lilnate0864
  • Needs work 😬 2/5

    By lokezzy
    Has Bugs and character shoots without pressing button at least for ps4 controller users graphics are okay big pauses lapse times FPS damaged .
  • Complain 4/5

    By RoseWood BG
    I like it when it showed who killed u and at the end u can see how many kills u got
  • It’s golden 5/5

    By Iamskullcrush
    It’s good
  • This 5/5

    By senorsnipenbush
    This game is awesome
  • Amazing game!! 5/5

    By Not working 1237473?;&:!:$:
    I have been playing Fortnite since season 3 and throughtout season 9-10 I have quit because it as gotten to be the same thing over and over again and no new changes of any sorts. At the time I had lots of school work and didn’t have the time but now when I heard Fortnite chapter 2 was coming out I was amazed of the boats and new map just and big game changer!
  • Fun to play, but update installation need improvement 3/5

    By E. L. R.
    The game itself is great and the experience of playing the game is really fun. But when you haven’t been in the app for a while it installs a really large update that takes hours to load. The other day, I was wanting to play the new season on my iPad, it needed an update. So, I clicked install. After 8 hours of keeping the app open in the background and me constantly checking on the progress it only loaded 25%. The next day, the update completely stopped and reset so the little progress of the update that I did have was gone. So I did the same thing and it loaded slightly faster and got to 50% after 6 hours. Then after one more hour I checked on it again, it stayed at 50% and kept going up and down between 49% and 50%. The game is really fun and I love playing it, so can you please fix the updating I process.
  • -anonymous fortnite player 2/5

    By from tiktok
    I don’t like it because it doesn’t let me play and I’m my console it does so can u plz fix that I would really appreciate it!
  • Game is laggy 5/5

    By Burger_
    Fix it
  • Confused.... 1/5

    By Dodo$
    I’m so lost right now. Epic says I can play Fortnite on an IPad Air, so I download it, but when I try to update it for chapter 2, it says its not compatible. So I check what devices it’s compatible with and it says an IPad Air, so I’m confused. I have a lot of storage to download it so that’s not a problem and I tried deleting the game and shutting down my IPad but nothing works. What’s going on and how do I fix it? I love the game but this is irritating.
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By Julianthellll
    This Fortnite app is very helpful for doing challenges when I’m away from my console and is a great way to check for the Item shop and checking what friends are on that are on other platforms.
  • RIP Fortnite 1/5

    By (\0/)BatMaN!
    The Ch.2 update is definitely less fun than ch.1 PROs: -can swim in rivers CONS: -New map is small and boring (old map was 4x larger and every city was so unique). -Storm moves in quicker. -Matches feel overcrowded since map is so small -Weapons kill quicker. -F the new fishing poles. They seemed like a funny/great idea till I realized how useless they are. Between the overpopulated matches on a tiny map, quicker storm, & deadlier weapons, you will never live long enough to sit down and fish. So those poles are trolls. Trolls because they take away space that could have gone to something useful. There’s other negatives, but complaining only wastes my time and changes nothing. I’ll maybe check back on this game in a year to see if they ever got their shiz together.
  • Worst game I have ever played 1/5

    By megarex877
    I thought the chapter 2 of of fortnite would be be better, guess not. 1:Bots I thought bots would be a fun introduction to the game to help the new players out, they don’t even miss like the literaly don’t miss there shots and they taunt you with emotes after that kill you 2:Update The fact that it instantly puts you into a game as soon as you boot it up is terrible, and I still hate the fact that solos is even in the game, but you are started in like the worst part of the map and there are real players in the just start game 3: the big change I don’t think changing the map and the guns and the healing(sort of) and the transportation and the size and the tactics and everything else was a good idea because even now pro players will have a hard time getting used to the new everything. I used to be really good , I stopped for a while, came back and then got dropped into the new and quite frankly awful game I really don’t like epic games or fortnite because a lot of the bad games that I have played are form epic and fortnite which is such a big deal should really not be. I don’t see any way it’s fun. It’s way harder, it’s worse that before, and it’s completely lost the good side of fortnite When bots couldn’t do a triple 90 in a half a second When if you got a golden scar you would win When fortnite was a generally fun game

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