FOX 4: DFW WAPP - Weather

FOX 4: DFW WAPP - Weather

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  • Current Version: 4.10.800
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: NW Communications of Texas, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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FOX 4: DFW WAPP - Weather App

Weather in a snap--Trust the WAPP! Live Interactive Radar, Storm watches & warnings, hourly forecasts, 10-day outlook, closings, and more—all on FOX 4’s FREE Weather App. With over three million downloads, the FOX 4 WAPP’s improved design and trusted weather alert system insures you’ll be “4-Warned” of approaching storms. It’s peace of mind—in the palm of your hand. Why get the FOX 4 WAPP? ° Your current forecasts at a glance, with fully integrated GPS to give you accurate conditions wherever you are. ° Customized alert system warns you about severe weather, winds—even earthquakes. ° Watch FOX 4 News LIVE on your phone or tablet. ° Interactive radar map lets you track a storm’s history—and project where severe weather is headed. Regional lightning data and high resolution satellite cloud imagery are also included. Radar is optimized for in-network and WiFi performance. ° Daily and Hourly forecasts, updated round the clock ° The WAPP tracks weather anywhere in the world. Headed on a trip? After you map it—WAPP it! ° Video forecasts and live streaming direct from the Fox 4-WARN Weather Center, keeping you informed even during power outages. ° Real-time traffic info for the North Texas area.

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FOX 4: DFW WAPP - Weather app reviews

  • Unhappy with update 2/5

    By 19Colorado
    I do not like the new radar screen color and I do not like that there is hardly any detail on the map. Only the major roadways and only cities of your choosing, so people like me that live in a smaller suburb we can’t zoom in to see where exactly we are. The overall aesthetics are not nearly as good as before . It was better when you could actually zoom in to small side streets like google earth type map. I. Have used this app since it became available, but today am shopping for a new app.
  • I do not like the updated radar. 2/5

    By Kimberlykad
    Why mess with the map? The updated map is very hard to follow. The time lapse moves so fast that you can’t follow the rain.
  • Buggy and slow 3/5

    By jlrice54
    I’ve been a real fan of this app but this release is slow, buggy, freezes all the time and crashes frequently. I wish I could control the updates on my iPhone and iPad as I would have skipped this one for sure. I’m looking for an alternative app.
  • New app 2/5

    By Former use
    Don’t like new app. Bring back the old one
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Hello9864
    Why is the radar map grayscale now? I hate it.
  • Changed 1/5

    By MyspoiledCali
    Not a fan of the changes to the app. I may delete it and use a different app.
  • WAPP missing cities 1/5

    By niknak0087
    Ever since the update a few months ago, the app has been useless! It either doesn’t work, doesn’t show actual storms, or now where the cities once were all have disappeared. Doesn’t even show the states! I stopped using it recently until today. Guess I’ll use NBC since theirs is always working for me
  • WAPP 1/5

    By jazzyblaze
    Certainly not a fan of the update on this weather app. Guess I will have to find a new on. Shame as we have used this one since it came out
  • Love the new features! 5/5

    By mip261
    A pro radar map all in one. The WAPP is my first “go to” choice when weather is inclement. Awesome update!
  • Update 4/5

    By hlwatt77
    The update today is awesome. Much more detail and the satellite map is much nicer.
  • App won’t open 2/5

    By whotvdp95386
    The WAPP won’t open more than half the times I try. It’s usually during a storm or bad weather. I’m assuming it’s because too many people are using the app? It’s frustrating. What’s the point of having it if it won’t open?

    By irodman
    This WAS a great app about WEATHER but now it’s nothing but ADS IN YOUR FACE EVERYWHERE!!! The weather buttons are tiny and hard to see. Every screen has a GIANT AD that takes up most of the screen and right in the middle of the daily weather. I’ll never buy from any of these advertisers on this space. Since there’s no place to opt out of ads I’m switching to another weather app! It’s hard to believe but I guess Fox4 is really hurting for money!!!
  • Help, App Developer! 3/5

    By Porsche Mom
    I have used this app for over 5 years, probably closer to 7, and it has usually been my go to app for weather. But since the last few updates since about a year ago, it has a few wonky things that frustrate me. Many of those things have already been brought up. My biggest frustration has to do with the list that shows all my saved locations. It used to be that I could look up a location, rename it if I wish, then save it to the list. If at another time I wished to delete a few locations because my list was getting too long, I could do so. Now, since the last big updates within this past year, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to delete locations! My list is getting big enough that it is becoming difficult to find the location that I am looking for. Is this still a feature of the app? If it is, where is it? And if not, make it one again! So App Developer, have any advice?
  • Keeps saying no network 2/5

    By Lucusk
    The newest update claims no network even with 5 bars several others around me having the same issue since the update as well.
  • Crashes constantly 1/5

    By Used to CA Weather
    I have to delete and reinstall this app every few days.
  • Just frustrating 4/5

    By Taylor2756 E
    Okay so I just got this app thinking...I am tired of just the weather with out a map! So I figured this app was going to be great!! So I get the app and I am trying to pin my location but this thing keeps popping up that says something about unable to pin your location and that you need to check your network and so on. Then it says cancel or retry I press retry. The same thing keeps popping up over and over and over again. I don’t know if it is my WiFi or something but it might be. So it is just really hard to pin your location well it is to me at least. Also I just pinned a random location and looked at all the stuff I really don’t like how you have to scroll down it just is kinda weird. But other than all of that I think this app is really good!!
  • Great APP 5/5

    By scanner jack
    Thank You making an App that is very Accurate in forecasting weather. I like to monitor other cities also. I hope you never ever change that. Thank You again. From Jack
  • Worst update 2/5

    By Seye2see
    Not happy with the apps new layout , it’s crashes constantly. Have tried deleting and reloading and still no luck. Go back to the old version.
  • What is the temp? 1/5

    By TheKapn
    You’d think a weather app would tell you the current temperature on the first page - but it’s actually nowhere to be found. Is this a bad joke? I don’t care the temperature for this hour and the next hour - I’d like to know the temperature right now - I would think that is requirement number 1 - horrible design.
  • Yes airplane mode is off and I’m connected to Wi-Fi 1/5

    By Ten1128
    App never works.
  • Wapptastic 5/5

    By Clovenhoofer
    I fap to my wapp daily

    By Gr8tohave
    The app was working just fine until the update a month ago! It works fine and then for hours I will get the network failure. It doesn’t matter if I am at home using WiFi or out and about using my cellular network. The radar seems to have something going on with it as well as the last few storms that have came, nothing was on the radar! Please fix whatever the bug is so I can utilize this weather app! Please HELP!!!
  • Traffic 3/5

    By Checksix54
    What happened to the “Traffic Flow” feature? The old app was better.
  • Ads, ads, and more ads. 2/5

    By BurdNurd14
    So many ads. I really wish I would not have done the update. I would pay a “small” fee to have an ad-free version.
  • Slow “update” 2/5

    By 886$&!?'htsftwwdf
    Ever since the update, the app is super slow to load. Takes 30 seconds to get past the intro screen, then forever to load data. I often need to see the weather in a pinch. I’ll be using another app until if/when this is corrected.
  • Landscape mode no longer functional 3/5

    By alexs9981
    The landscape mode is no longer functional. Will have to search competition for one that has landscape mode...
  • Network Failure 1/5

    By Taymar03
    I get Network Failure all the time now! It wasn't like that before. Please fix it! If not I will go to another radar. I loved this app, but now its frustrating.
  • Update Didn’t Mean Upgrade 1/5

    By MKatz4849
    The recent update seems to make the app more clumsy and less intuitive, more difficult to see and navigate, and it crashes more frequently. Has been my go-to for years but after the last update, I’m shopping around.
  • New update 1/5

    By De83197
    My app doesn’t work at all since the last update. This is the time of year when I really need those alerts and I get a network message EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to use it. I finally had get the Weather Channel app. I’m going to have to delete the WAPP if this isn’t fixed soon. ☹️
  • The Wapp always opens on it’s side 2/5

    By Andreintx
    I have my iPad pro 9.7 in a keyboard case that makes it resemble a little laptop. The iPad is held in landscape orientation. Every time I open the app, it opens on it’s side in portrait orientation. I have to close the Wapp and open it a second time to get it in landscape. Prior to this update, the Wapp would randomly open in the wrong orientation. This update made it consistently open in the wrong orientation.
  • Can’t see 3/5

    By la ane
    I gave loved this app but it has stopped working and said it’s still in search mode. Can’t delete or update
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By Mhack29
    Just updated app.... doesn’t open forecast!! Deleting after all these years. There has to be a better app.
  • Colorado is missing! 4/5

    By AmgggIII
    Unless you zoom in closer the state of Colorado is not identified.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Rmg6320
    This newest version is erratic at best. Used to be my go to app but not now. Please update or go back to previous version
  • What happened to the moon phases? 4/5

    By horndog's
    What happened to the moon phases?
  • Update crashes 3/5

    By IamTheAnniemal
    Rendered useless.
  • Retired 40 40 2/5

    By Will 40 40
    When I open the app all I see is the first screen (the logo) nothing else. The only way to is to perform a hard shut down of my iPad Pro then it will open but problem shows up later. Need to fix this problem.
  • Network issue 3/5

    By outlinr
    Keep getting network error when I have 4 bars and LTE. Did not have this before the upgrade.
  • App performance spotty since last update 2/5

    By Arl410
    More often than not, the app is not available when I open it. Open the app and all that shows is the logo. For example the app has been unavailable for the last six hours at least. This is becoming common. A weather app that is not available during May/June in Texas is worthless. I’ll have have to look for a more reliable app.
  • Doesn’t rotate in iPad Pro screen 1/5

    By Lover of NO
    And .... Sometimes it does not open . New version not as good as old
  • New update 2/5

    By eman2263
    I hate the advertisements. They had a good thing going now I have moved on to another source.
  • Updating app is not always better😢 2/5

    By justneedweather
    I use this app constantly, they did a major update to it and it is not connecting to their server. It’s happening with my phone and a couple of other people I knows phones😩 I just need for it to get the updates it needs and I will know what is going on with the weather.
  • Good app, but not good live streaming 3/5

    By DOGMOUTH728
    I like the weather part of the app, but the live streaming is very bad. It just pauses out of nowhere
  • New design 2/5

    By TAW69
    Not a big fan of the recent change. I don’t like having to tap more than one part of the app to get what was on the front page previously. Still use the app, but would Like it changed back.
  • Not a fan of the update 1/5

    Not a fan of new app. I don’t like the add bar stuck in the middle of the page. And My WiFi is on and my phone is not on Airplane mode and it keeps telling me I need to make sure my WiFi is on and my phone is not on airplane mode. Continually pops up with this. I don’t like having to tap the map to get something larger. That’s just another step added in.
  • New Update 5/5

    By asingleton1228
    Loving the new update! Love the app for iPhone.
  • Network failure 3/5

    By fan of didi
    The app will work for a few hours and then I get a “Network Failure, make sure airplane mode is off and WiFi is on” alert. This has happened daily in various locations with WiFi and cell service. All other apps work fine. I have to uninstall this app and reinstall it and it will work. I didn’t have this problem until the updated version came out.
  • Update broke the app 2/5

    By Mraustinpowers
    This couldn’t have been tested - app doesn’t load most of the time now
  • The updated is worse 2/5

    By Rick_76401
    Since the app was updated it does not want to load. The added screens to get to the data that used to be handy and easy to view. This used to be my favorite weather app, but now I rank it along with the other apps that load 1/2 the time and none of the time when you need it to load.

FOX 4: DFW WAPP - Weather app comments

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