Fox Nation: Opinion Done Right

Fox Nation: Opinion Done Right

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Fox Nation: Opinion Done Right App

Get exclusive opinion shows and documentaries from your favorite FOX News personalities. Fox Nation is a members-only destination for Fox News' most passionate fans featuring exclusive news and shows from the voices you trust. Subscribe to Fox Nation to watch new and exclusive shows featuring amazing behind-the-scenes access, plus get invitations to exclusive events. Fox Nation is accessible on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. The Fox Nation app has on-demand video from your favorite FOX News personalities. Tune-in to Fox News Radio and stream live. Fox News Channel programs can also be audio streamed 30 minutes after their initial broadcast. Listen to your most loved and trusted voices: Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Tomi Lahren, Brian Kilmeade, Tyrus, Brit Mchenry, Jesse Watters, Brit Hume, Steve Doocy, and Bill Bennet. Don’t miss shows exclusive for Fox Nation members: Judge Napolitano, Deep Dive, UN-PC, The Quiz Show, Starnes Country, Tomi Lahren First & Final Thoughts, Dana’s Book Club, Laura & Raymond, One Smart Person & Greg Gutfeld, Greg Jarrett’s The Russia Hoax Plus, go deeper into the topics you love with specials, documentaries, and series. Get access to investigative pieces with never before seen footage and specials from the most iconic places around the country, such as: - Riddle, The Search for James R. Hoffa, which is the culmination of an extensive Fox News investigation about the most famous missing man in America, union boss James Riddle Hoffa. - Scandalous: The Mysterious Case of Tawana Brawley, takes a look into the controversial rape case that inflamed racial tensions at a crucial time in our nation’s history. - Scandalous: Chappaquiddick, examines the story of the late-night accident with Senator Ted Kennedy, told through the eyes of the people who were there. - Borked, which chronicles the epic 1997 battle for control of the U.S. Supreme Court. - What Made America Great, hosted by Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmead, reveals the hidden history and ongoing controversies behind America’s most iconic locations. - The Fuhrman Diaries, reveals former Los Angeles detective Mark Fuhrman’s private thoughts and analysis on criminal cases that have defined America this past half century. And much more. Your iTunes account will be charged $5.99/mo for the Monthly plan or $64.99/yr for the Annual plan, plus applicable taxes. Charges will occur upon confirmation of purchase or after the free trial period, if any, unless auto renewal is turned off or your subscription is cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your subscription will automatically renew at the then-current rates within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. To cancel, visit the Account Setting in your iTunes account. Subscription fees are non-refundable. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if applicable, will be forfeited when you change your subscription. We may work with mobile advertising companies and other similar entities that help deliver advertisements tailored to your interests. For more information about such advertising practices, and to opt-out in mobile apps, see You may also download the App Choices app at

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Fox Nation: Opinion Done Right app reviews

  • Not bad! 4/5

    By aced411
    The content is pretty great! It’s nice having an option for those of us that to do not subscribe to traditional programming. I’d love to see a playlist of all the latest daily shows so it would just play them automatically. Also the auto play feature itself could use some work. Last but not least, can you take some of those 5 min shows (Tomi, halftime report etc) and turn them into full length shows?
  • Password 1/5

    By Jasigine
    Not sending me a temporary password or allowing me to reset my password. I have received 4 emails - but When I click on reset password-the reset password page is bypassed and I’m back at the sign in page.
  • Great application & amazing shows 5/5

    By RadioListener2
    Thank you FOX for bringing a good entertainment away of the current and bizarre TV shows and TV cable
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Cay1589
    Wonderful new format/coverage/information platform. Learning so much about history that I either didn’t know or needed to refresh. I find myself constantly learning now. Thank you Fox Nation
  • Insight 5/5

    By Okie from FBCBA
    My wife gave me a subscription to fox nation for Christmas. Love the detailed information and in-depth review of our past history. Jimmy Hoffa story was over the top. Still very upset over the three days at Benghazi story to think our government did not send help immediately. Looking forward to being a part of fox nation for 2019. David Carroll Broken Arrow Okla.
  • Like content, but App needs 1 major fix 2/5

    By BP CNY
    This app must be improved to function in the background. I use many apps on road, at the gym or with just headphones. When the iPhone screen is off the app stops. Many other apps don’t do this. iHeart, XM or Audible are everyday examples that work as I would expect this app to function.
  • Stay updated all the time with Fox News 5/5

    By Mr Tabor
    I can listen to my favorite shows on my cellphone at my leisure and never miss a episode and carry the phone with me around the house when I am doing my daily chores.
  • Can’t open app 1/5

    By bodayshus1
    Downloaded app, signed up for subscription and paid. App will not open in iPad or iPhone. “The app has encountered an error, please try again. If you continue to... Error: 424-A012.” Retried several times on both devices with no success. Customer dissatisfied, customer lost! Cancelled payment.
  • Great shows! 5/5

    By aplus14
    I enjoy these shows!😃 Lots of great stories, history and information you will get ONLY here!
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By Hawaii Chief
    I paid for my subscription on or above 21 December 2018 and logged on but after I logged on it gave me error message. I thought maybe it was my signal. So I tried again later when I had WiFi and still the same error message. I contacted Fox Nation support and have didn’t know what the problem was but a few others said i never paid for my subscription. I sent them a picture of my paid subscription on my Apple ID and a copy of my debit card transaction on my bank statement that showed my payment. They still stuck by there payment was never processed. This conversations happen on 09 January 2019 so I deleted the app. Sometimes you don’t get what you pay for. I asked for a complete transcripts of our conversation. I have not received that. I wish someone would make this right . Fox News should know about this. The people at support are not very kind and helpful I’m sad because I’m a huge Fox News Fan
  • Okay 3/5

    By Jpooppppy
    The favorites need to be easier to access. I don’t want to have to scroll through everything.
  • Fox Nation 5/5

    By Jamdahammer
    A great way to stay informed and get to know the “Fox Folks” better. Fabulous Christmas gift!!
  • A old man 5/5

    By charlie convering
    So much history that I did not know. I am 68 , but learn thins I never new. Still working going to retire at 70 . Which people in the USA new what I know. But I know very little.
  • One busy momma 3/5

    By yumpin' yeanne
    I wanted you to be aware that when wanted to download and sign up, I searched for the Fox Nation app on Google, it took me on a wild goose chase! I actually took a picture of some of the ‘sites’ it showed me before I found it. If you want I can send to you- maybe you want to look into this. Your app was very hard to find. I’m disgusted with tech giants controlling what ppl see! I do not know where to go to report suspicious activity. I enjoy the variety of shows Fox Nation!
  • loving it in north dakota 5/5

    By oldmil12
    favorites watters world and tommi. fight the fake news, thanks fox nation from a founding member
  • No show videos. Why pay for Fox Nation 3/5

    By Foxyladybest99
    Fox Nation is organized very well. Currently most shows only have audios. Without the show videos I don’t see any reason to pay for Fox Nation. If Fox Nation decides to offer shows with videos, then I think Fox Nation would be worth paying for.
  • Circles ..circles 3/5

    By JimMorrisonFan67
    App freezes too much. Get a loading circle way too much on the app for my iPhone 6. Very frustrating! (And no it’s not my wifi)
  • Great content. Horrible app 4/5

    By selbya
    I love the content I get from Fox Nation, but the app is always crashing. Every time I try to navigate to different screens after a clip is over, it crashes. It’s getting increasingly annoying.
  • Customer service 1/5

    By Thunderheart1234
    I couldn’t log on even thou I paid for service. No where to connect for customer service so I had no choice but to cancel subscription.
  • Love the documentaries! 5/5

    By Kevin Bark
    They’re a news version of ESPN’s 30 for 30s
  • Where’s KENNEDY!!! 1/5

    By Emma in the real World
    Does this thing open? I have an iPhone 8 Plus and this is the one app that fails to open 75% of the time...too slow for “premium” access ($60+???) And where is Kennedy in the app?? She is a BIG reason I signed up and she is even on the air now promoting it??? It’s NOT Fox Nation without Kennedy!!!! When I can get in, she’s not there either (But Raymond Arroyo and Tyrus...really?) What a disappointment.
  • I love Fox 5/5

    By nicolas andrew bedney
    I became a founder because I appreciate the network, their content and the necessary, crucial place along with the function Fox has and holds in the USA. The app, this streaming service provides an additional opportunity to grow in understanding of historic events and popular debates.
  • Fox Nation is a Haven for Right-of-Center Opinion Shows... 4/5

    By Aethradon
    ...with a bit of an identity crisis, I’m afraid! Don’t get me wrong here: I love the app for its opinion shows done right and being able to listen to all of the podcasts here is a major boon as well. Some voices here really shine for younger audiences (see: millennials) like myself—Britt McHenry, Diamond and Silk, Greg Gutfeld, Kat Timpf, Tyrus, and Tomi Lahren, to name a few. But my one major gripe with Fox Nation is that it has been branded by the news media as “Netflix for conservatives” and it’s because of the documentaries. Those documentaries clash with the right-of-center opinionated commentary that Fox Nation was branded as and serve as nothing more but filler to an otherwise robust user experience. As a Fox Nation founding member, all I wanted was a place where I can watch new shows from my favorite Fox News personalities and listen to radio shows/podcasts from political commentators on-demand. The occasional specials (i.e. “Ainsley’s Holiday Special” and “Cooking with Steve Doocy”) offer very pleasant viewing experiences, but it’s hard to spot them in a jungle of documentaries. I find the live-streamed events have been nice to watch on-demand, too. But the app can’t help but feel watered down with all of the extraneous documentaries and years-old re-runs being featured because it’s meant to be used for a completely different purpose. This app’s content should feel fresh every time you open it up. You should be trying to cater to all ages rather than just older adults because you risk losing out on a huge potential revenue stream in the long-run with your audience by not catering to that 25-54 demographic well enough. Why not have more daily/weekly shows like “Un-PC,” “First/Final Thoughts w/ Tomi Lahren,” etc.? Where is Jesse Waters? Jedediah Bila? Kennedy? Kat Timpf? Ben Shapiro? Dave Rubin? There’s a vast pool of conservative and libertarian voices out there that are wrongly censored by social media and the mainstream media. As someone who watches plenty of YouTube, I get enough liberal news and opinions force-fed down my throat to last me a lifetime, so it’s nice to have one space where I don’t see all of that clogging my feed with Fox Nation, nor the heated debates you’d see air on cable news channels at times. It still has a lot of work to do within the next few months if it wants to keep its subscribers like myself engaged, but I find its content thus far has been so far MUCH better than initially expected! I’d happily give this app five stars if the issue with old re-runs and documentaries clogging up the Search and Home feed could be resolved in a more intuitive way because it bugs me as a graphic designer. My recommendation would be to separate Shows, Documentaries, and Specials when searching for content and to automatically populate them from newest to oldest rather than from A-Z. Cheers!
  • Make it Roku accessible 5/5

    By Pigtailsto
    Love love love it! Great documentaries and crime series that are done well. Keep it coming and please make a Roku app ASAP!
  • App only works sometime 3/5

    By Murraygirl
    About 50% of the time when I had time to open this app it does not work on my iPad Pro current version of iOS. Every other app works. Too many bugs in this one
  • Great 5/5

    By US-RN CNS
    Love it
  • Producing great work at Fox Nation!! 5/5

    By Robert Monaco
    Thank you for providing all of these great shows!!
  • Background 3/5

    By Jl0723
    When will this app be able to run in the background?? To have the screen on the app just for audio is ridiculous.
  • On the right track 5/5

    By dj lynk
    The content is great! The flow of the app can use a bit of polishing. One huge wish, please have a live show during the 2pm central time. I need an alternative to liberal shep that presents up to date happenings.
  • Matt Golsteyn 5/5

    By stop madness
    Can’t believe the powers to be are trying to bring criminal charges against this decorated war hero, come on people let’s think about what we’re doing. This man put his life on the line for all of us and this is how we repay him! VERY SAD!
  • MY internet is s l o w 2/5

    By MarcJWilliams
    Therefore it takes a long long time to sign on the Fox Nation
  • This app needs a live feed! 1/5

    By Ricardo del Sidney
    If you are like me, you want to cut the cable cord. Why Fox Nation did not include the live feed. What the heck is going on? Fox blew it. Hopefully, they will add it in the future.
  • Fox Nation is REAL news 5/5

    By Trumpster 2020
    I only watch fox nation, Fox News, & fox business news.
  • Shillunatic 5/5

    By @musicgal
    I am really enjoying Fox Nation. The Quiz Show with Tom Shillue is my favorite new show. If you need a laugh, you have to watch it. I also love getting to watch video of Tom’s radio show. Fox Nation should bring back Red Eye and then my happiness would be complete.
  • No Live Programming :( 1/5

    By Antagonizer1
    If your like me you’re trying to cut the cable cord. I was disappointed that you can’t get live shows stream in like Fox and friends.
  • Review 1/5

    By TulipsMomma
    Dear Fox Nation, I’m well aware the Shawn H. Is great friends with President Trump PLEASE PLEASE have him get a message to POTUS to hold firm on the wall us Deplorable’s have his back. Thank you and Merry Christmas 🎄🎁🎄🎁🎄🎁🎄
  • Good app 5/5

    By Terry204612
    First off I Love that there is an audio only option and that it still plays if I leave the app and do other things. I subscribe to blaze TV (was CRTV) as well and have been wishing they would add those two things. Price is very reasonable. Someone complained about the annual price but there is a very low monthly option as well. Would like a Samsung smart TV app.
  • Way too expensive to have so many problems 2/5

    By tsbama17
    This app should stream Fox news as others have suggested. At the very least it should have podcasts available within a couple of hours after they air. The app in it's current state is bad. Connection to audio is slow. It doesn't remember headphone setting. Buffer is seriously lacking so audio constantly stutters. Finally, the interface is absolutely horrible. Items marked as favorites should be the easiest thing to see, not buried in the app with no way to directly navigate. I'm sure it will get better but right now it won't even recognize my subscription.
  • Poor casting to TV 1/5

    By diverjones
    Any attempt to stream to my Chromcast device is futile. I just get a small square in upper left corner of my TV. Its like trying to watch a 6” Television from 15 feet away. Not all shows are consistent. SOME actually fill up my 55 inch screen, but the majority of all of your shows fill up a single 6” corner. Pitiful.
  • Not worth $69 2/5

    By John Hornbuckle
    The app is free for 7 days then $69 for a year. Not this boy!
  • One stars are catching up! 1/5

    By kennnydogg
    “Love it” or were “lied to” seems to be the trend. You either love the news a day late and some special programming or you were lied to that you could stream Fox News live. That’s the bulk of 1 star complaints. Other complaint they won’t give your money back even when they lied to you. Sounds like something CNN might do. I wouldn’t have expected this from fox.
  • Near useless 1/5

    By dcbent
    Love the programming. But the app is useless. Uses up too much data and the audio interface is very bad. I was looking forward to replacing the fox quad cast with this but it did not work. Now I can only listen 3 days a month to the same programs before my monthly data is used up. Need to be able to download programs for listening offline and to control the playback speed.
  • Not what I expected 1/5

    By The Grepper
    I had high expectations for this app and the content. My plan was to stream content in the car but the app is not usable. There is an audio option which allows programs to stream in the background (while I’m using my GPS) but the app is too difficult to navigate. How about a simple list of the shows I favorited. Why do I need to choose audio for each show rather than selecting audio at startup. Overall usability and organization is poor. Suggest you look at Stitcher or other streaming apps with car mode. The app has nice graphics but need a lot of work.
  • Unknown Error 2/5

    By MTS58
    IPad 6 loaded the app and get unknown error when trying to login. I can login to the site from a web browser on the same iPad, so its not the wireless connection. Deleted the app and reloaded with same problem.
  • Great content, app needs work. 3/5

    By Subwaygop
    I’m sure in future apps versions it will be better. That’s why I gave it 3 stars, app needs work.
  • Off to a Great Start 5/5

    By DSiegel
    It’s not a perfect app, but for a first release this is definitely hitting what it needs to. The content is fantastic as well, though I would have expected to be able to watch my favorite Fox News/Fox Business shows On Demand. I would hope this is something that is coming in the near future.
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By myopiczeal
    Deep dive alone is worth the subscription. The longer format helps get past the “sound bite” length of analysis on most news shows. The number of choices you have on Fox Nation means you can switch from scheduling your time to catch a good show to now having the freedom to see a show on demand when it’s convenient for you. A huge game changer! Definitely recommend!
  • Should be free 1/5

    By AYP Guy
    Cost $6 month or $55 a year. Says u get a free trail week but before you get it you have to have $55 in your apple account first. Says it will charge u after the free week. So free with a catch.
  • Fox Nation is pretty cool 5/5

    By TAStheResidentArtist
    I draw for The Tom Shillue Show, and had to get Fox Nation in order to draw his new Quiz show. It takes some getting use to, but I really like that I can watch the full three hours of his radio show. That’s handy for my busy days where I miss the show but can only listen to the third hour much later. PLUS all these other shows are real cool too. I let my Shamama barrow my account so she can watch them. (We can be on the same account at the same time!) All Fox Nation needs now is a Jimmy Failla show and I’ll be ecstatic! -TAStheResidentArtist 2018

Fox Nation: Opinion Done Right app comments

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