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Fox News: Live Breaking News App

Stay informed with US and World breaking news coverage fit for your busy lifestyle with Fox News! Follow the latest, trending articles, local weather stories, sports headlines, business features and live streaming video – all from your mobile device, Apple Watch or iPad! Download the app to follow dynamic, real-time reporting from Fox News! Top 5 Reasons to Download Fox News: 1. Watch live streaming video of your favorite Fox News shows anytime, anywhere* 2. Multitask by browsing the latest headlines while watching live Fox News coverage 3. Navigate from articles to additional content for the news that matters most to you 4. Subscribe to Breaking News Alerts to follow the latest breaking news as it happens 5. Engage directly with your favorite shows, news personalities and anchors on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more directly from the Fox News app Enhanced News Format: • View the latest videos from the #1 cable news shows and anchors on Fox News Channel • Keep an eye on the Breaking News Hub to stay up to date on a story as it unfolds • Navigate easily from articles to related content and view videos and slideshows for news that matters to you • Adjust the player size to your preference – go full screen by flipping your phone into landscape or shrink it down to audio only Apple Watch Features: • Scan the latest news, politics and tech headlines straight from your wrist! • Save stories to read later or share them with friends on Facebook and Twitter iPad Exclusive Features: • Personalize News Desk on your iPad for the topics, shows and social media you care about most Find comprehensive coverage of the day’s hottest stories with Fox News! Download the app for up to date Breaking News Alerts and 24/7 live streaming video from Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network through Fox News Go! With vibrant photo galleries, the latest video clips from all of your favorite shows and streaming coverage of live events and exclusive programming on demand, Fox News is your go-to source for all of the latest headlines! * An authorized pay TV subscription is required in order to watch live FOX News Channel and FOX Business Network. We may work with mobile advertising companies and other similar entities that help deliver advertisements tailored to your interests. For more information about such advertising practices, and to opt-out in mobile apps, see You may also download the App Choices app at


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Fox News: Live Breaking News app reviews

  • What happened? I don’t want a Honda! 1/5

    By Rhenium188-189
    About a month ago we decided to get the Apple TV in one room and Amazon Fire in another. We downloaded Fox News on both and initially enjoyed the service and app. Then about three weeks ago on the Apple TV we were covered in Honda Commercials. Not every now and then but non stop Honda Civic. And then they go to Honda in Spanish. Between EVERY story there is a Honda commercial. If the spooling takes me to a story and I want to skip it and see the next one, Honda. If I manually go between stories, Honda. If I turn the set off and come back later, Honda starts where it left off. I have not shopped for a Honda and have no plans to buy a Honda. I don’t want a Honda. This “update” has made the Apple TV app of Fox News completed Useless. The Amazon Fire does not have Honda adds. I called Apple and they tell me it is not an Apple issue. They just push content that Fox provides. What were you thinking? Fox, drop the advertising.
  • Edit Please!! 3/5

    By SouthGaPlayer
    I cannot believe that articles are posted without editing for spelling errors and missing words. I guess the days of good grammar are gone with everything else!
  • Sound notification 5/5

    By ucim2cute
    When I first downloaded Fox News I used to get the sound notification but for months now the sound won’t work. I have all my settings correct, does anyone know why or how I can make the sound work again for the app? Please share. Thank you.
  • Sex Ads 1/5

    By NSDoug
    Fox News has ignored my multiple reports of sexual ads with images that show up while using their app. I have reported it several times and attached the screenshots but have heard nothing back.
  • New news? 2/5

    By GPiedmont
    Really getting tired of looking to Fox News for the latest info only to see news over a week old still posted. If it's filler get rid of it. Post current info in all categories unless it is a follow-up piece to an earlier article.
  • Useless 1/5

    By james10
    All other news apps (AP, Reuters, CNN) allow for a sound to alert for breaking news. FNC does not have any alert sound.
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By Invalidating husband
    The articles are ok but the most frustrating thing I’ve ran into is that a lot of the times I click on a video that is linked to the article I’m reading has nothing to do with it. For instance I just clicked on a video that was linked to an article about a student being jumped for having a trump flag and it was a video about the Florida school shooting. There was no information about the article I just read.
  • Fix video bug 3/5

    By Cmassey84
    Dear Fox News, On the iPhone X, when tapping an embedded video in a news article (for example, Twitter video), the video opens in full screen mode, however, there’s absolutely no way to close/exit the video player and return to the app. One must kill the app and relaunch it. Very annoying to the extent that I’m careful now to not tap on and video content. This has been happening since I started using the Fox News app on my iPhone X back in December. Please fix. Thank you.
  • App doesn’t work properly! 1/5

    By me&u4now
    I can’t get this app to stop cutting off the last paragraph (or maybe more) of the articles I read on my iPad. I’ve written to support and no help forthcoming.
  • App Needs Work 2/5

    By Brewster 772
    Fox News Go works half the time. While on my phone and they’re transitioning to a commercial, you lose connection and have to reestablish the connection. For months I was able to watch Fox News Go on my MacBook Pro. One day the screen was black and couldn’t get anything, has been that way ever since, and that has been a month now. I was still able to view it on my phone. I’ve emailed Fox on two occasions about the Mac issue with only a computer generated response and nothing fixed. The sad thing is, I’m not a CNN fan but their go page works perfectly every time, even during commercials.
  • Articles are unreadable 1/5

    By Jnbeach
    Ads cover most of the article so you are unable to read them. I keep hoping new updates would fix the problem but they don’t. Get your news somewhere else where you can actually see what is written!
  • Google ads covering up story/deleting end of story 4/5

    By Reddog0202
    What’s up with the Google ads covering up the story and deleting half of the story on the mayor of Oakland notifying ice and Angel parents of California.
  • Shepherd Smith 5/5

    By pantera41
    Far left liberal Shepherd Smith should have left with Barrack Hussein Obama Please fire him, send him to MSNBC !!
  • Terrible app, good content 1/5

    By Mgsrcs
    Articles are cut off mid sentence so you can't read the entire article. Very aggravating because you can't read the whole story.
  • What’s with the Coverup? 1/5

    By Granny Sue 63
    This used to be a great app. Then all of a sudden, graphics, photos, and ads started covering up the content of the news articles so that they couldn’t be read. Tried changing settings on my phone, clicking the tiny x on the ads...nothing. Hope y’all fix it soon, then I’ll change my rating to 5.
  • Love FoxNews but app needs work! 3/5

    By Auto get
    This is we Here I read most of my national news but have been very disappointed as of late. Seems that several news stories get truncated in mid-sentence and just end. What’s up with that FoxNews? Please fix so we can read the rest of the story...
  • No video, no photo ...again 1/5

    By marshall70
    Constant stories where a video is being described with no video. Often the article gives the reader a warning about the video or describes the video in detail without showing it. Same thing with pictures. Love fox but headlines that refer to a video while not providing a link is frustrating.
  • After Update App No Longer Opens 1/5

    By Wizard, fkap
    I hate to post this type of review because I know you’re already trying to fix the problem. But the App absolutely will not open at all on my iPhone X. Worked perfectly (for years) until the newest iPhone X much hyped “full screen” update.
  • Messed up app. 1/5

    By joe young
    Ads cover content. Read all the neg reviews. Haha two thumbs down. Its the app that is lacking. 78
  • The videos are a problem 4/5

    By Shingizille
    The videos Never work properly.
  • Can’t watch videos 2/5

    By dav724
    When you try watching a news video clip it shows the commercial ad and then the picture freezes. You can hear the news video playing but can’t see it. All you can see is the last video frame of the Ad frozen on the screen and hear the news video playing in the background.
  • Requires login often 2/5

    By The Attention
    App does not save login/password for Xfinity. Requires re-entry multiple times each day.
  • App will not open!!! 1/5

    By Dimpy59
    App will not open, kicks back to main screen on I-pad. Please fix. When you click on app support it does the same thing.
  • Not sure what happened 3/5

    By vXEtherealXv
    Lately I have had a problem with this app on my iphone 8 plus. When I select a story to read the new page opens with only the images and no text. I have never had an issue with the Fox News app until about 2 weeks ago. Normally this app is quite solid and performs perfectly.
  • Hey dummy soft. Dev 1/5

    By Nicky b baby04
    When you watch a video it won’t let you (X) out of it cause it’s in front of the battery bar symbol on iPhone X. Hello..!!!!!!!
  • A. 5/5

    By Amazing work.
  • Crash - Crash - Crash 1/5

    By Proten
    Crashes constantly. Will have to restart the app 3 or 4 times to read through the articles.
  • Biased, Fake, State Propaganda 1/5

    By Sqorpion
    This is utter garbage. Long live propaganda! I blame mass shootings, militias and racism on this NRA and Crony Government propaganda. Long live kleptocracy and misinformation too!
  • DACA 5/5

    By Gimmie 12
    I have ONE QUESTION....... Why haven't these DACA people become AMERICAN CITIZENS?????? They've been here long enough AND they're supposed to be educated!!!!! Thank you!, Debi Lentz
  • Connection errors abound 1/5

    By Husky86
    This app is very good, with one key and glaring exception: connection errors are consonant. I have been utilizing the app for a good while now and I cannot remember the last time I did not encounter multiple connection errors. I have reported these connection errors to FOXNews. They seemingly have no interest in satisfying customer demand by resolving these issues.
  • AppleTV HELP!! 1/5

    By BradleyTB
    Still Not Working- Don’t know where else to get help with this, but Activation for FoxNews on my Apple TV is not working. Activation for Fox News for all other devices works fine. I’m using the same steps using my cable providers Cox credentials and I get error messages when activating.
  • Literal garbage 1/5

    By A guy whose opinion matters
    The app never works. The video can't connect or puts your phone to sleep if the show goes to commercial. If you pause a show good luck playing it again. Can't listen to news in background.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Prautes
    One would think that with all the resources Fox has, they could produce an app that operates with efficiency and consistency. This app seems like it has what you want, and the layout seems pretty easy. However, downloading and watching news and commentary is inconsistent at best. The same commercial or advertisement plays before every video, no matter the program you watch, and then the video feed freezes during the commercial while the news portion begins to play. Frustrating. Also, the shows do not consistently load. The app should consistently load at a certain time with certain segments available. Instead, what you have to do is hope for the show you miss to have its clips uploaded or the app to highlight correctly the important news and commentary of the day. Nope. That would make too much sense. Also, there is little hope to download and watch special series like, Scandalous, which was very good. The Fox App should have had each episode of that series available shortly after airing on television. Instead, I had to go to YouTube and pull it from another source. This app is crap.
  • Fix the App! 2/5

    By Texasmom25
    I am getting tired of trying to read stories and either they do not load (only ads and 1 picture) or ads pop over them.
  • App is Subpar on iPad 1/5

    By iFrustratedtodeath
    More than half the time when I try to read Saved articles offline the App locks up on a blank internet article and won't let me back to the site without doing an iPad reset.
  • JacTer 3/5

    By Jstrat63
    Love Fox News but the apps covering parts of the stories is really bad. If they were gone I’d give 5 stars.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By MasonW
    Whats with the overlaid ads and video links throughout the storys ? Total lack of understanding on setting up an app . Get rid of that crap !!! Cant even read an entire story because half of it is covered up . Come on guys you can do better i would hope
  • Inconsistent 2/5

    By Nickname4815162342108
    Love the news when I can get to it. New iPhone so the issues should be with the app. Ads over the top of text, missing text only the picture shows up, kicks you out randomly, menu ghosts over the page, randomly missing parts of the standard page format.
  • Great News, Awful App 3/5

    By Soccer News Reader
    5 stars for content. 0 stars for the app. The design is fine but the glitches make this unusable on the iPhone X. The ads cover content about 25% of the time. The story you click on won’t load at all about 25% of the time. Tweets and pictures cover the words in articles about 25% of the time. Resetting the app may stop one of the glitches for a few articles, but something goes wrong again quickly. I gave Fox app developers the benefit of the doubt at first but my goodness, the iPhone X has been out a long time now. Get it together! You’re the only reasonable mainstream news source! I need you to fix your awful app! I hate CNN, but their app is fantastic and sleek. The Fox app is ugly, unacceptable, and unprofessional. But I’ll be happy if you just fix the glitches!
  • Fox App Is the worst 1/5

    By Jr Hara
    The app is a complete mess for Apple iPhone X. On a daily basis I get an error I’m off line. Pictures are placed over text, can’t exit out of videos at times, text won’t load, and the app crashes multiple times a day!!! About to find another news app to follow!
  • Fake news! 1/5

    By hayjak1
    Not a good news source!
  • Incomplete Content 2/5

    By MitchITW
    Where is all the content, videos, picture are not available. Some articles are cut off mid sentence, I end up going to the FoxNews website to complete articles and view pictures and videos. Also, most of the reviews are political in nature, criticizing Fox News, not about the pros and cons of the app itself.
  • Best news 1/5

    By Rev Jude
    I am very disgusted with FOXNews. In this app they had a woman topless in a photo Miley Cyrus. I like to read all the stories and when I opened up this one she was topless. That does not belong in these news apps. The photo shows her being topless. That is a form of pornography. I have decided to remove this app. I am actually shocked with FOXNews due to the fact I consider them the best news source out there. After seeing this to me do you like the rest of the garbage. I have contacted FOX news about this app. I do hope they will change it but if not I will be remove the app from my phone.
  • Great news source 3/5

    By roaming_abroad
    Does anyone at Fox read these? 1- Under “Shows” why are there so many clips that do not respond when you chose them? Every day there are one or two clips from the lineup under any show that simply do nothing when you “Tap.” 2- Why does the App allow the iPhone to turn off in the middle of playing a clip? Love the News channel. I watch the shows every day while at the gym.
  • ? 4/5

    By South1987
    I’m sure these reviews are rarely looked at but Fox needs to add a comments box for their news articles.. This would give public feedback and also teach others that they’re not alone with specific point of views.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By dabomb12347
    This news company is fair. To realize this, just watch how Fox News gives equal questioning and probing to both left and right wing individuals, meanwhile over at the clown called CNN, they throw softballs at democrats and the hardest questions to Republicans. It is so sad how the media has America miss led. Fox News doesn’t miss lead at all. It deserves every ONE of its share holders and then some.
  • Connie’s review 5/5

    By C.P star💋
    This app is one of the best I have ever had!! I would definitely say they have nothing to work on, I have this 5 stars out of 5!!! Thanks for this amazing app!! Sincerely, Connie
  • Disappointing App and Content 1/5

    By Will in Dallas
    I’ve been meaning to write this review for a long time. 1. If you claim to be a conservative news outlet, then why do constantly have news content with sexually risqué pictures and articles? This is highly disappointing to me and undermines your claims of being conservative. Don’t we have enough problems with pornography addiction in this country without adding to the problem? 2. It seems you have a writer on your staff who is obsessed with female teachers having inappropriate relationships with underage students. I understand the importance of exposing these instances to bring focus and attention to the issue, but I think you are missing the mark on this. Instead of focusing on the sensationalist aspect of a single story, shouldn’t the focus be on the bigger story of the prevalence of this issue and what we can do to solve it and prevent it from occurring? 3. Your media content is ineffective and half-heartedly executed. The pictures you embed in the stories should be selectable to pop up and enlarge to view. Even though smart phones are getting larger, the pictures embedded in your articles are still very small. Would prefer the ability to select and view larger versions of the embedded pictures. 4. The video content does not function correctly most of the time. While everyone hates to see the embedded ad before the video content, I understand why it’s done. However, when I select a video to watch and the only thing it successfully displays is the ad, and not the actual content, it shows me where the priorities are with the staff, which is ad revenue and not content for your viewers.
  • Look 1/5

    By Sarajsh
    All lies and jests, still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest. ~Simon and Garfunkel, The Boxer
  • Great but..... 4/5

    By hawgslop
    Love the app. Love the fact you are not bias. But for the love of god update your media player to actually play after the ad(most of the time, won’t some of the time will) Also, make sure the video and the story in the headline match. Both are very frustrating. Like I said i love the app and the only other news app I have is local. Just frustrated with lack of advancement when the competitors are kicking your rear.

Fox News: Live Breaking News app comments


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