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Fox News: Live Breaking News

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Fox News: Live Breaking News App

Welcome to the Fox News app! You can tailor your breaking news alerts, live event notifications, and programming reminders to stay informed on developing stories and Fox News Channel moments that are happening right now. The home screen has even more Fox News content than ever before. Simply browse to discover the most important Fox News stories and videos handpicked by our editors. You can dive deeper into topics that matter to you by pressing and holding the "Stories” or "Watch" button. The “Watch” screen is your place to sit back and enjoy live and on-demand video featuring your favorite Fox News Channel personalities. You can also catch up on full episodes of Fox News Channel shows* or watch free highlights. The “Listen” tab allows you to stream Fox News Radio, as well as podcasts from your favorite Fox News personalities. Our notification banners have been designed to provide you with breaking news and live event notifications as you use the app. Finished reading a story and want to read another? Simply swipe to the side! The font size also now adjusts automatically based on your device settings. Apple Watch - You asked to get the latest news right on your wrist, so Apple Watch support has returned. iPad Exclusive Features: • Support for iPad multitasking: Now you can keep Fox News topics, shows, and video on your screen while interacting with other apps. * US Only. An authorized pay TV subscription and TV Provider login is required in order to watch live FOX News Channel and FOX Business Network. We may work with mobile advertising companies and other similar entities that help deliver advertisements tailored to your interests. For more information about such advertising practices, and to opt-out in mobile apps, see You may also download the App Choices app at

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Fox News: Live Breaking News app reviews

  • Best News 5/5

    True Story
  • Real News reporting 5/5

    By jvoldoc
    I am a recovering Democrat who became a Republican years ago. Fox News offers reporting without the political rhetoric. I also enjoy the opinion of Ingram, Carlson, Hannity and Bream. I turned off the competing networks because of their obvious biased reporting. Proud to be one of the millions who tune in daily.
  • Fox. News unbiased of all news agencies. Truthful reports 5/5

    By Won-san
    I will always Trust Fox News for all their news articles. Unbiased and fair Ron
  • Top shelf news 5/5

    By Dkgbhgsnjsd
    America’s news station for truth and reality!Not at all like the cnn dumpster juice lying trash!
  • News? 1/5

    By Dhensen
    How do I find the portal to this parallel universe?
  • Honesty 5/5

    By Painter chick
    Honest news! Can’t be beat!
  • Rating Fox News 5/5

    By George Milton
    Best and most fair news in the world. Hands down!
  • Dennis 5/5

    By buznuts
    Best news media
  • #1 5/5

    By sonia munoz
    Best News Channel
  • Watch live 2/5

    By MN…...
    The watch live function is broken. It will not let me login as usual. Please fix.
  • Review 1/5

    By vojygli7gli7hlk8h8ryb
    I don’t like the new format
  • Very disappointed 4/5

    By faerilyn1950
    I have been using the Fox News App since it’s inception and I’ve recently become very disappointed in its content. The “above the fold” articles are often salacious, or unimportant (stories about animals, celebrities, surgeries gone wrong). More and more I find myself going to the Associated Press app for national and international news. I often find important articles there, that appear NOWHERE on the FOX app.
  • Most reliable 5/5

    By Suzannereneebarr
    Best news in the world!
  • Honest news 5/5

    By vydra c
    New program I trust!
  • My news source 5/5

    By Masmachote
    In today’s world of fake news this is a source that can be trusted.
  • Beat news available 5/5

    By Ranvher RTW
    From politics to business Fox News is the only one I can rely on!
  • A cevilian 5/5

    By Michael R Clark
    I love the Hanity,Laura Ingram, and the Morning Show, I rate them with 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • Tucker Carson 5/5

    By Brenda Roper
    To all those complaining about the Trumps not praying or singing during President Bush’s funeral yesterday, I watched it and noticed That it appeared that President Trump and Melania weren’t given a program or if it had been left on their seats for them when they came in, the culprits in the front row with them took it and hid it, then they were able to gustily sing and pray along with everyone, leaving the Trumps out. I’ve never seen any of the rest of the culprits ever participate that much before. Check it out. Both of the Trumps seemed uncharacteristically perturbed during the whole program.
  • Stay fair and balance 1/5

    By Trj777
    Stick to the base. Fair and balance. Fact first please.
  • Crap app 1/5

    By DecrepitMonster
    Crap app, full of lies and fake news in plain English pure propaganda!!!
  • Fox news: 5/5

    By Eliminate this requirement!
    At age 68, Fox News is the only channel that it’s worth watching. The rest of the TV stations and shows leave a lot to be desired! I miss the 50s and 60s but feel comforted by watching Fox News! Keep up the great job Fox news and thank you for being here.
  • App crashes 2/5

    By ):!,)5,7
    While reading different articles the app crashes every day.
  • Fox News - Written and TV 5/5

    By sllimguy
    The only news I trust.
  • Fox News 5/5

    By chat48
    We are so thankful for Fox News. We have it on most of the day. Very important to keep up with positive news. We live our USA
  • Unbiased and Accurate 5/5

    By Adbabes
    I realized quickly during the 2016 elections, I was not getting an unbiased opinion from the other news media! I have not watched any other news program since!
  • Short and sweet 2/5

    By Cspradlin
    News is good. This app is not. Layout is garbage, links are garbage.
  • Johnny K. 5/5

    By Jgk1958
  • The one and only true tv (Fox) 5/5

    By Grumpy1943
    I voted for Donald J. Trump as president. I liked him because Dr he told it the way it is. Just like Fox. Make America Great Again. True true. He is not owed g to any big lobby group who fills the pockets of a lot of political folks. If only the media would get behind President Trump and our congressional folks we would really see how great America would be again.
  • Too biased! 1/5

    By Slobber Mouth
    Not fair or balanced. Too obviously pro-Trump, vs being neutral and reporting the news factually.
  • Very loyal viewer 5/5

    By Tennessee Keith
    From the great state of New York through several others Pennsylvania North Carolina Texas and now Tennessee me and my whole family have been very faithful viewers of Fox News over the years and will continue watching i especially watch The Five and Special Report in the evening to catch up on the days events . Keep up the good work all and I will continue watching.
  • Stick to the base be fair and be balance 1/5

    By assdfghhjjkkkllljnnbvv
  • Fox news 5/5

    By ralph killer
    Of all the networks it’s the only truthful thanks for that
  • Fox News …the #1 source for Hillary Clinton pizzagate stories 1/5

    By bc1990
    The best source for racist, white nationalist, anti-science and conspiracy stories on the Internet. Apple got rid of Alex Jones but Fox is slightly more professional so🤞
  • Where is Spectrum in your Provider List? 2/5

    By HoneybearPom
    I wanted to watch a video today on your Fox App. I was asked to tap my TV provider from the list below. Spectrum was not listed. I went to Spectrum and asked why. They told me I would have to check with you. Please let me know. Thank you, @SCalveryTalley
  • Real news 5/5

    By RJR56
    Straight forward factual news.
  • The Ones That Should Be Let Go 1/5

    By 454 Long
    1. The Five at Five 2. Brett Baier 3. Shepard Smith a DEFINITE MUST!!! The 3 above mentioned is the reason why Fox News is losing many conservative viewers. If I wanted to watch a liberal channel, I’d go to CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC. Last 12 months, OAN is getting all your viewers and will KEEP on getting more and more until they dominate the news channels. They are #1 for a lot of people I know, including myself. GHW Bush was NOT a king, but according to your news, he was the greatest, after only ONE TERM.
  • Mobile App is great, Apple TV, meh 4/5

    By Patz1967
    The mobile app is great, everything works fine. Streaming is good as is access to content on the mobile app. On my Apple TV, the app has a tendency to buffer for a split second on occasion and it’s the only app I have that does this. The big problem on my Apple TV is that I have to login through my provider every single time is use the app. The mobile app had this problem in the past and was fixed so I hope the developers can fix the bugs in the tvOS system like they did in the iOS system.
  • Unfair and unbalanced 1/5

    By riverdog44
    I keep a Fox app on my device to make sure I’m getting all perspectives. And I try to weigh those views accordingly. It is disheartening that a popular news site like fox is so biased regarding the current administration, gun control, “liberals”, women’s rights, immigration reform, police oversight, civility, and honest discourse. It does this country a disservice - promoting division by glossing over factual misdeeds and demonizing all counterpoints. And blatantly repeating “facts” which are demonstrably false in an apparent effort to endorse republican talking points. Gosh, y’all - impartial journalism would be a great goal to shoot for, and I’d like to think your readers would appreciate it. Thank you for listening.
  • 👍🏽 5/5

    By TmarTBLooTMikeT
    I like how it’s constantly updating throughout the day.
  • Ghetto app. 2/5

    By Derivative97
    I’m in my browser. I click a link. It opens the Fox app, and the app opens up my browser again. This is *ACTUALLY* slower than just using the browser in the first place. How can a multi-billion dollar company allow this? So ghetto.
  • FOX? 2/5

    By my eighth try at a nickname
    Friends Of Xenophobia, your headlines are typically designed to create a frightful mood. Talk of fake news, you guys created the genre. Now aren’t ya glad you asked me to submit a review???
  • Fox News 5/5

    By pdavis76
    Fox News is the only news that I will watch. CNN etc. don’t know how to tell the truth. They twist everything that’s good to make it look bad. The media (except Fox) is our worst enemy!!!
  • Leftward slant 4/5

    By scrapygran
    I am becoming more and more disappointed in FOX news lately as it appears to me that more and more I see a departing from true conservative reporting toward a more liberal tone. The first I really noticed was after President Trump was elected Shepherd Smith took a stance of seeming to try to discredit Trump every day for which I no longer watch his show. My favorite shows are Fox and Friends in the morning, Tucker Carlson, Hannity, and the Ingram Angle. Otherwise, OAN has become the news outlet to watch. They give the absolute best reporting of “news” than any other news outlet. A year ago I would have given FOX a 5 rating, and I probably should have given you a 2-3; however I couldn’t bring myself to go lower than 4.
  • Needs contact/feedback/comments otherwise 5 stars 4/5

    By thummert
    I stay in contact with what is happening regularly using the app. I like that I can listen or watch directly. Great in almost all respects but no way to contact Fox News from the app, leave feedback/comment or simply write something for the news team to think about or research. Otherwise love it and if they add this I’ll move to 5 stars!
  • my review of Fox News App 3/5

    By jmd68
    Fox News is a wonderful source of news with a conservative bent. And they have the gossip links. and the fluff pieces. and the occassional liberal point of view so as to appear fair and balanced. and the stories for scaring old people and religious people and simple people into cheering for republicans, who will protect them from the evils of the world and the highfaluting progressive ideas.
  • Both sides are represented. 5/5

    By The Bear of many colors
    I’ve read many stories on Fox that slanted liberal more than conservative. They are an agency that truly does employ many journalists from different points of view, unlike other media outlets I have and continue to read. I would suggest this app/media outlet to the left, centrist or right leaning individuals.
  • Real news not fake news 5/5

    By EddieNY
    Best news app available. Don’t start your day with nonsense, FOX is real news, not fabricated for an agenda.
  • Fox News.. far to conservative to be considered fair and balanced. Would 1/5

    By Magpi098
    prefer plain news in the evening not propaganda
  • Multi tasking 2/5

    By YMP29
    For the last month or so, after one of the latest IOS updates, I no longer get multi tasking/ picture on picture. Why is this feature no longer working?

Fox News: Live Breaking News app comments

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