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Fox News: Live Breaking News

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Fox News: Live Breaking News App

Welcome to the Fox News app! You can tailor your breaking news alerts, live event notifications, and programming reminders to stay informed on developing stories and Fox News Channel moments that are happening right now. The home screen has even more Fox News content than ever before. Simply browse to discover the most important Fox News stories and videos handpicked by our editors. You can dive deeper into topics that matter to you by pressing and holding the "Stories” or "Watch" button. The “Watch” screen is your place to sit back and enjoy live and on-demand video featuring your favorite Fox News Channel personalities. You can also catch up on full episodes of Fox News Channel shows* or watch free highlights. The “Listen” tab allows you to stream Fox News Radio, as well as podcasts from your favorite Fox News personalities. Our notification banners have been designed to provide you with breaking news and live event notifications as you use the app. Finished reading a story and want to read another? Simply swipe to the side! The font size also now adjusts automatically based on your device settings. Apple Watch - You asked to get the latest news right on your wrist, so Apple Watch support has returned. iPad Exclusive Features: • Support for iPad multitasking: Now you can keep Fox News topics, shows, and video on your screen while interacting with other apps. * US Only. An authorized pay TV subscription and TV Provider login is required in order to watch live FOX News Channel and FOX Business Network. We may work with mobile advertising companies and other similar entities that help deliver advertisements tailored to your interests. For more information about such advertising practices, and to opt-out in mobile apps, see You may also download the App Choices app at

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Fox News: Live Breaking News app reviews

  • All messed up 1/5

    By aresbe1
    Tried to use the Fox app again. The advertising has taken over the app. The app keeps breaking down. Advertising is understandably necessary but not when it takes over the entire app
  • Freezes continually 2/5

    By MTD1967
    iPhone 6s Plus. App continually freezes. Uninstalling until update.
  • Use to be a very loyal CNN and MSNBC program watcher. 5/5

    By Kara munson
    I turn on Fox News 6:00 AM. and it’s on till 12:00PM. From 7 to 12 PM I am glued to it even if I am out I put on my head gear and watch on my IPhone.
  • When. News channel tells lies 2/5

    By dheealist
    Propaganda news at its best. State tv. Hoodwinking and out and out lies is the basis for Fox News channel. What a shame. You have the uneducated and marginalized people of this country doomed into Believing whatever you say. What’s the magic pill you have them swallow. I just don’t get it. I believe what I see and hear smell and touch. Your all Smoke and mirrors for an agenda that’s immoral and unamerican. You need to be stopped
  • Fake news 1/5

    By JohnnyTranWasInnocent
    Awful hot takes by uninformed, scared Bible thumpers. Go back to the caves where you belong. Also, Fox is owned by a foreigner. Build a wall to keep Roger Ailes out.
  • Fox News is like sunlight coming in a dark hole! 5/5

    By 64marge
    Thank you for standing up and making this crazy world better! May truth prevail!
  • Fake news AF 1/5

    By tom895729
    Spouting misinformation and half truths to the American people.
  • Too many of the same commercials. 2/5

    By ClinkerStinker
    This app will drive you insane. You have to watch 3 minutes of the same commercials over and over again. Too much!!!
  • Best and Worst Beach bodies like never works 1/5

    By 2r2ji2
    Every time you hit the link it shows #140. This has been going on for months.
  • Great 5/5

    By Dkgbhgsnjsd
    Top shelf honest American reporting !!!
  • Acosta 5/5

    By Meadow Way Trail
    Quit calling on him. You are just fueling his ego.
  • Too intrusive 2/5

    By danieoh5
    Handy to watch live news but needs a setting for type if alerts you can receive. I could give a crap about Colin kapernick. Waste of battery poetry
  • Fox 5/5

    By i dont belive you
    I think they are more likely to be doing a better job on telling the new
  • Fox New Live TV feature ALWAYS FAILING TO WORK 1/5

    By abstorm1028
    I love watching Fox News, but I constantly have to reauthorize it through my cable provider Continuum. Then it fails to work and I’m stuck in an endless cycle of it giving me a blank page that makes it impossible to sign in or saying my cable provider does not support (bogus). I’ve spent an hour tonight on my phone, my nvidia Shield trying to watch Fox news to no avail! For such a great cable news network, your online streaming department needs major help! I’m about to delete the app and give up. What a disappointment. BTW, I work for a web development agency, so it’s not my issues causing this- it is your system causing this. Get your act together! HIGHLY IRRITATED AND DISAPPOINTED!
  • Doesn’t Work!!!🤬 2/5

    By 1123whoop
    I am no longer able to log in an watch Live TV!! When I try to log in now w/my TV provider (Verizon Fios), automatically I am directed to the log in page of Verizon and once I enter my user name and password, it just keeps saying “Please wait......we are verifying your account.” I don’t have any issues with Verizon that would prevent me from verifying my account or logging in to my account with them. The Fox News app does this on my iPhone and my iPad. This problem just began today (that I know of). I normally watch live tv 3-5 times a week.
  • Not Working for Spectrum cable 5/5

    By Fifi928
    Great app but this morning, locked out of the app and online. What’s up
  • Fix Spectrum Login 1/5

    By asdausjr
    Does not work anymore. Will edit review when fixed.
  • Thank you 5/5

    By KKH8725
    I believe Fox New give all sides of each and every story or event that they report. I believe they truly care about The American people to trust us to make our own choices. To be for or against apolitical situation. They strive to teach and inform not preach or or beat a story to death. I thank you for having respect for the President of the United States. I thank you for being far and honest
  • Locked out 2/5

    By Old man Mike 66
    Every month about this time I get locked out and cannot watch Fox news go or FOXBusiness go and I do not understand why!
  • App needs fixing 5/5

    By tornado hunter
    Ether do a major overhaul for the app or do away with the cable provider for some reason i am locked out on watching the shows had no problem until today the cable provider is very buggy and glitchy fix this pronto.
  • Not working correctly 3/5

    By jdhhddhbd
    It signed me out and now doesnt accept my log in info and it is correct
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By tope8
    The best
  • Mucked up TV connection. 2/5

    By bbburr
    Won’t login to provider.
  • Good App 5/5

    By Isaac4Jesus
    Good App, I like Fox News, they show articles that CNN wouldn’t show.
  • YoutubeTV 1/5

    By Trump 777
    You just stopped my ability to use app with YouTube TV . I’m very upset . I’m deleting the app as it has no value now. Big let down. Fox News app and YouTube TV swindled me in buy service then took my ability to use service.
  • It Starts Out Small 2/5

    By Lone Star Steve
    The 02/13/19 list of evening headlines shouts : “Already a Success”. Then the blah, blah, blah begins. I thought I was reading a story out of the NYT or the WaPo. This type of liberal tripe is not why I look to FOX News as the primary source of my daily news. So many different, reliable places to get informed anymore. Why alienate those of us loyal readers who constantly defend FOX to our friends of a different political persuasion? “We” make you number one in ratings by being loyal readers. If it ain’t broke.... “We” ain’t stupid. That wasn’t a news article. It was a liberal opinion piece. You can do better. D Lester Mt Pleasant. TX
  • Comments on rating 4/5

    By Sheps Father
    Would be a 5 star if you got rid of Shepard Smith. His thinking is more aligned with CNN. He is not neutral, which is all I expect. He hates Trump and he proves that every day. Just like watching CNN. I see Fox moving more and more away from “fair and balanced”. Maybe being based in NY City is warping the minds of upper management.
  • Publishers Clearing House 5/5

    By ricodor56
    Publishing clearinghouse is a hoax they sent me a letter saying that I have won $8,749.00. Frontera Credit Union went to see if the check was good but to my surprise it wasn’t. I want to warn everyone that Publishers Clearing House is not real. I did everything they told me and I thought it was real for many years. They even sent me a letter with the check attached with it. I called Alex Gomez and he said the check is real and i will receive $24,976 each month for 2 1/2 years. Now to my sadness none of this is real. Please Fox 17 warn everyone that the check and letter is a scam, hoax, and not to believe it. What they show on tv is not to believe. You haven’t won anything and please don’t let your hopes up like I did. Now my bank put my account on suspension though I told the clerk to first find out is this real and the clerk read the letter and congratulate me on my win. But the thanks I got from Fortera Credit Union is a suspended account. For just checking to see if its real before putting it on my account. Don’t believe nothing Publishers Clearing House says people thanks Fox17 News for warning the viewers, henry dorsey
  • Better than most 5/5

    By drunkinpitbull
    Covers all stories, not just biased ones they like, unlike other “news” organizations
  • Shepherd Smith 3/5

    By jim mas
    Get Shepherd off the air. I’m sure CNN or MSNBC would love to have him. I turn Fox News off at 3:00 pm EST every day. He’s an idiot!
  • FAKE NEWS! 2/5

    By James Real
    Lately, some Fox so-called correspondents present fake news unchallenged, similar to the main steam media. Allowing unchallenged false news on Fox destroys its honesty and believe-ability; hence, one must look elsewhere for reliable news.
  • Repetitive Commercials 1/5

    By fifth one third
    I love this app, but you all really need to do something about the same commercials on repeat. It’s incredibly annoying and makes me not want to use the app. Offer a premium or an option to pay not to have the commercials. This seems like a problem someone would have in 2004, clean it up. MD
  • Commercials are repetitive and annoying distraction 1/5

    By JS MD
    When there is a commercial, repetitive annoying messaging on DUI and Susan Komen play endlessly over and over. It takes away from an otherwise excellent live TV experience.
  • Fox App on Wifii 1/5

    By G.K. Wallace
    Ever since AT&T took the reins of DIRECTV you can no longer contact from the Fox News app to the DIRECTV login screen and use your user ID, my AT&T ID and password won’t even work, they both been reset numerous times and I still cannot watch Fox News from the app while I’m on Wi-Fi
  • Deleted almost as soon as downloaded because... 1/5

    By Dani Salguero
  • Generally very good with one major exception 4/5

    By PiAreSquare
    There needs to be a distinction between actual videos and the pseudo video slideshows which are just a series of photos mostly obscured by the same text that appears in the body of the article and accompanied by the most obnoxious music imaginable. If there was a different symbol to distinguish the actual videos from these detestable creations it would allow one to ignore them without having to click on them and then immediately close them out as you now have to do.
  • Reporting done right. 5/5

    By Sestina61
    Only truly fair, balanced and useful information packed news source I have found. I have tried other alphabet networks and if you want one sided reporting, have at it. I will stick with what I know Can trust, Thanks FOX news.
  • Fox News 5/5

    By Sallyanm
    The only news outlet I can trust for accurate news presentation!
  • Fox 5/5

    By djstoddard
    I can count on it being true news.
  • Videos have nothing to do with story they’re posted on. 2/5

    I gave this app 2 stars because anytime a video is embedded for a story, or the story caption is “video of...” it has absolutely nothing to do with the headlined story. It’s almost a “gotcha” move to get us to click and read. Now I’ve wasted 3 mins watching something totally separate from the headline. . This isn't an occasional flaw but to the point now that I hardly watch the videos posted to the story that I was interested in anymore because I know it will be related to something totally different. Two thumbs down. I HATE CNN but when I click on a video they’ve posted to an article, I know I’m going to watch a video about that exact story and not something similar.
  • The website is better than the app 3/5

    By CongoCopperMiner
    I read Fox News regularly at Recently tried the app but it is no better than the site, and doesn't accommodate comments.
  • Honesty 5/5

    By Banjobuff
    I watch Fox News for honest, fair and balance coverage of the news. The other cable network news isn’t fair or honest. I trust this news network.
  • Loading issues 2/5

    By rkblanchard
    Constantly freezing i assume because of server issues. Finding a hard time keeping even though i really want see the truth in news
  • News content 3/5

    By linfa1971
    First, I love Fox News. But, I’m not crazy about the Fox News app. The content is repeated as many as 3-4 times on every page. For example the science page. There are so many things happening in our world. Fox focuses on about 7-8 stories and repeats 4 of these stories on the Science page 2-3 times. Same for the main page. You can read the “breaking” news and this is repeated 3 times on the rest of the page. Seems like lazy journalism to me. There is so much happening that you shouldn’t be repeating the same stories several times on o e page. Fox, you are better than this.
  • Misleading 1/5

    By César Langa
    You can download this app if you are a racist person that needs comfort. Do not download this app if you need to read real facts. Midwest folks, I will put it in layman’s terms: If you believe in Adam and Eve, this app is for you because it will reassure your misconceptions, hence making you feel better about yourself. If you believe in evolution, well, if you believe in evolution you wouldn’t even be reading this review, hopefully.
  • Too many alerts to non news 2/5

    By ed murrow
    Too many non breaking news update and constant Fox reminders. The intrusion reminders have gotten out of hand.
  • Ms Lois Ann Wright 1/5

    By Cruising girl !
    I love love Fox News, but you know when some topics are brought up a Yelling session ensues , Hannity being one of the worst. Tucker never was like that but it is getting worse. Also, when invited guest speakers are asked questions they are always being interrupted , half the time the answers I never hear. I love Tucker too plus others. I do not like the Host of Outnumbered, she thinks she’s pretty special when she really isn’t, Too much make up. Juan Williams, what a joke. I truly hate that man. Doesn’t mind trashing. He is always looking for a fight. He is one of the most negative individuals ever. What an idiot. Well, enough for now. Thank You for letting me give my opinion.
  • Very nice 5/5

    By accordionman75
    Very good coverage on all fronts
  • Search? 4/5

    By Daboss12345
    Good app but needs search.

Fox News: Live Breaking News app comments

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