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Fox News: Live Breaking News

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Fox News: Live Breaking News App

Welcome to the Fox News app! You can tailor your breaking news alerts, live event notifications, and programming reminders to stay informed on developing stories and Fox News Channel moments that are happening right now. The home screen has even more Fox News content than ever before. Simply browse to discover the most important Fox News stories and videos handpicked by our editors. You can dive deeper into topics that matter to you by pressing and holding the "Stories” or "Watch" button. The “Watch” screen is your place to sit back and enjoy live and on-demand video featuring your favorite Fox News Channel personalities. You can also catch up on full episodes of Fox News Channel shows* or watch free highlights. The “Listen” tab allows you to stream Fox News Radio, as well as podcasts from your favorite Fox News personalities. Our notification banners have been designed to provide you with breaking news and live event notifications as you use the app. Finished reading a story and want to read another? Simply swipe to the side! The font size also now adjusts automatically based on your device settings. Apple Watch - You asked to get the latest news right on your wrist, so Apple Watch support has returned. iPad Exclusive Features: • Support for iPad multitasking: Now you can keep Fox News topics, shows, and video on your screen while interacting with other apps. * US Only. An authorized pay TV subscription and TV Provider login is required in order to watch live FOX News Channel and FOX Business Network. We may work with mobile advertising companies and other similar entities that help deliver advertisements tailored to your interests. For more information about such advertising practices, and to opt-out in mobile apps, see You may also download the App Choices app at

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Fox News: Live Breaking News app reviews

  • Stream in background still not fixed 4/5

    By Rapsidy
    Lost the ability to stream video on app in the background on my phone, please fix this or let me know how I can fix this. Saw a developer update posting that it’s fixed but I still can’t watch shows in background.
  • Background audio is gone?! 1/5

    By rphaug
    What did you guys do to the live tv?! One of my most used features was background audio - being able to lock the phone or exit the app and the sound from live tv still plays. It’s gone now with this new video player?? I went into settings, and the toggle for background audio is still there with the “new” tag, so I’m hoping this is just a bug? Please bring it back and I’ll amend my review to 5 stars!
  • Fox News or Enquirer 1/5

    By Alnitak!
    I have tried Fox News on several occasions. The format reminds me more of the Enquirer than a true reporting service. Every topic seems sensationalized and this comes from a true Republican with conservative values. Way too much click bait and cookies. The advertising is overwhelming and I usually can’t wait to get out of the app. Sorry but I thought I would see better reporting and in depth reading. Instead I feel I’m getting just junk mail.
  • CBS 1/5

    By Pegaline
    Why is the Fox News channel advertising for CBS news? I see this commercial every morning during Fox News and think it’s ridiculous.
  • Update Issues 4/5

    By _puglicious4
    Background audio is not working with this new update
  • No casting support 3/5

    By SpyderCanopus
    You’d think they’d want you to watch it with your subscription, but only on your phone, because they STILL do not support casting to TV. What a waste.
  • Subtitles 1/5

    By Chem V
    Every time I play a video the subtitles are on. When I check the settings it shows that the subtitles are off so I have to turn it on and turn it back off just to get rid of them. This needs to be fixed.
  • Not a fan 2/5

    By hudson232
    The app is so loaded with links that it is impossible to read a story without getting sent somewhere else.
  • Obvious scam 3/5

    By foxusmc
    Very disappointed in Fox News. Obvious Scam keeps popping up about a virus on your iPhone. Can’t believe Fox News lets this advertiser do this. This pop-up is Is nothing but a ad for a VPN service. So disappointed in Fox news. Also really disappointed that Fox News wants me to pay for news. So very disappointed.
  • Not fake news media 5/5

    By misutase
    Presenting facts, news and opinions clearly defined as such not fake news and opinions as news like the msm democrats propaganda machine
  • Immoral, Unethical, Unbelievable 1/5

    By Dr Swanda
    App removed permanently!
  • Direct tv sign in issues 1/5

    By ched3438
    Att-Direct TV changed the way clients sign in. No longer using email addresses. Your app is stil, asking for addresses
  • Frank Liguori 2/5

    By stupid prodraming
    Your new company has screwed up your entire system!
  • Repetitive content 3/5

    By Xavier9999999444
    I scroll through the entire content several times a day, and am increasingly annoyed with articles remaining up for DAYS if not weeks. And to scroll past the same articles in up to FOUR sections REALLY wastes my time. I'd MUCH rather do away with these excesses and have a much shorter time to see what's there. I know so many people now are completely into video, so I really appreciate that you usually have a print article as well as a video clip for us dinosaurs. However, I'd rather this be a paid app than to be forced to wait through ads for every... single.... Video..... Clip. I've gotten to the point where I exit the video after 2-3 second of the ad. And all the ads in each section are such a pain!!! I enjoy the content and balance of the app, but please clean it up before you lose a lot of us.
  • I tried it, it's just Russian propaganda 1/5

    By CABSO109112
  • Love the news alerts except when they’re not news 1/5

    By dfgtfghuijb876tgjuh
    I can’t find an option to shut off alerts about sports. Sports aren’t news to me.
  • Fox Shadowbans their posters 1/5

    By BKRocksteady
    Downloaded this app, and it is great for a quick reference as to what Fox is reporting. Unfortunately, after posting in the comments section, it seems FOX will shadowban you if their moderators don’t like what you say. Never posted obscenities, anything racial, nor anything that wasn’t true. Beware, FOX WILL suppress your first amendment.
  • Shout Out for Excwllence 5/5

    By ssm1948
    Fox News is the only news station I watch because I believe it is truly fair and balanced. I especially admire Bret Bair and Martha McCallum for their professionalism, expertise, and creativity. Keep up the good work!
  • Ok but 1/5

    By Aschober
    Works OK but we'll i guess they figure that you will never stop reading a story in the middle and the go back to finish it. Oops refresh, oops now where was the story i was reading. Call me silly but if you leave a stiry open you should be able to brung up the apo you never closed and finish it. Guess they have a ways to go if they want to replace an actual paper Why does the story in the app promot you to install the app that you are using to read the story? Programming fail
  • There is other news 5/5

    By cochcie
    Why are you all about that area is is not Manhattan!!
  • NY black out Nov. 9, 1965 4/5

    By Montrose, CO
    This one was the first at 5:38PM.
  • App videos are rarely there 1/5

    By Lbirdis918
    I get so tired of Fox releasing a story with video, and then there aren’t any videos. This happens all the time. I read the story and then I am forced to go to google and search for the video myself. An example would be where the police release their own video of a shooting. Fox will say “warning, graphic video” but guess what? The video isn’t there. Who is managing your mobile app? You need a new IT guy!
  • Forced subscription 2/5

    By chris.beal
    It can be understood to pay for entire episodes, but introducing a 10 min trial time on watching video clips is outright infuriating. Now a person can only watch one 8 min video and one 2 min video before Being forced to created an account to watch any other video clips. Additionally, the timer counts down during ads on the videos. I give 5 stars for good written content, but this new video trial limit is outrageous and makes the app deserve 2 stars.
  • Number one 5/5

    By watermellon good
    Great u
  • Cross 5/5

    By earlski7
    The cross on Ingraham neck is missing, why
  • Martha McCallum 5/5

    By Dennisimoto
    Martha could not understand why a gubernatorial candidate, male, would not spend a day on the campaign trail with a reporter, female. With all of the sexual allegations flying around these days I am nonplussed at Martha’s belief that the reporter is a “professional” person means the candidate has no reason to think that a story could be fabricated about the two of them spending a day together in his car. Really, Martha?
  • Horribly biased. Laser focused on one thing only. 1/5

    By Fatman Shuffle
    I am a long time conservative but this app is just as bad as anything CNN or New York Times publishes. Fox app has become only interested in furthering an agenda, very little news. They’ll be three actual articles and then 4 or more articles talking about each of those articles. There is way more news out there! Where are the articles about state legislatures? Or articles about regional news? There is more going on than just Trump. Have deleted this app.
  • Newest update freezes App Often 1/5

    By SailorRon
    I check the news 20 times a day, but whatever update you did prior to today....needs fixed. It freezes the story and I have to close the App, clear ca he and reopen.....only for it freeze again at some point.
  • FOX News 5/5

    By Betsy Wetsie
    Credible, believable, deserves respect! Fair and balanced. Lives up to its motto. (Wish I could say the same for other networks.)
  • Fair news 5/5

    By jjswedish
    Fox gives listeners both sides of the news. Decide for yourself, look at the facts, stand up for the truth.
  • Stop the lame Richard Karn pop-up vids 1/5

    By A_2da_J
    While I enjoyed Richard Karn as Al on Home Improvement, these lame popup vids of him on your app are a lame way to force ads. Please stop this bad decision.
  • Love Fox News 4/5

    By random3626
    I love Fox News but the app is dysfunctional on Apple Watch, on iPhone it is great. The Apple Watch app needs access to listen in live, and have the option for more services.
  • Ape I mean Apps 1/5

    By bed warmer
    Apps also reminds of apples, as Any body boned for apples or to make them a really treat to eat cut it open and pour some maggots inside and the taste is plum delicious!
  • Review 5/5

    By itka#1
    Sometimes I get fired up because ya’ll miss some points that are Germaine to your topic and I don’t have a way to remind you what you leave out.
  • Bikini stories 1/5

    By winlyn08
    I could care less about which Hollywood nut job posts the hottest bikini body pics with somebody else’s husband or whatever the case is. I don’t give a crap how they look. This is NOT NEWS. Leave this garbage to TMZ or someone else. One star
  • I love Fox News 5/5

    By genroot
    It is great to pick up breaking news during the day on my phone. I love to watch and listen to Fox News also.
  • No U x Arendtg it 1/5

    By qxrgyitgfdr
    I fray my ffdyyydtr
  • My phone can’t open foxnews app 1/5

    By Vklimchuk
    Come on Fox News step up your game and on the July 4th weekend all I heard from your live broadcast is fake news most of the time but Tucker, HAnnity, the five something and Lora or Linda at 9 pm are the only ones that I watch and I think are reporting the truth
  • Fox News 5/5

    By do2ray
    Network news is just a waste of time
  • Same Commercials :( 3/5

    By Flygirlpainter
    I love the app but why is it on Apple TV the commercials are the same ones over and over and over again!? I can’t stand them! Why is this??
  • FIX IT!....FIXIT NOW! 2/5

    The app has improved much over the years. However, it is becoming annoying to click on an article only to have a HUGE foxnews headlines box appear totally unrelated to the article. One would think that if a person is clicking on an article they are interested in that article and not the foxnews headlines. Please fix this and focus on the story at hand.....make a different button for headline news.
  • Great 5/5

    By Dkgbhgsnjsd
    American news that’s REAL
  • Real Facts I can use... and Opinion when i want... and easy to tell which is which. 5/5

    By OK Treeclimber!
    Thanks to Tucker, Hannity, Ingraham. And many others, that sort through the madness going on, host the experts, and report the verified truth, without sensationalizing or resorting to dramatics. The deceit attempted on the public and crimes committed by the Dems in 2016 were shameful and it looks like Justice will be done...and FOXNEWS helped!
  • Alerts 5/5

    By 9810🧞‍♂️
    News alerts for sporting events will not turn off which is a problem when watching recorded event.
  • Still Swampy 1/5

    By RushIsRigt
    Just read an article that said “climate change is a real issue...” What a joke. Can’t claim to be right wing and write fluff pieces on Michelle Obama and climate change at the same time. Pathetic.
  • Thumbnail photo not in story 2/5

    By tlindberg92
    The app is so frustrating because 100% of the time the thumbnail photo meant to entice a person to read a story is not included in the body of the story. There is no way to see a larger version of the photo anywhere. In many cases the photo really is the story. Also, too often to mention there are misspelled words, or missing words in a story. It feels like I’m reading a grade-schooler’s paper on a real article posted somewhere else. And what is up with all the racy articles? I’m looking for news to stay up to date on topics if the day. It’s so annoying to have to wade through volumes of “actress reveals too much” type articles. Come on! More substance, less fluff please!
  • Ready for a refresh 3/5

    By iowa guy 335433
    I love fox news and they have great content. But it would be very helpful if they could surface that content with more personalization. I always have to wade through junk like some celebrity flaunting a bikini body to get to actual news. How about like and dislike buttons so you can omit or deprioritize unwanted content?
  • Superb😃👍🏻 5/5

    By BroTCA
    I've come to depend on this app. for keeping me focused on daily developments in our ever changing world! There just isn't a more "fair & balanced" source of information! Thank you for all of your efforts -it's obvious you "really care"- keep reaching for the truth!
  • New Ad System made me uninstall 1/5

    By Uta Buuta Solo?
    I enjoy Foxnews but the new advertising system in the app is terrible. Every story I click on I get two, full screen local ads on my screen back-to-back and I have to click out of them. It’s become so annoying that I had to uninstall. Complete fail.

Fox News: Live Breaking News app comments

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