Fox News: Live Breaking News

Fox News: Live Breaking News

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Fox News: Live Breaking News App

The all-new Fox News app is here! It has been completely redesigned and rebuilt to provide you cleaner, easier, and faster access to breaking news, in-depth opinion, and all the Fox News content you love. You can now can tailor your breaking news alerts, live event notifications, and programming reminders to stay informed on developing stories and Fox News Channel moments that are happening right now. The new home screen has even more Fox News content than ever before. Simply browse to discover the most important Fox News stories and videos handpicked by our editors. You can dive deeper into topics that matter to you by pressing and holding the "Stories” or "Watch" button. The “Watch” screen is your place to sit back and enjoy live and on-demand video featuring your favorite Fox News Channel personalities. You can now also catch up on full episodes of Fox News Channel shows* or watch free highlights. The “Listen” tab allows you to stream Fox News Radio, as well as podcasts from your favorite Fox News personalities. Our new notification banners have been designed to provide you with breaking news and live event notifications as you use the app. Finished reading a story and want to read another? Simply swipe to the side! The font size also now adjusts automatically based on your device settings. Apple Watch - You asked to get the latest news right on your wrist, so Apple Watch support has returned. iPad Exclusive Features: • Support for iPad multitasking: Now you can keep Fox News topics, shows, and video on your screen while interacting with other apps. * US Only. An authorized pay TV subscription and TV Provider login is required in order to watch live FOX News Channel and FOX Business Network. We may work with mobile advertising companies and other similar entities that help deliver advertisements tailored to your interests. For more information about such advertising practices, and to opt-out in mobile apps, see You may also download the App Choices app at

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Fox News: Live Breaking News app reviews

  • Nice to see 5/5

    By 313Fibles
    It sure is nice to see some positive news related to law enforcement. A lot of other news sources always show the negative, but Fox does a good job of sharing the positive. Well done.
  • Old version was better 1/5

    By Shamrock6290
    This app was better when you could select the category.
  • Fox’s News 5/5

    By Shirley62239
    Fox is my favorite news stations, Fox is honest and fair. Love Hannity Ingraham Angle , Tucker Carlson, Jeanine Pirro and Jesse Watters and Fox’s and Friends.
  • The truth will set you free 5/5

    By Data doctor
    Fox News will tell you both sides of the story.
  • Fox 5/5

    By smoky 18
    Love you all watch all the time keep up the good work
  • Not happy with most recent update 1/5

    By Airforce Roks
    I am kicking myself for downloading the last update you put out. I am not able to watch the main fox channel. I can watch fox business. It says “not authorized, contact my provider”. But if i delete the app and reinstall, than I can watch. But as soon as I get out, i goes through it all over again! Also, if I do get live to play, as soon as a commercial comes on it freezes.
  • Thank God for FOX 5/5

    By ShoppingDiva
    If it weren’t for FOX, the American people would be flying blind when it comes to keeping informed about the current state of affairs in our country. Keep up the good work👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  • Fox News App 1/5

    By VA sin
    Was having problems with my old APP with it pausing occasionally so I deleted it and this new download will not let me sign in to my Verizon FIOS account and just is in a spin saying it is trying to log in. So, unless it is fixed, I am not able to use for live TV.
  • Can’t watch TV 2/5

    By gg0123
    When I press the Watch button it says to contact my provider who is Xfinity. Unfortunately Xfinity knows nothing about this app so how can I watch life. It should give you an option to add provider login but it doesn’t.
  • News commentators 1/5

    By politics5
    I have watched just Fox News for a couple of years and have found most of your commentators to be fair and commentators I’ve stopped watching The Five. Juan is someone I don’t wish to listen to. He is ignorant about what he’s talking about. Why do we have to listen the democrat view? The fact that you had Joy Beher via camera she is a disgrace I’ve taken a membership in CRTV Get rid of Juan
  • Bill Hemmer 3/5

    By oldirish13
    Bill Hemmer is a wolf in sheeps clothing A real democrat pretending to be a Republican for money He should return to CNN where he’d be a real HERO
  • Great app but doesn’t have directv now as a provider choice to stream 4/5

    By Boooooo stinks
    Love my Fox News app, but developers, please enable Directv Now to be selected to sign in to my account to stream live tv from the app. Directv is there, but they are 2 different providers and I can’t use the watch live function even though it’s part of my Directv Now subscription!!
  • True News 5/5

    By goggle I
    Fox keeps telling the facts and truth Keep up the good work!
  • FOX NEWS not FAKE NEWS 5/5

    By Christine Prutzman
    I spent 1 whole day at Fox News and met amazing people that truly cared about the American people. Thank you for an amazing day.
  • Older Versions Were Better 4/5

    By Garbagemaster
    I’ve had the Fox News app for years. This newest facelift/overhaul I’m sorry to say is awful. No more helpful ‘Menu’ option where I could navigate to the sections I wanted to see. Now, I have to scroll endlessly past stories I don’t care about to try and find the stories that interest me. What happened to the ‘Science’ section? The ability to share stories with FB is hit & miss. Honestly, I’m considering deleting the app as it’s become so cumbersome to use. A shame, as it was so easy to use before it was “improved.” Edit 9/21/18: Shortly after leaving my last review, the latest update included the new “Browse” feature. Much improved. Thank you 👍 And thanks for bringing back the “Science” section!
  • News 5/5

    By #1 papa
    Best there is no fake news
  • The best! 5/5

    By Pointe 23
    Can’t live without it!!!

    By Mental unrest
    How can the top story for almost 2 weeks be on same issue (Kavenaugh) mass shooting today and first 2-3 articles still about Kavenaugh?? I miss newspapers
  • Finally, the lost functionality is back 5/5

    By L Tonva
    I read news by sections - U.S., World, Market, Politics, etc. Since the update early this year, I was not able to do that way anymore. The functionality is now back, thanks.
  • App Question 5/5

    By Curlyhair1
    I love this app, but I accidentally put in the wrong provider so I can watch TV and podcasts. I cannot find anywhere to change it. I just get a You are not authorized to watch" notification. Please help! Jjs
  • Great app 5/5

    By tpat10
    Timely and informative news. Great for daily headlines.
  • Can’t search or select Category 1/5

    By gishco28
    One can’t easily toggle between categories of news, I.e., Business, Entertainment, etc. I can’t even find a link to Fox Business from within the app anymore.
  • Truth! 5/5

    By nobamamom
    Fox News is fair and balanced that’s why they are number one👍😻😍
  • Can’t read new typeface well 1/5

    By Tamshannon2016
    Very bad choice for readers over 40. Too light and thin a selection. Trying to find options to help.
  • App is disaster. 2nd worst app in history 1/5

    By david Witsen
    This app is draconian and fails in all areathe older version was bad but not as defective ad the revamped version by (ironically one of foxes sponsors CA TECHNOLOGIES They should be ashamed of themselves FOX. PLEASE DESIGN A NEW APP FROM THE GROUND UP
  • Desired features 3/5

    By 9erfan13
    1) subscribe to and enable videos to be downloaded to watch offline. 2) enable videos to be shrunk down like FB to browse other videos and articles.
  • I like it 4/5

    By nova67z
    The Fox News app works like a charm. No I do not affiliated with Jessie or Greg.
  • Worst app ever! 1/5

    By NewsComercialCommercial
    Did some beginner design this app? The sound is out of sync, It locks me out of using it about every third or fourth time I launch it. Then I quit all my apps, restart my iPad and BINGO, I'm suddenly authorized to use it again...except for this time. It now refuses to recognize me and says I have to contact my satellite provider. What are THEY gonna do? This app is just garbage.
  • Beware - This App is Failing 1/5

    By HVBallard
    I used to love my Fox News app. No more. It’s the most glitchy app I’ve downloaded. Slow. Shuts down. Have to constantly re-open 4-5 times in the course of reading an article. Really frustrating and irritating. I have a new iPhone X so phone is not the issue.
  • Real News 5/5

    By sonev
    I really like the latest menu improvement. Keep up the good work.
  • Truth in reporting 5/5

    By Mr Barkley
    Always great to READ the truth as opposed to watching the distorted / slanted news as presented on MSM.
  • Freezes, slow scrolling all the time 1/5

    By Zebramall
    Very buggy, freezing after opening news articles and scrolling slows to a crawl. I wish you would include less advertising and video in the pages.
  • Fox News is my go to News Program 5/5

    By Hudson v8
    The only news channel with fair and balanced coverage! My husband watch every night! Especially Lou Dobbs, Tucker Carlson, Hannity and Laura Ingle!
  • Fabulous Reporting 5/5

    By Irish Jake
    I thoroughly enjoy real journalism!!
  • Mrs. Librada VIllanueva 5/5

    By Buds!!!
    Fox News.... the only Newscast that tells the TRUTH!!! And all the broadcasters are smart and intelligent and humble! God bless the network!
  • From Peter. Emery. Sr 5/5

    By great job by all
    Fox News is best in all areas. 1 update current events. Great sport coverage. Updated current news.
  • Fake news on your phone! 1/5

    By *SPAWNGA*
    Forgot I had this fake-news trash installed. Deleting forever!
  • Loved until recently. 3/5

    By Quixjo
    App worked great until recently when I tried watching. Pop up said I wasn’t authorized to watch and to contact my provider. I can watch fine on iPad...same provider and all. Just not on my phone.
  • News app. 1/5

    By Cori M B.
    Why can’t I purchase Fox News without going through a TV provider. You have to sign a contract and a complete package. I only want the news.
  • Too many politically biased titled notifications 2/5

    By BeamOff
    Breaking news was usually on point and quick. But there are quite a number of headlines that are politically biased. There are definitely other "news" apps that are similar with respect to being politically biased... But don't come out and say it's fair and balanced if it clearly is not.
  • you can do better 3/5

    By Showmethenews
    There just is not enough news on the app that is worth reading. I find dozens of articles on Breitbart, The Federalist but you tend to put a lot of murders, sex attacks and shark attack reports. There needs to be more political news!! ( written not video) I can read Daily Mail for the gossip Please change your format !
  • Trying to send BB info I found in book I’m reading. Thought it would be good for ending his show 5/5

    By Philroll
    Just happened to be reading “THE 33 DOCTORS OF THE CHURCH “ page 6. “ At the Council of Tyre in 335 a woman who was bribed to accuse St. Athanasius of immorality was brought forward. On this occasion a priest named Timothy did some quick thinking and stood up to confront the woman. “Do you really accuse me of this crime?” he asked. She replied “Certainly,” thus showing the whole group that she did not even know St Athanasius by sight.
  • Only FoxNews tells the truth 5/5

    By Pray for me
    I only watch national news on FOX NEWS.
  • Cecile & Glennon Wade 1/5

    By C &GW
    We watch Fox News most of the time. We don’t have time for fake news. We want the truth the first time. Keep up the good work and we will keep believing and trusting Fox!
  • Thank you for keeping me informed 5/5

    By JB2755
    I am an American who travels much to the Middle East and only watch FOX News via my IPAD. It’s the only News Station that is not only but unbiased. Thanks much FOX News and keep all Americans abroad well informed. God Bless
  • App turns off during video 1/5

    By roaming_abroad
    September 18, 2018 Why does this App shut off while watching a video? Very basic stuff that never gets fixed. August 6, 2018 Why why why does the App shut off every time we watch a video? How basic is that? Please find a new app developer. How much money has Fox handed over to CA for them to make this App worse? Go to YouTube to watch FoxNews - the App turns OFF as the video plays. NO other App does that. How simple is that to fix? Love Fox News but I’m always baffled by how Tech-Challenged they are. When a video is playing: 1- Let it CONTINUE playing while we queue the next video 2- Have you ever tried using the left-facing arrow at the top Left of the screen when a video is done (or when it’s playing)? It simply is torturous to get it to work. 3- Why does the video shut off? Don’t you have an override to the iPhone screen shutting itself off?
  • Listen Live Complaint 5/5

    By Mulls14
    I’m fine with listening to commercials in the Listen feature, but please remove the music-only articles from the rotation. We can read the information of these articles using the watch feature, but listening to 3 minutes of background music in the Listen feature is just aggravating.
  • Thanks 5/5

    By Tommyantilib
    Appreciate the clarity and non use of fiction for ratings 🤙
  • Real News 5/5

    By Very pretty!!
    It’s the real thing, GOD BLESS FOX NEWS‼️❤️😊🎶
  • Poor app 1/5

    By Alpha1AF
    Very discouraging app, It degrades Fox News which is great. I would give it a zero if I could as far as app design and functionality. Why show the same story over and over on the same page, very poor development. I will say this, I am ecstatically proud of Nicole Darrah’s articles, as she states it like it is, without any bias and without personal opinions, straight to the point. I think she is on par with Huntley and Brinkley way back. Great work young lady, too bad the app designer lacks your determination and integrity.

Fox News: Live Breaking News app comments

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