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FOX NOW: Live & On Demand TV

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  • Current Version: 3.11.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: FOX Broadcasting Company
  • Compatibility: Android
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FOX NOW: Live & On Demand TV App

Watch more content than ever before on FOX NOW. Stream full episodes of your favorite FOX shows LIVE and ON DEMAND. Catch up on all your FOX favorites including Empire, 9-1-1, The Resident, Star, Gotham, The Orville and more. Plus stream live sports with FOX Sports - including NFL Thursday Night Football, and College Football. Watch new episodes of top FOX shows live - Last Man Standing, Rel, The Cool Kids, and more. Also stream episodes of your favorite adult animation - The Simpsons, Family Guy & Bob's Burgers. Also enjoy FX, FXX Originals and Movies with FXM. Plus watch live sports on FOX Sports and catch up on National Geographic shows with a TV provider login. Looking for movies? Check out the rich catalog of blockbuster hits. Search and discover new collections grouped by Comedy, Animation, Drama, and Reality. A personalized For You section offers recommendations based on your viewing too. To get the most out of FOX NOW, sign in with your participating TV provider account. All programming on FX, FOX Sports and National Geographic requires a participating TV provider account. We support more than 70 providers including Xfinity, DirecTV, Dish, Time Warner Cable, AT&T U-Verse and Verizon FiOS. Visit to check the devices your provider supports. No provider? You can view unlocked FOX shows that include up to the latest 5 episodes of new shows; returning FOX shows unlock 8 days after airing. For more info, visit or tweet us @FOXNOW. Also available on Apple TV.

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FOX NOW: Live & On Demand TV app reviews


    By Dyamond8
    The app hasn’t worked since the last update. Once I open the app I get a black screen with foxnow in white letters with the circle spinning trying to connect. I have power cycled my iPad and deleted the app and downloaded again with no luck. It’s very frustrating, because I have no problem using the other network apps. I have done all the troubleshooting tests that my iPad Air will allow. I had no problem at all until you updated the app. Looking through the other reviews other people are having the same problems but nothing is being done. It’s really turning me against fox which is sad because all my favorite shows are on this network.
  • Simply doesn’t work 1/5

    By Minckster
    No video will ever play.
  • Horrible on Apple TV 1/5

    By Kfustreihbmdty-13358&?:/56
    I can never get it to work anymore, even after deleting and reloading the app. It just sits and spins “loading” when trying to sign in with my cable provider.
  • Need help 3/5

    By DBiggs0789
    Everything is good on the app just not a section to accept different seasons for the show you have seen yet if it’s on season three already
  • Problem watching the end of each episode of the shows 2/5

    By JI1976
    Recently I’m having troubles watching the last minutes of my favorite shows because is there an automatic count down that cut my show and send me to another. Just now I had to replay twice my show just looking for those last seconds. Also, I hate your one ad and multiple ads selector, please just play the multiple ads and stop asking every single time. Thank you
  • Annoyed 1/5

    By Chhotalal
    After I sign into my tv provider on my Apple TV and stream the app and “try” to watch a show in my network it says “not allowed”. It works fine on my iPad, iPhone and MacBook. Really annoying!!
  • Good shows, but now have to sign it 3/5

    By Osufan56
    If watching Fox on AppleTv, and I accidentally bump the remote that stops the show, now I have to have an “Fox” account to resume. If not, I have to restart so I can watch the commercials again. I already pay a subscription fee and sign in through my DirectTv account to watch, but now have to have a “Fox” account so they can track me. I don’t have this issue with any of the other major networks but Fox. And they just started this within the last year. If we are paying money to watch, then why do we have to jump through hoops. Just figure out a way to make it easy.
  • Am I missing something why do I need to tap the screen to eliminate lag? 1/5

    By Max!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So I’ve got about every single entertainment app downloaded and I’ve never seen an issue like this one where you have to continuously tap the screen in order to get the video to stay in sync with the audio. What am I missing? And I’m watching on a 1 gig Verizon FiOS Internet speed.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By The sons of Rupert
    Rupert’s kids should do a better job how you got wealthy in thefirst place is beyond me! pretend to support Donald Trump when nothing could be further from the truth! And your app is completely shift.
  • Can’t load tv provider 1/5

    By kenny69101
    It would be a great app if I could use it just acts like it’s loading to put in my provider but it never does I kept it loading for 30 minutes just to see and nothing
  • Only good if you already paying 3rd party company 1/5

    By 65MorMor$
    I was hoping to be able to watch local live for news, no good you have to buy in to buy in to a 3rd company to use it... don’t waist you money
  • Can’t sign in!!!!! 1/5

    By baddgirl84
    Every time I try to go sign in with my tv provider it wants to clock HORRIBLY!!!!! I don’t even get a chance to put my info in, it’s before that even. PLEASE FIX THIS!! I CAN’T WATCH MY SHOWS NOW BC OF THIS!!!!
  • Interface is infuriating 1/5

    By Daryl Zero
    The TV app keeps popping up a menu of other shows when I back up or otherwise move about the show so I end up in a show I never wanted to watch. To dismiss it, you don’t swipe down, you hit menu, except when that takes you out of the episode. Navigation is terrible. Much too difficult to find what you want, you have to scroll past what they want you to watch. When you do find what you’re looking for, it moves the next time you launch the app.
  • Horrible experience 1/5

    By EdumagucatedConsumer80
    When I first started watching the playoff game today I thought this app was great. I would have given it 5 stars. Except that when I left my phone came back and tried to watch the final 2 mins of game. It was then this stupid app decided to not work until I create profile. Screw. That. Nice timing fox. Just wanted to watch the dang game
  • Always needs tv provider. 4/5

    By Pixelmon 2.0
    I like it, but stop asking for tv providers
  • Latest version not compatible. 1/5

    By Penern
    Hmmm, updated version will not work on my iPad. Gee thanks, Apple paying y'all to force us to upgrade our devices?
  • Can’t login to TV Provider Though 5/5

    By d0n4v4nb3ck3r
    This app is good, just can’t login to my tv provider.
  • Problem signing into service providers 3/5

    By steff1382
    Hope this can be fixed soon it does seem to be a reoccurring problem that I am not able to sign into my service provider to use the app
  • Useless! 1/5

    By Billboard Music
    Useless! Unless you subscribe to a cable provider you can not use this AP. Big disappointment. If I have cable, I wouldn’t need your ap to watch your shows.
  • App stopped working, says to upgrade, no upgrade 1/5

    By Theosib
    When I try to launch the app, it says that an upgrade is required. It provides a button that takes me to the App Store, but there is no upgrade to be had.
  • Loading 1/5

    By MaskedSingerFan
    I was watching masked singer and the show went to break before the final reveal. It then stayed on the “we will be right back” screen and then the show was over. I even tried opening the app on another device and it just played commercials when I knew the show was on. Disappointing.
  • Great app, but has one annoying flaw 4/5

    By Lightingspeed 4000
    I love using this app to watch shows like Bob’s Burgers and the Gifted, but there is one problem that I keep on having. So I know there is a countdown at the end of an episode so that another the next episode could start playing. However, The next episode starts playing even though I did not get a chance to finish the previous episode. I then have to go back to the beginning of the previous episode and fast forward to catch up where I was before the next episode started playing. Is there anyway you all could fix this issue?
  • Tired of being signed out automatically 1/5

    By Wyoming Goldprospector
    I’m tired of being signed out automatically every time I open this app. All the other streaming apps with the exception of NatGeo which also signs you out of the app every time you quit using the app and the other streaming apps don’t require you to sign in every time you use their apps. All I want to do is watch the simpsons without having to sign in each and every single week. This is getting very annoying to the point that it’s just as easier to go and download pirated content than to deal with this downright not so easy to use and ridiculous sign in every time you use this app for a 20 min tv show.
  • App won’t load sign in 1/5

    By ChayaA
    Big game night, and app won’t load the sign in to tv provider page. All I get is the circle of death for like Evers... please fix pronto! I don’t wanna miss my Hawks playoff game!
  • Ads 1/5

    By jskorz
    The option to watch one commercial with interaction vs multiple ads is trash. It does not work, especially on my Apple TV. Even when I select one ad, interact for 30 seconds, the next commercial it makes you go through the same process. All these updates and you can’t fix such a simple thing.
  • App crashes when authenticating DirecTV Now 1/5

    By unhappy apple tv user
    These problems continue to arise. Using a web browser to authenticate, site says thanks for authenticating return to your device. Device stays frozen on the screen with the activation code. Extremely sub-par method to verify credentials and poor app in general.
  • Casting to TV doesn’t work! 1/5

    By AppleMastermind1
    Only displays a tiny window on TV.
  • I hate the limited time 2/5

    By Horus21
    I left the app open without knowing it I come back to watch some shows and I see I only have 4 minutes out of 1 hour I was so frustrated I can’t get my time back it would be better if there was no time limit
  • I liked the app... 1/5

    By nycatryn
    Until I had it restart the program I was watching as I refused to sign up for a ‘profile to enhance my viewing experience!’ I was already logged in w/my cable provider. I shouldn’t have to create a profile if I choose not to. Come on! Ruined my show that I was watching on my lunch break. Thanks.
  • Can't scrub 1/5

    By fcloth
    I sat on the remote and clicked off the show I was watching halfway through. Tried to go back to the episode and scrub to the middle. Nope, no scrubbing. App said if I created a profile, I could resume shows. Okay so they're holding a basic feature hostage. Fine. So I fed it my email address and made the profile. Still no scrubbing. No way to pick up where you left off. Garbage app.

    By POGO CAT!
    I was trying to watch the big eagles vs. redskins game but I was out to dinner. I thought I could livestream it on the fox app. BOY WAS I WRONG! I signed up and put in all of my information but learned that you need to put your cable provider in or pay. WHO IN THE WORLD WOULD KNOW THEIR CABLE PROVIDER PASSWORD OFF THE TOP OF THEIR HEADS! I bet no one is just like oh yeah my cable provider password is 7466279948747291. DUMB! Now I'm going to miss the eagles game that determines if they make it to the playoffs. THANKS A LOT!
  • App stalls during upgrade 2/5

    By fickjr
    When I wanted to load the app from the cloud, the process goes into a loop endlessly. Something wrong.
  • TV Provider 4/5

    By Talayiah👍🏼
    I like the app but why do we have to sign in with a tv provider.What if we don’t got that,we can’t watch the shows.And I hate it😡
  • Hangs at start-up. Fails to run on my iPad 1/5

    By johnatchgo
    worked for a while. No longer runs. My 3yr old mini-iPad no longer works with updates. Avoid updates, if you can.
  • Single sign on 3/5

    By brianprince1
    This app worked great UNTIL you guys broke the single sign on. Please fix the Apple TV single sign on for tv provider
  • Cancel free trial 5/5

    By AccidentalSubscription
    I dont know how to cancel my free trial. Im using an iphone 6. Please help!!!!
  • Literally the worst interface with Apple TV 1/5

    By Wtfaaaaaa
    We have spectrum and we have been waiting for the app to work for 45 minutes to watch a movie. I give up! It just doesn’t work at all- either Fx or Fox. Rewrite the code!!! It’s a piece of trash!
  • ? 2/5

    By Donaa Dolla$
    Error: 493-PA1002 parental control settings? I have no parental control settings on the app/tv provider. And I am subscribed to fox, I did uninstall and reinstalled it. I did creat a fox account to see if it would bypass the restrictive content but still says the same thing. Sudden link says they don’t know what’s going on and that it’s your app.
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By booksnchips
    I’m so glad you guys don’t charge us every month but I mean this is kind of crazy with the ads. It says “your watching reduced ads” but I really don’t believe that. You guys have been here for years making lots of money and lots of people have downloaded the app but the amount of ads are crazy. I’m about to go back to Netflix and Hulu. Never telling anyone I know to download this app.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Bookie1517
    I can’t even access any of the live football games. I open the app to tell me the program will resume at a different time but it never shows.
  • Pause button!! 3/5

    By Suzycue23
    App works ok but it would be nice to have a pause button for live tv. I find that after I disconnect from Chrome cast that I can’t get live tv to work again unless I restart my phone. It’s like it’s frozen because I got out without pausing the live feed first.
  • Crap 1/5

    By Jack mehoff!
    Your app is absolutely terrible. Just as I said months, if not a year ago. The app struggles to do the one thing it's supposed to do play videos. The developer has their collective heads so far up their own @sses they have no idea how unusable they have made their app. The app takes forever to load because they insist on showcasing their original programs upon start up. The user must sit and wait helplessly as the start up page loads clips and content from programs the user most likely doesn't even watch. If the user has the patience to wait 15-20 as the app starts up they are forced to watch the content from their mobile device unless they have wifi available along with a chrome cast or Apple TV because they won't let you screen mirror with a hdmi adapter cord, stating screen recording is not allowed. Because as we all know it's impossible to record something that is cast wirelessly to your tv. Yea, not so much, one would think it's easier to record because you wouldn't need as many cables. But don't let fox find out, because then they'll have to block everyone from watching content as they are streaming it. Good concept for an app ruined by greed and brown-nosed techs trying to reinvent the wheel to validate the money they wasted on college. Truly a sign of the times...
  • Great except casting issues 3/5

    By Baroque Nick
    Love the design and feel of the app, it's just that casting to my Sony Android TV only casts to less than a quarter of the top left of my TV.
  • Doesn’t work most of the time 1/5

    By NikkiLynneB
    You click on something and it just spins. Not my connection because all my other apps work fine. Just this one and the sister channel FXNOW don’t want to work. *UPDATE* They did contact me, however their only solution was to unplug and reinstall everything over and over and over and it never worked. I had this issue on the smartphone app, on the Roku and the app on my laptop. My husband had the same issues with his electronics. We had the same issues no matter where we were. I can’t help to think the reviews have been artificially raised
  • Review 3/5

    By whatintheactualf
    Too many ads. And they’re all repetitive
  • Can’t enter cable provider 1/5

    By Mimi The Cat
    Defeats purpose can’t enter my cable provider blank page. Uninstalling.
  • Fox 5/5

    By Aaron W. Anderson
    Only thing is I wish they would show the previous show quicker
  • FOX is good but should combine with FX & Fox’s other apps 3/5

    By mccannpr
    FOX has average mobile apps app but they should really just combine the FOX, FX and all the other Fox apps such as FOX sports into a single app so I wouldn’t have to waste a ton of space and a folder on my iPhone to use it, I personally usually only use the FX app since they have the same content. Honestly FOX, I had loved so many of your Shows but you have idiotically canceled so many TV shows like Lucifer, Gotham, Brooklyn 9-9 and then you dig that Tim Allen recycled garbage idea of a show to replace them with while your competitors outsmarted you and picked up Lucifer and Brooklyn 9-9 which is where the future is. Nielsen Ratings and metrics like those have never actually give you anything near a proper sample even in the 80s and 90s. It’s insane how Nielsen takes a sample of .03% of the households this year which is a all time high and somehow they speak for the rest of the 99.97% of the US. And that .03% doesn’t even take into account watching on cell phones, Netflix or many other platforms. It is not too late to do the right thing and form a company that you can keep track of not only what they watch because some people can just leave their boxes on and it screws ratings. You have the technology to ask for permission to watch out TV Viewing habits as you already are watching everything we do, click on and which websites we visit in order to personalize adds which to get that turned of you have to go through extraordinary measures on every since device, app and website you use but on thing I know is that if you allowed everyone to have a voice of what shows continue I would happily Volunteer my watch data if I was able to rate on a scale of 1-10. Which is why once the NFL and NBA deals are up for grabs you are all screwed, You Broadcast companies make it impossible with all your blackout BS and making it impossible to watch all the NFL Games but I can not wait, another 3-5 years and this ridiculous stuff about why you can’t watch all of the NFL games only your local garbage teams will be over. In the mean time if I were part of your company I would make a massive shift ASAP because it is becoming a user driven wold and companies like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are going to be leading the future while if you stick with your ways live tv apart from sports will go the way of the landline
  • Hh 2/5

    By tmg34
    Cant stay logged in

FOX NOW: Live & On Demand TV app comments

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