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Fred Meyer App

Looking for a faster, easier, more rewarding shopping experience? Save time and money with the Fred Meyer app. It puts convenience, savings and rewards at your fingertips. Simply download the app, create an account and link your Rewards Card to access all these great benefits: · Create and track Pickup, Delivery and Ship orders right from the app · Shop an extended aisle of 1,000s of products from our trusted third-party sellers · Use Kroger Pay at in-store checkout – one scan applies your Rewards Card and payment · Easily build your online shopping list, and use it to shop in-store or to place your online order · View your weekly ads and quickly add sale items or specials to your shopping list · Clip digital coupons and use them to save in-store and online · Get Cash Back deals to earn money on items you already buy · Discover even more savings with exclusive promotions, personalized offers and bonus rewards · Refill and track the status of your Fred Meyer Pharmacy prescriptions directly from your phone or tablet · Check your fuel points · Use our locator to find the closest store or Fuel Center · View your purchase history and use it to easily reorder your favorite products · Add your Rewards Card to Wallet for iPhone. To use the Fred Meyer app, you'll need a Fred Meyer digital account. You can create one and link your Rewards Card through the app. Don't have a Rewards Card? You can add a new one when you create your digital account.

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Fred Meyer app reviews

  • Worste app I’ve used 1/5

    By gkappledev
    Worse app I think I’ve used on the App Store at least the pharmacy part of it. Will work fine then just randomly sign you out. Then to sign in it takes you to the web where it tells you it can’t find the patient. Absolute cluster **** of an app. All the stars given this crap app are not for the pharmacy part I can assure you!!!
  • Easy website 5/5

    By Sharon P.
    I like how easy it is to use the website.
  • Fred Meyer Gig Harbor 5/5

    By NHCH97
    We cannot say enough about those at our store that put together our order each month for pickup 😊. They are wonderful and have done a perfect job since the pandemic began!! Thank you for putting yourself on the front line to keep us older folks safe during this time!! Thank you more than you will ever know🥰!!
  • Kicking me out 3/5

    By iglooice78
    The app kept kicking me out on my iPhone
  • Super easy, works great 5/5

    By PerpetuallyChris
    This app is great, considering it’s just a grocery store. Add items to your cart with ease, easily snag repeat items from your last order, clip some coupons. Set your pickup time and go! Then you can even let them know when you arrive via the app. Honestly way better than any grocery store app has a right to be. Sets a high bar for other apps.
  • Needs work 1/5

    By sadanapper
    Groceries are way too complicated to order on the app, wish it was as simple as the Walmart app because I would prefer to order from Freddie’s.
  • Needs work 1/5

    By Inspector 66
    On the face if it this is a decent app for shopping online at Fred Meyer. That said it has issues if you are using a VPN, so you need to remembering to turn that off when using the app. Also, if it encounter an error, it has a nasty tendency to forget what you entered into your cart. Needs work and the developers need to test it in the real world. I hope FM updates this app to fix these issues.
  • Nice interface 4/5

    By Babygirl Josie
    Easy to use and remembers most of past orders or at least what we frequently purchase. Does not allow for coupons to be used in the app and does not allow for benefits to be used in the app either.

    By Ali_docious78
    This is such an awesome service! Everyone who has helped us has been great and fast too! I’ve been having a hard time getting out of the house to shop, and this service has been so amazing. Thank you again for helping out!
  • Mobile pay never works… 1/5

    By Daspiel
    I’ve used the mobile pay 20+ times and has only worked twice
  • Shopping made easy... when they have your stuff 4/5

    By OlyMomma
    Click list has the majority of the time made my life easier. My two grumbles are: once they gave me someone else’s groceries and on a regular basis something will have “slipped off” my list - I know I ordered it, it’s for a meal, but the item(s) are not on the receipt or the out of stock list they give you. So is the service perfect, no; but it’s a close second to doing it myself with the added benefit of saving my time.
  • Super Easy 5/5

    By Sweetpea fairy
    Love shopping online and the ability to pop my trunk open to bring home the groceries. Saves time and money. No impulse purchase.
  • EBT Cards on delivery 2/5

    By Niborneelie
    With all you very smart people working for Freddie’s, certainly you can find out a way so I can pay for home delivery with an EBT card, like how I can pay with my debit card. I am disabled so it is very difficult to find a ride to the store. I am low income. That’s why I get EBT benefits. To have to buy food on my debit card defeats the purpose of the EBT. I can’t get cash from my EBT card to deposit back to my debit card.....You see what I’m saying? Please fix this. I hate to go to Amazon for groceries but they do accept EBT cards. Just sayin’,
  • Horrible app!!!! 1/5

    By DeevaQue
    The website is convoluted and not user friendly. You can’t order things from the weekly ad and place it directly in your cart nor can you do this when you do a grocery list. My elderly mother could never navigate this site. I purchased something 4 for $10 and it did not make the adjustments. No thanks Fred Meyer, I’ll stick to WalMart.
  • Fred Meyer online shopping is first rate! 5/5

    By Seoulfun
    I am able to complete my grocery shopping wherever I am including in the car while someone else is driving, or sitting in my couch. Any substitutions are subject to my approval. After using this for nearly a year now, only one time did I come home with some groceries that were not on my order.
  • Shanda 5/5

    By Tizite
    Nice service
  • Grocery pick up 5/5

    By katie Zara
    The grocery pick up is amazing! I love using the app. This saves me tons of time with a toddler! I wish there were paper or reusable bag options though. I hate using plastic bags!
  • Easy peasy 5/5

    By Pert one
    Fast and efficient staff.
  • Mostly a good app 3/5

    By shopperboo
    Problems I’ve been having are: 1.Not updated inventory so you get to very end of order and they remove some items but don’t give you a moment to substitute them 2.favorites keep deleting -so you build your list and such but you still wind up having to type in everything manually 3. Shop past purchases difficult to find and go through for each order. 4. Wish they had an easy way of buy it again
  • Online shopping 5/5

    By north end grandma
    Shopping at freddys during the pandemic has been so easy with in lot pickup. The employees are very professional and helpful. Thank you Fred Meyer. 🥰
  • New changes are iffy 4/5

    By Sweetsarebear
    The “ways to buy” button is clunky. Being able to add an item to your cart without having to go to that item’s page was great & I miss it terribly. The new way makes navigating back to where you were before difficult when you’re adding items from the coupon page.
  • Stop it 1/5

    By semperfi25
    Stop hijacking the app and forcing me to use store mode. I hate it. It's garbage and I can never find the coupons. It's almost as if you want me to not find them so I have to pay more. *edit* Still does it. Store mode is garbage. STOP HIJACKING IT!!! It's stupid and I don't want it. *edit2* just disable location for the app. Still gonna leave at 1 star because of how much I hate that.
  • Great app and company 5/5

    By Dlmille
    Love the app and the store
  • In store vs online 3/5

    By Morwen31
    I love in store shopping! No complaints beyond a couple rouge employees who disregard my medical exemption. Online is not something I can normally use. First off I can’t pay with food stamps for a delivery (Walmart has this set up but I’d rather give my money to your store!). I am disabled and have no car and can’t wear a mask...this is a huge issue Second. The coupons and sales don’t always register Third, can’t pay with Fred Meyer gift card which my bottle drop plus money is on and that sometimes means the difference between eating and not. Fourth, no monthly or annual delivery fee option
  • Pick up order 3/5

    By Lisajdouglasghhfdh
    Love this service..... usually have to go inside to pick up “unavailable “ items I almost always find in stock on the shelves .....they are usually in stock even though marked unavailable, not sure why this is a running theme for the last year of pickup service with this Fred Meyer ...
  • The most recent update prevents me from adding coupons to my list 1/5

    By thekelseyrenae
    The last version was doing relatively fine. It definitely had its own bugs to deal with, but I could work around them. This current version has allowed me to add a few coupons to my list, but mostly tells me that it’s not “clipping” them right now and to try again later. This is the same for both the coupons and cash backs. I have closed out of the app multiple times and restarted my phone to no prevail. My phone is also update. So at this point I can only assume it’s the app itself.
  • The App is fine, the service isn’t great 4/5

    By dobetterplz67
    I fully understand that you have Instacart people fulfill these orders and deliveries. However, in recent weeks I’ve noticed their communication and failure to read the notes has caused a huge burden. We’ve been using the delivery service for about a year now, and for the most part, all the shoppers have been great at communicating and have read the substitution notes. But it send in the last 3-ish weeks every shopper has been less than helpful in that department. Please pass along to your instacart people that communication is key! Thank you
  • Worst 1/5

    By Tuckerdog99
    I use the App only when I need to see the weekly flyer. Otherwise, the App is useless. Much too busy. Impossible to find items. Flyer says price is with a Digital Coupon. Impossible to find the coupon. Rarely shop there because of these issues
  • FM shopping app is dismal 1/5

    By Seasunny
    This app is needs a major update for this decade. You should be able to move back and forth from search to list view easier. And the search function brings up totally odd items that aren’t even closed to what you asked for. Makes hunting for something very slow. Thankfully the bar code function helps. I now save barcodes to scan for my next order. Loading up the cart with a prior days purchases sometimes works. Sometimes it won’t change to pick up status. The save a person list functionality is tedious too. Should be able to check a box, as you fill your cart, to add items to your personal list. I would love if it had a final list view with just item name and quantity. For my last final check to see if I ha e everything.
  • Love my Snohomish Fred Meyer 5/5

    By msmommabrook
    Great pick up service, always get my order as selected and the shoppers do a great job at making my selections, just like I would! Great job FM!
  • Favorite grocery store 5/5

    By grannyguns
    Fred Meyer has more variety and better quality fresh fruit and vegetables than the other grocers. They’re pick up shopping has been a life saver this Covid year. Literally
  • Contented 5/5

    By joyg59
    Nice to not have to wear my mask for a long shopping experience...the shoppers do a really great job at Wilsonville! They are thoughtful and courteous.
  • Worst store, worst app 1/5

    By Alohasoulgirl
    Fred Meyer has done some shady @:&;$ of late. During a Covid crisis they decided to increase their prices, some items over 30%. Not only does this app function poorly, it is overly complicated and difficult to use. You buy something for pick up - then receive word that what you’ve paid for via the app isn’t in the store.
  • Ordering 5/5

    Exact spelling has got to go. Near spelling works. Keep previous notes, if ok’d by customer. Example: “avacado note; please let me ripen at home. Solid avocado please.”. Save should be option Love all the people that help me, shop for me. Sincerely, Mareena Schrom
  • Your supply chain has gone downhill 1/5

    By sierranueva
    I’m not happy lately. I’ve shopped at Fred Meyers for thirty years. I’m at the point of switching to Safeway though. Safeway had had my stock when I need it. I don’t like shopping on the store at Safeway but since switching to Clicklist, that’s not a consideration. Safeway provides super durable bags filled with the products just as I ask. Fred Meyer had consistently been giving me the wrong item and 1/2 of my list isn’t available.
  • Grocery bags 3/5

    By SteveCB1
    The app has no provision for specifying paper bags for grocery pick up or delivery. Our recycling service no longer accepts plastic bags, creating a problem for me. Amazon Fresh always provides delivery with sturdy paper recyclable bags. I will have to quit using Fred Meyer.
  • No grocery Aisle locater 1/5

    By IrishCharmer11111
    Version 32.3- I use this app exclusively for finding items in the store and what aisles they were located in. I’ve even helped other Fred Meyer customers locate the aisle number for items in the store from the app on my iPhone. But no more! I am not physically able or have the time to walk around and around the store looking for a particular item. Without this feature, this app no longer works for me. My Target and Walmart app tells me the aisle numbers. PLEASE DEVELOPERS BRING BACK THIS FEATURE. I’ve noticed I am not the only person complaining about this. Also, every item in the store on the app is displaying “Item not available.” Thanks
  • I love Freddy’s 5/5

    By Bunnywalker
    I have all the shopping apps for my town’s grocery options, and this one’s the best.
  • Big Business with a Local Touch 5/5

    By bmcmillions
    Fred Meyer/Kroger is significantly aware of their essential role in the Portland community. Their sensitivity and awareness of their role in the community is critical. We salute their efforts and are loyal to them and their operations.
  • Pick up saves time! 5/5

    By njpawa
    I don’t have to pitch bread rolls or personally insect my fruit. Occasionally, after at least two years (started pre-COVID.). They haven’t charged a fee since the pandemic started and I think that demonstrates some customer concern. I get a dud or a not so great substitution. Customer service is 100% on it if I follow up. If you missed a bad sub, they will take it off right there and then. No contact and masks. The people who load your car are friendly & helpful. I don’t ever want to go back to grocery shopping - at least while I’m working. Do you know how many hours I’ve saved?
  • Curbside pick up can stay 5/5

    By thismomisoverit
    I'm looking forward to living a normal life after the covid mandates are gone but this curbside pick up option can stay. Less time in the grocery store sounds great.
  • Best App 5/5

    By LeggoMyFuego
    Love it.
  • Love this service! 5/5

    By Killer Nuggit
    So helpful!
  • Receipts 4/5

    By saradamc
    I have asked to get a receipt with my orders. Of the 3 times I did get one, twice I was charged for items I didn’t get. My last order I submitted I ordered two Harbaro candy pkgs but only received one. I knew I ordered 2 because I ordered them through your savings page.
  • Great stores 5/5

    By letgo is good for buy/sell
    Fred Meyers my go to store, always great produce and selection of meats. Their pickup and delivery is always on point and their app is easy to navigate
  • Pick up 3/5

    By kmsloth
    I think only my 2nd order since this opened and tonight the playing cards went up $1 before I could check out, and, my employee discount didn’t come off and I had no chance to verify it was on there and I was told it should have been when I started the app....not happy
  • Sort by what? 4/5

    By Heidiyrmom
    Lol it lets you sort items by relevance or alphabetically. We need a price low to high option!!
  • They charge for the pick up 1/5

    By ...---...sos
    Never seen something like that!! They charge for the pick up!! Lol you will pay 4.95$ if you use the app to buy something and still you have to go to the store to get it!! How crazy is that
  • Should be able to clip more coupons 1/5

    By ssiimm1
    Out of 640 available coupons I can only clip 139, we should be able to have the ability to clip more coupons