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  • Current Version: 2.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Freddy’s USA App

Download the Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers app - become a FredHead and start earning free Freddy's today. * Rewards: Spend $1 at Freddy's and earn 10 points. All of your points are logged in the Freddy's app. Earn enough points and you can cash them in for free Freddy's. Or save your points to reach a higher rewards level. Higher levels = more rewards! * Order: Place your order through the Freddy's app for dine-in, carry-out, curbside or delivery. Get all your Freddy's menu favorites like cooked-to-order steakburgers and fresh & creamy frozen custard treats. * Find Your Freddy's: Locate your nearest Freddy's restaurant. * Menu: Explore our savory steakburgers, delicious dogs, and rich & creamy frozen custard treats. For the best Guest experience, please enable Location Services when you first launch the app.

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Freddy’s USA app reviews

  • Garden City Kansas Freddy’s 5/5

    By Hungry Mana
    My husband and I cannot get enough of Freddys at Garden City Kansas the food is always delicious the workers and cooks and cashiers are always polite and kind and happy and attentive. We enjoy all of the food there. I hope you will stop in and try it!
  • The app is ridiculous 3/5

    By LuckiStar
    The food is five stars but COVID means curb pick up is the way to go. I placed an order for my family on my phone and my husband stopped on his way home from work to pick it up. They didn’t have my order and I couldn’t submit it because my phone wasn’t there. I paid for the food on the app but they didn’t have my order?! My husband had to load the app, place the order again, and wait. That’s ridiculous.
  • Not useful 1/5

    By Bruhbuddy
    I signed up for the rewards. I was thinking this app would make it easier to order and get my food faster. That was incorrect. You can fill out the order, pay but they won’t place the order until you walk into the store. Not even if you are sitting in your car outside of the restaurant! So I am inside waiting with others during times of pandemic! Why?! I could have just walked in and ordered! Saved not one second of time. Will not use it again.
  • Not getting my points updated when entering receipts 2/5

    By coachschnell20
    Not getting my points updated when entering my receipts manually
  • Offer deals 3/5

    By Kmbc9news
    It would be nice if you offered some offers/ special deals on food.
  • Still have to go inside and wait! 1/5

    By gingergirl_74
    What’s the point of a mobile app and parking space if i have to park, go inside, wait in line to tell someone I have a mobile order and then wait inside to get it???? Stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.
  • Tyler Freddy’s 3/5

    By becky mink
    I love Freddy’s and we go there on a very regular basis but too many times I specifically tell them no cheese and they melt cheese on it~next time through the drive through, I tell them I’m bringing it back if they put cheese on~that time they do it right. However, if I don’t stress that I’m driving back through & handing their piece of meat back, they ignore when I say I do NOT want cheese! Tyler location is the worst one about that! Others seem to get it straight.
  • Fix your app already 1/5

    By Ghjicfexexrd
    App doesn’t work and they can’t fix. Useless
  • Favorite 5/5

    By Sunnyhappyfolks
    Our favorite place to eat steak burgers & fries! Eat there at least once a month; usually more!
  • App Not Working 1/5

    By Piewaket
    I would give this app 5 stars if it worked. I don’t live close to the location in Hesperia but when I am close I love to eat their. For about a week now I have been unable to select my location. I have done so in the past, now the app says it doesn’t exist ! I am very frustrated and would like to order Freddy’s to go and not have to wait in the ridiculous drive through line. Please fix this app!!
  • Location support not working for online orders 1/5

    By fstcvc
    Attempted to place online order but when I arrived the app said I wasn’t near the location and couldn’t place the order. Ended up having to wait in the drive-thru
  • Dumbest App Ever 1/5

    By Lkirby
    Dont get me wrong, we love the food here, but the app and mobile ordering is USELESS!!! The whole point of mobile ordering 1)ease of use and 2)so you don’t have to get out of your car. First issue: you can’t order your food until your near the restaurant. We were so close to the restaurant that my husband had to walk up to the front door to place our order. Great that the food is fresh, but major design flaw. Second issue: you have to go into the restaurant to pick up your food (or maybe it’s just our restaurant that requires this?) What the heck is the point of this app then?? Why can’t I pick up my food in the drive thru? Just feels like a pointless app to have when so many other places allow curbside pickup and placing an order when you’re not near the restaurant.
  • Location must be enabled. Frustrating to use. 1/5

    By RO1928364
    Extremely frustrating that they don’t allow you to place the order before arriving. The point of ordering on the app is to order AHEAD OF TIME, so that the food is READY when you arrive. This app ensures that your order doesn’t go through until you physically arrive at the restaurant.
  • I love Freddy’s. 5/5

    By Efficient Fleets
    I love Freddy’s. It’s the best. The burgers are great.
  • Terrible execution 2/5

    By Ansafae
    I downloaded the Freddys app today, so that I would not have to go into the restaurant. Placed the order and no problem, however, upon arrival at the restaurant they tell you to go in and give them your name while you wait for them to cook your food. What is the advantage?! I’m trying not to go into restaurants right now with COVID-19. Completely useless, just use drive through instead.
  • It’s ok 2/5

    By Flm3454
    The user interface is nice and clean. It gives you a lot of customization options. However lately when I’ve used the app I’ll try to go to my cart and it’ll give me an error message and then clear out my entire cart and I have to start over. Or when I get there and click “I’m here,” it says there’s an error but it still seems to go through at the store, so I don’t know what’s happening there. Also, they won’t let another person pick up the order. You can’t click “I’m here” unless you’re literally there. I kind of understand why but it’s not very convenient. When we tried to have someone else pick it up and I couldn’t click “I’m here,” they said we either had to reorder everything to bring the phone there, so that was a big inconvenience.
  • What’s the point? 1/5

    By jjkeatts
    What’s the point of ordering mobile when you still have to go inside and wait for your name to be called? I could’ve gone through the drive thru faster.
  • Still have to go inside 1/5

    By Bj1970
    Freddy’s on Hefner in Oklahoma City does NOT have mobile order pickup. So ordering through the app defeats the purpose of trying to stay safe. You have to go inside to get your order. They don’t allow picking it up in the drive through. Very DISAPPOINTED!!!
  • Not ADA friendly and that stands for Americans with disability act 1/5

    By southsidesouth
    I ordered through the app and went through the drive-through and the manager refuse to give me my order I explain to him about my disability and I’m covered under the ADA the Americans with disability act y’all need to do something about fixing this problem with your app
  • Happy customer 5/5

    By sharon935
    The app is great service is excellent food is always hot and cooked extra well done like I requested store in lees summit is clean with friendly associates love the app!!!!
  • Location services are dumb 1/5

    By G-ram39
    I understand the appeal of using a persons location to determine when you start making the food, but if one family member orders and another picks up, there is no way to alert the restaurant that they have arrived. When I try it just says “you’re not close enough”.
  • Points never get added 1/5

    By EZE Ruthless
    The food is pretty good, but the app is 1-star all the way. Points only get added about every 4th time I visit (even when I’m literally giving the cashier the code at the point of sale), and points NEVER get added when you try to add them from a receipt. You can order ahead of time (kind of), but since they won’t start cooking until you the moment you arrive at the restaurant and physically check in, what’s the point? The app has a lot of potential, but since it fails at the two main functions I downloaded it before, it’s not very useful.
  • App Needs Work 2/5

    By Real Name Already Taken
    My family likes Freddys so this review is not a reflection on the restaurant or food. The app, however, leaves much to be desired. On my last trip to Freddys, drive thru staff asked if I were aware of the app. So tonight, when the family wanted Freddys, I downloaded the app so we could order ahead and pick it up. Despite what version history says (3 months ago) I could not change my drink size on a combo order. Nor could I order fry sauce with a combo though I could if I ordered fries separately. But I could accept that for tonight and moved on. Upon placing my order I see that I cannot go thru drive up to pick it up and our location doesn’t have a curbside option, so whoever goes to pick up our food will have to go inside. My wife and son said they could do that, so I submitted the order and see that I’ll have to click “I’m here!” I told my son to text me when they got near the restaurant and I would click it. He did and when I clicked “I’m here!” I got the message others have mentioned - I want close enough to the restaurant. I turned off location services in an effort to fool it, but the jokes on me - without location services on you can’t order or click “I’m here.” Now I have to hop in my car and make the same trip. That’s bad enough, but as I get closer to the restaurant I continue to try to click “I’m here.” Even in the parking lot, it said I was not close enough. I literally had to park next to the building before it accepted. Like others there is no point (other than “rewards”) to use the app. And it’s almost bad enough to have me question going to Freddys at all.
  • Easy 5/5

    By luv1ski
    App is easy but would like to not have to wait for food
  • Great food 5/5

    By poppy1165
    Best fast food in town
  • Ordering on app 1/5

    By DissatifiedKay
    Don’t bother using the app to order ahead if you can’t go physically to the restaurant and sit inside. Ridiculous!! My husband tried to pick it up. Nope, they have to have the phone that ordered physically at the restaurant. Also, why offer this service if you have to come into the restaurant and wait anyway??? Won’t be ordering from this app again, probably no longer from the restaurant.
  • Always a great meal !!! 5/5

    By mad max goober
    Excellent people work at this location 👍
  • App crashes 1/5

    By Optiquest moniter
    Go to check out in the app and it deletes the order.
  • My root beer float was half full :( 2/5

    By hampton roads freddys
    Tastes fine but where is the rest of my beverage ?
  • Fix the gps 1/5

    By dsmorse
    Love being able to order online but fix the gps. It’s too tight of a circle
  • Broken 1/5

    By Nightsol
    Tried to sign up. It won’t complete and doesn’t show any information why even though I’ve completed the forms.
  • Have to go inside to pick up food 1/5

    By polartec
    If you use the app to order, you have to go inside to pick up your food. And they won’t start making it until location services on your phone says you are in the store, so you have to stand around inside and wait. Completely pointless. The best thing to do would be to allow people to pick up orders through the drive through. That way, you can pay ahead and automatically get your points without making the employees type in a secret number. The Taco Bell app is an excellent example.
  • Restaurant Good. App is garbage 2/5

    By SaaS Solution Architect & PM
    This is just an app review. Their mobile order handling experiences multiple errors. You tell the app when you arrive; I get the food is fresh. All good, but after I park in designated spot and tap “I’m here”, I still have to go inside and let someone know I’m here. What’s the point of a mobile order?
  • App is horrid 1/5

    By Twinxesmom
    Moore store trying to order and it keeps telling me to empty my cart and start over. Does not tell you what is the issue
  • Clunky app 3/5

    By cjledo
    The location you choose needs to be more visible - obscure and automatically orders the last place you used without asking you which location. The clunkiest fast food app out there!
  • Location Tracking for Pick Ups 2/5

    By 4cereal?
    First off, I love Freddy’s and have been a customer for many years. However, this app needs some tweaking. The actual ordering process is great but there isn’t a way to schedule a pick up time and they require tracking to actually make sure you’re at the restaurant. This was a problem today when I tried to buy my coworker lunch and she was going to pick it up while running other errands but it wouldn’t let me send my order because I wasn’t physically there. Hope this changes in the future ✌🏻
  • Ok but the ordering on the app is majorly flawed. 1/5

    By Access Church
    You get some rewards with the app and it’s fairly user friendly but when it comes to ordering through the app (I’d say the primary source for its existence) they won’t start the order until you arrive and then you have to go inside to tell them you’re there. So why not just do the drive through? It’s way faster and easier. Seems like a major flaw!
  • The Chik-Fil-A of Burgers 5/5

    By Cups without lids
    My family had lived in Kansas, Texas, and Missouri for my job. This organization is consistent with their service, hospitality, and product across all locations experienced. This is our go-to place for food while out for lunch. I compared to Chik-Fil-A due to the family friendly, cleanliness, and accuracy of meals.
  • The “I’m Here” system is GARBAGE 2/5

    By icybaker
    App refuses to send the order to the restaurant until you’re literally in the parking lot according to your phone’s GPS location. As if that weren’t annoying enough because you have no way of ordering ahead, it doesn’t reliably detect if you’re close enough or not and will just refuse to allow you to check in. OH! And as a bonus, you’re not allowed to use the drive through, you’re required to go inside. Even though, as I type, there is literally a sign in front of my car that reads “please check in on the app, we’ll bring your order to you”. 2 stars instead of 1 just because I like this restaurant and mobile ordering generally enough to just suffer through, but ffs please fix these idiotic problems. Whoever is in charge of the design of the workflow with this app should be fired.
  • Review 5/5

    By kamlaws
    I love Freddys the food is wonderful!😊
  • Pointless 1/5

    By Eurasia☺️
    The app only shows me the menu, I don’t even have the option to order ahead. And the earn points codes never work.
  • Freddys 5/5

    By Knopp12
    Great food and service
  • Rewards aren’t worth it 1/5

    By anonymiuss
    The app looks great but the rewards are expensive.
  • Pointless app 1/5

    By Kxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    I will not use this app again because it serves no useful function. You cannot place your order ahead of time, since the app will not let you place the order until you are physically outside of the store, you may as well go in to order. I use apps for take out food so that when I get to the restaurant my food is ready and I can enter the store and leave with my food within 1 minute. I live a 5 minute drive from the location, and as an adult, I can properly allocate my time so I arrive shortly after my food is done being prepared. In fact, I have been writing this review while seated in my car waiting for my food to be prepared. Change this location function, it is pointless.
  • Check-out doesn’t work well 1/5

    By Wells Fargo Cusomer
    Every. Single. Time. I use this app, I select my order. I then add it to my cart. I then go to checkout and I get the same error. “Oops, we have an error with your order. We have to clear you order.” I then have to reorder everything again. Why MUST I have to order everything twice in order to get my food one time? This makes no sense! Please do user acceptance testing before the releasing the app or up your QA testing. Something! An app realized to the public should at least work correctly!
  • No masks 1/5

    By pleasewearamask
    There are three people wandering around the restaurant, none of which are wearing a mask. Not okay.
  • Update the mobile ordering settings 4/5

    By aves25
    Because last time when I tried to order food and it said error can you please updated
  • Why bother? 1/5

    By barbarajw1
    I had to reenter my order after signing in, which it didn't ask me to do till I'd created the order. And worse, I downloaded it and order from the app so I would not have to wait for the food, but the app has an 'I'm here' button after I've placed the order I have to tap so they know to start cooking. I tried it from a mile away, nope. Not even when I was in the parking lot. Had to walk to the site for it to know. Right now the last thing I want to do is stand inside a restaurant so it was infuriating that there was not any other option for this. Deleting the app.
  • Great food 5/5

    By Swaggie14
    Freddy’s is the GOAT of the steak burger