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Freddy’s App

• Quickly find your nearest Freddy’s and order ahead for carry-out, delivery or dine-in. Easily customize your Freddy’s favorites like our famous cooked-to-order steakburgers and fresh & creamy frozen custard. • Choose the toppings you want, add a side and a drink, and get your order just the way you want it. Save your favorite orders and view recent ones for fast, efficient reordering. • Join Freddy’s Rewards and earn 10 points for every dollar you spend. Collect points and cash them in for free Freddy’s. Track your point total, view the rewards you have available to redeem, and see how many more points you need for bigger rewards. • Securely save your payment information for easy checkout with a credit card or gift card. • Download the Freddy’s app for fast, easy ordering and join Freddy’s Rewards to start earning points today!

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Freddy’s app reviews

  • Slow and Inefficient 1/5

    By kacaswell
    This app lags, you have to tap everything 2-3 times before the screen changes, you go through 3 different screens before you're even able to place an order, and half the time it isn't even connecting to the stores!
  • No point in using this app 1/5

    By melchick83
    I rarely leave reviews on apps, but I really had to leave one on this one. This app is the most pointless app that I’ve ever used and that’s saying a lot. The only thing that this app is good for is maybe to review the menu and see pictures of food. It’s never successful in finding a location that’s less than four hours away, and I live about a mile and a half away from a Freddy’s. I have tried multiple times to reset my password, every time It says email sent, I never receive the email. I have reached out to their technical support and I’m awaiting an update, I am going to delete this app if I do not get an update within 24 hours. I am hoping that this app develops into something great, at this time it’s a no for me
  • Messes up 1/5

    By GaBeStA92
    Keeps messing up signing in. Useless
  • Great, BUT… 4/5

    By TheRealestSuzyQ
    When I ordered two kids meals, I wanted to add another patty. The app wouldn’t allow me to. Frustrating and a waste of time. I almost canceled the order but finally decided since I’d wasted a good 15 minutes of my life to just place the order.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Libertarian love
    Have never gotten it to work. Get all the way to try and pay and then it tells us it can’t contact the location. Then the wait time is 19-29 minutes. I might as well go get a gourmet burger for that price and that wait.
  • Great but, 4/5

    By CoolDaddyWes
    The app is very easy to use and pleasing aesthetically, but has a tendency to lag and freeze.
  • Meh 3/5

    By ManicStorm
    The app is extremely slow and the windows that pop up when you’re making a selection (type of side, drink you want, etc) are weirdly small. Also it’s silly to make people go inside to pick up carry out. I’ve never been anywhere that had a drive thru that didn’t let carry out orders be picked up at the drive thru. Now, the girl at the speaker told me I could pull up to the window even though I was technically supposed to go inside. But I misunderstood and just drove past the window and went inside. Regardless, silly that we’re supposed to go inside.
  • Freddy’s Great!!!! 5/5

    By mbnc60
    Great when you want made to order fast food! I get the kids burger because I can’t eat that much anymore. The onion rings are AWESOME!
  • Whataburger who? 5/5

    By Hopeyoureadfirst
    Can’t beat Freddy’s burgers and fries. Have eaten there many times and always great and made to order the way you want it. Menu is great and burgers are the beat any other.
  • App no longer allows me to login 1/5

    By robv19
    I was automatically logged out a few months ago for some reason still can’t get back in, saying my password is incorrect, even though I didn’t change it and know what it is. I tried to have the reset password email sent to me but that does not work either. Very frustrating as I have a lot of reward points. At my local Freddy’s the workers say they hear lots of complaints about the app. Please Freddy’s get it right.
  • Password reset 2/5

    By 187Tahoe
    I unfortunately forgot my password to the app and got a new phone and when I click forgot password and send the link to my email I never receive the email at all. I’ve tried multiple times and I never get the email.
  • What the [email protected]?? 2/5

    By Denise The Griffindor
    I can’t open my phone app! I have all these rewards, but can’t open on my phone. When the young woman looked up my account using my phone number; it had a WAY smaller amount than I actually do. I have over 2000 pts NOT 77! My tablet has the right number, my phone doesn’t! I am a loyal customer. Please fix this!
  • Love app 5/5

    By Reviewwwww165
    What a times saver with the app order, place order and ready in 15-18 minutes‼️
  • Chili 4/5

    By iddjyxjtcg
    The chili wasn’t available to order, really wanted that.
  • great app!! 5/5

    By yyuu36
    its easy to use and wonderful, clear and precise! great app!!
  • Protection 5/5

    By sueellen58
    I appreciate the way they do phone ordering making sure the person picking it up is the one who ordered it from the app phone. Have had my Panera app hacked and over 200 dollars worth food ordered and charged to my account by unknown person in another county. And it came out of my bank to pay for it.
  • Needs update bathroom 2/5

    By NVPTX
    Bathroom man’s urinal need to be replace not cleanly
  • Update locations 1/5

    By brando840
    The store location in fort smith Arkansas isn’t recognized in the app
  • Could be so much better! 2/5

    By Markolodeon
    I’m writing this review as a fan of Freddy’s food. Pretty much everything I order from them is very good to excellent. The app, and overall online ordering experience on the other hand is way below average when compared to their competitors. So first off, the app is slow. Not a deal-breaker crashing all the time kind of slow, but pokey. Next is not all items available to order in-person are available to order on the app. For example in my experience onion rings are always available to purchase in-store, but never in the app. Then there’s just the clunkiness of the online ordering experience. No ability to pickup online orders through the drive-through?! This is a standard now across the entire fast food industry, with Freddy’s lagging far behind. So ok, I have to go into the store to pick up my online order. I see a shelf to the right of the registers labeled Online Order Pickup, but there’s nothing on the shelf. So I wait in line at the register and when it’s my turn I’m told my food is behind the counter, and they hand it to me. Similar story for ice cream, where there’s a dedicated freezer for online order pickup, and again I wait in line to find out my sundae is in a cooler behind the counter where it’s become melty. My guess is this store has had thefts of online orders, and circumventing their own pickup spots is their solution. All in all what a pain it is to place online orders with Freddy’s. I really hope Freddy’s leadership is aware of these major shortcomings and working on a solution. My dream for Freddy’s is I place the order online, and they wait to prepare my food until I let them know I’m in the drive through line. So pretty much the drive through experience, except using the app to order instead of the crappy drive through speaker (which by the way the drive through was closed on my last visit). So please pull yourselves together Freddy’s! Your online ordering experience can be as good or better than your competitors! I would place far more orders with you if you made the experience easier.
  • Bring back the old app 1/5

    By BDG33
    The new app is terrible, it has me wishing for the previous version back. Overall it feels clumsy and difficult to find menu items. You can no longer upgrade your drink to a concrete like you could with the old app (or in store), and sometimes when you scan a deal or the app in the store it doesn’t work and you have to close the app and open it again. Not all drink options are listed either. The only improvement I see is that you can now schedule a pickup so that it is ready when you arrive.
  • App will not allow me to login 1/5

    By ChadHissong
    I have reset my password multiple times and it still will not allow me to login
  • Easy to Use 5/5

    By Gracie:(.....
    Everything in the app is self explanatory. The format is easy to understand. I love it.
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By malbirdie
    This might be the most aggravating app I have ever used. It keeps sending me notifications that I need to use my rewards, yet they are nowhere to be found in the app. It keeps telling me I have 11 notifications and when I open the app there are none. We couldn’t do online ordering for a freaking year because they were revamping their app. Yeah, it’s worse than the original. We love Freddy’s but for heaven’s sake, find someone that can make you an app that is actually functional. You’re wasting our time.
  • Bring back Single California Style 4/5

    By pigtracy22
    The Single California Style steak burger is no longer available for order in the app and you can't reduce a double to a single. Please bring it back! Otherwise I like the update to the app.
  • Chili 4/5

    By kellykhall
    Chili used to an option on the app, and now it isn’t. That’s a bummer
  • Fast and easy 5/5

    By happymomma2b
    Our Freddys doesn’t have a fast drive thru at all. I love that I can get points with the app and have my food ready when I get there
  • Yummy 5/5

    By Neccanina
    So far, everything that we have ordered from Freddy’s has been delicious.
  • App is slow, laggy, and click-happy 3/5

    By CapnBanana
    I’m super glad that the app no longer requires you to use your location. I usually order for someone else to pick up so it doesn’t work, plus I don’t like to have my location on. However, the app itself is still pretty slow. There are times you go to click something and it just takes you back to the order screen. There are also so many clicks you have to go through when ordering. I’m not sure if the clicking can be streamlined since there are a lot of options, but put together with the lag it feels like ordering takes forever. If the lag can be fixed then the clicking wouldn’t feel too bad.
  • Removing options to get more money 1/5

    By Not telling you.
    Before the app had the option of burgers with or without cheese, now calls everything a cheese burger. Great, as a person with lactose intolerant I now not only have an increased chance of getting a burger with something that can make me sick but I get to even pay extra for it! And yes, it still charges you cheeseburger rates even if you remove the cheese. Literally caused me to leave the store without ordering cause I’m tired of this.
  • Horrible Update 2/5

    By RevJakey34
    The app was good, the update is awful. Unusable. I agree with other reviewers…lots of missed opportunities and rewards.
  • Yummy desserts! 5/5

    By G x 3
    The custard ice cream is a dairy dream!!!
  • Bad 1/5

    By Mickierae
    Your app will not show the rewards I have earned. When I tap my rewards it goes to order page. I have deleted and reinstalled downloaded the app several times with the same result.
  • Great app 4/5

    By Jshap34
    Great app but could be so much better ie Apple Pay or Google pay Also just open all the customizable items don’t make me click around hunting how to open it and make fry sauce a added item.
  • Great burgers 5/5

    By tammykg
    I have eaten at this location 3 times now and it does not disappoint. Scott, the owner is very nice too. Best burger in town in my opinion!
  • App would not allow checkout 1/5

    By CatherineEO
    We love Freddy’s food but the app is in need of a major update. The app is clunky and slow to navigate. It is not intuitive for order entry compared with every other food ordering app we've used and does not allow all customizations such as selecting a single patty option for their California burger. Once we finally managed to enter the entire order for our group of five, which took much longer than it should have, the app would not allow us to transition to the checkout screen. We received a message indicating an “error validating basket” for ten straight minutes, at which point we had already arrived at the store we were trying to order from. Please make a better app or remove it entirely so it doesn’t continue to waste time and energy for customers.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Drea Pope
    This is the WORST app! You constantly have to pick the location after adding an item, then after taking FOREVER to put together our order, it kept saying it couldn’t process our order. Worthless app and then it makes you feel negatively towards the restaurant too.
  • Location with rude condescending staff 1/5

    By Ando1670
    Placed a mobile order and drove to drive thru to pick up the food. I was then told I had to come inside. Keep in mind, now I have a vehicle behind me and no way out of the drive thru. Instead of politely handing me my food, the window chick refused and made me park and go inside. No apologetic tone and horrible customer service. Needless to say after being a loyal customer I will not ever be going back to the Superstition Springs Location in Mesa, Az. Just unbelievable and the drive thru person cut the speaker off after I relayed I had a mobile order. 🤬🤬🤬🤬 #dobetter
  • Hard to Believe this is an Improvement 2/5

    By MJP1290
    Freddy’s discontinued their old app and created a new one but the new one is barely functional. Buttons are unresponsive, redeeming rewards was impossible, checking out just errored out repeatedly. Then trying to redeem rewards in-store still did not work. Very disappointed.
  • Can't checkout 1/5

    By Sara10Fly
    Helloooooo!!! Can't even checkout.... gets to the payment page, the screen goes white and then kicks me back to the home screen. Worthless!
  • Smallest cheese curd order ever 1/5

    By rsnickel
    I ordered on the ap a small order of cheese curds. Several times before I had ordered a small order and there were so many more. We walk over to the store from our home. There were 11 curds for over $5. Don’t think I’ll use the ap ever again. Do you have a standard portion or was this a random incident?
  • order won’t process 1/5

    By Sourstraw102
    ever since the latest updated came out, any time I try to process an order, it won’t go through. I get everything in my cart and type in all my card info, but whenever I hit the button to confirm the order it just scrolls to the top of the screen. it never shows any error messages so I don’t understand what is going wrong- it just won’t let me place my order
  • Love Nevada Freddy’s 5/5

    By bfarley37
    This location rocks!!!
  • So fast 5/5

    By YoginiKay
    My grandson and I just enjoyed a great meal. Perfectly prepared to order, served hot. Staff was friendly and helpful. Then we ordered a to go order using the Freddy’s app and it was ready in 8 minutes! Amazingly good. My grandson even got a free custard!!
  • Patty Melt is the bomb digging 5/5

    By NickNick123411
    Best patty melt I’ve had in years!!!
  • App needs serious improvements 1/5

    By RachelBuckley
    App could come into this decade. Does not support Apple Pay or Google payments. Then after submitting my order it asks me how my experience with the app was so I click on it to leave feedback. It takes me to a survey about the store but also doesn’t include a submit button anywhere. So doesn’t matter if I had anything to say because apparently they don’t actually want our feedback on their website either. So App Store is where I’ll leave it.
  • Unusable for ordering ahead 1/5

    By Wichita Native
    I have attempted multiple times to place an order through the app and have yet to be successful. The app itself isn’t that user friendly with lots of buttons to click through. It takes several minutes to put together an order for three people and then there’s no way to check out. I get an error message every time. Absolute garbage.
  • Locks up at checkout 1/5

    By eyet00th
    Go ahead and place your order. Put all your information in the app. Go to checkout screen. Now put your phone away and go directly to the restaurant to place your order, because the app freezes and locks on Checkout 100% of the time. It hasn’t worked a single time. Maybe my local store doesn’t participate?
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Lady Dianne8862
    We love Freddy’s, been here 6 r 7 times never thought to sign up but sitting at table seen app & will receive a free burger & points did not realize that. Thank u so much! I went to my first ,Freddy’s n North Al
  • No credit for past orders with new app 1/5

    By Paula's Shuffle
    This is more a review of the company and their store manager at Corner Star in Aurora, CO. When they updated the app we were told they would honor points for purchases during the time period when the app was down. Went all the way over to the store and apparently no one communicates with the local store manager as she told us she would not do it.

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