FREE NOW - Mobility Super App

FREE NOW - Mobility Super App

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FREE NOW - Mobility Super App App

FREE NOW is a licensed ride-hailing and multi-mobility app in 10 European countries. You are in control to choose how you roll, book easily, pay in-app quickly and complete your trip safely! HOW IT WORKS - RIDE-HAILING 1. Enter your destination 2. Book a taxi or Ride near you 3. Track your driver's arrival 4. Pay easily through the app HOW IT WORKS - ESCOOTER, EMOPED, EBIKE, CARSHARING 1. Switch to the 2-wheels / carsharing tab 2. Find an eScooter, eMoped, eBike, car nearby 3. Unlock the vehicle by scanning the QR code or by selecting it directly on the map 4. Go to your destination and pay easily through the app FEATURES - Safety first, you can choose a taxi with a partition screen to allow for social distancing between driver and passenger. - Highest quality drivers, fully licensed with all PHV drivers met and onboarded face-to-face. - The only ride-hailing app where you can choose an electric Black cab, Eco Taxi or electric PHV every time you take a trip! Same great service, lower environmental impact. - Convenient prebook feature on black cabs and taxis available up to 4 days in advance making planning ahead that bit easier. - All black cabs and Accessible taxi options are wheelchair accessible for those requiring extra assistance. STREAMLINE YOUR BUSINESS TRAVEL Automatically collect your receipt via email after each trip when you pay with the app, or skip manual expense reportings altogether by using a FREE NOW for business account. EASY AIRPORT TRANSFER Book a black cab or a taxi last minute or up to 4 days before your flight. Need a pickup? No problem, just collect your luggage, order your vehicle of choice through the app and follow the in-app walking directions to the FREE NOW pickup point within your terminal. FREE NOW is available for both business and holiday travel at Europe's largest airports, including Heathrow, London City, Gatwick, Stansted, Dublin, Frankfurt, Madrid-Barajas, Barcelona El-Prat, Munich, Rome Fiumicino, Manchester, Lisbon, Düsseldorf, Vienna Schwechat, Milano Malpensa, Berlin, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Nice Côte d'Azur and Malaga. TRAVEL ALL OVER EUROPE The FREE NOW service is available across 10 countries in over 100 European cities. SUPPORT If you have any questions, please visit the help & contact section of the app (via your profile) to see our most frequently asked questions. Alternatively, please get in touch at

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FREE NOW - Mobility Super App app reviews

  • Works great until you reserve a booking 3/5

    By MajesticNight
    Unlike a regular booking, my reserved booking did not pop up any details of my driver/taxi information (I.e. driver name, car licenses plate, map of journey) other than the countdown of mins he was to arrive. Details still did not appear on the ride. Driver did arrive on time and I confirmed the ride details he had of me before getting in. However, if I was alone, I’d have felt very unsafe.
  • Infinite Loop on Signup. 1/5

    By gsbrokaw
    Bolt worked flawlessly. Oh well.
  • Impossible to find a taxi in the center of Barcelona 1/5

    By Jagesquirrel
    - 0 indication if taxis are nearby or any are available at all. Horrible wait times even in places filled with taxis - Taxi drivers cancel the service if they find someone on the way to you — absolutely atrocious service, shouldn’t they be charged if they cancel on you cause this is unacceptable - much higher rate in the app then the taxi meter would indicate - buggy UI that freezes on iPhone 13 Pro - links from google maps are broken 50% of the time - hard to change or pinpoint pickup location if the destination is already selected This is a taxi oriented service with piss poor features for users. The only reason to ever use this app is because of Taxi lobbyist having their way with aggressive practices that kill competition in Europe. Otherwise it is a working app with minimal quality of life features coded by monkeys to charge you extra and waste more of your time. Should go the way of the dodo as the monopoly of taxi drivers.
  • Great 5/5

    By bwert
    Great app
  • Ali is the number one driver! 5/5

    By Ron-777
    I really enjoyed riding with Ali from Türkei!
  • Upped the charge after authorization, no explanation 2/5

    By Historian Bonnie
    The driver was lovely and the app works as well as other rideshare apps. But I signed off on 13€ and they changed it to almost 18€. There was an email saying they’d changed the charge, but no explanation was given. I paid it of course- what choice did I have??- and still tipped the driver because she was fine, but the change in price is very shady.
  • Pre booking 1/5

    By DCD368
    I pre booked for a ride in Cork Ireland to catch a late night bus to Dublin airport No one showed up as it was a Friday night No Taxis available. I wouldn’t recommend their pre booking but other than that it worked pretty well during the daytime.
  • This app will grossly overcharge 1/5

    By Silentc0re YT
    I was quoted €25 for a 10 minute ride. The driver ended up charging €71.50
  • Fast and easy 5/5

    By soutjr1
    Great service
  • Terrible customer service and bad drivers 1/5

    By nate_dogg2
    I was a new customer and had a bad first experience. The support team offered no refund after asking kindly and explaining my situation. I recommend using another ride share app.
  • Scam on pricings 1/5

    By atezanos
    First use of the service, they have a 40% discount but there’s definitely no transparency on the charges, and I’ve end up with extra charges, they say I did a donation (which then I guess is OK) but they never informed me about this and definitely I didn’t choose this knowingly. Also there’s 0 transparency on the donation, so I don’t trust they actually donated anything.. Deleting app now
  • Automatic fees and gratuity I did not add 1/5

    By Phar9
    Generally, it takes a very long time in Paris to get a driver, sometimes they cancel or say no driver can be found. Waiting times much longer than the app announces, problems with refreshing the location. And surprising added fees and gratuity: without any warning the final price winds up to be higher than agreed!
  • Finally… A Black Cab App that really works! 5/5

    By VAColinm
    I have been traveling to London for over 40 years. Black Cabs have always been my go to mode of transport around the City. 100% professional and reliable divers. Most own their own Cabs and take their job and livelihood seriously and their cabs are an extension of their professionalism. With the advent of Uber, and the race to the bottom from a price, professionalism and safety perspective Free Now has changed the paradigm for clients of these essential services within London. If you don’t have the App… Get It. If your wife needs a cab while on her own it’s the only game in town. FreeNow… Black Cab Access with Internet convenience. What’s not to like?!
  • Helpful 5/5

    By seeeemji
    Quick and easy
  • Stop abusing the notifications for ads 1/5

    By larry_
    Notifications are enabled to receive updates on rides, not for your promotions. I am not even in Madrid currently, why do I get two alerts every day for discounts there?
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By Pak^Man
    Nine days in London and not a single ride worked. Drivers will waste your time and drop you after 7-15 minutes of keeping you waiting. Even upgrading to more expensive rides doesn’t work… while competitors do work. Obviously this company is giving such bad compensation to drivers, they don’t pick up any rides. Most useless ride app I’ve ever used on 3 continents.
  • Doesn’t work in Italy 1/5

    By Argus2000
    The app worked perfectly in Spain. In Italy I have not been able to get a single ride.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Shane B22
  • Drivers are decent but UX is abysmal 1/5

    By pendolino
    Can’t see where the driver is as you can on other apps. This makes it a mystery to know what ride you’re getting when. Only good thing is they have promotions often but that’s probably the only way to keep people using it
  • Excelente aplicación funciona a la perfección 5/5

    By Mramiro
    Muy buena aplicación
  • Poor service and fake times 1/5

    By bhenrichs
    The drivers are generally solid, but the nearest driver is often 10+ minutes away and Free Now put caps on how many people can pre-book time windows. This means the time you should save from grabbing a cab instead of say taking the bus is completely lost. Additionally, the app quotes a time for how far the drive is away. These are typically off by about 2x. If the app says your driver is 5 minutes away, they’re 10 minutes away. Basically if you’re not pre-booking days in advance for an airport trip or there isn’t a cab really close to you when you request one, you’re better off with pretty much any other form of transport.
  • It works 5/5

    By peppercasey
  • Great app a must have in Europe 5/5

    By DWC Dook
    Super easy to use, also help prevent getting scammed. Thanks for making this app.
  • Poor service in Milan 1/5

    By burgerboy9n
    Opened the app, it said taxis were available two minutes away, but after ordering one we waited ten minutes and no drivers were available. Took the metro instead.
  • The estimates are a deal breaker 1/5

    They hook you by saying your driver is 1’ away and without fail you end up waiting upwards of 5’. Also the location accuracy is way off.
  • Misleading discounts 1/5

    By AmericanoInDeutschland
    Stop bugging me sending push notifications saying loudly 30% discount… if the discount amount is capped at 3€… then just be honest and say it, it is a 3 EUR discount…
  • Bad service 1/5

    By Asan.2
    Very bad application, i booked a taxi for this time 00:55 couple of days ago and exactly at 00:55 i received a messege that there is no drivers and they take from me 15 euros and till now i did not have the money!!
  • Doesn't even login 1/5

    By gturkeli
    There is a SMS verification at the beginning which is alright of course. But verification SMS is never been sent. There is a 30 sec time to enter the code. For a not properly working SMS verification system it is really short. After "a couple" trial I was banned for trial for 24 hours. I am at my airbnb house, trying to find a taxi to get to the airport but I also have to wait for 24 hours? Thank you Freenow
  • Best Taxi App in World 5/5

    By JGKTraveler
    This is by far the world’s best taxi/ride app. Far superior to Uber in every way - graphics, payment, prompts, ordering a ride, etc. Use it and you won’t be disappointed.
  • No punishment of crooked drivers 1/5

    By GamerM6
    This is a functional app. Often faster than Uber. But customer service is garbage. I had a driver accept my request with no intention of picking me up (car didn’t move). If I issue a cancel request I would be charged, no matter how long it takes. Estimated pickup time was 1:42. 2:01 car hasn’t moved. I wasn’t going to give the driver the pleasure of collecting, so I held on. Then I booked an Uber. Driver cancelled a few minutes later, I didn’t let him win, but I still lost time. Can’t even send a complaint to Free Now, because the app is deliberately designed to not receive any complaints. I’m so disgusted with this company
  • Wonderful App and Service 5/5

    By EleganceKat
    Glad to have stumbled on this app while I was in Rome. Needed a taxi for a late night and early morning airport pick up. I was worried when I pre-booked for the early morning I would not get a driver; 15 min. before the expected arrival time, I received a message that the driver was on his way. The service from both drivers was professional and caring. The only harp is the suggested rates. Take it as that, ONLY a suggestion. Both times, the prices were over the suggested rates by at least 10€, no fault to the drivers. They followed the gps. But be forewarned. 😊
  • Reserva programada no cumplida 3/5

    By Tono1978
    Pedí una reserva con 12 horas de anticipación y la plataforma no asignó el servicio Pude perder mi tren
  • Very nice 5/5

    By Peter615
    Very comfortable minivan with very good service
  • Drivers can charged you and won’t pick up you 1/5

    By Bad Experience of Freenow
    I had a bad experience of using Freenow. Traveled in another country and wanted to find a taxi/car. Waited for a long time and the driver never shows up. Reported the issue to Freenow many times. No reply
  • Verifying phone number 2/5

    By Imation2017
    After entering verifying number the app freeze and crash.
  • Poor service and inaccurate pricing 1/5

    By Justin_H.1283
    After arriving at Fiumicino airport in Rome, we were recommended this service to do a short taxi ride to our place of stay, only 12 minutes from the airport, for an estimated 16-20 euro and 2 minute wait time. We ended up waiting over 30 minutes as 6 drivers in a row canceled our order, and when a driver finally did show up, they charged almost double the estimated price. It would have been cheaper and easier to negotiate with a driver at the airport, or use another app that offers more accurate estimates and doesn’t allow drivers to take your orders and then immediately cancel them.
  • 2022 and u still don't know how to accurately pick my location 1/5

    By camilaburne
  • Cannot log in with Apple 1/5

    By SeattleSlough654
    While trying sign in with Apple I keep getting an error that says”Please tell us your last name” with just an OK button and no way to fix it.
  • Never any cabs. Always late. 1/5

    By DJBobo4Eva
    Cabs always cancel ans are never there.
  • Trip to London 5/5

    By Jugni7777
    I found this application to be very helpful and useful. Due to labor strikes in London, I couldn’t figure out which bus or train to use from Heathrow. I booked my taxi using this App. I took the cheapest option from the app. Trip to Waterloo from Heathrow was on 45 pounds. It took 45 mins. The driver was nice and polite. I would definitely recommend using this application to anyone traveling to London.
  • Terrible app and terrible service 1/5

    By Kinys2
    Driver in the wrong place - app didn’t let me contact the driver. After spending 20 mins trying to find the driver he cancelled and I was charged. There are better solutions! This was at Heathrow airport.
  • Disappointed in London 1/5

    By Pondcrosser
    I can’t say how reliable Free Now is in other cities, but I found it to be maddeningly unreliable in London. On several occasions, drivers who accepted the booking simply didn’t show up and the evidence suggests that they dropped us simply because they wanted to grab a “better” fare. This was frustrating enough when we were out on the town but really alarming when we had pre-booked an early morning ride to Paddington Station to get to Heathrow. There’s nothing wrong with the app’s tech but there’s something quite wrong with some drivers’ customer relations ethics.
  • Great service in Rome 5/5

    By Wootsy1
    This was my time using this app. I wasn’t sure how it would be since there’s a wide spectrum of reviews. I have nothing negative to say. The drivers were prompt, pleasant and helpful. Reserving a ride was easy, an overall seamless transaction. A little pricier than I expected but infinitely better than public transportation.
  • Good service, poorly designed APP 1/5

    By S55*
    It’s shameful. How hard is it to fix simple UX/UI bugs? Pickup and drop off can’t be the same location. Fix the APP. It makes it frustrating to use your service.
  • This is not Uber 1/5

    By zhkcjvhdnd
    If you’re not using during prime hours, don’t expect a ride. Definitely not a 1:1 Uber replacement, I have missed several flights because I relied on a free now taxi to bring me somewhere early in the morning. I would say I don’t recommend but there are no alternatives in many European cities
  • Won’t work with my card 2/5

    By travis.reiter
    Unsure why, but this app won’t work with my Portuguese bank card or my American credit card. Inexplicably. My American card works fine when loaded into my friend’s Free Now account. This issue plagues several of my friends in my travel group, and for whatever reason others in our group don’t have issues. I want to use your service - please let me give you money in exchange for your services.
  • App works but bad network in Barcelona 1/5

    By Freddie.T
    The app itself is fine functionally, but it is not very useful in Barcelona. You have way better luck using another app or flagging a cab on the street.
  • Be aware of this app!! 1/5

    By theGirl1985
    In London, it’s very common to order free now and suddenly realise the driver doesn’t move towards you. You wait and wait and sometimes they drive in the opposite direction. They expect that you cancel the trip so you pay a fee!!! I realise they do that, so I never cancel any trip when this happens, but yesterday the app had the audacity of charging me even though I didn’t cancel the trip. I have the message from them saying the driver cancelled the trip. Freenow give my money back asap!!!
  • Bad Customer Support 1/5

    By Kozanis
    Contacting Customer Support after overcharge is impossible. Website help points to app menus that are not available. Very stressful and annoying