FREE NOW (mytaxi)

FREE NOW (mytaxi)

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FREE NOW (mytaxi) App

FREE NOW is a licensed ride-hailing and multi-mobility app in 10 European countries. You are in control to choose how you roll, book easily, pay in-app quickly and complete your trip safely! HOW IT WORKS - RIDE-HAILING 1. Enter your destination 2. Book a taxi or Ride near you 3. Track your driver's arrival 4. Pay easily through the app HOW IT WORKS - ESCOOTER, EMOPED, EBIKE, CARSHARING 1. Switch to the 2-wheels / carsharing tab 2. Find an eScooter, eMoped, eBike, car nearby 3. Unlock the vehicle by scanning the QR code or by selecting it directly on the map 4. Go to your destination and pay easily through the app FEATURES - Safety first, you can choose a taxi with a partition screen to allow for social distancing between driver and passenger. - Highest quality drivers, fully licensed with all PHV drivers met and onboarded face-to-face. - The only ride-hailing app where you can choose an electric Black cab, Eco Taxi or electric PHV every time you take a trip! Same great service, lower environmental impact. - Convenient prebook feature on black cabs and taxis available up to 4 days in advance making planning ahead that bit easier. - All black cabs and Accessible taxi options are wheelchair accessible for those requiring extra assistance. STREAMLINE YOUR BUSINESS TRAVEL Automatically collect your receipt via email after each trip when you pay with the app, or skip manual expense reportings altogether by using a FREE NOW for business account. EASY AIRPORT TRANSFER Book a black cab or a taxi last minute or up to 4 days before your flight. Need a pickup? No problem, just collect your luggage, order your vehicle of choice through the app and follow the in-app walking directions to the FREE NOW pickup point within your terminal. FREE NOW is available for both business and holiday travel at Europe's largest airports, including Heathrow, London City, Gatwick, Stansted, Dublin, Frankfurt, Madrid-Barajas, Barcelona El-Prat, Munich, Rome Fiumicino, Manchester, Lisbon, Düsseldorf, Vienna Schwechat, Milano Malpensa, Berlin, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Nice Côte d'Azur and Malaga. TRAVEL ALL OVER EUROPE The FREE NOW service is available across 10 countries in over 100 European cities. SUPPORT If you have any questions, please visit the help & contact section of the app (via your profile) to see our most frequently asked questions. Alternatively, please get in touch at

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  • Co za g... Samo mi zmienia płatność na cash kiedy mam dodane 5 metod płatności. 1/5

    By rezist
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Th4t5m3
    You will never be able to actually get a cab on this app. It’s nearly impossible for them to actually get you a driver. Two days in Barcelona and I’ve been able to get a cab once out of probably 4+ hours waiting to get one. You are better off walking in the street and flagging one down. Do not recommend.
  • No taxis 2/5

    By Gaby23116
    There are no taxis available in Barcelona whatsover. It takes for ever to get one. I just waited 30min for a taxi.
  • Great experience 5/5

    By DonCavs
    Driver fantastic! Thank you!
  • Worked great in Rome 5/5

    By Mpc8240
    Totally used it 5 times in Rome and satisfied. The ride usually came quick. The price you pay is not guaranteed to be fixed. But it works this way, if the driver took a shortcut, you ended up paying less than quoted. There is a tip option on app *during* the trip, which disappears once trip ends. I’d like to tip sometimes, but not sure if or how much until the completion of the trip.
  • Signup 1/5

    By Shvsdvuwb
    The app signup is ridiculously designed. I am in a different country and they asked for my phone number. I tried to add my US number and they sent me the code which I didn’t get as I don’t have roaming on. So now I’m stuck with non-functioning app and I can’t even reset my password as the number is not added. To add the number I have to sign in, but to sign in I have to add the number. Insane.

    By MichMan 123
    No no no. Bad company they employ shady drivers I wouldn’t get in one of their cars again!’ Pick up started at nine minutes then went to 11 then we sat 24 minutes watching the idiot drive in circles less than a mile from us. total wedding time stayed at 11 but it took him 32 minutes. Very shady guy and company got pulled over by the French police and thought we were going to get arrested also. Three out of six drivers had cars with no AC in August in Paris! Fourth one was too stupid to know how to turn it on which I had to do for him —since it was 85 outside in downtown Paris. The autos aren’t safe and thier people aren’t safe 😡don’t do it just call Uber
  • Charges more 3/5

    By patriotsdream
    Twice taxis have charged more than we were quoted
  • Terrible Service 1/5

    By AlicanC2
    A driver cancelled after 3 minutes and another driver accepted, but the app didn’t show where the driver was and how long would it take. I restarted the app and waited for a while and the app said the driver has arrived. I looked around the pickup location but no one was there. I tried to call the driver but none of the buttons worked. I had to cancel and paid 5€. I’m on a Bolt now and everything’s perfect. Use Bolt.
  • Excellent app, excellent service. 5/5

    By LuzAnnette
    When you’re in need of taxi, always use the app
  • LATE! 1/5

    By Hach Family
    Had great service in London. Edinburgh pre-book updated and was 30 min late for an airport route! Then Free Now app changed a cancellation fee of 5 pounds. Find a better app!
  • Drivers cancel a lot 2/5

    By JenIllet
    90 degree weather, instantly sweating when you walk out the door. Yet you have to mess with this app for several minutes while it verifies you every single time. Then it finds a taxi. The eta are not accurate in the least. After waiting the 3 min to find a driver then 5 min for a driver to get halfway to your location they cancel! At some points we were waiting for a taxi longer than it would’ve taken us to walk to our location.
  • Useless App 1/5

    By Tedhardy
    Keeps saying trying and does not find a ride nearby. It’s fast just to get a taxi the old fashion way.
  • Just Download Uber 1/5

    By Jayson118023
    Terrible experience. Driver went off route to go through heavy traffic. Fare price was double what I authorized and took twice as long. App journey is not smooth, customer service options off the back of my experience have been poor so just save yourself the hassle. Download Uber and thank yourself later.
  • No support 1/5

    By pancakeface8
    Driver refused to drive me but i was still charged 5 Euro. There is no way to dispute this at all. Uber might not be the greatest, but at least they care enough about their users to offer some support.
  • Issues with payment systems 2/5

    By Patrick5703
    Free now will only accept Credit, PayPal, or Apple Pay about ~60% of the time. Often an error message pops up without explanation. We got stranded as a result, which wasn’t a huge problem (we just used Uber) but it defeats the purpose of free now.
  • Manny 5/5

    By Pinkie Rose Pie
    Best app and best services
  • Atrocious 1/5

    By Justicialism
    Frankly surprised how terrible this app has been in France. In Paris I tried it and drivers cancelled or it timed out every time. In Lyon, we scheduled a pick up, it showed the driver on the way, he never arrived and instead cancelled right at the time he was supposed to pick us up. My wife literally watched him drive by without stopping, bags (and open parking spot!) on the street. The next driver accepted and then cancelled, and then the app timed out. We had to ask our AirBnB host to drive us to the train station and barely made it. Cabify was *excellent* in Spain, and I was a loyal ShareNow customer in the US u til they terminated the service. But this app is wholly unreliable. Do not use if you have a train/plane connection!
  • Prices don’t match 1/5

    By De1556
    Whatever the app quotes you when you request a ride is not the truth, you will end up paying more at the end of the ride. Be careful using this app because the transparency is not like other rideshare apps and I was very disappointed with my experience.
  • Fast and reliable service 5/5

    By Marck790
    The driver showed up fast and got us to our destination for a very good price
  • Not nearly as good as Uber or Lyft 1/5

    By mattholl10
    One of the perks of using apps such as Uber or Lyft is the reliability and ability to get a ride with limited communication. Neither of which did I experience with Free Now. When I’ve used Uber or Lyft, I’ve rarely needed to speak with the driver. They see where I am at, they drive nearby, I wave them down, confirm the destination, and off we go. My experience with Free Now was not this way. The driver called, and because I could not speak Italian, canceled my ride. This shouldn’t have even been a concern. I entered my destination and location. Why even call? Is the app not providing the information? Also, prior to booking, the app stated that a ride would be available in 2 minutes when in fact it was closer to 10. I nearly missed my train, and there is no reason why the app should display such vastly different estimates. I’ve never experienced such problems with Uber or Lyft.
  • charge changes 1/5

    By Erik404
    It’s great until… App will quote a lower price than what you expect to be charged, lower than what is known to be the rate. You have no control over this unfair practice. So, know that many times you will experience paying more (never less) than quoted.
  • Misleading prices 1/5

    By appleuser0000
    Got charged for a ride I didn’t request and cancelled. I contacted them to refund it, they did, then it got debited AGAIN. Im
  • Good for Paris 5/5

    By jnfab18
    Good for calling taxi
  • Great App for Rome! 5/5

    By IndyKevin317
    Using this app in Rome has really getting a taxi very easy. Without the app we were getting ripped off by taxi drivers. With the app the prices are more transparent and I am able to leave feedback.
  • Rip Off 1/5

    By SwedishWolf13000
    Beware in Rome this company is used by taxis to rip you off. What you see on the app is not what you’ll get charged. They also pay the taxi for the time it takes to pick you up. For example if it takes 20 minutes for the taxi driver to come to you it will be a 20 minute fare added. Do yourself a favor and don’t use this joke of a company. Many of the taxi drivers in Rome use this app to scam tourists. Just do yourself a favor and pay for an Uber to just find a regular taxi. This service is GARBAGE. I was scammed and then used it again and got scammed again! Customer service is also a joke.
  • Horrible service in Portimao 1/5

    By Amira A
    Half of the time there’s no drivers available, just wasting your battery life to tell you there’s no drivers. Horrible company.
  • Drivers cheat you on flexible fare 2/5

    By Agneya Loya
    The fixed fare of euro 12.80 turned out to be higher than the cab meter twice so I took a flexible fare ride at 1 pm knowing it would cost less. When the driver dropped me the meter fare was euro 8.30. He didn’t end the trip in front of me and instead kept driving down 4 blocks. When I called his mobile phone, he ended the ride at a fare of euro 11.30. If you are taking a flexible fare ride make sure to ask what the fare is at the end of a trip, make the driver end the trip in front of you and enter the fare in front of you. Don’t be cheated. Free Now probably knows this happens and they let this cheating continue so they can squeeze you for the extra euros. The app has no way to report this behaviour apart from giving the driver a low rating. Shameful tourist scalping!
  • Fast and easy pick up 5/5

    By LifeCoach Monica
    I had a ride within 2 minutes! Much easier than failing a ride.
  • Worst in London 1/5

    By Ram Venk
    Tried to use this service in London. Couldn’t book even one trip. Waste of time. Even though the front page says that taxies available in few mins, when I tried to book, it says 20-30 mins wait. Even after waiting more than half an hour, the app couldn’t make a driver to accept. I don’t know where the good reviews coming from
  • Zero service in Dublin 2/5

    By EmilyBrenn
    What’s the point of the ads everywhere if drivers aren’t using it?
  • Pre booking is useless. 1/5

    By John22055a2
    Pre booked and never received a ride. Waited for a car for 30 minutes. App just said to keep waiting. No reason to pre book.
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By newellr
    I tried multiple times to use this service during my trip to London. Most of the time they couldn’t find a driver for me. One time it said it had found a driver, but I waited for 15 minutes and they never came. Then they charged me 6 pounds to cancel the ride.
  • Dangerously unreliable 1/5

    By Macktheman
    Awful app. Live in central London. My wife broke waters and we were trying to make it to the hospital. Free now made us waste 15 min and we ended getting another service. Again, my 4 month old needed to be rushed to A&E no drivers as usual. Never ending wait. They should be sued…
  • Drivers not available 1/5

    By Felixyz123
    Tried to book a ride a few times. For spontaneous rides no driver accepted the ride. Tried to pre-order a ride a few hours in advance, got a confirmation but when the pickup time arrived the app said sorry, no drivers available. All in all a useless app. Unfortunately no Uber or Lyft was available in Germany.
  • Credit card fraud! No invoices and they change the rates after accepting the booking 1/5

    By poogleypie
    Took a ride from the airport, and when I booked it it was around 40, but when I checked for my receipt later they had increase the price to over 100!No notification that they were increasing the price after I booked. And also they refused to give an invoice, even though every other trip I have taken in this app shows an invoice. I have sent multiple messages asking for help, asking for an invoice and I just get a standard reply saying sometimes there is surge pricing. I understand what surge pricing is, and the price is shown before you book the car. Surge pricing does not mean they can increase the price after you’re already in the car. This is what they have done to me, or else the driver has committed fraud. ButI won’t actually find out since as I said they did not provide an invoice, and they refused to actually help me.Unfortunately I have had to flag this to my credit card as a fraudulent transaction.
  • Bad service 1/5

    By Евгений Засуцкий
    Absolutely useless in Milano. Impossible to order taxi
  • Taxi in Roma 5/5

    By APagetti
    The taxi driver teach how to use it free now Much cheaper than Uber Love it
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By MLW222
    Confirmed a pickup in advance then said “no drivers available” at the time of pickup.
  • Simplemente excelente 5/5

    By Mavichu68
    Puntual y la relación precio-valor extraordinaria
  • Horrible 1/5

    By ZC41
    Tried to book a ride in Rome though this app 4 separate times now. Each time it cannot find a driver and searches for minutes before canceling. Impossible. Much better to just have your hotel call a taxi. Do not recommend even trying this app. Frustrating.
  • Driver never showed to take to the airport 1/5

    By MFlores96
    We prebooked a ride to the airport but the driver never showed. We had to have the hotel call for a taxi as this app is unreliable.
  • Garbage in Barcelona 1/5

    By RWCLR
    Incredibly hard to get a taxi to respond in Barcelona. Watched a driver cancel my active trip at the other end of the block so he could pick up another passenger instead. Taxi monopoly is garbage. This place needs Uber competition.
  • Great App but extra cost 4/5

    By pmcgowen99
    I’ve noticed that when you use FreeNow that the rides are about 20% more than catching a cab on the street. Just as long as you know you’re paying for this convenience - it’s up to you.
  • App problem 3/5

    By dermot23
    This is a good app but needs improvements. The payment options are very unclear abd I have difficulty entering my credit card
  • Don’t use for taxis in London 1/5

    By Jasruble
    Booked a taxi, got picked up by the correct taxi, got a notice that the driver cancelled the trip (after he started driving), I asked him about it and he said he didn’t. Suddenly I got a notice that they had assigned it to a different driver and we weren’t there so we were charged a cancel charge. Then the driver who picked us up went a long way and charged us double what the app said! I tried many times to get help from Free now and they were unresponsive and did not help. We used Uber on the way back and it was flawless and half the price. I would stay away from free now.
  • Stay away! 1/5

    By mpnotworkinh
    I ordered a taxi from my hotel in Naples. And the taxi driver demanded I pay him in cash. I tried to explain to him that I paid through the app already. He went into my hotel rep and complained. So I paid him and when all was said and done. I was charged the exact amount on my credit card by “FREE NOW”. I will try to dispute my credit when I get back to my destination. Customer service for the app is no good. I strongly recommend you stay away from the app.
  • Useless - will not let me register 1/5

    By billkee
    I signed up with Apple ID and it will not complete the registration. I tried with just an email address and that also won’t work.
  • Do not use in Naples Italy - scammed twice in one night 1/5

    By marryedenny
    Drivers may not speak English, and Absolutely do not use in Naples Italy.I used the app in Rome, and through limited Italian was able to call the driver and find their location. The app does not give the same location to the driver and passenger, so make sure you speak the language where you are visiting. Absolutely DO NOT use inNaples Italy - scammed twice on one day. A driver accepted to pick us up from the train station (myself and daughter) and claimed he was at the terminal. I went to every car in the terminal drive, he was nowhere to be found. I called and asked to “honk” his car horn so I could find him. He hung up, refused to answer. I assumed he canceled. Nope. He charged the full trip. I paid a taxi driver to get us to our AirBNB. That evening, I ordered a taxi through the app on the way home from dinner. The driver took us in circles around Naples. In Italian, I asked where he was going? He quickly turned and stopped the taxi. I told him this was not our stop, our place was up the hill. He said “chow chow”, have a good night, “ get out.” I again said “this is not it, this is not our stop.” He again told my daughter and I to get out. We did. We walked 1/2 a mile without lighting up a steep hill. I had only been to the apartment to be dropped off, and had never visited Italy or Naples in my life. Thankfully, I was able to remember where the place was. This driver is a danger to passengers and needs to be removed immediately. I noticed it was the same person who scammed us only hours earlier at the train station after looking at the name and picture to verify, and took a screenshot. I sincerely hope for the sake of safety you will remove this person. If this were my business, I would not place my customers in this position. There are plenty of taxi drivers in Naples. I used this app thinking I would receive someone more trustworthy than I could get from the street. Turns out the sweet older man who took us from the train station to our Airbnb was a much safer and more reliable choice. I will call him from now on, and likely delete this app.

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