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  • Current Version: 6.1.3
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Freeform TV App

Watch full episodes of Freeform shows like Grown-ish, Good Trouble, Siren, Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, The Bold Type, Shadowhunters and many more! Connect your TV provider to stream dozens of movies and get access to our East and West Live TV feeds. No TV Provider? No Problem! You can also stream hundreds of hours of throwback Freeform shows, including The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Baby Daddy, and many more. WHAT’S IN THE APP? • FREEFORM NONSTOP: Create a free user account and start earning points as you watch Freeform TV shows and movies, then spend those points to watch in Nonstop mode, with minimal commercial interruption. • FULL EPISODES: Watch full episodes of your favorite Freeform TV shows – Alone Together, Baby Daddy, Famous in Love and more. Binge watch full seasons of other shows like The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Make It or Break It, Greek, and Melissa & Joey – available to watch for free – no TV provider required! • LIVE TV: Sign in with your TV provider and watch live TV* from your device! • FULL MOVIES: Relax over the weekend and watch a variety of movies - all in the Freeform app! Before you download this experience, please consider that this app contains advertising, some of which may be targeted to your interests. You may choose to control targeted advertising within mobile applications by using your mobile device settings (for example, by resetting your devices advertising identifier and/or opting out of interest based ads). Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: Children’s Privacy Policy: Nonstop Terms and Conditions: Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information. *Restrictions apply. Access to certain content requires current subscription with participating TV provider.

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Freeform TV app reviews

  • Buffering 3/5

    By Shadows😐what!
    An episode is continuously buffering usually starting from the middle of an episode causing me to reload the app. This happens every time I watch an episode off of this app. I know it’s not my wifi because I always have full bars. It would help to get an explanation as to why this often occurs.
  • It had poop emoji 1/5

    By nascarfreak14
    True it has poop emoji on top of my error message on my Apple TV devices. poop emoji in middle of my Apple TV SORRY, SOMETHING WENT WRONG Not Authorized, An Error Occrrred While Authorizing Your Video. If The Error Persists, Please Contact Your Tv Provider For Support.
  • Frustrating 5/5

    By Soccerplayetyr me
    The app won’t let me sign into my account. It glitches but other than that I love the content and being able to watch with no ads.
  • Absurd # of commercials 1/5

    By Dilemwall
    The number of commercials in one given episode of a show is outrageous. This is the worse way to watch television.
  • Best app 5/5

    By MosD29
    Best app ever to watch reruns of “ Switched at Birth “
  • Why did you do this ? 2/5

    By 1339bb
    I was on Freeform looking for twilight when I found they had took Twilight off their like why would you do that. Twilight was only their for like a week this is making me so angry a lot of people like the Twilight series so why would take it off.
  • Annoying🙄 3/5

    By mosthated.eryn
    i’m a little upset because y’all gon play wit me and put all the Twilights out and u can’t even watch em except the original like y’all stay cappin bruh.
  • Great app but.. 4/5

    By Sp.0314
    Trust me, I love binge watching my shows with nonstop and the ads don’t really bother me at all. It’s the fact that sometimes the app will glitch and won’t show me my screen but will continue to play the audio.
  • alright 3/5

    By DJ. Malik
    TOO MANY DAMM COMMERCIALS but it’s a great place to watch ur shows
  • Review 3/5

    By sidraaaaaaaaaa
    Love the app just wish there was less adds during the show-movie
  • Freeform 5/5

    By ❤️😩🤔😂🤷🏻‍♀️😍🤨🧸
    Honestly love this freeform app. Cost zero dollars and it actually is really good.
  • Good 5/5

    By bhfchgdaS
    Best app I ever downloaded
  • I know is USA 4/5

    By PuroMX
    More better if it were in Spanish or with subtitles
  • Reauthenticating 3/5

    By nixxie24
    I gave it three stars because the shows are good and up to date but you always have to re-authenticate your account and that is irritating.
  • Ali 4/5

    I love the app don’t get me wrong. Easy to use, no glitches or anything. But when I say no ads and I spend my points, I don’t want the 5 second ones any less then the 5 minute ones. No hate no shade tho <3
  • My opinion 4/5

    By De'Kiwi
    Okay, so I was watching make it or break it and the app forget where my spot where I left off, and I had the rewatch it to get to the place where I left off, so can you fix it please? Other than that, I love it.
  • Point system 5/5

    By CoraB.
    It’s great but maybe lower amount needed to earn
  • Hate ads! Let us pay for commercial free!!! 4/5

    By beware A.
    Love this app but HATE the commercials! I wish we could purchase “coins” the adds are so inappropriate and annoying! Same ones loops over and over! Give us more options to watch commercial free!
  • amazing platform/layout 5/5

    By Kristen .
    freeform’s nonstop (no ads) option is genius!! other tv apps with ads need to take note! great concept
  • Love it 5/5

    By Lissa 14
    This app has a whole bunch of movies and tv shows that I love. The only thing that bothers me is the amount of points you have to give in I wish it was a lower amount to watch the shows without commercials.All in all, I really like this app.
  • Awesome but needs some minor fixes 4/5

    By Rainbow101Cupcake
    I love the watching ads for points that was really really smart of you guys. Love the set up of the app as well. But, I’ve been having trouble when rewinding. During movies it rewinds way more than ten seconds. Then after you rewind it won’t let you fast forward. Please fix soon. Thanks.
  • Tv provider doesn’t work 1/5

    By not making sense
    I sighed into my tv provider and when I exited and came back to it, it said that my tv provider didn’t include Freeform. I don’t understand why it doesn’t allow me to watch the show I did before.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By brenda21657
    Why would I download an app to watch a show on when I still have to connect thru my tv provider?? If I had cable tv I wouldn’t need an app!! This is a joke and needs to be changed ASAP please!!!
  • Where is Siren season 2 episode 10 1/5

    By Mrphantastico
    it was supposed to air june 20th 2019 what the hell there are article online discussing the episode but cannot find episode in app
  • Doesn’t integrate with other Freeform apps 3/5

    By madsaffner
    App works fine, the “points” feature to get rid of commercials is interesting, but I wish when I watched episodes on the mobile and tv (Roku) apps they would sync so I wouldn’t have to open the other to figure out where I was in a show. Also I wish the points feature carried over to the roku app as well not just in the mobile.
  • Slow 2/5

    By SOS-4⭐️
    Used to love this app but over time it has become very slow and challenging to use
  • Content 5/5

    By FILSH lover
    My shows won’t load is that normal or is it a problem
  • TvProvider 4/5

    By agahagsgsjdhbdnd
    the only problem is that the app is glitchy and won’t let me sign into mu tv provider
  • Help!! 4/5

    By The oddest person lol
    I love this app because it has a really good show on it called good trouble and I love the fosters and that’s like the second part to it but now it won’t load anymore I checked my connection it’s fine I connected my tv provider and nothing is working it just sits on the the loading screen for almost everything
  • IPhoneXR 😫 3/5

    By Carlylolly
    So far I’ve been loving this app and watching shows I haven’t watched in the longest time. But now every time I try to click on a show to watch it never loads and I tried deleting the app and downloading it again but time and time it hasn’t worked. I also restarted my phone and it still doesn’t work.
  • love it BUT 4/5

    By Bethuuknee
    this app is actually perfect but recently its saying theres some type of error but my wifi connection is fine. I’ve closed out of the app and reinstalled it, restarted my wifi but it still says there’s an error. Please fix.
  • Can’t sign in 1/5

    By Amm54321
    So I went to sign in to my tv provider. Well when I hit the button to do so, it just freezes at the loading screen. It won’t do anything other than that. It is really annoying as I love Freeform and want to watch it.
  • Direct TV NOW 1/5

    By Monicag005
    Watched the first episode great. However when it asked me to integrate my cable provider (direct tv now) the log in feature doesn’t pop up. So I can’t continue to watch anything. Hope you all can fix it.
  • Thx😀👌 5/5

    By ohnogotoebowl
    I love that you have a choice to minimize the ads and we get to watch these show for free❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Hi 2/5

    By anna banana1999
    Dosnt let me watch the rest of the episodes of pretty little liars the perfection and it dosnt even let me watch the movies.
  • It’s a good app but.. 3/5

    I really like this app because I can watch so many shows that Netflix doesn’t have already or Netflix has taken it off but I’m in 7th grade so I don’t have cable so how am I suppose to use a tv provider if I don’t have one and now I can’t watch some of the shows I was watching because It’s locked and I don’t have a tv provider😭😭 I hope you guys fix this💖
  • This app is amazing 5/5

    By pandahappykittyrawr
    It has so many shows to stream with little ads and has lots of shows that are super popular along with movies. I struggle with making so many accounts and this one does not require sign in and I highly recommended this app
  • Error loop 1/5

    By Gamblesha
    Can’t get pass the front page even when I sign in and change password it keeps giving an error
  • Switched TV Providers 4/5

    By SueWeetTea
    I had Spectrum but switch to the rising Google Fiber & of course this provider is one that doesn’t have access to certain content, mainly the shows I want to watch 🤦🏽‍♀️ but when I was with Spectrum, the app worked great for me! But the new episode of the new season of Grown-ish is already on the app and of course, I can’t watch it. The only 2 shows I watch on Freeform are locked, so unfortunately it’s kind of pointless for me to have the app anymore.
  • It stopped working 3/5

    By ashley houghman
    It was REALLY nice to be able to watch Pretty Little Liars: Perfectionists until all of a sudden it stopped working. The screen that says “oops” popped up for every show I tried to watch! It’s really annoying so I recommend Hulu if this happens to you...
  • I love it 4/5

    By boo boo the baer
    I trued to get all of the same shows on Netflix but the are not there but they are on this app but you do have too watch commercials and it’s a point system but it’s worth it
  • iPhone XR. 1/5

    By AQTHoney
    I’m trying to to watch a show on the app but it’s only showing me the current season of the show not from season 1 ..
  • Its so so 2/5

    By Nathan Starnes
    Its great having all of the shows on here but the ads make it unbearable to watch any show
  • Unique 5/5

    By Tommywal
    Love that you can earn points to be used to watch commercial free episodes. Wish all TV channel apps did this.
  • don’t get this app if you don’t have a specific show you want to binge. 1/5

    By Ndhshsdjskdbdksn
    i’ve had the app for about 3 years at this point. i’m LOVING freeform nonstop! but usually you can nonstop watch one episode, then watch another with commercials, then nonstop, and so on unless you save up a bunch of points. but in the first case, when you have to watch another with commercials those commercials are THREE MINUTES LONG. two minute ads were better, because maybe i could get up and grab a snack or a drink in that time or talk with someone. but what do i do with a three minute ad? i usually enjoy ads because i love seeing the new products that are coming out, but freeform just shows the same ads over and over: clorox scentiva, amazon, at&t, some stupid flight price reducing ad, and IN EVERY COMMERCIAL EVER SHOWN: the most annoying, repetitive, and long ad about migraine medicine “emgality”. what the heck? it’s pretty annoying. i’d rather drop the stupid shows i’m binging on freeform rn to watch something on NBC or Netflix or Prime Video. i have access to all of these and more and i’m still taking a chance on this app that has cliche shows. just make them 2 minutes or even 2:30! it’s still better than watching the same dang ad on something i have a 0.00001% of ever using.
  • 5 stars 5/5

    By Ray rays and roc royal #1 girl
    great way to watch my favorite shows !!!
  • Please 4/5

    By Its Pavonis
    Can we get more movies please 🤨😬
  • please have more seasons of shadowhunters pleaseee 3/5

    By Itz_Ang3la
    the app’s nice but pleaseee have more seasons of shadowhunters, please it’s my favorite tv series
  • ❤️Freeform app 5/5

    By kamihawi1111111
    All I can say is shorter ads or less ads that’s my big input! You should totally get this app. It makes watching tv sound like your putting shoes on! ❤️ it

Freeform TV app comments

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