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Freeletics – Training Coach

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  • Current Version: 6.11.0
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  • Developer: Freeletics GmbH
  • Compatibility: Android
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Freeletics – Training Coach App

Work out anytime, anywhere with a digital personal trainer. Lose weight, gain muscle and get fit - no gym required. Whatever your fitness level, achieve your goals and build healthy habits with short, guided workouts and audio coaching. Freeletics stands for freedom. Freedom for those who want to work out without the constraints of a gym or equipment. Freedom to work out at home, in the park or in a studio. While Freeletics offers some free workouts, the premium subscription provides access to all workouts and personalized coaching features. Become a Free Athlete and experience a new kind of freedom. WHY FREELETICS? • Work out on your terms with the most advanced digital fitness coach • Say goodbye to expensive gym memberships; with Freeletics, you are your own gym • Adapt your training to your lifestyle. Whether it’s running, gym or bodyweight training, your personal coach will tailor your workouts to suit you • Strengthen your body and sharpen your mind with 360° fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching • Find support and motivation in a community of over 40 million Freeletics users CUSTOMIZED COACHING (PREMIUM) • The AI-powered Freeletics Coach learns what works for you and will adapt your plan to keep you on track to your goals • Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or get fit, your personal trainer will generate a training plan specifically for you • Our guided workouts are personalized to your schedule, preferences and fitness level, covering bodyweight, running and gym training • No time, space or equipment? With the “Quick Adapt” feature, your coach will generate a new workout that adapts to you NEW: MINDSET AUDIO COACHING (PREMIUM) • Audio coaching to improve your mindfulness and develop new mental and physical training skills • A variety of courses help you build a strong mindset, maintain motivation and improve your sleep and performance • Learn how to build routines, manage stress and improve your focus and recovery so you can create powerful habits to become the best version of yourself TRAINING JOURNEYS (PREMIUM) • Workout plans are packaged into Training Journeys - pick a training type, track your progress and commit to 6 - 12 weeks of guided workouts • Choose from a library of Training Journeys, focusing on bodyweight, weights, running, HIIT workouts or a combination of training methods • Find a Journey for you, whatever your level, age, gender or goal • Your personal trainer will adapt the plan to you - no two Training Journeys are the same GUIDANCE, SUPPORT AND MOTIVATION • Join a supportive community of over 40 million users worldwide • Expand your knowledge and improve your performance with expert advice on the Freeletics Blog • Subscribe to the Freeletics Newsletter for exclusive health tips and advice on training and nutrition APPLE WATCH • Control your workouts from your Apple Watch • Freeletics integrates HealthKit, so you can track your data in the Apple Health App LET’S TALK Have questions or need help? Contact us at [email protected] For daily motivation, inspiration and advice, follow @Freeletics on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. THE DETAILS Downloading and using Freeletics Workout & Fitness is free. Access your personal training plan and other features with the Coach, available in the app with a subscription. The subscription automatically renews if you do not cancel it at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your account will be charged for the next subscription period up to 24 hours prior to the current subscription’s expiration. You can manage your subscription and disable automatic renewal at any time in your Apple account settings. You have the right to withdraw from your initial subscription within 14 days of starting it. By purchasing, you accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy:

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Freeletics – Training Coach app reviews

  • Locks up half the time..! 2/5

    By ashbeyc
    The app locks up half the time I use it, erasing my day’s history along with it.
  • Clickbait 1/5

    By TaylorSwiftRED_13
    It says free but costs money?
  • Nothing Free About It 1/5

    By Apple Computer Corp
    They want 80 some dollars a month to use this app. These workout apps are pathetic. I am just looking for an app that will suggest workouts for a particular muscle group. This app is no different from the other overpriced fitness apps.
  • Love it BUT 4/5

    By Hoppy monk
    I specifically love this app because the workouts are never the same, so I don’t get bored. However, I hate how many buttons I have to press to get from one exercise to the next. It’s so repetitive and I never care to tell my “followers” what I thought of the exercise. I just wanna work out! And I wanna do it as quick as possible.
  • Trying to charge me again 1/5

    By James "wanna be" Gallagher
    I renewed 26 days ago for 6months and now I’m being asked to renew my subscription, support is just a automated message offering the same non solution.
  • “Free” letics?? Mmmmmmmno. 2/5

    By this nickname bs is annoying
    Ok if you call an app “Freeletics” then just maybe offer at least ONE sample workout for free. But no. This app should be called payletics.
  • Limited 2/5

    By big.kahanna
    I loved the idea at first. An AI powered coach that adjusts to my goals, performance, setbacks, etc. but that’s all marketing BS. There is no AI or adjustments or changes. If there is, it’s not evident as really not much has changed in the workout routines so question this benefit. Also, I find that swiping from exercise to exercise a little annoying instead of saying “Next” or having the app track my completion via the camera or hand gesture. I also would like to be able to redo any Coach workout I’ve Completed. So if I had a coach training on a Tuesday with a break on Wednesday, I cannot go back to my Tuesday session and redo if I feel like getting another session in. I have to wait for my training on Thursday or just do the single exercises. Why??? AI relies on data so the APP should let me do more exercises/repeat previous sessions. Sometimes the APP freezes and I have quit the app and restart. Happens only once in awhile but annoying. Also. I would like to see a family option where my wife could also benefit so they should consider a family plan. I am going to cancel my membership and try some of the more straightforward apps as this is more work than it needs to be. Would rather focus on exercising vs fiddling around trying to get this app to work for me. Good luck to all of you on your goals.
  • The training videos don’t load 1/5

    By Ge03
    It’s a pretty average to crap experience. You click on the demonstration videos and they take forever to load and appear to be download. Unless you know what you’re doing, you’re just entering each workout blind. For the cost of this app is pretty bad. I would recommend people shop around before committing to this app. Poor experience.
  • Hi 5/5

    By lailahavesomebeef1031
    I love the free version of the game is my morning I am just going home and going home 🏡 is my day to go get out to go home and play with him or he will have a lot to do I love ❤️ is that I don’t want him going home because he is not playing games I am just playing and it is not playing I am playing it is the good game and he has a game that you play and you have to pay for a free app that is a great game and you have no robux to be a good night you can call them and play it if they are free and they are playing it so I don’t think I have any problems
  • Video download issue 3/5

    By Sreddyg24
    The app and idea is good, but I always have an issue inside the app. Sometimes, they don’t download and if they download, the videos would not download. I don’t know if it’s an issue with this version of the app. But I have had difficulties trying to complete my workouts because half the times the videos are not downloading.
  • Problems with subscription 1/5

    By cone234
    The app itself is fine, but their customer service is awful. Try to get a refund for any reason and they will not even bother to answer your request. It’s shameful for an application that gets its revenue through subscription. If I cannot trust their finance and customer service department should I trust something else?
  • The fact this app has such a high rating makes me think half of the reviews are fake. 3/5

    By Slingshot kid
    This app, if you are trying to excess weight is great. But I, am not. I’m looking to gain muscle mass in specific areas. Almost 75% of the workouts and features of this app require a payment. If you don’t want to pay theres veryyy little to do that isn’t already obvious.
  • App Malfunction 1/5

    By robatron30
    I cannot sign in to the app. I’ve tried many time to sign in through my email and Facebook, but each time it says, “sorry something went wrong. Please try again later.” I don’t know if this is a bug, but please fix it ASAP. Boy’s gotta get big for the spring.
  • It charged me when even though i didnt subscribed 1/5

    By nilnil2813
    I downloaded the app and as soon as a I realized I had to pay 'x' amount I deleted the app. Then later on I get an Apple Receipt that says I paid for a 1 Year Subscription, IT CHARGED ME 83$ EVEN THOUGH I DID NOT SELECT A PLAN. I already contacted you via email, and I hope I get a refund since this "accident" was made the same day.
  • Vertí g fit 5/5

    By xxgranny
    Love this App, easy to follow, Exercises are just right. I am a 59 almost 60 year women, and is hard to keep up with an exercise plan but this one is great
  • Great workout 4/5

    By JonPTDPT
    I love the hybrid strength programming and find the combination of body weight and resistance workouts to be very effective for me in both gaining muscle and staying lean. My biggest issue with this app is that after the completion of the hybrid strength program there’s nothing else close to it and that repeating it just gets you the same exercises. I hope they expand on this in the future!
  • Workout view needs a lot of work 3/5

    By Bbafett
    I would love this app if they did a better job in showing you your best times by a particular workout as well as detailed data on your run history. It lists all of your workouts and there is no way to filter the workouts. Also a pause feature during a workout would be great as well. I will say the running plan has made me a better runner. Something other ones haven’t done. Just the app needs improvements.
  • little suggestion 4/5

    By Jiahe Liu
    I really like the app and I’ve been use it for a while. Just a little suggestion I have, sometime I like to use it on my ipad, if you could add a horizontal view to the iPad version of the app, that could make it more convenient. Thank you.
  • Name is misleading 1/5

    By Mlgplayer12695
    Called Freeletics and after you put in allll your personal information they require you to pay for anything of actual use that the app purports to offer.
  • Can’t pay for it. 3/5

    By Fabio220391
    My credit card is not from US.I am really into the program, but whenever i try to pay the transaction gets declined as the card is not compatible with apple pay. Is it possible to pay in a different way besides apple pay? Say, like a regular payment with a credit card?
  • Sad Business Practice 1/5

    By streak808
    Beware...I’ve never had a company charge a renewal without notice. I was refused a refund literally hours after the transaction. It is sad Apple allows this practice to go on. The subscription is not to be found anywhere in my AppleID subscription list and charging people without notice is bad business.
  • Questionable renewal practices 1/5

    By Revjmark
    Watch out for their hidden renewal policy. No reminders of renewal, just renew and the. Refuse refunds because of their “policies.” To cancel, one help site pointed to the billing source while the other is hidden in the coaching section.
  • One thing I need! 4/5

    By Tallon Cote
    Sometimes I want to modify a workout. For example. I workout at the gym and I have a hard time doing pull-ups. So I use a machine that uses similar muscles instead. I want to be able to take note of the times that I have to do that. I don’t need to input my exact modification, just that I had to modify it. Also! I want to be able to override the intervals if needed. At one point I was doing the intervals and for some reason closed the app. Instead of leaving off where from where I was at it started it over. And I had to wait for it to fully finish the rest periods/etc... It would also be really cool if you could choose at the beginning of your journey where you prefer to work out. Like if you prefer the gym or working out at home. This way I could get a training plan revolving around the gym for example. On the nutrition app I wish I could leave a small note of what I ate instead of what the coach said. I don’t need specific details like calories/fat/etc... just a basic journal of my intake to help me remember. In fact, I like how the nutrition app doesn’t focus on getting a super specific log of your eating.
  • No response from support 1/5

    By Völhall
    I have emailed asking they help me recover my account and no response for months now. I logged in to my paid account from my new phone. My account is paid till September of 2020. Doesn’t work or recognize my user ID for whatever reason. It asks me for payment. It’s the same account I used to subscribe. I emailed them several times and no response.
  • No thought required 5/5

    By 👍Drew👍
    One of my favorite aspects of this program- my trainer does all the thinking for me; when the time I schedule to train arrives, all I need to do is change then start that day’s workout, knowing I’ll be challenged with exercises I’d never think up on my own in a sequence that always pushes me.
  • They don’t know how to refund 1/5

    By dp6738
    Worst refund process ever faced!
  • What happened to the Comeback Week? 3/5

    By JayDeeJaye
    I had the flu in December and didn’t feel ready to work out for 2 weeks. When I got back to it, the app had been upgraded to the new format, and no comeback week. My next session was a hero workout, which I tried my best and almost quit; it took me 2x as long as it should have. I needed another long recovery, and then had life conflicts that kept me from workouts. It’s been another 2 weeks now without a session, and still no comeback week feature. I’m on the last week of my journey. I don’t want to reset and start over. Is this a bug, or did you remove the comeback week?
  • Crap 1/5

    By Bbless77!
    Mediocre content with typical nefarious auto billing. Do not sign up! THEY MAKE IT INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT TO CANCEL MEMBERSHIP!
  • Horrible Customer Support 1/5

    By PriRed12
    I like the app, although I wish there was a feature to swap workouts or input workouts you do outside of the routine. However the customer support is absolutely horrendous. I’ve been waiting for a week now to get an issue resolved.
  • Create our own workout? 4/5

    By Sksoicividksssdg
    Have used the app on and off over the past 2-3 years, both as a member and free user. Love the coach and feedback you get. The reason for 4 out of 5 is I would love the option to create your own workout from the single exercises. You have the option of the premade God workouts for planned workouts. But if I wanted to do 3 rounds of push ups, squats and jackknifes for example and reps I would like to try, I couldn’t. I would have to go do single exercise for each of those 3 times each, so 9 total exercises, which is kinda annoying. From someone with a strength and conditioning background I think this would give users greater use, creativity of their workouts, and freedom of an amazing app already.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Fiery1509
    I’ve been using Freeletics on and off for six years. As someone who travels frequently, Freeletics allows me to modify a work out to my environment. The new upgraded coach programs are outstanding. Customer service, exceptional. I’ve tried a lot of the other ones out there but keep coming back to Freeletics. Clap, clap from me!
  • It def work! 5/5

    By dannypeed
    Do you like submit your body to tortures not allowed by geneva convention? Do you like to torture your body? This is for you and it works.
  • The app is slow to load up. 3/5

    By FoxholeJoe
    I’ve been a freeletics user for 2 years now and I never decided to write a review until now I’ve never had a problem with the app util the most recent update. The app is taking way to long to load up my coach routine and I’ve even had to wait from 15 minutes to 30minutes to start a workout to much time to load. I love the workouts and love everything else regarding this app but the loading time is so infuriating. For coach users it should be made available an offline mode or something to make the app load faster.
  • Wring title 1/5

    By Ghjfsgkllggk 86
    Now how the hell are you gonna call it “free”letics when it costs like $70 for 3 months?
  • RESULTS 1/5

    By Denodaa
    Has Anyone Actually Lost Weight?? I Have Drastically Changed My Diet To Meat Vegetables Eggs And Cheese And Was Looking For A Good Work Out App Were I Can Tone And Lose Weight!
  • iPad? 1/5

    By Weaver6697
    No landscape mode for iPad
  • Refund Scam 1/5

    By Ryanmcin
    Don’t purchase a subscription. They are deceptive about refund eligibility.
  • Not free all 1/5

    By Phillygoat Cheese-steak
    This app is another money grab. No thanks
  • Too many clicks and not free, routines not diverse 1/5

    By Dirkstar71
    So many issues with this app. It started with the fact that there is no free trial (misleading name). I had to spend $35 to try it and knew immediately it wasn’t a fit. I guess that’s why there’s no free trial. The app itself is not user friendly. I have to hold my phone during the entire workout. Swiping at the end of each exercise and then having to tap 6 times to end each section (end of exercise, confirm completion, feedback on the exercises, feedback on the sessions then “save”). I need something that’s hands free. The exercises themselves are not very diverse or customized. Usually focused on repeating 3-4 exercises for 15 minutes. One workout included 45 burpees during my first week - not easy for a middle aged guy - another was just 150 sit ups and 150 mountain climbers.
  • Not really free 1/5

    By djejajztjshfjwusbg
    Kind of tough to set up immediately asks to be upgraded to some 69.99 plan..
  • Нема тренувань на українській/російській 1/5

    By Volod.Mol.
    Всі тренування платні, за підпискою, інтерфейс на російській однак всі тренування на англійській мові!
  • Subscription doesn’t guarantee that you get access to the trainings! 1/5

    By Nik24566
    Feel sad and frustrated with the first strep. Thank you for taken $69, well deserved 1 star.
  • Very useful! 5/5

    By Mr.Jenny
    I find this app very useful. I'm a dancer and it helps me a lot!
  • Good Concept but sloppy development 3/5

    By ShakerBlack
    Training cannot be updated or changed without completely erasing history and progress. The latest update wiped my settings and now I’m stuck between starting completely over or moving forward with settings that aren’t compatible.
  • One of the best 5/5

    By Thunderchickensean
    I used this app a few years ago for a couple years, it was a lot of fun and got me to love burpees and stay in incredible shape. It makes a fitness journey so much easier to pursue on the mental side when you have the kind of guidance this app provides. It managed to get me back haha, looking forward to using it for a long time to come!
  • Gyp 1/5

    By dlj57
    I thought it said it was FREE! It’s free to install the app; if u actually want to DO the workouts, u have to pay for a subscription! What a gyp! Quit lying already!
  • Really good 5/5

    By parkerboi42
    I really like this app, it’s great. Even after a long day I open it look at the apps and I think to myself,”I can do this”. But I would like to see an option to download the coach plans, I’m in the navy and will be in the fleet with out WiFi and using this app would be hard.
  • Best app 5/5

    By lindseyB83
    I loved this app before, but now that they added weight training I love it even more!!!
  • Wow 5/5

    By registerednursedaddy
    Great app. This is the second time I come back. I got the coach and I must say your app has come leaps and bounds. Very happy I decided to give this platform a second chance

Freeletics – Training Coach app comments

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