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Freeletics - Workout & Fitness App

Lose weight, build muscle or improve your fitness level with the Freeletics digital coach and tracker. Personalized plans let you exercise anywhere - no gym required. Set your goals, do powerful HIIT exercises and develop a better body in weeks. WHY FREELETICS? ▪ A community of 38 million users and proven results ▪ Hundreds of bodyweight, HIIT & running workouts, customized for you ▪ Adaptive coaching and tracking keeps your body challenged ▪ NO EXCUSES: train at home or anywhere, anytime - no equipment required FREELETICS FEATURES: ▪ HIIT training, bodyweight workouts & fast results: Achieve your personal goals using just your bodyweight. Abs, arms, butt & legs - our plans cover all muscle groups Freeletics integrates HealthKit. Track your data also in the Apple Health App. ▪ Customized coaching: 10-60 minute workouts personalized to your schedule, level and goals Personalized plans designed to build muscle and bulk, tone & lose weight, or getting fitter ▪ Flexible activity: Say goodbye to classes and gym sessions. Get fit at home or anywhere with HIIT & bodyweight workouts NEW: Quick Adapt feature. Short on time, space or equipment? Just hit Quick Adapt and your Coach will generate a whole new workout day ▪ Community & knowledge: Deepen your interest in health, sports and nutrition with hundreds of Freeletics Blog articles. From the secret to strong abs, diet myths and weightlifting tips Connect with other athletes, join local Freeletics groups & train together Premium – The Coach: Get to work on your abs, legs, butt & arms with a fitness planner. Subscribe for personalized tracking and advanced features: 1. Take a detailed fitness test for a better coaching experience 2. Choose your availability 2, 3, 4 or 5 sessions per week 3. Get a weekly plan tailored to your level & schedule 4. Receive feedback to track your performance 5. Give feedback to the Coach to adjust your training plan Premium – Training Journeys: Each Training Journey is designed to help you reach a specific goal, and includes workouts and exercises that are tailored to you and continuously adapt to your progress. Regardless of your level (beginner to advanced), your goal (weight loss, muscle gain, running further or faster), or your training preferences (cardio or strength training), we’ve got a Training Journey for you. WHO IS FREELETICS? Freeletics is a leading brand in the digital fitness scene that has revolutionized the industry since its launch in 2013. Our mission is to make a fit and healthy lifestyle available to everyone, free of limits. Today, 38 million users across the world train with Freeletics apps on sports grounds, in parks, at home or in the gym. TALK TO US! If you have questions or you need any assistance, please contact our team at [email protected] Keep up with us: ▪ Our site: ▪ Freeletics Wear: ▪ Facebook: ▪ Instagram: ▪ Twitter: DOWNLOAD NOW! FREELETICS – ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. --- The download and usage of Freeletics Workout & Fitness is free of charge. Access your personal training plan and further features with the Coach, available in the app with a subscription. The subscription automatically renews if you do not cancel it at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your account will be charged for the next subscription period up to 24 hours prior to the current subscription’s expiration. You can manage your subscription and disable the automatic renewal function at any time by adjusting your Apple account settings. You have the right to withdraw from your initial subscription within 14 days of starting it. By purchasing, you accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Freeletics Terms of Service: Freeletics Privacy Policy:

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Freeletics - Workout & Fitness app reviews

  • Deep squat stretch what?? 5/5

    By JoeCool27
    Honestly this workout app is perfect for me: I'm not an intense worker outer, I feel uncomfortable at the gym, I don't own any workout material and I've never liked working out. The stay at home body weight model is right up my alley. The intensity level is also spot on—not too light that I feel I've done nothing and not too intense that I find myself swearing under my breath the entire time and hating life. I am getting the cardio I need on a weekly basis and I enjoy the exercises and how I feel after. I've never enjoyed working out in my life! So way to go Freeletics. You helped me to like it more. One thing though... The #%^*[email protected] deep squat stretch for 120 seconds??? Every single other cool down exercise is relaxing and blissful and only lasts between 30 and 60 seconds. But the [email protected]% deep squat stretch lasts 120 #%^*[email protected] SECONDS?!?! I need a cool down just for that cool down which is harder than the workout itself! ... Good grief. Other than that, no complaints. :) Also, you shouldn't call yourselves Freeletics since there isn't even a free version of this app... am I wrong?
  • Finish day bug in training plan? 3/5

    By TresAppy459
    I’ve started a training program and after completing the day 2 workouts at the bottom of the workout detail view it says 75% complete - finish day. But I don’t know what that means, and it was 48 hours ago so I’m not sure how else to finish the day?
  • Lots of bugs 1/5

    By minemberber
    I never wrote any app review before, but I have to point out this app has bugs when I try to register at the beginning. I was using my FB login, and it keeps back and forth from my FB to this app several times but still can’t move to next step. That’s really annoying me. Finally move into fill out personal info then the birthday I put in was different as it appears. Then I cannot move to next step again. So I deleted this app immediately without even know what it’s inside.
  • Love This App 5/5

    By Tenderfoot Don
    I’m the weakest link when it comes to getting fit. The app works perfectly! What you have to do, is decide what you really want and why. If you can answer those two questions honestly, the app will help you achieve your heart’s desire!
  • App stop working 5/5

    By Lefkoumasidis
    Good evening freeletics team !!! I was doing my exercise and suddenly app stop responding and cannot open it. Can you please check if there is any issue?
  • Good but improvements would help 4/5

    By Healthoverwealth
    In general I find this app the best way to motivate myself to exercise. The fact that the app adapts to your progress is great, but sometimes you should be able to say you can’t complete an exercise, rather than having to click through to the end. In this scenario the app thinks you have actually completed the workout quickly! It’s then very hard to beat that time!
  • A little improvement 5/5

    By Netie77
    It could be useful if you guys specify the weights by saying: the bar plus X discs.
  • Use almost every day 4/5

    By gdreyv
    Love the app and use it for my workout but there are several featured which are missed. E.g. why app doesn't show or use pulse? What about heart rate zones? Overall training time?
  • And by 5/5

    By Ddkedke,wowofjrmkeoe
    Ab udkbe wags
  • “Free”letics 1/5

    By Raja1890
    Downloaded this app because I thought it would be a nice easy way for me to do workouts without going to a gym, didn’t realize it costs the same as a gym membership - why pay for this app when you can just google FREE workout pdf docs and download them?
  • World-wide percentile rank 5/5

    By Ale Scaglia
    I’m loving the app. It would be great to add a global ranking for the workouts. It’s good to fight against your personal best, but it would be amazing to see how you rank amongst all freeletics users in each workout. I did a Prometheus in 14 mins but have no benchmark to understand how good that is... Maybe you guys could also add rakings by category (eg. By sex, age, level etc.). It would definitely be a motivation boost for the competitive spirits (and should be a quick feature to build).
  • Love the idea, but there seem to be flaws 3/5

    By paul90012
    Either the app has flaws or I’m not using it correctly. It would be very helpful if the developer could have an instructional video very much like the ones they have for the exercises for how to use the app. I’ve completed five days but the app is only showing that I did two days? I’m also only seeing that I’ve done and 85% of the work out is that because I wasn’t able to do all the exercises correctly? Maybe the developer could also have a way for us to contact them with questions.
  • Not easy to do - easy to stick with. 5/5

    By rachaelatthedisco
    These workouts are not for the weak! As I am starting out as a couch potato I needed something challenging but something that wouldn’t scare me off. Freeletics has done just that. I no longer dread working out and actually look forward to my workout days.
  • Best fitness app! 5/5

    By CarlosRamO
    I’ve tried a lot of apps. But Freeletics is the greatest. First I did Explosive Strength journey and made me really shredded, then Hybrid strength to comunes Bodyweight training with weights and now I am doing Barbell Gain journey and has been awesome it puts me lean muscle. Really good app!
  • Perfect for travel 5/5

    By flyboydyl
    For my work I travel a lot and some hotels don’t have gyms. This app is the perfect way to still get that workout in even if you don’t have anything but the space in your hotel room
  • Almost There!! 4/5

    By jruckerair
    For those of us who travel for a living and spend time in hotel gyms, dumbbells workouts are the standard choice. If your developers can incorporate a Dumbbell Gains journeys (as an option to the Barbell Gain), this would most certainly be a 5-star app! Otherwise, keep up the good work!
  • “Free” letics 1/5

    By Bammyrock
    If your app isn’t free, don’t call it free. Update: They just replied to me with instructions on how to use the free part of the app. I understand how the app works and I understand that you sometimes need to make a profit. However, if the majority of your app is not free, don’t put free in the name of your app. Partially free is not free, so the marketing of the app shouldn’t revolve around it being free. Instead, advertise the features and convince consumers it is worth their money.
  • False advertisement 1/5

    By Fightgodghsunn
    My favorite thing in this world is getting an ad for something that says free, free is in the title, it should be free to at least try right? but guess what, The cheapest thing they have is $50 to use this app, there’s nothing free about it
  • Restart phone if Watch app is missing 5/5

    By The Yonghy Bonghy Bo
    When I installed this app, there seemed to be no HealthKit integration and no Watch app. But after restarting the phone, both showed up. The app works well now.
  • It’s not free 1/5

    I get so annoyed with all these fitness apps that I can’t afford. Then I see this app and I assume it’s free but then it’s just not. They should change the name and stop misleading people.
  • Can't combine bodyweight and weightlifting routines 4/5

    By Martinassffhj
    It's great that I can just follow the exercises without spending any energy on planning it. The app has weight lifting programs now as well. I very much enjoy weightlifting. But my schedule allows me to go to the gym only once or twice a week. For the weekly plan I'd like to have two/three days bodyweight exercises and 1/2 days weightlifting exercises. The -1 star is for the obnoxious social features.
  • Great 1 on 1 training 5/5

    By Nolospr
    Done the app training and seen results.
  • Results 5/5

    By Foofywagon
    I used this app for core strengthening, the result was amazing, the level of energy release, overall body strength were among the benefit I got during 8 weeks of training.
  • Lies 1/5

    By The COC reviwer
    It says FREE workout It’s not!! Bro I swear it costs money hey,a lot of it And the “coaching program” is trust me, a rip off!!! I bought it even though it lied to me and misadvertised This is a pure rip off Trust me,don’t waste ur time with this app
  • Awesome App!! 5/5

    By Liz_2019
    I am so happy with this app. All the excesises, the diet is perfect for me!
  • “free” 2/5

    By Gary_WINTHORP
    how can you call the app freeletics when once you login and stuff have to pay to get your training and as consumer this is misleading information
  • My idea sounds lame but could be super helpful 4/5

    By Noobatthus
    A To Do list after the cool down. I’m constantly forgetting to do things after the work out. I’ve even written it down, worked out, and then completely forgotten about my list. Or maybe you want to meditate or something afterand it’s just nice and seamless if it’s all in the app. Just an idea.
  • They call it FREElitics and it’s not even free. 2/5

    By barh05
    That’s just messed up. I mean there are people who can’t afford stuff like that. And I’m not trying to sound like a choosing beggar but, I’m going to be honest, I’m 13 and obese and trying to lose weight and this seems like a great idea. I just wish I could afford it.
  • It’s good but 3/5

    By 高小音
    This app is amazing. The thing is though if you were to not pay for the coach there is basically nothing
  • I’ve lost 20 pounds of fat now 🙌🏾🙌🏾 5/5

    By Thesilverlight28
    I’ve been using this app for the past 6 months and I’m honestly happy to say that this is the best shape I’ve ever been in. I look in the mirror and I’m just happy with what I see. I’ve still got a ways to go but with this app along with eating clean this is the most progress I’ve made. Now there’s a couple things. This app is for if you’re trying to get toned/lean. Don’t expect to become a body builder using this app. You will however notice yourself getting meaner, more athletic build, more vascular, etc. What I would do sometimes if I was looking to gain muscle would be to use this app in the morning then finish up with light weightlifting at the gym. But if you don’t care about losing muscle don’t worry about that. The other big thing is how important diet is. I’ve been trying to lose weight for a long time, and it wasn’t until 6 months ago that i got consistent with eating clean and saw all the progress that I’m seeing now. But eating clean I mean I just ate stuff that was natural (chicken, rice, eggs, pasta, fruits, veggies). I still indulged every now and then, it was 80% healthy stuff, 20% whatever I wanted). True permanent change doesn’t happen overnight. If you eat clean, use this app, and just be overall patient you’ll see results.
  • Not Free 1/5

    By pu$$y cronCH
    I think this app would probably be good? I’m not going to pay $90 for a meal plan and exercise tips, feel free if you lack the self discipline to eat right and go on a jog maybe twice a week. I think the app has an interesting and friendly interface but I just don’t think it’s necessary. I will give the app 1 star because I’m not mean, I just don’t like how opaque the name is “Freeletics”. Nothing about the app is free, sorry.
  • Very helpful 5/5

    By Sa1272
    I been using this for a month now and I definitely feel improvements. I do AT LEAST one work out session a day and you must be really consistent with it if you really want to see improvement. I just use the free work out sessions and they do just fine. But if you want to go beyond then feel free to get a subscription. If free workout works then im very sure getting premium will help you out even more.
  • Great, but Still Room to Grow 4/5

    This app is very well done. I simply have a few nitpicks that would be amazing if they added to the app. 1) Integration with Apple Music. They have integration with Spotify Premium but I wish they would add native support for Apple Music. 2) Stretching Workouts. Stretching & Flexibility is a vital component of being an overall athlete and so having at least some workouts that only trained you in these aspects would be amazing. 3) Better integration with Apple Watch. Currently the app will “write” how many calories we burn using algorithms, however I wish they could add the feature where it could talk with the Apple Watch so that it can read how many calories we actually burned. The Apple Watch could give more accurate information and with partnering with Apple they could even improve Apple’s technology.
  • Changed my lifestyle! 5/5

    By Flysesshadoww
    I honestly swear by this app, during freshman year I gained a lot of weight and doing a plan of my choice really helped me lose the weight and get shredded! This app is very efficient and very personalized to whomever is using it. You can leave feedback for workouts which I think is amazing and the overall setup is very accessible. I’d recommend this to anyone! The food plan also really helped.
  • Excercises are good but app is poor 2/5

    By Makemelifht
    The feedback should be per exercise not per train. I have some difficult to perform some exercises and need more time for others but the platform doesn’t learn that. Really poor tech
  • Fix your app 1/5

    By unabletodisablesprints
    The app will not let me disable runs/sprints because the button is layered underneath the start now button. So frustrating.
  • Stole my money 1/5

    By An Enraged Customer
    I paid 35 dollars for a subscription but when I try to use the app it just keeps telling me to buy a subscription no matter what I do! I feel scammed 😡
  • Challenging but doable 5/5

    By BBearette
    Have been exercising by myself for a while mainly doing bodyweight exercises. Was looking for something challenging but doable. This definitely meets the ticket. Love that you can give feedback about whether the experience is too easy or difficult or just right. I cannot recommend this more highly. Wish that I had started this sooner instead of just being stuck in the same old rut!
  • Great app but...... 3/5

    By شاب مسلم
    Why do I need to download each video clip for each exercise? Why not stream those videos! It would be a much faster experience
  • Awesome Platform, help with surfing. 5/5

    By rayray6405
    This has helped me in so many ways in and out of the water!! I’d recommend this to anyone wanting to better there selves.
  • best app ever - never had such a body before 😊 5/5

    By RaphaSh
    I downloaded it first time more than 2 years ago, never took it serious because I thought “it can’t work without weights”. Now I’m using it every day since 7 months - never wanna miss it. I feel much more satisfied in my whole life and have the best body I ever had - I’m 38 years old. Big compliments from my side also to the freeletics team also for a permanently improvement of the app 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  • Very Good App 5/5

    By JTinCA
    The app is organized and easy to use, and the workouts are nice. A wide variety of the workouts are available, even without purchasing a subscription. It’s nice how if you cannot perform an exercise in a workout, the app can tell you what exercise to replace it with.
  • It’s a waste of time 1/5

    By manuelov94
    The worst app I ever try. Don’t waste your money it is make non sense to buy this.
  • Beware the Apple Watch App! 3/5

    By gregorybflynn
    I recently subscribed to Freeletics, and love what it offers. That said, the Apple Watch app is a huge problem. When it runs (which, it turns out, it will do even if not triggered on the AW itself), it completely throws off the Move ring for the day. The first time I used it, I did a 25 minute workout, starting with about 25 calories on my Move Ring. I ended with about 940. Same thing happened this morning (with slightly lower numbers)...and this time I didn't even open the app on the watch...I used the AW's own HIIT tracker. I emailed Freeletics, and this is what they had to say: "In the fitness community, calories are always a main topic of discussion. However, calorie counting might not be the ideal approach. Please keep in mind, calories from different foods are not always the same. The calculation of the calories you consume and burn might not be totally accurate depending on your metabolism. Calorie counting can also lead to an unhealthy relationship with food. At the end of the day, what matters most is maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet as well as being active. For this reason we encourage counting personal bests, burpees, and how many pieces of fresh fruit and vegetables you eat every day. Not calories. For this reason we do not support any calorie counting functions on your device so most likely it won't be accurate. Sincere apologies for any inconveniences." While I appreciate their philosophy (and I agree with it), it disregards that many (most?) of us use the Move ring to get an idea of how much movement serves us in the day to day -- not to simply count calories. Their response completely disregards this concern. Thus, the three star review. I'd love to see this fixed.
  • It’s ok 2/5

    By allyo2003
    It’s been ok but you don’t have any options to sub out workouts or skip any portion of the workout or the rests. They also assign you a weight for the lifting part and you can’t change it so it thinks I’m lifting at a level I am not. It’s definitely a computer running the show.
  • Beware! 2/5

    By Christyandandria
    Okay so...this os a good app and O can see where it can be useful. The name makes it have a vibe of something it is not though! There is nothing free on this app beyond seeing some videos of others doing a basic exercise. Something mind you, you can find on youtube. First impressions was I really liked it. After actually you know using the app and exercising with it..yeah...I uninstalled it. If you going to try to reach out to all groups of people on a free level make it so you know actual advice is being given or shared as a community or something. Get a forum, or something. Rated brutally for the deceit, but aesthetics and the options available do give it at least something.
  • So far so good, minor tweaks 4/5

    By Dustin_UT
    Thank you for such a great app, I’ve just started to use it and so far I’m enjoying it. A few things I’d love to see 1. Fully independent watch app 2. Integration with Apple Activities - this needs some work. For one, I would like a whole day’s training to just count as 1 workout, or at least have an option in the app to choose that for those that want it. I would also like to see general improvements with this. My workouts often say they are only 1-2 seconds, despite taking well over that time. 3. Autocomplete on runs should stop the activity at the set distance, I’m not sure why it’s required that I click “complete” - especially if someone isn’t holding the phone in their hand, this leads to highly inaccurate times.
  • This app has improved tremendously and now has an Apple Watch app 5/5

    By SwiftFeli
    Just... such incredible improvements. Good job Freeletics team! One feature I would like is the ability to take out specific exercises from the coach generated drills. My knee is about to explode every time I try to do a pistol squat, it’s fine with other leg exercises so I don’t want to add an injury to the equation, but just taking out the one specific exercise would solve that issue
  • Amazing!! 5/5

    By Coop-Stain
    Definitely the greatest workout app around! I’ve tried other apps to help me stay motivated, but this one has the best variety of workouts.

Freeletics - Workout & Fitness app comments

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