FreeStyle LibreLink - US

FreeStyle LibreLink - US

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  • Current Version: 2.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Abbott Labs
  • Compatibility: Android
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FreeStyle LibreLink - US App

The FreeStyle LibreLink app allows you to monitor your glucose with your iPhone. [1] Check your glucose by holding your iPhone near your FreeStyle Libre Sensor. The App is compatible with both 10-day and 14-day Sensors. You can use the App to: * Check your glucose with a painless scan, instead of a routine fingerstick [1] * View your current glucose reading, trend arrow, and glucose history * Add notes to track your food, insulin use, and exercise * See glucose reports, including your Ambulatory Glucose Profile * Connect to healthcare professionals with LibreView [2] SMARTPHONE COMPATIBILITY Compatibility may vary between phones and operating systems. Learn more about compatible phones at USING YOUR APP AND FREESTYLE LIBRE READER WITH THE SAME SENSOR If you would like to use both the FreeStyle Libre Reader and the App with the same Sensor, you need to start the Sensor with the Reader first and then scan with your iPhone. Note that FreeStyle LibreLink and Readers do not share data with each other. For complete information on a device, scan your Sensor every 8 hours with that device; otherwise, your reports will not include all your data. APP INFORMATION FreeStyle LibreLink is intended for measuring glucose levels in people with diabetes when used with a FreeStyle Libre Sensor. For more information on how to use FreeStyle LibreLink, refer to the User’s Manual, which can be accessed through the App. Consult a healthcare professional to confirm if this product is right for you or if you have questions about how to use this product to make treatment decisions. Learn more about FreeStyle LibreLink at [1] If you are using the FreeStyle LibreLink app, you must also have access to a blood glucose monitoring system as the App does not provide one. Fingersticks are required for treatment decisions when you see the Check Blood Glucose symbol, when symptoms do not match system readings, when you suspect readings may be inaccurate, or when you experience symptoms that may be due to high or low blood glucose. [2] Use of the FreeStyle LibreLink app requires registration with the LibreView system, which is provided by Abbott and Newyu, Inc. FreeStyle, Libre, and related brand marks are trademarks of Abbott Diabetes Care Inc. in various jurisdictions. For additional legal notices and terms of use, go to

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FreeStyle LibreLink - US app reviews

  • Readings are off 2/5

    By Erichaltman
    We had our dog at the vet and had the sensor installed but we kept getting readings all over the place. When my vet did the scan, our dogs blood glucose was 168 using a alpha check blood glucose kit. When we checked it with the app, it was 80 points off. We did two different tests and each time, the readings were different. It was lower on the app the drawing blood and using the alpha reader. So something is drastically wrong with the App. Thankfully we were at the vets to catch this. The wrong readings could have killed our dog.
  • Region compatibility 5/5

    By Hakhonbay
    I’ve been using the app in the US but since I moved to another reason it Will not work. I am not able to download the regional app becuase my App Store has many subscriptions and I cannot change the region. Is there anyway around changing the region in my App Store? Thanks
  • Photos 4/5

    By rocklobster7291
    Please add a photo note option. I’d be able to add photos time stamped and could see it on the chart.
  • Sharing 4/5

    By Moley Russels Wart
    Will there be an update to this app so when you share your glucose numbers with a doctors office or family member, they can see the notes associated with that reading? I record a lot of useful data in there that would be nice if people could see it. Thank you.
  • Skin gets raw under sensor 3/5

    By Walleye75
    I like this product but have a problem. Water gets in between the sensor and my skin when I shower. Sometimes the sensor comes loose and then works erratically and I have to put on a new sensor (my prescription doesn’t cover the extras). But my main concern is that when the old sensor comes off the skin is very raw. I use a Simpatch but in about a week I have the same problem.
  • Does not work with my iPhone 7plus 1/5

    By james-LeBlanc
    Does not work with my iPhone 7 Plus. My iPhone will not scan my sensor
  • Generally good; still no HealthKit 2/5

    By Clark Cox
    It’s amazing that, after years, there is still no HealthKit integration; it would be so simple to sync blood sugar values with HealthKit so that all of my health data could be in one place.
  • Carb graph needed 4/5

    By ATHiker95
    I like the app but as a diabetic, carbs are especially important to me. There is a place to enter carbs for a particular sensor reading, but it would be especially nice to see carb graphs for daily and weekly as well, which should be easy to do.
  • Sensor 1 y 2 generacion. 4/5

    By nelsrdrgz
    Se puede usar la aplicacion para sensores de 1 y segunda generación
  • Apple Health 3/5

    By James Seard
    While this app can be used with iPhone, it does not export data to Apple Health.
  • Frozen 3/5

    By Bob Grenier
    This is a good app I’m a week into using it then it froze up on me my IPhone was rendered useless I couldn’t reboot or get out of the app so I called Apple support and it took about 20 minutes or so to finally reboot after hooking my phone to my laptop, once I was back to normal I deleted the App then downloaded back on my phone I did lose my data for a week, so far so good. I use an IPhone 11 XS max and it was completely updated before the freeze up hopefully this was a one time problem.
  • Great but missing Apple Health integration 4/5

    By jadehamster
    Great app but needs Apple Health integration to allow a more complete view of health data. Have to manually transfer data at the moment.
  • Average glucose 4/5

    By 07H2
    I love it but...My average glucose is stuck on 90 days and hasn’t changed for several days. How do I fix it? Never mind I had a brain fart! Thanks for getting back with me and over if looking my sudden lack of brain function!
  • Good start 2/5

    By Cmp1382
    For five stars add the following. - support for the apple heath app to use your app as a source for health data. -!!!!!!!///// allow scans to be done with Apple Watch. It has the necessary nfc technology. ////////!!!!!!!! -Set longer term reminders that are longer than on hr. 6 would be nice so we don’t loose data. - last improver sensor to hold 12 to 24 hours worth of data. Great app and good luck. Ps. Set up a way to share all data with drs office through internet connection so drs can monitor numbers more often with out a physical appointment.
  • Suddenly quiet 3/5

    By hmc71
    In the past week or so I’ve stopped receiving the vibration & beep that goes with the scan is complete. I don’t see anything in the settings for this. Why did this suddenly disappear?
  • Does not connect with IPhone 1/5

    By Lorindaa B
    Doesn’t connect with my iPhone 8 and can’t find any troubleshoot or a way to fix it anywhere online.
  • 3hr Delay to transfer to Apple Health 1/5

    By Todd-Squad
    I’ve been using Libre sensors for a couple years. In so many ways I prefer your sensors to your more expensive competitor. However, you have really dropped the ball by delaying transfer of blood sugars to Apple Health for three hours. When your competitors make these results immediate. You can’t claim you are trying to provide the best care for diabetics, if you are purposefully preventing them from using other, more capable diabetes management tools than your own log. At best this is a contradiction to your own marketing Dept messaging. At worst, it’s corporate bad faith. Part 2: Developer suggested I contact customer service for help. It turns out, Customer Service informed me, there is no support for data sharing with third party apps including Apple Health Kit. Word of warning, if your hoping to use another app to manage your diabetes, you will have to manually enter each scan into the other app. Abbott, the idea of a CGM only reaches its full potential if you facilitate the user getting this data into their preferred management app. In other words, you need to implement Apple Health Kit integration. As your product currently stands, your in the dark ages as compared to your competition. Next time someone complains about this, you could just tell them you’ll pass the request on to the developers.
  • Please change few points 3/5

    By Nanami Ford
    There are only the lines for every 50mg. Please add lines for 110/120/130/140, every 10mg. It is hard to see exactly what level I’ve got. Also please let us zoom-in for every minute of glucose level and not only a day. Sometimes we wanna see specific minutes, and the censor register every minute so it is supposed to be possible. Please let us move the vertical dot line to not only the dots we checked with the reader but for those times that we didn’t check but the sensor registered every minutes so we can read the number where the glucose hit the highest even tho we didn’t check at the highest point.
  • Good tracker of spikes 4/5

    By 4Steph
    I think this has been helpful for tracking what foods spike me. I understand about the lag from the finger sticks to this sensor. But sometimes the finger sticks don’t match up at all with what the sensor is telling me. Even after a bit of time passes. It would also be nice if this app could sync with the Apple health app. Update: after using this for about 4 months now, I’m getting welts after removing the sensor. I didn’t get it before. I’m not sure if the glue has been changed or what. The last two sensors gave me welts on my arm.
  • Inaccurate Readings 3/5

    By ARB59
    I used the device for nearly a year without problems. Recently I cannot trust the readings as they are inaccurate. I changed sensors thinking that was the problem but it still is not working correctly. Please advise if this is an application issue or a sensor problem. I hope this can be corrected because I was able to do a much better job of tracking my diabetes levels.
  • Sensor is not supported 1/5

    By northvirus
    After installing the app I tried to connect with the sensor but the error is it’s not supported??????????
  • qol changes please 4/5

    By Mm1698
    please get rid of the scan complete screen please return the app to a scan mode when it’s closed or exited so that i can scan faster when it’s launched rather than messing with menus to find scan
  • Okay but finding issues... 3/5

    By Madetunv
    I started using this app with a 10-day system. I now use a 14-day system. Since the change, I notice the app will terminate at the 10-day mark regardless of the time. The original reader will continue on. My app is up to date but I don’t know what else the problem could be.
  • Apple HealthKit ? 3/5

    By Diggs 808
    I want to rate this higher, but I’m slightly disappointed with the lack of integration with Apple HealthKit. Will that happen eventually?
  • No connection to Apple Health App 1/5

    By Nunya Bizwacks
    Many less developed apps can port their info over to Apple Health. Why can’t freestyle LibreLink?
  • Decent but Needs More 3/5

    By Cborger
    I’ve been using this over a month now, and while it works well, there are some key things we still need. - Ability to zoom in on graphs. - Automatically pull 1hr and 2hr readings after each logbook entry marked “food”. - Automatically pull avg. “fasting” number during any period 8+hrs after logbook entry marked “food.” - Export data (including notes) to a spreadsheet This will make it much easier to share data with practitioners, in order to determine if adjustments to treatment are needed. What is the point of paying so much for constant monitoring of you still need to manually time the readings and write down the numbers for doc?
  • Apple Health 1/5

    Can we PLEASE get a way to export data to the Apple Health app? I like using it to track all of my health data and this app does not allow it.
  • Unexpected Application Error 1/5

    By CommonSenseNow
    Can’t create an account
  • For consideration.. great app 4/5

    By Ikmachov
    Would be better if you could sync the app on my phone to the glucose reader not just other phones with the app on it. My dad’s phone isn’t compatible with the reader and he has to use the reader which doesn’t link to my app. I like to monitor his sugar. Also it would be great to have an option for a constant read even if it’s for only 10-15 minutes at a time. The longer would be better. I know it probably would drain the battery life but it would be really helpful when there are swings in his sugar.
  • Agree with crazyindianguy 4/5

    By BestHypeManEver
    I love this app where I don’t have another device in my pocket but it would be unbelievably helpful to be able to check my glucose level on the go without multiple steps. Please. I started a new job and work in a high temp high humidity area. If I could just use my phone and scan without open ring it up and do other things that would be amazing. Thanks crazyindianguy. Never even thought of asking. I agree. 5 star abound to have it be available without a three step process.
  • App needs work; could be considerably better. 3/5

    By Schwitters
    Continuous glucose sensing is really great but the app user interface is a bit clumsy. Too many clicks are needed to take a reading and save a note. For reasons unknown to me the app sometimes drops notes of insulin dosings. Maybe it’s because two clicks are required to save. Make the button for taking a reading larger and more prominent and always visible. Analyses and plots are currently limited to time of day profiles. What I want is a running average by day and week (like many other glucometer apps such as and Glooko’s) so I can see weekly and monthly trends and effects of new meds, dosing schedules and diets.
  • Challenges with Syncing 3/5

    By tlm980s
    I find it quite frustrating the time it can take to sync the sensor with my phone. It would be wonderful if the accuracy and speed of syncing could be improved.
  • App needs fixing and updated 1/5

    By MegEyke
    The app works great 70% of the time. When it’s not working - it won’t logged scans or it freezes. If you log out you lose all your stored info.
  • Works great provided you don’t travel 4/5

    By LAbuilderGuy
    Based on my Doctors recommendation I bought this and a 4 month supply since I was traveling. Due to Covid-19 Pandemic am trapped outside the US. Bought new sensors locally and they don’t work with the app or the reader I purchased in the US. So I had to buy another reader. The app is much better than the reader but beware, if you travel they dont work and there is no app for it if you buy sensors overseas. Other than $$ I can’t get a straight answer why they wouldn’t be universal
  • Mediocre App 3/5

    By hughes7283
    The FreeStyle Libre itself is awesome. I love how easy it is to use. The app is another story... It’s rather basic. For such a high tech CGM you would expect it’s app to at least Integrate with Apple health. It has been SO LONG since I have seen a health app that doesn’t sync with Apple health. If my doctor didn’t prescribe the FreeStyle Libre to me I would never have chosen it on my own for that reason alone. I like seeing all of my data in one place in one format instead of throughout 26472 apps. It would also be nice to have an Apple Watch app where we can quickly add our carbs with a note of what we ate, or mark that we took our insulin. There is so much potential for this app to catch up with the hardware and it needs to start with syncing it’s data with Apple health.
  • Interface refinements needed 3/5

    By richarch
    The app and the entire system are great. Access to data is a game-changer for treatment decisions. That said, the user interface could use some refinement. For example, do any of the developers actually pick a meal type (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or Snack) when entering test data? The selection area for each choice is SUPER small and prone to mistakes. Lastly, pushing data to Apple’s Health platform is a must-have integration for this to get 4-5 stars. Even my doctor and health insurer are pushing data to Apple Health so HIPAA and other compliance issues are no longer an excuse. The only logic here is that Abbott does not want to share data. That’s a poor/greedy business decision and against the needs of patients who should be able to see their own personal data displayed across multiple metrics for decision-making.
  • Apple Watch 5/5

    By yorkiegirl38
    It would be nice if like dexcom there was a Libre Watch app. If one of us forgot our phone we could check out sugar with our watch. If not that then have data go between both watch and phone in case something was to happen medical teams could use our watch to see data if our phone is lost.
  • Love it but... 5/5

    By AquaBoy4Ever
    It’s April 2020. How come no integrated syncing of data into the iOS app link Health app? I see that Dexicom G6 is listed under Blood Glucose Apps and is able to send data into the Apple app. Now that would be great! Let’s go Abbott!
  • This machine may work but the software is horrible 1/5

    By Weaman
    male review
  • DANGEROUS Misreadings! 1/5

    By Mweinst
    I have used freestyle Libre 14 day since it came out a couple of years ago. When it works, it’s fine. But two times now for a week or more each time, the monitor was low by huge amounts. Like reading 50 vs real 145. Or reading 135 vs real 257! I stopped taking my insulin due to false readings. I asked customer service if it happens often and she said yes. Also she confirmed that other faulty monitors read high. That means users would be pumping lots of unneeded insulin. That is DANGEROUS! I cannot trust this product.
  • Nice app...but no Apple Health/HealthKit 3/5

    By Shibz21
    The app is great beachside you don’t need to carry the Libre reader, however this doesn’t sync up with Apple Health/HealthKit. I’ve recently switch to Libre and have enjoyed the freedom, but everything else I have syncs with HeathKit. I basically have to manually add the readings in, which I’ve stopped doing, but would like to have.
  • What’s up? App won’t scan 2/5

    By Ldycheeva
    Ok I’ve been using this system for 6 months and have loved it up to now. Currently I have 7 days remaining on a good sensor. However the app is not allowing the scan now button to activate a scan. It’s been two days of not being able to scan my disc. I’ve made sure the app is up to date, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it twice.... able to sign in to my account, however it won’t let me click on scan sensor. What’s up with this??
  • More customization preferred 3/5

    By Annamdoog
    I really really REALLY wish this app allowed you to chose your own units. As an American who was diagnosed while living in Canada and recently returned to the US, I would love the ability to use the international units that I am familiar with. Mmol/L are simply better units. They are more palatable (4-10!) and correspond with HbA1C results. I get that the United States is stubborn and weird about measurements, but I wish I wasn’t forced to comply with it. Otherwise, love the sensors and love that the app allows me to only carry one device.
  • From the clinician perspective 3/5

    By Torgo's revenge
    I have hundreds of patients on the libre in my Endocrine clinic. Overall, The app is quite good. The weakest link is the confusion with how patients can share data with the clinic. The workflow to get patients linked to clinics is terribly inefficient and confusing to patients. There absolutely needs to be a way to add practice IDs from within the app. I know Abbot is working on this problem, and I hope it is resolved soon! If you want Primary care doctors to embrace this, you NEED to fix this problem. Fix this issue, and this app is a 5/5.
  • UI needs work & no dark mode 3/5

    By PCedrow
    App works very well, but the user experience and interface can be overwhelming. Please make it easier to navigate! + Dark mode please! The screen can be blinding in the middle of the night.
  • This app barely works 1/5

    By Syntax Prodigy
    Many of the features they offer dont seem to work and crash the app. Other times it gives me crazy inaccurate results. Woke up with bs of 51 today. Where the hell is the notification system??!!
  • iPhone 7+ stopped scanning sensors 1/5

    By hamgunner
    Not good experience support

    By XdestruktaverampageX
    WASTED MY MONEY BUYING THIS SENSOR APP DOES NOT WORK WITH SENSOR FROM GERMANY!!! Update: after figuring out on my own how to switch Apple stores I was able to download the correct version and now it works just fine. Please put out on your notes that if a customer is in another country to use the respective store to get the right app. The us version of the app will not work with the German sensor. I am changing my rating from one to 3 though. It is otherwise a decent app and the sensor insertion was absolutely painless.
  • App works, but such limited functionality 2/5

    By GanzHimself
    I have not had any issue with the app reading my sensors. But my main complaint is the fact it is very barebones. No integration with Apple HealthKit. No Apple Watch app. No widget to bring up the app and be ready to read the sensor. This is far easier than carrying around a dedicated reader, but the lack of integration into HealthKit has me really wishing my doctor had prescribed a different monitor that has an app that does these things already. (The competitor’s app has tighter integration into iOS and most insurances cover them the same... Wish I had fought harder to get the Dexcom G6 over this) If you don’t care about integration with other health and fitness data, this will work fine for you. If you want your glucose levels to be integrated with other health apps, look elsewhere until Abbott gets with the times.

FreeStyle LibreLink - US app comments

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