FreeStyle LibreLink - US

FreeStyle LibreLink - US

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  • Current Version: 2.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Abbott Labs
  • Compatibility: Android
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FreeStyle LibreLink - US App

The FreeStyle LibreLink app allows you to monitor your glucose with your iPhone. [1] Check your glucose by holding your iPhone near your FreeStyle Libre Sensor. The App is compatible with both 10-day and 14-day Sensors. You can use the App to: * Check your glucose with a painless scan, instead of a routine fingerstick [1] * View your current glucose reading, trend arrow, and glucose history * Add notes to track your food, insulin use, and exercise * See glucose reports, including your Ambulatory Glucose Profile * Connect to healthcare professionals with LibreView [2] SMARTPHONE COMPATIBILITY Compatibility may vary between phones and operating systems. Learn more about compatible phones at USING YOUR APP AND FREESTYLE LIBRE READER WITH THE SAME SENSOR If you would like to use both the FreeStyle Libre Reader and the App with the same Sensor, you need to start the Sensor with the Reader first and then scan with your iPhone. Note that FreeStyle LibreLink and Readers do not share data with each other. For complete information on a device, scan your Sensor every 8 hours with that device; otherwise, your reports will not include all your data. APP INFORMATION FreeStyle LibreLink is intended for measuring glucose levels in people with diabetes when used with a FreeStyle Libre Sensor. For more information on how to use FreeStyle LibreLink, refer to the User’s Manual, which can be accessed through the App. Learn more about FreeStyle LibreLink at [1] If you are using the FreeStyle LibreLink app, you must also have access to a blood glucose monitoring system as the App does not provide one. Fingersticks are required for treatment decisions when you see the Check Blood Glucose symbol, when symptoms do not match system readings, when you suspect readings may be inaccurate, or when you experience symptoms that may be due to high or low blood glucose. [2] Use of the FreeStyle LibreLink app requires registration with the LibreView system, which is provided by Abbott and Newyu, Inc. FreeStyle, Libre, and related brand marks are trademarks of Abbott Diabetes Care Inc. in various jurisdictions. For additional legal notices and terms of use, go to

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FreeStyle LibreLink - US app reviews

  • Awesome App! 5/5

    By B Kerv
    I got my CGM a couple weeks ago, but I never realized there was an app that would monitor it for me until I saw a TV commercial for it. It’s nice to not have to the separate scanner in my pocket, and the app is fantastic!
  • Very surprised no Apple health app support 4/5

    By jdenning
    I just started using the system. I would give the app five stars if it would share data automatically with the Apple health app. I’m very surprised that it doesn’t. Otherwise I’m very impressed. I hope and a future update, soon, I’ll be able to give it five stars.
  • Good and Bad 3/5

    By Mama Lu2
    Doc asked me to try this technology. I love the convenience of using the iPhone. BS varies by about 10 pts. However, the iPhone app does not allow for reporting using product software or standard file exports like PDF, Excel etc. or share capabilities. Report feature is only available by using the product’s monitor. It would be great to add this to the app. Not sure how I will incorporate use in my daily maintenance. I am not exactly anxious to add one more manual chronology to my day. I have been using MySugr. Import to that and like apps would be great but I understand non-partner propriety issues around that action.
  • Alarm for high and low 3/5

    By wrong taken
    I love the libre app for the iPhone and also the reader. But the one thing I wish you would add is the alarm for when it’s going to high or low. It would give me more peace of mind when I am sleeping, I hope your working on that feature. Robert
  • Sharing data : ( 5/5

    By preggy one
    Pregnant and I’d love to share my data with my OB... please enable the feature.. please...
  • Compatible with Apple Watch and apple health 4/5

    By Jeff1260
    Are you planning on making this app compatible with the Apple Watch and the Apple health?
  • No Apple Health? 1/5

    By FreshBrandon
    I wish this app connected to Apple Health. :(
  • The lack of support of Apple Health 2/5

    By Shounen852
    Hi, I’ve only been wearing the sensor for a day and I’m already in love with it. I love how it shows me what my day has been like. My only criticism I that I cannot find any way that this integrates with the Apple Health App, my past glucometers all synced with Apple Health and I loved seeing my other health metrics along with it. I hope this gets fixed soon.
  • Updates needed 2/5

    By Jessica Allison
    I love being able to use my phone to take readings. That’s a huge step up. But the app itself leaves much to be desired. Such as: The ability to send the phone data to my Dr and not just a day at a time or a total summary. Like the “modal day report” from the auto assist software. She needs to see a summary of day to day information and she can’t get that unless I use the reader. Which defeats the purpose of having an app. The ability to calibrate if required. Everyone is different and different spots on the arm can also vary. We should be allowed to calibrate if necessary. With this sensor my readings are regularly 15-20pts lower than blood readings (with the 15 min delay and during stable periods). Syncing with apple’s health kit, Fitbit, myfitnesspal etc. When these apps work together to sync activity and carbs, life is easier. Just syncing would health kit would be enough to add activity levels and (more importantly) carbs eaten. Add this information twice on different apps is unnecessary and annoying. The ability to scroll over the line and see readings at any given point. The data is there so why I can’t I see it? These features would make the app more competitive with others for CGMs and glucose meters. I hope to see some updates soon.
  • Pairing sensor with a phone leaves no backup options 1/5

    By TemichC
    Ok, there is a note that pairing sensor with a phone prevents it from pairing with a reader or any other device. This is clearly a software issue that company is reluctant to fix. My phone went dead after 2 days of being paired to a sensor. According to technical support, I have no options but rip and throw away the sensor and starting a new one. They won’t send replacement sensor either. This should be fixed. Any device could fail, lost or stolen. The has to be an option to pair another device as with other medical devices!
  • Good start 3/5

    By Cmp1382
    For five stars add the following. - support for the apple heath app to use your app as a source for health data. - allow scans to be done with Apple Watch. It has the necessary nfc technology. -Set longer term reminders that are longer than on hr. 6 would be nice so we don’t loose data. - last improver sensor to hold 12 to 24 hours worth of data. Great app and good luck. Ps. Set up a way to share all data with drs office through internet connection so drs can monitor numbers more often with out a physical appointment.
  • Excellent 4/5

    By 19JMK
    When is the Android app going to be available so my husband can stop asking to us my IPhone
  • FIX THE APP!!! 1/5

    By Organkeysslider
    This is my third patch and the app keeps telling me to put in a new sensor. That 80$ wasted because this app wasn’t working! I am so upset right now! FIX THE APP!!!!!!
  • Serviceable app 4/5

    By pberry
    The on boarding system is nice. Certain fields would be better if they were optimized to use iOS features, like auto fill and strong password suggestion. The scanning parts works exactly as described. As others have already mentioned, Apple Health integration would be a great thing to add on next.
  • great tool! 4/5

    By deblockrol
    my fingertips thank you! is there a way to email stats to my dr? thanks again
  • First Responders? 3/5

    By tomJon527
    Could access to this app be given to EMT’s, Pararmedics, and other first responders so that users of the Libre system would not have to undergo a finger stick if they required medical care and did not have their scanner with them? This sounds like a very good system, but allowing First Responders the capability to access a person’s scanner would prevent unnecessary finger-sticks from patients that did not have their scanners with them. This would allow better and more rapid care for the diabetic patient.
  • Great app... Just wish it shared with LibreView 3/5

    By Hokie4Life98
    I like the app as I don't have to carry around my reader if I choose not to. I only wish it shared the data to the same online account I use with the reader (LibreView).
  • A quandary... 1/5

    Being a global traveler, I originally got my sensors from Asia. I have a US phone and I can’t use this US app because it won’t read the sensor and I can’t download the European version because it’s not available in the US.
  • Wow 5/5

    By Level 42
    I thought this technology was amazing when I first got it but now that I can use my phone and not carry a This makes you want to check your blood sugar more often and it connects directly to my doctors office. I don’t even need to take my meter to the doc.
  • Thanks 5/5

    By triby20
    I am a doctor. Whit DM type 2 is a excelente aplicación thanks
  • FreeStyle LibreLink - US 5/5

    By "Coach B"
    Excellent app, for the iPhone, to supplement the FreeStyle Libre Reader. I now have the liberty and freedom take my GS dog, Teva, for walks in the woods and know I am able to check my glucose. The app works great every time, therefore I do not need to have the reader with me, at all times. I recommend this app for all FreeStyle Libre users...
  • Ready to take care of myself 5/5

    By kitkstonethree
    Even though my insurance doesn’t pay for it I decided to try the freestyle libre paying for it myself. Being a relatively new diabetic type two I despise having to stick a lancet to my fingers;some days I just skipped checking. With this application I find myself checking time and time again to see how different foods and activity affect the reading; being able to make notes of how I feel, exercise done, etc motivates me to follow a plan and take care of myself. Alerts for highs and lows are really important, hopefully by next version they are incorporated. It is too much to ask for a scale that communicates with the app but having some space to note it and follow progress would be nice. Also on the wishlist: scan with the Apple watch, sharing feature available in other countries, and free chocolate for life!
  • Support in Ireland 3/5

    By Lorie500
    I was using it in Singapore and it was beautiful and concurrent. I recently moved to Ireland and I purchased the sensors from Ireland. Unfortunately, I tried to use the reader I bought from Singapore but it didn’t work.😒 Why do they have different devices forcing the patient to spend more money. I also downloaded the iPhone app and it didn’t work as well stating that it is not comparable.
  • A1C Dropped 5/5

    By sushilkalyani
    Thanks to this device and now the app I was able to drop my A1C from a 13 to 8 in 5 months. I love the ease of use and the fact it’s on my iPhone make it convenient.
  • sub par start 2/5

    By Unhappy J
    number of issues when compared to reader: 1) values read from the same sensor using the reader and phone app are different every time, even doing it back to back 2) 20-25% of the time app fails to read the sensor... no failures with reader... sometime takes 5 or 6 attempts to get a value 3) no way to export data ( csv/txt) like you can on desktop tool using reader... data is STUCK on phone 4) no way to generate reports ( PDF ) to share with Dr. 5) no way to share data with tablet except to email individual screen shots... so everything is stuck on a small phone screen 6) no way to set 1 and 2 hr reminders after eating like on reader... this a big one for working the meal plan 7) no way to add predefined custom comments ( e.g. start / end of exercise)
  • Great but 3/5

    By Edukristin1
    I love the break from finger sticks, the ease of checking my bg, the graph and the directional arrows. I don’t love that it doesn’t connect with Apple’s health app, or that the reading is anywhere from 1 to 30 points different from what I get with a finger stick.
  • Almost got it 3/5

    By Santoman
    Works good to read my blood sugar but I can’t find a way to output the data. I thought it would upload it to lib but does not appear to. How can I provide the data to my doctor??
  • Best thing so far for glucose monitoring 5/5

    I have been type 1 for 10 years and have to say that this app allows me freedom in ways I have not seen anywhere else so far. Instead of manually poking my finger for a blood reading, the scanning is painless, easy and allows notes for food, insulin, etc.. I have two constructive criticisms. The 12 hours that I am without reading during scanning makes me anxious. As funny as it sounds, I have come to love seeing the entire readings as it brings a new level of insight to managing my BS. So if there is a way to start syncing a new sensor 12 hours prior to the existing one expiring to have no gap in readings that would be great. The second suggestion is that I would love to see an Apple Watch app that displayed the BS reading when scanning. I have never used a dexcom or other continuous BS monitor as all of those are considered medical devices and is a different insurance deductible and is way too costly to obtain. The freestyle libre reader is great for me because it is considered a pharmacy benefit and is actually cheaper than buying a month worth of test strips for manual checking. Keep it up and keep innovating!
  • Love 5/5

    By Veeeveee23
    I’ve been waiting for this to come out for my iPhone! It’s been working well! But does anyone know if you can get your results on the Apple Watch?
  • Freestyle is awesome....except 1 thing! 5/5

    By TootsandKai
    We love this. Had the other brand Dxxxxm which had nothing but alarms. Hated it. This lets you choose. Only thing we’d like to see is to have one phone be able to scan 2 different people. Many families have more than one diabetic, as we do. It’d be nice for Mom to be able to carry less stuff around.
  • Love this! 5/5

    By J.McY
    I love the app and it works great. Now I don’t have to worry about taking the meter everywhere. I would like to know if there is an app in the works for the Apple Watch??
  • Nice, but lacks Healthkit 3/5

    By Bobby T.
    It's nice to be able to use my phone over carrying the meter. It doesn't integrate with Apple Healthkit though, which seems like an obvious oversight.
  • I love it 4/5

    By Tahawus64
    One thing missing is reporting blood sugar reading to Apple health so other apps can take advantage of the data. Are there plans for this? Also how can I exposer the data to my doctor? It seems the only sharing is an image.
  • Astonishingly perfect with one tiny request 4/5

    By bwalker123
    Ability to scan with Apple Watch. Other than that, perfect. I’m not kidding. I’ve used every technology out there, and this app ratcheted the Libre right into the stratosphere.
  • Life simplified 5/5

    By Gpete1
    I was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic at age 26. That was 35 years ago. I am an active elementary school teacher. I love to exercise and swim. Frequent testing in public, class, meetings, restaurants, social gatherings has always felt like a necessary evil. I love that I can “test” on the fly without missing a step in a busy life. I can also check as often as I like without budgeting strips. The sensor tells me not only where I am at the moment, but how long I’ve been there and which direction I’m heading. Huge for understanding the impact of glucose, insulin and activity on my body as everyone is unique. I love the mountain of information I can see at any moment and how easy it is to share with my doctor. The reader was just ok, awkward, not very responsive, hard to add/edit notes and who needs one more thing to carry? The app is SO much easier and who is ever more than inches from their phone? Love, love, love. Life changing.
  • Works well but can’t connect to web app 4/5

    By SwopeMike
    I’m hoping that you’re going to prove me wrong but I can’t seem to find anyway to upload my data like I can with the reader. It’s great as a backup reader but unless I get all the data uploaded to the cloud app I cannot easily report to my doctor like she wants. It’s great to be able to spot check if I forget or misplace the reader but some way to export to cloud would be great.
  • LibreLink no share in US 4/5

    By bello!!!1
    Looks & works good and even better to add information about units & Med’s The only down fall is you can’t share in US At this time...
  • Awesome!! 5/5

    By Pimp137
    Have been waiting for this to hit the US App Store since I got the Freestyle meter. I love the meter and LOVE this app! Just please add sharing to the US version soon 🙏
  • Love it 4/5

    By Anonymous11111111111111
    Love it but I would love it even more if it was on the Apple Watch too.
  • PHILIPP 5/5

    By Donahur
    I have been using this free style for the past two months an it has made a big difference in my life. Now I check my blood sugar ever 3 hours and it helps me out choosing my food I eat, also at night time all I have to do is place the sensor at my arm an get a reading boy that is how easy it is. I would advise any one that can get it please do it it will make your life much better.
  • Integration With Apple 4/5

    By Rex Rana
    Wonderful app and very accurate. It would rate 5 stars if there was integration with the Apple Health data as well. I recommend this app and the FreeStyle Libre system.
  • No health app 4/5

    By NHTDad
    App does not integrate with the Apple Health app. This feature is needed.
  • 14 day sensor but only 10 days with iPhone app 4/5

    By mfc02127
    I love this but the iPhone app only registers 10 days of my 14 day sensor. Is there another app?
  • Great and easy! 5/5

    By AlexisMontrell
    This app and machine is super easy to work I love it. I’ve been using the app and machine for a month now and I love the capability of your phone checkin your blood sugar. Just soo easy.
  • Nice app, but... 5/5

    By RobHamer13
    When will the iPhone app be able to download my data to my doctor at their office?
  • Needs to be more “open” 2/5

    By lewisge
    What I have noticed about Abbott’s approach (most especially with the new 14 day sensors) is that they view my data as THEIR data, not MY data. This app does not integrate with Apple HealthKit and there is no Apple Watch app with appropriate complications. It forces you to take several clicks to take a scan. Even though data is uploaded to the Libreview site, they have that so locked down that you can’t automate things (like through IFTTT or NightScout). It essentially makes the usability of this very limited. Other manufacturers don’t have their products so “locked down.”
  • Not supported in other countries 1/5

    By Pepejs
    When will the app be supported in Colombia?
  • Great ap, but needs to work better with voiceover 4/5

    By Crusher Cartwright
    I love this app and the ability to scan with my phone. However, many features of the app do not function properly with Voiceover. Since Visual impairment is a major complication of diabetes, it only makes sense the ap be fully functional with thiss feature. I really hope future updates will do a better job incorporating Voiceover compatibility.Crusher Cartwright
  • A fan 5/5

    By SurpriseMe!!!
    This app has been a game changer for me - as an atypical diabetic - helping me drop my A1C fro an 8 to a an 6.5 while reducing my insulin intake. To make a great product even better and as others have suggested - integrating with Apple Health would be very useful. I am an athlete so integrating my exercise/sleep/stress data would assist greatly in further controlling my diabetes. I would also suggest adding more info regarding interpreting the desktop reports. Nice work!

FreeStyle LibreLink - US app comments

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