Fresh Deck Poker – Live Holdem

Fresh Deck Poker – Live Holdem

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  • Current Version: 2.60.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Game Show Network
  • Compatibility: Android
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Fresh Deck Poker – Live Holdem App

Poker like you've never seen it before! If you love poker, you will LOVE Fresh Deck Poker! Come play the best free Texas Hold'em poker game with THOUSANDS of people online every day! Fresh Deck Poker has awesome sit-n-go tournaments and ring games. Our ultra realistic experience will make you feel like you are sitting at a table in Vegas. We're the ONLY cross platform poker game. Play on your iPhone and continue your SAME GAME on your iPad or iPod, on Facebook from your computer or from any mobile device! We are the FIRST free mobile poker game to have its Random Number Generator (RNG) certified by the same authority as the real money casino's! Play with 100% confidence that there's no B.S. going on. OTHER FEATURES INCLUDE: * The app features an exciting quests system called "Gigs". Completing daily and weekly challenges to collect tons of rewards. * The first app with Royal Hold'em. Featuring a 20 Card deck, faster play & bigger pots! * Millions of gorgeous, customizable avatars * Turbo speed No Limit Texas Hold'em Sit-n-Go’s * 5 handed Ring Game tables * Leaderboards: See how you stack up against other players. * Buddy Lists: Play with your friends - and track the fish! * Reel Poker Mini-Game gives FREE CHIPS daily! * Level Up to unlock: challenges, table environments, and special avatars. Play for FREE today! ...and don't forget to... Like Us on Facebook:

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Fresh Deck Poker – Live Holdem app reviews

  • Piece of crap game 1/5

    By cing910
    This game is so controlled by computer folllowing how you play and then burns you. When i started playing this game in 2013 it was a decent game but has since gone totally bad. I am at a 95 % being burnt now because the computer tracks your method of play. I have over 2400 tournaments games won. But. In the last year have only won a very few and have lost over 600 million Don’t bother with this game it a rip off and don’t believe those that say it not rigged because it is
  • Really nice but long waiting times 1/5

    By Duduamar
    The app is really nice and the UI is great, but often there are long waiting times (for 1M or 10M tournaments). It can even be couple of minutes, which can be very annoying. Aren’t there enough users using this app?
  • This game suks 5/5

    By alexiscox
    Crashes constantly. Endless log in required not to mention the ridiculous results of the poker games
  • Worst poker app 1/5

    By not a true poker players game
    This game is the most rigged of them all that I have played it is all setups and horrible bad beats, set up for rookies of the game to win on bad hands. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP IF YOU ARE A TRUE POKER PLAYER!!! Trust me!
  • Rigged 1/5

    By PorkeyPigIII
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By TARDIS 4
    My iPhone 6s recently had a catastrophic event which forced me into buying a new XR. When I restored my new iPhone from my backup, my account, which incidentally had over 178000000 chips didn’t transfer over. I have repeatedly emailed their support ( the - idle games and Zendesk apparently are no longer supported) to ask how to log into my old account but as of June I have received no reply SO, I STRONGLY URGE ALL USERS OF FRESHDECK POKER TO N O T BUY FREE CHIPS because YOU ARE AT RISK TO LOSE THEM
  • ‘Play Now’ button is EVIL ! 1/5

    By Nickname---BAH!
    Lost another 2 Million chips due to accidentally hitting the ‘Play Now’ button. If you haven’t heard, the ‘Play Now’ button is a huge button that is easily pressed by accident because it appears in the same location on the screen where you dismiss pop if you dismiss a popup and happen to touch the screen two times instead of once, it will immediately bring you to the highest stakes table possible and deduct the Big Blind — which is the cost of joining a table). The support people will not reimburse you because it appears as if you joined the table. THE ‘PLAY NOW’ BUTTON IS A SCAM DESIGNED TO LURE YOU INTO PRESSING THE BUTTON AND SITTING YOU DOWN AT A HIGH STAKES TABLE WHERE THEY AUTOMATICALLY DEDUCT 2M CHIPS! I have stopped playing this game since they refuse to fix the Play Now button and their support doesn’t believe you when you report legitimate problems (and their ‘history’ reports don’t provide accurate accounts of what happened).
  • Nasty 1/5

    By Duckster747
    Fun App to kill time. Like the avatars. To many ads. Watch bonus ad between Coke and Pepsi. Gave them name, address, email and phone number. Never received promised chips. Draws don't seem realistic. Back today, completed questions on five presidents. Did not get promised chips. Once shame on you, twice shame on me! Don't get sucked into to this ad machine, Than if you play to much without buying chips it just keeps on showing pop up add to buy and won’t let you play Update: just lost a pot with full house. It was high hand but app would not let me bet. Past over me twice in betting cycle. Happens about once an hour. Have new IPhone 10s+. I cannot get out of app unless I turn phone off! Pain.
  • Awesome poker game!! 5/5

    By Sparky1955
    Addicting and fun!
  • Lost hand 1/5

    By OCHS 2010
    Had a flush and all In was beat with 2 pair. Something not right
  • Disappointed with Fresh Deck! 1/5

    By JaguarOrchid
    Game goes black on my iPad Pro 2nd generation! Can’t see anything, yet I still go on playing grrrrr😒 I had to remove it.
  • So rigged! Not random at all! 1/5

    By Woodymd
    This is becoming the worst hold'em app - their algorithmns are so skewed and there is so much fishy play going on. Avoid if you are looking for anything realistic. Played for a long time but it is the worst lately. Not random at all by any means! It is impossible for some of the stuff happening lately! Played almost 60k hands so I have a reference on odds and I used to enjoy but something has changed and it is not just a bad run; something really fishy going on lately. They claim random but don't believe a word; they can change with a key stroke and they obviously have. Developer response is a joke. Not respectable plus why acquire this if you are truly on the up and up; plus it can be modified or switched at any time which they have obviously done. Don't believe a word from developer. It is extremely rigged!
  • Avoid 1/5

    By romeonjeans
    Rake turned excessive & there’s no way to see what the rake is. One game looked like they were taking close to 50% Definitely rigged. Game play is odd. If you’re willing to buy chips you’ll find yourself playing against people who can see your hole cards- been watching it for a while. After one purchase I had qq or better 5 times in a row. I’d get beat by odd hands or everyone would fold. I passed my thoughts onto them & got a generic response

    By bbtoonman
    Funny seeing how same player will win many times in a row. I used to love this game. Once in a while i will add back on my phone and play. Nothing has changed. It’s still rigged.
  • Just one suggestion 4/5

    By Anonymous 714
    Great app but wish you could stay and watch once you’re out of a game.
  • Fresh deck poker 2/5

    By 2635fAvre
    I’m not the emoji in the profile .and I bought 22.5 million chips recently. I want my chips back please.check your records. I want to play. But with the chips I already bought.
  • Texas Foldem 1/5

    By Adligfilpot
    Deleted this game. Happy I did. Why? The gameplay morphed, after a few weeks of play, into a situation where the hands you are dealt are continuously losers. I'm talking about 50 hands in a row where you aren't given a pair. Then, when you finally get a hand, no one else gets anything so they Re more than thrilled to fold or you are the recipient of bad beat on the river card. It's statistically impossible to play 100 different sessions where you get absolutely nothing every hand ongoing, continuous and forever. The only option... fold or lose. Well, that's no fun at all! I understand you want me to purchase chips, but why would I when the gameplay is like this? I'm out.
  • Impossible to advance 1/5

    By tuco blondie
    The hands that are dealt sometimes are impossible. I’ve have seen three 4 of a kind deals in one setting. The more chips you earn the higher level it takes you. If you try to go back to a lower level play 90% of the time it just takes you to an empty table. I played this for years because I like the avatar settings which make the table look realistic but in the end like all apps it’s just there to take your money.
  • I love this game!! 1/5

    By Kerri 7696
    I love this game but I cannot get them to give me back my chips for days after they delete all of them my profile and all of my friends! So sick and tired of this game that I may just tell all of my friends to find a new one to play with me. Oh that’s if I do get back online. Another words please help me get my chips back today!!!!!
  • Rigged 2/5

    By What nickname isn't used
    This game is so rigged it’s pathetic. When I started playing, the “game” let’s you win countless hands so you win lots of chips. After a few days, the hands you were winning before, are not so anymore. I had 4mil and in 2 days I’m down to 100k. It bumps you up in levels the first couple of days real fast. Then if you win a big pot they bump you up a level and with every level you get a gold coin. With those coins you can buy spins on a slot machine which is also rigged. Then, because they let you win, you can buy an avatar which are real interesting. After you loose your chips, then they entice you by putting messages about buying chips for a certain amount of money when you go out of a hand. It’s fun in the beginning, then goes downhill. I started this game on Feb.15, today Feb 17, I’m out of chips. You all can make your decision. It’s very dishonest. This game needs lots of improvements.
  • Rigged 1/5

    By My fun app
    The only true winners are regular chip buyers...Period...Just play small and have fun. The same players Seem to pull the best hand. If you have straight they will have flush, if you have flush they get a full house, you have full house they get four of a kind. When you look they all have a billion chips. This is a rigged site. You will find out how true this is...😂😰😥😓🥵😪🤧🤮
  • Trash 1/5

    By StormRage23
    Card assortment is so rigged. This games trash.
  • Don’t waste your time App 1/5

    By Swahhealy
    Game is clearly out to get you. One sided games for one player at the table. If you lose a couple games in a row, leave until the next day. They clearly target players each day. If you like to lose this is the game for you.
  • Very donk friendly 2/5

    By Homebruer
    Very favorable to bad players sucking out to the river with bad cards. I dont care what claims these guys make about it either. Every update claims to fix bugs but i couldnt even access the royal poker feature in December.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By soa88yj
    After the update it keeps crashing
  • Fun game, bad IT crummy server 2/5

    By Sasbe276
    The game freezes up and your screen goes black very often. Bad server? Frustrating when you’re ready to play, log on, wait for a table and BAM, the screen goes black. The game keeps you logged on, but you can’t see the players or table. Often you will finish 2nd, even though you haven’t played a hand! Contacted support, quick response as in the past, was told to clear the cache/cookies. No joy.
  • Question 3/5

    By cdwrst
    When are you going to make it full screen for the iPhone X?
  • Awful game. 1/5

    By 1marcf100
    This could be the worst one out here. You are never playing against anyone. All the seats besides yours are bots. No table has more than just you at the table. The rest, 4 or 8 seats are filled by a banker bot, a feeder bot and two player bits. Banker bot Willi always have largest bankroll at the table. BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE.
  • Unreliable 3/5

    By timmer88
    Crashes often at start of game.
  • SO WRONG 2/5

    By Charley Reno
    This is the second time I’ve worked my way up to the 80’s and got busted down to starting over, inside of a two hour period. Don’t know the reason, but it is very frustrating. Outside of that, the game is one of the better poker game apps in the entire store.
  • Rigged 1/5

    By Shayne19736578
    Game is so rigged. Couldn’t begin to say how many hands I’ve lost with full houses, straights, 3 of kind. Been a long time player but I can’t take it any longer, this customer is done!!
  • Tell all your friends and family about Fresh Deck Poker 5/5

    By winter days love
    100% Best game out there!!!!!!
  • Average 4/5

    By Jtteddybear
    This game steals chips and doesn't always give you the daily bonus, but it is JUST A GAME. Most of the time it is quite enjoyable with different game options.
  • Problem 4/5

    By hrqxctnkp
    I have to restart my phone after I get the daily reward or the screen stays black
  • It’s getting annoying. 1/5

    By Critter68
    This game is so rigged. There in now way in the real world I would be dealt a (3-Queen) 4 times in a row. Time to find the algorithm. Too many pop ups the minute you open the app. If you play sit-n-go, leave the app, then go back later even after closing the app out, it takes you back to the last game you played...annoying. Been cheated numerous times on the hourly bonus. If you hit join a game it automatically takes you to the highest stakes table you can afford so you jump right into a game and lose your ante...which amount to cheating. There is no “call any” button. I could go on and’s getting annoying.
  • Seems to lose 1/5

    By Goose231626
    Seems to lose how many chips you had very often 3 times in the last month I lost all my chips by switching tables for some reason. You don’t have the option to restore purchases so I wouldnt waste my money on this game anymore
  • Won’t open 5/5

    By Fast $
    Why won’t the game open to me? I’m at level 137 and the game won’t open please help.
  • Latest version09052018 1/5

    By nrhbrussow
    Newest version is BUGGY! Gig is gone!? Screen on iPad goes black when entering table! Clean out old reviews! [Now you have robbed all the players that update of our money, gold, friends, accomplishments! Everybody gets a fresh start.. SOCIALISM!The "tons" of changes must be what broke everybody!!! I was restored BUT it looks like the SAME update! WHY didn't you make a NEW version so it can be trusted!]
  • Fresh 3/5

    By The Koganator
    It’s a great poker app but it’s not optimized for iPhone X which is frustrating
  • Rigged 1/5

    By mrasig04
    This game is a totally rigged game, I don’t mind bad beats but this is ridiculous. Always trap hands & when you try to play real poker and fold the J 2 off suit what comes up on the board are all J’s & 2’s. Not to mention as soon as you fold here comes your card you needed to make your hand.
  • Fun game, not happy with support 2/5

    By FitzPicz
    I’ve played Fresh Deck for 5 years, and I’ve enjoyed it a lot. That said, i had about 35 million in chips vanish from my account, so I contacted support. They said there was no record of any issues, and therefore nothing they could do. Clearly this isn’t the first time someone has complained about this sort of issue. I don’t know what happened, but after 5 years of being a good customer, I would expect them to make it right, they didn’t.
  • fresh deck 1/5

    By zona i pad
    your app is defective ,all it does is continue loading,.fix it
  • Screwed again 1/5

    By JMAC47
    When I’m sitting out I got 5 blue marks. As soon as I start playing, usually with a good hand they turn yellow then red and I am timed out. Most frustrating game ever!
  • Just like all the rest !!!! 2/5

    By Try to not be so greedy
    Like all the rest if you’ve played with cards ,you know that two players hardly ever get the same cards “different suits “ of course but in a sit n go it happens so much on these sites it’s laughable !!! And these sites are predictable I play the site as much as the players. If they really want a popular site use RAMDOM DEALING !!!!!!! Fair to all players new and old not favoring the new players or people who spend money !! I truly believe if they went the route of random dealing more players would play on this kind of site but this won’t happen because of the GREED OF THESE SITES!!!
  • Great game 4/5

    By Schlac1
    Plays a little fast, so pay attention.
  • Pure Crap 1/5

    By GolfNut666
    I just flopped a straight against a big bettor and after slow playing my hand on the turn I tried to go all in and I got the spinning wheel of death. Kicked me out of the game. What crap! I just went back to the game and somehow am missing over 3M! What a ripoff!
  • Johnny 5/5

    By Pays2bcrazy
    Great game
  • Don’t bother. Trash af 1/5

    By Anonymous3.0
    If you wanna get called by a bunch of brain dead morons with 9-3 off suit and watch this game reward them with 567 on the flop and 8 on the turn, then this app is for you. Straights happen every 6 hands, usually with 4 connected cards on the table. The best hand always gets f’d on the river. Again, only for brain dead morons. Don’t bother with this game. It’s so trash.
  • Loading of game after update 3/5

    By Roobert909
    Well, game is good however after the mandatory update for iPhone, game doesn’t load up. Been trying to play for several days and it tries to connect but it closes up. Giving it up at this point.

Fresh Deck Poker – Live Holdem app comments

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