Freshly - chef prepared meals

Freshly - chef prepared meals

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Freshly - chef prepared meals App

Freshly is a weekly subscription meal service that delivers fresh (never frozen) prepared meals, developed by our team of chefs and nutritionists. Each meal is ready to eat in only 3 minutes—they’re fully cooked so all you have to do is heat ‘em up. Now you can manage everything related to your Freshly subscription right in the app. • Update your upcoming deliveries or skip a week in seconds. • Browse meals, choose your menu, and see what’s new. • Dig into everything you need to know about a meal—ingredients, nutrition, and what makes it tasty. • Easily log your daily nutritional info with Apple Health. • Set your dietary preferences. • Quickly contact our customer care team via live chat, email, or phone. About Freshly: We started Freshly because we believe eating fresh, nutritious dishes every day should be easy for everyone. So we do all the hard work for you—sourcing high-quality ingredients, making sure each meal you eat is nutrient dense and packed with the good stuff, and expertly cooking your food to order so it tastes fresh and delicious. No shopping, chopping, cleanup, or worrying about what’s for dinner. And with Freshly meals, you get to say no to artificial ingredients, preservatives, gluten, and refined sugars.

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Freshly - chef prepared meals app reviews

  • Breakfast 4/5

    By Myklreed
    Great app. Great variety. Only issue is breakfast is gone :(
  • Would’ve kept on w/ the service but... 4/5

    By anela_26
    I have enjoyed my subscription to Freshly; it makes having to eat for the week so much easier. I love the idea behind this!!! I’m not sure i will be continuing though due to the delivery service they work with —- LASERSHIP. I live in an apartment building, and they never bother “delivering” it to my door. They have one job, to deliver! It’s a little irritating. It’s not the lightest box for me to carry EVERY WEEK. Also my last delivery today, looked a mess - like they were squished. So yeah, it was nice while it lasted.
  • The best meal delivery around. 5/5

    By CarolTober
    All of the food is healthy. I’m losing weight and it’s not a weight lose program. It’s so easy! The servings are very generous. Sometimes I save 1/2 for lunch. I love the app to rate the meals so I know what I liked and what I loved. It’s better than the meal delivery programs that you have to cook. So much easier. I also love how you can select what ingredients you don’t want in you meals. For example: if you don’t want dairy it will filter those meals out so easier to choose your meals. Also it’s very reasonably priced and your not cooking! Love Freshly!
  • Love this company 5/5

    By PCnever
    Good food, great customer service and at a reasonable price!
  • Very convenient but...... 5/5

    By JBrad#1
    Would like to see more food lower in carbs. Overall I would recommend! Great for a busy lifestyle.
  • I’m amazed! 5/5

    By MWilliams132
    This delivery food service has exceeded my expectations! Each meal has tasted great and offered really good nutrition. Getting home with little free time, having a truly good meal to pop in the microwave and enjoy is perfect. The proteins are wonderful but it’s the sides that have surprised me - never mushy or bland. I’ve tried 4 other food services was disappointed. Not this time. I highly recommend Freshly!
  • Good stuff 5/5

    By graciegirlss
    So far so good except for my mistake with last order. I thot I had successfully changed my weekly menu choices but not. Oh well, it cud be worse if the repeating choices weren’t tasty. In fact, all of the 12 choices I’ve made were excellent. I’ve recommended freshly to a friend going thru chemo. Such a bummer but this will not only make her life a little easier but there’s a healthy bonus to these flavorful meals.
  • Meals with Flavor 3/5

    By 63Janeen
    I like about 50% of the meals so far. My food arrives and feels/looks frozen or frozen and defrosted. I realize with a delivery food service, it’s difficult to deliver fresh food but so far, this is not “Freshly”.
  • Delicious 5/5

    By SoCalMarMar
    Every meal my family has tried has been delicious and prepared perfectly. Eating one of the meals for dinner gives me the peace of mind that I’m supplying my body with the healthy nutrients it needs. I look forward to dinner time and putting one of the meals in the microwave then sitting down to another wonderful Freshly creation.
  • Holy Sodium 3/5

    By heart watch
    So good but sodium is SHOCKINGLY high for some dishes.
  • Yummy! 5/5

    By forthrluvofme
    Saves my days as I heal from surgery!
  • Simply Amazing 5/5

    By Wilson Mayo
    I started using Freshly because I wanted a way to get fresh food without the food prep nightmare. I work ALOT and do not have much time to cook. I was a little apprehensive regarding the trays as they were delivered, but WOW! The taste is amazing. This company takes their time in preparation, and it shows in the final product. If I had one complaint: portion size. Please make them a tad larger for those of us who aren’t on some stringent diet. While I am worried about weight gain, I need a bit more to be satisfied. Thank you for all you do, and I will be a continuing costumer...
  • I love Freshly 5/5

    By Charham60
    I have found several meals that I love, some not so much, but the cool thing is I can change my meals every week, if I want to or let Freshly do it for me. It is easy and so convenient. I think it is so worth the money not to have to think about dinner and still get a nutritious meal every night!
  • Mostly Like It 3/5

    By Homedog7
    I generally find this app very functional, but I would like a few improvements. I like that I can rate meals but would like to be able to add comments for future reference and to provide feedback on the meal to Freshly. For example, I had a meal that was generally good but had way too many peas for my taste. I would also like my ratings tied back to the menu so when I am selecting future meals I can see how I rated it previously. I find it inconvenient to select meals and then have to go back to see how I rated meals I previously had delivered.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Jan in Charlotte
    I was skeptical of this service at first, but I am a convert! The box is big, but you can break it down and recycle most of it. Food is great, I have been very pleased with the quality; and it’s super quick to heat up. The app is really easy to navigate, and you can basically change your stuff up on the fly. It also allows you to skip weeks, which is nice if you are going on vacation or something. Really good experience!
  • Yummy 5/5

    By Kathleen Ertel 1959
    Very tasty meals! Have liked all I have tried so far. Would highly recommend!
  • Tasty! 5/5

    By Tigerh84
    The meals are great and big enough for two.
  • ❤️ Freshly 5/5

    By nana2bjmkb
    I am a single Grandma working 50plus hours per week. Having these meals ready to eat when I get home from work has changed my life in many ways! I eat a HEALTHY, great tasting dinner every night with zero effort on my part! The portion is perfect, perfectly filling for me! I have time to exercise again! I am very pleased with your meals, trying foods I have never heard of before!!
  • Freshly Review 2/5

    By ezprep
    The food, though so convenient, is not good tasting. All chicken is dried out & often, tough. We think the salmon is awful & we love salmon. Why not make a grilled salmon with a dill sauce on the side? Your beef chili, of which I will eat, always gives me a diarrhea. Never once have we said, “This is good.” As close as we get is, “OK, I can deal with this.” Your risotto is like a paste. The frozen “Lite” dinners sold in supermarkets taste better than any meal we’ve had from you. I hate being negative, but complete honesty, I’m sure, is what you need.
  • Expectations surpassed 5/5

    By SammiK805
    If work in a crazy busy 911 system... some days I haven’t been able to find enough time to get any food through out an entire shift... if you have a busy work week and value healthy food.. freshly is for you!! it’s hard eating healthy but they make it so easy and convenient!! I’m not spending a fortune on eating out.. and wasting money on groceries that end up going bad because I’m too tired to cook after work.. Delicious high quality meals.. great eco friendly packaging, keeps the food nice and cold! Even if left out for most of the day! I have been adventuring out on the menu.. trying the seafood options.. all very fresh and delicious! Also lots of variation on the which is great! Highly recommend!
  • Limited delivery capacity 1/5

    By Customer of over a year
    The food is great but they can be inconsistent with their deliveries. All of a sudden on an order that’s not scheduled for several weeks they won’t have availability for the day of the week you have scheduled or several other days this week. They will also cancel your order with out telling you and send out shipping confirmations so you don’t know you won’t be getting your weekly order until you were already expecting to have your food.-they responded to my rating and told me to contact customer support which I already had. All they did was tell me that they couldn’t deliver it later that week and I’d have to wait until the next week. Support is friendly but ultimately they don’t do anything but apologize
  • Poor customer service 2/5

    By Kimmberlyann
    I decided to try freshly because I have a super busy lifestyle with lots of work and kids. Figured freshly would be perfect for that! First week was fine I got my meals on time, great. Second week my delivery date comes and goes and my food never arrived. I reached out and they apologized and said I wouldn’t be getting that weeks food. Are you kidding me? No email prior or nothing as if I wouldn’t even notice? Then they said they refunded me (as they should) and gave me a $20 credit. Thanks? Now I have no food for the next couple days cause of my work schedule I won’t be able to cook meals. Had you guys sent out an email prior I would’ve been able to prepare my own meals (inconvenient which is why I’m ordering from you guys) but still. I order hello fresh for our nanny to cook for three kids and have never had this kind of issue with them. I will be cancelling my subscription because who knows if this will happen next week without notice.
  • Freshly ROCKS 5/5

    By juniemeskey
    Started Freshly a little over a month ago, kitchen is being remodeled, and just have a microwave. I was nervous at first that it would taste like a Swanson frozen meal, well I was wrong!!!! Thank goodness. The meals taste fresh, yummy, and never remind me of a frozen meal. I highly recommend to all.
  • Cancel one of my shipments 3/5

    By Portis05
    Although I’m happy with the food, I am extremely disappointed with the delivery service. I depend on my meals and it’s a big inconvenience when they cancel a weeks of food and you’re relaying on it. Please fix this so that in the near feature you’re not inconveniences your customers.
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By Msc8093
    So far of my five scheduled deliveries, two have been on time, one has been late and two never arrived at all. My food, when I get it, has been excellent but it’s incredibly frustrating to not be able to count on my meals arriving. Of the three mishaps they have blamed the shipping service twice and then most recently didn’t even bother to come up with an excuse.
  • Basically airline food delivered to your door 2/5

    By Awsme_sce2016
    Portions size, calories, and ability to select meals based on nutrient density are nice. Quality is basically that of airline food. Just not sure if the convenience of a quick meal outweighs the low quality. Meat tends to be mushy and vegetables without flavor. Not worth the price.
  • Good 5/5

    By dddsxctin
    There are more vegetarian options which I’m very happy about
  • Works well 4/5

    By Vin Pelly
    The app works really well but I am hoping for some added functionality in the future. Hopefully you can sort by macros in the future. I would be great if you Could sort meals by lowest grams of carbs or highest calories etc.
  • Review 5/5

    By foodie wannabee
    The meals are not as pictured in the promotions, but they are tasty. I supplement some with veggies to get the balance of food groups I’m interested in. Customer service is top notch.
  • Hooked!!! 5/5

    By Andy1533
    Not only are the meals delicious and full of flavor, the customer service is always on point, friendly, helpful and ready to fix any problem that arises. My boyfriend works in the food industry and is what I call a “food snob”...well he gives Freshly 2 thumbs up so that’s saying A LOT!! We love it!
  • Canceled 1/5

    By tdeezie92
    I’m hoping that this is a one time issue but I had all of the meals ordered several days in advance and then I get an email the day before they are supposed to be delivered saying that they ran into a problem and won’t be able to deliver the meals so they canceled the order. Then I get an email saying the order shipped and checked the app again and it still says canceled.
  • Enjoying Freshly 5/5

    By alpal4569
    I’m glad to have six meals a week that I don’t have to plan or worry about. They are healthy, delicious and VERY convenient!
  • The good does not outway the bad 1/5

    By ThomSAT
    While I enjoyed the food and the ease of having pre-made meals delivered, this did not outweigh the cons that occurred from my first delivery. My first delivery included 5 of the 6 meals that I had paid for. Customer service was great in apologizing and giving me an in-store credit immediately and guaranteed me that issues like these were very rare, so I decided to try again. The second week, I was informed a day before my delivery was scheduled that I would not have a delivery this week. Which was a major inconvenience due to the fact that meal planning and prepping for the week had already been completed. The store did indeed give me another in-store credit and a refund, but my previous in-store credit was erased. I had gone against my better judgement to try Freshly after reading numerous reviews expressing similar concerns with delivery as mine. I love the idea of the service and the food itself, but if the meals are unable to be consistently delivered as ordered than it is not a reliable service and causes more of an inconvenience than anything else.
  • Consistently missed delivery 1/5

    By Deeso
    Freshly is a good idea at an ok price point; however, there’s several issues that makes this less of a desired meal prep option: 1) Missed deliveries: signed up for a little over a month, to received weekly deliveries. Only received two or three orders, about have. Company sends these shipping updates of orders shipped, only to be informed well after delivery date that the order would not arrive. 2) Nearly every single meal has dairy 3) lots and lots and lots of packaging materials. Cognitive dissonance is mad real. 4) Meals are not all the great.
  • Paella is my favorite 5/5

    By f attendant
    Please bring it back⭐️🤣⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Impressed 5/5

    By Jimp.
    Most importantly, the food is really good. I was skeptical but have tried a few different meals now and am genuinely impressed. Delivery was on time, packaged neatly and professionally, and everything was fresh. App is easy to use - can select your meals, skip a week/delivery, or turn off your sub. Pricing is fair. Would easily recommend to someone who doesn’t want to cook or just has a busy schedule.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By libinaz
    As a single adult, this has worked out perfectly for me. I order six dinners a week and have enjoyed every one of them.
  • I won’t do it again 1/5

    By Bankersagnt
    Got my first one and I have to say it was not impressive at all. The peppercorn beef was so tuff I could barely chew it, the veggies were processed in a way that I felt like I was eating at Libby’s or in a hospital. Service is great but I’d rather go back to Hello Fresh and cook my own food than to eat this crap. I have 3 more meals that I’m glad to give away if anyone wants them.
  • Excellent food. Excellent service 5/5

    By MIJohnson89
    Decided on a whim to make things easier on myself meal-prep wise and try a food service. The meals have been filling, but also modest proportions. It tastes great and has unique options for a variety menus so I’m not eating the same meals every day for a week straight. Compared to what I spend on food already - and again desiring variety- this has been a great value to me. 10/10 would recommend.
  • Such a time saver! 5/5

    By LHeuey
    We have really liked using Freshly. So refreshing not to have to chop all evening. So far we are very satisfied with the freshness, quality and taste.
  • Freshly review 4/5

    By char*17
    Single dad always working. Meals are delish well made and packed very well. App easy to use and adjust. Bit pricey but if your unwilling to cook and like to eat fresh tasty and healthy this is a great service.
  • Never received shipment 1/5

    By WitchDoctor1
    Never received shipment. They only have chat for customer support. I never get a response.
  • Super Convenient but flavor just ok 3/5

    By cj01033
    Not having to prep dinners and clean up after keeps us coming back each week, but overall, we have found meals to be just ok flavor wise.
  • Great taste. Great convenience 5/5

    By iambslater
    As a business owner I am always on the move or working on new projects. This system works perfect for me and my lifestyle.
  • Ahhhh-mazing 5/5

    By Jcrl1111
    I am a full time working mom who is training for triathlon season. Also While managing taking kids to sports etc. This is only my second week of using Freshly and I am amazed of how delicious the food is. My favorite so far has been the buffalo chicken, peppercorn steak and Shrimp Paella. The convenience is a life saver. I’m amazed at how long the food stays fresh. Thank you Freshly!
  • Great food 3/5

    By theprincessfromtulsa
    Just a bit inflexible/don’t remind you enough for reorders. Like them—just a little better niticecand timing could be more helpful.
  • Freshly 5/5

    By jamminincov
    Fresh cooked meals that are good and prevent junk eating.
  • Best life hack since slice bread 5/5

    By pablco
  • Terrible food 1/5

    By amanante
    Everything is very well-thought-out: the packaging, the marketing, the advertisement, the design, the great customer service, the app, the timing, even the cute little tip on the box saying “I look great on a plate”... ... except for the main important thing: FOOD. It was so poorly done, I will never believe they hired real chefs to cook it. Tasted like cheap frozen food sold in a dollar store. I think they paid too much attention to things of secondary importance and completely forgot to take care of the main product. Without good food, all this cute masquerade means NOTHING.

Freshly - chef prepared meals app comments

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