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Frontier Airlines

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  • Current Version: 1.14.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Frontier Airlines App

Frontier’s mobile app makes traveling easier than ever before! Wanna skip the lines? Use our mobile boarding pass and go straight to the security checkpoint. Need to add a bag or select your seat? This app makes it easy. Now you can add you bag or seat after you make your initial booking and even after checking in. On the go, but need to book a flight? Shop our low, low fares here. Want a stretch seat, a checked and/or a carry-on bag? THE WORKS makes them available at one low price which includes refundability and no change fees. Wanna’ know the status of your flight? Get up-to-the-minute flight information here. Features: · Mobile Boarding Pass · Mobile Check In · Book a Flight · Check Flight Status · Interactive Route Map · …and much more!

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Frontier Airlines app reviews

  • $100 for carry-on bag 1/5

    By Sharp Stick
    Don’t be fooled by low prices. They will nickle and dime you. You cannot check in through the app without making more purchases. Terrible company.
  • Miles 4/5

    By Cres$
    Crazy to have 30,000 miles and not be able to use them because I don’t have 40,000
  • Deselect not available 2/5

    By Deanjoon
    Website does not allow deselection of checked bag once selected.
  • Frustrating! 3/5

    By MsSunnieK
    Frustrating! App kept saying error. When I finally got to book a few hours later (same day), prices increased each way by $10. That made our flight $40 more for the two of us because of a glitch. Doesn’t seem right. I wanted one person to get the bundle and the other person to do seat selection only but it wouldn’t let me do that so we did what we wanted ala carte. Being nickled and dimed is not very pleasant. As for the flights, very happy with having a direct flight round trip with decent choices.
  • Paying for a carry on 3/5

    By Be_Brezzy
    I use to fly 3-4 times a year before COVID. This is my first flight dove the pandemic. I am amazed that I need to pay for a carry on. What is going on❓
  • Phoenix to Colorado spring 5/5

    Thanks chava
  • The Worst Airline 1/5

    By Tonya Denise
    I will never fly Frontier again. They assisted in me missing my flight on 813/22 and did nothing They have the worst customer service!!!
  • Horrible Service 1/5

    By This is a big mistake
    I have been trying to a make a reservation with no success. The price keeps jumping around. The website kept giving an error. The price has doubled with the last 25 mins I've been on hold. No one ever came to the phone or chat.
  • App 4/5

    By frontier passenger
    The app is very glitchy. It gets the job done but it could be updated
  • Frontier is terrible and lack human compassion 1/5

    By tanise neu
    I bought flights months ago for this week with Frontier just to fly from Denver-Cleveland in order to visit family I haven’t seen pre-Covid. I ended up having emergency surgery over the weekend and my surgeons told me I was unable to travel for the next week. I tried to call frontier and let them know I was an emergent state and needed to change my flights for the following week. I talked to two different costumer service representatives and they let me know there was NOTHING they could do for my rare and emergent circumstances and I could pay $200 to change my flight or pay $100 to cancel, which I obviously don’t have to the month for (hence the emergent surgery on top of flights I already purchased). On top of it each time I requested to speak with a manager I was rudely hung up on. No matter what your career is a think a little human care and compassion, is never too much to ask for. Frontier has lost my business for a lifetime.
  • Worse airline ever delayed most time rude customer service 1/5

    By gulbakhar1
    Worse airline ever delayed most times rude customer service
  • Reliable 5/5

    By jayjaybbc
    This app is easy to use and very reliable
  • Warning: Boarding pass isn’t saved locally. 1/5

    By Jonathan.Baird
    Unlike every other flight app in existence, Frontier doesn’t cache the boarding pass to your device. You lose access when offline. Take a screenshot of your pass before you arrive to the airport, because Frontier operates as low budget and low tech as possible.
  • Needs improvement 1/5

    By WHOF2014
    Not very user friendly
  • Lost Baggage 1/5

    By Grevall_19
    It’s my first time to fly thru Frontier. I paid for my Carry On and Check In Baggage to and from Canada. I’m dissatisfied with the service to say the least as I lost my Check In Baggage from San Francisco to San Antonio. I informed the Frontier Counter staff in SFO that I have a long layover in Las Vegas. He said that the baggage will be in San Antonio. I saw him tagged it accordingly and he gave me the claim tag. What’s frustrating is how the Frontier ground crew when I arrived on Aug. 8 doesn’t show concern regarding your compliant. Thank you Frontier, you have lost a customer.
  • Mobile boarding pass: “Failed to connect” 2/5

    Please fix this persistent error: “Failed to connect to the server and we're unable to continue. Any changes made will be lost. E2B9FBBO-3BF0-4ADF-9A44-3FDF- B53EC03E”
  • Terrible updates, hard to navigate 2/5

    By OhForgoodness sake
    App says flights on time when they are delayed by hours, doesn’t seem to update any flight status and does not send alerts. Text and email communicated delays. Oddly, hard to navigate to purchase extras
  • Overall below average experience 1/5

    By COO Bohemian Blush Company
    I’ll keep this short. You’re better off paying a few extra bucks for another airline. I say a few extra bucks because by the time you’re done buying a carry on or checked bag you could have bought an American or southwest flight and just had it all done for you. App is trash loads like it’s DSL and isn’t user friendly. Don’t be a cheapskate, you’ll regret it every step of the way. I know I did.
  • Well Done App - But Has no way to review 3/5

    By JimR17
    Decent flight app - works well overall but no easy to review flight details right before you hit pay. Additionally pushes options in a way that is confusing if you purchased some but not others. Should be able to say no once!
  • Limited 2/5

    By caad963cm
    Does not have my trips in profile need booking number. Cannot provide flight status for flight which was delayed and available on Frontier website. Limited compared to Delta or American App.
  • Worst airline. 1/5

    By fr00tbat
    Walk. You would get there faster and happier. North Korea airlines are probably much better.
  • Poor Quality Airline 1/5

    By liamkinn10
    Flight was cancelled 4 hours before boarding time. After being delayed a month in advance. Terrible service and terrible customer service.
  • Rip off 1/5

    By fyou7654
    App fine. It’s the outrages prices on baggage and even lowering the weight limit And now also charging to get a boarding pass using an agent.
  • Slow 2/5

    By 420toketoketoke
    The app is so slow.
  • Slow as [email protected]$! 1/5

    By cddhhtfg
    So slow
  • shouldn’t need this app 1/5

    By ansjeeiinxnfiei
    i was forced to download this app just to add a boarding pass to wallet, something every other airline can do from the browser
  • Flight 117- 1/5

    By unhappywfrontier
    The flight has arrived in Orlando we have been waiting over one hour since arrival and no luggage yet -Clearly they do not care about the customer

    By 1cme
    Horrible customer service. Delayed flights without any notification. No apologies or anything. Won't compliment refunds or voucher. Seats very uncomfortable. Ala carte pricing is ridiculous! Customer service agents at counter are rude and unfriendly!
  • Erivin Serrano 1/5

    By ervintheperv69
    The service was terrible l am ervdisabled and they lost my walker which l need to get around no one called me back to help me out with my problem
  • Charges for everything 3/5

    By Goatslave
    You guys charge for everything! :(
  • Sharon Hallman! 5/5

    By Sharon Beth
    Easy boarding, Friendly employees!
  • Login is pathetic on the iPhone 1/5

    By Rizzink
    This is the worst airline app on any platform. It's always glitchy. You have to log on twice to get to your account. I don't understand why facial recognition doesn't work on this app. The amazing part of this app is that it's updated almost 2 -3 times a month and still doesn't work properly. I can't be the only one having these issues.
  • 🥰 5/5

    By Mommygirls136
    Thanks Frontier to make my trips possible also the tip prices and the quality !
  • Slow and too many upsell roadblocks 2/5

    By Midgebrooklyn
    I bought a checked bag at the same time as my ticket. But now I’m being bombarded with emails to sell me more bags, seating, etc, and just trying to get my boarding pass I’m stopped at every step for another upsell. Annoying!!! And the app is slow or times out frequently in addition to this!
  • Plane diverted/ no voucher 1/5

    By bbecker0428
    Flight from Fort Myers to Cleveland.. rain/storms in Cleveland and gas running low- Diverted to Cincinnati- staff knew nothing- “good luck- the hotel is across the street” - no food vouchers / no hotel vouchers. Told us we would be put on a plane the following day . Plane is now running 2 hours late, Staff means well but is not knowledgeable or helpful.. we will attempt to go higher to get compensated.. I have very little faith in Frontier wanting to help or take care of the travelers
  • Horrible experience 1/5

    By f-ing bad 1st impression
    This is the most confusing web app I have ever used. Also from my computer laptop could not complete payment information and had to book my flight from my phone.
  • 99% sure these good reviews are fake 1/5

    By Frequent Biz Traveler
    This app is terrible. It crashes frequently and is very slow when it works. I travel frequently for work and pleasure so I have experience with other airline apps. This one is among the worst. I’ve heard the same feedback from other frequent fliers.
  • 👌 5/5

    By healthyspot
    Veru convinient and easy to use !
  • Lousy Website 2/5

    By Zoopolly
    Why is it, no matter what the trip or when I need to check in, I always have to deal with the same old issues of a not recognized password or easy process to check in?! ALWAYS frustrating’
  • Fees fees fees 1/5

    By BlackKingNYC
    Next they’re going to charge you too breathe on the aircraft.
  • Whose dog made this app 1/5

    By Kyle Gohr
    Whoever let their dog use their computer and make an app for an international airline needs to be fired.
  • Gate change with no alert 1/5

    By karlaO02
    Would have been nice to know of a last min gate change on the app. Was in Orlando tsa line for 2 hrs. This took so long. And was already going to make it to gate with only 20 mins to spare. Briskly walked to gate 11 per app and the doors were closed. Not staff at gate. Was waiting at gate for a few mins with no help from staff. I asked a frontiers employee why the doors at gate 11 were closed 20 mins before flight. She stated to just go stand by the closed gate doors and someone will help u. Very dismissive. I waited and waited. No one came out. Then looked on the screen at the gate and in very small print on bottom of screen was a ticker scroll and it said “ flight 1139 moved to gate 23” They moved to a different gate!!!!!!! There was no staff at the gate to inform of the change!!! Had to run across from gate 11 to 23! Ran! And made it just as they were closing the door. As I am sitting on plane in gate 23 app still says gate 11. Get it together Frontier
  • Can’t read 4/5

    By ishman912
    Just to have a little boulder so I can read all the letters what is a very light other than that everything’s OK
  • Too many up charges 1/5

    By Prettyme85
    You have to pay for everything, even customers service.
  • Slow app 1/5

    By Junebaby28951604
    The app itself has great potential but is incredibly incredibly slow. Take a screen shot of your boarding pass bc it’s not going to load in a timely manner. Additionally, the app does NOT tell you if there has been a delay until way later & does not change what time the delay is until. Literally have no idea what time I’m getting in. It’s fine, but like ….
  • Useless app 1/5

    By exracer
    This app is completely useless-it doesn’t let you do things like real airline’s apps do.
  • Keep logging out 1/5

    By Elliot Song
    The app keeps logging me out. It also didn’t support adding my booking to the calendar. Worse airline with worse app.
  • App review 1/5

    By Northanh
    It slow and they charge you for carry on like Crazy prices.. should have stay with Southwest no baggage fees
  • Too much push for extras! 2/5

    By Bellsnbooks
    Way to much push for extras! It’s frustrating and to the extreme. It makes it hard to navigate what is necessary.

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