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Frontier Airlines App

Frontier’s mobile app makes traveling easier than ever before! Wanna skip the lines? Use our mobile boarding pass and go straight to the security checkpoint. Need to add a bag or select your seat? This app makes it easy. Now you can add you bag or seat after you make your initial booking and even after checking in. On the go, but need to book a flight? Shop our low, low fares here. Want a stretch seat, a checked and/or a carry-on bag? THE WORKS makes them available at one low price which includes refundability and no change fees. Wanna’ know the status of your flight? Get up-to-the-minute flight information here. Features: · Mobile Boarding Pass · Mobile Check In · Book a Flight · Check Flight Status · Interactive Route Map · …and much more!

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    By fetewi
    My flight coming back was canceled and I was advised there was no flight’s coming to Orlando for TWO DAYS. I had to make other arrangements, pay out of pocket for another night of accommodation. Uber to and from airport and dinner for my family. This was a GREAT inconvenience and a financial burden. I’m in a bad predicament right now. I spent additional $1,900.00 so that we can come home the next day. There’s no way i could wait for the airline to get us on a flight two days later. I had to work and my daughters have to get back to school. I really want to speak to a manager IMMEDIATELY. The manager was VERY RUDE AND CONDESCENDING. She behaved as if I was an inconvenience to her as I asked for help in getting this resolved. The manager informed the passengers frontier airlines was working on accommodations for one night to the passengers, after 1 hr the manager advised the passengers there were no hotels available and there’s nothing they could do. I’ve also tried reaching out to you via WhatsApp and the robots don’t understand anything and gives the run around! PLEASE HELP IN THIS SITUATION IMMEDIATELY! I need a refund NOT a credit. I’m now having to deal with a financial crisis!
  • Frontier’s site has been very easy to navigate. 5/5

    By Diane Eissler
    I have been pleased so far with my purchase with Frontier . I’ll be flying tomorrow, so I’ll know more then!
  • Times out a ridiculous amount 1/5

    By kayaddykate
    Can’t even add my daughters mileage number to the flight even though I just signed her up there’s no way to do it talk to the stupid bot and it tries to help you and it can’t and then it times out while you’re trying to look for your flight number this app is not very helpful at times out constantly and I should be able to add my daughters new mileage account to her flight. Nope need to contact customer service can’t do that at the airport because that’ll cost me $25 for any assistance. My bag was over $60 and better not be over 40 pound. United 50# for 30 bucks.
  • Delayed 1/5

    By Ray 52
    Delayed coming to Tampa. Delayed going to Cleveland
  • Service 1/5

    By Mary Nurses
    HORRIBLE! Website often not working—no customer support whatsoever. I’ll never fly Frontier again, nor will I ever recommend. I will let my credits go rather than fly again with you
  • Bad App 1/5

    By First time gif maker
    Doesn’t load anything despite having good internet connection. Doesn’t warn you of changes to your flight even though the airline is extremely prone to changes.
  • Loading to wallet 2/5

    By Roxy0131062511051211
    The app gives a lot of error and didn’t allow me to load up the tickets to my flight
  • Chaos 1/5

    By Lorie33
    Ruined family vacation of 6 truly sad and poor service
  • Flights 1/5

    By F you times 2
  • To: Frontier 1/5

    By Glenn G3
    Worst customer service I’ve ever had. You could’ve cancelled the flight hours before but no you let us set there hoping and praying you would fly us to our promised destination. Thanks for helping us get hotels and missing work and not being able to catch our connections and picking up our kids and pets. You’ve lost me as a customer.
  • Info 1/5

    By CaptainEdwa
    Why do you always forget my TSA
  • boarding pass - will not ever allow me to add to wallet 4/5

    By freq.flyer5
    difficulty adding boarding pass to apple wallet each time. it always gives an error message. this has happened 3 times so far.
  • Great price 5/5

    By Lordoflords100
    Love the pricing
  • Hate Frontier 1/5

    By Macroeco
    Every step of the way, Frontier tries to ask for more money. Bags, seat etc. oh, the boarding process is even demeaning that each passenger needs to fit their bag in the size checker. Frontier is not any cheaper overall and Southwest is probably best if we add all costs together.
  • Ridiculous check in lines 2 hrs at DIA 1/5

    By mingfftujd
    Good chance we will miss our flights waiting to check the bags in.
  • Fight info/ customer service 1/5

    By Alakay 57
    Terrible experience , no email no annocement , of flight gate change. , , missed flight had to pay full ticket price not even apologies for their mistake, I will never fly them again
  • I would give it a zero stars if I could 1/5

    By PWC789
    I recently purchased a flight from DCA to Denver to Vegas. On the night before the flight, I was trying to check in early when I found out you have to pay for a carry-on. Reluctantly, I agreed to pay it but it wasn't letting me. I used THREE different credit cards and none of them worked on the website. I tried nearly 20 times and still couldn't pay so I thought I would just talk to the airline in person the next day. So before my flight I realized that I was definitely over packing and that I could fit everything into a personal item as to not pay the 142 carry-on fee both ways. So I did. When I arrived at the airport, I thought that I could cancel with the airline people and they said I had to go online to cancel. There was NO option to cancel online so I assumed there was a way for them to cancel the carry-ons for me and for me to just take my personal item. They said there was no way they could cancel the amount, which literally makes zero sense. I asked for their help with the booking online and they were very rude and had no idea how to use the website. You would think that people working for you're company would have some way of using the website, right? Anyways I explained that I fit everything into a personal item and that I didn't have to pay the 142 amount, and they still were no help and said it couldn't be undone, even though I didn't pay yet. So at this point its about 30 minutes before my flight boards and they say that they are closing in 5 minutes so I ended up having to pay, but not before they tacked on an additional $25 dollars for checking in, in person -- even though there was no way I could online.I ended up paying $167 for no reason, just to have my item fit under the seat perfectly fine. I contacted the customer service 4 times asking for a refund and surprisingly they responded, but none of what they said made sense since it wasn’t in proper English. They sent me a huge paragraph that made zero sense with zero punctuation. I still can’t get my money back and I can’t emphasise this enough, do not fly with frontier.
  • When booking doesn’t give the option to add a kid. 1/5

    By Jddbdjsnsbs s
    Crappy app and crappy airline.
  • Service has Really Changed 2/5

    By Chipotleboy
    All of the emails notes the luggage pound limit to be 50lbs and when I got to the airport it had changed to 40lbs, I was 10lbs over. There was only 1 working kiosk and it would not print my luggage tags; it now cost $25 for a customer service person to help you. Very disappointed😒
  • wow. 1/5

    By cloudy.o1
    This is the WORST experience I’ve ever had flying. Flight was delayed multiple times, probably 5 or 6 times. Boarded 45 minutes late(we were here 6 hours early), and was seated on the plane for over an hour before even leaving the airport. This was absolutely atrocious and I recommend you not to fly with Frontier Airlines, as this is not the experience you would wish to have.
  • Hate the airline! 1/5

    By neverflying
    Everything might be good except for how the people at Frontier makes you feel! They kind of bully passengers- esp the ground staff. Will probably never fly Frontier ever.
  • Scheduling Flights 1/5

    By Juaniseh
    Several times I have been in the middle of scheduling a flight and when I selected purchase I received an error message stating sold out. Why would a flight appear as available if in fact it has been sold out?!? Very confusing and frustrating process. Furthermore, to add insult to injury there is no live person to speak to. Finally, Frontier chat feature might as well be obsolete because no one is ever there to resolve an issue. In my book this airline is worst than Spirit!
  • Amazing price never compare with other airlines cheapest price frontier air line 5/5

    By Kishal kumar Patel
    Amazing airline and cheapest ticket no buddy have that kind price of tickets
  • Never again 1/5

    By jacecryan
    I was charged a carry-on bag fee for a backpack that “didn’t fit”. It was 11:08, one minute past the time they said the doors were supposed to close and they still had about 20 people to check in and load. Everyone was rushing. I was next in line and someone pointed at me and about 7 other passengers in line and just said “your backpacks don’t fit and you need to pay for them.” Wouldn’t even let me put it in the slot to show him that it did. He said I had to either pay or miss my flight because there was no time. I have never been treated like this with frontier in my life. I got off the airline and showed the gate agent here at Denver airport and she agreed that it fit and said to contact you. Below is the photographic evidence of my bag sitting in the Personal bag slot just like it always does, and always has. I absolutely respect your policy which is why I follow it and I’ve never had an issue. But what kind of airline doesn’t give their customer the benefit of the doubt especially when the airline is running late? See photos below. I have had friends say that frontier has screwed them and I have defended you guys every time. If my business isn’t worth $99 especially with the evidence that I provided, then you don’t deserve my business or my companies and you are worthy of the reputation you are quickly gaining. Respectfully, Your loyal customer
  • PHX-PHL 4/5

    By Yo Youse
    Easy fast and cheap!
  • Denise Johnson 3/5

    By Deneese34
    Ii tried to add carry on muggsge it seem to accept it but there was not an additional caver the app is complicated
  • Flight booking 1/5

    By mlweaver597
    WORST booking experience ever! Took over an hour. Worked with two different online agents -no help at all!!! Spent more time trying to book than the actual flight will be.
  • Charged twice 1/5

    By Justin Zajia
    I paid for a checked bag and then was charged to print a ticket… are you kidding me!? I emailed customer service demanding a $75 refund and no one responded. Very poor business! I’ll never fly Frontier again unless they pay me my $75 back!!
  • Nice Airline 5/5

    By chlorophyll18
    Nice Airline but personal carry on bag is really expensive
  • Never Use Your Airline Again 1/5

    By bscyit
  • Ripped off 1/5

    By NickName1968?
    On my flight to Denver from Dallas I was charged over $200 for simple, carry-on, luggage and failing to check in – which I did do. My name is Kevin Willey. I don’t have my flight number handy right now but if you can call me back I would appreciate it. 318-205-0320.
  • Last time to fly Frontier 1/5

    By aksmith1
    So far, every employee we have encountered has been super unpleasant.
  • Will not use again 1/5

    By Danieljwhaley
    Typically I will not write a review but this has been one of the worse experiences I have ever had with any airline. I have an account with Frontier and somehow a person that I do even know is on it and I can not remove them. They are from another country even. No customer support online or by phone. Hopefully they can hash it out at the airport tomorrow but if not, I will gladly pay double flying any other airline. Matter of fact I really didn’t even save money by using them, the flight was cheaper for sure but bags are stupid high priced.
  • Cancelled flights 2/5

    By Joan Dale
    We booked two flights with Frontier for May 2023, last week I received a text and email that one was cancelled. Was able to switch flights. Last night I happened to check my emails and the other one was cancelled. Why doesn’t Frontier do investigation into their planning for flights before posting them for people to book them and pay for them. This may have been our last Frontier flight and we flew them a lot.
  • You are crooks! 1/5

    By Sivle66
    You charge for everything but air and I’m sure that will be next! Shame on you Frontier!!! GREED!
  • Frontier is scamming customers 1/5

    By SL6384
    At every turn of the booking process, Frontier Airlines is scamming customers into paying for things they should not have to pay for by making their systems as complicated and difficult as possible. I downloaded the app in order to access my boarding pass because the boarding pass would not load on Safari again after accessing it twice to get through security. However, since my phone did not have the latest update I was able to download the Frontier Airlines app but was then not able to access anything within the app because i did not have the correct app version. Due to this I was forced to pay $25 to print my boarding pass at the gate in order to make my flight. I will not be downloading this app ever again and I will not be flying Frontier Airlines.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By nkries
    Just terrible
  • Baggage check 1/5

    By FabRaja
    The worst baggage check. Two hours and miles long line for just one bag drop location. Frontier is the worst airline when it comes to customer service
  • Hard to create an account. 2/5

    By Kbugingo
    I’ve tried multiple times to create an account and app keeps denying my password even the reset password. It’s a fail.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By No fly list
    Delays, overpriced luggage fees. Overpriced condiments. Fee for seats. Terrible customer service. Very rude.
  • It is a trap 1/5

    By MPMoka
    Everything starts as a reasonable deal, the price is a little lower than the others airlines, but as soon as you close the deal, came the "promotion", and you realize that you must pay the price of another ticket if you don't what to be naked in your destination. You must pay extras for absolutely EVERYTHING! If you regret to purchase the ticket, guess what! No cancelation. The app is not on point, it doesn't properly interact with the wallet, and it doesn't automatically increase the brightness, so their sensors can read the bar code. You can print the boarding pass, for a fee, of course.
  • Frontier 5/5

    By JB, LCPC, Ltd
    Great prices with discount den-non stop. Early flights are rough but the benefit is in the pricing. With the app, check in can be a dream, easy. Newer planes, less polluting. With points my spring break trip price was mainly the car-
  • Website 3/5

    By customer customer customer
    Your website didn’t work properly and you have no customer service. This is ridiculous.
  • In life u get what u pay for ..Virtual pilots next 1/5

    By Hammer817
    Will not get posted or seen but this is the truth … 21St century and non existent CS… Who wants to talk to virtual Bots when there is a problem … trying to deal with a refund for over 1 week …. I’ll charge back my card next .. wasted literally 3 hours dealing w this BS…… Mike Zelen
  • Happy about the fare cost. 5/5

    By Drea Dreams
    Good last minute fare cost.
  • No!! 1/5

    By TiannaDaGOAT
    DOES NOT HAVE PHONE CUSTOMER SERVICE..!!! Booked a cheap flight straight and it was changed to a flight with a 17hr layover….. Bait N Switch… then they got rid of phone service you have to chat someone that uses broken English after an hour we just canceled
  • NOT HAPPY with Frontier! Period! 1/5

    By lrjones113
    Not happy with Frontier period!
  • On line chat 1/5

    By wolfbe7
    The on line chat is useless. Since I wasn’t getting anywhere with the online chat I asked for the corporate headquarters phone number. I was told there are no phone numbers for frontier and that you have to communicate through the app. This is by the WORSE airline!!!!! Don’t waste your money. They will nickel and dime you!!
  • Very busy 1/5

    By gggiiiddddd
    Lots going in, they charge your for breathing it seems like, not the model for me

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