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Frontline Education

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  • Current Version: 11.32
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Frontline Technologies Group LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Frontline Education App

The Frontline Education mobile app is a quick and easy way to access the Frontline Insights Platform while on-the-go. Employees will be able to check leave balances, create absences, view and search for fellow colleagues, and receive web alerts right on their mobile phone. This app is available for districts and their employees that have added the Frontline Insights Platform.

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Frontline Education app reviews

  • Terrible Now 2/5

    By WhiteWolfProphecy
    Since Friday, September 22, 2022, the app has not worked. There did seem to be an update before this. In fact, there seems to be a district wide problem, I was told. I was getting postings up until this date constantly. As of today, there have been very few notifications whatsoever. And, even if they are, they blink on then off. I caught two jobs out of about 6 in total for 6 days, and they were the only ones that actually worked. I don’t know what’s wrong, but it needs fixing ASAP. My settings have not changed at all, and I am not the only one. If this last update changed something, we need to know about it.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Dashia D
    I’ve tried to sign into my account and it isn’t working. My login works perfectly fine on the website but not the mobile app.
  • Doesn’t work half the time 1/5

    By RozzellDozzell
    App does not even work half the time. When it doesn’t work then, it’s stuck at the loading screen. You can’t even log hours using the app so it really defeats the purpose of having it in the first place.

    By JS1253257,!'
    Literally nothing works. No jobs posted bc all it does is spin and no notifications work anymore! This is terrible!!!!! Fix this asap! You are literally playing with peoples jobs here!!!!
  • Ok app 3/5

    By Minroz
    Still needs some work. It’s easy to use, I receive notifications on jobs but when I go to accept a job the job screen fails to load. Worked flawlessly for the first week I had it. Not sure maybe the most recent update caused some problems.
  • Won’t Load 2/5

    By 6LadyJane6
    Surprised how poorly this app works. It won’t load the jobs and if by chance it does, it won’t complete if I accept or reject them. Feel like I’m wasting my time.
  • Recent Update is messing with peoples paychecks!!! 1/5

    By Heather 7
    Whatever you did with your most recent update y’all have SCREWED up somewhere because the current jobs are “failing to load” along with “available jobs”. That is NOT OK and it needs to be fixed because this is an app that some people depend on to find available jobs and make money DAILY because this is how your company works. The Frontline website is not compatible on phones and so now your phone app is messing up and messing with peoples paychecks. This needs to be fixed and fast because I never had any issues with this app until this update whenever y’all totally went down and messed with stuff online and in app.
  • same as other recent reviews 1/5

    By cesar983
    App has stopped loading. Even when it does, I have stopped receiving notifications for new job postings. I notice the developers have also responded something that doesn’t seem helpful at all instead of just fixing the bug/issue.
  • Doesn’t load 3/5

    By Natalie61736
    App was running great, but the past few days it has starting having a lot of issues. Home page never loads. Just gives an “oops” message.
  • Spinning wheel of death 1/5

    By skfuf
    Unable to load jobs error all the time?!
  • Becoming glitchy and unreliable 2/5

    By PrettyFly9876
    The app worked great for a few weeks, now it is constantly logging me out or taking ages to load. I have missed jobs as a result of this. Very frustrating.
  • A lot of issues 2/5

    By Mfahner
    The App is great when it’s working correctly but often does not load or when I try to accept a job I get an error message and can’t accept it. Please get the kinks worked out so it can be used as intended.
  • Won’t Sign In 1/5

    By Hipnosis13
    My districts single sign in is the only way I can access Frontline. But it literally will not work or load the sign in TO access the app if I’m not on dedicated WiFi. As a Campus User, this is unacceptable since I rarely am on consistent WiFi and the connection in my building is spotty at best. Will change review when I can access the app outside of my home’s network.
  • Notifications 1/5

    By feefee456
    Recently I have not been getting notifications and that means I am missing out on jobs. Anyone else having this issue??
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By CynthiaShops
    Cannot login -although I can login via the computer or via my phone with using Google browser- useless at this point
  • Worst App Ever 1/5

    By Gary357
    50% of the time the app won’t load. It just sticks on a loading screen. It kicks me out and I have to log back in a couple time a week. It’s not network related because everything else is instant. If I didn’t *have* to use this for work, I wouldn’t touch it with a 10’ pole.
  • Not great 1/5

    By hhgdfb66
    Not reliable, spotty at best. I need something more reliable and convenient.
  • No user support but I have exhausted all other options 1/5

    By Mellie!mel
    Developer response was to Email mobile support and I did so over a week ago and I still have not got a response so they are just making it look like they’re being helpful when they’re not. I am in multi district user add more the district science in with SSO and there is no way to get a hold of Support at this place. They send you links to helpful information but there’s no information that sells my problem and my administration cannot help me
  • Not happy with the phone App 1/5

    By Cheygirl2
    Almost never works right on my cell phone. Very disgusted with it. It's very frustrating.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By moltimom
    The app is user friendly. This is very helpful to me because I feel like I’m always on the run. So it’s quick and easy to look up info or verify information.
  • desperately needs apple watch version 3/5

    By kikgirl21
    this app needs an apple watch version. what good is it if my watch alerts me of a frontline notification but i can't see or accept the job from my watch. as a substitute teacher i can't always have my phone on me. but my watch is.
  • Notification Issues 2/5

    By WTBuff93
    There is no sound with the notifications for this app.
  • Notifications Worse After Update 2/5

    By masterofsecrets
    Frontline had been working nearly flawlessly for me (despite logging me out when I attempted to open the app when service was low, which has mostly just been annoying), but since the latest update— which claims to have “notifications enhancements”— I have not received a single notification from the app. I have checked multiple times and am certain all the notification settings on my phone are enabled, and I’m not having issues with any other apps. After multiple days without any alerts, I finally caught a job posting by opening the app at just the right time; I restarted my phone hoping that would solve the issue, keeping Frontline open on desktop window in hopes of catching jobs come in, and still I am not receiving phone notifications when jobs are being posted. I am sure I have missed many jobs as a result of this, and I am eager for the issue to be resolved.
  • It’s not working 1/5

    By konstantinaBona
    This app is not working since they updated it.
  • Notification of job 1/5

    By hdbsbeihevsbsj
    I keep receiving a notification that a new job is posted and I go right to the app and no jobs posted. I do this as soon as it pops up.
  • Not a good app 3/5

    By smileputtie
    I don't like this app , because I have to sign in every week,it is always kicking my off the site.
  • Frustrating and not intuitive 1/5

    By FrustratedIA
    I often have to try multiple times to add hours. Finding the part of the app I need for different tasks is frustrating. Clunky and confusing.
  • Logs out all the time 3/5

    By L1i9n5d9a
    This app has been great when my login remains. But it logs out far too often and won’t accept a fingerprint security login like the web site does. By the time I get logged back in, the job has been picked up by someone else. For this reason I had to return to a paid subscription app from another company. If only this app would stay logged in or make it easy for its stored password to work in seconds, like other apps do, I’d drop the paid app.
  • Can’t open attachment and title is not fully visible 2/5

    By Kim):'eisnwjdjqka
    If a teacher posted an attachment on the job description you can only open it on the computer and not on the phone. For priority on-call you cannot see the whole title on the phone only on the computer. Ex. priority on call upper valley west vs east.
  • Rough start to the 22-23 school year 2/5

    By Tfreihofer
    I have loved this app, until the start of this school year. I’m not getting notifications, and my name was “greyed-out” for no apparent reason (when a teacher requested me, the secretary was unable to assign me to the job because of this). So what gives?? It worked like a charm last year, but this year has far to go…I have heard similar stories from other subs. Come on Frontline, you’re better than this!
  • Convenient 4/5

    By Happy059
    Just downloaded the app and it seems to be fairly simple to navigate. I would love it if I could put my jobs on my calendar directly from this app. That would save me time and ensure that I don’t miss anything. Additionally, it would also be convenient if I could clock in and out from this app as well. Just my thought. Thanks for reading them.
  • Hate it 2/5

    By angelam3329
    It constantly kicks me outta the app and makes me resign in on wifi and in the app.. very annoying to have to spend so much time to clock in and i was actually on time but after i do all that it appears i am late.. hate it
  • Good App 5/5

    By thebigopu
    I like this app. It makes accepting substitute teaching jobs on the go easier. However, it would be nice if when a notification about a new substitute assignment is received, the new assignment was highlighted.
  • I don’t like this app 1/5

    By bloodypigs
    I can’t even clock into work. It’s driving me crazy!!! Worst app!!
  • App is always lagging 1/5

    By thisappgooddonttakeitdown
    Never works
  • Very Easy to use 5/5

    By DavisHane
    I love this app, very easy to use
  • Can’t get notifications! 3/5

    By Mamahatch5774
    My iPhone notifications are on, but I never get a noise notification to tell me new jobs are available? How do I fix this?
  • App Decided It Doesn’t Want To Work 1/5

    By SimplySelena101
    When I first downloaded this app I loved it because I got the notifications to my phone regarding sub jobs. However, in the recent months the app constantly logs me out or refuses to access my districts so I can see jobs. You’re better off paying a third party app to secure sub jobs.
  • Not Practical 1/5

    By A Tech Savvy 21 yr. old
    Terrible troubleshooting and confusing. Finding your pin is frustrating when you need it to turn in your time sheet
  • So buggy 2/5

    By rebecka76
    This app has so much potential and when it’s working, it’s great. But it often crashes, signs me out, or is super laggy. It’s frustrating not to be able to depend on it.
  • Log in issues 4/5

    By Gabrieliuxy
    I like this app, but lately I been having issues when trying to log in. Hopefully developers can fix the issue.
  • App won’t open!! 1/5

    By Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhfshdv
    I’ve been trying repeatedly to use this app but all I get is a spinning wheel. SO frustrated! I’d rather pay a yearly subscription to Jobulator because I know it’s reliable. Bummed!☹️
  • Could be so much better 3/5

    By Bpz27
    App is awesome but could be significantly better. Few things: 1. Have the feedback available on the app. Having to login outside of the app to leave feedback makes it inconvenient to the point where leaving it is a hassle. 2. All the subs able to see the rating the teachers leave. I’ve had several teachers “leave feedback” by just doing the star rating, but leaving no responses in the questions asked so there’s no clue as to how we did. 3. Add the ability to add non workdays through the app. Pretty much anything you can do through the website be possible in the app.
  • Rarely works 1/5

    By loki lover but will be alone
    Frontline only works about half the time. It always freezes, signs me out or wont connect to the internet which causes me to clock in late
  • Never loads 1/5

    By Reese_86
    I had this app for 2 weeks and it never loads. It would work whenever I delete it and reinstall it, but not for long. Very annoying.
  • Recent stability problems 3/5

    By LSchmal
    The app used to work very well but lately has been buggy. It will freeze up with a spinning icon and has to be force closed and reopened.
  • Some flaws 2/5

    By Solace12
    This is a good app, but I think lately especially with iPhone systems and maybe other smart phones. The app struggles a lot, it logs me out a lot,And like clockwork sometimes starting on Friday evening the App DOES not work all night long maybe until Saturday morning.Last weekend the app did not work at all the entire weekend.I usually would have to login with my computer so that I can check my hours for the following week. I just hope that the small bugs get fixed.
  • Terrible Program 1/5

    By Chugiak Joe
    If I didn’t have to use this program I would be so relieved. About once or twice a month I have to reload it because it fails to maintain my ID and goes into this perpetual spin mode…. Completely unreliable. Always seems to fail when you need it. The programmers need to rework this (expletive deleted) app or school districts need to find a replacement for it.
  • Not working 1/5

    By tessgloria
    I really enjoyed this app as it was a necessity to me as a substitute but as of recently the app is no longer working. I have not been able to access the inside of the app since the last update was released. The only way I can use Frontline now is through the website.