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fth - Christian Dating

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fth - Christian Dating App

fth. The NEW App for Christian Singles. Connect with Christian singles searching for meaningful relationships. fth is this month's most downloaded Christian app! A fun, fresh, FREE, simple-to-use app where Believers meet. Our mission is simple: To create a faith-based community for single Christian men and single Christian women to connect based on shared beliefs, shared values, and similar likes and interests. The Christian community is full of diverse identities, denominations and levels of faith; fth is created with all of that in mind: Whether you are Evangelical, Catholic, Methodist, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Non-denominational, and anything and everything in between, we are here and created for you. How fth works: • Set up your profile in a few easy steps, and remember: It's important to showcase your best self! • Customize who and what you’re looking for… • Just like other apps, slide right to like a profile and slide left to pass… • Make a mutual connection and chat with other Christian singles near you for FREE! So what's next: • Download fth today to find someone that shares what you believe in. A belief in higher values, higher power and a want for 'something more'. • And please help us spread the word! The more the merrier! ~Best wishes in searching for someone special! We're glad you're here!~

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fth - Christian Dating app reviews

  • Untitled 2/5

    By 7nada7
    It’s free so you get what you should expect to unfortunately
  • Nice app 4/5

    By efear
    I really like this app! The only 2 things I would add are a distance filter and a dark mode so that when my phone is in dark mode, I can still see my messages clearly. Thanks!
  • Needs a distance filter 4/5

    By <3alwaysKim
    It’s a good app so far there seems to be a lot of genuine guys in here who want a godly relationship. About 90% of the time all I see is guys from far away :( I want to meet someone within my area, not someone from far. Implementing a distance filter is necessary and a lot of people agree with the idea too.
  • Fix the text issue ASAP please 3/5

    By Tsnow97
    Can’t see text I’m typing due to the black font and black text box. I have to write all my messages in notes first because I can’t see what I’m writing
  • As soon as I made my account spam calls rolled in 1/5

    By Lil chic
    Don’t sign up for this. There’s no distance filter. They ask for your number. Now I’m magically getting spam calls daily when I never got any. A coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. Not worth the risk though let alone the fact the app isn’t great.
  • Great idea but needs some work please!! 3/5

    By Sweet4Christ
    This could be an awesome app and it has some great, Godly people on it, but I think people give up easily and stop using it because there is no way to send a “like” or a “smile” or anything to try to connect with someone-all you can do is swipe left or right and wait (till kingdom come) for someone to swipe right on you too-which is frustrating and I think makes people stop using it thing is a huge shame. Also-you get constantly notified that someone swiped right on you but you aren’t allowed to see who did unless you mutually match with them-which is frustrating too. Please fix these issues and you will have an awesome app for Christian singles that take their faith and relationship with Jesus seriously and are looking for the same in a date or mate😉🙏🏻
  • Distance 2/5

    By Aqua117
    Pretty much useless without a distance filter
  • Just a few tweaks 4/5

    By lillizajane1990
    I like the app, I just wish there were a few more options to set parameters to search such as distance and denomination. It kinda stinks to see a profile you like only to find out that they are 300 miles away.
  • Has potential but. 2/5

    Would be nice to be able to set a distance at which I search for someone. No point in seeing people hundreds of miles away. And I wanna be able to see who likes me. What’s the point of it telling me someone likes me if I don’t see who it is. If they fix those two things this could turn around to be a great app.
  • Holy Ghosted 1/5

    By Dubstep Party Boy
    Decent app, user base is very new to dating though. A lot of fake Christians too, rather they talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. Most people “aren’t on this app much” either.
  • Fake Profiles Galore 2/5

    By FreeStatesman
    I never thought I’d try a dating app but I tried it out just to see what it was like. Upon first glance, it was cool - easy to use, fun, interesting to read people's bios. After a few days I realized that a lot of the bios were exactly the same. Same punctuation, same emojis, same descriptions. Many of them even had multiple pictures. Now paying attention to the bios I’ve found that about 3/10 of them are absolutely fake. 1/10 don’t even have real profile pictures. 1/10 isn’t Christian and is just trying to get IG followers. So really, half of your swipes are useless. Because of this, the app is really a waste of time. If they did a simple id check this would be solved.
  • Okay, but needs work 3/5

    By Ônathar
    I enjoy the concept but there are still some flaws. Not having an option for filtering distance is not appealing. I’ve had bad experiences with long distance relationships and looking locally for Christian women to go to church with. Another thing is when I try to swipe to look at the other pictures available I end up accidentally “liking” the person without knowing anything about them. One last thing is your “Contact Us” section is broken. I keep getting an error about mail not set up correctly yet I never set up an email account with you in the first place.
  • Need distance filter 3/5

    By TrueCrimeIsMyAddiction
    I like the concept but I really need a distance filter. I’m not looking for a long distance relationship but I’m only getting people who are 1000 miles away. I really want to be able to look closer to me!
  • Distance filter 3/5

    By the1wholeshallnotbenamed
    I love the app and it's simplicity. However there is no distance filter and I keep getting matches from over 300 miles away. I would be far more impressed if this feature was added.
  • I was expecting better. 2/5

    By phantom roads
    I tried this app and I am disappointed. It’s like it’s unfinished work. You can’t see who likes you and can’t see your matches. Once you swipe left they are gone forever can’t look back! You can’t message people if you are not matched despite the fact you can’t even know who matched with you. At least you are allowed to delete your account when you want. But all the people on this app are on the EAST COAST, not good if you live on the WEST COAST! You end up swiping the same profiles the longer you use this app. It’s boring. You’ll be swiping for years! Take this app back to the common sense drawing board please!!! And make some real changes! We need a good Christian dating app that’s 100% free!
  • Redo interface 2/5

    By Lsteele9306
    I love what you guys are trying to do here. But when I went in to write my bio and my faith statement I couldn't see what I was writing. Black lettering on a black background. Let's get that fixed.
  • Boring 3/5

    By vega2211
    The people on this app have like no personality. I’m not sure if they’re even actual people. There’s no block people for the nasty people that you do run into. Needs to be updated heavily. It’s good for meeting Christians but my goodness they have no personality
  • Mileage 3/5

    By Lil__Bit09
    So far I really like the app. It’s refreshing to read about men and their relationship with Christ. My only complaint so to say, is that there is no way to set a distance preference. Everyone for the most part is 100+ miles away. Hard to make connections when everyone is so far :( Update: if this app wants to be successful it really needs to add a distance filter, at minimum 🙃
  • Kinda frustrating sometimes 2/5

    By Joshua. S
    I like the idea don't get me wrong and I hate to be the Karen here but it STILL needs work. I like how I swipe on the ppl I like and when I leave and re-enter the app they show back up like they never saved. I was talking to this girl that was pretty decently close to me and we started talking and it was pretty chill and then all of a sudden that person wasn’t there in my messages :/ Now it could be either that she removed me from her likes or the app glitched. But I’m pretty sure it was the app and not the individual I was talking to. You can tell wether a conversation is going or not you know? Anyways huge disappointment and kinda upset by this. You also need to add like a distance filter, and see who’s liked your profile. Also SAVE profiles you’ve already liked. I know this is a free app but Like seriously what’s the point of this if it can’t do BASIC functions? Honestly thinking about deleting so I don’t get my hopes up.
  • Review 3/5

    By Ccraw81818
    Recently, I saw this app as an ad on Facebook. I decided to give it a try. I like the app itself. I do believe some adjustments need to be made. I would like a feature that allows you to adjust the proximity (miles away someone is) of potential matches. There is also a problem with the match and messaging system. I matched with someone, but after I messaged them, the message and conversation disappeared, which was frustrating. I was looking very forward to having a conversation with them to see if it would’ve gone further. I do like that someone had the idea of making an app for single Christians. I’d love it if I could get a reply to my message to see how close you guys are to having an update for the app (as I have seen responses to other reviews mentioning an update). God bless!
  • Way too many issues 1/5

    By heccabampton
    Using this app with dark mode is just bad. No distance filter. Messages seem to be marked as read when they’ve never been opened.
  • Oof 2/5

    By where's anti poof?
    No distance filter and way too many notifications you can't customize.
  • No height info? Or distance filter? 2/5

    By Jm1373
    Deal breaker.
  • Location 3/5

    By baindhk
    Please let us choose our location then it would be a lot better.
  • Potential/suggestions 2/5

    By Live4Jesus111
    Honestly i see a lot of potential for this app. I wish I loved it more. I’ve been on several dating apps and I think this could have its pros if it was a little more developed. I get notifications that I have likes and I should view them before time runs out. I can’t view them anywhere in the app!! That’s frustrating!! It’s a little “too easy” to swipe left or right when you’re scrolling thru someone’s pics and then you can’t go back to them. And there’s not much filtering. If I didn’t care about someone’s denomination then why even put it in there? You should be able to filter by denomination at the very least!! Provide an update where I can at least see ppl who liked me and I’d love to continue using!!
  • Great concept 4/5

    By slomoking13
    Love this app 100%, aside from the few technical glitches I am overall very satisfied with it. It would be great if the devs could release an update that fixes the color scheme glitch that makes it difficult to see text and time stamps.
  • I like the concept but... 2/5

    By Jason (SPSU)
    Great concept, but bad execution. I don’t know if it’s because I use dark theme on my phone, but half the time I can barely read what I’m typing because it’s grey text in a black background. I was getting notifications that people were liking my profile, but when I opened the app there was nothing showing anything like that. You should at least show someone who likes their profile so they can decide if they want to match with them or not. If you aren’t going to show it, then don’t even notify that a profile was liked, just stick to notifications for matches. This app definitely needs a distance filter. I’d hate to match with someone hundreds of miles away. That kind of defeats the purpose of trying to meet someone. Long distance relationships don’t really work for me especially when I’ve never met the person. The whole premise of focusing a dating app on Christ and faith is a great idea, but this app is not ready for real-world use. There are still a lot of things that need to be worked on. You fix some major items and I will re-rate the app, but for now it’s only worth 2 stars.
  • Needs work 1/5

    By Partypooper80
    My IPhone is in dark mode, and so I can’t ever see what people write because they still have the text in black. Distance filter isn’t a thing. The app will constantly give me notifications to find the people who have swiped up on me. Sadly, this needs a few good developers to smooth it out.
  • I need help 3/5

    By IrismcFall
    I could really like this app but I can’t see my bio. When I go to edit it it acts like it’s there but I can’t see it. Why is that?
  • Needs Improvement 3/5

    By TravelGnome1
    I’m not sure if it’s just because there aren’t a lot of guys using the app near me but I’ve seen profiles of the same guys 3 sometimes even 4 times in a week. It’s nice that the profiles come back around in case you accidentally meant to swipe right instead of left but after the 3rd and 4th time you’ve swiped left on a guy the app should recognize that I’m not interested in them. There should be a way to take those profiles out of the loop. Also, there is no way to select a range of distance to how far I’m willing to meet someone. There is an age scale but not a measurement of miles. There is also no way to send photos in conversation. It’s nice to be able to send photos in the messages on day to day activities; like Snapchat or WhatsApp. This helps build to on relationships, make it more personal and interactive. I’ve had to give my contact info to other messaging apps to do this. Plus I wish there was a way to give preference as to which faiths you are looking for. This will help weed out guys I’m not interested in. Other than that the app is super easy to use.
  • Why haven’t you fixed the issues yet!? 2/5

    By hahdhfueiebfh
    Literally almost all reviews tell you we need: *Distance Filter *Denomination Filter *Ability to go back if we swiped no by mistake I don’t understand how this hasn’t been corrected yet?? I don’t want to see the super cute guy who loves Jesus but lives 1000 miles away. That’s just rude. Also, thanks for letting me know someone liked me. I’ll never know who you are sir because I’m currently swiping through thousands of unnecessary people. 😒
  • Distance 1/5

    By Andrea1985ALK
    Agree with the above- I am searching blindly and have no idea where these people live. There needs to be a distance feature.
  • Desperately needs distance filter 3/5

    By Philjp08
    Not bad otherwise
  • No photos? 3/5

    By matthew horne
    I really want to try this app out, but for some reason, I’m not getting any pictures on these people’s profiles. Is this a glitch? Hope to see it fixed soon.
  • Good app...but 3/5

    By juju916
    I don’t like how it has the option for people to choose the like “both” genders in a Christian dating app. It makes me want to delete the app because of that option. I don’t want to meet a bi-sexual person. It makes no sense in a Christian app. Please remove that option it makes y’all look bad and a bad representation of God. I say this in respect and love. God bless you!
  • Okay, but needs work 3/5

    By Garrett3921
    As a dating site, it’s okay, but needs some work and improvement. I love that it’s 100% free and has no ads! The problems come about when you go into settings. Changing your bio is very difficult because it displays black text on a black background. Changing other settings proves difficult as well because of a very dark shade of text over a black background. Another thing is that the app consistently sends you notifications about getting on and using the app even though you haven’t received any messages or matches and there’s no way to turn it off.
  • Decent! 4/5

    By Phillip DiMaggio
    App has really good intentions, especially being free. Seems like it wasn’t really ready to roll out yet though. Can’t fine tune preferences like other apps, which I assume filtering will be added later, but if that’s the case I feel like it would’ve been better to roll the app out when it was fully fleshed out. Good concept, but people may lose interest fast because it’s hard to find people close to you.
  • It would be a 5 star but.. 3/5

    This app is wonderful but it doesn’t have a distance setting. How am I to have a relationship with someone 650 miles away
  • Crashes 1/5

    By devmeup
    I like using this app for about 30 minutes now I can never get back in, because the app keeps crashing. I’ve turn my phone completely off and I uninstall the app and reinstalled it. Just keeps crashing.
  • Needs Distance Filter 2/5

    By 12:89383$
    Has potential. Real potential. Just please get a distance filter yesterday!!!
  • 😫😫😫 1/5

    By acbjl86
    Sorry but this app is killing me!! It tells me I got a like, I can’t see who it is. I can choose distance, so I am see tons of GOOD Christian men that are loving like 350 miles away from me. I can’t build a relationship without being able to meet someone and long distance doesn’t support that! 😭 I’m sorry, I’m going to remove the app until things get better. I know you’re brand new, but please update the app because it’s a really great idea, and I would love to find a man who loves Jesus as much as I do and isn’t afraid to speak boldly about it!
  • Horrible Dating App 2/5

    By Nell_H
    Seemed super promising! Thought I’d give it a go. Unfortunately, no distance preferences. I’d be looking at what seemed to be great guys and come to find out they lived 400 miles away. Second, you can x or like but sometimes scroll in the wrong direction?! When I was wanting to see more pictures from a profile, I’d scroll through their pictures (some people offer more than one picture, great!) but a couple occasions I mistakenly would x profiles by trying to scroll through pictures. I didn’t want to x them and there’s no way to undo it. Please consider giving this app a makeover. Love the idea but absolutely horrible and not user friendly.
  • This App 2/5

    By itsuhbel15
    Okay, I had previously rated this app pretty well, but I’m currently running into TONS of issues after redownloading the app. My color scheme doesn’t work, and when I send my first initial messages to a match , everything is black and the letters are black and don’t show up. Figured I would take my chances and send it anyways. My words and messages showed up just fine In the message tab. But that the color scheme is still completely messed up. Please, please please fix this app. I want to love it. But it’s so difficult to use
  • It’s okay 3/5

    By KatieP99
    This app isn’t awful, it’s a good base model. However, it would be nice to have a feature where you can set your distance- I’m tired of liking someone who is 600 miles away from me. It would also be nice if you could set your denomination preferences, and if you could see who liked you. I keep getting notifications about people liking my profile, but I can’t see who it is.
  • Getting Married 7-2-2020 5/5

    By lizges84
    I met my future hubby on here on 4-7. Thank you FTH, and glory to God. He’s moving from Cali to Texas.
  • The distance no bueno 3/5

    By Musicialife
    This app is cool and you can connect real fast with members, the only thing is that most members are within 1,200 miles away if not more.
  • UI needs some work 4/5

    By Andie_Joy
    It’s a good app with good concepts and I don’t want to bring your rating down but the UI makes me frustrated. • The light gray bubbles in the messaging part of the app are hard to read. Any darker color would be better. • it is impossible to read what you wrote on your own bio when you hit edit I think it’s white text on a white background. • when you click to view a profile it is difficult to figure out where to exit the profile I think a back button at the top left would be helpful • it is also frustrating getting stuck viewing their pictures, it would be nice if when you click a bio you could see both their pictures and their bio
  • It’s aight 2/5

    By cyrusisthebestever
    Sadly the only bad thing about this app it doesn’t have a distance filter so you can’t meet very many people. Please fix this.
  • Needs more features 2/5

    By Isaiah41:13
    It seems very simple, but it gets frustrating. If you accidentally click X on someone, you can’t go back to find them. There should be a browse feature where you can search someone. There needs to be a distance feature where I can set to see only people within a certain distance.

fth - Christian Dating app comments

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