Fuelman Mobile Locator

Fuelman Mobile Locator

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  • Current Version: 4.8.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: FleetCor
  • Compatibility: Android
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Fuelman Mobile Locator App

TAKE FUELMAN TO THE MAX! If you carry a Fuelman card, then you need Fuelman Mobile on your phone. Find stations close to you, then use maps and audible GPS navigation to get there quickly and safely. While you fill up, take advantage of specials on food and drinks you’ll learn about only in the app. Built-in tools like a digital timecard, push-to-talk and maps showing co-workers’ locations make it easy to organize and connect while you’re on the road. Get the Fuelman Mobile app to get the most out of Fuelman and make the most of your day. - Find the closest Fuelman stations wherever you are - Get special deals on gas, food and drinks from participating locations - Drive to any address using voice-guided GPS navigation


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Fuelman Mobile Locator app reviews

  • iPhone X support 2/5

    By Caseywt
    Why has the iPhone X been out 8 months and this app still not support it?!
  • You don’t want to deal with these people 1/5

    By Nyenergytrader
    * Customer service is horrible half hour waits at best * Not every station takes this and it’s mostly stations with much higher fuel costs why do you need that. * Bill must be paid every Monday or else * even stations that claim to take the fuel man somehow the transaction doesn’t go through, this is not reliable enough to use for a real business * Representatives here don’t actually even know the products that they offer With 1400 drivers, everyone here agreed this is not a service for us and opted to go with a cashback reward program for fuel purchasing.
  • Don’t Download 1/5

    By tnegg
    You are wasting your time downloading this app! Neither iPhone or Android works at all...
  • Horrible 1/5

    By living the dream redhorse 819
    Directs you to stations that do not exist or have the correct fuel listed or accept the card. If you rely on the Fuelman app you will run out of fuel, food, water and die
  • Run run as fast as you can to not get this card 1/5

    By william chesson
    This is the worst fuel card I have ever had they promise you fuel discounts but never give them to you they charge you a fee after three after fee it’s not worth the plastic it’s on run run as fast as you can because this service stinks
  • Inaccurate locations!!! 2/5

    By Someprofessor
    Pathetic that stations are completely nonexistent where shown. Try updating locations, starting in Laramie.
  • Junk 1/5

    By Mihail g
    Their worst app I ever use it so slow my grandma walk faster, and there is no fuel discount anything just bunch allies
  • Total Junk 1/5

    By v2.8.1.321
    You pull up gas stations and it blocks out you’re location. Directs to places with no gas station. Worthless. -5 stars
  • Needs work 1/5

    By Chris6998
    This app would be great if it were ever accurate. It shows stations that don’t exist, stations that don’t take Fuelman, and I’ve found stations that take Fuelman that aren’t on the map. It’s easier just to trial and error without the app!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Slime oft
    The search filter does not give you locations with the specifications you select. For example locations listed as being 24 hrs or pay at the pump will not have those services. Wastes a lot of time.
  • Definitely the worse app and feet service 1/5

    By newlifemct
    This has been the worse service over all I had to cancel,, because I was not able to used after activating the fleet cardS,, I called customer service they try to help but still the cards will show decline.. I was it was that the gas station have poor internet connectivity and that was why then I was told I need to change the driver ID and nothing work I spent about an hour on the phone trying to used this card I even lost a couple transportation jobs to the airport because I spend so much time trying to use the card.. at the end I opted out to cancel the account that it took about one month to beginning to actual activating the cards ,, when attempted to use not good at all,, all this times waisted for nothing I am going to put 1 to 2 hours in the gas station trying to fuel my car... don't used is definitely the worse...
  • Poor poor app. 1/5

    By Venomousrage
    Has not been updated in ages and a lot of important information is outdated or crashes. Owner operators should find a better card overall.
  • Worthless app 1/5

    By Mad driver 2
    Drove to three different gas stations per the app but none took fuel man, I am deleting app.
  • Your database needs an update! 2/5

    By MaxxManic
    I tried 3 different "Fuelman" stations listed near me (West Georgia) in this app. None took Fuelman and one had been closed for a decade! Pick up a phone and call the stations that supposedly take your card to verify they do. At least you'll know if they even exist anymore.
  • Needs Update 3/5

    By {R}U}Kidding_me
    Needs Update because I took my 18Wheeler to TA in Dansville, NY and they said they excepted it for 4 Wheelers but not big trucks. Suggestion: put a tab on your app so we know if it's for a 18Wheeler or Cars/Pickups. Thank You
  • Need an update 2/5

    By slurpeeman62
    This app is in need of a serious update. I am now using iOS 9.1 & cannot install on my new ipad mini. Thanks Fuelman for not allowing me to search for nearby service stations. I am a field service technician my company supplies me with a Fuelman card and go out of town on a frequent basis. An update would be phenomenal. Thanks
  • Needs to be updated some places dont accept this card and some places are not even there 1/5

    By Unstoppablewalt
  • Worst app in history 1/5

    By merrellblake
    Pointless app. Incorrect info. There is no point in making an app just so that your company can claim they have an app. This feels like it was made with no desire to actually achieve any usable results.

    By Fritoman213
    Listings are wrong! You are listing stations that have Diesel fuel, but they don't have diesel! I drove around for an hr trying to find one in the area that had diesel! Why would you list a station as having Diesel on the app to help Diesel drivers to get diesel fuel? 3 out if the 4 stations I tried had No diesel! If I could rate this app LOWER , I'd give it ZERO STARS! It's useless! So is the Fuelman Card!!!!!!!!
  • Seems to work but.... 4/5

    By Mr Torpedo
    I have gotten into the app a few times and seems to work but the lousy part is that you have to scroll over through all the "info pages" that we don't need to see in order to show the continue button. Ridiculous for sure, but the app does work after scrolling right through the junk. Upcoming big road trip... We'll see!
  • Hate the login 1/5

    By Beuk94
    Used to be pretty good until they hosed it with this login garbage.
  • App is cr-app 1/5

    By Budweser
    Was a good app before the downgrade. Created an account 4 times and still can't use. Even after confirming email.
  • None functional, please fix 1/5

    By O Price
    A disaster. Doesn't work at all. I know from coworkers that the old app worked well so the difficult part is done and this is due to maintenance neglect. Additionally, why do I have to create a profile to use this app? Very poor execution on many levels. From a computer programmer this app is garbage. I will rate this app one star because I am afraid that no stars won't be included.
  • Uninstalled 1/5

    By Jacobus67gt
    Tried to start an account received error message. Reinstalled, tried 3 times. Same error message.

    By OXFORD2006
  • Inaccurate 1/5

    By Bob L.
    Too many sites listed as accepting fuelman, but they actually don't. Deleted app.
  • Never works - great "idea" 1/5

    By ?????????????55
    This is the first version I have ever worked with. It worked 1 time ever since then, It NEVER works for me. I love the concept and the information it keeps track of is all relevant. Only thing that needs fixed is the follow through... Let's get it working!!!!
  • Bring back the old app 1/5

    By Mackshell
    I liked the old app much better. You no longer have site detailed info such as "pay at the pump" or hours open. We liked the ability to filter stations that accepted "pay at the pump". Please add this service like the old app.
  • Incorrect sites 1/5

    By Toneboogie
    4 out of 5 sites it sends you to don't even take the card. I live in the NYC metro area and the coverage is STILL sparse. Service and app do not work out for the customer
  • Not always accurate 2/5

    By Cmadd477
    Useful but not always accurate, on several occasions I have pulled into a station the app says has diesel but there are no diesel pumps
  • Trust GPS at your own risk 2/5

    By dansram
    The GPS sent me to a cornfield next to a residential agency. I tried to notify the app's IT dept, and the email bounced back. Good luck in using this app as it was intended, and good luck getting help from the app's IT people when it doesn't work as it should.
  • Needs help 1/5

    By SupaDduper
    The filter for fuel types is not working correctly said there was diesel at more than one station we stopped and no diesel. The create an account doesn't work at all started an account and now won't open so if you have the old version don't update yet
  • Pitiful Update 1/5

    By Gdot526
    This app worked so well when I first downloaded it, but now it is useless!! Please update ASAP!!
  • Fuel man 1/5

    By 4horsmn
    At first this app was some what helpful. Then after the update it became totally useless... Gives you the map but not the locations of the gas stations your looking for that take the fuel man card...isn't that the purpose if this app? Fix the problem and I won't delete this useless app...
  • Absolutely Useless 1/5

    By Fuelman App is horrible
    They hired the wrong person to create this app. I mean haven't they got word that this app doesn't even work!
  • This app is HORRIBLE! 1/5

    By DannaFitzgerald
    When low on fuel in a strange city it guided us to a gas station...when we arrived there was not a gas station to be found. We finally found a gas station and the app did not indicate it accepted fuel man but it did.
  • Update 1/5

    By Will Griffith j
    This update is not good. Will not auto locate my position. Not helpful like previous version.
  • Worst Update so far 1/5

    By Donkey2056
    This app was great until the updated version. Now you have to find your self on the map when use to you could hit the refresh arrow and the app would find you. The new update was horrible go back to the old app or something.
  • Horrible update 1/5

    By Jay Dauenhauer
    Worst update on several levels. Cannot send a location into Apple Maps. Also, locations are in the wrong place. This app needs an update FAST!!!
  • The Best Version Yet 5/5

    By David Thatcher
    What a surprise , user friendly , fast, and a great compliment to the card.
  • Not accurate 1/5

    By Pwray77
    I don't need an app to show me where EVERY gas station is. I can see them as I drive. I need an app to show me which ones take Fuelman. I thought that was the purpose of this app.
  • Not updated or accurate 1/5

    By DishUSMC
    This app needs to be updated or kept current. On MANY occasions the listings aren't accurate and the gas stations posted AREN'T accepting Fuelman. You will waste your time with this...BUT, it's better than nothing.
  • Useless 1/5

    By SUZQ
    Not up to date at all. I was out of town and needed fuel late at night. EVERY place it said took FuelMan didn't or was closed!
  • Bad , very very bad 1/5

    By CBC61
    Non-fuel man stations listed , don't waste your time.
  • HORRIBLE!!!!! 1/5

    By Millsbw
    This app is horrible. The map is not accurate. The locations are not accurate. 2 out of every 3 locations in SMALL TOWNS...don't take Fuelman, even though this app says it does. I am putting in a request at our next quarterly manager's meeting to switch fleet companies. My ENTIRE company (managers AND DRIVERS) uses iPhones and this app wastes A LOT of time for us. All in all....don't use this app unless its updated with accurate maps and locations!!!!!!
  • Please make this better 1/5

    By Fsrhffjc
    I travel a lot for my job and this app has wasted a lot of my time driving to a lil pinpoint that is either a few blocks or a few miles of its mark. If the creator of this app were standing in front of me I would kick him in the nuts.
  • Works as intended 4/5

    By combatlobster
    This app works as intended and gives you your most valuable information if traveling and depending on FuelMan sites: locations and phone numbers. This app is every bit as accurate as the FuelMan website (not very) in giving you sites that accept and their fuel types. Things change, that's life. Call ahead to avoid disappointment and wasted time.
  • Not accurate! 1/5

    By FuelFinder
    Doesn't even come close to its principal function. Inaccurate beyond your wildest fantasy of poorly designed app.
  • Sales 1/5

    By Cuppy52
    Not accurate at all.... Spent hours driving to locations that don't accept fuel man.
  • Crane operators tangible savior 4/5

    By CraneOpOKC
    This app has saved me countless times And it deserves a five star for that However it would be nice to have more radius miles locations for faster access to station locations. So i rated ir a four. I drive an oversize crane and an over loaded rigging truck with my weights and I use this app to plot my route around deficient roads and it's not unusual to refuel multiple times in a day in case my next job is an area where noone carries fuelman. Ie between elk city ok and Perryton tx I agree with a previous review for an option to leave notes to other users if sites don't take fuelman anymore or yet. Keep up the good work

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