Full Fitness : Exercise Workout Trainer

Full Fitness : Exercise Workout Trainer

  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Mehrdad Mehrain
  • Compatibility: Android
8,926 Ratings
$ 3.99

Full Fitness : Exercise Workout Trainer App

● 24hr SALE! ONLY A DAY! ● "Rated 4 out of 4 ... the best of its kind at the crowded App Store" - USA TODAY The top selling fitness app of all time has returned! Becoming and staying fit has never been easier with the help of Full Fitness! Hundreds of exercises are explained with clear pictures, videos and text instructions all within the palm of your hand! We understand personal trainers can be costly, but changing your workout routine is essential for keeping your body from growing accustomed to the same old exercises. If anything, adding some variety keeps things interesting and enjoyable - making it more likely that you will stick with the program. For under the cost of a cup of coffee, Full Fitness not only provides instructions for hundreds of exercises, but it sorts them by body region, muscle of target, and the equipment needed. Use our easy-to-use exercise builder to create your own custom exercise routine, and then track your progress as you perform each exercise. Full Fitness allows you to log your exercises, view progress graphs, and email or backup the results online. Not sure which exercises to perform? Use one of our 30 pre-defined routines to reach a particular goal. All of our routines are developed by licensed fitness professionals and come with complete instructions. If you have no equipment available, or are more interested in cardio or stretches, Full Fitness has you covered! Tracking of cardio exercises, over 40 stretches and exercises and routines that require no equipment are all included! Full Fitness does even more. Track your food intake and body weight, schedule workouts, setup profiles to track more than one user, and more. This is the intuitive and beautiful fitness app you have been looking for! FEATURES ● hundreds of unique exercises (more than any other app) ● clear images of people doing every exercise with full text instructions ● hundreds of video instructions for many of the more complicated exercises ● calorie tracker with over 90,000 food items ● cleverly designed logging feature to record and track each exercise ● ability to add your own exercise and track your progress ● exercises ordered by target (abs, arms, back, etc), muscle they target (deltoids, biceps, etc) or equipment they require (swissball, kettlebells, nothing, etc) ● 30 routines to reach various goals (weight loss, strength, ab definition, golf program, etc) ● ability to email your workout logs to yourself, back them up online or view them on the device ● graph your workout results to give yourself the encouraging boost you need ● stop-watch timer to keep track of your rest times in between sets ● weight monitor/BMI calculator and measurements tracker to view your progress ● schedule your workouts ahead of time so you never forget your workout routine ● ability to track MULTIPLE users ● iCloud support and the ability to import content from Full Fitness or original iFitness app ● workout sharing tool to share your workouts between other Full Fitness users Unlike other fitness apps, everything is included - we do not believe in in-app purchases. Further, we are dedicated to providing regular free updates. The next update is under development. Write in and let us know what most interests you.

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Full Fitness : Exercise Workout Trainer app reviews

  • Great App 5/5

    By puffttonica
    Wonderful in all respects
  • iPhone Xs and Xs Max Support 1/5

    By Mattoooh
    Please update the app to fit on the Xs and Xs Max. Update: The developer is still a no show and has not shown any further support for this app. Apple needs to ban Developers like this that just abandon their customers. 1 star for laziness.
  • Nice !!!!!!! 4/5

    By Bp likes
    This is working good for me !!!!
  • Buggy 2/5

    By jhongRN
    Just paid and downloaded the app and tried to create login for the backup and restore feature and the app closed on me twice. ....Is this what is in store for me with the rest of the features?
  • Exercise app 3/5

    By ojm57
    I’ve been looking to change it up as I’ve hit a wall at the gym. I can’t wait to use this app to help me go through the wall
  • The best and most simple app I have used. 5/5

    By GymBaron
    This is a straightforward, no frills app. Other popular apps I looked at all want to charge you a recurring yearly fee fo their premium features. I don’t need a million diet plans. This is a one time fee that allows you to make as many workout plans as you wish. Occasionally I find an exercise that isn’t in their database, but I always find something similar and I just remember to substitute it. The only change i would recommend is to label the workout history. You can see what exercises you have previously done, but I have five i cycle between and if I have taken a couple of rest days I sometimes forget where I left off. It doesn’t say “workout A” or whatever I have named it. You just have to look and figure out what you were doing. Overall I hope they keep doing updates and keep this app active.
  • Great Idea 2/5

    By Luis TX
    -fix bugs -freezes -no customer support -no one answers emails -when signing on gets booted -cant backup or restore The only reason I put 2 stars is because u can make custom exercises with pictures which I cant find in any other app
  • Nice 3/5

    By Chrhor
    Would like the ability to add my own exercises
  • Retired 3/5

    By 70Chico
    Just got it. Looks good and will give a review after working it for a while
  • I can’t believe I paid for this app! 1/5

    By bamboozled2
    Doesn’t have very much equipment or other options. I have had better with free apps like JEFIT. It has a slim choice of machines to choose from no hip or glut exercise’s and I can’t get past the giant let down to explore this app any further. I’m getting more exercise from beating myself up over paying for this app.
  • Me 3/5

    By rev l
    I have a hard time making a personal workout, it drives me crazy
  • Super so far. 5/5

    By Fotpus
    Still working on setting up special exercises for my hip and leg.
  • Needs handsfree interaction 4/5

    By Nanjaboobie
    Great app! Would be much easier to use if you could have each exercise (name, reps, ect) called out from phone speaker or headphones, as well as a voice controlled log, so you could start your workout and not have to pick up the phone the whole time. Once you said whatever “keyword” to initiate log for that exercise, it would then read the next one, so everyone can still go at there own pace. Thanks!
  • Calorie Counter 1/5

    By maygre
    The calorie counter on this app is useless. The calorie information for food items is wrong and you have to you another app to check the calorie information. Makes for more work in an app that supposedly has these functions. Worthless.
  • Needs bug fix 3/5

    By fammontes
    Kicks me out if the app every time I try to create an account so I can cloud sync.
  • beautiful! 5/5

    By e4ort69
    i love it! has helped me get HUGE!
  • Update for iOS 12 1/5

    By NegroHalcon
    Unable to add workouts in iOS 12 with iPhone Max.
  • Great. 5/5

    By wolverinelogan1775
    So far so good. Easy to access workout exercises and good way to right out plans easier.
  • No update to iPhone X 1/5

    By EBdiesel08
    The hell
  • Good but not support XS Max 3/5

    By Ton Wang
    This app is absolutely good and what I need. But it doesn’t support iPhone XS Max.

    By WHBNathan
    For a paid app, does not offer enough movement options!
  • After all these years, the best app of its kind 5/5

    By theresnocertainty
    I got this app almost 4 years ago, and I’m glad it’s still one of the best, if not the best of its kind out there. Lots of content, intuitive and very well structure. Keep the hard work... so we can work out hard.
  • Great App to work out 5/5

    By GuillaumeUS
    Great app to work out, pushes me over the edge every time. Has all the necessary exercises to have full on work outs and is a very good complement for any sport done on the side. Only little hiccup is the interface could be a little more user friendly, it would attract more people and make it more pleasant to use. But totally recommend it tho
  • Great App But.. 3/5

    By eurojerry
    I believe the app is really good, but I would really wish it would have a better layout or color to the application. It makes me feel like I’m using a older unmodern feel to an app.
  • Must have app. 5/5

    By little lionsie
    Must have. Great app to creat your own unique routines.
  • Can’t email my data 3/5

    By Dan West
    I would give this app 5 stars but I can’t email my workout pdf or cvs. Please resolve issue!! Otherwise it’s great!
  • Good 4/5

    By Guybittrot
    Good for seeing various muscle exercises to break things up a bit. I wish there was a little more detail to help when you have never done the exercise before. Otherwise my go to app
  • Won’t let me create a workout 1/5

    By led1002
    I can start a new workout but their is no way to save any exercises. It looks like the button to save an exercise is missing.
  • Very old fashioned 1/5

    By yosinio
    Very limited and old fashion compare to other apps. Waste of money.
  • Equipment and gym. 5/5

    By Joetis
    Anyone serious about learning will get a great first impression after downloading this app, I went straight to abs and found that I can look through all equipment available, keep in mind you should have some form of equipment or intuition to look through this, GREAT FOR THE GYM.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Zecharia Guzy
    I was introduced to this app by my brother in law. Since it worked for him I decided to download the app. As I perused the different functions, I became fascinated by the breadth of information available: pertaining to fitness. There are not only pictures demonstrating how to do the exercises, but there are videos that break it down for you. No more injuries for me! I can do the exercises with correct form: thanks to this app. In addition , I can schedule my work outs to cover all major muscle groups. PLUS cardio. Hands down: this app may very well help me to reduce my weight to 140 lbs. I’m very motivated and excited for the future as I apply all my resources to my fitness goals.
  • Nice app 4/5

    By Fanojano83
    It’s a good app but might need some tweaks here and there.
  • Great app but misses features 4/5

    By anmkum
    Nice app for the price. However, misses iPhone X and larger screen mode. Also, does not have a apple watch app which could add functionality.
  • Great apps 💪 4/5

    By علي الشامسي١١١
    The best and easy to use
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Stonelistener
    This is a great app if you want to regularly switch up your exercise routine! I highly recommend this app to anyone who would like to take their fitness to the next level! Great for athletes too!
  • Need X and Xs versions support 4/5

    By :jesswd:
    This is my favorite app for workouts. It is lacking the support for the X, Xs, and Xs Max support. Would be even better with watch support for workout tracking. Please fix this guys.
  • Has it’s uses. Informative. Needs a decimal point. 3/5

    By Pythoneer2
    It’s been a great run and has a great use but I’ll move over to a new app. I’ve been waiting over a year for them to fix the error that was caused in an older update. The app lost the ability to use a decimal point. Pretty annoying for the measurements tracker and anytime needing to put in a float.
  • Nice!!!! 5/5

    By Padilui
    Love the app just started to work out and didn’t really no much about machines and what muscle groups they worked out. But with the app it shows you and it even lets you track your reps and stuff I recommend it to anyone.
  • Great app 5/5

    By AlexJShore24
    Love all the features, logging workouts, weight, reps all the data gets stored so you can see your max reps and weights over time. Making your own workout is super easy and makes working out more fun.
  • Missing cardio 4/5

    By JwhitDubNation
    It would be good to see cardio workouts that incorporate some weighted movements. Everything else is good. Shows intermediate movements and some advanced ways to use equipment.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Liancho
    I did not like the program and the videos had very bad resolution. This s not worth the money !
  • Full fitness 4/5

    By easy workouts
    Good options to keep my workouts fresh and motivating. Enjoy the ability to make workouts or use one. Thanks
  • Good To know 5/5

    By Mikeyu90
    It’s definitely good to switch up your work out exercises with your routine . With this app I can always look something new up .
  • What am I paying for? 1/5

    By david e. shaw
    When I added the muscle building program it seems lacking and each exercise was only one set. I’m no expert but I know every exercise takes a few sets to get something out of it.
  • Great app, but..... 4/5

    Does everything I need it to do and is easy to use however I have noticed several glitches. My biggest complaint is the fact the green check mark only shows up beside completed exercises during certain hours of the day. After about 6pm you loose your ability to keep track. Secondly, 0 weight is not an option for some exercises and showing the workout history causes the app to freeze.
  • Great Functionality but Needs Update 4/5

    By CrownedRey
    I use this app every other day and love its functionality. Bottom line, I would recommend this product. Pros: - It keeps your training record so you can track your progress and advance your development - Built in timer is massively useful - Large list of workouts and ability to customize/leave notes - Ability to build your own workout routine Cons: - Could do with an updated list of modern/new exercises - ABSOLUTELY NEEDS a resolution update. This has been operating with size/resolution perimeters from 4 years ago! There are new phones with new screens, please get with the program.
  • The G.O.A.T of fitness apps 5/5

    By Cole baker
    Started using the app roughly 3 years ago and it truly helped to motivate and inform me on my fitness journey, regardless of your level whether it be brand new to a gym or a seasoned lifter this app is worth every penny
  • Personal program 1/5

    By ysf23au
    For some reason you cannot create your own program. App is not working as it should be!
  • Unresponsive selections 2/5

    By Cybrarian
    This is a good app, but it is super slow in responding to touch selections. You can press something and it takes a minute to respond. I’ve tried it on an iPhone 6 and X, and it is terrible in response time. I wrote the developers and never received a response.

Full Fitness : Exercise Workout Trainer app comments

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