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Funimation App

Start watching the largest collection of English-dubbed anime and hundreds of subtitled shows from Japan on the Funimation iOS app. Stream on your time and from any place. Start your 14-Day Free Trial today! Funimation’s expansive library of HD, ad-free anime features movies, OVAs, extras, and the hottest, top-trending shows like Demon Slayer, Fruits Basket, Black Clover, and Attack on Titan. And classics like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Black Butler—or smash hits like My Hero Academia! Your anime adventures are about to begin! Other benefits include: Watch Ad-Free Stream hundreds of new and classic anime without those pesky commercial interruptions. Subs & Dubs Watch simulcasts straight from Japan—plus new dubbed episodes within two weeks of their Japanese broadcast. Watch Offline Download your favorite episodes and watch on the go. Hooked on a new show? Add it and your other favorites to the queue, then skip forwards or backwards in 10-second increments. In-App Subscription Information: • New Funimation subscribers will receive a 14-day free trial. After that, the account will renew on a monthly basis. • Your iTunes Account will automatically be charged after you confirm your subscription. • The subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current billing period. You can manage subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to Account Settings after purchase. • Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription to that publication, where applicable. For more information, visit our Terms of Use ( and Privacy ( pages.

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Funimation app reviews

  • Weird Glitch 5/5

    By ghhdjdhdhbshsj
    Good app, but there is a weird glitch where this app buffers when I watch a show, please devs this is annoying and I can’t watch any shows.
  • It’s okay 3/5

    By eizzy23
    It’s good but the ads gets long
  • Anime 3/5

    By princessasiahmonae345
    You should put more anime shows like Naruto shows and more like Crunchyroll they have a lot but some are sub so I would appreciate it please more shows on there on dub and sub to watch anime Please think about it And want u guys fix some bug issues on the search also maybe update your app to make it more awesome I just started my free trail today please make this app better . Because I wants u guys get more rated on this app like 5 out of 5 be better than Crunchyroll that my opinion I hope u read this 🙂😃
  • Too much ads 4/5

    By Galaxywolfnope
    I want to my hero academia but there was so much ads I couldn’t even watch the episode, I don’t mean to be rude or causing any hate, but my parents don’t want me to spend money on the premium, I only get like a minute before 5 ads pop up, and it keeps going and going! I hope you consider removing some ads, but it’s still a good app!
  • Still having connectivity issues. 4/5

    By Xadahgla-Hgla
    Recently, Funimation simply hangs in an infinite loop & I’ve had to switch to other streaming apps (So far, I’ve been able to find the anime I’m watching distributed legally to other sites). I’m not sure what I’m going to do once I get to a Funimation-only anime if (or when) that time comes, especially since I have a paid subscription. Edit: After deleting & reinstalling the app, it now works again. But that shouldn’t be the go-to fix.
  • App crashes when I attempted to download an episode 1/5

    By demetri473
    Pretty self explanatory. No more no less
  • Lagging, And Hard Time Loading 4/5

    By To Love Niki
    The anime’s sometimes lag. And sometimes the anime’s have a hard time loading and so I’m just staring at a blank black screen. Everything else is spectacular.
  • Great but won’t load 4/5

    By Nick ender
    I really like this add but the fact is sometimes it refuses to load and it will start you back a the beginning of an episode. But when I got the subscription it went away.
  • This app sure knows how to piss me off 1/5

    By mhfortniteturtle
    This app used to be good but every time they do a bug fix 3 more bugs happen and now there is a loading bar in all the shows right in the middle of the screen so I may delete it after I finish the last season of dbz
  • Need Help Please. 5/5

    By OMFilkins19
    Getting very annoyed with this app. I click on the allow mature content , it says next to it disabled. When i click that it pops up with the text about the site and to log into my account on the website, so i did. I can’t seem to get the mature content and it’s annoying because I’m 19 and can’t seem to get a solution to my problem. I need help with it ASAP.
  • Add more anime’s please 3/5

    By santoshparty
    So I was on Funimation looking for my favorite shows, the first thing I searched up was the seven deadly sins, but you guys don’t have full episodes. Next thing I searched up was naruto and Boruto but you guys don’t have that. The only thing I have to watch now is dragon ball and my hero academia (only season 1 of it) I’d really like you guys to just do Ad less and add so much more things
  • can’t watchmature content 2/5

    By Jamien Gross
    while i did change my settings in the funimation website i still can’t watch mature anime . there is something clearly wrong .
  • Very good but a small bug 4/5

    By Daniel Darrison
    The app works very well and is very useful in subbed and dubbed anime but I have been experiencing a small bug that continuously hinders me of any pause and fast forward features and continues to play a loading circle in the middle of the screen that is very distracting. Very good app overall but the bug can easily be fixed.
  • An issue while an episode is played 4/5

    By CGR8289
    As I am going to watch an episode on any series, a loading symbol appears when an episode is playing which prevents me to do anything while the episode is playing. When an ad appears, I thought it would get rid of it but it still stays there. I tried multiple ways to prevent this but nothing works.
  • I like the app but 4/5

    By DylanMaza
    I like the app but for no reason there is no Naruto episode’s so please,Funimation add Naruto and Naruto shippueden,Thank you
  • Annoying 2/5

    By urjdnx
    Freezes and crashes too often
  • Settings problems 2/5

    By Yoonji💞
    I just got this app and I wanted to watch this anime that I’ve watched before just in English. It said mature content so I went to the website to change my settings to allow it and it didn’t work. It still said disabled and it wouldn’t let me watch the anime I wanted to watch. They should have settings in the app instead and actually have it work. I don’t want an auto response that will just apologize I want someone to fix it.
  • Ads and one bug 4/5

    By DawsonTBNR
    Amazing app and all but I have to say there are way to many ads and they bug out the app a lot as well. Also I found a bug where when you start watching something sometimes the loading bar freezes or either the loading bar stays on the screen throughout an entire show.
  • Over all very good anime platform but one issue. 5/5

    By bikramrajabnshi
    I was trying to watch attack on titan since I finished season 1 on Netflix and it doesn’t have any other seasons I wanted to watch it on Funimation. But it said "you need to turn on mature thing." I forgot it but I did it said you need to log in on the website I did, but i enabled it but it didn’t work I tried watching attack on titan but still. I give 5 stars since it’s at least fun.
  • Fix this! 1/5

    By Kaitsumi
    Complete disconnect between the Apple store and FUNimation. Go through signing up and authorizing payment on AppleTV or iPhone App, then get an error message saying it did not work. Get an email the next day that says I have been charged for a subscription and it is not attached to the created account and can not be used. Can not link subscription to account. Sent in a trouble shoot to FUNimation and they say they can not look up or authenticate any transactions done through the Apple store. Told that I have to now contact Apple to get a refund. More like fix your app so that it works, as I have dozens of apps and multiple other streaming subscriptions and they do work. This is the third time, once using AppleTV, once with an iPad, and once using iPhone App. Edit: Terrible streaming app even when it does work. If you are not fully buffered (ie pretty much any peak time) you get a continuous loading pinwheel playing through your video, and the video controls do not even come up. So you can’t even pause (to let the video buffer) or choose different languages or subtitles. When it does work, the commercials I get either do not load fast enough and lock up the program, or they play in the background while the video is playing, so that I get the commercials sound on top of the video that is playing. Please either fix your app or release the videos to other distributors like Netflix or Crunchyroll, so that we can at least get a somewhat decent streaming bandwidth. I would pay to supposedly fix that bandwidth issue, but see ^ above. I can’t pay. Your app bugs out and charges me, then does not give me a subscription on my account or allow me to link my “new” sub to an account.
  • Haikyuu 4/5

    By bs dbsma
    This app is really great but I was sad you guys don’t have Haikyuu like the series or the movie I was so sad but I was glad I saw many other anime’s but it would be really great to add Haikyuu in my opinion it’s about a volleyball team trying to make it to the finals and be the one and only best volleyball team but when one of the team members got a recommendation he went to the other team it’s starting to get rough I haven’t watch season 4 that’s why I downloaded Funimation it’s really great thought I’d be happy if you guys are able to put the series or movie
  • Trash 1/5

    By qpfnrsss
    How the hell are you guys going to allow us to have the option to turn on and off restrict mature content but it stays on no matter what fix this trash app if y’all don’t want such a low rates
  • Some shows won’t load 3/5

    By hayden72946
    I got the premium membership but some of the shows won’t load
  • It’s okay 3/5

    By chris8373763
    Sometimes when I try to download videos it doesn’t even give me the option to download it
  • Please add this!!! 5/5

    By xxxlovetheone
    Can you please add Naruto in the app. PLEASE
  • Help please 4/5

    By please fix asap please
    I’m currently watching BNHA (my hero academia) season 4 and episode 74 and after are in Japanese even though it says “English/Japanese” but when I click on the episode it’s only Japanese audio. Same with Fairytail season 3 and after that . I’m just confused as to why it only has the Japanese audio when it says it has an English option when it doesn’t 😂
  • I Don’t Know About This...... 2/5

    By Charels hiclevottem
    I downloaded the app after seeing it on youtube. Overall the app isn't that good. You’d be better off on the browser. First of all I made a account and wanted to finish High school DxD. It said it was 18+ content. I didn't think anything about it. Obviously it is. So I try to change the setting so i can watch. I then get a message to go to to the website. Weird but i did it and came back to the app. Still i cant watch it. The settings from the website didn't transfer over. So then i go to email them and they tell me to do it on the website. I emailed i had already did that and got no response. Other than that they do have a good selection of anime. Just wish i could watch then
  • Loading screen 2/5

    By ALan0-
    I love anime and I can’t watch it on any other thing but I found this but when I watch an anime I get a loading circle for the whole episode each episode the anime plays but I can pause it or do any thing can you please fix this?
  • Great if you have patience 4/5

    By 🐬🐆 Girl
    Had a couple problems of it not allowing me to deposit and it doesn’t have all of the anime that the Full one does but that’s expected for a mobile. Otherwise this has been great and I love it. 😁😁
  • TOO MANY ADS 3/5

    By laurikw
    I just got the app and I got premium. When I wanted to watch the first episode on season four of My Hero Academia it made me watch an ad. And after that ad it wont let me skip the intro but I want to so I can watch the main part. At least make it where there is not so many ads. Other than that it is good so far.
  • What 2/5

    By k97q
    It says I have the app and I need to update it but I don’t have it
  • To many ads 1/5

    By Luis__bro
    When leaving the app and returning it makes you watch ads until the bar is full not to mention that the website doesn’t work so you can’t watch mature content until it works.
  • It’s really good! But.. 4/5

    By precious_24
    I love this app! But sometimes the loading button stays on my screen for the entire episode and I can’t really do anything but watch the episode. What I mean is I can’t put captions, I can’t change the audio if I want. But overall it’s pretty good. I don’t know if it’s just me, or other people are going through. But please get this fix. It may be a glitch, but it keeps happening a lot. I deleted the app and it keeps happening.
  • why can’t i sign up 1/5

    By MxrkRiv
    i’ve been watching anime since i was a little kid and it all started with dragon ball z i remember seeing that funimation logo before ever show and game rn i’m not in the state i moved to mexico and all i wanna do is watch my favorite animes bc here’s theres no hulu and apparently there’s no funimation neither i just wanna watch my animes man plz fix this
  • Loading.... 2/5

    By Lillynsmom
    Every single time I tried to watch an anime it would load absolutely nothing, just load while I was watching it. Just a big fat loading swirl while I was watching it. Please fix this!
  • Glitches and annoying ads 3/5

    By Prime5150jr
    Ok I know that type have to pay to remove ads but the ads happen every 5 minutes the ads are very long and they happen anytime you watch an episode after watching a bit of it even if you aren’t near an ad it shows and ad. 2nd problem there’s this glitch where the buffering symbol is stuck on my screen so when I tap the screen it doesn’t show the things it usually does so I can’t watch an episode. Please fix these problems.
  • Funimation app gone bad 1/5

    By zamaurie_1
    I rate this app a one star cuz they make us pay and they start marking some of the show speak Japanese
  • Trash 1/5

    By aiwgwjekdnayejr
    This app is horrible. It’s like the developers didn’t know how to make the app work properly. I’m trying to watch My Hero Academia and SAO Alicization, but whenever I try to watch them the buffering circle stays in the middle of the screen even while the episode is playing. Then whenever they is an ad in the middle of the episode, the episode starts all over again from the beginning. This app is trash and I do not recommend. I expect to see this getting a fix sooner or later.
  • Launguage and loading problems 3/5

    By shhshxhdujdhd
    I have to problems with this app 1 a lot of episodes I watch say you can watch them in English but when I do it only lets me watch it in Japanese and second a lot of the time when I watch an episode it starts to load but starts the video but it is still loading and it won’t let me change the language or pause the episode
  • Enraged 1/5

    By Ronald Artest
    I’m trying to watch Gleipnir right and I gotta turn off child protection but when I do it i still can’t turn it of 😡🤬 And i really want to watch Gleipnir!!!!
  • No Naruto 1/5

    By supremekid678
    1 star review because no naruto
  • Won’t let me watch certain series’ 2/5

    By deadly.tears
    So i just got this app and most of the anime’s i want to watch are mature. So, i went to your website to fix this because it wouldn’t let me watch it. I followed the directions from the app and i turned off the restrict mature settings. but it wouldn’t work and everytime i tried to watch it on the app, it would sign me out and take me to the accounts page. This is very aggravating. Can i just not watch mature shows without having a subscription? Cause if that’s the case I’m deleting the app completely.
  • Lots of variety but it won’t let me watch anything 2/5

    By AlyDia2
    I wanted to go back and watch a variety of both newer and older shows but while it shows I have things set properly and I should theoretically be able to watch them, the app won’t open and won’t play really anything without me downloading it first. Same problems with casting. Please fix!!!
  • Great app, Annoying bugs 4/5

    By Drof999
    This is a really great app and it’s really well developed but you really really deprive yourselves of achieving a 5 star app by not fixing an annoying mild bug, on attack on titan I have to exit out of episodes over and over hoping to get the play button to show but no, it keeps showing the loading symbol in the middle throughout the entire episode, I thought it was my internet but it wasn’t cause the video was still playing, great app, annoying and idiotic bug.
  • Not very good at all 1/5

    By Edogstone
    The constant loading wheel getting shown throughout the show even when the show is currently being played, the password reset website never works, the ads never stop playing even when they have finished, and the ads ALSO play on top of each other. Would not recommend to a friend. Just because it’s free, doesn’t mean you should use it. I mean, they’re practically pissing on us without even the courtesy of calling it rain.
  • Could be great, but is impossible 3/5

    By my hope is bakugone
    I had watched the first 3 seasons of My Hero Academia and was looking for a place where I could watched the 4th season in dub and I found the website. I tried to watch the first episode of season 4, but couldn’t so I decided to subscribe. I created an account and filled out everything to get the Premium subscription, but no matter what I did, an error would appear. When I closed the tab, re-opened it, and tried it again, the website would ask me to sign in and it didn’t even take me to the same subscription thing as before, but instead took me to my account. It did say I could subscribe, but I tried, it didn’t do anything. I then got the app on my iPad, went to where I could subscribe and once again received an error. I decided to forget it and see if I could watch My Hero Academia anyways. I was happy to find that i could, but there was a loading symbol in the middle of the screen that wouldn’t leave. I tried using air play to watch it through my tv instead and thankfully the loading symbol was gone, but as soon as I got to the adds (not the ones before the episode, the first ones after the episode started), they start glitching, repeating a specific section of an add. I decided to start over and try again. Then, when getting to the same adds, I was momentarily relieved to find that it was playing normally until around 2/3 of the way through. It stops playing through my tv although my iPad looks as if the episode were still on the tv, and without volume or video, the bar at the bottom goes back to the beginning and continues to play. After a few more tries with the same result, I gave up. I looked here and saw in a review that there’s no glitches with Premium and I feel that makes sense especially because the issues i dealt with seemed to mostly include the ads, but neither the website nor the app would even allow me to get the Premium version. Both the website and the app are an absolute mess. If these things were fixed, it would be perfect which is the only reason I rated the app as well as i did, but until then, both the website and the app are absolutely useless and have done nothing but frustrate and disappoint me.
  • Mature content bug 2/5

    By Tokiwotomawryyyyyy
    I’m trying to watch Tokyo ghoul but every time I disable the setting it doesn’t work
  • Everything is great except subtitles. 3/5

    By K Steve
    I haven’t had any issues other than there is no option to have subtitles on permanently for subbed anime.
  • Great but some problems. 4/5

    By givemehuggiesuwu
    I am an anime fanatic, I watch anime on it every time I have the chance. But when I watch up there’s a loading sign and it won’t let me put subs on. I watch OHSHC, MHA, TBHK, and KNY/DS. So it won’t let me pause or anything. I don’t know what to do to stop it but overall it’s a great app!

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