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  • Current Version: 2.0.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Funimation Global Group, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Funimation App

Start watching the largest collection of English-dubbed anime and hundreds of subtitled shows from Japan on the Funimation iOS app. Stream on your time and from any place. Start your 14-Day Free Trial today! Funimation’s expansive library of HD, ad-free anime features movies, OVAs, extras, and the hottest, top-trending shows like Demon Slayer, Fruits Basket, Black Clover, and Attack on Titan. And classics like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Black Butler—or smash hits like My Hero Academia! Your anime adventures are about to begin! Other benefits include: Watch Ad-Free Stream hundreds of new and classic anime without those pesky commercial interruptions. Subs & Dubs Watch simulcasts straight from Japan—plus new dubbed episodes within two weeks of their Japanese broadcast. Watch Offline Download your favorite episodes and watch on the go. Hooked on a new show? Add it and your other favorites to the queue, then skip forwards or backwards in 10-second increments. In-App Subscription Information: • New Funimation subscribers will receive a 14-day free trial. After that, the account will renew on a monthly basis. • Your iTunes Account will automatically be charged after you confirm your subscription. • The subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current billing period. You can manage subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to Account Settings after purchase. • Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription to that publication, where applicable. For more information, visit our Terms of Use ( and Privacy ( pages.

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Funimation app reviews

  • Best app ever 5/5

    By jrrjsjdhfhhs
    I made a free acc and I can watch lots of Good anime ppl are saying oh it’s bad and there’s a lot of bugs there’s not this is the best app ppl that have like Tubi has free movies with adds and this is just like it a free acc = Free anime with adds BEST APP
  • eh 2/5

    to many ads tph i rather watch on a website that gives me a viruse
  • Best app 5/5

    By hiivivicciicucciicci
    I love Funimation I watch all my anime on dub and and I like new change they did my favorite anime app❤️
  • Missing some features. Full screen issues. 3/5

    By Zyrphon
    I am using iPhone 12 Pro Max. Videos downloaded to my phone do not go full screen which is a HUGE problem. I switched from Android where there was a SimulDub section that was very useful for me only to find that there is no such section on iOS. Please atleast fix the first issue. Thank you!
  • Great Service, Horrible app 1/5

    By treashhh1253
    This app gets updated 2 times a year and consistently has problems. Anytime I try to cast to my tv, it’s a coin flip as to what language version of the show will be played. Despite changing every setting to get the app to cast in Japanese, it is impossible to change the language after the show has been cast. Disconnect and makes sure it’s playing Japanese, doesn’t matter because as soon as you attempt to cast it the show automatically starts playing in English.
  • New update - New problems 2/5

    By SLKReaLiSeD
    Well … I was about to go on a rampage and leave one-star review, when I noticed a new redesign. Finally! At least now Funimation looks slightly better than a 2010 design with tiny buttons and a low-quality pictures\art. Please fix or add: - Double tap to go further\back. - Support for the iPad keyboard. Literally any other streaming service DOES support this. Spacebar to Play\Pause, Arrows to navigate - Add high-res Funimation logo … Have you tested your app on iPads? Do you have trouble with this? You wouldn’t miss this, if you would have at least some QA in the company. If you have a trouble with this, reach me out, I can help you point out at these problems. Hope that this review will help to steer towards the better user experience. Best,
  • errors render worthless 1/5

    By Oddiun
    Play error 5 on everything Shockingly never had an error on them deducting payment…
  • Cant watch sub? 4/5

    By ThatFortniteDude676
    im trying to watch That time i got reincarnated as a slime but when i try to change it to sub it wants me to subscribe with premium to use it, i have premium +
  • I love higurashi 5/5

    By luna 123456789👗
    When they cry is good anime
  • 1 of 4 ads. 2/5

    By Jftivc
    way too many ads to the point where it feels like i’m watching more ads than anime. “oH JusT bUy pRemIUm!!1!” i just want to watch anime for free, ads are okay but not 16 per episode. i’ll be leaving funimation after watching love is war season 2. please consider vrv over funimation.
  • Takes you’re money 1/5

    By HozhoGo
    I paid for the premium plus account when I had the free trial for awhile. Even though I purchased it and have the Receipt for it …it’s not showing up on my account. I emailed them and tried logging in and out but nothing. Uninstalled the app and still nothing. I
  • Rotation problems when download 2/5

    By stonedvajayjay
    I love Funimation but when I download a anime my screen won’t rotate even when I take of portrait lock off?? Please fix it
  • Where’s my digital copies? 4/5

    By mattmarsha7x
    I love the app and the ability to watch all the different anime’s. But I’m having a problem with the digital copy redemption of my movies. Before the update I was able to find them and watch them, but they’ve disappeared. However I can still find them on the Funimation website. Is there any way to resolve this issue?
  • Pause/Play Bug. 4/5

    By AArg! Angry Reviewer
    Thanks you! My previous issue with the queue was fixed. The new UI along with the previous queue being fixed have made the experience far better than it initially was. There are only two issues that I have with the app now since the UI change. The first is the animation for the pause/play button is annoying. Before in the old version it would be instantaneously paused or played. Now with this new animation sometimes it takes to long to pause right where I want to pause the video. So I have to rewind like 10 times to get it to pause at the right moment I want to pause the video. And if you do it to many times it will bug out requiring you to force close the app and reopen it. The last issue is the fact that episode descriptions have basically disappeared. I would use those as a bit of barometer on whether or not I would continue watching a show or not. Now I have to cross reference with online resources which can be a bit of a hassle. I liked the previous integration of episode summaries in the app and I’m wondering if there is any chance to bring them back? All in all. The app has really progressed by leaps and bounds. Love the new UI and the all the improvements made this far. Still needs a little polishing, but it’s been great so far. The service is still one of the best. Cheers!
  • Don’t know If anyone else has this problem 3/5

    By RendenFender
    So what’s happening is that I’ll be watching something and when it goes to the next episode is just won’t load it at all, and it will just skip through episode without even playing them
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By BobbyMoney197
    It really is a shame that this is the only streaming service with Dragon Ball Z, Funimation is almost to glitchy to even get through the series. For example, I click to continue watching episode 13, yet it starts playing episode 12 all over again. And this is just the most recent, there are so many weird one time glitches, that I couldn’t even list them all.
  • Download problems 2/5

    By chaunceycru
    When I download any anime the screen won’t rotate horizontally
  • Excellent service but truly awful UI/UX design 3/5

    By RMSTitanic89
    I love watching anime using FUNimation’s service. That being said, the user experience really needs to be improved as the app is difficult to navigate, such switching seasons/episodes within a show. I was hoping these issues would be resolved in the new version of the app, but the same navigational issues are present and in some ways worse.
  • .. 2/5

    By AnimeBoo!
    Just wish we didn’t have to upgrade to watch out favorite anime..
  • Functionality 1/5

    By hatchetaxe
    Even tho this is the main app i use to watch anime due to the size and variety of anime and the fact them having every episode of my fav shows in dubbed its also the WORST app i use period for streaming. Half the time it just cuts out in an episode and i either have to fast forward past the problem spot or skip the episode entirely or the app itself just flat out doesnt want to work. Plus a skip intro button would be nice to have when your binge watching a series.
  • No Just no 2/5

    By bay and syd
    To many adds takes long to load and is the glitchiest app I have ever been on Like she can’t do anything she really said you not watching anything here hehehheh like no just no

    By jakeLuster
    If only i can ask for a refund i'll do it, everytime i start watch the video it freezes on me, and this app need a wifi to start and i had other app like crunchyroll or netflix you can use data to play the apps. I was so disappointed on this apps, I don't know who made this but you guys ahould know better.
  • This is great 5/5

    By doggokid 0204
    It has no bugs it runs smoothly and works rose were fake reviews it’s awesome
  • Afro Samarai 2/5

    My account won’t allow me to change maturity rating settings also is not a legitimate website when attempting to change account settings via web browser website doesn’t load and doesn’t exist yet it’s the only option given to change maturity level
  • They told a big lie 2/5

    By TOᗰᗷOY ᘜIᖇᒪ
    They said (anywhere) but in my Region it isn’t available, I was really excited and I downloaded it, but when I opened it it said (this app isn’t available in your region) I a little mad and sad I dunno why they told such a big lie!!!!!!!!
  • Ads 2/5

    By homayoonfirehamster12
    So I tried watching my favorite anime one piece and it doesn’t have a english version so I went to watch attack on titan but there was a ad every 1 minute so I can’t even watch anything
  • Maybe I’ll give u a better review 1/5

    By Luffy4986
    I want to watch by the Grace of the gods so plz make it free…:)
  • Product Owners Should Be Embarassed 1/5

    By Gosu D
    The Funimation app makes Crunchyroll look like Netflix. The app is riddled with bugs and terrible UX designs. After every update they manage to introduce more bugs.
  • Does not play well with Paypal . . . 1/5

    By Tgnbthutfnjcr
    I give up. No other subscription channel has this problem. Why am I paying every month for a channel I can never watch when I want to. Nothing but headaches . . .
  • Multiple people 3/5

    By buddy_dog666
    We need to be able to add multiple people for families that want to watch the same things but doesn’t mess with the other people’s stuff
  • Option to remove shows on continue watching 5/5

    By alejandro_2020
    I like the new design and all but I do feel overwhelmed with my continue watching tab filled with either finished shows that don’t remove themselves or just shows that I’ve dropped I realized that’s why I don’t get on funimation anymore which is weird but even if I didn’t have a problem with that I’d think a remove option would be great
  • Upgrade ideas for a better experience 4/5

    By Kandy0413
    Something that would be helpful while watching would be being able to skip or go back 10 seconds that’s helpful if I were to miss a part and I need to go back to rewatch it. Another thing you could possibly add would be: Picture in Picture mode, so I could go onto other apps watching. Everything else is pretty good when it comes to the way the app is set up, I’m so happy I can finally watch My Hero Academia in the English dub!!! Thank you 😊🎊🎉
  • It is good 5/5

    By asipho
    I shorted and we need naruto shippuden
  • Good app but everything is premium 3/5

    By @king G
    This app has lots of good shows but any good series or episodes are all premium for shows that are most popular so I can’t watch any shows that are actually good. And on top of that there are so many adds that I just stop watching after so many.
  • Well… 2/5

    By James_K_
    I travel a lot, so not being able to full screen my downloads is extremely annoying as I can’t see anything as well as I should be able to. When I stream the app automatically goes into full screen, however when watching a download it plays at the same size as a YouTube video at the top of your screen. I’m really trying to use this app as it seems great and I’m mostly a dub watcher, but please fix the full screen, there’s no reason I should have to watch a mini player.
  • Truly horrible app 1/5

    By DiNuEg
    The only good thing about this app is that signing up for a new free account doesn’t require a credit card. On the contrary, all of the decent content is locked behind a paywall, the only thing available is some anime titles, of which only a fraction are tolerable.
  • Ads ads and MORE ADS 1/5

    By edvrvfgg
    I can watch the stuff and yeah but just ADS
  • Chromecast struggles 1/5

    By Mango_Life
    After the most recent large update, it’s become impossible to watch any show that has an English dub. When I try to change the audio to Japanese, it is never an option. As a sub only watcher, the app is slowly becoming useless. Navigation through the app while connected to chromecast has become incredibly hard as well. Lots of pop up’s anytime a new episode is selected. No skip to next episode functionality. Please fix.
  • im paying for a subscription i cant even use 3/5

    By haleyzzyxx
    i absolutely love watching the shows but i paid for my subscription and was waiting until yesterday to get it back because it said it would be paid june 19 i get on it today and its says it will not renew until august 18
  • Barely functional app 1/5

    By Ap07290
    This app is genuinely difficult and tedious to use. I’d say roughly 1/4 of the shows refuse to load no matter what you do, and when that happens theres no option to exit back to the menu so you just have to close the app. On top of this, it regularly says “Not available in your region” and I have to refresh it repeatedly until it registers what country I’m in. Plus, when broswing through shows you can’t even read the title of most of them because the icon is so tiny and theres no text other than whats writtin on the cover art. I refuse to believe that a single person working on this app has ever used it because after looking for a show for about 5-10 minutes, my eyes hurt from the strain of trying to read the titles. If there was any other streaming service with a reasonable amount of dubbed anime I would switch in a heartbeat, but the majority of others focus on subbing
  • about the app 1/5

    By hfhfhhchddfhh
    okay so i downloaded this app a couple of days ago. I thought it was gonna be good but, it keeps glitching, kicking me out, and when i was trying to watch the next episode of my show it said i had to pay to watch the episode, why? i was just trying to watch something because i couldnt find it anywhere else and now i have to pay to watch it?? i will not be using this app again. PLUS not everyone has the money just to watch 1 episode of a show 💀. whats the point of making an app and letting people watch stuff for money when they can find it somewhere else for free.. 💀. maybe i would like this app better if you didnt have to pay or watch ads, like whats the point?
  • Only problem 5/5

    By chfngcnv
    My only problem is that it wont let me pay for the membership but at the same time i cant watch some animes i've wanted to watch :/
  • It’s a scam. 2/5

    By Blackfyre99
    I subscribed for premium plus one before and loved it but had to unsubscribe due to money. And. No I subscribed back they just took my money and didn’t give me the perks of premium plus so they stole my money. And I when I sent them proof I paid for the subscription and they just say it’s my phone.
  • Watched episodes 2/5

    By Aidragas
    Everytime I end an episode when I leave the app and comeback later the episode it appears incomplete of watching, that’s annoying.
  • Decent app 4/5

    By MoonLxghtV2
    It’s a good app to watch anime on but there’s so many ads. There’s 4 intervals in one episode and each interval has either 1-4 ads in it. Most of the time 4. Kinda gets annoying but I guess that’s what I’m gonna deal with if I don’t have a prescription.
  • Stupid 1/5

    Why you do dumb I log in with the correct info and you can’t load it up because you laggy piece of poop dumb poopy face I’m gonna still watch on here though also why your ads like 5 minutes losers
  • Great! But need some changes 2 3/5

    By I recamendd
    Sorry but I forgot to say maybe add something so we can skip intros but not automatically just like click it and skip the intros if we want to because I’m tired of watching the intros and when I try skipping the intros myself I skip some of the anime because I’m not really good at skipping stuff I just- I’m just not good at in general 😅 I don’t know how to describe it but if I try skipping myself it never goes the way I tend to 😅 so maybe try something for the intros because me in general I have some trouble skipping
  • Ads 4/5

    By iansanders
    Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind ads but they just keep playing the same ads 4 times like that 7 deadly sins game that played 4 times and still played on other ad brakes
  • Necessary Evil 2/5

    By HakuKana
    There’s some great shows and I’d like to watch them. I consider it unfortunate that they are on the Funimation app and licensing. The app is immensely buggy with a variety of issues. The worst one bothering me right now is the audio being displaced from the video. This is ruining important anime moments and plot twists. If I didn’t need to use this app or even site for anime, I wouldn’t.
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