FXNOW: Movies, Shows & Live TV

FXNOW: Movies, Shows & Live TV

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  • Current Version: 10.29.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Disney
  • Compatibility: Android
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FXNOW: Movies, Shows & Live TV App

Enjoy the best lineup of critically-acclaimed dramas, hilarious comedies, and blockbuster movies LIVE or ON DEMAND. FULL EPISODES Stream full episodes* of your favorite FX TV shows like: Archer Snowfall Hip Hop Uncovered NY Times Presents Fargo Cake Mayans M.C. Breeders Hysterical It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia And more… LIVE TV Sign in with your TV provider to watch your favorite shows live!* FX ACCOUNT Personalize your experience by creating a free account to save your favorites, continue watching where you left off and sync your preferences across multiple devices. * The most recent full episodes as well as the FX live stream require a participating TV provider account. Show and episode availability are subject to change. Before you download this app, please consider that it may include or support advertising, some of which the Walt Disney Family of Companies may target to your interests. You may choose to control targeted advertising within your platform settings (for example, by resetting your device's advertising identifier and/or opting out of interest based ads). Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software, which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see http://www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information. Terms of Use: http://disneytermsofuse.com/ Privacy Policy: https://disneyprivacycenter.com Do Not Sell My Info: https://privacy.thewaltdisneycompany.com/en/dnsmi/ Your California Privacy Rights: https://privacy.thewaltdisneycompany.com/en/current-privacy-policy/your-california-privacy-rights/

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FXNOW: Movies, Shows & Live TV app reviews

  • Unusable 1/5

    By Ohh yeahh ;)
    Good luck

    By fixurinterfacebezos
    have to watch 10 minutes of commercials every 10 minutes
  • Four years a failure 1/5

    By Armywifemaryward
    Nothing I have ever watched on FOX NOW has ever worked well. I use the app because I have certain shows that I need to watch on it. But every single solitary time I try to watch something on Fox now I have some kind of issue. Of all of the streaming apps that I have and I have many, this one is the ultimate worst. I can access FOX NOW on my phone with no problem, signing in with my cable login but cannot watch on my Roku TV with the same cable login. Error message. If I switch the orientation on my phone I get the continuous loading circle. If I close the app adjust the orientation and then open, it it’s fine. But it can’t seamlessly switch orientation. I get multiple error notifications. Close the app open it and it works. Well it works minus the issues I mentioned above with the continuous loading circle. I have never ever encountered as many issues with a streaming app as I have with this one. If I could rate it a -5 I would. Most of the other streaming apps will eliminate the commercials if I’ve watched them once. Not so with this one.I’ve been trying to watch a show for the past 15 minutes and have encountered three or four errors. The continuous loading circle. Cutting off while watching and getting an error message. Enough so that I quit watching the show I was trying to watch and show something else. Something else that works seamlessly well without all this chaos!!
  • I don’t really care much for FOX... or FX. 4/5

    By adam5son
    I mean, I like the simpsons marathon going on... but not much else. I’m indifferent.
  • Playback movies 2/5

    By Mike from Millersville, Md
    Stalls at commercial breaks. I suggest a new app.
  • **Edit: Finally signs into TV provider now!** 👍 3/5

    By TeslaNY
    Original review: “Won’t sign in to TV provider on iPhone or iPad! Can’t watch anything because app… ⬆️”
  • The worst 1/5

    By kbmtam
    Just downloaded it. The first movie I tried to watch keep saying error after every ad. Then you go back to watch movie it makes you watch 6 more ads. Then when the movie finally comes back it’s were it was after the ads before or it starts the movie from the beginning. This app is junk
  • Terrible on Apple TV as of 7/24/22 1/5

    By gnphiker
    Won’t recognize Hulu sign in. Can’t watch any shows. Constantly freezes up.
  • Needs help 1/5

    By Bdave24
    Get out of the streaming game until you work out the glitches. It’d be nice to watch something without it freezing
  • Ok but not user friendly 3/5

    By okkhnj
    It is cumbersome to navigate to show information or previous episodes
  • Needs work 3/5

    By Jugo Fresh
    App still has bugs in it. I have to close the app and reopen it to get movies and shows to play.
  • It’s basically a scam 1/5

    By Bubbaboobear06
    I looked up on google where I can watch a movie and it brought up FX for free with your tv provider but when I downloaded the app and made an account you have to pay a separate subscription!
  • Commercial 1/5

    By Hello don't watch
    Way to many commercials can’t fast forward
  • Constantly Quits 1/5

    By Bug28122
    App consistently stops working when using airplay to my TV. It’s take 2 hours to watch 40 mins of a movie due to the constant crashing. Terrible!!!!
  • Extremely buggy. Unusable with Chromecast. Pathetic for a huge company. 1/5

    By ein4259
    The app on the phone is buggy and terrible enough. It doesn’t remember where you left off, doesn’t properly respond to pause/play, etc. Using with Chromecast is much much worse. It initially casts to TV (after many bugs), but then quickly loses connection with Chromecast, which is impossible to resume. You have to disconnect and then guess where you were in the movie by dragging the timeline, which is way too small to be accurate. Even if you get it right, chances are you get stuck watching commercials for 2 minutes that you already watched. Then as you watch on Chromecast, the stream is frequently freezing and switching between HD and like 120p or something barely visible. And no, it’s not my internet, it’s fast and reliable. I never write reviews but felt the need to write this one due to how frustrating my viewing experience was. Will rent movie next time.
  • Can’t even sign in 1/5

    By bronco208
    Title says it all,can’t sign in to my tv provider doesn’t recognise any of my info.maybe you and xfinity can get your act together because your companion app to sign in does not work.
  • Buggy 2/5

    By Monkeyrumen
    Your ad system is broken, fix your shish trash bags
  • More bad coding 1/5

    By huedaman
    Previously validated provider. Provider registered in iOS database. Update your app to get your “bug fix” only to find you STILL have not corrected your “ignore my existing provider” bug. USELESS!
  • Ads mess up playback 1/5

    By KC2MNC
    When your watching a movie, there are a huge amount of ads. This alone would not be a dealbreaker. But there are dots on the timeline, on most apps with ads on playback, these dots are where the ads are, but in this app they don’t seem to have any meaning at all. But again, this isn’t the end of the world. What really gets me is that after the ads, the playback head keeps moving, but the playback doesn’t, meaning that you end up skipping parts of the movie!
  • Hey Disney, Time to replace your C- App Developers 1/5

    By 24hrtech
    It is very obvious that the new owners, Disney, does not want to change their FX model because, well, it’s a free service if you have a cable provider. This is the most undependable bug fueled app of all the streamers. It’s the only app I have that has difficulty connecting to verify I am an xfinity customer. And when it does acknowledge, and starts streaming, no volume. Keep it up Disney LOSER DEVELOPERS THAT MAKE THE FX APP NEED SOMEPLACE TO WORK, RIGHT?
  • Episode 1/5

    By Bobby digital 85
    Why the episode is taking too long to arrive on the app. The Mayans come on Sunday today Tuesday episode 4 still not showing on the FXNOW app.
  • Simply a lie, false advertisement 1/5

    By kirshyjr
    They say u could just watch but u can’t cuz u need ur own provider if I had my own provider then why would I use this app.
  • Bogus and lags 1/5

    This app seriously needs an update. It is so slow and it lags terribly. Wouldn’t recommend
  • needs mirroring/airplay 1/5

    By piff41
    this’ 1 of the only apps that doesn’t offer mirroring/airplay and picture in picture play.needs a big improvement
  • The way it handles ads is outright hostile 1/5

    By tecnodrome
    Not only are you getting edited versions of movies, not only is the streaming quality poor, but the way it handles commercial breaks is truly offensive. If you pause and play, there’s a good chance it’ll lose your place. If it’s unsure where you were, better play 6 ads. It’s restarted the movie over entirely three times for me. Every time before I can scrub ahead and attempt to find where I was, better play 6 more ads. If you can somehow find your place where you left off, before you can first verify where you were (much less actually watch the movie again) here’s 6 more ads first. Outrageous and unusable.
  • The app does not open 1/5

    By Agape$
    The app was working fine and now it does not open at all. I have an iPhone 13 pro fully updated. This was my favorite app. Fix it
  • So many adds! 2/5

    By mike12q3
    I’ve sat through 8minutes of commercials to watch a 20minute show. So painful!
  • Couldn’t watch ONE movie 1/5

    By denisegillam1
    I downloaded FX Now on my fire stick to watch a movie. After I downloaded the app I had to go into settings and delete the cache THREE times before it would even load the TV provider login page so I could access content. After I logged in, the movie I tried to watch was like stop-motion. But of course the commercials loaded just fine.
  • Awful, unstable garbage app. 1/5

    By Roidlee
    Freezes at launch every time. Have to quit and restart. Freezes during streaming and loses place, have to rewatch ads over and over to get it working.
  • App skips chapters 1/5

    By danielc9
    Horrible app. It randomly skips chapters forward and backwards. The worst thing is having to watch comerciales only to find out it you are starting the show all over again. It definitely needs some work.
  • Worst streaming app 1/5

    By Mr.DC33
    They have one season of Always Sunny (season 5 randomly). Can watch the new season’s episode live but can’t rewind to the beginning nor watch it after the episode is done airing live.. pointless app. Just wait a day and watch the show on Hulu.
  • Utter garbage 1/5

    By codymhicks
    Complete garbage. I have to sign out and re-sign back in every time I try to watch an episode.
  • Trash App / Streaming Platform 1/5

    By udderball5000
    App just crashed with 20 min left in a movie. Only had to watch 20 ads to fast forward back to that place, only for it to crash again.
  • Phenomenally bad app. 1/5

    By Giovanni de Francisci
    When compared to other streaming apps such peacock, bravo, CBS, etc the app is Dubltrouble03 glitchy. Crashing often, adds display in a chat screechy way, it doesn’t remember where you left episode at when it crashes. This is vey essence of a poorly executed app. People and not just one or two but a lot of people should be fired o et how this app is. It shows that people can’t code, and those that project manage or run the channel at tolerant of poor quality. Unfortunately unlike bravo, NBC, and peacock there’s no alternative.
  • Impossible to cast to TV 1/5

    By bsgs2221
    Nearly impossible to use if you’re trying to cast to your tv. This app is unfortunately the only way I can keep up w a certain series as it comes out, and I dread having to use it. It will work until the first commercial break, and then it will glitch throughout the ads, go back to the beginning of the episode, close the app entirely, etc. Then, trying to get back to where I was in the show takes at least 5 minutes to figure out. You will try to fast forward, and then it will jump to a random point in the show. Please fix this app; it’s painful to use.
  • Stops playing 3/5

    By shadorkillerx
    Hardly workable if you want to stream to your TV… keeps signing me out from my subscription while playing…. Needs work… commercials constantly crashing
  • Like the app can’t stand the commercials. 3/5

    By Jrrod
    I mean let’s be fair they have to get the money for commercials but when I want to rewind a part that I just missed and have to start with 5 commercials again!?! Seriously after I just saw all 5 commercials! Fix this before others start losing their patience.
  • iOS 15.1 SharePlay not working 3/5

    By ZacTransport
    Hello, please update the app to work with the iOS 15.1 SharePlay feature, so I can watch “Impeachment” with friends and family not in my house. Also, app keeps logging me out. I am signed in with DirectTV.
  • Glitches 1/5

    By CGuib
    App glitches, hard to watch shows.
  • Issues 1/5

    By jamesjames85
    It will not load or open on my iPhone
  • FX 3/5

    By ssybia
    Far too many commercials.
  • Suddenly broken 1/5

    By Deadbeat88
    Cannot sign into tv providerJust comes up with errors saying sign in fail toAuthenticate and tryed deleting and re-downloading and powering off my phone WiFi and cellular network with same error message also disconnected my tv provider with my Apple account and signed back in my phone is an iPhone 12 and mediacom is the provider and yes I have fx on mediacom
  • Some bugs need to be fixed 1/5

    By Fxfan10000000000000
    I tried to login my tv provider but it gave me an authentication failure please fix.
  • Same long stupid commercials 2/5

    By theboss87424
    The commercials alone will make you not want to watch anything on the app
  • Casting is awful 1/5

    By Juezzy
    Whenever I tried to cast it would break in the ads they play. Then after successfully watching for around 15 minutes it would go into the ads but start the whole show over. I’d try to go back to where i was and would get stuck in a crazy ad loop
  • Don’t bother 2/5

    By Jellyn7
    The account creation will say your password is okay until you go to submit it and then suddenly it’s not secure enough, sneakily rechecking the spam opt-out box. When you do get in, you can’t watch squat without a TV login. If you’ve cut the cord, you don’t have one of those. Guess no Pose season 3 for any of us.
  • can’t sign in using cable login 1/5

    By livtotravel
    New updated app has issues with signing in using cable subscription sign in. Pls fix.
  • Horrible video player 1/5

    By Dejavue01
    Great tv network but horrible app.
  • This app is something else… 2/5

    By Beekillz
    Can’t watch the shows I want most of the time with this app. When I try to rewind or fast forward it’ll freeze especially when AirPlay is on