FXNOW: Movies, Shows & Live TV

FXNOW: Movies, Shows & Live TV

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  • Current Version: 10.11.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Disney
  • Compatibility: Android
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FXNOW: Movies, Shows & Live TV App

Enjoy the best lineup of critically-acclaimed dramas, hilarious comedies, and blockbuster movies LIVE or ON DEMAND. FULL EPISODES Stream full episodes* of your favorite FX TV shows like: Archer Snowfall Hip Hop Uncovered NY Times Presents Fargo Cake Mayans M.C. Breeders Hysterical It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia And more… LIVE TV Sign in with your TV provider to watch your favorite shows live!* FX ACCOUNT Personalize your experience by creating a free account to save your favorites, continue watching where you left off and sync your preferences across multiple devices. * The most recent full episodes as well as the FX live stream require a participating TV provider account. Show and episode availability are subject to change. Before you download this app, please consider that it may include or support advertising, some of which the Walt Disney Family of Companies may target to your interests. You may choose to control targeted advertising within your platform settings (for example, by resetting your device's advertising identifier and/or opting out of interest based ads). Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software, which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see http://www.nielsen.com/digitalprivacy for more information. Terms of Use: http://disneytermsofuse.com/ Privacy Policy: https://disneyprivacycenter.com Do Not Sell My Info: https://privacy.thewaltdisneycompany.com/en/dnsmi/ Your California Privacy Rights: https://privacy.thewaltdisneycompany.com/en/current-privacy-policy/your-california-privacy-rights/

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FXNOW: Movies, Shows & Live TV app reviews

  • Great app backed with good support 5/5

    By tobychi
    Kudos to the app development team at FX Interactive. They addressed the issues in my previous review within a month - fixed screen lock orientation problem and playback scrubber function issues. Issued an app update quickly. Bravo! Job well done. Thank you FXNOW for making the pandemic stay-at-home mandate much more bearable.
  • COME ON!!! 2/5

    By Bob mr cracked
    Whenever I am watching a movie, the screen becomes blurry and is in 360 or 480, but then it goes back to 720 or Hd. Super annoying!!! Also, it always freezes, so I have to exit the app and turn my WiFi on and off until it works again
  • If zero stars was an an option 1/5

    By rjbarton15
  • Absolutely love it with earbuds. 5/5

    By Kraken Attack
    Being able to listen to one of my top favorite TV Shows; Archer, through Apple Earbuds is a new experience you have to try. I’ve binged all of Archer’s seasons multiple times and through earbuds via my iPhone, I can hear all the little things I’ve missed from TV speakers. For instance. in the show’s theme, I can now distinctly hear the bass that I’ve missed repeatedly, with its nuances. There are subtle music cues and panning tricks. For instance sometimes Pam will yell something in the left ear, which lets you know her placement in the scene if she’s not visible, like in her office. I don’t know if they remixed the audio for this purpose or if it’s always been like it, but it’s an extremely pleasurable way to watch the show. To the point that I don’t really want to watch TV and movies without earbuds if the same quality of production is used.
  • Authentication failure message 1/5

    By muur697
    I keep getting an authentication failure message when I attempt to connect to my tv provider
  • Disney is ruining everything 1/5

    By dragon04780
    I used to be able to watch all kinds of shows from FX. It was one of my favorite channels. This has all changed since Disney has acquired them. Almost everything I wish to stream....even though I log in with my TV provider....sends me to HULU. Now you have to have a HULU subscription to actually stream most of the content from FX. This has become a way for Disney to corner the market with forcing HULU on anyone wishing to stream FX content wether they already have a TV provider providing the channel or not. Also, I cannot stream the content from my TV provider which essentially would force me to pay 2x to be able to watch FX programs. Once to my provider and again to HULU/Disney. Does Disney not have enough money already??
  • Tv provider really?!! 1/5

    By pelopincho75
    So for use the app I need to have a TV provider, for real?!!! I dont have TV provider I though that I just need to pay subscription and that its!! I dont like watch TV I just watch movies and shows in streaming like in disney+ or Netflix or other apps!!
  • TVAnywhere auth is defaulting incorrectly 1/5

    By SD01
    The oAuth process to log into your tv provider is defaulting to AT&T Uverse instead of displaying the provider selection screen and then completing the oAuth with the correct provider. I’m not on an AT&T network (my wifi is Xfinity), so I don’t know what’s being used to trigger the ATT TVE auth. Unable to use the app altogether.
  • I need help can’t connect to my tv provider 1/5

    By Chepina05
    Need help it says it can’t connect to tv provider
  • Horrible 1/5

    By deebrew47
    I tried for the last three days to watch movies and shows on this app and for some strange reason the app keeps giving me error messages. I removed the app from my iPad and then put it back and still the same error messages. I updated the app and the same error messages. I logged in and still the same error messages. I tried to choose my cable provider and it kept giving me the same error messages. Please fix this app.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By taliayou
    Authentication error makes it unusable. Does not work on any device.
  • Looks great, but it doesn’t work.... 1/5

    By JustSaying🦊
    When I first saw this app, I was super excited to watch all my favorite movies and tv shows, but when I downloaded it and made my account, every single tab just says that it’s down. The Home Screen won’t show up, and when I try to brows or search something, it says that it is ‘down’ at the moment and to check back later. I keep going back and waiting, but it’s not working. Could you guys please try and look on this problem to fix it?
  • Stopped working b4 removed app access to TV provider 5/5

    By Sightsees
    Previously worked on my iPad with no issues. Now the app will not authenticate and responds: authN. AuthenticationFailure 029-1216-000. Tried deleting and reinstalling and updating to no avail. Contacted FXX customer care who advised the Apple single sign on sometimes blocks. When I removed and didn’t allow the app to access the TV Provider, all worked well again. Thanks for such a clear solution without making me jump through hoops as cable providers often do.
  • Amazinggggg 5/5

    By chachaa_boy
    The best movies!! Love their shows!! Best entertainment.
  • Why is there no search function? 1/5

    By UncrownedK
    This app is literally supposed to be a movie and television catalog yet there's no way to search for something specifically. This plus the fact that none of it is alphabetized or organized in a discernible fashion makes this whole app trash. I want to watch a specific movie and I'll have to scroll forever to find it, if it's even there. I only downloaded this less than an hour ago and I already hate it. Congratulations you managed to streamline the useless app download process down to 30 minutes or less. Update: also there isn’t any of archer available on your app except for season 3. So I hope you have a Hulu subscription
  • Very easy to use App 5/5

    By Brisal_13
    Fast and easy to use really love using this app
  • Bad 1/5

    By ramzeyj
    Why I don’t have the option to select my tv provide,, It keeps showing me to sign in on at&t While I use xfinity
  • First time user 1/5

    By Teena V.
    Won’t even let me log on with my cable provider. It’s saying it’s having trouble with authentication for the app. Even with a lot of negative reviews I wanted to give it a try but this isn’t letting me do anything at all. I even deleted the app, downloaded it again but still the same problem...
  • Inappropriate ads on kids content 2/5

    By Telemetrus
    Tried to watch Hotel Transylvania 2 with the kids, but advertising for the Hulu horror show "Helstrom" kept coming up, scaring the kids. Absolutely not acceptable. If can't sort out appropriate advertising then we're not going to use your app and put-up with your broken advertising practices.
  • The person who made this app gave that five star review 1/5

    By djijei
    And won’t let me search anything or find anything I like it stupid that’s why I give it a one star
  • Fargo 5/5

    By loadydon
    Loved the first three knew I would love four!💪🏾
  • Unusable with smart tv AirPlay 1/5

    By anonymous.reviewer
    Skipping back and forth to ad breaks when trying to resume a movie, or when airplayed to TV. Caught in loop.
  • Verifying with TV Provider - Broken 1/5

    By Muffin McDanger
    The verifying screen goes in an endless loop when trying to login with tv provider. Deleted and reinstalled the app - issue doesn’t go away
  • App is terrible 1/5

    App does not work well at all. Constantly restarts the show in the middle of it, then makes you watch 4 minutes of ads to try to get back to where you were. Only for it to mess up again and watch the same ads.
  • I changed my provider and it won’t let me log in 1/5

    By Huskers1259
    It keeps going to the wrong provider page. I’ve spent an hour trying to figure it out. Keep your clumsy app, I don’t want it. Tired of this nonsense.
  • I’m canceling my subscription 1/5

    By Alalynn
    This app need to be fix ASAP if i pay for the server i should be Apple to hook my phone up to any tv and it should play ... why pay for one thing u only limited to watch on yo phone or iPad
  • Authentication Error 1/5

    By [leftblank]
    Obviously this is just a terrible app.
  • Commercials with a sprinkle of shows 1/5

    By JesseFreeman
    I’ve never seen so many commercials in a streaming app before. I am using my Fios account and understand a pre or post roll but if I watch Archer for 20 minutes, I am forced to sit through 3-4 commercials every couple of minutes. Sometimes it’s so long I can get up, do something else and come back just in time to catch the next few minutes of my show. It’s really a terrible system especially because they have very few sponsors and you end up seeing the same thing over and over again just to make matters worse. It’s easier to just DVR what you want and skip the commercials and this app all together.
  • Is this even a real app? 1/5

    By Someguy6347733
    It messed up a couple times when I tried to pair it with YouTube TV. Doesn’t play Archer, just errors out. What an absolute dumpster fire piece of garbage.
  • I can’t mirror my phone? 1/5

    By Sheabird's
    Why can’t I use mirroring to watch anything?
  • No PiP on iPhone and missing most episodes of IASIP 1/5

    By Bfc113
    Title says it all Response to dev: Most episodes of IASIP are missing - even the old ones.
  • Some hits. Some misses 3/5

    By Joe. Faz
    For every The Shield, Archer, and Legion fox still makes some horrible shows. The signing in and amount of commercials is highly annoying.
  • The League 1/5

    By Defenderman224
    How in Gods name do you not have The League......THE LEAGUE!?!?!? This is an absolute crime...... One Star until this blasphemy is fixed.....
  • Bugs and Glitches 1/5

    By Helga88
    Every time I use the app and I’m watching a show on FX West somehow it takes me back to watching whatever’s on the original FX channel by itself. This happens when I’m casting from the app to my TV and it happens more than once during each viewing. It also stops casting on its own then will start playing randomly while my phone is locked. I have then kill the app to get it from playing. Update: this app is still trash!! It’s a different problem this time!! Smh
  • Fxnow 4/5

    By sonic2341
    Resetting everything
  • terrible user interface 1/5

    By kaptkirk12
    Very dissatisfied with this ipad app when trying to connect my ipad directly to a larger monitor to watch a show. It locks up the screen and says there is some sort of DCM error. Really? I am in the FXNow app itself and it says there is a digital copyright error so it wont play the movie on a larger screen? That is so pathetic on many levels especially when my other network apps like Peacock and TNT work perfectly when connecting my ipad to larger monitor. The older versions of the app used to work fine prior to being sold to Disney. Why is your tech support so awful for an app that has such great possibilities? Please get it right and let me know when you do and then maybe I will be a fan again.
  • This App is Trash 1/5

    By Tnwluv
    I have this App on my phone and Roku and I downloaded it so I could watch the show Snowfall. I was excited to begin watch the show and all it shows are clips of the show. This is a disappointment. The terrible thing is it doesn’t show you how to watch the full episodes. Waste of a download.
  • Ughhh gen Z 1/5

    By gensavge
    At first it kinda worked but I hate is now doesn’t work at all it drains my battery life so quick don’t get it and but a ⭐️
  • Sad 1/5

    By Holdereric89
    Sad all the movies on this app here u need FXM which I don’t have
  • FX shouldn’t have an app if this is the result. 1/5

    By TR.24
    What’s the point of having an app if you can’t view a show’s entire catalog? It’s not rocket science to figure out this is how you build an audience for new seasons of your shows. The copy and paste developer responses are comical. They don’t address the user’s concern at all.
  • Waste of phone space! 1/5

    By jboll116
    So I downloaded the app, made an account then signed in with my TV provider. I searched for AHS to catch up on the last season. I was able to find it but there were only clips. So I went to check out Mr Inbetween and again only clips. Ok! Let’s see what The most dangerous animals of all is all about. YUP! Only clips. So now I’m just clicking on different shows and only seeing clips and not one single episode. What’s the deal? I don’t get it! Where in the heck are all the full episodes at?!?!?
  • I like FXNOW 5/5

    By jake666222888
    I like FXX
  • Really good! But... 5/5

    By AmandaWolfLover
    This app is really good but why did you take out “The greatest showman”?!! Other than that,it’s a amazing app.
  • The best TV app out there! 5/5

    By Carolinashore
    Pros: •Most ads I’ve gotten were 4 ads. •Great movies, such as Spider-Man: Homecoming or Sing. •Live TV function that is awesome! •User-Friendly interface that is really good! Cons: •Some glitches, mostly in the live TV mode. •No Central Intelligence (2016) •Not many The Simpsons episodes. Rating: 10/10.
  • Great Streaming App, but one problem 1/5

    By Acronics
    Overall, FX provides a wide range of intriguing shows and programmes. However, it seems that for each one there’s only one season available when there are clearly more to each programme. For example, an FX made product(Archer) has 11 seasons, but I’m only allowed to view season 6. Could this be changed so that viewers can watch every season of every series? Or is there a legal prohibition?
  • Help 1/5

    By mbfiuglhk
    I am trying to log in to my tv provider but it keeps not working my provider is xfinity😀
  • Can’t sign in with other tv providers? 4/5

    By Li Elefante
    I’ve recently switched from fios to xfinity. I still have FXNow as a channel, but it won’t let me sign into my xfinity account. Every time I try to log in it shows the Verizon fios login page. I press the “not a Verizon customer” button, and it redirects me to a sign up for Verizon. Other than that, the app worked quite well for me. There are a good amount of movie and show choices, and the app itself is easy to use.
  • Worst streaming app 1/5

    By Hayleeeexxxx
    Never have I had more issues with a streaming app than with FXNOW. It constantly crashes on both my iPad and my Apple TV, I have yet to get through a single movie without a crash. Once it’s down, it never gets back up. I’ve spent hours restarting the app, devices, and my router never to have it work again. Even the website won’t stream about 90% of the time. I love the content on FX, but none of their programs allow me to watch it so this is absolutely a one star review. I do not recommend bothering with them unless you want a spike in blood pressure. Highly disappointed.
  • Buggy and defective 1/5

    By FXNowSux
    App normally has issues when trying to watch shows and movies. Most of my experiences have resulted in app errors when trying to stream, having to close the app and rewatching ads multiple times until you get tired of trying and having to find an alternative platform to use. I hardly use the app because of how rarely it works properly. It’s a never ending circle of disappointment every time I see something I like on FX Now.