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Gamebytes - Games for iMessage

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Gamebytes - Games for iMessage App

Play a brand new collection of games for iMessage and meet new friends to play with! Games include: - Bowling - Cards - Mancala - Skeeball - Darts - Cup Pong - Word Finder - Tic-tac-toe - Shuffleboard - Basketball - Hangman - Chicken Flap - and more!

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  • Banned words 2/5

    By D Trey
    Fix your wording system because we can say something normal & its a banned word like cmon now 😭
  • it’s cool but… 3/5

    By hiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiii
    it’s fun and i like the game options and meeting others, but i never got the chance to play. i’ve restarted my phone, deleted and reinstalled, but the games never load.
  • 😐 3/5

    By Lil_broomstick36
    In my opinion I feel like the old version was way better
  • Trash 2/5

    By 183rick
    Endless amount of bugs
  • What happened? 1/5

    By MeMetookie
    When I first downloaded this game it was wonderful and fun. Now that the layout has changed and the gaming options changed its not as fun anymore. Games freeze more than usual. Please bring back the other version of this game.
  • Game for coins 4/5

    By santav_
    Bring back games for coins
  • Please respond 4/5

    By lilmeach
    I’m just confused why is there no tournament anymore ?
  • The update is horrible. 1/5

    By mikaylab224
    Ever since this new update I don’t like it anymore. You can’t just simply play with other people anymore. And it glitches a lot. You have to completely close the app to get back to the main page if you have a game open. Probably just gonna stick with gamepigeon from now on. You can’t even report a problem
  • Loading Error!!! 1/5

    By kat93laala
    This game will work the first 5 games and then completely stops working and glitches your whole phone. Like all messages flicked and do not load. Fix this now
  • Full of bugs 2/5

    By gahahsbsjewn
    Half of the games will work half of the time. Extremely glitchy. You will get chat banned for no reason. Maybe it’s a super sensitive system. But when it does work, it’s fun!
  • Battles missing 1/5

    By WTAMU
    Battles are missing now and app is lame.
  • Update 1/5

    By Curly.Lexi
    I just started playing this game 2 weeks ago but we were able to play random people with the different games for tokens and they took that away from us. Now the app is boring.
  • Don’t play the fake uno game 1/5

    All those games are extremely one sided
  • Was good 2/5

    By Newly mom
    Was good until yesterday the battles just disappeared I’m not sure why
  • Battles 1/5

    By 89reggie07
    Bring back the battles!!! I was on a winning streak
  • Lame 1/5

    Doesn’t let me play with other people or get coins every 3 hours. Is this a new update ?
  • Suggestions 🤷🏾‍♂️😅 4/5

    By 313Vega
    The overall idea of the app is great, it’s very buggy at times but who can complain about something that’s free and with a lot of great features. I would like to see a billiards games, various card games such as Spades, and connect 4 type game would be great as well.
  • Great way to connect! 5/5

    By rashna00222
    I have been using this app for two years and I absolutely love it. It gives me a chance to connect with friends and also play with people from all over the world. 😋 if you’re rethinking don’t. Download now!!
  • Add Bitmoji avatars option back 1/5

    By Gerssssssssss
    The face creator is horrible and now I’m stuck with it because I actually tried to use the app.
  • This game has anyone to talk too 5/5

    I really like how you can talk in global chat. Speaking of how I’m 14 and enjoying this is kind of cool, You can play with your real friends in messages FYI: If they have this game. I’ve played with my bsf Ryleigh a lot. My favorite is cup pong. It’s really calming and easy, this is my response. Bye.
  • Has potential 2/5

    By D.e.fresh
    This app has some majorly awesome potential! the fact u can talk to each other in the game is the coolest thing ever. However, freezing issues, not automatically switching from p to p, is very frustrating and annoying. once they get more like game pigeon but w the ability to speak, they will have a winner. Also add pool please!
  • It’s very nice but ppl out online dateing and stuff and u don’t know who that person is 3/5

    By bracefaceslay
    But yea
  • Yo 1/5

    By Amoriá mom
    App freezes my phone and sometimes can’t even click on the game
  • Not giving my phone # 1/5

    By William H. Nartsac
    Can't even try the game without giving a phone number to create an account. Sorry not doing this to play an iMessage game with my 10 yo daughter who definitely isn't going to give her number to play a game.
  • Change notification sound 4/5

    By Princess Carly191729
    I honestly love this app, but the notification sound is so deafening. Please make a setting where we can change it because the high pitched ding is so annoying!!!
  • Fix please 1/5

    By xdlisathakid
    When you logout or have to delete and download back all your messages and data goes away please fix this asap !!
  • Poor game quality 3/5

    By KinggJye
    Every game crashes after being played once or a few times would be better if they would fix it
  • Bug 3/5

    By ThaDoll💕
    The game has minor bugs. while playing solitaire , the game sometimes starts zoomed in & I can’t play. but it’s fun to play
  • not worth the time 1/5

    By Joy Harden
    poor outdated design, glitchy and annoying
  • joy 1/5

    By bdjsnfiejosnwoaneiwns
    hi joy this app suckkys a keyboard has more than 18 buttons
  • Global Chat Ban 1/5

    By gsighe
    the global chat ban is honestly stupid in my opinion, there should be like a strike system instead of a one time ban.
  • Not worth downloading 1/5

    By nettie510
    Downloaded this to play games with my daughter but we both kept having problems with the games loading.
  • My Gamebytes review 1/5

    By InspectorGenie229
    You need make it so that you can only play games with contacts, no socializing!!!
  • Bugged out 2/5

    By Archiehantz
    The games are great and I will add that they are very creative and fun, however; I’ve never seen so many freezing and glitching in an app before. There is some games that I can’t even get into because when it’s sent it just goes black or white or says loading at 0% and stays there. My messages will freeze and everything. And may I add, it is not my phone nor internet connection.
  • Glitchy Games 2/5

    By KikyoKiaba
    Certain games never allow me to win and collect my coins. It makes me forfeit games even after I’ve won. Sometimes when I’m in the middle of the games the app just closes out and also causes me forfeit.
  • Wort game 1/5

    By gatethetrackstar
    It did not even let me in it blocked my number and it just sucked so if I can give it a negative I would it would be negative 100 I hate this game I am sorry if I was a little harsh but I am just someone like a Karen at night so yeah
  • Proa and cons 3/5

    By wueen21
    Con: Get better graphics Pro: lots of ways to dress up avatar Con: not a lot of games Pro: its a cool game to play 3/5 (star rate)
  • won’t let me win (no really) 3/5

    By ahakjhfew
    It’s cool for all the different games that game-pigeon doesn’t have, but it won’t let me send my game through when I play my turn? It’s almost always with the solitaire one. So even when I win, I’m forced to forfeit or play again because it can’t send the game and to check connection and try again, but it won’t send my original score. Doesn’t work on wifi or data so I guess it’s a weird glitch? Besides that it’s easy to use. The accuracy of the swiping in cup pong, darts, and bowling isn’t super great.
  • I’m not very pleased 1/5

    By Bigguy123567
    I was banned for something I didn’t do and when I emailed them I never got a email back all Im trying to do is get unbanned but yet they won’t email you back and you can’t delete your account and you can’t make another account it’s making me mad
  • Stupid 1/5

    By UnfairUnreasonable
    No matter how many times you play a game with someone, and you win that set game it doesn’t allow you to get the points or coins that you won. So in terms you have to forfeit a game you won just to pass along to the next game… Very highly unrealistic and unfair and unreasonable!!!!!!!
  • Bugs! After Win I still lose. 2/5

    By F* FYT
    I’ll win a game then try to leave the game and i can’t leave unless I forfeit even if I close the app I still get a forfeit.
  • Ban Angelina from the game 2/5

    By Deshawn$$
    Ban her because she did something
  • Needs more updates and new games 5/5

    By AnvilBlitzRaptor
    Needs more new games
  • Glitches 2/5

    By Mrz.BossLady
    You play games and when you finish and says you won, it come back and says error in sending points make sure you're connected to wifi. I've lost over 120 coins due to this error.
  • Laggy 2/5

    By karrryybby
    It’s a good game but very laggy. I had 6,000 points and my teammate only had 2,000 but I had to forfeit because it keeps network connecting on me. Please fix this. It also doesn’t allow me to load in games sometimes even when I foreclose
  • Terrible Glitching 1/5

    By I. Nicole
    The games are good, but there is horrible glitching. In the middle of my games the time would cut time and I would receive less time to complete the game. More than half of the time I wasn’t able to even open the game in iMessage. Could be a great app but I can’t enjoy it because it won’t even let me play😠
  • Game issues 1/5

    By M1jA8o8
    The game is giving me issues and not letting me claim my winnings, I have screenshots to prove
  • Pretty cool 5/5

    Only issue I found was with Hangman it won’t play Other than that awesome app
  • add/fix these things 3/5

    By ssstoned
    avatar poses, such as faces our facemoji makes in the profile photo. games played and games won/lost displayed on our profiles. fix the issue where it sometimes freezes and you have to go in and out of the app several times to get it to load. games are sometimes forfeited for no reason, causing us to lose coins. either fix or forfeit with no coin loss. let us play for coins with friends. I think this app has a lot of potential but it needs more work put into it. **most importantly, I’m tired of putting out 20 50 coin games and no one finding them, then I’ve just lost all those coins. Fix it please.**