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GameStop App

Discover the things you can do! • Shop anywhere on your device and pick up at a store or have purchases shipped to you. • Track trade credit or cash value estimates and find nearby store locations. • Get coupons and offers as well as announcements and news on upcoming pre-orders. • View your PowerUp Rewards point balance, get points for checking-in, and redeem points in the Rewards Catalog.

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    Every time I’m browsing through games or just items in general, I click the item I’m interested in, and instead of taking me back where I left off, it takes me all the way back to the top of the list, and I have to go find where I left off, and this happens EVERY TIME I click on an item, super irritating. I would like an update where you can continue where you left off on the list instead of it taking you all the way back from the beginning.
  • Junk 1/5

    By RayBubba7
    Search option doesn’t work when I chose what systems it never included in the search they deleted my previous review with out addressing the bugs I listed in detail!!!
  • Trash 1/5

    By torigirl28
    Worst experience ever!!!!! It was awful ONLY 20 cents for a Xbox 360. Bull crap............
  • It’s fine but... 3/5

    By koploopla99
    This app is fine. Not as good as the website, which I’d think you’d make the app more fancy that the site or just not have it at all, but that’s not my main concern. My main concern is that the app isn’t optimized for iPads... could you please fix that? I know, kind of weird that I’d be wanting to use the app on an iPad, but........... just seems like a good idea. 😑
  • It won’t let me log in 1/5

    By NightlyNate
    Every time I attempt to log in through the app it pops up with an error message and asks me to check my credentials. I’ve deleted and redownloaded the app multiple times to see if that could fix the issue but it doesn’t. I looked online and there’s a reddit post that has a lot of people complaining about the same thing. I’m happy I’m not the only one having this issue but considering these are posts from nearly a whole year ago in 2018 makes me believe they are not doing anything to solve the issue. I’d rather use the website. I’m having this issue on iOS.
  • Logs out 1/5

    By Brettn
    App always logs out then can’t reset password says email doesn’t exist fixxxxxxxx
  • Images 3/5

    By esteban_3
    To me you should have the capability to hit a picture/image of the product so that you can see it closer. Rather instead of it being so small in the left hand corner. That way as customer we can see the details of the product more. Wether it’s a game that we are making sure it’s the correct one or a figure
  • GS removed the option to read and write reviews 3/5

    By gilj023
    It’s insane that you remove one of the key features of online shopping. I my self take time when purchasing anything from anywhere I like to be informed. How dare you GS remove the reviews all we get as customers are stars that dictate if the items are good or not good. Please bring back the reviews I want to know other people’s opinions and input some of mine as well.
  • So tired of sale notifications. 2/5

    By Pweepins
    I have turned off all notifications in app, and outside of the app and I'm still getting notifications. It will log me out randomly, sometimes while in the middle of trying to do something, and it's super unreliable. Also it won't let you send feedback, even while logged in. It says you have to "set up a mail account". I've also had issues with not being able to pull up my power up rewards, saying my password that I've used 100x's is wrong so I have to reset it... The list goes on. I've tried to call someone and talk to them about the notification issues and other things, but after waiting on hold for 30 minutes while I had to listen to two girls spoil the plots of games, and try and sell me others instead of just music I finally just hung up.
  • Sorta really bad 2/5

    By TroyTheMighty
    I’m every single time I open the app, I have to login again. It never stays logged in and there basically isn’t a point to having the app anymore. And it randomly took away 5,000 of my power up points with no explanation🤬🤬🤬!!!
  • worst bug ever 1/5

    By Vampire_lord
    this constant having to loging cause app automaticly signs you out every few weeks or days is bs ,if i login to a app i should remain loged in intill i choose to log out
  • iPhone X, XS, XS MAX and XR support 3/5

    By itz johnson
    Please make this app compatible with the newer iPhones like the X, XS, XS MAX and XR. It isn’t easy to use the app on these devices as it isn’t optimized for those mentioned above.
  • Please tell me why 5/5

    By Kksharkman
    Every time I put in my gift card code for a fifty dollar gift card it says it has $33 on it even after i ordered something that brought it down to a smaller amount then just to see I ordered something else for more money than I had and it said your order has been successful and said I’d get it soon
  • Terrible 4/5

    By Animeware
    I cannot use this app on iPhone XR unusable please fix it.
  • TRASH 1/5

    By Nat E.
    Unable to login
  • Worthless 1/5

    By loddyb
    Can’t even use a gift card to pay for order through the app. Combined with the fact that I can’t even place an order on the website and I’d rate GameStop less than 1 star if I could. Very frustrating.
  • Why this is a terrible app 1/5

    By Nuke Storms
    It won’t let you in to your account, and won’t let you see anything you searched for.It also is known the only way to find anything thing in game stop (even though it doesn’t even work)online as they have made the website for mobile useless
  • Won’t let me login in 1/5

    By marina_nicole23
    I’ve been trying to login for about an hour now, all the information is correct ???
  • App isn’t working properly 2/5

    By thatonechick96
    Some things I click on in the app, such as trade in values for accessories, consoles and etc isn’t working. I can only look up games and see certain deals, that’s it.
  • My library 2/5

    By werewolfalpha
    The library function on this application is not good at all. It should do self updates when you purchase new games or trade back games.
  • Unreliable app 2/5

    By ToniTTM
    One minute it’s working fine and the next it doesn’t work. Very unreliable
  • Not compatible for iPad Pro 11? 3/5

    By spyderhomes
    Not good for iPad Pro 11. It’s like a small square box
  • Waste 1/5

    By Jaysin31
    I have the app. Redeemed my points but didn’t get my coupon to print off. So I used the app to try to get help they sent me to the store. The store said I had to deal with it on the app. Never going to renew my subscription again. Store told me that there are usually problems with redeeming rewards unless it’s to renew membership
  • This app needs to be fixed 3/5

    By LuciusBeen2Russia
    This app has been good for me, but it has also been less than stellar..there was a time when you could see how much you still owed on a pre-order, but through a couple updates that feature was taken away. Is there any way to get this feature readded? Otherwise this would have 5 stars
  • Fraud 1/5

    By K2nwa
    We bought a digital gift card for our son on Christmas on 12/21/18, it’s now 1/24/29 and we still do not have the gift card but they charged the credit card. I have called customer service, and emailed over 1 dozen times. Zero response. Outsourced customer service asked me to be patient while they worked in sending the email gift card. We have never had a problem in physical stores. We bought a switch over Black Friday and they sent them shipment notification email over a week after we received the switch. Gamestop does not have a clue on customer service - non-existent, or how to handle eCommerce.
  • Glitchy app 2/5

    By &rewA
    I have to login to the app every time I use it. Which is annoying because The app sends me notifications for messages I already read. It sends notifications for messages that aren’t there.
  • Pre-order 2/5

    By Punisher725
    Why can’t I see how much money I put on a pre order on the app?
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Lordbatmanex
    The app doesn’t work, iPhone X. App starts and displays option to navigate but doesn’t display any actual content. Friend on WiFi, regulars phone internet provide and nothing. Been hoping for a update but after two update still doesn’t work. Have deleted and re install and yet to be solved.
  • It’ll do 3/5

    By The Drooler
    It’s a short review. I really like the app. It’s fast, looks fancy, and I can browse to my hearts content. The reason why I rated this a 3 instead of a 4 is for the fact that it’s a store app... without an order history. That part is kind of a big deal if the whole point is to buy things.
  • Dumb app 2/5

    By GoVikings32
    Because the app was tripping i double ordered the same games. It never gave me my confirmation number after purchase because the app crashed. So I assumed it didn’t go through, and I made the purchase again. Now I’ve been charged twice and had to call the 1-800 to cancel. But they cannot cancel the order until it’s ready for pickup. Fix your system. It’s outdated and dumb.
  • It’s okay 3/5

    By GoldenBat69
    It’s okay but I’m tired of signing in everytime I get on the app, I keep getting signed out
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By EnterName545
    The bar code scanner seemed like a great concept and would make finding trade-in prices easy but it was unable to find any of my sons Wii-U games.
  • Good but needs an old feature.... 3/5

    By Wèstóñ
    App is good overall but it needs the old feature where it tells you what you owe on preorders. I can see and I already know how much it costs but I want to know how much I owe so I can plan out what and when I want to pay.
  • GameStop only cares for $$$ 1/5

    By SmokeyElCrack32
    I recommend you use other apps like eBay or Amazon. I got Skyrim Special Edition for $27 new on eBay from a Best Buy Seller. You can get better things for a cheaper price somewhere else.
  • Browsing is miserable! 1/5

    By djnodis
    The biggest problem with this app - and it’s a big one - is browsing through games. Because of some programming error, (I guess) you cant browse through the entire catalog if you filter out things - or not. If you know what you’re looking for it’s fine but if you want to explore and have every possible result possible... just use the website. You would think that a company that pulls down so many millions of dollars in sales would fix such a problem that affects their bottom line.
  • Good, but needs some work 3/5

    By Me136982420
    The app does exactly what it needs to. The biggest issue is when under the “shop” tab, whenever you look at an item, it always brings you back to the top of the list. Which is incredibly frustrating if you’re looking at a listing of 100+ items. Please fix this GameStop. Other than that, this app has always worked like a charm, been using it for several years.
  • I love this app 1/5

    By yagirlsophie🦄👑
    Gamestop. I love you. The future of gaming are downloads. Thus, your app on the IOS system must be leading the way. At present, it is too slow even with my super fast wi-fi! Fix yourselves!!!!
  • Useless app 1/5

    By PKMMOtaku
    No way to manage account or track orders really bad app
  • Appsolutely Rubbish 1/5

    By blackbowfin
    Credential issues that somehow don’t exist on the website, block purchases from the app. Deleting it promptly.
  • Don't use the app to have them hold an item in store 2/5

    By Rockmc7
    I used the app to hold an item in store for pick up. I got an email saying the store was notified of my request and when they confirmed they were holding the item for me I would review another email. I got the second email saying my item was ready. When I my husband went to get it for me, they told him they didn't have it in stock at all. I'm not sure where the confirmation came from then. Very frustrating. Was hoping to save a little time in the pre-Christmas shopping rush, instead we wasted a lot.
  • Clunky 3/5

    By WolfJ
    For some reason I always need to log in to this app. Slow sometimes
  • Breaks App Store Rules 1/5

    By MasonG17
    I get UNSOLICITED notifications all the time. Which is against guidelines. I’ll be reporting you to Apple. You need a new game? Buy digital.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By LightTigerSoul
    When I installed the app, it says I have a new message, the subject is typical welcome message, except when I click it to read out the message doesn't even load. Then I go to log in, and guess what: it won't take my password. I use password manager so tested the same exact entry on the website and didn't have any problem. What's worse is gamestop encourages you to use the app to check stock levels when you call.
  • Notifications.. 1/5

    By TyCoxDruin
    Even though I’ve turned off receiving notifications in the app I still receive promotion notifications. This app is annoying to say the least.
  • Great when it works 2/5

    By Jimmyscoin
    This app is great when it works but it keeps logging you out. The login page is extremely unreliable. It is very frustrating is having to login every single time I want to use the app. There is no way to stay logged in. Even with the “remember me” button. What’s the worst issue is, I can log in the website just fine but when using the app it will tell me “invalid login attempt”. As if my password is wrong. Please fix your issues. I am seriously considering cancelling my membership and going somewhere else.
  • Didn’t use app for a few days 2/5

    By OtherArod2007
    So I didn’t use app for a few days and I paying full on cards and then it logged me out then I didn’t know what to do it’s been 1 year now I’ve been waiting I went to GameStop for them to give a reset password email but I never got it then I used app to reset password never got I even checked my email to see if it was right and it was! This app is good it’s just I hate that it logged me out and now it says wrong email/or password
  • Long time 1/5

    By DMCdante1994
    It takes a long time for them to verify your order
  • ... 1/5

    By Kadence1994
    App isn’t working anymore
  • Always Logs You Out 1/5

    By World Cup 1.0
    The app is always logging me out. Every few weeks the app logs me out and doesn’t recognize my password. So I reset my password and log in. It asks if I want to enable to Touch ID and I always click yes, but when it logs me out, it doesn’t give me an option to sign in my fingerprint. I also hate how it no longer tells you how much left you owe on preorders. A last version always told you still owed X amount of dollars but recent versions only tell you what you’ll pay when it’s paid off. Some games can be paid over months and I wish it kept a countdown to be paid off like the past.

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