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GameStop App

Discover the things you can do! • Shop anywhere on your device and pick up at a store or have purchases shipped to you. • Track trade credit or cash value estimates and find nearby store locations. • Get coupons and offers as well as announcements and news on upcoming pre-orders. • View your PowerUp Rewards point balance, get points for checking-in, and redeem points in the Rewards Catalog.

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  • It’s good but u 1/5

    By diablohunter7
    The app missing the app preorder can’t find every time a check may balance or preorders there nothing when I preorder 1 or 5 items. Or more sow up date like in the past when all I preorder is on list and the preorder on the past still here and have not problem with store workers in store and fix the than problem everyone likes buy on GameStop. Ok sow fix IT
  • Buyer beware higher prices in the app 1/5

    By ace-
    This app will display prices higher than the website and will let you order them at those higher prices. For example the deal of the day is jumanji pre-pawned at $15, while the app shows it as $35 and even after adding it to your cart it will charge you $35. I recommend deleting the app and only checking their website, it seems they are scamming app users.
  • Bad 1/5

    By fugwuvv
    Just bad
  • Refund 1/5

    By dominoe/fear7246
    This app charged my Apple Pay for Just dance 2020 on PS4 but didn’t complete the transaction in the dumb app. I have called repeatedly to customer service to receive the same response to wait 1-3 business days. The transaction happened Sunday and I still haven’t seen my refund or have gotten any useful help.
  • Annoying advertisements 2/5

    By PennJ043
    Pros: quick access to member rewards, easy to use and place orders Cons: the app delivers unnecessary promotions what feels like every hour. While I've turned off promotions in the app's push notifications setting, it disregards my preference. I feel like I'm close to having to use iOS's settings to disable push notifications for this app entirely, even though I would still like to receive notifications related to my account and member rewards program.
  • App is a disaster... but can be fixed 2/5

    By spiritcode
    The app is pretty much unusable on my iPhone 8+ after a certain amount of time scrolling on any of the pages it resets to a certain point and repeats, and the fact that it has been two months since the last update, well it seems like the people who use this app have been abandoned, for the better part. Things they can improve on: UI. Things they did great on: making it work as well as it does, meaning they made an app, and it functions... kinda!
  • Possible Bug 3/5

    By Michael2345248
    Something I really hate about this app is that if I Pre-Order something, it just never ends up showing. Hope that’s something y’all can fix.
  • It scam me 1/5

    By buregold106
    I don’t do not know about y’all but I do know that it scam me I bought a give card but they never send me the download code am disappointed ☹️
  • App is trash. Just use the website. 1/5

    By Drew Who?
    The app is very limited in what it can do and it bombards you with notifications all day. Often redirects you to the website which is in fact much more useful.
  • GameStop is a horrible company 1/5

    By gamestop bankrupcy
    There over priced there customer support is horrible and just waiting till GameStop runs out of business
  • “No search data to display at this time.” 1/5

    By jlhuggins
    Every time I search... Not a connectivity issue. This is on an iPhone 11 Pro Max. 😪
  • Terrible company, app is trash. 1/5

    Search bar doesn’t even work, I type things in and nothing happens. GameStop is goin out of business because of crap like this. They haven’t even updated the rewards system for like over a year and all the coupons are expired. Lol
  • Pretty bad 1/5

    By Dodgeguy597
    The GameStop app is very sub par. Every time I try to search for something, it says “no data to display”, regardless of what I’m looking for. When I go to the website, the search results display properly. I guess I’ll be uninstalling.
  • App useless 1/5

    By AustinSch
    I have to go to the website to find something, is the GameStop app undergoing maintenance or just a bug that’s needs to be fixed. I can’t use it, I can’t search anything and anytime I tap on the switch it opens up my web browser instead.
  • Failed app by a failing company 1/5

    By somedude543
    The app rarely works, but when it seems like it is, the info it supplies is wrong. An item I searched for wasn’t available to order but was listed available at a GameStop 45mins away. Google says their hours are 10am-9pm. I leave at 9am, double check the app one more time and it says its in stock. I get to the store and a sign on the door says opens at 12pm. So COVID-19 I get it. I go grab some food and wait until 12pm. I come back and there is 2 people waiting out front to get in and the doors locked. I ask them if they’re there for the item I came for and they say no, so great. We wait for another hour and a half and the store “manager” comes out and says he can’t open because the system is down and IT told him they can’t fix it. I then ask him if he has the item I came for and I’ll pay cash. I know sales tax is 7.5% so I’ll just add 10% just to be safe. He then tells me that he doesn’t have any in stock and when I point out the app he says, and I quote “The app is garbage and never has correct information”. So if the companies own employee says it’s garage then one star it is.
  • Might have bugs but basically unusable 2/5

    By fitz05
    Right now you can’t search for games at all. Type anything in the search in shop and nothing shows up. Go to enter a game into your library and nothing shows up. App seems either broken or incomplete
  • Failed after update 2/5

    By allicara
    Can’t show any products. Several things in cart are now missing. Can’t find ANY GAME when trying to shop. Not exaggerating. When going under shop it shows no products. Needs help.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Moarpewpew85
    Search doesn’t work properly. Sign in through Face ID never works. Payment options are all kinds of messed up. Can’t use PayPal to pay for the things I want if I have a power up rewards card attached to my account. Get it together GameStop. The company is hanging on by a thread they had to try to convince states they were essential during the pandemic. This is not the practice of a company doing well financially.
  • Robbery 1/5

    By JefrinBest
    This app steals your money please don’t use this app as this app steals your money I tried to purchase a psn code I purchased it but I never recieved it same for my headset I purchased once but it said I purchased 7 times!!!
  • Better off using the browser... 3/5

    By SMG414
    Seemingly constant notifications... very annoying! Just use the browser...🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
  • Shows no results 1/5

    By ^*Kriss*^
    Everything I search for shows no results. Doesn’t matter what I search for. Website is not much better.
  • needs accessibility issues to be fixed 1/5

    By blade_knight
    I just tried this app using voiceover on a iPhone 11 pro, and accessibility for blind people is just not there. I can readevery thing in the app only thing is some ofthe buttons are unlabeled and I can't get in to the search field.
  • Pre order 4/5

    By nikelover8429
    I recently pre ordered madden 21 and went to the app to make sure it was confirmed and it’s not here, yet when I go to the website it’s there. I’d much rather just check the app than the website. Other than that it’s good
  • Can’t even sign in 1/5

    By jahseh01
    Fix the app
  • You need to up the cart limit and I love game stop even thow I have not been there 5/5

    By deltron cariters
    Well you need to upgrade the cart it can only hold 3 but here avid upgrade the cart ♾/infinity becomes I have lot of sims4 Addison I want and I can only have 3 in the cart here a nather that you can do you can yous PayPal and also can select the things you want to cheek out
  • Just use the website 1/5

    By dutch826
    App doesn’t function properly most of the time, poorly designed at well. Kept giving me an error with my billing address not matching, which I double checked was in the correct format
  • Worthless App 1/5

    By IsaacSkywaker85
    Spent 20 minutes trying to use my membership promo code. When it finally went though, it wouldn’t accept my payment. I’ve been shopping at GameStop for years, but this company is trash. And this app is literally worthless.
  • Needs an iPad app 4/5

    By Edwards1!
    I like the app just fine on my phone but I would prefer an actual app made for the iPad rather than a scaled up one
  • Unable to purchase item 3/5

    By Isidro_758
    The app is great but it won’t allow me to put an item into my cart even though the item is in stock
  • One of the Worst 1/5

    By far one of the worst shopping app experiences out there. I have to sign in every time, and that does nothing but enable them to track what I view and purchase. I can’t even see my rewards as a member. So weird.
  • 6 BIG problems 1/5

    By Adam Ashbaker
    FIRST, when searching up any item the search results max out at like 20 and then when you keep scrolling it repeats the same results over and over even though there are more results. This makes it super hard to find anything! SECOND, when you do a pre-order of game through the app to “hold” the game for pickup it never processes at the GameStop store. So they can’t give you the copy of the game. This is a big deal if there is a limited amount of copies and otherwise results in a huge hassle having the person call customer support to fix. Happens every time. Your internal system has BIG problems, fix it. THIRD, pre-orders done in store do not show up at all anymore. It use to work sometimes but now it completely stopped working. FOURTH, trade credit no longer shows up in the app at all. It just doesn’t. No matter how many times your fresh or sign out it doesn’t update. FIFTH, the app signs you out every few weeks. And your suppose to be able to just use Touch ID to sign back in but it logs you out and forgets who you are completely. SIXTH, you can’t pre-order games for in store pick up. Other stores like Best Buy allow you to pre-order games through their app and pick up in store. This simply isn’t possible with GameStop. They use to allow you to reserve a preorder at the store but it never worked and now the feature is gone.
  • The app 1/5

    By thindercats
    The app is horrible. Says you can shop on line and pick up at the store and no store has the option of nothing.
  • Great Company but Apps could be better 2/5

    By ConnorKenway909
    I love GameStop the company and store. but the app is horrible. I used to have an android phone and the app was terrific on the google play store but the iOS version is just plain horrible. For example, when you search for something you have to type the exact thing you’re looking for or nothing will come up. And the filter search is bad, the filters don’t work like they are supposed to.
  • Tragic app 2/5

    By jr91588
    This is by far one of the worst apps I have ever used... nothing is easy to find or purchase. Pictures don’t load, a useless home page, it’s monotonous and a chore. You would think a company based in gaming and tech could create a useful and useable app. I wouldn’t recommend using the app. It’ll just irritate you.
  • Scammed 1/5

    By fjdhdhudhehduhd
    I went to their trade value and I gave them $230 worth of stuff and bought a PS4 but I had to pay $95 more for no reason later I found out my PS4 was worth only $100
  • App is trash 1/5

    By Cynic Mode
    Couldn’t load filters or see what the next items were after I scrolled to the bottom.
  • Buggy & limited functionality 2/5

    By O-massive
    Search doesn’t always work Cannot see orders Cannot copy coupon code
  • Update glitch 4/5

    By Dyl watched it
    Love the app but there’s a glitch in the new update where it doesn’t want to show me my search results randomly, please fix!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Trevpn4
    App won’t load anything, not a network issue.
  • Overhaul 1/5

    By Rob0545
    Overhaul redesign the whole app unable to retrieve data The app is outdated there’s always an error finding game
  • Couldn’t do anything right 1/5

    By Helpful763
    I have used GameStop for a long while but they can’t do anything right anymore. I had to call 12 times over the span of a month and a half. And every single time they said the problem would be fixed. It never was I don’t suggest ordering anything from here unless if you want a broken game and no refunds or new copies. If you want to shop for a game order from amazon Best Buy or something that is actually reliable.
  • Too Many Promotion Alerts 1/5

    By Ra3xGambit
    Jesus Christ. I’m a supporter of the company and a former manager of ~7 years, but the amount of messages/red alerts that have to be cleared from this app is certifiably insane. Sometimes 5 a day. You can disable them from push, but every irrelevant message they send to you still results in an “unread” alert for your app. It is ridiculous, and you can’t stop it from happening by opting out of anything in the app. Good to know the pushiness that is so common with the in-store training and expectations has been able to be perfectly recreated in the mobile app. Finally deleted it today. 0/10. Do not recommend.
  • Literally a link to the website 2/5

    By Jimmy 348$
    This app is just a short cut to the Gamestop website and does very little. It just keeps redirecting me to the website that has the same interface. It’s difficult to see the reward catalog, and half the items can even be bought online.
  • Good app but suggest something 5/5

    By Boostgold05
    This app is great i love to use it but i have reservations on two stores and cant see all the reservations only in one store. never the less im someone who reserves alot and cant see all my reservations, i hope you guys update this.
  • Is the App working? 1/5

    By kaveeks671
    I keep getting check credential errors on the App when trying to log into account, but login works on the regular website. Is the App working?
  • So annoying 1/5

    By reviewtime279
    GameStop app sends you push notifications daily and they are all sales pushes. Look I’ll buy what I want without being notified there is a “flash sale” every single day of the year . Remove this nonsense and the app would be fine. But as it is I will delete it every single time I have it on my phone because the notifications are too much a nuisance.
  • Not enough functionality. 1/5

    By HighFly29
    Hi GameStop team, Can you please add more functionality to the app like being able to view your account dash board like through the website, specifically viewing orders and checking your point balance. The current state of the app doesn’t do much and seems kinda useless. Thanks!
  • This app is awful 1/5

    By der der or der bear
    When this app first released years ago it was actually pretty decent. But since it is just keeps getting worse and worse with each update. It is impossible to search for anything. My pre orders don’t show up. The worst part is that it keeps logging you out and then when you go to log in again and select the option to use face or touch id, it never remembers that option so you end up having to use your password anyways. The website is so much easier to use and this app is basically pointless.
  • Unable to load 1/5

    By azurgrim94
    Can’t get no result of anything

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