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GameStop App

The all new GameStop App puts everything you love about gaming a touch away. GameStop is evolving its Shopping App with numerous functionality and feature updates to help provide our current and future customers with not only the best videogame shopping experience, but the richest gaming content ever delivered from a retailer perspective. Your personal information is collected and handled according to the GameStop Privacy Policy and can be found at The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”) provides certain rights to residents of California and can be found at CCPA defines sale broadly and California residents may opt out of the “sale” of their personal information as outlined at

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GameStop app reviews

  • Looks better, runs worse 2/5

    By Lbake022
    The redesign of the app definitely makes it more aesthetically pleasing. However, the app barely works and it’s difficult to navigate. Almost every time that I am in the app it freezes up and I have to close it and reopen it…just for it to freeze in the same spot as before. I was in the store once trying to redeem points towards a purchase…and itwouldn't load. Also, I can never find what I’m looking for in the app. Where did they move the trade-in value estimator/calculator?! I have searched and searched in the app and can never find it.
  • Better and better 5/5

    By mdl054!
    Every update this thing gets even better. Never thought I’d be wiring this review but GameStop is back and it’s one of the best experiences out there.
  • Unimaginably amazing app 5/5

    By Pickle Fries
    From the greatest company ever to grace this planet.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Yowzaaah
    They’re sold out of floats, however.
  • Can’t check out 2/5

    By Solbadboy
    The app keep loading when you press on cart button… it take forever.
  • Dope but wish it had a dark mode 5/5

    By AppleJohnnny
    Dope but wish it had a dark mode
  • I like it 5/5

    By RocketMan8U
    Gotta love GameStop
  • Can’t stop won’t stop 5/5

    By llcolajay
    Love this company!!!
  • Honest Review 5/5

    By John TodaMoon
    Gamestop by far have the best selections and best pricing available. Their shipping and handling is on point. Fantastic company.
  • Buggy mess right now on IOS, Android works fine though 1/5

    By Driverdis
    I can’t redeem points, add more than one item to the cart, or browse properly without some form of error. I just placed an order using my Android work phone as at least that app has working points, cart, and checkout system.
  • Great seeing all the new products available! 5/5

    By LLB992010
    Nice to see there are now many new products available including TVs. I will be checking here before shopping anywhere else in the future
  • Fantastic experience 5/5

    By JtHowell
    Best price and a great selection.
  • Trash app 1/5

    By jonIDGAF
    Always terrible experiences when using this app
  • Better but still needs improvement 3/5

    By Rename File
    App still feels old and sluggish, as is the app is just pulling a mobile version of the site, not an app natively designed from the ground up. Wish I could pay in store from the app. Wish trade in credit got applied to my account vs the endless amount of gift cards I have. I also wish the app saved gift card details. A lot where it can improve.
  • Best Company Ever 5/5

    By ZeroFooksGiven
    I love ordering from GameStop. They have fast shipping and items usually come before the expected date, which is amazing. They also have great customer service if there are any issues related to your order. I am glad to see they are making a comeback as a company.
  • Cool 5/5

    By Eazybreezy1994
    Nice app to use.
  • Orders keep getting cancelled 1/5

    By pinto32
    Gamestop keeps canceling orders after charging me, and without explanation. Called customer service and they said they have no idea why.
  • Can’t see order 3/5

    By Ahvassaas
    The app can be buggy at times and some item images won’t ever load even if they have a picture on the link before you go to the items page, and the worst part is you can’t even view your orders! If you try a try again button shows up that says “we are having trouble fetching your orders.” Should actually fix these things!!!
  • Can’t redeem rewards points and other glitches 1/5

    By ArnellRene
    The app is extremely glitchy, sometimes I see games for an extreme discount and when I add to cart and proceed to checkout, the price all of a sudden increases dramatically. I have yet to have a smooth experience with redeeming my rewards points and I’ve called and emailed customer support multiple times. The best I get is “we will escalate this and get back to you after reviewing your account” have never gotten a call or an email back. The app constantly says there was an error redeeming the points and to try again later. The only way I’ve been able to redeem points is by constantly pressing the redeem button over and over for hours, and even then it doesn’t work all the time. I have the same issue with any web browser I use on my phone or computer. Have tried clearing caches and any other tech advice they give me over the phone. Extremely disappointed that I wasted my money to be a pro member considering the frustration it takes to redeem what’s promised to me. The app is also highly inconsistent with keeping things in my cart. I notice if I don’t checkout right away and close my app, most times it just deletes what was there. There’s also no way to save a list of games I’m interested in to buy later, not a big deal but something I would think is fairly obvious to incorporate. Then again, being able to keep things in your cart or the ability to actually redeem points ought to be obvious too but I guess I’m stumped. Reddit users have also been complaining about these issues for the last few years as well so Gamestop is clearly aware of these glaring issues. Customer service reps on the phone tell me they’re having the same issues and say they just have to just keep using the app as is and miss out on redeemable points. I miss the days when there were physical cards that could hold store credit from trade ins and if I remember correctly could hold your points to be redeemed in store, it was far smoother than this glitchy mess. Which brings me to my last point, you can’t even go into the store to redeem your points, it has to be done on the app or website, they can’t do it for you. This blows my mind. As the arguably last physical game chain of stores, I can’t believe they’re just brushing these big obvious issues under the rug.
  • Love the company but App & customer service need work! 1/5

    By __Parshal_
    I love GameStop and will continue to go to the stores but this app and online customer service are terrible. When I call the 800 number listed on the app it brings me to a Medical alert company and when I chat it’s a bit. Useless
  • GameStop won’t stop 5/5

    By Hunter, aka Superman
    GameStop is here to provide every gaming related need, watch as their catalog grows and their savings to you does as well! They’ve come a long way in the last year
  • Awesome!!! 5/5

    By BigEllie33
    I have been a GameStop customer and ProRewards member for years. I get all of my gaming needs through GameStop! Always the best!!
  • User friendly website, love the selection! 5/5

    By neddy booms
    Great experience using the website!
  • Redeem problems 2/5

    By Jnfijwebfiu
    Constant problems redeeming reward points. GameStop already bends people over for trade in value but when you actually spend good money there and get reward points they make it almost impossible to redeem them especially through this app. My pro membership expires soon and I’ll probably not go to GameStop much after.
  • BestStop Ever 5/5

    By morafada
    I love GameStop, it's absolutely the best online shopping experience. Nothing rivals the selection, prices, or amazing feeling at checkout when you get exactly what you wanted. I wish GameStop sold groceries and pets too.
  • Easy! 5/5

    By Joe_Biggs
    When this app works it is great! Easy to find whatever you want. The deals have been INCREDIBLE! I saved 40% on a Christmas binge shopping spree! I’m very happy.
  • It keeps crashing 3/5

    By CKOH90
    The app keeps crashing. It randomly logs you in and out and deletes anything you have in your cart
  • Hot mess 1/5

    By AwesomesUce222
    Fix the reward system.
  • Product line is expanding, prices are great 5/5

    By Wtt90
    I’ve been really happy with the turnaround GameStop seems to be having. Service is great, prices are great, shipping speeds are great - and best of all - it’s not Amazon.
  • Horrible App and Business 1/5

    By KaiserSeaHorse
    GameStop is dreadful and the employees are always so condescending. Disgusting business practices and the app never works

    By TheNikeProphet
    Overall an easy purchasing experience and the UI on the app is amazing! Thank you for the fantastic service!
  • Makes shopping easy! 5/5

    By Gooderest35
    Very user friendly app which games all of you gaming needs easy to shop for. Plus other items you might not expect, I suggest looking here first!
  • Still can’t view my order history via this App! 1/5

    By InfamousSTAR206
    When are you going to fix being able to see past purchases via this app? It always errors out when I’m logged in and try to view my current and past orders. Useless.
  • The only place to shop for your gaming needs. 5/5

    By _Dreamsicle_
    Always smooth deliveries and the best customer service. Best prices and they price match.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By John P.1776
    Love the apps flow, easy to use and great prices and products!
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By fo-jizzle
    Couldn’t use any of my rewards. Really let down after they sold me the rewards club offer and couldn’t even use anything I earned.

    By KarenTheGood
    Not only is the expanded product line competitively priced and surprising, not only is the customer service stellar and witty, not only is the company spring-loaded for epic movements into fantastical worlds, but the shopping experience is a joyful one, flooded with memories and smiles and the holiday spirit to share both.
  • I Love this company I Love this stock! 5/5

    By LUgoFlames
    My one stop shop! Bye bye Amazon!
  • GME Christmas!! 5/5

    By GMEisKING
    Got the whole fam GME hoodie and beanie hats we ganna be representing this Christmas!!! 40% off!!! Also got Minecraft and just dance for the kids
  • Easy!! 5/5

    By Dirty88Dan
    This app is easy to work and I can understand and access my rewards
  • Honestly one of my go to apps 5/5

    By Bbfbfbbdbs
    As a collector of action figures and an avid video game player, GameStop is becoming a one stop shop for me. Decent prices and full stock. when it comes to action figures I can very reliably find one that’s sold out at other stores on this app. And have it shipped to me faster too!
  • Fenomenal 4/5

    By smohian
    I love this app! The feel, navigation, and overall presentation is exceptional and a step in the right direction. However, the cart still doesn’t work. The app will get stuck on a loading screen for the cart and there is no getting around it. Good luck!
  • Best electronics store ever 5/5

    By biggy biggy 1234
    The deals are amazing. The app is easy.
  • Issues 3/5

    By Tyqibir
    I’m trying to make an account but it’s only errors
  • A lot of time. 3/5

    By Oakwind04
    It’s a great app, but one complaint I have is that it took me like 30 minutes to order borderlands 3 because it wouldn’t let me say that I am over 17.
  • Yea buddy come one with it oooweeee 5/5

    By "El Gallo"
    I’m in bed right now ordering for Christmas right now and it beats going to the store and y’all kicked Walmarts price on n the Xbox series S so I’m happy about it and I also purchased a controller too better price as well.
  • Glitches 1/5

    By John5272
    It would it let me enter my billing address at first. The second time around it worked. Just a little annoying is all. Additionally, I loaded my cart and then it made me login. Once I logged in, everything in my cart disappeared.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By shameful robinhood
    Excellence is obvious throughout this company. Store clerks, cleanliness promptness In delivery partnering with drivers around the states (and beyond maybe?)
  • Online store needs work!!! 2/5

    By KenINUSsoN
    The App logged me out twice and made me order everything all over again. The site was really slow too.