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GameStop App

The all new GameStop App puts everything you love about gaming a touch away. GameStop is evolving its Shopping App with numerous functionality and feature updates to help provide our current and future customers with not only the best videogame shopping experience, but the richest gaming content ever delivered from a retailer perspective. Your personal information is collected and handled according to the GameStop Privacy Policy and can be found at The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”) provides certain rights to residents of California and can be found at CCPA defines sale broadly and California residents may opt out of the “sale” of their personal information as outlined at

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  • Update to Garbage 1/5

    By fullert0465
    Loved the app, I could easily track my trade in values, save trades, order items for pickup in store easily, review messages, check out the Deal of the Day, and get a great overall experience. Now, with the new update the GameStop app is like Microsoft’s computers and phones: garbage. Do not buy. Yes, it’s a free app. Delete, uninstall, and salt the earth.
  • Updated app 1/5

    By EdwardoftheGoat
    How do you check in now that the app is updated?
  • Preorders 3/5

    By phjacob
    Can’t see my pre orders. Y’all have updated the app like 3-4 times and the when I check the pre orders section, it says that there’s no connection to the server.
  • No more inventory 1/5

    By ae81__
    Apparently there was an upgrade and now looking up the store inventory is no longer an option. That was the only reason I used this in the first place. Garbage app now.
  • Can’t log into my account 1/5

    By Lgfamouz
    It keeps saying my email ID and password is incorrect but I just logged in on google chrome and safari, the hell is wrong with this app?
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By jaqueen88
    Prices are not accurate as the store. I snapshot a picture of app price and took it to the store and they denied me the price difference. I didn’t buy the item. Horrible app.
  • Old design was better 3/5

    By Jules924
    Ever since the update you can’t see see what you owe or the countdown for your preorders. Says can’t connect to server even when your signed into your profile
  • Can’t view preorders 2/5

    By PiousVenom
    Ever since the update, trying to view preorders says there’s no server connection.
  • New update a mess 1/5

    By coolfroger769
    I have be using this app for 2 to 3 years to check and keep up to date with my pre-orders and online order but since the last update I can not even find where to check my pre-orders are let alone find how many points I have so I hope they fix the problems as I do love this app
  • Garbage update 1/5

    By krp0484
    Update took away ability to check trade values. Which was about the only saving grace of it anyways. App says items in stock, website says otherwise. It’s a massive feature downgrade. Hate it
  • GameStop game warranty 5/5

    By gamestopfreak
    Anybody buying a game from GameStop...U better get that extra $3 warranty so IF YOU HAPPEN TO OPEN THE GAME IN FRONT OF THEM AND DECIDE TO RETURN THE (STIll BRAND NEW GAME WITHOUT WRAPPER) you will be able to get the full price you paid for the game ONLY IF YOU BUY THE WARRANTY THO. Other wise you will only get half or lesser than half of what you paid for the game so the extra $3 for the game warranty comes in handy
  • Shouldn’t have updated the app 1/5

    By Dark_knight_06071980
    I mean it’s streamlined. The design isn’t bad either. I should love it or even like it but the biggest thing I used to do on the old version of the app was add games to my wishlist. I would go to it when I was ready to buy a new game. Instead of searching the entire app. I’m really disappointed it’s not there anymore. That list was very helpful so you didn’t have to remember all the games you wanted to buy at some point. This app is almost useless to me now.
  • Great app, clean design 5/5

    By grapevine7
    Love the trade in feature where I can see the price of my old games before going to store
  • Worst app experience of all time 1/5

    By Bekah0355
    Crashes , opens random systems etc apple
  • Trash 1/5

    By Logafg
    The company gets worse by the day now even the app is garbage. Can’t find trade in values anymore . Non function trash app to go with the trash company
  • Finally 5/5

    By vikock712
    Trade ins are back
  • Trade ins 3/5

    By wilddog1098
    There’s no way to check the trade in value of games or consoles
  • STILL Doesn’t Work 10/14/20 1/5

    By drumfreak68
    Ok, so update released once again on 10/14/20....and yet you still CANNOT check in with store locator for 5 daily Pro Points. Guys, how hard is this? I’d give this App zero stars if I could, but you have to leave at least one. Lame
  • Fix the app so I can see my preorders 1/5

    By Nwojoey17
    Fix the app so I can see my preorder!! WHERES MY PRE ORDERS!!!!!!! New updated still no fix to preorder 10/14/20
  • What happened 1/5

    By Alfie2828
    Ever heard if it ain’t broke don’t fix it? Well y’all wrecked this app it’s absolute trash now
  • New UI 4/5

    By redcity11
    I like the new update but I can never view my preorders. Also while tapping anywhere on the app, there is a delay.
  • Fix 4/5

    By july 13 1978
    You need to fix this I can’t see my preorders
  • What a step back 1/5

    By Ejhdenver
    New app doesn’t have trade values or store info that I can find. This company really wants to make it difficult to shop with them.
  • No login 1/5

    By Junpei87
    All of sudden i cannot login in the app. If i go to website, it logs in fine but not in app. Maybe a bug? Tired of having problems with this app. Sign me out after not using it for 1 week and not able to remember me or able to log in with touch id. Fix your app
  • Missing features 2/5

    By Djkeemstar69
    I do not mind the new layout look. However it is missing the trade in tab. And it’s very difficult to navigate your rewards page.
  • App is garbage since update to new UI 1/5

    By EvilHorse80
    The app is trash since they changed the UI. Lost functionality, and signs me out on its own constantly, plus no Face ID to sign in.
  • Why did you update the interface? 3/5

    By Etanlikey
    The GameStop app after the developers changed the layout is now confusing. Where do we go to check in to receive power up rewards points? The only thing felt to have been improved after the renovation is the overall aesthetic and that is still flawed. Currently there is a “1uP” sale promotion within GameStop and conversely in the app and the first side scrolling of images doesn’t match the description; personally I was unaware that the Star Wars force pack contained a Detective Pikachu game for Nintendo 3DS, or that the “ultra slim charge pack for Xbox One” was in fact a Super Smash Bros 3DS game. Who asked for this update again? Either way please fix the issue regarding the interface mapping and clearly direct users to the proper navigation channels and not just information stating that we are able to when in fact there is no way to.
  • Gamestop stock to 100$ 5/5

    By Tgedfam
    Lets get this money!!!!
  • Old app was better unfortunately 1/5

    By SvbZero27
    Do not like new app.. Pre-orders not showing up. And where are trade-in values? Not understanding the decisions here
  • If I could score this app lower I would 1/5

    By James1421
    I liked the set-up of the old app. At least I could find things easily enough. This new version is complete trash. You can’t see what you have for pre-orders (granted that functionality has been unreliable of late to say the least, but still), the stupid app says I have 3 active offers but won’t tell you what they are. Most of the options in the app take you to the website instead. This app is so worthless now, I’m going to delete it off my phone until they fix it, as I now have to go to my local store anyway just to find out what my account is doing. Whoever was in charge of this new app and whoever signed off on it should be fired, as they clearly don’t want the customers to know what they can even DO WITH THEIR OWN ACCOUNTS.
  • Love the new app 4/5

    By Vixenn1122
    I really love the new design of the app. The biggest downside is that you can’t check in anymore. Also when you try to view your preorders it says “No connection to server”.
  • New update is terrible 1/5

    By Aki.chan
    I never really had an issue with the app or had any problems and would have given it 4 stars...until this revamped version was released. My issues with the new app: 1. Took away ability to redeem points (maybe it’s working for some people, I don’t know) 2. Took away ability to renew Pro membership 3. Took away My Library, so now I can’t add things to “I Want”...bye bye wishlist 4. Took away the scannable barcode for the membership card 5. Took away the super convenient in-store lookup. Now you have to click “store pickup” and it is grossly inaccurate as to inventory 6. Took away the store check-in for 5 bonus points; it says you can still do it but I haven’t yet figured out where 7. Over half the time I click on “Rewards”, I get the placeholder page as if I wasn’t a Pro member 8. Took away ability to look up trade values 9. Constantly freezes and crashes forcing me to close and reopen
  • Rewards points 4/5

    By Abol63
    I used to check into my store everyday with this app. Since the latest update, I haven’t been able to. I notified them and they said they were working on the problem but so far no luck. Since it’s not realistic I can buy something everyday for points guess I won’t be getting any new rewards. So sad. No problems before this update last time
  • App Change 1/5

    By TMNT_1986
    I’ve had a GameStop application since it’s been available. With that said this new update is absolutely horrible. Everything about it is bad. The app use to be so easy to use and navigate. Now you try to go into a category and it always fails. Doesn’t matter if it’s because of a load issue or just doesn’t work. Go back to the older version and just update it.
  • Broken 1/5

    By McFly323
    I can’t view my pre orders, look up order statuses, products won’t add to the cart, can’t do trade in estimates. Smh what happened guys? Where’s the quality control? Maybe next time release a beta version before releasing the official version.
  • Thee Most useless App 1/5

    By VTStudent
    I have over 50 preorders because I know how hard some things can be to find, but it’s been years since this app accurately displayed any of them. On top of that no matter what you do in the app, you are redirected to the website. So what’s the point? Don’t download this app because you won’t be able to do anything anyways.
  • Downgrade 1/5

    By shenrjdhshwksjdn
    As if GameStop wanted to get worse, THEY REMOVED THE ABILITY TO SEE HOW MUCH TRADE CREDIT THEY GIVE FOR THINGS! If they think this will get me to go into their store they’re wrong. I only dislike GameStop more now. You would think the people making these decisions want us to hate them.
  • Love it but... 1/5

    By FanofGod7
    The app is great but now you can't access pre orders to see what you have or see trade in values
  • New update is trash 1/5

    By Darth 33
    Can no longer get my 5 points daily for checking in with my local store even though it says that’s one way to earn points. Can no longer view Pre-orders. They essentially turned the app into the website. Today I had a notification, but when I opened the app there was nothing in my messages. Give back the old app
  • GameStop app is trash 1/5

    By Machete21
    Every single time I tap on the app and look to scroll thru some games the app always crashes and resets everything I’ve done. This renewed version of the app is garbage. It doesn’t work. I prefer the old version to this new one. Please change it back or fix it. It’s unusable
  • App needs more work 1/5

    By call me pedro
    The new app is a complete headache keeps on glitching, adding stuff to my cart and not showing. Scrolling down it keeps glitching and taking me back to the start or repeating the same thing over and over and over and over and over.......and over again GameStop you need to fix this
  • Where in hell is the trade-in button 1/5

    By Dbx103
    I can’t find anywhere, the training button. It’s like purposely they’re trying to prevent trade-ins.
  • Junk 1/5

    By RayBubba7
    The new layout is horrible and they removed the check in option but were to lazy to inform the customers about it!!!
  • New Update Ruined App 1/5

    By Sad Youtube fan.
    The app used to be great, because you could see the trade value for any game or system before bringing it in. Now they got rid of that feature, removing the most useful part. In addition, the app is much slower now, and much more privy to your personal data. Uninstalled.
  • Doesn’t let me sign in anymore 1/5

    By gd224
    Ever since the app was updated I can’t sign in to the app anymore! Tried on the website via Safari and it let me sign in. What’s the point of an app if you can’t sign into it anymore? Also you can’t view trade ins anymore.
  • Fantastic service 5/5

    By XxCaptainTDxX
    I like the new layout and my games always come very quick without and priority shipping. I’ve been shopping here for years and never had a bad experience.
  • New app stinks 1/5

    By 26catch
    The updated app took away the trade in value feature and just isn’t as user friendly. Downgrade really. Go back to the old one if I could
  • New App 1/5

    By Abe Cooke
    Not big fan of the new app. Can’t find trade in value anymore from my phone. A lot of stuff I’m not even interested in now on the app. Looks good, but don’t like how we lost abilities to find our trade in value before going to store. With virus still here I need to make sure it’s worth my time and possible health to visit store. I could do that with old app and being able to look up my trade value. Can’t with this new app.
  • Where is the trade in values? 1/5

    By PentzyDC
    I see there is a new update and while the app looks good. Where is the trade in values? That was the purpose of the app to keep track of your trade in values. The app is pretty useless now

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