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Gametime · Last Minute Tickets App

Last-minute tickets at the best price in seconds. ***** Gametime makes finding the perfect live experience remarkably fast and easy (especially last-minute). We curate an epic list of the most amazing possibilities your city has to offer. Once you select your event, we examine as many as 10,000 potential seats and present you with just the 50 best values - not an impossibly long list of choices. Each curated seat option includes a high-resolution, full-stadium, panoramic view from that section. Navigate to the seat map to see price-vs-location comparisons within amazingly detailed, true-to-life, full-color stadium maps. Ticket options animate off-screen as they’re purchased or on-screen as they become available - giving you the only glimpse into real-time availability in the world. Once you’ve found the perfect seats, two-tap buying (even after the event starts!) gives you the speed you need to rule the last minute. After purchase, Gametime delivers tickets directly to your phone. Text your tickets to your crew so that everyone gets in instantly. Go from zero to inside in seconds. If plans change, no problem - sell your tickets with the push of a button. When you’re stuck with paper tickets, snap a quick photo and sell them in seconds. Gametime now offers sports, concert, and theater tickets across the US and Canada.


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Gametime · Last Minute Tickets app reviews

  • Resale market 1/5

    By Johnny Rockets 11
    The app is overall easy to use and seemed to be reliable when purchasing tickets. Selling tickets is another animal all together. I went to resell two tickets I bought on their app. Although I can not control the price they sell at and they are up front about that, there seems to be questionable ethics going on during the resale. Since I could not change the pricing of my tickets myself I diligently monitored the pricing of the tickets on their app that were for sale in the section I had tickets for sale in. Tickets were stated at one price on the app and I was paid out a significantly less amount at the same time. They told me the fees are high to use PayPal. They also stated they sold my tickets for $21 less per ticket than what was posted on their app at the time of selling. This seems like they are charging the buyer a higher price and then telling the seller they sold them for less. Also, there was a week left before the event and if the tickets were in demand then they shouldn’t have sold them for a rate much less than what the tickets normally are posted for on the site. Very questionable things going on here.
  • Outstanding Experience 5/5

    By TigerNWDC
    I bought tickets for Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Capitals and Lightning and paid collectively about $30 less than I would have paid on Stubhub or Seat Geek. I spent a lot of time trying to find the best deal and I definitely found it on Gametime. Highly recommend!
  • Fast and easy 5/5

    By atl gemini
    Bought some Atlanta United tickets a couple of days before game day and received my tickets instantly straight on the app. Had no problems scanning in, and had pretty decent seats on the lower level for $53 a piece. Really recommend this app.
  • Royals Yankees 2018 4/5

    By kirky623
    We had a great time the tickets were awesome and the price was better yet
  • Missing Tickets 1/5

    By Adidude
    Paid $350 for playoff tix and not showing up in app no matter what I do
  • Terrible customer service and buggy app 1/5

    By Saeed Siddiqi
    I recently purchased tickets through gametime for a concert in my area. 3 days before the concert my tickets were mysteriously sold for less than HALF of what they were listed at on the marketplace at a time that I hadn't even logged into the app... Initially I thought it was a bug so I contacted customer service and explained the situation. No one in customer service believed me and basically called me a liar and that I was trying to pull a fast one. I ended up being stuck losing half of my money and not being able to go to the concert I was really excited to watch. I suggest that no one ever download or use this app anymore because your tickets might get mysteriously sold and you'll lose half of what you paid. I have deleted it and recommended that none of my friends every use the app again. P.s. I spoke to Liz and she was very unhelpful so I'm very sorry for anyone who has to deal with her in the future
  • I will never use this app again. 1/5

    By thid app is terrible
    Terrible app, doesn’t give you enough time to let you know you’re buying tickets, once you click on the tickets they’re bought, and you don’t get your money back. I will never use this app ever again. Terrible.
  • Is way too expensive 1/5

    By The one night
    Is way too expensive, is cheaper on other website
  • Wow! 5/5

    By Ben-Jammin_01
    Great app! Functioned perfectly, was very fluid and easy to use, and made my first experience a great one! I will definitely use GameTime in the future!
  • Fake tickets 1/5

    Got me in to the Kevin Hart show but the tickets where fake had to give are seats up don’t buy from here

    By Okic211111
    last season gave us the wrong ticket and we missed the entire game and did not compensate us. This season they told us we bought tickets from the wrong date even though we didn't and had photo evidence. We had to purchase new tickets and never got our money back. Gametime does not care about your money or your experience.
  • Extremely disappointed 1/5

    By shar224
    So first time using this app I choice the wrong date for a game not knowing paid 153.00 for 3 tickets witch wasn’t bad but wasn’t able to cancel or get my money back they only option they had was to sell the tickets smh... So not knowing I sold my tickets they said I would get atleast $114 dollars for my tickets so I thought ok that’s fine I’ll loss a lil money but that amount is fine my tickets sold instantly I was shocked and surprised but then I get an email saying that all 3 of my tickets where sold for $36.00 not to $114.00 but $36.00. What! Not only am I losing money I can’t even get atleast the 36 back on my card is gonna be put into gametime credit like what I don’t even want this app no more nor wanna buy anything else from this app so basically I lost all my money smh..
  • Holy cow - whole new world w Gametime 5/5

    By Bradgsf
    First off - use code brad4 for $5 credit. Enter it on my tickets tab. Second - wow, this is a whole new world for me. I noticed that prices tend to fall - gametime is simply the fastest and easesit (and I think cheapest way) to get into baseball and I think music too. I go to way more games w my friend now. I text a ticket to him and we meet at the seats. Sometimes app takes a while to load, but that could be the network around the game. Also , if u call they answer fast. After 17 purchases I had to call once. Ask for Dave. He can help in a min or two. Legit.
  • Screwed Over 1/5

    By FLHusket
    I ordered Lightning tickets and the seller decided not to release them at that price. I called customer service to no avail. I will never use this app again! Not fair to the ultimate consumer.
  • Horrible waste of time “Sucktime” 1/5

    By LukeWest7
    I’ve never written a review about anything before but I got to warn people. This app was recommended by my wife’s friend. We tried it today to get last minute tickets to a local baseball game seeing confirmation we had been charged but not yet been given a confirmed actual ticket with 30 mins till the game start. I read on there website under FAQ one question was “where are my tickets” and basically says hang on it’s coming they will be there well before start of the event. WRONG! Time had been ticking away, so I called and the chick said that they were having a problem gettin the seller to release the tickets. I’m thinking who the hell is that?? Then she said we can offer you some other seats that are close to what you wanted. I’m like ok let’s try that. Guess what same [email protected] as before but now with 10 mins to the start of the event. I called again spoke to someone else he said give it 8 mins to see if you got the new tickets we switched for you. 8 mins ran up still no tickets m. I called again and said I need a refund, the girl then said “we can’t give you a refund”. I’m thinking the fu$k are you talking about?! She said wait till we hear back from the seller of the tickets. Now it’s 1 min to the start of the event. Then she says ok it’s confirmed the seller isn’t coming through. We can now offer a refund for you. This company is a joke. Stay away, do not waste your time here it’s not worth risks.
  • Rrrrr 3/5

    By Cornholio367
    I can’t see my tickets. Only on email!
  • Clutch 5/5

    By TheGuySteven
    This app was a life saver!!! I went to a Giants game recently with a friend who has season tickets. He brought tickets for the wrong date though, so we couldn't scan into the game. After we got out of line, I hopped on Gametime and saw they had $10 bleacher tickets all in. I bought 4 of them and they were delivered to my phone before we got back to the front of the line. It was the best buying experience I could have asked for. I would suggest everyone use this app. It has been my go to ticket app for years and after my most recent experience I don't think that will change anytime soon! Go Giants!
  • Saved me! Best place for tickets 5/5

    By sinczer234
    Gametime pulled through for me! My friend bought tickets to a Celtics playoff game from another site. When we showed up at the event, the tickets didn't work.. I don't know what happened, but they wouldn't let us in. I was panicked. Another friend said they'd used Gametime before and they deliver tickets really fast. And she was right! Found tickets super fast and they arrived just as fast. And they were cheaper than the original tickets we bought in essentially the same spot. Was so awesome. Using Gametime from now on. Thanks!
  • Do not use to sell your tickets 1/5

    By Mayer149
    They are extremely sketchy with the way that they list your tickets. They tell you that they are listing them for market value, then they sell them for much less without letting you know. I reached out to them asking for details or a report of the selling process of my tickets and they would not give me anything. Haven’t heard back since. Much more worth selling them yourself.
  • Fine for taking your money. Bad for everything else 1/5

    By Irregardless Source
    You can’t assign tickets without sharing all contacts. The poorest sharing design imaginable
  • Definitely use again 5/5

    By Kat Hettich
    I purchased tickets for a concert. When I had questions and emailed customer care I got my answer right away. We went to the concert last night and it was super convent to use the app for the tickets. Definitely purchasing tickets again.
  • Sharing information 1/5

    By Lhgirl72
    At first it looks good but is to good to be true. I was about to purchase Kenny Chesney tickets for Austin. $22 a piece but after I submitted my card info app was saying I had to sign in using PayPal and they would share my info with my purchase. Thanks but no thanks a concert is not worth my info being shared. Game time is shady af!
  • Good app 2/5

    By chiquicity
    This is a great app to buy last minute tickets but their convenience charge sometimes is more than what the ticket cost.
  • Confirmed tickets then nothing 1/5

    By his217
    Received confirmation but the tickets never followed. Only response I received when I called was they didn’t have them. Made no effort to resolve and get replacement tickets. “Nothing they can do”
  • Misleading 1/5

    By Jack Vidani
    States 13$ but ends up being around 20$
  • My tickets have disappeared 3/5

    By Amanda231989
    It’s an awesome app but what about rain delays and postponed games. My tickets are gone and I spent 60 dollars. I called a customer service number listed and he was rude. I’d like a refund or my tickets back but now I don’t know where to go. Starting to have a bad taste in my mouth with this app. 🙄
  • SCAM 1/5

    By idontfeelsogoodmrstark
    DO NOT USE! I opened the app twice just to browse and see what it was about. I never bought anything but the next day FRAUD PREVENTION SERVICES called me and said my account had been charged twice for the same amount from this app.
  • Promotions / Giveaways 1/5

    By yacky420
  • Hi and tanx 5/5

    By Saman2014
    Hi dear
  • Don’t trust customer service 1/5

    By garauz
    Purchase two tickets to Chicago cubs game and they send me the same tickets for both seats which then at the time where I checked into the game I couldn’t get into the stadium due to the fact that they only give me one seat.
  • Scalpers in sheeps clothing 1/5

    By Arthur365
    Happy charged me twice when their payment system stalled mid transaction and weren’t interested in my story - too busy scalping...
  • Gametime baby 4/5

    By jprim03
    Love this very easy and fast for ever sport game I want it on there love it keep it up y’all
  • Don’t use 1/5

    By iewallace
    They owe me for a ticket that came available almost 2 hours past game time and won’t refund me my money.
  • Not for me 1/5

    By Ursadon
    Just another platform for scalpers.
  • Awesome prices 5/5

    By Nicholas717MH
    Great app for last minute plans with unbeatable prices.
  • Don’t use them 1/5

    By jmmmkmdmm
    Scam company... I had 4 tickets to a baseball game. Sold two of them and then they put on the app sell the remainder of your tickets for $213 now so I did it thinking I was getting $213 for the “remainder 2 tickets”. But nope it was for the total two tickets which the first 2 sold for $151. Called customer service 7 times in one day got different answers each time. They said they would release the two tickets for me to sell which they never did and I never got paid the remaining money for hitting the sell now button. Sellers beware!! These people are scammers and not a good company.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Tullzombie
    So far I love this app! I love being able to go to an NHL playoff game for cheap! I will be using it from now on to buy tickets to see my favorite teams and concerts!
  • Easiest user face ever 5/5

    By No more printing
    Completely seamless buying and selling experience. Now if I could just find more time to go to cool events!
  • Excellent and easy to use 5/5

    By Vandyball
    Have used Gametime multiple times! They have been great. Very easy to use and maximize prices.
  • Sold tickets 1/5

    By Bludolphin37
    You sold my tickets without my knowledge I didn’t except the amount I lost 27 dollars I paid 90.00 and you sold them for 63.00 very disappointing
  • Tickets didn’t scan 1/5

    By DBC2334
    The tickets I purchased did not scan at the gate and the company won’t respond to my emails.
  • Useless customer service 1/5

    By trustorie
    This app was great at first sight. Except when they suspend your account for using a credit card that’s not in your own name. I was going to a game with a coworker and put in her info for the payment. With no notification my charge was canceled even though they did take the money out of her account and suspended my account without letting me know anything. When I called to speak to the manager every person was more useless than the last with not letting me know anything at all. They completely messed up the game experience for me and prevented me from going to a game that I still haven’t been refunded for.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By Amrzen
    It’s my favorite App
  • I like this App 5/5

    By Juicy ran
    It’s Good
  • Tix sent to me 1/5

    By TGreeny92
    I have tried to get the shared tix that were sent to me 5 times. Still don’t have them. Zero instructions and zero help in their FAQ. User experience is awful.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By skena1217
    I honestly love the app has great and amazing pricing
  • 0 Stars 4/30/2018 1/5

    By TheB-1000
    I clicked on a link to purchase tickets for Wednesday's 5/2/18 San Jose Sharks game and was charged for today's 4/30 game. I am not anywhere near the arena and attempted to get a refund from the impossible to find phone number, and was turned down. I don't recommend purchasing tickets on this app.
  • The worst 1/5

    By NYC_Pete
    Thank you for creating an awful user experience. Would rather pay full price for a ticket than deal with this.
  • Legit the Best 5/5

    By Molly vondrak
    Super easy to use, great deals, and excellent customer service- I don’t buy tickets anywhere else!
  • Worst app and customer service I’ve ever dealt with. 1/5

    By tmamalovebone
    This was the worst experience I’ve ever had purchasing tickets from a third party vendor. If there was a negative star rating I rate them negative 100.

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