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Gametime · Last Minute Tickets

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Gametime · Last Minute Tickets App

Last-minute tickets at the best price in seconds. ***** Gametime makes finding the perfect live experience remarkably fast and easy (especially last-minute). We curate an epic list of the most amazing possibilities your city has to offer. Once you select your event, we examine as many as 10,000 potential seats and present you with just the 50 best values - not an impossibly long list of choices. Each curated seat option includes a high-resolution, full-stadium, panoramic view from that section. Navigate to the seat map to see price-vs-location comparisons within amazingly detailed, true-to-life, full-color stadium maps. Ticket options animate off-screen as they’re purchased or on-screen as they become available - giving you the only glimpse into real-time availability in the world. Once you’ve found the perfect seats, two-tap buying (even after the event starts!) gives you the speed you need to rule the last minute. After purchase, Gametime delivers tickets directly to your phone. Text your tickets to your crew so that everyone gets in instantly. Go from zero to inside in seconds. If plans change, no problem - sell your tickets with the push of a button. When you’re stuck with paper tickets, snap a quick photo and sell them in seconds. Gametime now offers sports, concert, and theater tickets across the US and Canada.


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Gametime · Last Minute Tickets app reviews

  • Stupid fees 1/5

    By bryanders15
    It’s bull when you buy one ticket gametime charges $10 dollars extra per. Should of been 128 dollars. Instead was 168. Not using gametime ever again!!
  • Expect to be swindled - Lost $80 to gametime 1/5

    Bought 2 tickets for Childish Gambino in other site but my plans changed and had the sell them. So I posted them here due to the great reviews. I regret it now and wish Gametime could pay me back me a fair price. Originally paid $165.44 in other site some months ago, my plans changed and posted them in Gametime where they told me they expect to sell them at a similar price. Their charts also told me that they might reduce the price a little bit if we got closer to the concert (e.g. they were posted at ~$184 but could go to ~$124 in two weeks). I thought $184 would have been great, thought $124 was low but fair if it came to last minute. Then, I was positively surprised when a day ago I saw that the price hiked to $224, I wasn’t just going to recover my money, I was going to make a profit! My positive surprise quickly turned sour when today I received and email from Gametime saying they had managed to sell the tickets, but I’d only receive $89! for both tickets! Almost $100 less than what they originally said I could expect, almost $80 less than the original price, and (the worst) almost $80 less than what they are selling similar tickets now. Outrageous. I feel absolutely scammed, I had no decision in that price and would have never sold them for that amount. Wish I could give you negative stars.
  • Great App w/ MAJOR flaw. 3/5

    By BrianPinMO
    I was initially really pleased with GameTime until my most recent experience. I purchased 3 tickets for an upcoming game before we found out we wouldn't need them as we were supplied others. However, I couldn't re-list the tickets because they were purchased but not "delivered" to me. They weren't delivered until the day of the game so I only had hours to re-list them and, of course, they didn't sell because of how little time I had to re-list. This is a huge flaw. If I've purchased them, I should have them available to re-list if necessary. You shouldn't sell me something but then not deliver it until hours before the event.
  • Good!!!!! 5/5

    By Stuckey56
    I love this app it quality and good Customer service
  • THANK YOU! 5/5

    By t.11.
    You guys are awesome! Keep up the amazing work! Thank you! ❤️ - Dodger Fan!
  • Great concept but 2/5

    By MamaKraus
    The app is a great concept but in order to buy tickets the credit verification process is somewhat ridiculous... they started asking my cross street and telling me my 84 year old mother is the registered person to my phone number. I’m a 45 year old adult mother of 3 .... seriously, I just want to buy tickets with my Apple Pay and when did so much verification information be required when using my Apple Pay. I could understand my credit card company having fraud alert and a detailed verification process.
  • Sketchy 1/5

    By aasdvhjjbbblobbkk
    I’ve been screwed by this app/company more than once so I’m done using them. Most recently I sold tickets, which they listed WAY below everything else in the same area and then magically sold right away. I then had to email customer support 5 days later to get the funds. I wonder if I ever would have gotten them had I not emailed following up?...
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By Yvonne217
    I bought 2 concert tickets and it was rescheduled twice. The first time they didn’t even notify me, I found out through a friend. The second time the concert was rescheduled the day of! I had already booked a hotel and spent money on gas to get there. I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to attend the third time. The concert venue released a statement that we can ask for a refund through the ticket company. Gametime refused to refund me my money. The only option was to sell them. I would’ve lost $130 if I sold them on the app. I will never buy tickets through them again.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By 123Gisel
    I love this app! Cheaper then StubHub
  • Refund 1/5

    By Bloncohammer
    Won’t refund you if you bought them for the wrong venue
  • Doesn’t show what the seat number is 1/5

    By fuckthisapplol
    This app only showed me what row and what section my seats where and after I bought the tickets I found out I was in the middle of the row and I wanted an end seat but the app is convenient in other ways
  • Bad customer service 1/5

    By !!!.......!
    This app needs to have a refund option. Because I purchased tickets for a game in July and I never used them because I wasn’t able to attend and i tried to get a refund back but they kept making up excuses. Never going to use this app again.
  • Great app for tickets 5/5

    By Guatemala 1821
    Great communication and customer service. Even though seller was slow to send tickets, customer service was on top of things. Always reassuring me that tickets would be delivered before the game.
  • Same as all the negative reviews 1/5

    By Mandamed
    ❌❌❌DO NOT USE THIS APP❌❌❌ I have used this app since the beginning, never had an issue, pricing and all seemed reasonable! Until this past experience I bought tickets and decided to sell them back but yea I got ripped off. I received less then half then what I paid for the tickets because of the bs tactics to markup and sell now price! And to top it off no customer service as other apps or companies try to make good by the customer. They don’t believe in it at all, I gave up the fight and I’m taking my lose! But I will not use this app and for sure will let my circle know not to use this app as they are incompetent in business all the way around!!!
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Hdheyuisjanq
    Only way I buy tickets
  • Horrible Customer Service 1/5

    By AlphaCortex
    Problem with tickets for a sporting event. No phone number available. Emailed minutes after noticing problem to fix and they said they will NOT help. Download stubhub instead. 🙄
  • Can’t beat the seat map-but 1 tap is close 5/5

    By will take charge
    Almost wanna keep you a secret; let everyone else use stub hub but Gametime is an awesome app. Map shows you prices of all seats, not stupid onesies like the others... see the view from the seat and total price...if you like it...give it a tap, minute later you’ll have your seat.
  • Alright 3/5

    By bekangc
    ALWAYS ALWAYS check the venue site of your event before looking on the app. I ended up spending about twice as much on tickets that I could’ve gotten on the venue site for much cheaper. If this happens you can get app credit for the difference but it’s such a hassle it isn’t worth it, and the rules on it are so vague that I’m sure they’d find a way to avoid giving you the credits. App isn’t really worth the time or money unless you can find some ridiculously cheap tickets. Only giving 3 stars because the customer service wasn’t bad, and the app is easy to use.
  • Horrible Ticket Sales and Horrible Service 1/5

    By Harris, S.
    If I could give this site a 0 to 1/2 star rating I would defiantly do so. I bought three $189.00 tickets for a Padre/Angels game schedules for tomorrow evening with my fiancé and son, and the tickets were made out to be for a game that has already started today. I called to try to get clarification and they told me since it was a third party ticket sales they couldn’t do anything but give me a $20 credit. This site is horrible, a scam, and take advantage of those trying to get tickets at a decent price. I highly highly recommend you use any other site but this one. You have been warned.
  • Aqua Lad 1/5

    By LuluBean64890
    Thank you for your honest review. I was going to download, but won’t now. I do not trust companies that blame the customer. Furthermore, who give the customer the runaround. Not for me. I don’t have the time to chase them around.
  • Cities 1/5

    By Mo cty/St
    Limited cities and states
  • Seat taken 1/5

    By braidendiebold
    I went to the real salt lake soccer game tonight and was quick to find out that my seat that was sold to me on Gametime was false. I got into the stadium coincidentally yet soon found that someone else had the same seat with a family of four taking the row. Being the good person I am didn’t make a big deal and let them sit. I stood the whole 93 minutes. Wish it could’ve worked out better.
  • #AwesomeSauce 5/5

    By Iamunique1
  • THIS APP IS A SCAM!! 1/5

    By Pryde&Joy
    When I went to a yankee game on 8/10/18 I found out the tickets that I bought were FAKE!! I spent over $100 and I want my money back!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Krouse
    The user interface is easy to navigate, the prices are cheap, and the tickets are real. What more could you ask for?
  • Lifetime first! Seriously!!!! 1/5

    By worthlesspieceofpaper
    Bought a ticket that the venue said was already used. Couldn’t get in with my friends. Had to buy another ticket at the venue.
  • Best APP ever!!!! 5/5

    By ipodlovergirl
    Please add to the app the accessible seats so wheelchair users can see where the accessible seats are. That will be very much appreciated. I LOVE how you can look up seats and see the view you'd have if you chose those seats. It's great to have digital tix, also. You are shown the original price and the price cut, so you'll know how much you're saving. If you buy more than one ticket, you can email or text the other tix to your friends. This APP is well thought out and it always works beautifully. Because of this APP, I was able to attend many more games. Thanks for a brilliant APP!!
  • Tickets 5/5

    By Soldier Boy 1086
    This App is doing it’s job to the fullest! Thank you for making my payments safe and secure!! Great superior service!!
  • Fan 4 Life 4/5

    By True B&G!
    Looking good Redskins! First touchdown, competitive playing, very aggressive! Keep it up!👍 #HTTR
  • Price reduction 1/5

    By AngelOlan
    I bought tickets for a basketball game and they have a bad policy that once you purchase the tickets it’s final so if the ticket price goes down they don’t discount the original price you paid for.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Ayo Melo07
    Great app, really easy to use! I definitely recommend it.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Ehrlebird
    I use this app every time I purchase tickets. Seeing the field view it’s my favorite part. So easy to buy and sell tickets.
  • Tickets 1/5

    By o'beth
    I made a purchase and they sold the tickets more than once.
  • No Confirm button 1/5

    By ripped off from GT
    No “Confirm”button upon selling tickets. If you hit sell now by accident, Gametime steals your tickets at 1/2 price or less than what they are worth, very scammy. Back to ticket master 4 life
  • Thomas Papa 3/5

    By Yanos P
    The tickets aren’t any differently priced than Stub Hub . I thing with this feistier they would be cheaper. Thank you.
  • Horrrible customer service 1/5

    By 12_PD
    I had purchased tix and when I went to pull them up at the gate they were missing. Somehow they had been moved to the “sell” section. Translated, they said I listed them for sale minutes before I went to enter the game. Guy on the phone was rude as S and blamed me. Deactivated my account and from here on out will be using stub hub.
  • Cards game 5/5

    By Xtrakeyrestrial
    I loveeeeed it! My family loveeeeeeed it! Great price. Great seats.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Kuda283
    Im absolutely loving this app... paid $27 for three Miami Dolphin 🐬 tickets upper 300 level don’t care as long as I’m in the building. 🙌🏾
  • Scam!! 1/5

    By I❤️dinos
    I bought the wrong ticket on accident the day of the concert and they have a no refund policy which isn’t mention. When i talked to costumer service, they said they would buy it back to me. They had me close the app out and when i came back on they said “we have you 75% back, the other 25% went to us”. So i lost $30. When i contacted costumer service they said oh well. They also overcharge. Got my ticket off stub hub for $80 the day off while there app had them at $145.
  • Love It 5/5

    By tampabayballer
    Wouldn’t use any other but Gametime for all my sporting and event tickets.
  • Met game 5/5

    By 29idol
    Was a little concern with online apps but you hid were amazing glad I used and a fan for future tickets
  • My shares tickets didn’t show up 1/5

    By Sr2085
    Friend bought tickets and sent me mine using the app. Showed up as text link and forced me to install the app. Had to enter my personal info and still couldn’t access tix. Deleting app right now.
  • Great service! Works well for buying and selling 5/5

    By Bigbou2
    Great service, great app interface. The fees could stand to be a little lower.. but that is the only complaint.
  • Yaaaas 5/5

    By apary12
    Literally no trouble at all loved the Phillies game. Everything went so super smooth
  • Why are Broadway tickets expensive ? 2/5

    By P.R.V
    Broadway Tickets are still expensive
  • Oversold the ticket. 1/5

    By Jimmysport
    We bought our seats, got to the game and found that our seats had been sold to others as well. Fortunately Tampa did not sell out or there would have been some very unhappy fans.
  • Sold me the wrong tickets 1/5

    By Low&Slow_GTI
    Bought tickets for the night game at Nats Park, they gave me the day game tickets instead. When I bought them I got a killer deal on the tickets and by game time prices had inflated. Customer service was unable to seat me in the same location so they exchanged the tickets for upper deck tickets instead of lower box tickets and gave me a $10 refund for the trouble. Aside from the inconvenience the tickets we were given were $5 when I bought mine, so we ended up losing out on the total exchange. I’ll never use again nor recommend.
  • Loveeeee Gametime 5/5

    By Kalikushqueen707
    It’s my go to app to get any sort of tickets ! So easy and convenient !!!!
  • Go somewhere else to get tickets 1/5

    By saas57
    The app doesn’t update when tickets are shipped nor do you receive confirmations if I could give negative stars I would
  • False ticket advertising 1/5

    By Gold Aidan 01
    The tickets were shown without obstruction and were not marked as instructed view. They are obstructed view seats on either home plate or the pitchers mound. I would not have bought these seats if there was truthful selling.

Gametime · Last Minute Tickets app comments


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