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Garmin ActiveCaptain

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  • Current Version: 14.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Garmin
  • Compatibility: Android
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Garmin ActiveCaptain App

The free all-in-one ActiveCaptain™ app provides a powerful connection to your Garmin chartplotter, charts, maps and the ActiveCaptain community for the ultimate connected boating experience. Wherever you are, you’ll have unlimited access to your cartography, be able to purchase new maps and charts, and have access to the Garmin Quickdraw™ Contours Community. Connect to the ActiveCaptain community for up-to-date feedback on marinas and other points of interest. Smart notifications¹ on your chartplotter screen keep you connected with everyone else. Plan a trip or pre-fish a lake, and ActiveCaptain will automatically sync with your chartplotter. Even view and control your chartplotter from your smartphone or tablet while you’re on the water. This app is not recommended for non-Garmin chartplotter owners and is not intended to be a standalone navigational app. The included basemap is not useable without purchasing additional charts/maps. - OneChart™ lets you access all your Garmin unit pre-load and accessory card charts and maps from your mobile device and purchase new ones - Receive smart notifications¹, such as calls and texts, on your chartplotter display when paired with the app - Connect to fellow boaters with the ActiveCaptain community for up-to-date feedback on marinas and other points of interest - Make, save and transfer routes and waypoints between the app and chartplotter - Easily upload and download the latest Garmin Quickdraw Contours content from the community - Download software updates and notifications from the app to your Garmin devices - View and control your chartplotter from your smartphone or tablet ¹See compatibility matrix -

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Garmin ActiveCaptain app reviews

  • Lousy replacement for BlueChart Mobile 1/5

    By Kendra Knieriem
    BlueChart mobile is no longer available, and this is supposed to replace it? Come on, Garmin. You can’t possibly be this out of touch with your customer base. It’s not compatible with my GPSMap 1040xs. I just purchased the plotter new as a leftover unit from a retailer. Very disappointing. BlueChart Mobile is intuitive and easy to use. ActiveCaptain is a very poor replacement. Garmin - get your head out of your rear.
  • New Port Cove Marine Center in Riviera Beach FL 5/5

    By JME-NC
    We just spent 2 weeks at New Port Cove at Lake Worth Inlet and couldn’t be more pleased with the service, location, and personnel. While waiting for a crossing window, we had some repairs done to our trawler and provisioned for a 3 month trip to the Abacos. We were an easy walk to Boat Owner’s Warehouse, Publix, BBT bank, Walgreen’s, multiple sport fishing stores, and Auto Zone and a cheap Uber ride to Walmart. The surrounding neighborhoods have seen tough times but we were met on our dog walks through them with consistently friendly people, multiple home and property renovations, and a huge presence of Rybovich boat yard’s expansion. GM Jim Nester is doing a great job updating the marina and getting (and keeping) enthusiastic and helpful staff. This was our second stay, and we will definitely be back. With all that and a 15 minute trip to Lake Worth Inlet, what more could you want?
  • No registration available 1/5

    By Too Thankful
    I’m very disappointed. I purchased what I believed was the best product available. I’m very sad to say that it has been an exhausting experience. The support team has not supported the product and I’ve been given the run around. I even purchased the updated (expensive) maps with no help. The only upside is that I didn’t mount this horrible product in my boat!
  • Great app when you get use to it. 5/5

    By Boomboom58625
    All kinds of features that make life easier. I hooked all my Garmin equipment up and it registered everything through active captain for me. Great for sending and receiving data from my iPad. Allows me to use my iPad as a portable MFD. Biggest downfall I have found is sometimes you have to close helm and then start helm again if the iPad isn't used for awhile. That said it only takes a second to do so not a big deal. Went Fishing yesterday and it was so nice to have my iPad right next to me watching what was going on wether on the bow of boat or in the cockpit. Great app in my opinion!
  • Very disappointing. 1/5

    By WZZ86
    The program interface is clumsy at best. It has a limit on how many way points you can use on any given route which makes it useless for planning a course on the ICW. If you have blue chart mobile keep it. Much nicer program.
  • Dunedin City Marina 1/5

    By 2727NROSE
    Very crowed marine, tight maneuvering, left several messages on recorder for dockmaster beginning at 9:30 had no response at 1:30 I called City Hall was told dockmaster was in a meeting, at 1:36 City Hall connected me to dockmaster. Dockmaster in a snickered tone said no slips were available. A rather poor response as a city ambassador trying to attract boaters to the town.
  • 14.1 still doesn’t work 1/5

    By Trebz
    Can’t believe that this doesn’t work on an iPhone X. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, downloaded every update, emailed support and no luck.
  • All That You Need For Navigation...Plus 5/5

    By Capt Bloodletter
    I have this app on my iPad and two iPhones. It takes me where I want to go while warning me of dangers and what I will find when I get to my destination, such as; marinas, anchorages, restaurants, parts, groceries, dinghy landings, pet runs, etc. All in one, job done.
  • Great Feature 5/5

    By okiestick
    Makes updating easy!
  • Very Important and Valuable 4/5

    By Captain Hample
    I am professional captain I move vessels from the US Virgin Islands to Maine. The Active Captain helps me find places to stop and what’s available when I get there! It is a perfect planing tool for a captain. Only one down side and the reason not 5 star. The new mobile app does not have the ability to record a track. The old Blue Chart Mobile could and has many tracks I laid down. I could always refer back to good water. Not all vessels use Garmin for their main navigation system. I’m never without a backup system. Captain Fred
  • Navionics app is MUCH better 1/5

    By eme jota ce
    You can try to plot a manual route with this app, but is you try for to automatically generate a safe route between two points with land between, it will plot a course i. A straight line over land.
  • Captain 5/5

    By Kjwilliak
    Great app!
  • Won’t work when away from cell service 1/5

    By gfsjvr
    Disgusting how garmin has ruined such a great app. Trying to force us to buy their latest gear has backfired. I just replaced all electronics with ray marine. Garmin won’t work with NEMA. Now they’ve ruined active captain. Don’t rely on something that will quit on you when you need it badly
  • Garmin 5/5

    By cjames98
    Just bought this and I love it would recommend it to anyone great product
  • Ripoff 1/5

    By sscc1947
    This used to be a great FREE app but now that Garmin owners it the app is free but you have to buy their charts. $ 150.00 just so I can use this app.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By debee84
    Bad app too many glitches
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By 744;9;(9(9;off
    This is so sweet!
  • So far so good! 5/5

    By cracker2010
    I just got this setup. But I will say is seems to be configured well and should be an asset on the water.
  • Cocoa Village Marina 5/5

    By Captain Don T
    This marina is in a class by itself. The facilities are amazing and the staff is about the best you would find anywhere. The edge this marina has over any with 100’s of Miles is “location location location. You can walk to a hall a dozen great restaurants and stroll historic Cocoa Village. Checking out this marina is a must
  • App is worthless 1/5

    By Rfrasc
    Got new Garmin equipment in the boat and tried to use Active Captain to register it all and it does not work. It does not pick up all components in the device list and none of it will register. Garmin is stumped and my stuff is still unregistered.
  • Great addition to my new boat 5/5

    By Stapinko
    VERY user friendly and intuitive. Easy to program and do uploads. I highly recommend Garmin
  • ActiveCaptain is the best. 5/5

    By jsa444
    I don’t know what I would do without this. Seriously, when planning a cruise or researching an area, this is the most valuable tool I know.
  • Excellent App 5/5

    By Halaug
    Easy to use and very informative
  • So disappointed 1/5

    Garmin, I’m very disappointed with you, no need for a long explanation, you did this to yourself. Update, and yet it is still getting worse. You have MPH instead of knots lol, your charts for the first time ever are lacking and wrong? I hate to say this but my old cmap furuno i just got updated charts for makes your toys lame
  • Unbelievable things are possible 5/5

    By Rick Dubea
    My old gps crashed , after much research I decided on a new Garmin combination unit. I did not realize how fabulous they are. Some of my friends have them now and still don’t use all of the fantastic features or the app.
  • Updates Lag Behind Garmin Website 2/5

    By MiamiJay
    The app is useful but it seems that Garmin BlueChart and Garmin Helm we’re better standalone apps than the all-integrated Garmin Active Captain. For one thing, it makes no sense to me that updates for devices will be released on the website, yet a week goes by and no update available at Active Captain. Today is 12/25 and the most recent update came out on 12/19 but still nothing on the Garmin AC app. Also, the features released after waiting since the last update in August, simply aren’t speaking to the tech trends of other chartplotters such as Raymarine with exclusive FLIR features and drone control.
  • Useless without Garmin equipment 1/5

    By galante97
    I bought the maps and spent $400 only to find out that you have to use this with the Garmin Equipment which already has those charts. Useless as a NAV aid in addition to or as a back up to other equipment. I wanted this as a backup in case of systems failure.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Sj4476
    Great been able to use your iPad to plot
  • K3mwo 3/5

    By C37Xj
  • Much improved 5/5

    By MikeCurreri
    Every one of the improvements that I was looking for in this app (save one) has been made. That one is to change the snap feature to either be much less intrusive/ sensitive or allow it to be optional with a setting (or better yet, a sensitivity setting in the settings). We recently ripped out the entire network of three year old Furuno chart plotters, radar, sonar, AIS, etc. and replaced with Garmin. Glad we did.
  • Gracias 4/5

    By Sharkyvqs
  • Great App but had an Issue 4/5

    By Pbyrum3
    I just changed boats and was able to add the new equipment and delete the old equipment. However, I keep getting software updates for the old equipment that I no longer have (and that are not listed on the app). Unfortunately, there is no way to correct this without “resetting” the App, which means that I lose all of my downloads and have to start from scratch. That issue aside, I love active Captain!
  • Needs help 1/5

    By R!mty
    I understand that this app is trying to evolve quickly but there are far too many bugs. We are on an 8 month cruise and I continually have to delete the app to correct issues. Once you delete the app, you must redownload all of your charts. By the way Garmin, these are charts, not maps! The future looks promising but only if they fire whatever developer they hired from Microsoft’s Windows Vista days...
  • Typical Botched Software Upgrade from BIG Company 1/5

    By rwells36
    I’ve been a user of Active Captain for many years. I also am a software entrepreneur having founded and sold two companies. One of my most common efforts was migrating software data from one platform to another (ensuring fields were mapped correctly and old data ended up in the proper places). Garmin has an EPIC FAIL on their hands when they migrated the data from the old Active Captain application that worked to the new one that is riddled with issues. Simple things like phone numbers are frequently incorrect, various classifications of data point like “yes” or “no” answers to questions relevant to aspects of the services a marina offers. Finally, after purchasing hundreds of dollars of maps and loading into Garmin Blue Charts, this product that worked well was also cancelled / discontinued in favor of a newly “enhanced” Active Captain replacing Blue Charts. When I contacted support about my missing maps I was told PROVE to us you bought the software and we will let you upload it once more without paying for it a second time into (that sh!t software - my personal description) Active Captain. CONGRATS Garmin, you lost this customer loyalty thanks to your hubris and gargantuan, boated bureaucracy that can’t even get phone numbers correct. Again, EPIC FAIL Garmin!!! I dare you to reach out to me...
  • Working great for me!!! 5/5

    By lcb(6969
    Enjoy using ActiveCaptain on a daily basis makes planning easy !!
  • Good app...needs maturity 4/5

    By Fishboobs
    Works well and as advertised. Makes boating fish/nav a lot easier. However, they need mature this app as it could be great. Really enjoy using it though before fishing during the week, so I know where I’m going once I’m out.
  • Stock Island Marina 5/5

    By Captain Grant
    I’ve been boating for about 50 years and currently live in Fort Lauderdale. I’ve seen many marinas on my sailing adventures with “Summer Rules” but the Stock Island Marina tops them all! The staff is very helpful and courteous and the facilities are outstanding. Additionally, everything is kept nice and tidy including the bathrooms, showers and laundry. It is a must stop for boaters visiting the Key West area! You won’t be disappointed. Grant Hustad Summer Rules Hunter 410
  • Terrible 1/5

    By 54Bert
    The older version was MUCH more user friendly.
  • Total garbage 1/5

    By Direct tv do not upgrade
    I have no idea why Garmin would dump Bluechart for this piece of crap. Avoid this app like the plague, and don't waste your time or money. Garmin had a good thing with BlueChart. They really screwed us on this one. Apparently Garmin doesn't listen to their customers because the majority of the reviews of this indicate that most users hate it.
  • This App Rocks! Much better an the others! 5/5

    By JR2K
    Open the app and download the upgrade. Turn on the depth finder. Then change to the network of the depth finder and follow the instructions to upgrade the unit. Way to go Garmin to get this right!
  • Still can’t plan routes? 1/5

    By Mgoody73
    I would sure like to plan routes with multiple waypoints. I just want to drag and drop on the map. Is this still not possible? Need to have this very useful option added ASAP.
  • Painfully frustrating and almost useless unless paired to a chart plotter 1/5

    By scubakdx
    I have a chart plotter; but I am not always on the boat with the chart plotter. I have a small sailboat, kayacks etc where I would like to use my iphone as a stand-alone device. But you either need to connect to the chart plotter or a pc/Mac to download your g2 charts that you already own. Yes I “ registered” my chart plotter about a dozen times ( it still shows nothing registered on the phone ). I can see a pretty useless chart with NO detail without connecting to the chart plotter ; but again no G2 even though it was registered.
  • Only 10 characters per point? Really? 1/5

    By Bellybuster
    I miss the old ActiveCaptain
  • Protected, Quiet Anchorage 5/5

    By Papasailor
    Anchored in 10’ just north of the 4 private mooring balls in Meyer’s Hole. Good holding with 10:1 scope & Mantus anchor in 20kts wind. Nice beach just to the west where locals and boaters occasionally walk dogs. Dinghy to small dinghy Dock next to public boat ramp with easy access to Kubel’s and bait/tackle stores. About 0.7mile from dock to food market. Nice walk on Barnegat Lightouse grounds. Definitely would stop here again. Pay attention to previous comments on navigating in as shoals are definitely present.
  • Becoming old 1/5

    By Fggtf
    Buy blue chart mobile 2years ago. Now is dumped and can’t use the $30’s map. Now that my maps can be use I learn better choices for less than half price. If Garmin keep treating customer like that, will loss them because the new App’s make them old stuff.
  • Do not use for software update downloads 1/5

    By Whaler285
    I would not recommend using this app to update your chartplotter software. Can cause significant glitches. I did an update on my 7616xsv and when rebooted the system could not see my radar. Garmin tech support is currently at a loss as to what the problem is given that voltage and networking cabling all confirmed to be sound. I will not use this app again. Again, everything was working fine until using this app to update software.
  • ActiveCaptain is greatly improved 4/5

    By Ablegen
    After some growing pains, active captain seems to be making some great improvements in both usability and usefulness.
  • Captain Todd Olason 5/5

    By Captain Oly
    I love the intuitive nature of Garmin’s products and their ease of use.
  • Needs repair 5/5

    By cap jgr
    Not working on iPhone. Shuts down almost immediately Thanks to Mike at Garmin app is no working perfectly

Garmin ActiveCaptain app comments

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