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  • Current Version: 4.8.7
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Garmin BaseCamp App

Garmin® BaseCamp® provides an interface for viewing Garmin map products and managing geographic data. With BaseCamp, you can perform the following tasks: • Transfer data to and from your Garmin device. • Plan multi-day trips using Yelp® and your map data • Create, view, edit, and organize waypoints, routes, and tracks. • Find places, such as addresses, points of interest, and public land survey areas included in your detailed map data. • View map data in 2D and 3D. • View topographical information included in your detailed map data. • Geotag photos with geographical location information. • Print detailed topographical maps, PLS quads, and multi-page poster maps. • Download and view BirdsEye™ satellite imagery and topographic raster maps. • Import and view Garmin Custom Maps. • Create, share and download Garmin Adventures (

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  • Waste of Time 1/5

    By realcoolcucumber
    This application needs to be scrapped and redesigned from the ground up. I'm an avid backcountry backpacker and I've used Garmin devices around the world for many years. Basecamp has never provided any really useful or reliable functionality. Garmin is blind to the vast potential to sales (and happy customers) a well designed supporting app could provide.
  • Worst program ever. 1/5

    By mobius128
    Garmin does not support this product. It fails to do its most basic tasks and there are bugs from years ago still unfixed. It took several other apps to perform basic functions such as updating my device and importing maps. I still cannot import custom maps to my device. When I try to create an Adventure, it does not even recognize coordinates, but you can paste the same into the search and knows where it is at. Last, I cannot even create a simple waypoint. It does not save waypoints, have a button to save the waypoint, and crashes within seconds of naming the waypoint.
  • A Necessary Evil 2/5

    By no_snappy_alias
    You kind of have to use it if you’ve got a Garmin GPS. But trying to find things is such a dissappointment. You basically have to find whatever you’re looking for on Google Maps first, then you can go to the place on the map in Base Camp and ask yourself, “why couldn’t Base Camp find this when I typed it into the search?"
  • Excellent Hardware - Horrible UI 1/5

    By rzrogers
    Seriously, love the hardware, but their software is something out of the 1990s. Clunky, multiple apps to do simple things (one app to download, one to update, one to plan), wonky, expensive. They need to throw the entire stack away and start over.
  • Worst navigation app 1/5

    By PR Muscat
    This app brings down Garmin products. It is incredibly user unfriendly. The graphics are from the 1990’s. It makes simple routing tasks difficult. Nothing good to say about Garmin Basecamp
  • Not good. 1/5

    By TJPopp
    Not intuative or user friendly in any regard.
  • Has not been updated in over a month 1/5

    By MadMacs0
    The website version has been 4.8.4 for over a month now. Already opened a support ticket complaining that website version 3.8.3 won't autoupdate several weeks ago, but cannot get them to even admit that it's an issue.
  • Waast of time 1/5

    By StevesIphone5s
    Down loaded it a few years back. Now it always wants me to"up-date" Its occupying space on my conputer. I never use it
  • Bad Update 3/5

    By OilySideDown
    Version 4.83 really slowed Basecamp down. Was one of my favorite apps but it is nearing on unusable. @Garmin, please give this app the attention it deserves.
  • Do not update to version 4.8.3 3/5

    By b_wiley
    I had successfully been using Basecamp for 2 years with my Mac desktop, and once I figured out its quirks, could very easily upload/download/edit tracks. But with the update to 4.8.3, BaseCamp no longer recognized my GPS unit (Garmin 60CSx). I tried all the usual things...turning both the GPS and the computer off, unplugging and re-plugging in the USB cable, all to no avail. I used the Mac's Time Machine to restore my older version (4.7.0) and all is well.
  • Not Ready For Release 1/5

    By K Worden
    Version 4.8.3 unexpectantly quit whenever a multi-point route was being calculated.
  • Does not work (Version 4.8.3) 1/5

    By pgrb
    Have been using Basecamp (4.7.0) for a few years with no problem. Upgraded to version 4.8.3 and it will no longer recognize my GPS (GPSmap 60CSx). Called Garmin support (they tried various fixes without success) and they are now aware of the problem. So need to await another update before updating from 4.7.0. (which is not 64 bit)
  • Crashed 13 times within 30 mins. 1/5

    By YouTuber2015
    This last update really messed Basecamp up, bad. I was excited to see that it had been updated to 64-bit so it wouldn't be broken in a future macOS update, but that doesn't seem to matter as this update makes sure that the app has a 30% or greater failure rate when trying to move or edit waypoints. The only reason I still use Basecamp was because of the trip planner and the fact that I could sync it to my GPS. That way, when I take those 'off the beaten path' journeys, I wouldn't have to carry around and look at paper turn-by-turn navigation while driving. Overall, I'm very disappointed. To add to my furstration, the maps have an issue with the new I-11 bypass in Nevada and won't route you over them because the connection to the old road wasn't mapped. Even Apple Maps knows the new interchange. APPLE MAPS!!
  • Still not upgraded to 64 Bit 1/5

    By MrWebble
    Won't work with future Mac upgrades
  • Unbelievably Frustrating Interface 1/5

    By B5A7
    Another year has arrived and time to plan some trips and rewatch all of the Garmin tutorials for Basecamp. This app and the GPS incorporate some fantastic technology, but unfortunately with Basecamp you have to work through an interface that is badly cobbled together. It is the most confusing mangled piece of garbage that I have ever seen in my 40 years of using and even writing computer software; and using it is extraordinarily frustrating. And look at the reviews going back many years of people complaining about it while Garmin has done nothing to remedy the problems, obviously they don’t care. If this GPS didn’t come on my BMW motorcycle I would have chosen something different to avoid the frustration that I have each time I return to Basecamp after not using it for a few months.
  • Barely functional. It’s time to change something. 2/5

    By FlyingGS
    There is so much potential there but what a disapointment. Trips, Adventures, Routes..etc, this is a collection of features that doesn’t always address the actual pain point for the users. Please do some research (outside of your office), visit some travel shows, cycling, motorcycling, car touring…etc and figure out why people hate their GPS. It should be a fun experience planning a road trip but options are cumbersome and its quasi impossible to find relevant point of interest (you can find any address on the device but when it comes to finding addresses in Basecamp it suddenly becomes impossible). On top of that performance is poor and the software is not stable. It’s time to change something in that team!!
  • Like other Mac users 2/5

    By Maccer1985
    I have been a Garmin user since 2004. Although I PREFER dedicated GPS to Phone apps I fear BaseCamp is doomed by design. Now with High Sierra I get the occasional warning that BaseCamp and other Garmin software won't be compatible (as lame as they are) with next gen OS... Sad.
  • Bricked my handheld 1/5

    By future DirecTV customer
    I updated to this version and now Basecamp doesn’t run and cannot connect to my GPS. $600 down the drain. Looking at the other reviews maybe a class action law suit is in order.
  • Just Horrible 1/5

    By ronleon62
    Don’t bother! Basecamp is slow, complicated, unfriendly, unintuitive and just plain bad. Even highly experienced techies like myself need hours to figure it out and even then it doesn’t work correctly. I find it hard to believe that a company like Garmin cannot pay someone to produce a completely new program that actually works.
  • No 64 bit support 1/5

    By The odd man out
    Looks like Garmin has abandonded this app. It will not work when the Mac goes to 64 bit only support. Don't waste your time with it.
  • So horrible, but you're stuck with it 1/5

    By MaD_HuNGaRIaN
    This is the worst GIS app I've ever used. I'm new to Garmin devices, having gotten my GPS only a few years ago. So my expectations are bound in a relatively modern era of computing with Google Earth and WorldWind and the likes comprising the sum of my past experiences. Let me tell you, Everything about BaseCamp is horrible. It's extremely clunky in every possible way. Everything from the map controls and display itself to the horrible lack of organization options for routers, waypoints and tracks. This app needs to just go away and be completely re-imagined. Historically, I had been doing everything in Google Earth and importing / exporting to basecamp just to get things to/from my handheld, but in the current version, that doesn't even work. Unfortunately, you have to use it because it's the only thing out there that interfaces with your handheld.
  • Works fabulous in Tracks 5/5

    By Jim.Coal
    Using Basecamp for 9 years now with my BMW Motorrad Navigators (4, 5 and 6). It works every time, tracks mostly. Please forget the Route feature, Use TRACK instead and you’ll find Basecamp is the champ in preparing your On and Off Road rides. I have no clue why everybody is complaining. Put a little bit more effort in it and you have an extensive “programmer” for all your trips. Perfect for my motorcycle adventures! Keep on riding…. and remember to use TRACKS
  • Old interface, unintuitive and crashes often 2/5

    By MotoInvictus
    What’s to say? Garmin seems to not care about updating this product to something that looks like it was designed in the last 10 years. I have been using the Zumi 660 for 6 years on motorcycle trips and using the basecamp to create the journeys. Every year it gets a little worse and Google gets a little better. I’d use GMaps all the time except that there are some places I ride that don’t have cell coverage and an offline map isnt an option. I’ve been trying to plan a trip for the last 8 hours and it’s crashing constantly now. Please Garmin - can you produce a better interface? If you are trapped into a Garmin product, this is as good as it gets and that is not good at all.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By totsy_yutsy
    Glitchy, slow and not user friendly. Disappointing experience.
  • Coded by inebriated monkeys 1/5

    By logic7
    Garmin took a TERRIBLE app, and made it worse. There used to be a feature which allowed you to share tracks and a map of your route with friends. They have removed this feature from the most recent 4.7 version and with that, it’s time to shop for an alternative. I looked for something that said “web” or “share” in every menu, and I right-clicked on everything I could as well. If it’s still there, they’ve hidden it will. The “help” menu… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. These people wouldn’t know what a technical writer was if it kicked them square in the junk. Previous review from a few years ago follows, good to see they’re consistently crappy______________________________________________ This app is notoriously unreliable. I can't use it for more than 5 minutes without it hanging indefinitely (spinning beach ball). You can't quit it, you have to force quit. Unfortunately launching again doesn't help, it instantly hangs. Given the architecture of *NIX, this takes some serious incompetence to accomplish. Maybe they should have invested in some software quality assurance before releasing this? Anyhow, the solution to get up and running again is to completely restart your machine. A suggestion, the GPSMAP and eTrex series can display more than one map at a time. You would think BaseCamp would be capable of such basic functionality as well but nope... you have to toggle between maps if you want to view different maps that have different types of information. Quite lame.
  • I use a map instead 1/5

    By SonicSmitty
    I really like the Garman GPSMAP64ST. I am greatful that it has a built in map. But this app is so non user intuitive that it frustrated me to the point where I plan all of my trips using TOPO maps and compass instead of basecamp. So basically all that the GPS receiver has become religated to a fancy pedometer and finds where I parked my car. Gone are the days where I used Mapsource to plan an entire adventure. If I had known that this would have been my experience, I would not have bought the GPSMAP64, because it cannot live up to its promise as long as it works with this bad software.
  • A Programming Miracle 1/5

    By adfsjkasfdkjk
    With version 4.6.3 Garmin's software engineers found a way to do the miraculous: take a horrible, horrible program and make it even worse. It has always been abysmal for usability and jaw droppingly dumb things like launching a search for nearby stuff every time you click on a map to try and pull it to a different location, but now it crashes constantly every time I try and close the view waypoints screen. I put in a help request for this on the Garmin "support" site but never received an answer.
  • Disapointed - Again 3/5

    By diggertfu
    I have been using Garmin devices for many years - BaseCamp for the past 10 years. I keep hoping Garmin will do an overhaul of this aged, unintuitive, overly complicated and frustrating application, but I am disappointed with each new release/update. (BTW, I spent 30 years as a product manager responsible for complex medical imaging devices, so I do feel I have a sense of what makes a decient UI.) I just updated from a ten year old iMac to a new iMac; 4.2 GHz i7, 32 GB RAM, 3TB Fusion Drive - very fast machine. But, BaseCamp is still about as slow as it was on my ten year old iMac. Within the first 15 minutes of use BC crashed four times. Seems to have become a bit more stable now, however I have not tried to connect a Garmin device and upload routes. Ironically, I did not receive any notice on the earlier version of BC (4.2.2) that an update was available, even after selecting Check for Updates. The 4.2.2 version was completely unstable on the new iMac, so after a web search I found out there had been several updates since 4.2.2. Garmin folks, you have to get it together… Please. You know I’m not the only one who is frustrated.
  • Over it 1/5

    By Georgecdiaz
    I have been a loyal Garmin user for years I am at a crossroads. I just purchased a new $600 garmin only to be agrivated to no end on how unusable base camp is. You cant tranfer waypoints to you handheld and base camp crashes ALL THE TIME. If you havent commited take your money somewhere else becase these issues have been going on for about a year and nobody seems to be too concerned about it.
  • Not functional 1/5

    By GPSUser989987
    I purchased both the street and topo maps for my Garmin etrex 30x. When I run Basecamp it says no device connected (even though it is) and you really can’t do anything with the app at that point. You can’t use maps purchased from Garmin in this app without a device connected.
  • Useless 1/5

    By clydeBassetHound
    Crashes repeatedly. I should have heeded the other reviews before I wasted my time with this app.
  • Useful 4/5

    By paul.insight
    This app is useful.
  • Worst App Ever 1/5

    By ThePAW
    I have spent days trying to get a GPX file to my Garmin using BaseCamp. I am so over it. I plan a trip on the HD Ride Planner download the GPX file to my desktop and it never loads it to my Garmin from BaseCamp! I can’t even get it on BaseCamp properly. This app is not user friendly and offers little to a Garmin user. I am thinking about buying TomTom or some other GPS unit that allows one to load GPX files with out all the “steps” to get the file loaded.
  • UNUSABLE on Mac 1/5

    By LostRider1
    This App is not usable on MacOS Sierra, when scrolling around map the app crashes, everytime. You can watch the RAM memory used in Activity Monitor for this app shoot up until it hit 2GB the it crashes. This bug or memory leak is well documented on the Garmin support forums. Garmin blames Apple, Apple blames Garmin. Having mulitlple Garmin products without having a usable Mac based mapping software is unacceptable. One Star, would give it zero if possible.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By rjdeible
    I have an old handheld GPS that can’t be updated anymore so I thought I can get this to add POI. Wrong. Their crappy site can’t read my GPS becuase they don’t support older models so I can’t get any maps for this app. Of course big money doesn't give any maps so this app is totally useless. I have been a long Garmin user now I don;t know what I am gonna do becuase the rest of the GPS units don;t work where I live and I am done with big miney Garmin.
  • Disgusting effort by Garmin - avoid at all costs! 1/5

    By engrbabakubwa
    This app is terrible. I can’t think of any other program that has caused this much frustration since I’ve switched to mac. I’m 26 (the problem is not generational) and use technical software every day in work and classes for my masters degree in *electrical engineering* and I STILL can't figure it out! I've tried YouTube videos, tutorials on the website - everything I can think of. Just avoid this app if you’ve got any other choice. It’s as if they’ve had the same guy doing user testing for the last 30 years and he just keeps saying their incremental changes in every version are easy to use, but if you’re trying to figure it out in 2016, you’re completely screwed because it’s all based on software written in the 80s and includes every little quirk and workaround that has been built in during that time. Here’s a brief list of the most recent problems I’ve had: - can’t get waypoints off of my GPS (but I can get tracks for some reason???) - making routes in Basecamp takes forever due to their terrible interface - once you’re in the routing menu, you can’t select points on the map and navigation becomes extremely ungainly - once you’ve finally selected the two endpoints, you can only get a direct route ("as the crow flies”), even when you select travel by car. Isn’t this the primary function of basically ALL mapping apps these days?? How do you screw that up? - you can only view satellite imagery in Google Earth - as a SEPARATE window - very helpful…
  • Setup and Go 4/5

    By JD&Diet
    It took a little effort to get it setup on my Mac Air book, but after it was setup I as able to do everything I wanted to do. I looked for all kinds of tools to setup routes on my Garmin Montana and it was impossible. I am in California and off roading in my FJ Cruiser 1 or 2 times a week. Using the Montana interface was painful, Basecamp works really well for what I do! I have not had any problems with the product. It does act a little strange when calculating the route. If this gets corrected, then I would rate this app a “5”.
  • A stain on the Garmin brand! 1/5

    By Veliander
    Multiple crashes, poor performance, poor design, bugs galore, ancient UI: it’s as if Garmin’s Mac software is coming straight from 1995 through some temporal anomaly. It’s as if the executives are thinking “Who needs quality when we have the market cornered?" Sure, folks: that strategy worked great for Microsoft. Until Apple came along, that is. You only exist because your Apple (whoever that may be) has not entered the market yet.
  • Won’t load routes to zumo 660 or 665 1/5

    By Lgdgbv
    I’ve used BaseCamp ever since it came out for the Mac, and I’ve usually been pretty happy with it. But this BaseCamp update combined with the system software update on the Garmin zumo 660 & 665 motorcycle GPS systems no longer works. I reported this to Garmin, and they confirmed in a letter: “Due to product testing that has occurred it has been determined that the [sic] BaseCamp is not compatible with transferring created routes to either a Zumo 660 or 665. This is likely [due to] the latest software update which was released in 2014. The best option at this point would be to either go back to using RoadTrip on your Mac, or to download Garmin MapSource on a Windows based PC.” No mention of whether they plan to fix this or not.
  • Old interface, but it works for me 4/5

    By dougvw
    I have used different versions of the application over the last 8 years. The interface is not as intuitive as many would expect today, but it does work - for me at least. I use it to preload waypoints for driving trips (hotels etc). I also use it to back up, and edit as necessary, waypoints for my handheld GPS that I use for hiking / hunting trips.
  • Disappointment 1/5

    By Acchalmers
    After moving operating systems to Apple I replaced my trusty Delorme PN-60 (w/ Spot) setup with a GPSmap 64st. I didn’t want to have to partition my new Mac. BIG mistake! Basecamp is most definately not ready for prime time. System keeps crashing everytime I try to sync a device (Verb, Nuvi or 64st). As I utilze all these devices for work it is a grave disappointment…very frustrating.
  • Crashes as soon as I want to “manage a device”. 1/5

    By Chris420815
    Nothing more to be said. Crashes on my iMac 2015 with El Capitan and a Fenix 3.
  • Longtime Garmin User 1/5

    By jhop (I had it forever)
    My First GARMIN GPS was a NUVI 750. And back in those days, GARMIN had a Mac-only Navigation application called ROAD TRIP written by a crew of Mac users, and was relatively easy to learn. But GARMIN decided to merge the Mac/Windows Teams and moved over all of ROAD TRIP’s procedures into a combined Windows/Mac app called BASE CAMP. The result was (and still is) a minor travesty. What was simple to operate, is now confusing. Now you don't know if you need the OPTION key or CONTROL key to accomplish a routine operation. But that’s not the real problem. The current “version” dropped a lot of data that I had used in previous routes. GARMIN’s response is to file a “Map Error”, but that’s STUPID. If a PILOT Truck Stop was in an earlier map, (and it didn’t burn down) why would it disappear??? That’s just the smoke. Most likely the whole BASE CAMP and it’s maps are on FIRE. This weekend I looked for a restaurant near Okeechobee. BASECAMP said it was about 40 miles away from an intersection. MAPS and Google Maps both had it right. 5 miles! Even GAS BUDDY’s map had it right. This Navigation application is cumbersome, far more difficult to use than the MAC version, and attempting to correct all the faults in Garmin’s procedures and their corruption of Mapping data is NOT our job!
  • useless 1/5

    By MMKKWW12222222222
    useless dont download
  • Works fine. Didn’t have a problem. 5/5

    By UK1964
    I’ve had my Garmin Rino 530HCX for years but havent used it lately. I downloaded the app to my Macbook pro IOS ver 10.10 The download took maybe 15 minutes. I didn’t time it. I had not even connected my handheld device to this computer before, either. It booted right up. It showed all the files I have already loaded on my device. I ordered the micro SD card with the Canada maps I need for this hunting trip. Doesn’t look like I wil have a problem at all. Maybe I will give a report later. After the trip.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Raleigh
    It is hard for me to fathom how Garmin could build a computer based app that actually makes the device MORE difficult and unreliable. All around Garmin makes the best hardware GPS device, with the most intuitive interface. I don’t know what their problem is with computer support software development but their software for PC’s/Mac’s is beyond terrible. Basecamp seems to be the apex of their failure. After sitting through 2 failed 2 hour downloads of ‘map updates’ for some unknown reason… I can download a 4.8 gig movie in 12 minutes but for some strange reason their crappy app takes 1.5 hours to download and because they don’t check available space on the device until AFTER the download, I had to do it three times. Then I got into Basecamp… finally. Simply trying to build a route to a hotel in Dallas… on my BMW Navigator V. After several failed attempts, I gave up and did the trip on the device interface. Much easier. I’m not sure if Garmin has just farmed out all their software development to Mumbai or what. For a company who relies on “you get what you pay for” when it comes to their overpriced hardware…. they ought to tell their software development VP that .30 cents a day to outsourced programmers gets you software that frustrates your base consumer. F -
  • Not worthy 1/5

    By John6330
    This app is simply not worth it. It’s free so that meamns it is not worth the investment of your time to find out that it is simply cr*p. It exhibits 30 year old programing skills. I tried to save data that I downloaded from my Garmin Edge 800 and after a few minutes, I got the message that I didn’t have enough memory. This is with an iMac with 16 G of ram and a tera byte hard drive. The app claims it can install a Garmin street map from your GPS. Not so. It doen’t seem to know where to find it, so it says none available. It’s a GARMIN device! Why doesn’t a Garmin app know where to look for a map on their own devices? It’s on the SD card that came with the unit. There doesn’t seem to be a way for me to navigate to the map either.
  • Beware 1/5

    By sarsearcher
    This new version stripped all my time and altitude data out of my stored tracks.
  • Useless as teats on a bull 1/5

    By analogkidd
    Well, imagine my surprise that a MAPPING COMPANY blows at making a mapping app. All I wanted to freaking do is plan a trip on my Nuvi where I wouldn’t be on the interstate the whole time. I did it in about 45 seconds in Google Maps. After 20 minutes on this piece of garbage, I gave up and am considering buying a different GPS I’m so mad.

Garmin BaseCamp app comments

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