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Garmin Connect™

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  • Current Version: 4.13.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Garmin
  • Compatibility: Android
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Garmin Connect™ App

Garmin Connect™ is your one-stop source for health and fitness data. Whether you’re training for a race or tracking steps, it provides the information and inspiration you need to beat yesterday. Once paired with a compatible(1) Garmin device, activity tracking is just the beginning of what Garmin Connect™ can do for you. You can create new workouts, build courses and even challenge your friends to compete, all within the app. Garmin Connect™ is packed with useful features, including the ability to: - View today’s health data in vivid detail on your personalized My Day page. - Analyze your activities and their related statistics.(2) - Create customized workouts and courses. - Sync with other apps like MyFitnessPal and Strava. - Review personal records for steps, distance and pace. - Earn badges for accomplishments. - See how you measure up to other Connect users with Insights. - Get support for Garmin devices and their features. Are you ready to join millions of users who walk, run, bike, hike and strive to beat yesterday? Learn more about Garmin devices and how they work with the Garmin Connect™ app at (1) See compatible devices at (2) Activity tracking accuracy: Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Garmin Connect™ app reviews

  • Great app! 5/5

    By fcarrlove08
    Love that I forget it does so much
  • Freezing App 1/5

    By 8644&45
    My Vivoactive freezes up with this app. Anyone else experiencing this?
  • Lost all data!! 1/5

    By Zah2an
    Now I lost all the data for the past 1.5 years!! No reason, nothing, just to open the application normally to give you an error connection message to the server, and the following day it opens normally, it connects, but ZERO data, gone, vanished!! Good I didn’t buy the new one. No more garmin.
  • Bluetooth broken 1/5

    By NorCalSoCalGal
    Forerunner 230 will no longer connect w/app. Troubleshooting w/all iterations of turning BT on/off, restarting watch, rebooting iPhone had no effect. Garmin pls fix!! 🏃🏻‍♀️⌚️❌📲☹️☹️☹️
  • New version doesn’t synch 1/5

    By love43351
    Why is it that about every 3rd or 4th update cause the app to not sync with my Vivofit 3? It’s a pain as my company has a wellness program and it depends on my garmin for fitness and sleep info.
  • Software updates 1/5

    By jasper737
    Latest software update just made my watch useless. Great going geniuses!
  • Motivational 5/5

    By Slumbob
    This app is such a great way for people to get into running. It helps you stay on track with your goals and it allows you to compare yourself to everyone else in the app in order to see where you stand at fitness wise! This is the best app to have if you are just getting into running or if running is your career!
  • Much better than I anticipated 5/5

    By Man without Shame
    I don’t know about others but now days when I buy something it’s not as good as I was hoping for. In this case I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this is functioning much better than I thought. I really like to watch the kids I purchased to go with the app. That has worked excellently.
  • Great app 5/5

    By michaela7514
    Useful information, easy to connect
  • Recommend Highly 5/5

    By 66grimaldi
    I’ve worn my vivo fit 2 for 3 years and find that it motivates me to move. I sometimes try to talk myself out of my workout but then the vivo makes me feel guilty. I’ve recommended it to all my friends. I particularly like that it doesn’t have to be charged all the time. I ‘ve only had to change the batteries once and it was a breeze!
  • Lots of data. Garmin manages it well. 5/5

    By Quacker222
    This version makes the navigation more efficient and user-friendly. I use it with my forerunner 235 that I wear 24/7 for counting steps, tracking running, and sleep insights.
  • Works well 5/5

    By Really Hoping
    So for so good. Helps keep Me accountable for me.
  • Buggy on XS 3/5

    By phillSergio
    I’ve had the app for a couple of years but now that I’ve upgraded to the iPhone XS, it’s buggy. It keeps telling me to go to settings to connect emergency contact, but there is no place there to do so.
  • Doesn’t sync with Apple Health 2/5

    By orbhot
    Doesn’t show in Health app under Sources.
  • Harmon app 5/5

    By Bojangles63
    I love the fact that I can share with friends and they with I. A little accountability for my daily runs.
  • Hardware works, software falls short 2/5

    By sli37
    My vivofit HR is really accurate when it comes to heart rate (save the occasional blip). The software, however, leaves a lot to be desired. My biggest gripe is that all of my activity shows up on the wrong day. On the watch the activities are correct. The time zone and date on my watch are correct. The time zone and date on my phone are correct. But no matter what I’ve tried, all activities show up a day ahead in the software. This basically makes the tracking useless. The point of data is for it to be accurate. If you’re into data, you’ll also find that the mobile app doesn’t really let you splice and dice how you may wish. It’s a high level dashboard and nothing more. You may also find that randomly your data will disappear, which make it really scary to try any suggestions that tech support throws your way. For now the Garmin is a great tool to help me stay on track in my workouts, but other than that the only reason I use the software component is to sync my activity so I can get “points” in my employer’s healthy incentive program. I have never been able to use it for more than that because of persistent issues. (And yes, I have updated, uninstalled, and reinstalled).
  • Vibration intensity 3/5

    The vibration intensity on notifications is horrible. I have a Vivosmart HR... everything else is great!
  • Basic 3/5

    By SaraSparkles
    I like the simplicity of the app and it links to my Strava after. I dont like that there are many times the app just won’t upload anything even when refreshed. And it will stay like that for a day or two at a time.
  • Calories from app MyFitnessPal 2/5

    By Chiefbuc
    Calories from app MyFitnessPal will not update on Garmin app after latest update.
  • Best Watch 5/5

    By ElfordA18
    I have been a loyal Garmin Forerunner 235 wearer for the past three years. I never take it off, I am addicted to tracking my mileage and competing against my family members for most steps. This watch is the best for those who run, hike, or do anything worth tracking. I love that I can see my route after the workout, so great when hiking as I can then look back on the hike - went to Grand Canyon and was a life saver.
  • Getting worse 2/5

    By SierraViridian
    No matter how much I say I consent for WeightWatchers app to access my Garmin, Garmin says “We could not give this application the permissions you requested.”
  • Favorite fitness app 5/5

    By Bud176
    I’ve used Fitbit and polar tracking devices and I have had the best experience with my Garmin. The app is seemless when it comes to syncing and gives me so much info, I love keeping tabs on my goals with it.
  • No intelligence in the app 1/5

    By Javi1r
    The app only displays your results. Does not analyze it to give you insight about your fitness. It has some reports that compares you with rest of the population, who cares? I want to know how am I doing? Am I improving or not? 99% of the time you want to edit your activity it gives network error. I have to log into the web to make changes. There are no reports on the app only on the web. For cycling FTP performance stats only use what I set after an FTP test instead if using the data from my Edge 820
  • Updates 3/5

    By slowrun65
    Every time there are updates I lose connection and my data is not recorded on my phone
  • Quatix 5 5/5

    By keoweeguy
    Just got the Q 5 watch and am blown away. This is the most versatile fitness watch I’ve owned. When paired with the Garmin connect app its terrific.
  • Do not buy Garmin 1/5

    By PaulHDelman
    Simply put... Strava and a fitness tracker are all you need, like Apple Watch or similar. Garmin has developed the most buggy inaccurate devices in the industry, the connect app is no exception.
  • More than a golf watch 5/5

    By steviesil
    I bought the watch to use for golf, and it does a whole lot more. Able to track my steps and it monitors my sleep between light and deep sleep. The battery life is outstanding. I have been wearing it for 1 week and the battery is at 78% still. I cannot wait for the weather to break to take it golfing.
  • Nice App 5/5

    By FF Coach
    Works well and does what I need it to do.
  • Excelent 5/5

    By Peterlamb
    Great app in every single way...the combination with my Fénix 5 has been superb

    By GIN04
    I recently purchased a Garmin Forerunner 25 with a heart rate monitor and both are absolute crap as well as this app!! Since the last app update, the watch will no longer connect to the app. Doesn’t even recognize it and it’s literally sitting on top of my phone! The heart rate monitor connects to the watch maybe once every 20 tries but never shows a heart rate and doesn’t connect to the app either!! Worst app and products!! Will NEVER buy Garmin products again and will make sure my family and friends don’t either!!!
  • Easy to use and attractive interface 5/5

    By B.D. Henny
    I’m always a little skeptical when it comes to apps that measure health and wellness. I’ve used similar products in the past, but they’ve always been a little too difficult to translate. This is simple and easy. Totally worth it.
  • Good, but the latest update... 3/5

    By Rpb_28
    ...broke the calorie import as it syncs from My Fitness Pal.
  • It gets better 5/5

    By Eru777
    When I first started using Garmin, I had to upload via computer. Then an app connected so I could see my info after I uploaded from my device. Now everything uploads straight from my phone and with good detail available in app. Looking forward to what comes next
  • Fine...When it Work 3/5

    By AngelDN
    Not working on iMac. Please fix. Error: Garmin is unable to connect to the background service and will close
  • Great! 5/5

    By justinbhuey
    Great functionality.
  • Won’t Write SpO2 to Apple Health 2/5

    By I’m One Of Them
    Vívosmart 4 while it has HR and Pulse Ox sensors, Garmin Connect seems to fail to notice the existence of Apple Health’s Oxygen Saturation, therefore it will not act as a data source for %Sp02.
  • Issues 2/5

    By Ridge Runner 333
    I concur 100% with kdiff. Been a loyal Garmin customer for many, many years. Today’s company is not near as good as they were 25 years ago. Each device update and app update cause more issues than they solve, and there is no way to drop back to what worked. They are so busy trying to fix their mistakes, they are losing ground fast to their competitors firmware, software advances. Their answer of late has been upgrade to the newest, most expensive device, yet, that obviously doesn’t fix anything, as issues with the Fenix! Disappointed.
  • Works well 5/5

    By Festivus for the restovus
    The app does everything I need it to -only fault is that it sometimes is difficult to connect to watch - otherwise great!
  • Ironman training 5/5

    By BigWoo922
    I love the app and I use it daily. One of my favorite things is that it automatically uploads all my activity to Strava.
  • Great app. Needs report feature 5/5

    By Jw123abcd765
    Love this app. Tracks all my stats and totals. Would be great if I could generate some reports w custom dates. But I can always do that in the desktop version as well. Keep it up !!
  • Use 5/5

    By abx daddy
    Found an old wrist step/sleep tracker synced it and now I use it everyday. It's great!!!
  • Sync Data Errors 1/5

    By Rob Irvine
    Garmin Connect will sync with my iPhone 6s but does not transfer my step data, heart rate data or sleep data from my Fenix 5 plus. This pretty much makes the apps useless. I have emailed Garmin Support but I have not got a response.
  • Long time Garmin user 3/5

    By Sumo13333334
    First of all let me say I’m a long time Garmin user, car and cyclist Garmin's, I’m always been fascinated with these devices and love the beauty of technology! Honestly after many years of use my biggest issues and everyone I cycle with always has the same issues! Connections and uploading a ride afterwards! That’s it! Sometimes it’s great and then it’s crappie! But it’s always the same with everyone! Would love to see this problem become a non issue! Once again Garmin is my first choice in any of these gadgets, always has been. We came off a ride just this morning and a few cyclist had the same issues of uploading their rides. Eventually after turn on and off their devices a few times it worked! Would be super sweet to totally eliminate this issue! Love the Garmin always trying to fix issues also with new updates! Thanks!
  • Epic failure 1/5

    By Tranklors
    Last update just knocked out my connection with my 230 and I can’t get it back. I thought the other reviews saying this happens were isolated incidents until it happened to me. Garmin - you have failed me! You don’t deserve a star ⭐️. Update: I am sure this latest version will take my watch down again.
  • Great app, developers listen! 5/5

    By Rthinchey
    App is very well constructed and intuitive. I love creating cycling workouts on the app and sending them directly to my watch. Mapping courses online syncs beautifully with the app as well. Edit: The App and instinct watch we’re just updated to 2.8 and everything works as expected. Thank you for working on this bug!
  • Great app ... but 4/5

    By kambucha motocrosser
    It loses sync and communications with the Garmon
  • Great app 4/5

    By McWoogles
    I think this app is rather good. Seems to keep good track of runs and hikes. No complaints really
  • Love the updates 5/5

    By WestawayA-1
    The UX is simple, the colors are bright and the features are awesome.
  • used with vivasmart 3 4/5

    By Steort
    seeing my activity numbers on a chart has allowed me to track my health. I have notice i have taken less steps in July vs February 2018. will continue to use the app

Garmin Connect™ app comments

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