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  • Current Version: 4.25.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Garmin
  • Compatibility: Android
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Garmin Connect™ App

Garmin Connect™ is your one-stop source for health and fitness data. Whether you’re training for a race or tracking steps, it provides the information and inspiration you need to beat yesterday. Once paired with a compatible(1) Garmin device, activity tracking is just the beginning of what Garmin Connect™ can do for you. You can create new workouts, build courses and even challenge your friends to compete, all within the app. Garmin Connect™ is packed with useful features, including the ability to: - View today’s health data in vivid detail on your personalized My Day page. - Analyze your activities and their related statistics.(2) - Create customized workouts and courses. - Sync with other apps like Apple Health, MyFitnessPal and Strava. - Review personal records for steps, distance and pace. - Earn badges for accomplishments. - See how you measure up to other Connect users with Insights. - Get support for Garmin devices and their features. Are you ready to join millions of users who walk, run, bike, hike and strive to beat yesterday? Learn more about Garmin devices and how they work with the Garmin Connect™ app at (1) See compatible devices at (2) Activity tracking accuracy: Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Garmin Connect™ app reviews

  • Still doesn’t work 1/5

    By RickBryan
    The app still doesn’t work after the 11/7/19 iPhone update.
  • Keeps disconnecting 2/5

    By Northman82
    Several days in a row it wants me to setup my device again and again
  • Completely Useless 1/5

    By SJVgold
    Due to the recent update my device has become a glorified watch, with less than half the battery life as usual and constant glitches (will start an activity such as running - then freeze with the timer going, etc.) It no longer tracks steps, sleep, or stress. I used to be a huge Garmin fan, but I’m not really sure what to do at this point.
  • Updated app forgets user data every time you open it 1/5

    By GDridesbikes
    After the most recent update, Garmin Connect mobile forgets all user data, including device setup. It wants me to log in each and every time and set up a brand new device. Standard Garmin practice of using their customers as beta testers.
  • Annoying updates 3/5

    By noblige
    Every update requires your to login AND setup all your devices again. Ridiculous!
  • Not working?!? 1/5

    By Christi5551
    The app was working fine... and over the last week it has been u responsive and continuously fails to load properly. I have a connected edge device and fenix 5s... neither of which are tracking my data right now thanks to the useless app!!! Come on Garmin!!!
  • Syncing not working 1/5

    By Bendylson
    I updated the app and now the watch is not syncing with the app. My count for today is currently accurate but it is not syncing yesterday’s steps at all. I have already come to accept that the automatic syncing does t work like it is supposed to but now the manual sync won’t work? Ive worked hard to go almost 2 years exceeding my step goal and I really don’t want that to end over a stupid app issue. Please fix!!!!
  • Silence apps among other things 3/5

    By Kapple jacks
    Apps OK but they need to figure out a way to silence specific applications, like if I have a messaging app, I’m in the office I don’t want my watch blowing up cause of my teams communications but when I leave I may want to turn them on. A section in the App would help this much like I’m iPhone’s settings. Problem is if I want to disable a specific apps notification push to my watch I have to turn off ALL notifications. I just want to disable notifications on my watch for specific apps. I’d like to approve DUO or other 2FA services. Currently I can just see I have a DUO push. Much like can answer or decline a phone call on my watch. I’d like to be able to submit feedback directly in the app. I’ll rate 5 ⭐️ once they can fix just 1 of these issues
  • App re-initializing and not syncing 1/5

    By Jose Mireles
    What is up on this past week with the last release? Garmin 735 not syncing now. Please fix this NOW!!!
  • Not recording data since 11/27 1/5

    By akostaac5
    Again I spent almost $900 on a fenix 6x sapphire and this app is BS. Training status does not update since 11/27. Get it together Garmin otherwise the pretty watch is going back to you!
  • Another inexplicable crasher 2/5

    By MaxAgHammer
    01-Dec-2019: I've discovered a crasher bug recently. Don't try to view your 12-months weight graph in the Health submenu, because doing so causes a crash every time. I have no idea why it suddenly started doing this, as I haven't updated the app in a long time. It has to be something that was changed on the remote server side that's changed the messages sent to the app, or a data formatting change… something that's not even the app's fault. This is repeatable under iOS 9.3.5.
  • Almost Adequate 2/5

    By Kevin108
    Automatic synching is unreliable. Manual synching is cumbersome with only one button and the stop watch no one uses being in the way. The app itself is problematic. Settings don’t like to save and little things, like the custom hydration volumes, generate a network connection error. Why would it even need to be connected for such a simplistic function? I’ve used it in on both Android and IOS and found it lacking on both. Also, Apple is about a quarter of the way through the lifespan of IOS 13, but the Connect app readily advertises that it is yet to catch up.
  • Issue with sync after update 1/5

    By Dangedmanjr
    Since I updated the app, I have to resync my watch and go through most of the troubleshooting techniques before it will even sync. I loved the app prior to this latest update. Please fix this.
  • Good app 5/5

    By aaaddioo
    I have too say the app works really well we are doing a step change with my aunt and the app helps with the Fitbit
  • Bugs 1/5

    By Alwaystubed
    Audio Prompts crashes app. Please fix.
  • Scrolling to input distances on workout mode is obnoxious 2/5

    By Irishlass6391
    I love the app but I just wish I could type “400” while trying to input a workout on the app instead of scrolling up to 400.
  • Can’t even connect device.. what’s the point?? 1/5

    By Shmerley
    I can’t connect my viviosmart 4 to my iPhone 11 and it’s the most troublesome thing. What’s the point of paying so much for a smart watch if I literally have no use of it? I can’t see the data, stats, or anything. Fix it before I switch over to Fitbit.
  • App reinitializes every day!?! 1/5

    By 9innings sorta
    The app loses my Venu every night. I must re-pair it every morning. Then the app thinks it’s a totally new device. This didn’t occur with my old Vivoactive 3. If this keeps up I’ll be returning the Venu.
  • Doesn’t work offline. 2/5

    By humunculus
    Requires internet connection for any functioning. Does not keep localized data so no way to see your data if you’re training off the grid. Doesn’t update cycling distance with health app even after all these years. Incredibly buggy with iOS 13 including total loss of data or connection with my watch. Poor background refresh behavior.
  • Garmin Forerunner 45 5/5

    By michaelam93
    Great ability to view metrics. Very satisfied. Minimal issues.
  • Great App 4/5

    By Raider0417
    Easy to use and provides all the information I want. I used it with my Forerunner 35 and Strava. A complete solution for training.
  • Useless 1/5

    By nielsenpablito
    The synchronization issues are so bad it renders this app useless
  • Love the device, HATE this app 1/5

    By A. Bolen
    I cannot figure out how Garmin can make such a great device and such a ridiculously horribly app. It fails to sync ALL THE TIME! It also crashes constantly, never correctly logs my activity, sleep, or heart rate. Honestly, I think I am just done with Garmin...
  • Constant reconnect with Fenix 5x 1/5

    By 18 Burgundy Explorer
    Every time I open the connect app, I have to tell it which device I am connecting for the first time. This was never an issue before, and the watch shows that it is properly connected to the phone. My notifications still come through fine. Just the app requires me to tell it that I am using a fenix 5x every single time I open the app, and I can not get it to stop doing this. Also, why does the watch require an app to connect Bluetooth? It’s Bluetooth, and should, at a minimum, connect to Bluetooth without the app in between causing issues constantly.
  • Expensive watch!!! 3/5

    By JenJenPirate
    Update 12/2/2019: once again had to forget device and pair again through the app. Same problem with connecting... AGAIN!!!! I have an Apple iPhone and since the update to iOS 13 I have had several issues come up. I have the Garmin Forerunner 735XT watch. This time however, it says when trying to pair my device through the app or through the phone, it doesn’t even recognize my watch saying it’s too far away, sitting directly beside the phone! It won’t even my sync my watch manually. Usually I have to “forget device” and then pair my watch/fitness tracker with my phone to get it to do anything productive. Otherwise, it’s just an expensive watch with no other purpose. This time, nothing. Every. Single. Time. There is an update it effs up like this!
  • Love Garmin! 5/5

    By Kcmarie823
    Absolutely love my Garmin Fenix 5s and the app! Def won’t go back to any other brand for running!
  • Consistently drops connection 1/5

    By MrDerrty
    Every time I recycle my phone this latest app drops the connection and I must repair my watch to the app. My phones Bluetooth shows it connected to my watch however I must repair the my watch and the app. This is getting ridiculous.
  • No data import at all 1/5

    By idhurushh
    This app is pretty useless as a comprehensive health and fitness tracker because it has zero ability to import activities from any 3rd party. I guess it shows you the data from just your Garmin devices tolerably, though.
  • Review 4/5

    By Peypey0121
    Overall, I really the app UI. It’s very nice layout and every things is easy to find. I think I wish they would up date is in the Gear. When you add a gear, I would like to input Max Distance to be at least 5 digits, ex. 99999 vs 9999. I believe 4 digits maximum is not enough. I hope the dev would up slate this because it should be very easy to update.
  • Great way to track your activity 5/5

    By C Dub66
    I purchased a Garmin Fenix 3 to replace my Fitbit HR. I cycle and my Fenix 3 makes it much easier to keep track of my cycling. I think it is the most accurate device I have ever owned.
  • Bug fixes necessary 3/5

    By friendship party huzzah!
    Have loved and used this app and compatible devices for over 4 years, and with iOS update it’s started to crash and need réinstallation. Major bummer as it had been pretty reliable up until now. Please fix this bug!!!
  • Comprehensive but slow 😏 3/5

    By Jaynone
    I like my Garmin watch and the app, it’s provides comprehensive and useful information, but app takes long time to open. Compare to Apple Watch app where it opens and provides synced data instantaneous. Even if my Garmin watch is always connected via Bluetooth, the opening the app and syncing data takes painfully long. It will be good if Garmin makes this experience fast.
  • Well done! 5/5

    By smdecker70
    Had my Fenix 3 for five years and logged hundreds of miles on the road, trail and golf courses! Functions seamlessly with Garmin Connect. With the heart rate monitor it gives me all the feedback I want!
  • Felix 5xplus 4/5

    By JL .00
    Ever since I updated this app I not getting text notification on my watch . Please fix...
  • Bad enough to make me return a watch! 1/5

    By RobbiePcola
    This app is so disorganized that it’s not usable. Want to view historical data? Expect to work for it. This app is so bad that I am returning my vivoactive 4 because it won’t track my health and present the information in meaningful ways. This was my first garmin watch, and will be my last.
  • My Forerunner 935 supplements iWatch 4 5/5

    By Need-to-know
    As with other reviewers, our use of quality products makes us brand dependent in order to track information important to us. In my case, the Garmin products I’ve used have recorded accurate information about my 70 year old heart as it was progressively strengthened prior to aortic valve replacement surgery, and was then used to track my rehab progress. A few incidents of atrial fibrillation were quickly seen on the 935 heart rate tracing and helped me to quickly obtain the medical assistance required at those times. While Garmin manuals clearly state their devices are specifically not to be used for medical diagnostic purposes, each of us gets to decide for ourselves how helpful they may or may not be. For me, the features of the 935 and the three iWatches (upgrades were purchased to get new features), these devices were essential for me to stay as healthy as possible during a vulnerable phase of my life. Now they coach me to keep my momentum going despite other health issues that accompany the aging process. Garmin Connect ties in nicely with Apple Health, along with other apps, and I get to enjoy a monitored life extension with a timely alert feature, which helps me advocate for my own medical assistance with my doctors, which they seem to be thankful for, too. One suggestion for the next update of the Connect app is to remove the included “wake time” from the health insights sleep bell curve. For those of us having difficulty staying asleep all night long, the curve suggests we get adequate sleep after including the “wake time” as being just another night sleep stage - which it isn’t - and it’s inclusion distorts reality. Overall, the 935 is an excellent device and I value its use on a daily basis! Thanks!
  • Nice app, but needs work on the bugs. 4/5

    By anywhoever
    What's up with the bugs? Better quality please. Also, the latest version are "forgetting" my info and requesting to re-pair and enter my preferences. I've done this already too many times. Please fix this, Im tired of re-pair my watch and re-entering my information over and over.
  • Great app, helpful metrics! 5/5

    By jessicaks17
    Love being able to see so many measurements for fitness, weight and women’s health. So great!!
  • Works as advertised 4/5

    By ice climber 415
    I’ve been using the Fenix 5 plus Sapphire for about three weeks ago. The watch is well laid out and easy to read. The light function makes the watch easy to read in the dark. The functions aren’t has hard to navigate as you would think considering how many functions this thing has. The Connect app does a good job of showing and mapping out all the functions of the watch. My only complaint is the app takes a bit too long to update. If you’re in a rush or exercising and wanna check stats it can get frustrating. Otherwise a solid app and watch. One thing I wanna say.. This watch is much more durable than the Apple Watch. If you’re rough on timepieces buy the Fenix!
  • No 1/5

    By Miiforce245
    It’s not working for me. It says that I’m not connected to the internet, but I am.
  • Garmin instinct 5/5

    By asfghgf
    I have used Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Garmin instinct. I feel Garmin instinct is the best. It has all features I need, including tracking for tri, heart rate, steps, very long battery, with a very reasonable price. It doesn’t have those unnecessary features which will make your watch slow and cost lots of battery, including touch screen, color screen, or other useless software. Love Garmin instinct!
  • Screwed the Goose 1/5

    By Sunsetryder
    Rolled out an untested update. Not your greatest moment Garmin. Read others issues and add my name to the list. Update 11/28: No fix. No improvement. Still have to setup my fenix 3hr daily and re pair it. I have had 2 people ask me about the Fenix watch as a Christmas gift and I have suggested they hold off because of the software.
  • Forerunner 945 4/5

    By Kduppy
    Went from Apple Watch to garmin and I couldn’t be happier. The only thing I would change is that it gives you very little info about how to work it. So it was kind of a treasure hunt to figure out the pulse ox, and find the battery percentage. But I still love it.
  • Keep Updating 2/5

    By SchlitterTex
    Garmin: you have to keep updating this app. iOS 13 is a travesty and it keeps messing up apps. I have to pair my watch once every other day. As in, I have to set up my device and set settings that man times. The smart notifications don’t work for iMessage no matter how many times I follow the directions from the website. I can’t trust this in the outdoors anymore. It’s unreliable. Don’t get me wrong: Apple is mostly to blame here but that means you have to be extra vigilant.
  • Love the app and watch 5/5

    By Gghjjjgk
    Love the app and watch
  • Never syncs 1/5

    By IF_FI_77__99
  • Deserves zero stars 1/5

    By makewen
    So many bugs over the years. Old bugs remain, new bugs created. Right now I sync my device all the time. And I can’t see ANY recent data says I need to sync my device.
  • Constantly required to login 1/5

    By JeremiaF
    App continues to log me out and requires me to go through the entire set up process every other day. This latest up date is trash.
  • Daily HR chart doesn’t work 4/5

    By KiddAM
    Since latest update, daily heart rate chart does not work in app. Will have blank chart that says “sync device to see timeline” then does not show chart after device is synced.

Garmin Connect™ app comments

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