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Garmin Face It™

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  • Current Version: 2.0.12
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Garmin
  • Compatibility: Android
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Garmin Face It™ App

The Face It™ watch face app lets you customize your watch face with any photo from your mobile device. Download the app, choose an image from your photo library, add the time, and set it as your watch’s face. Whether it’s a scenic view from your last hike or a picture of your new puppy, the Face It app lets you add personality to your watch that’s uniquely you. Available on the following Connect IQ™ compatible wearables: Approach S60, D2™ Bravo, D2 Bravo Titanium, D2 Charlie, epix™, fēnix® 3, fēnix 3 HR, fēnix® 5, fēnix® 5s, fēnix® 5x, quatix® 3, quatix® 5, tactix® Bravo, Forerunner® 230, Forerunner 235, Forerunner 630, Forerunner 735XT, Forerunner 920XT, Forerunner 935, vívoactive® and vívoactive HR.

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Garmin Face It™ app reviews

  • Device unavailable 2/5

    By sweetpzcaringhands
    The Forerunner 245 music isn’t an available device. However, the app is very easy and simple to use. I played around and created faces for other watches but it’s unfortunate that one of the most latest watches aren’t available to create a watch face.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Brunsipoo
    I love this app. Reading the reviews makes me disappointed in people. If your watch isn’t compatible then you don’t need to give the app a 1 star, it’s just not compatible. The fact that I can put a picture on my background instead of a normal watch face is very cool and all the guys I work with use it.
  • This app is the worst 1/5

    By smfdndtsjrysrstrsrthrt
    Tia app is the worst because I am a new tuner and got a Harmon. I going this app and was so excited. I get and peace the new face button and I don’t find mine. I press the button that says others. It says If you don’t see your watch here, launch the app later. 🤬🤬🤬
  • Works great! 5/5

    By Missmyrufus
    At least in first trial. The watch face was easy to make and looks awesome. I’m happy!
  • Doesn’t have my watch 1/5

    By Unikitty22🐱🕶
    I have the Forerunner 135 and I’ve updated everything and it still isn’t there. I’m still waiting for it to be there.
  • Face It Better 4/5

    By MrsLauriePizza
    I absolutely love this app!!! I was recently married, I enjoy being able to add my wedding pictures to my watch! People get to see my wedding thru my watch because I can change it everyday! I only have one complaint, Can you please make it so you can change the watch part itself? It would be awesome if there would be more colors to make the watch hands or the digital watch! There are some but the colors don’t change it enough! That’s the only reason I gave it five stars!
  • Does not synchronized to vivioactive music Verizon 1/5

    By garmin77
    Not listed as a device option
  • Incomplete 3/5

    By Pengo win
    Pretty neat being able to send a picture as watch face! Big issue: Time and date option are selected as output, I changed the font color but only the minute and day changed, hour and month remain the original color. What’s up with that
  • Not great 2/5

    By arv191
    Which you could use the normal face numbers and data with background picture. You only have 2 options for data shown. And the numbers for the digital are pretty small and not of great pixel quality. If we could use the normal settings and option that be great
  • Needs work!! 1/5

    By Deerhunter546
    The display is very low quality. Very few options to actually customize anything, needs some serious updating to actually be useful.
  • Fenix 3HR 1/5

    By scootermayes
    The picture that I am trying to upload will not sync to my watch. So I can’t upload any photos to my watch. I would rate this zero star if I could! App makes me at least put one star.
  • Doesn’t support Instinct watch 1/5

    By jradchewy
    Wish the Instinct was compatible with this app
  • Add message notification 2/5

    By sht33v33
    I don’t usually write reviews hoping they read this please add text notifications to watch face options. This is the only reason I don’t use this. I work around loud machines and don’t always notice when I get a message and it’s nice to just look at watch face and know if I have a text.
  • Cute but 3/5

    By Iptouchfan
    The app is cute but there’s a few problems: 1) On my Vivoactive 3 you can only have one Face It watch face loaded. 2) you can’t choose which additional items show on the screen except the few stock options e.g. steps, dates, and battery (which is on all but I don’t want to see it) 3) can’t customize colors on anything but the second hand. These seem like they should be an easy fix. I have 3 instead of 2 stars because it works.
  • Not have my watch on it not happy 1/5

    By patick1982
    If not have my watch on it not happy
  • Good app but... 2/5

    By Lucasbrawl
    You need to add the forerunner 35 to the list
  • Good app 3/5

    By Netka141
    Please update this app!!!! Add some more fonts and options
  • Forerunner 35 1/5

    By dani ty
    I have the forerunner 35 and this app does not have the option of a personalized a watch face for this device
  • This app is awesome! 5/5

    By igolfgirl
    Bad reviewers need to remember this is a fun app to add to your Garmin face! I love having a photo of my family on my watch or countdown to a race! It works great and is easy to use! Great job Garmin!
  • Nice app but wish there was more customization 4/5

    By Splurge314
    The app is good but could be better. Adding dates, power, and step is limited on set location by garmin. Wish we could add these items in different location and/or add different data such as heart rate. I also wish we could add more than 1 face at a time to the watch so we can select between one and another on the watch in lieu of re-load/syncing different ones through the app.
  • Forerunner 35? 4/5

    By GG2Ranger
    Please update this to work on the Forerunner 35!!! Giving 4 stars in the hopes that it will come out soon. I love this idea so much!
  • Marginal at best 3/5

    By tcmarine936
    Basic functionality. Needs to offer more options to make even the most limited of changes to include text color and size. Not anywhere close to competitor options.
  • Doesn’t work with iPhone X 1/5

    By Scrappyfisci
    Used to work but it doesn’t work anymore
  • Good but more watches!!! 4/5

    By LisaLizard5654
    This is a great app but I just can’t use it because my watch isn’t one of the ones that it can make a background for. Fix this and everything will be great!!!!
  • Nice app 4/5

    By ch1976lau
    Nice app but would really like to request the ability to simply add a widget or picture on my Garmin so I can transfer an e-ticket boarding pad code. Thanks!
  • Lies 1/5

    By dfyrb
    The "preview" screens shown here are a lie. They show far more useable formats than is possible in the real app. Wanna bet? Just try using the app to create a digital time version that doesn't have the digits dead center. You can't. Impossible. Many more "ideas" shown in the preview do not exist in the app.
  • Too Simple 2/5

    By Russell017
    Loved this app. unfortunately, the design is too simple for such expensive watches like Garmin. Come on Garmin, this is should be a cake for your software engineering to put more great options and features for this app.
  • This is for changing your watch face, it works fine 4/5

    By IceThrift
    People expect this to do so much but I was surprised to see that you could change it t all! It’s so cool cuz it makes ur watch stand out. If you have a Garmin watch there is no reason why you shouldn’t have it
  • Needs Tweaking 3/5

    By wpereztx
    I do agree with another reviewer that images do appear dark. But more importantly I wish there was flexibility to change the data that appears on the watch face. Not being able to change the data is unfortunate.
  • Nice App - couple issues and a request 4/5

    By Jmille22
    There were no issues adding the built images to my Vivoactive HR. Very easy to do, thank you! However, a few issues (may be specific to the Vivoactive HR): 1) the watch displays the default Time font, not the one I chose when building the watch face. Tried editing and rebuilding this several times with the same result. 2) the selected color is only applied to half of the display numbers (only the minutes not the hours for Time, only the day not the month in the Date, etc). One request if possible. It would be great if you could size the Time numbers when editing (like you can with the BG photo). Would really help with building a more readable watch face.
  • Please include Vivoactive 3 music 4/5

    By Mtothe5thpower
    Tried to use just Vivoactive 3, but it will not recognize 3 music which is not listed
  • Works perfectly 5/5

    By Nickname Em
    I’m not sure why other people seem to be having issues. This has worked great for me! (Fingers crossed!) I don’t get too fancy, just use random photos as my background (sports related, nerd fandoms etc) that I borrow from the internet. Oh, and I have the original Vivoactive, if that helps)
  • Doesn’t support tactic Charlie yet 3/5

    By SweetMamma275
    App info states it supports tactix Charlie, but once you open the app it only supports up to tactix bravo.
  • Excellent app, needs more options. 4/5

    By iSquid
    I have a Vivoactive 3 and this app works perfectly. My only request for Garmin is to give the user more time, date, and data field options so we can be even more creative with our watch faces. More font choices and font sizes would be great, too. Garmin, please keep adding to this app because I can honestly see myself using it a lot to personalize my beloved watch.
  • Good app, some bad updates 4/5

    By Steve Mader
    The change to the 12 month activity history is really bad. It shows a fraction of the next month from the prior year, if you’re trying to show a true rolling 12 months, show a fraction of the current month from the prior year. Also, the reverse sort on the 12 month history is a pain. I use the 12 month history frequently to get my current month mileage, now I have to scroll to the end. Please revert these updates.
  • Good 5/5

    By dhfjdjfjdjdjdjdj
    Looks good and brings out the memories
  • Won’t find my watch 2/5

    By Dstickler
    The app worked fine for creating the watch face but I sign into my account and it says that I have no Fenix 5 watch so unable to load it
  • So Sad 1/5

    By SL12243
    I heard it’s a great app unfortunately I can’t use it because I have the Forerunner 35 and it doesn’t support the watch.
  • Garmin watch 2/5

    By wray boy
    Can get my pic off my phone to go to watch anything u can tell me to help
  • Update please 2/5

    By Lorenz_Gabriel
    Why is the accent color for dials only? Fix it so you can color all numbers on analog watch face instead of JUST half. Makes no sense
  • Crashes upon opening. 1/5

    By ginaxwhite
    Is not working at all. BIG FAIL.
  • Love concept but buggy 2/5

    By Eliza00
    I really love option to personalize my Garmin watch. Since the last update though it stopped displaying correct time or date. I resynced with my Garmin and got the correct time but date is still off by a week.
  • Crashes on opening 1/5

    By Superman405
    App used to work great, now it crashes on opening after the latest update
  • Crashing 1/5

    By an_nessie
    It have used this app to put a face on my Forerunner 735XT. It was slow to respond then. Tried to open it today to change my face and it won’t even open. App is UTD. Garmin is charted, on, Bluetooth connected, and in range. App just won’t open at all. Not a huge deal but annoying. I would delete it if I didn’t need it to change faces on my watch model.
  • Shamefully Bad App Design 1/5

    By fixyourappdude
    Read the other reviews, there are plenty of known issues that Garmin refuses to resolve. Occasionally the app will crash and refuse to start again so you lose all of your created watch faces. Changing the color of the date/digital clock only changes the color of the right half (the minutes and the day, but not the hours and month). WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT THAT. The 4 different font options for the digital clock look okay on the app, buuuuut on the watch they all show up as the first option. I would be ashamed to be involved in any way in this high-school-project of an app.
  • App used to work great, but now? 2/5

    By florida family
    I love my fenix 5. I lovED the way this app used to work. I had fav photos or downloaded images for specific holidays/occasions. Awesome. my image is stuck on St.Patty’s day!! The app will not even open. They need to fix. I would rather look at the regular screen it came with, than St. Pats day throughout the year. Went from super to super stuck.
  • Latest Version Crashes 1/5

    By jrCranstonRI
    Does not even open. Flashes up and then crashes to background. Try to bring into focus and crashes again. Not particular to this version: why do you need to manipulate my image? I made it the exact resolution for my Fenix 5 (240x240) and only three colors and I get dithering because you’re messing with my image. Leave it be!
  • KMac 1/5

    By K17Mac
    I liked the app until the latest update. Now I can’t even open app. Very annoying.
  • New update for IPhone X 2/5

    By Gall0331
    App will not open, otherwise a pretty good app to add faces to my forerunner 935

Garmin Face It™ app comments

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