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  • Current Version: 9.1.5
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Garmin Pilot App

*30 Days Free Trial on initial download!* Plan. File. Fly. Log. Garmin Pilot is the most comprehensive suite of tools for the iPad designed specifically for general aviation and corporate pilots. Flight planning, charts, interactive maps, weather briefing resources and navigation capabilities; it’s all included. The app’s intuitive interface mirrors those on the newest Garmin touchscreen avionics so you can go seamlessly from preflight to inflight. Plan Garmin Pilot’s powerful capabilities start with pre-flight planning, providing pilots with the most comprehensive aviation weather information to make better-informed flight decisions. Pilots can check NEXRAD radar, visible and infrared cloud imagery, METARs, TAFs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, PIREPs, NOTAMs, winds and temperature aloft, TFRs and lightning data. With Garmin Pilot, data can be displayed over Garmin’s interactive maps that support track-up navigation, VFR sectional or an IFR low or high en-route chart to visualize the weather for your route. Add text-based weather widgets and use the exclusive NavTrack feature to view weather along the planned route. File With Garmin Pilot, users can easily enter a flight plan and interactively edit it on the map. Pre-loaded forms make it quick to save and reuse data for frequently flown routes. And when the flight plan is ready, Garmin Pilot makes it simple to file, amend or close the flight plan via Leidos Flight Service or DUATS. Fly Garmin Pilot provides full en-route navigation capability on its moving map. Pilots can also navigate with Garmin’s patented panel, a GPS-driven instrument pack with a graphical HSI directional display and indicators for groundspeed, altitude and vertical speed. After takeoff, pilots can continue to view real-time weather in the U.S. and traffic information by wirelessly connecting to Garmin’s GDL 39 3D portable ADS-B Receiver (sold separately). Log Garmin Pilot includes a comprehensive electronic logbook that syncs with flyGarmin. The logbook automatically generates entries based upon GPS data collected during the flight, tracks currency, supports manual entries, endorsements and creates reports. Garmin Pilot U.S. Standard: - Rich, interactive maps support Track-Up navigation - Charts: VFR Sectionals, low and high IFR en-route, airport diagrams and approach procedures - Ability to view Jeppesen Terminal Charts (Jeppesen echart subscription required) - Weather Maps: Animated radar, Infrared and Visible Satellite, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, Lightning, TFRs and more! - Extensive text products: METARs, TAFs, Winds Aloft, PIREPs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, Area Forecasts and NOTAMs - AOPA Airport Directory - Weight and Balance - Checklists - Flight plan filing via Leidos Flight Services and DUATS - Garmin patented navigation panel - Terrain and Obstacles - Smart Airspace - Fast Find predictive Waypoint Entry - Logbook - Optional VFR Premium: Synthetic Vision (SVX), Terrain and obstacle alerting, and Garmin SafeTaxi® - Optional IFR Premium: VFR Premium plus geo-referenced Garmin FliteCharts® Garmin Pilot Global Premium: - Worldwide Jeppesen NavData - Rich, interactive maps support Track-Up navigation - Radar and Satellite imagery for Western Europe, U.S., Canada and Australia - Ability to view Jeppesen Terminal Charts (Jeppesen echart subscription required) - Worldwide METARs, TAFs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, NOTAMs and winds aloft - VFR Flight Plan Filing - Terrain and Obstacles with alerting - Synthetic Vision (SVX) - Visual Reporting Points (VRPs) in Europe - Smart Airspace - Fast Find Predictive Waypoint Entry - Logbook - Optional VFR charts from DFS, IGN and NATS - IFR enroute charts from EuroControl - Optional Garmin FliteCharts® and SafeTaxi® diagrams available on a country-by-country basis *Note: Use of GPS running in the background may decrease battery life.* *Note: One subscription to Garmin Pilot may be used on two devices.*


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Garmin Pilot app reviews

  • unreliable trip plans 1/5

    By ITC1
    When entering a DC SFRA flight plan, the departure and exit gate (or entry gate and destination) are randomly overwritten with default values. It usually happens when I switch to a different plan, whatever gate I have entered is replaced with some other value. Can't trust this app for filing DC SFRA.
  • So Far So Good..With One Concern 4/5

    By AlienFanatic
    I'm currently trying GP as an alternative to ForeFlight, which I've been using for years. I'm updating some of my avionics to newer Garmin gear and I think their app will integrate well. Because I use both iPads and a Pixel phone, the cross platform compatibility is huge. (The guys at ForeFlight are positively snotty about never supporting Android, which makes me anxious to move away from their product ASAP.) The interface is much prettier than FF and quite intuitive. The more I use it, the more I enjoy it. I'll update my review as I become more proficient. However, there is one issue that bugs the heck out of me and it's that Garmin cuts off the date info on the FAA IFR charts! I use that info as part of my workflow when I'm briefing an approach. Without it, I can't be sure that I'm using the very latest charts as required by the regs. I hope Garmin fixes this and it's why I deducted a star. (The fact that the app automatically loads the plates based on my flight plan is BRILLIANT, though!)
  • Updates 4/5

    By turbotunerrb25
    Great app but slow to react to problems. App crashes constantly within seconds of opening as of latest update and iOS update on iPhone X.
  • Slow to update iPhone/iOS releases 3/5

    By PilotTim
    The iPhone X has been out for a few months now - yet Garmin Pilot doesn’t natively support its screen size. ForeFlight added support for this months ago, and Apple will be requiring developers to support it by April 2018. It’s a tight competition here. Waiting so long to release an update unfortunately indicates how nimble Garmin is with this product. Also, since they launched this product, the SIGMET overlay has been composed of a bunch of dots, obscuring the underlying map. Don’t they know that they could make the overlay a different shade and translucent, like ForeFlight does?
  • Very useful and convenient 5/5

    By Andrii Kovalenko
    This app is really convenient to use on the ground and in flight.
  • Exceptional software 5/5

    By flitetym
    I find Garmin Pilot functions well, and I give it high marks for user customization — however, an attribute that I feel also makes it less "intuitive", with a somewhat steeper learning curve than FF. While users can generally find they can "jump right in" to Foreflight, Garmin's Pilot took me a day or so before I reached the "aha!" moment. (True, I admittedly had to "unlearn" FF to embrace Garmin's logic.) So the winner is? For the occasional pilot and "weekend warrior" (which there are many),the hat-tip goes to software producer ForeFlight. However, for the operator with an eye towards integrating existing and future hardware additions in the vast and continually expanding Garmin "eco-system", without question, it's Garmin's Pilot.
  • StubHub in Hawthorne, CA 3/5

    By JPizzel DoJJ
    Please add this Stadium TFR to a next release
  • Nice job!! 5/5

    By C172Pilot
    The latest version with bug fixes is great! Sometimes Garmin doesn’t completely test their apps before releasing them. Seems to run smooth and so far no crashes. However may require more iPad horsepower than previous versions especially when connected to a Bluetooth device and the display gets busy with traffic and wx. Interface is clean and easy to file a flight plan. Great information and data given for the flight plan. Still lacking good weather information for flight planning when compared to the competitors weather page. One of GPs best features is auto-plate load, no hunting for approaches. Would like to see an option to save reminders, like switch tanks, get ATIS, etc. I have to enter them for each flight - cumbersome. Would like to see auto-routing for approaches. GP has come a long way since its inception and supports numerous Garmin products ..excellent application, fly with it all the time.
  • When it works it’s great 2/5

    By frustrated-pilot
    I love this app but the pre-release testing is inadequate. Every few updates it crashes nonstop and I have to remove the app from my iPhone or iPad and reinstall along with downloading all the data. I’ve never had this issue with FF. This is a serious problem with something I’m spending real money on!
  • Better than Foreflight 5/5

    By jjcapurro
    Easier to use and a MUCH better interface design than FF. Keeps getting better and better! Now with open street maps! Nice! Switched two years ago and no regrets.
  • Love it! 4/5

    By Geoff MacLeod
    I don't fly without it. Incredibly useful application.
  • EFB / NAV 1/5

    By FutureRide
    EFB is clunky at best Wx briefings are difficult to get and figure out (departure is there, but not dest or enroute) and unable to manually add aircraft performance data... Navigation with Garmin GLO GPS is not reliable on a good day... Logbook fails to log 70% of the time... Back to ForeFlight or a Sectional, E6B, and a piece of paper...
  • Beats Foreflight 5/5

    By sbestcfii
    Garmin Pilot was good when it was introduced and gets better with each version. I believe it has surpassed Foreflight in it’s latest releases. The planning is easier, the Home icons are easier for us older aviators, and a great feature for us IFR flyers is the auto-loading of Instrument charts for all airports in your flight plan being automatically loaded for you. I really recommend Pilot over Foreflight when I am giving instrument instruction and have e several converts. I also like how Garmin makes it’t hardware compatible with other programs while Foreflight continues to be proprietary. My students can connect to my GDL device and get all the ADS-B data. Full feature pilot is also a lot less expensive than Foreflight. Being able to run on two platforms and on three devices is also a plus.
  • Won't let me create account 1/5

    By modollenroc
    The app will not allow me to create an account for my iPad, iPhone or on a computer. I've tried this for over 24 hours and it will not allow me to click the "create account" button. I bet foreflight will gladly take my money...
  • Much better than Foreflight 5/5

    By Ekbatan65
    Hands down better than other navigation apps.
  • Go to ForeFlight 1/5

    By Topgun966
    Sick and tired of the app being so unstable. Then we are told do not upgrade to iOS 11!? They have had months to get this ready. I want my money back so I can use an app that works!
  • Frustrating my head to learn 4/5

    By Doobieguy
    Not as straight forward as ForeFlight . But has some more features I like. transitioning from FF after using it for 80hours
  • Needs more to beat Foreflight 3/5

    By Tricky494
    Please add an eraser to the scratch pad.
  • Crashes immediately after launching on iPad mini 4 2/5

    By dhhfguj
    Crashes immediately after launching on iPad mini 4
  • Please fix it! 2/5

    By Scott1111111111
    Not working on iPad Pro. Closes almost immediately after opening.
  • Was good, now not so much 2/5

    By Usedtobehappywgarmin
    Used to work great, latest update and it crashes all the time.
  • No trial subscription as indicated. 1/5

    By BullpupT
    No trial, just do nothing template. Waste of time and poor reflection on product.
  • Crashing frequently since last update. 3/5

    By Rcwflyer
    The app is my favorite by far for GA purposes. Lately it has crashed frequently and become unreliable. Please address the instability quickly.
  • Total req fuel 2/5

    By Bell X-1
    The new update has broken the calculation for total required fuel.
  • Synthetic Vision in Split Screen Mode 4/5

    By Flying ace 2
    Latest update now supports the ability to view split screens on the synthetic vision page. This allows quick access to information such as widgets, maps, and approach plates! Now the AHRS is a great setup for a backup attitude system. Excellent update.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Happy2th
    This app provides everything I need now. I no longer have to go to different apps for weather, to view a flight profile view showing cloud levels, weight and balance, flight planning, etc. And I love the way it communicates with my Garmin GTN 650 via Bluetooth.
  • Things don't work 2/5

    By Flyboy0479
    I really liked this app at first. But lately the logbook doesn't work right and the airport section won't load. Very frustrating and when you consider the price the app should run itself.
  • Raelly bad app!! 1/5

    By pilotlife1993
    I been a pilot using this app since 2015 usind this app but from some time to now its been crashing. -when using split screen -when you try to add a new aircraft -Using check list -it deletes my hour when i try to log them The device where you try to do one of the above crashes or the app shutsdown completly and it -dont have an apple watch app I use to prefer this app way more the foreflight but from months to now this app its been a headache. Or i would like to get a refound of my money
  • Crashing like Android update 1/5

    By StinkingMad
    This is REALLY MADDENING! Flagship app on iPad that crashes every several seconds! Totally UNUSABLE! With both Android & iOS having SERIOUS problems, it's time to look at Foreflight. I now regret having gotten the GTX345 now because I'm locked into only 2 apps! The FAA needs to step in. At best, defective apps can lead to chaos in the cockpit by generating confusion & distraction.
  • Unusable update 1/5

    By AngryFlyingGimp
    I like the software in general, but since the last update it crashes immediately upon opening.
  • Waypoints name are missing 1/5

    By Cesars01
    Waypoints name are missing while I'm using an active flight plan on map mode page. FIX IT!!! PLEASEEEEEE
  • Waypoints name on map mode are missing 2/5

    By Yilmarv
    Waypoints name are missing on map mode with an active flight plan
  • Fuel and route mileage not working 1/5

    By Leonman35;(6
    I have tried to reinstall this app after spending $100's on maps and now leg mileage isn't working and fuel burn is way off, just get for flight and get a real app.
  • Won't sync logbooks 3/5

    By Wacokid140
    Got this app with intention to go digital after flying for 25 years with paper logs. Loaded them on my PC and my iPad 2 synced just fine but my iPhone 7 won't have anything to do with it. Also crashed several times when first setting up, seems to be more stable now.
  • Missing TERPS Legend and bugs 3/5

    By RML6635
    I am an instructor and I use the app almost daily. For the most part I like it but every once and I while I am surprised at whats missing or how frequently an iOS update will break it. The other day I wanted to make a cold temperature correction to a DH and discovered that there is no TERPS legend section anywhere to be found. They do include an inoperative equipment page and climb table but thats it. If you need to look anything else up like circling approach distances or temperature corrections or what a symbol means you better carry a paper copy or have a PDF on your device. I called to confirm and was told that adding the legend will be in a future update. Another annoying problem is that the checklist function is broken in this (8.6.3) and the last version. No word on when it will be repaired.
  • Latest version crashes 2/5

    By Bs1989
    The latest version crashes every time I try to open on iPhone 6+. Please fix
  • Caution this program can crash 2/5

    By Fast Flyer
    I have been using Garmin pilot successfully for several months now. I like the program but since the last update where they created a checklist feature this program can crash catastrophically. I think it may have to do with the checklists but I am not sure. The program becomes so corrupt that it is unable to send feedback to Garmin. The only way I know to fix the problem is to delete the program and reinstall it from the App Store. This has occurred several times, thankfully not while I have been in the air. I think I will use ForeFlight for my flying until Garmin gets this figured out.
  • Good app 4/5

    By Tupolev pilot
    I like it. On the standard subscription we should at least be able to zoom in to the airport to see the different ramps and taxi ways. I also think that the scratchpad should be in the split screen.
  • doesn't keep up with Foreflight on TFRs 3/5

    By Steveabcdef
    Good for airspace situational awareness but, kind of a BIG deal is that it just puts blue circles every where there "COULD" be a open air TFR and it's up to you to figure it out if there actually is one or not.
  • Not accurate! 2/5

    By 700/900
    There are lots of mistakes, mostly 200 cary overs. Some just flat out wrong definitions. You need to be strong on 200/700/900 system differences in order to use this app. It's embarrassing to spout off 200 stuff on a 700 or 900 oral. This is the second time I have written the review. Somehow they took my first one down.
  • Not dependable 1/5

    By Dr. Nick
    What should have been an easy to use tool for pilots is unfortunately completely unreliable. With each new update either with Apple software or with the app itself, it is a complete crapshoot if the current version will work. As a subscriber since it's inception, I have grown tired of glitch after glitch, the latest just today, where the app fails to sense its own database. Support for the app is during business hours Monday through Friday. This is hardly helpful in flight planning, especially when there is still another problem. There are too many good, stable, and competing platforms to put up with this app.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By What Haveyou
    Crashes on launch, every time.
  • Flight Planning to User Waypoints 3/5

    By Kilo42
    I just downloaded this as an addition to what we currently have in the cockpit. I have not been able to get it to load User Waypoints into a flight plan, other than touching the screen each time. To use the search function it basically has to start off with an aviation database location. then use the graphical (touch screen / rubber band) to add user waypoints into the flight plan. Also once something is "direct to" you can't add / modify it without starting over again. With a 695 etc, these are all normal functions. In the current state it does not fill my needs no matter that I have paid for a year global subscription, to hopefully not have any restrictions in the trial software.
  • Excellent EFB for a Flight Departments, Big and Small 5/5

    By kchunter289
    I have been using Garmin pilot for over three years now. I serve as the Chief Pilot for a large flight department and Garmin is simply the best. All of our pilots use it and love it, especially with GDL-39 ADS-B overlay. If you have used any Garmin device in the past, you will easily take to the app. The Jeppessen chart incorporation is really nice too for international operations. Great value and customer service/support that is second to none makes this my EFB of choice. Not to mention, Garmin is so far ahead of everyone else in aircraft avionics.
  • Weight & Balance Issue 3/5

    By Tiredofwaitingforhelp
    My aircraft has a small baggage area forward of the datum, which would require a negative moment arm. However, no provision is made to enter a negative number. I'm unable to make full use of the W&B feature until this is fixed.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Ranferi Denova
    I've been a Garmin Pilot user since version 1.0, and the latest addition is great! I specially like the Garmin base map, which looks similar to the G1000 base map. Keep up the great work, guys!! The current version now includes Jepp charts, which are amazing if you plan to travel internationally!
  • VERY nice app 4/5

    By 172Capt
    - Tons of options - You can overlay everything on the maps (FF doesn't allow this) - Checklists! It seems like Garmin pilot has the most options of all the big EFBs. One issue I noticed: checklists don't stay cleared when you tap "clear". I wouldn't mind seeing a traffic pattern advisor and more options for ADS-B units. This app is really giving me a reason to switch.
  • Pilot MAY become my primary EFB ... 5/5

    By Adamclimber
    Longtime FF user that downloads and tries the competing apps every year or so. Downloaded the trial of Pilot and !SnapDog!, I liked it. Subscribed to VFR option ... and loved flying with it. Upgraded to IFR subscription and THEN 8.5 launched. You mean I can have checklists on a split screen!!!???!! I think FF is still more intuitive, and had the procedures thing figured out ... but Pilot wins in every other category. Only thing I'm not crazy about is the proprietary ADS-B thing. Hmmmm ... choices, choices.
  • I love this app! I believe it is the best EFB 5/5

    By gawerron
    I was a ForeFlight user for several years until I got a coupon for Pilot after upgrading my GPS. At first, the interface was quite different from FF, so I was apprehensive, but now after using it for a while, I love it. It is a common home screen GUI with the panel mounted GTN750, so I get a kick out of the paradigm. And this this release, adding a bunch of features and doing several improvements to the log book (although not really mentioned in the release notes), it has become indispensable for me. The additional of checklists, W&B, advanced aircraft performance modeling - and then having all of that actually feed into flight planning - NICE. While FF will communicate with a Garmin panel, not surprisingly, Pilot does a better job of making this easier. An example is changing your flight plan and then updating the panel. It's seamless with Pilot and clunky with FF. Overall, a very well done release with great new features. I love it.
  • Garmin Pilot Took Step Backwards 2/5

    By WV.Aviator
    Version: 8.5.0......Not ready for prime time. 1. Took several times to install app (first install after deleting expired app). Had to delete and re-install several times on iPhone and iPad to finally let me login. 2. Tried to "View in Binders" a plate shown on Maps Screen for 12V as destination in flight plan. First time worked correctly. Upon return to Charts, plate was gone. Next time showed another unrelated airport in North Carolina for 1A5. This inconsistent handling of plates has plagued Pilot for over a year. The good news is the app developer is finally trying to fix albeit really messed up in this version. Hopefully Garmin will quickly address the issues and test the otherwise nice app before releasing.

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