Garmin Smartphone Link

Garmin Smartphone Link

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  • Current Version: 2.9.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Garmin
  • Compatibility: Android
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Garmin Smartphone Link App

Smartphone Link works with select Bluetooth® enabled Garmin navigation devices, including most products from the following product categories: • Garmin Drive™, Garmin DriveSmart™, Garmin DriveAssist™, Garmin DriveLuxe™ automotive navigators • Garmin RV and Camper navigators • zūmo motorcycle navigators • dēzl truck navigators • some nüvi automotive navigators (3597/3598/2x17/2x18/2x97/2x98/2x67/2x68/2577) Check for a detailed list of compatible Garmin devices. Some models require a software update, available at Smartphone Link allows you to connect a compatible Garmin navigator and your iPhone®. Once linked, the compatible Garmin navigator uses your existing mobile data plan[1] to share information with your iPhone, including contacts, search results, favorite locations, your driving destination, and even your parking spot. With Smartphone Link, your compatible Garmin navigator can also access Garmin Live Services[2] for useful, real-time driving information. What Are Garmin Live Services? Garmin Live Services provide the most up-to-date “live” information to your Garmin navigator using your existing mobile data plan. There’s no need for an additional data connection. Some services are included when you connect to Smartphone Link. Other services within the app are available through optional paid subscriptions offering premium content and enhanced features. To receive data relevant to your location, Garmin Live Services require your current GPS location be shared with Garmin and Garmin partners. Included Live Services: • Address sharing - Send locations and online search results from your phone to your compatible Garmin navigator, and navigate there • Garmin Live Traffic Avoid delays and find detours with the best-in-class real-time information. Garmin Live Traffic is updated every minute and receives more than 1,000 messages every update cycle • Live Parking[3] Save time, and take the stress out of parking. View helpful parking information, including pricing and availability trends for on-street public parking, as you approach your destination. • Weather - View forecasts and current conditions • Last Mile - Remembers your parking spot and shows your destination, so you can find your way on foot and back again Premium Live Services, available for a one-time[4] purchase within the app, include: • photoLive traffic cameras[2] Look up live photos from over 10,000 traffic cameras to see traffic and weather conditions • Advanced Weather[2] View detailed forecasts, current conditions, and animated radar images, plus receive severe weather alerts • Dynamic Off-Street Parking[2] Find parking close to your destination, including the number of spots available and current cost [1] Contact your mobile service provider for more information about your service plan’s data and roaming rates. [2] Restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. Subscriptions required. [3] Parking data is available for most city centers. For coverage details, visit [4] See for terms, conditions and limitations. Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Garmin Smartphone Link app reviews

  • Love this App 4/5

    By NormanRi
    Love this App! Linking my phone with the GPS makes adding places so much faster, I really like it!
  • Zero star app 1/5

    By ww64oyh
    If I could give this app zero stars, I would. The functionality is absolutely worthless and there are many bugs. The developer gives a bland answer to any statements on sais bugs. Whole app needs an overhaul.
  • Very bad app 1/5

    By BTQuestMedia
    The one thing it needs to do , it can’t. I need to be able to enter the “name” or “ address “ of a place. And you can’t do that. This an absolutely worthless app. Zero stars is more appropriate.
  • Total garbage 1/5

    By klebel123
    Garmin should be embarrassed by this app. It’s almost completely useless. Their idea of social media support is Foursquare? Foursquare hasn’t been relevant since about 2014. The media support is horrible. Crashes constantly, doesn’t allow media control from the Garmin Nav and doesn’t support album cover images or other data if you use Spotify, amazon music or pandora. Only for local media. Again, what year is it? 2014? There is a reason Garmin is losing major market share. Just use your smartphone and locally downloaded google maps and you get everything Garmin has and 100x more.
  • Absolutely necessary but needs to be better 2/5

    By TheShkosh
    So, by default Garmin uses Foursquare to search for things. Couple that with terrible voice recognition on the unit itself, and Garmin has A LOT to gain from tighter smartphone integration. This app wants to be that tight integration. The most important thing this app does is give you the ability to copy an address from an actual search engine and paste it into the search field of the app. You can then send that address to your GPS and not have to use the terrible UI. This app would benefit from the ability to use Siri shortcuts. Then at least you could find your address and say “Hey Siri, send this to Garmin” and never have to open the app or touch the GPS. Additionally, this app misses an opportunity to customize the smart notifications on the GPS. I like the idea of the smart notifications, but the execution is not good. That screen is the perfect size for the map, but then a notification comes up and doesn’t leave until you close it. This should be a setting in the app. There is no reason for a notification to remain on the screen for longer than 3 seconds. Move all of the GPS settings to the app, add a few, and let us change them all from the app. Also, allow the GPS to use the phone to conduct its update. I have enough stuff to carry in and out of my truck every day. My phone has lots of horsepower, storage and a data plan. I feel like it should be able to update the GPS wirelessly as I commute. How about some third party integration? I would love Google to be able to tell it that there is traffic ahead, or for Waze to be able to report a hazard or speed trap.
  • Sometimes works 1/5

    By pd210flyer
    Two things, 1 never know if it’s on or not until you run into a traffic jam. 2 to turn in on in the first place you have to hit the tiny icon next to the search bar; guess what happens with this situation. Yes you hit the button 6 times before it is the right one. Maybe make the icon bigger and move it.
  • Need Bluetooth Improvements 3/5

    By JVchi-town
    This app pair with garmin GPS has potential BUT it needs improvements.. 1) app disconnects frequently from garmin GPS and when trying to connect back sometimes is a headache 2) user interface looks old app needs to be updated for UI 3) the search address bar sometimes won’t find addresses.
  • Does NOT work! 1/5

    By Side ways
    Wasted my money don’t wast yours too! Doesn’t connect to the data on my phone and so I can’t see any cameras and my gps can’t see the weather! So screwed I’m hopping mad 😡
  • Refund please 1/5

    By AbeH2
    I want a refund. It doesn’t connect to the Garmin GPS. It doesn’t work at all. Refund please.
  • Driven to disorientation 1/5

    By mad overlord
    Another example of how irredeemably bad Garmin is at software development. I mostly use my Garmin Navigator VI as an ugly, poorly configurable instrument panel. The GPS functionality is barely serviceable compared to a device 10 years older and this app doesn’t help that much. In fact the system designed to download traffic to my phone and upload it to the device hardly works at all. Not sure how Garmin employees overcome their embarrassment to publish junk like this.
  • Live traffic and weather doesn’t work iPhone XS Max 1/5

    By jason124566
    Live traffic doesn’t work
  • Not compatible with iPhones 1/5

    By Tanksrage76
    I once had everything working great then apple pushed some updates to their iOS. Traffic and weather quit working. Need to update app to work with the iOS. Was great but now no so.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By annsanchez1979
    Let’s start by saying if I can give no stars I would. This app never stays synced to either phone we have and we have tried 2 iPhones and an Android. I am constantly spending 30-40 min to get it to link up and all work together. We drive a truck so it is important to us to be able to do things hands free. Like the weather and traffic. When the app is working it is great but that is few and far between. Needs something done because it is very frustrating trying to constantly link the phone and the Garmin.
  • Feels like a rough draft 2/5

    By TheLonelyTravler
    The app is somewhat functional but feels like the programmers created a rough draft and released it. It lacks what would seem to be the most basic functions. You can’t simply search for a location and send it to the gps. The search function only searches the local area. Here’s a workaround but really defeats the purpose. First google your destination to get an address. Then create a contact in your phone for the destination. You can then open your contacts from within the app and choose the address to send to your gps. This usually requires several attempts since the Bluetooth connectivity is hit and miss. I’m hoping that garmin gps will catch up with more modern navigation apps because I prefer a dedicated unit as opposed to using my phone. Purchased a new $300 gps hoping for updated technology but it actually seems worse than my 2001 model. Maybe dedicated gps units are on their way out.
  • Aspect ratio still unoptimized 3/5

    By Splitpic user
    The iPhone X has been out for over two years and still this app is not optimized for the phone’s aspect ratio. I love the app and I’d love to give it a 5 star review, but this affect the user interface and practicality of the app, not to mention that the black boarders waste space. Please do something Garmin, every time I update this app I expect an aspect ratio adaptation and I’m always disappointed.
  • Keeps Crashing 1/5

    Update to 12.1.2 is a nightmare. The system is u stable and crashes repeatedly. Please fix to get a 5 star rating again!
  • Link Drops 2/5

    By BellsCreek
    Like the concept but link constantly drops from my iPhone and requires restart. Very aggravating.
  • Wrong cameras 1/5

    By troydthompson
    Just paid for the photo live part of this app. The I-80 cameras that this app has are not of I-80 they are of Highway 28. There are no cameras of I-80 for Wyoming on it. Very disappointed because I travel I-80 almost every day.
  • Fix the Smartphone Link 2/5

    By CFegs
    I just received the Drivesmart 51 LMT for Xmas and after pairing it to my iPhone 6S it loses the smartphone link almost every 3 minutes while driving. This is extremely annoying. I use the live traffic feature and need this Bluetooth linking fixed. I am running iOS 12.1.2. I see many others have the same issue. Garmin, this needs to be resolved now. I have owned many Garmin GPSs over the years and have never had an issue like this before. I have also tried unpairing and re-paired to my phone but that did not work to fix the issue.
  • Nightmare 1/5

    By sunnyasia
    The app is a nightmare and there is no option for refund for advanced weather and photolive. Be very careful.
  • Smartphone services is disconnected 1/5

    By Jerogfunk
    Smartphone services is disconnected. That’s all I seem to get. I’ve tried all of the troubleshooting steps. It seems to happen a lot when the iPhone screen turns off. When the screen stays on, it seems to have a more stable connection. I’ve switched from using a TomTom to this. I’m beginning to think it was a mistake.
  • Loses Connection to GPS Unit 2/5

    By MS010154
    The app works great for live traffic when it can stay connected via Bluetooth to my DriveSmart 61 LMT. Unfortunately, it loses connection once a week and it doesn’t always allow me to reconnect no matter what I try. As of this review, I can’t get Smart Link working again and I turned off, rebooted, etc everything.
  • Useless 1/5

    By david-kik
    This service should be for free because we paid higher price for the device, I rather use the weather channel app to check the weather for free instead of paying another $4.99 for this useless app
  • Weather Alerts on the App don’t work 1/5

    By Jerry Cowboy Jones
    Is there any way to get the weather alerts feature on the app to run. It only shows a map and legend. My GPS works sometimes but the app never has. If you pay $10 for this, it should work???
  • Completely useless 1/5

    By Pllpwr
    The integration of Foursquare is utterly useless, I can only basically do research of addresses in few miles range, if you plan to go somewhere farther than 2miles range... good luck!!! I am seriously tempted to buy a different brand of navigator just to have a better integration with my mobile phone.
  • Useless and outdated 1/5

    By Robredd10
    This app feels completely unnecessary and offers so few functions it is hard to believe a company a big as Garmin actually had something to do with it. Using this app makes me think Garmin is falling behind.
  • Randomly disconnects and reconnects to my iPhone 1/5

    By 62graham
    I keep getting a message on my screen when I need to see the map stating smartphone services disconnected. When you try to press okay the message is already gone and end up changing the screen and need to press the back buttton. It very frustrating. I contacted support and they sent me a few things to try bur did not really seem to relate to my issue but I completed them anyway. Well the issue remains so I replied to the email with requested screen shots. It only been 3 days but have not heard anything back from them yet. Using iPhone 6 with os 12.1. I tried my wife’s Samsung galaxy 8 phone and had no issues with it so it only seems to affect iPhones
  • Needs an update for iOS 12 1/5

    By jim arter
    Up until iOS 12 dropped it worked great. But since I can only use half of blue tooth features as the app will not stay connected
  • Garmin is crap 1/5

    By sghjhvvhjgg
    This app only lets you search nearby cities? What’s the point of typing in an address for another state when it only lets you do a nearby search.....really? What a joke!
  • Worst Bluetooth Ever 1/5

    By Elc8890
    It disconnects all the time, not my phone issue, my headset and radio stay connected constantly. Usually have to power it down and restart it. Then some times connects and disconnects within seconds. Not to mention have to go in and manually connect to GPS thru the settings on my phone, none of my other electronics do this, they connect on their own. Navigation is also a joke, faster setting will take routes that are longer in time than shortest. Update: Still doesn’t work after “fix”! Update #2: Hey Garmin you need to farm out your Bluetooth issues to someone else because you can’t seem to get it right. In the mean time can you share your suction cup technology with Rand McNally. 11/14/18
  • Always Having to Manually Reconnect 1/5

    By tBasco
    One star for always having to reconnect for traffic. I did not have to do this with previous models. It’s a safety hazard when you realize that you are not connected and have to grab your phone while driving and reconnect the gps. Bad design!
  • Garmin live weather 1/5

    By OTR Keith
    As a commercial truck driver I need accurate winter winter weather updates but so far this app fails me completely. Also few weather alerts isn’t related to truck drivers. What a waste! Also it kept disconnected with my iPhone without any apparent reason. I wish I could get the credit or money back until it works as should be. As of now, useless.
  • Not good 1/5

    By 2ba4
    The Initial Bluetooth connection was made quickly and smoothly. The first time I got in the car it connected to the GPS fine. Since then, it has never connected! Awful. I really dislike tech that doesn’t work. Bluetooth isn’t exactly cutting edge. Why can’t you folks get it right?
  • Last Update is a Mistake 1/5

    By BeenHeavyinFlorida
    It is now more difficult to send a location to the navigator. The send option no longer appears on the map. You have to tap the information icon. It’s is a negative to pay for a device like the Garmin and have it updated make it less and less valuable.
  • Connection/ display 3/5

    By Jaboyajian
    I am constantly loosing bluetooth connection between my device, and phone. I have never had an issue with my cellular provider before regarding GPS systems until now. Ever since the last update, it is more complex to send a destination to the phone. Instead of just a “send to navigator”, it has added an additional screen to the process.
  • Doesn’t link to my iPhone 1/5

    By ap3electric
    I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling updating restarted carrier settings uninstalled the app at least three times and still won’t pair
  • Smart link 2/5

    By Gordonz24
    The app continues to disconnect from my gps, also causes the phone to disconnect as well. I was looking to upgrade my gps to the dezl 785 because I loved all the features and the smart link app. But at this rate I might be shopping around for a different brand
  • Does not support my Bluetooth Nuvi 1/5

    By Crash354
    Strangely does not support my nuvi 2595 that is Bluetooth enable device
  • Connectivity issue when using ios12 2/5

    By PLWV
    This app worked great with ios11, but with ios12 including the most recent updates to both the app and os, it does not stay connected when the iPhone locks the screen. When the screen locks you get continuous “Smartphone services has stopped” messages. The only way around it is to set the screen lock to never lock. Ok I guess as long as you don’t mind leaving it plugged into a charger all the time on a long trip.
  • It’s necessary but... 3/5

    By Octaveman
    I have to use this for gps traffic and it does a fine job. Only issue I have is that it does not connect automatically to the gps. I have to open it then it connects. Shouldn’t have to do this.
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By TechConsumer
    Update since last review. Have been a long-time user of multiple Garmin GPS units including automotive and aviation, now on my second motorcycle GPS. The application clearly lacks refinement, often losing it’s link with the GPS unit, requiring a restart to enable weather and traffic data link back to the GPS. Recent application updates have improved stability and connection with the smart phone link and the GPS. Continue to test with my Sena Bluetooth headset, model SMH10. Stability with Bluetooth connection is not reliable. The GPS will pair however after multiple power cycles the unit falls back into a mode of attempting connection for the audio portion of the control. The audio feed from the GPS when working is distorted, the volume is over driven. The Sena can pair with the GPS in two modes as outlined in the user manual, have tested both. The problem is the GPS has the ability to control phone and audio playback, the controls forces the phone to stream audio through the GPS to the headset rather than allowing the GPS to be a remote control pad and allow the phone to stream audio directly to headset, this appears to be by design. The perfect scenario would be to have the ability to use the control applications on the GPS to manipulate phone and allow all phone audio to stream direct from the phone to the headset, and get some of the audio if desired from the GPS also to the headset.
  • Does not connect to my iPhone 8 Plus Bluetooth. 1/5

    By Small Pea-nos
    I have a dezl760 and its Bluetooth is on as well as the Bluetooth on my iPhone 8 Plus with the 12 iOS update. The gps can’t connect with the phone or vice versa. I tried everything troubleshoot and still nothing. App deleted.
  • Garmin finally got it together 5/5

    By Iphonerocks00
    Updated June 2018: After several years of this app being buggy and working only temporarily after needing to be unpaired and then repaired to your Garmin device, it is now working very well reliably every time with my iPhone. I have submitted many tickets and Bluetooth logs to Garmin in hopes of getting this fixed and I am so pleased that it is now working well please keep it that way and don’t mess it up. This is a must-have for any Garmin compatible device user! The coverage is much greater than FM reception areas which are limited to only urban cities. I get coverage with this well outside of the city boundaries. A+. Other features such as local parking and traffic cameras are a big plus also. Yay for Garmin getting this fixed in June 2018. I only wish it would launch automatically on the phone when you get in the car.
  • Not so good yet 1/5

    By bejhelp
    If your in town ok works to find local places. If your out of area forget it you must have your location in contacts then it is great. What do I not know about this app??!!
  • Very nice app 5/5

    By Arsenie the Boca
    Awesome app,traffic events and livetrack are Incredible usefull
  • Much better 5/5

    By Mizzoumafia81
    FINALLY seeing results with all the updates… better late than never. Kudos!
  • Shaky 3/5

    By Big top1
    This dēzlcam 785LMT Is a good gps,only one thing that needs improvement. The dash cam is a good addition just need to work on the stability of the cam. In playback mode the video is very unstable.. And maybe add 3 options for the zoom ( wide,linear,or superview) Other than those minor issues I would recommend this gps.
  • Doesn’t work. 1/5

    By Duckgasm
    I only downloaded this to go with my Garmin drive smart gps for the traffic updates. And it very rarely connects properly. So don’t hold your breath if that’s what’s you’re looking to get it out of it.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Rusty shackleford02
    After sending log files to them, they claim to not be able to replicate or figure out why my Dezl 770 won’t stay connected to my iPhone. Said it was my iPhone sending the disconnect signal and to update my iOS. But every other Bluetooth device I have, has zero issues with connecting and staying connected.

Garmin Smartphone Link app comments

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