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Garmin VIRB

  • Category: Photo & Video
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  • Current Version: 4.4.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Garmin
  • Compatibility: Android
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Garmin VIRB App

Connect and control all your Garmin VIRB cameras with the VIRB app, which now supports VIRB 360! Quickly playback, edit, share, and live stream** directly from your mobile device.*** Also, has playback and video editing support for Speak Plus, Dezl 785, Drive Assist 51, Dash Cam 45/55/65W, and GDR E530/E530Z/E560/S550! Features: • VIRB 360 support – Easily view and edit 360 videos, add 4K spherical Stabilization, watch footage in VR Mode and add Augmented Reality G-Metrix™ data overlays • Frame your shot – See what your camera sees with live viewfinder • Remote control – Full remote control of camera functions and settings • Browse Content – Playback recorded videos and photos • Edit Your Videos – Trim a clip, adjust playback speed, add G-Metrix™ overlays and music • Highlight Detection – Find the most interesting parts of the video quickly using highlights in editor timeline • Share Your Content – Push photos and videos to sharing services • Live Broadcast – Stream from your VIRB live to YouTube or Facebook Live • Manage Your Files – Browse and delete files on your microSD card • Multi-Camera – View, control and access up to 8 VIRB action cameras simultaneously when VIRBs are in Multi-Cam mode, or many more when connected to a wireless router. • Locate Camera – Use the app to help find your lost VIRB • HyperFrame Director Mode - Reframe 360 video content after filming using smooth camera pans, impressively wide angles, and tiny planets Camera Compatibility • App is compatible with VIRB 360, VIRB Ultra 30, Speak Plus, Dash Cam 45/55/65W, Dezl 785, GDR E530/E530Z/E560/S550, Drive Assist 51, VIRB X, VIRB XE, and VIRB Elite cameras only Visit to learn more about VIRB. * Available with VIRB 360 **Available with VIRB 360 & VIRB Ultra 30 ***Playback, editing, and live broadcast features not available on VIRB Elite.

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Garmin VIRB app reviews

  • Slow app 1/5

    By all is sun
    Can’t even get the camera to connect to my phone.
  • Barely works 1/5

    By Maynard Handley
    This app does the absolute bare minimum to satisfy the legal requirements that Garmin claims to provide an app connecting my iPhone to my Dashcam 55. But nothing beyond that... In particular, while the app displays the Pictures and Videos that I saved manually, it appears to provide no access to the video that is collected automatically (ie when the car is on and driving) but which I did not automatically save. A further consequence of this is that the much touted Travelapse feature is not available (because how can it work when it can't see that footage?) This may perhaps be because there are a thousand or more of these Garmin video files that have accumulated as I've used the camera, but that's no excuse! Using the camera exactly the way it is meant to be used, with a large SD-card (say 32GB) will naturally result in many such files. The app shows a constant on-going problem with Garmin. Their hardware is fine, but they don't seem to get software and don't care! For example their Mac app just failed in updating, and apparently the only way to continue to to download the new version --- but no useful error messages. Same thing when they silently switched from the Dride app to the Virb app. They make these behind-the-scenes changes to their infrastructure with zero concern for how it affects users, apparently unaware that the median user interacts with their apps perhaps once a year -- and expects that experience to be of the apps working, not of a three hour debugging session trying to figure out what's broken and what new apps have to be downloaded. Why does this matter? Garmin charges a lot, and positions themselves as an Apple-class company -- sure you're paying more, but in return you're supposed to be getting more. But you're NOT getting more. You're not getting a decent user experience! All you're getting is randomly breaking software, with zero effort on the part of Garmin to ensure that everything works and that transitions (done for their convenience, not mine...) are as convenient as possible. I'm a guy generally happy to pay more for a better experience. But I'm not getting that better value from Garmin, regardless of the (substantially) higher prices.
  • Dud of app after update 1/5

    By Snooze1012
    App used to work okay. After last update now does not recognize camera and wants to open in some live camera view which is not supported with my dash cam. Would not recommend anymore.
  • Absolute trash 1/5

    By Crete12345
    I used to be able to download nice and clear videos to my phone from my dash cam, then garmin came out with an upgrade for the camera that was supposed to make things run faster. Yeah it did, but at the cost of getting grainy renders with crappy resolution. Now the app, new update they took the video editing tool, so I have to render a whole 4-6 hour video so I can download it to my phone and use another app to crop the video. Do you guys understand what an update mean? It means improvement!!! You guys are sending to hell a good brand and a perfectly good product.
  • Ruined 1/5

    By Thumper4405
    This latest update completely ruined the VIRB app.. not everyone has a 360.. and that appears to be all this app is good for.. you can no longer trim a clip and all the options that it gives is for the VIRB 360.. ridiculous..
  • Abysmal lack of customer support 1/5

    By 747whaledriver
    Company doesn’t seem to care there are problems with unit. App not much better. No customer support to be found.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By vectorguyman
    The app has many bugs and issues. Unresponsive when connected to dashcam WiFi, extremely long buffer times when scrolling through a video, video lists don’t pop up until I restart the app a few times etc. If for you an important factor in choosing a dashcam is its connectivity with a mobile device it’s probably better to look somewhere else, however the dashcam itself is amazing as I’ve had mine, version 55, for about a year now. It’s sad that garmin has such awesome hardware but with mobile software that it does not do it justice. PS: what company updates nowadays their app only at a rate of twice a year ???
  • Downloaded video quality low 1/5

    By kmont1234
    Been using my DashCam 55 for around a year and a half and have had no issues. Recently I wanted to download a video using this app and the quality came out pixelated. I’m recording at 1440p 30FPS. It used to download clips in great quality and now it doesn’t. Troubleshooted the camera, but video quality to my iPhone is still horrible.
  • Don’t know what bug it is 1/5

    By email can't login
    Update dash cam 45 from 3.8vision to 4.4 the newest update. Viewing on phone it’s GLV low quality. Also when you section from footage. Save to the phone still low quality video. This makes can’t see the cars plates coz very low quality. Now I looking for xiaomi dash camera. Better than Taiwan’s.they are big company in the world but you report the BUG. They don’t FIX THE PROBLEM!!! this is terrible!!!
  • Hardware ok, app is horrible 1/5

    By hensonj
    Terrible app
  • Great app but 3/5

    VIDEOS TAKE FOREVER TO LOAD! will play for a second and then buffer for minutes continuously!!
  • Flawed Dashcam Software...I guess 5/5

    By -Rictor
    For the longest time I couldn’t get this App to display my Unsaved Videos from my Dashcam (had to save them for them to show up). Thought it might have to do with the 64GB SD Card being too much data for it to read, but now after a Dashcam Software update (ver 4.30) the Unsaved videos show up completely fine. I would’ve given this App a 1/5, but it might be that a lot of the issues are with the Dashcam and not the App.
  • Garmin won’t fix the app 1/5

    By KK is cool cool
    Bought two VIRB Ultra 30s because of the advertised app functionality. Turns out the app is pretty much useless. Just got off the phone with a nice support agent who tells me Garmin has decided not to fix the app. Pretty unbelievable, but when your as big as Garmin I guess you can toss a customer segment and not be impacted. Going back to GoPro.
  • Doesn’t work with Garmin 55 1/5

    By ILikeToFrat
    Using this with two different Garmin 55 devices. It will connect via WiFi, but says there are no videos available. Developer needs to fix this app.
  • Useless. 1/5

    By RynoN96
    App completely stopped working, making the camera only worth like $60, not $180. Harmon, I want my money back. If you use your resource to actually develop a functional app that doesn’t cause my camera to crash I will consider buying the dash an 55 again. Till then you keep the one star.
  • App Stopped Connecting 1/5

    By masanders
    App stopped working. Can connect to Garmin WiFi OK, but app still says “not connected” regardless of what I try, including deleting and reinstalling. Why can’t this be fixed?
  • Terrible. 1/5

    By DubaiFive
    This app itself is designed well however continuously crashes, can’t do anything on it, crashes instantly. Please fix it, the camera was expensive and the software should be good.
  • Not enough space? 2/5

    By mikeh264
    I have 29GB of space on my iPhone, and I've selected a 10 minute dash cam clip to download to my phone, and the app won't do it because it stays there's not enough space. Not cool.
  • Compressed videos 2/5

    By Leaptrot
    Don't use this app if you need to see smaller details in the video. It compresses them so that they come out blurred, but take the mem card to a computer and the picture is excellent. 5 star camera, 2 star app.
  • Good hardware, super weak app 1/5

    By Derick_h
    I have dashcam45, the dashcam itself is amazing, perfect quality hardware, verry good quality videos in day and night. But when it’s time to connect it to phone, the nightmare begins... first it shows that you have 0 unsaved videos, then after few clicks in app it appears! Then you want to watch, you open the video, tilt your phone than good luck to go back! After upgrade my phone to iPhone X, Some buttons on top left side get stucked behind the clock and you can not click on it... after 3 years of use, it is same, no fixing updates...
  • Not able to function on iPhone X 1/5

    By Bigezz90
    App doesn’t display picture from my VIRB. Please help
  • Sooooooo slow to transfer video!! 1/5

    By Rater1234
    It said 17 minutes to transfer a 40 second video to my iPhone XR over a fast WiFi network. A 4 minute one was going to be an hour plus. That’s stupid slow. Other than updates this app seems unusable for videos — the main purpose of a dash cam. I just bought a 55 BTW. It may be going back! Tomorrow if I test the speed on my laptop and it’s not quick, it’s definitely going back!
  • Speak Plus fails to connect. 1/5

    By thaivinhtran
    Stopped connecting to Speak Plus. No clue what broke it.
  • Ap is crap 1/5

    By DocRAN
    Garmin 45 new install 100%; however, App fails 100%. Will not connect wifi (iphone 7). Caveat customers!
  • This app stinks 1/5

    By Thatxjguy
    With a company as large as Garmin, I’m surprised that they provide an app this horrendous. I hate the UI and it can be highly unreliable. I also don’t like how inconvenient it is to connect to my camera via Wi-Fi. Needs to be easier.
  • Meh 2/5

    By Zach-R
    Great idea poor execution. Never know if it’s going to work or not and 9/10 I give up on it.
  • Years of the same thing 1/5

    By eye4andeye
    I just had my Dash Cam 45 installed. But after reading some of the same negative comments l wonder if I made the best choice. We will see.
  • Works ok 3/5

    By Reidman_17
    I’m using this app in conjunction with a Garmin dashcam 45 and I am able to view videos thru the app on my phone just fine (iPhone X). The only negative aspect I’ve experienced is that the times listed under each thumbnail are an hour off from the actual time the video was started.. even tho the video times are listed correctly when viewing thru the camera itself. Also it would be nice if you didn’t have to share the gallery every time you wanted to view videos (should be button press to share instantly) otherwise its working for me just fine.
  • First time using it 5/5

    By pkjasonjameskenna
    Glad there’s an app for my dash camera. Can’t wait to use it. 5/5.
  • Where is my video 1/5

    By SrGeorge
    After the update, all my videos disappear no new videos are are available on the folder
  • It’s just ok... 2/5

    By I luv bunnies
    I have to keep re-installing this app. I’m hoping that the bugs get fixed soon. It would be nice to have it work even 60% if the time.
  • Garmin gets it 5/5

    By Blahblahpoker
    They keep improving both the camera functions and the app. Super easy to use, you don’t need to read the directions, it is intuitive as it should be.
  • Seriously... What is happening? 1/5

    By BeornOfOld
    I'm glad I came here to write this review. I thought something was wrong with my camera. This app is garbage since the update...
  • iPhone X support? 1/5

    By Jarblake
    App doesn’t seem optimized for iPhone X, can’t view or transmit video from my camera.
  • It’s ok so far reference to the VIRB 360 5/5

    By mo-kan stom spotter
    Unless you have an iPad or iPhone you cant live stream to facebook or YouTube didn’t have the option on my samsung galaxy note8 but did on my iPad mini3 iPad Pro 10.5. I am able to save the videos and share via the iPad but i think i could atleast do that with the note 8 ..I haven’t really used it since i bought the iPad for the camera so i cant remember if it let me upload via android or if it said video too big or long? Facebook live none the less is choppy unless sitting still even then its still laggy and its not the video quality you’d expect maybe its facebooks fault maybe its the virb app idk for sure i still love this camera at the end of the day i would just like to see a few updates that fix Some of these issues
  • The camera is great the app not so 2/5

    By Nano-h2o
    Please fix your app
  • I thought when you get a nap day it was to make it better not to make it worse 1/5

    By Ana133456
    I updated my stupid app and now I can’t even look at my videos through the app on my camera I am beyond annoying
  • Can’t view videos. What!? 1/5

    By corbin charp
    What’s the point of a video camera companion app (that’s marketed as an video editing tool!) that cant play videos!? Come on, Garmin? You’re constantly shooting your self in the foot.
  • Corporate fraud 1/5

    By Clawhmmer
    The developers released an app that they KNEW was worthless- look at these reviews- and then sold $400 dollar cameras based on claims that an app existed to do wonderful things with the cameras. How many millions of dollars have they raked in on these products? Jail time is the appropriate penalty for felony fraud!!!!!
  • App is a Joke - Revised 1/5

    By J.Cape
    12/17/2017 Not compatible with the iPhone X. When I can get the app to open, it does not function properly. Only allows access to some of my videos and it crashes when I attempt to save the video to my phone. I can’t even access the settings button within the app. Really unfortunate that this team can’t roll out a fully operational app. Why even have it? **UPDATE 02/13/2018** App no longer crashes when I save videos. Video buffering seems to be improved but still buffers at an unusually high rate for the length of videos. I STILL cannot access my parked videos on my iPhone X. If that had been fixed, my rating would have gone up. Since I can only access unsaved videos this app is useless because I cannot erase my parked videos to free up space. Settings is only available when I’m in a video, so I guess that’s better??
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Saint Movius
    I just bought the Virb 360 today. I cannot believe that for such a high end camera the app software would be so terrible!!! Every time I try using it on my iPhone X to take a photo the app instantly crashes and when I reopen it it shows no photo was ever taken. So disappointed and frustrated with this!!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By NickAdms
    Doesn’t connect to the 360 camera unless you reinstall the app. This is latest iOS, iPhone X, latest firmware on the 360. Cmon Garmin
  • Cannot livestream 2/5

    By Bettie430
    Why have the app if you cannot livestream? I have iphone 5c and all the features work on the app- pics, video, time lapse, etc. except live streaming. My app just crashes trying to stream no matter if i change settings to 4k, public, low res, etc. lame.
  • iPhone X - can’t access settings on App 1/5

    By Stephen8334
    The settings gear icon on the app for the iPhone X is half showing and does not respond when trying to tap on it. Please fix the app so the screen format is improved and to make the app respond when the settings gear is tapped. Thank you. Also o have a 64GB SDHC class 10 memory card that gives an error stating insert a compatible class 10 SDHC memory card. The users guide states max 64GB class 10 SDHC memory card will work.
  • Slick app, but annoying limitations 2/5

    By Equ1nt1s
    I like everything here but he Live streaming. Seriously, I can’t lock my screen? The whole point is I set up the connection and throw my phone in my pocket to go, I have to lock the screen or the feed gets cut off!
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Malkiris
    Takes forever to download. Takes forever to populate. Basically worthless!
  • Crashed on Export 2/5

    By Bss36504
    Tried to export 25 videos (maybe an hour total video time?) the morning before a ride and after waiting 2 hours for it to finally transfer everything, the app crashed on export and I have to start over.
  • Terrible App! 1/5

    By Somthinsup
    What’s the point? You need to start over. Dash cam is great but the app is useless. Always buffering. Doesn’t seem to be a way to download to your phone. That would be extremely helpful to enable watching the video. need to be able to download, edit, and cut clips of like 1 or 2 minutes so you can watch the part that you need and not the whole 1hr long video. Maybe even 5 or 10 minute clips.
  • How are big company apps this bad? 1/5

    By bryanbuff
    Garmin makes a decent product, but these days many products (like dash cams) really need to integrate well with a companion app. The Garmin Dash 55 is a tiny and capable dash cam, but this app is completely useless. After several attempts, I was finally able to connect the app to my phone, but now the app just crashes. Every. Single. Time. I tried a hard reset, reinstalling, etc. It’s embarrassing for a giant company like this to have such terrible apps.

Garmin VIRB app comments

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