GasBuddy: Find & Pay for Gas

GasBuddy: Find & Pay for Gas

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  • Current Version: 700.75.22775
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: GasBuddy Organization Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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GasBuddy: Find & Pay for Gas App

Join the 90 million people already saving! Get the free GasBuddy card and never pay full price at the pump again. See how GasBuddy gives you more ways and more places to save on gas than any other app. Pay at the pump Get the free GasBuddy fuel card and save on every gallon, at any station. No hunting for deals. Just securely link your bank account, swipe, and save up to 25¢/gal. Manage your account right in the app. Find gas Find the best prices with the gas map. Sort by price, location, and the important stuff like restrooms. Track driving habits Drive smarter with tips and tricks to use less gas. Get gas rewards Turn your daily purchases into free gas. Just shop in the app and start earning. Report gas prices Give fellow drivers a heads up on the latest deals. Log your fill ups Track your gas use and export the log for reimbursement and taxes. Stay safe Be the first to know about important recalls for your car. Win gas Complete challenges in the app to earn points. Use points to enter the daily prize draw for a $100 gas card. Disclaimer GasBuddy uses gas price information provided by our users to bring drivers together to support the common goal of saving money on gas. Gas prices only for USA & Canada. Apple Inc. is not a sponsor of the prize draw.

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GasBuddy: Find & Pay for Gas app reviews

  • Good app 4/5

    By VeroNoleFan
    How difficult would it be to add the availability and price of Ethanol-free / Rec 90 gas info to this app?
  • Missing grades 4/5

    By moosester
    A station near me only shows regular and diesel, even though I add mid grade and premium every time I post prices.
  • Doesn’t specify Diesel No.2 3/5

    By VGLtd
    My van takes “regular” diesel No.2 and this app is not helpful, it lumps all diesels together, so it is virtually useless for me. I wish they would list the different types of diesel fuel - if that were the case I would give it five stars!
  • So far so good 4/5

    By KravDad
    Pretty intuitive and mapping works well. Needs support for dynamic type. I have to change font to be able to use this app.
  • Waste of time and money 1/5

    By 1chap
    I have wasted time going to gas stations in my area with a low posted gas price only to find it much higher. I had this happen too many times. Looks like there is nothing anybody can do about it. I even try to post the corrected price only to find somebody changing it back to an incorrect lower price. I just stopped using the app.
  • Gas Buddy is complete broken since Update 1/5

    By onescoob
    When I open up GB- it used to open up prices at stations near me. Now it shows prices of gas at stations 8-10 or even further away from me. Then, I enter my zip code to bring up stations nearer to me- and it does not- it brings up stations further away. And yes, I am typing in the correct zip code, no typo on this end. Finally, I’ve been logging in gas prices all month - one challenge where I needed to log in 17 regular prices in 31 days. Today is the 24th and the system stopped logging my gas entries after 6. Also, logged in Diesel prices & it didn’t give me credit for that. So, upon this update you did, nothing seems to be working at ALL…. Including your trouble shooting instructions to shake screen with error. I am highly disappointed with this app now. ☹️
  • Crashes 2/5

    By ButtersThatsMe
    Needs an update keeps crashing will not let me add station or fuel information. App keeps telling me I need a internet connection but I’m on a wifi signal.
  • They delete gasback 1/5

    By jevfkcjdv
    The app deleted years worth of credits I had earned using the app and help department is unwilling to help. Don’t be surprised if you lose your earnings unexpectedly
  • No 1/5

    By insekt01
    Wildly inaccurate gas prices - installed app - looked up 4 different gas stations and all were 20 to 40 cents more than the shown price on the app - uninstalled app
  • Mediocre 3/5

    By Jack Jack Black
    Would be better if app offered search for Non Ethanol gas
  • Can’t use Waze or Google maps… 1/5

    By Rugby4ever99
    See title
  • Great help with local prices and especially on trips 3/5

    By BackCountryElk
    In my local area we have a couple of members that report FALSE/INCORRECT prices, especially on diesel. It just totally amazes me that this one reporter reports my diesel fill up WRONG 90%+ of the time. And apparently this is fine since they are an advanced reporter. I’m tired of buying diesel at this station quite regularly and this certain person doesn’t KNOW what the price is!!!! When is this App going to start policing itself??
  • Not enough verification of pricing 1/5

    By av8ter232
    I’ve found this app to be just as much a scam as it is helpful due to false price postings. I just don’t trust it on a trip anymore.
  • Can’t access account 1/5

    By CT Arlo
    Why would my login all of a sudden not work? Why won’t Upside respond to App Support? I have sent 2 requests to reset password in the last 48 hours and nothing to assist. At this point I would just like my money from my Account. And what is with ALL THE SPAM EMAILS? never got spam until I signed up with Upside…ugh
  • App problems 5/5

    By dnewly
    The challenges are not tracking when I enter gas prices.
  • Can’t stand how they show discounted price 1/5

    By BenFree25
    I do not want to see the price with a discount applied. I want to see the real price. This is so annoying.
  • GasBuddy has started knowingly showing the wrong prices 2/5

    By Haxor!
    ^title I show up, and the price is wrong. I go to submit the price, and the app knows the correct price. What’s going on @gasbuddy?
  • Tooooooo many 1/5

    By @tonywott
    To much unsolicited ads
  • GasBuddy 2/5

    By Gumby429
    It would be a good app if they would cut down on the advertisements, the last time I tried to report some prices there were so many pop up I couldn’t get in there to report them an said to heck with it, the pop ups were coming from the gas buddy app.
  • Discount not applied 1/5

    By DeDuke
    I have tried twice to get the discount advertised. The last time I clicked the activation button and charged it to the gas buddy card and still didn’t get the discount. Not worth all the effort to save 5 cents/gal , especially when you don’t get it!!
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By otterhvfun
    Got the app, got the card, always activated the savings prices to use on the app, but it doesn't always work and so I am not using their card or app. Better to get my points on the credit card than use this app and card which makes promises but doesn't follow through.
  • Did not honor locked in price 1/5

    By 7bt3
    No longer will use this service since they will not honor the price when I lock it in.
  • Not as good as it used to be! 1/5

    By GreginJax
    Since their last update, GasBuddy does not work as well. Multiple time it will not bring up my thre to four stations near me. Why don’t they just leave good alone.
  • Junk 1/5

    By John branson
    Use to be a great app, now with the updates it is junk!
  • Needs pricing option 1/5

    By MoBHaViiCK
    Okay app, just needs a pricing option for stations that have ethanol free gasoline! I will give it 5 stars if they update it to support ethanol free!
  • Gas buddy used to be great , now shill for gas station 2/5

    By ricklubinski
    Very useful iPhone app to claim local gasoline prices. Member updated social media site
  • No more price hike alerts 3/5

    By Jasonkoster
    The app used to send alerts when prices started going up. They have since removed that feature. That was the main reason I downloaded the app. Now I can only use it for searching prices. Also, if you like seeing notification dots in red on the app logo, this is the perfect app for you. Always a notification but nothing there when the app is opened. Please bring back the price hike alerts.
  • The update is horrible 1/5

    By brn2lift
    You have such a hard time now finding stations by PRICE or DISTANCE. It was SO EASY before the update. NOT AN IMPROVEMENT!!!
  • Never right 1/5

    By Lily the Firestarter
    This app is awful. I get that prices are submitted by other users, but I’m also sure it wouldn’t take much to pool gas prices by the developer. Prices on this app are rarely, if ever, accurate, even after I’ve reported differences in prices.
  • Font 2/5

    By Cearus
    Fix the location! It got screw up in last update
  • Need new card: can’t find where to 5/5

    By Franklin park shopper
    My card expired- can’t find where to ask for a new card. I found if it’s lost or stolen but not a new card because it’s expired.
  • Bogus app 1/5

    By sheclark59
    I have used this app for a while now. Finally earned enough to get a cash back. When I cashed it out I never received my reward. I have deleted this app and don’t recommend it to anyone. I know of two other people that didn’t get the reward.
  • Wrong prices given 2/5

    By Mr. Artanis
    This app gives you the wrong prices. I’ve been to two gas stations at different times and always the wrong price so I make a trip for no gas.
  • Bug report not completed 1/5

    By Public tester
    Shake the app they say, submit a bug report they say. Well a bug report was submitted and still can’t sort by price or price/distance. So much for bug reports.
  • Trends don’t show anymore on the widget 1/5

    By Staytruetoyourvalues
    Nothing appears on the GasBuddy trends widget anymore. Please fix this as this was the most helpful part of the app!
  • Very frustrating 2/5

    By Oggwild
    A once great app, now a bloated piece of crap
  • Non Ethanol 2/5

    By ladyshug712
    App does not have an option to pick non-ethanol gas
  • So inaccurate 1/5

    By lece85
    I drove all across town to get cheaper gas and it turned out to be wrong! Its the second time this happened to us! Waste of time!
  • Great app but.... 3/5

    By Luvitsmooth1000
    Need to add an option for fueling stations that have kerosene. You waste so much gas driving around trying to find stations that carry it if one is out.
  • Inaccurate Priced 1/5

    By abelloffer
    The last 10 times I used gas buddy the prices were considerably off what was listed. I’m not driving out of my way again for cheap gas only to find the prices are totally in accurate!
  • False Prices 1/5

    By RaceT0win
    The station owners/managers get accounts and submit prices per gallon which include loyalty rewards and “with car wash” so you can’t ever expect to pay what Gas Buddy says the price is.
  • was better years ago 3/5

    By Yahoo Eh
    this was THE best years ago. gotten much to commercialized Revenue to run it may have over taken USER usability
  • Regarding gas app 1/5

    By Bairagijetha
    This app is better not to use,Cause the saving money will not allowed to use specially saved in Lifetime saving accounts.Per their answer,it is said it’s a used money.And do not aspect to use it.
  • Fix for app pricing 4/5

    By Retired FDDC
    I would have cash/debit one and credit Another. This due to inaccuracies with people reporting credit pricing when it should be debit cost which is the same as cash
  • Charging 3-5 days later 1/5

    By f9_devil
    That card working too late 5 day’s pending
  • Needs compatibility with Apple Car Play then you get six stars 4/5

    By AOldPirate
    Need car play compatibility
  • Time for an Upgrade 2/5

    By jcsabolt2
    I’m running GasBuddy on an iPhone 6 and this app has become a snail when it comes to speed. It takes forever to propagate the station list and seems more about pushing advertisements than allowing me to find fuel prices and allowing me to enter them. You developers need some SERIOUS upgrades to improve performance!! This app was one of my favorites, now I dread using it.
  • False promises 1/5

    By Shenfhdhaiand
    This app was great before it got taken over by PDI Technologies. Now, if you want your GasBack rewards they force you to give them access to your bank account. Your rewards get removed with no warning. And gas prices are often incorrect. Would recommend using another app so you can actually use the rewards you’re promised and you’ve earned.
  • Wrong prices!! 1/5

    By ImogenSunflower
    This app was great for so long l, NOW… ? I go places lately and the prices are completely wrong! $.40 off! What is going on? Ridiculous
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