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Gboard App

Gboard is a new keyboard from Google for your iPhone. It has all the things you would expect from a great keyboard — GIFs, emojis, and Glide Typing — plus Google Search built in. No more app switching; just search and send, right from your keyboard. Search and send anything from Google: • Nearby stores and restaurants • Videos and images • Weather forecasts • News and articles • Sports scores • And anything else you’d search on Google GIFs — Search GIFs for the best reaction Emoji Search — Find the perfect emoji, faster Glide Typing — Type faster by sliding your finger from letter to letter Privacy We know the things you type on your phone are personal, so we’ve designed Gboard to keep your private information private. What Gboard sends to Google: • Gboard sends your searches to Google’s web servers to give you search results. • Gboard also sends usage statistics to Google to let us know which features are used most often and to help us understand problems if the app crashes. • If you use Gboard’s microphone, voice input will be sent to Google for transcription. What Gboard doesn’t send to Google: • Other than your searches and voice inputs, Gboard doesn't send anything you type to Google, whether it’s a password or chat with a friend. • To help you with spelling and to predict searches you might be interested in, Gboard will store the words you type on your device. This data is not accessible by Google or by any apps, and can be cleared at any time. • If you’ve turned on contacts search in Gboard search settings, this allows Gboard to search the contacts on your device so you can easily share. None of these queries are sent to Google.


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  • Decent 3/5

    By russgold
    This keyboard is indispensable. Gives weird prediction sometimes or is slightly glitchy. Mostly good.
  • Missing taps. Broken for months and waiting for a good update 1/5

    By Lukster96
    Gboard used to be my favorite app. Now, I can’t even type on it. Swiping is great when it works, and it was my number one reason for switching from the Apple stock keyboard. No matter how I tap, type, swipe, it only registers about 1 in 5 taps. I can’t write the simplest of words. I’ve tried redownloading, erasing dictionary, turning settings on and off and nothing will fix it. It’s been like this since one of the updates in late 2017. Is there any way around this?
  • Freezes my iPhone 1/5

    By Outbreak.null
    I like it. Specially because of the GiF. Buuuut it freezes my phone. I’m using it on iPhone 7 plus. As soon as I switch back to Apple’s everything works fine. What a shame.
  • Emoji Key 2/5

    By Heftybags
    Come on Google I'm not a preteen girl I don't need or want an emoji key most would rather have more keyboard space. Please give an option to disable this useless button.
  • Decent until recent update 2/5

    By w0by
    worked pretty well until a recent update a few weeks ago or something, now it acts stupid like I don't know sometimes it sits there and pauses and I have to say something random and then it will write everything and mess it up it's dumb
  • Doesn't remember words 2/5

    By Etana_f
    iOS 11.3.1 Gboard does not remember my name or my email address no matter how many times I write them in I've been a Swype Keyboard user and Swype is much better with it's personal editable dictionary and better recognition to remember. But it's being discontinued. e etana.finkler etana.finkler Ryanair this is what Gboard typed, after I typed beginning part of my email It won't even remember errands... I mean, etana . It types errands instead. I am careful typing/dragging, (though with Swype I didn't have to be so careful). I don't know what dragging keyboard to use with Swype discontinued and now freezing at times. SwiftKey isn't good either. Gboard please fix your app. Unless Google wants frustrated users to leave their iPhones and buy Android. Not gonna happen.
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By Svaren
    This used to be my favorite keyboard, largely due to the glide typing, and emoji search. Glide typing is amazing, when it works. The other features like integrated search are not terribly important, but certainly not deal breakers. The actual dealbreaker came today when I realized that there is a bug or a feature that interrupts Siri usage. If you use the hey Siri commands to do something on the phone, then use the voice to text feature in the keyboard (because Google’s keyboard replaces the default input for iOS voice to text), then try to use Siri again, Siri is unavailable. Doesn’t even pick up the trigger. In the end I might not actually miss having this app. The glide to type wasn’t working correctly, The voice to type was a lot slower than native iOS, and the other features were not even being used. In fact I’m dictating this right now from my iPhone, and it works so much better.
  • Plz fix 4/5

    By 1999kiki
    Some of the emojis are missing on the keyboard. Can yall also add more customizing options like resizing the keyboard.
  • Translate integration 1/5

    By Macturco
    What the heck is the point this app. Translate integration doesn’t exist. Even one star is too much.
  • "null" 4/5

    By Foxxin21
  • Best keyboard out there! 5/5

    By Parrrrrrrrr
    Swype never understood my gestures. Google gets most of them, I like it!
  • I like it but theres 1 problem... 4/5

    By kyleecat303
    Every time it messes up the word i am trying to spell. Idk why it does that but it needs to be fixed plz. I can name all of the things that need to be fixed Bugs, glitches and more.Everything else is AWESOME!
  • Suggestion 5/5

    By Ali A. Abdullah
    Please add haptic to gboard
  • Awesome Keyboard 4/5

    By Manofwisdom1
    Gboard is awesome. I like the glide/write flexibility and prediction/intuitiveness. Though it needs improvements. How about adding some features like 'undo' and 'redo'? I see option to 'Update languages' from the Gboard but when I try, I get the response 'You are not connected to the internet', though I'm connected to the internet. Moreover, when I try to goggle-search a word, I get the same response 'you are not connected to the internet'. How do I fix this problem? I use iPad Air, iOS 14.0. I rate it 4.5 out of 5. King
  • Letters to numbers problem 3/5

    By Hopeless Wanderer
    I’ve been having an issue where I tap a letter in the top row and occasionally it types numbers instead
  • Why is it 17+ now? 5/5

    By GatorTheSlayer
    The new update makes it 17+? I love this app but why does it do that? I can’t use it anymore
  • It needs more work. 2/5

    By stasis101
    The keyboard itself works fine. But the feature that I like and want most to work is the speech to text.If the speech to text was more reliable this would be a perfect 5 stars, unfortunately the speech to text program is hit-and-miss. Sometimes it works great most the time it doesn't, it will either listen to your voice and write it down or listen to a very small portion of what you're speaking and then automatically shut off. It would be great if you could just leave it on until the user indicates that they are done speaking instead of it determining when it thinks you're done speaking. It will also jump to another app occasionally just to listen to your voice and then sometimes it'll do it inside the app that you're using or inside the keyboard. Either way it uses all the processing power that the iPhone 6s has and it glitches out. Not quite sure if it works better on newer phones for the iPhone 6s it's hit-or-miss.
  • Kurdish language 5/5

    By shrnaxi
    Add Kurdish language please
  • It's a Keyboard 3/5

    By Dom's Production
    The Google Keyboard GBoard is a pretty good keyboard. I enjoy and use the swipe typing a lot, and I miss it when using another device that doesn't have it. Voice to text is pretty good. I like the ability of having Google wherever I am to send a picture or information to anyone. The predictive text seems to be getting better but for some reason I feel like sometimes the swipe type is a little off, even though I am making sure I swipe to the right characters. Overall very good keyboard, I recommend Google adds new features to it every once in a while so I recommend just giving it a try.
  • Good keyboard 4/5

    By Detriment44
    Just to preface this review, I was an Android user (S7 Edge) who recently changed to the iPhone X. My problem lies in the functionality, of one crucial setting,of this keyboard. On Android, settings such as keyboard height were adjustable on a slider and the user was given more options to customize their typing experience (bigger or smaller characters etc.) As far as I can tell from the settings panel, this is missing from the iOS app. This was one of the main reasons for my switch to this keyboard from the default apple one. However, emoji search, glide typing, and the other built in functionalities work great and are a good reason to stay with this keyboard over apples stock one. 4 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Please Add Google Translate!!!! 4/5

    By Cosmic908
    This app would be awesome if it had built in google translate just like the one on android
  • Best iPhone keyboard 5/5

    By Ace1489
    Google has nailed it. Better prediction and far less stuttering than swipe or Swiftkey. Special characters menu is just what I need and nothing I don't. Coming from Android the biggest drawback of iOS is the absolute crap keyboard offerings and Google has fixed it. Thank you Google! Important tip: I had lots of trouble with the cursor movement 3d touch feature until I set the pressure sensitivity to "firm", now or has many fewer errors on that.
  • Is good 5/5

    By Criz121
    It automatically suggests great emojis and gifs to add to your texts. Those additions make your texting much more relational.
  • Gboard is drunk! 2/5

    By corefusion
    When dictating by voice from within the Evernote app, Gboard is transcribing my voice into gobbledygook. Not cool!
  • Thanks g board 5/5

    By brucesatvi
    Thanks g bored
  • Vary pleased 5/5

    By Skylalaabs20
    I love it it is so much better then the old kaybored I had and it is not boring so much you can do with it.
  • CAN'T be RESIZED, inaccurate 1/5

    By [email protected]")% not very good
    Needs to have a better precision algorithm and to allow reducing the size of the keyboard. Constantly gets wrong words that were slides correctly
  • Missing Emojis 1/5

    By Alex012
    I love the Google keyboard. It's all in one design cannot be beat. Recently, however, it is no longer all in one. I have found some of my favorite emojis to be no longer available on the platform. As you can imagine this puts a huge damper on my affection for it seeing as I now have to download a separate keyboard for the emoji experience I want. Fix this is you want me to keep using it.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Mr Bo Jangels
    I was going to say where's the microphone but then I found it🤣
  • Buggy, Sluggish and Useless 2/5

    By ashaebani2002
    The Glide typing is tooooooo much slower than swiftkey
  • Hey Google, 4/5

    By VloggBoy25
    I like this app, but it could be better if you could add Google Assistant to the app. Just a suggestion,
  • Very glitchy on 8+ 2/5

    By more channels
    When using the keyboard for Apples texting it's problematic. When using Google's search (emojis, memes, etc) when texting the search window disappears at random and 100% of the time if someone in the text conversation posts, also cut, paste, select, select all, etc. stay visible for only a nano-second making it impossible to select or edit. In all apps it needs much improvement with spelling assistance. If you've misspelled a word it quickly goes from assistance to letting you pick the misspelled word, include it in your writing and never gives a visible flag to let you know it's misspelled. Hopefully these issues will be corrected in upcoming builds but until then it's a big problem.
  • My preferred keyboard 5/5

    By kevins911
    I have used several and Google simply works better for me (as I sit typing on an iOS device)
  • A few bugs 3/5

    By 16428063
    Update: Overall works pretty well, but there are two major problems. First, in some apps (such as Snapchat), the punctuation button disappears and is replaced with a send button. As a result, I will often hit send when I want to put in punctuation. Second, there are still many times when the keyboard doesn't come up at all. The first seems like an easy fix that has been a problem for years. The second seems like a bug that will be a lot more difficult to solve.
  • Typing this review on Apple’s native keyboard... 3/5

    By Frickfrickfrickity
    The first thing I did when I bought an iPhone was switch to Gboard. It was great up until recently for three reasons mostly: - top row keys get “sticky”, acting as a long-press, which causes numbers to appear rather than whatever letter you’re trying to type. - swipe (my favorite feature) has become inconsistent. - I hate having to switch between the English and Spanish keyboards. I love the fact that the Apple keyboard can recognize what language I’m typing in and make the appropriate suggestion. So in the interim, i have switched back to the proprietary keyboard until Google figures this out.
  • Please add handwriting. 5/5

    By NayApple
    It is very efficient to type by sliding. But for most languages other than Latin script, it is better to write with handwriting🖌. And also please add Burmese language support. Thank you Google.
  • No dual language at the same time 3/5

    By Ciprian D.
    This keyboard would've been so much better if you could use two languages at the same time. As it is now you have to constantly switch between languages.. Also the text prediction could use some work.
  • Android version works better 2/5

    By JA @ AA
    The Android version of this, like the Android versions of most everything in the phone world, works better than the iOS version. I use both all day and this version leaves me frustrated. Less responsive, more errors, very hard to locate the cursor in text to make edits. Why no numeric keypad like Android? Some silly iOS restriction?
  • Bangla 3/5

    By Limonzaman
    Dear Developers, When Bangla is coming? In android google Indic keyboard have very nice bangla writing options. Need those both on IOS. Thanks Limon
  • Good but lacking in specific area 3/5

    By Listenersfury
    This keyboard is almost everything I'm looking for in a keyboard, with the exclusion of one very important thing. There needs to be a setting option to remove the emoji button. I personally don't use emojis pretty much ever, and am always hitting it by accident. Otherwise it's pretty amazing, especially the built in search, but I'll probably stick with Swiftkey until this problem is fixed.
  • Please add Bangla 4/5

    By AABiplob
    Bangla is most popular language , please add Bangla.
  • Predictive text makes me roll my eyes so hard 1/5

    By Thevooks
    Honestly the predictive text/autocorrect is infuriating. I find myself fixing every sentence because google thinks it knows English better than I do. If I do not proof read text before sending, it can really make you look like an idiot. The fact that it will change a word a few words behind based on what I am typing is insane and ruins so many sentences. I don't know. This board drives me crazy. Also the voice to text is annoying because it never listens long enough. Why won’t you fix this google? Why would I ever mean rich and beans? RICE AND BEANS GOOGLE, RICE AND BEANS
  • Bangla keyboard 1/5

    By skb ahmed
    Where is Bangladesh (Bangla keyboard) Android pne to tikiy Bangla keyboard ASE Tyler iPhone Kno ni?apenra early early Bangla keyboard jog korun
  • Way better than apple keyboard by far 5/5

    By Savy428
    Can easily and quickly text with one hand and is just plain better
  • I like it but... 4/5

    By goonybird
    It's got some annoying bugs: 1). I have it set as my default keyboard, but a lot of times when I open it, it reverts to the original keyboard. I do reopen it, but it happens way too much 2) I like the idea of swiping the numbers (on the top row of the alphabet keyboard) but half the time it doesn't work. I see the number being swiped, but it doesn't actually work and I have to go back and re-swipe DOES ANYONE ELSE HAVE TROUBLE WITH SWIPING THE NUMBERS (top row)? It works like crap!
  • Doesn’t mark misspelled words 1/5

    By big ole daddy boy
    The keyboard doesn’t underline misspelled words. Did some research online and it’s been a persistent issue for months, with no response from Google.
  • I can’t use this anymore. :/ 1/5

    By Redm0se
    17+. Because of gif searches. Now, I can’t use the app because my parents won’t let me have anything over 17+. Perhaps you make another Gboard app that takes away the search engine stuff. Please? ‘,\
  • Bangla language 5/5

    Please add Bengali language
  • Doesn't remember typed words 3/5

    By Cityfab
    It is strange that it doesn't remember typed words. The Android version does it somehow. Also please add Marathi language support. Otherwise, glide typing is awesome. Would love support for long press for more characters, eg comma , question mark etc.
  • Step down from Android version 3/5

    By ph1nn
    What are all these silly features? 150MB for a keyboard? Time to debloat this app Google.

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