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geeni App

Meet Geeni. Your wish is Geeni's command. Control all Geeni smart home devices in one easy app, or by voice using Amazon Echo, from ANYWHERE in the world. Geeni is easy enough for anyone to use and combines the SIMPLICITY of an on/off switch with PREMIUM features such as: - Easy, powerful control of each device. Choose a color or mood of our Color bulbs, perfectly Dim a white bulb, track energy usage of a plug, and check in on your cameras, all from the same app! - Group devices and control by room - Set smart scenes for automated actions - Schedule when devices turn on and off to allow more control and security - Choose which devices your friends, guests, roommates, or your family can control thanks to account sharing - Cloud based services so you can log in and control your home from any phone - HealthKit functionality for our new Smart Scale: synchronize your health data with Apple Health! - and more. Compatible with all Geeni-enabled smart devices. No complicated hub required; each Geeni device is smart enough to connect directly to your home wifi network.

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  • Connect 1/5

    By umissy
    I am trying to register and I get the following text message to enter verification code @k2y4stq0zt77Pq7r2ÑZZÖYÄÆΔ*tt9Pq7r2Pt9Δs79Δyrst9z29Pzy2P77v<ΨPk2Pä466Δw2ä29Pq066Δz7Ppy5Δs79P4: HELP!!!
  • Works Well 4/5

    By Quiksilver481
    Works as intended but there needs to be some way to snooze alerts for like 30 min, 1 hour or 2 hours. I’m constantly getting alerts and there’s no way to make them stop unless I turn off motion alerts. Other than that I love it.
  • It’s ok 4/5

    By lil hotpocket
    The light is not very bright but it’s ok but it is a overall good app
  • Edited: Reducing Stars 3/5

    By Real Arcade
    Add a widget so I don’t need to open the app every time. Purchased this from Walmart. Edit as of May 22: Schedule ‘feature’ absolutely does not work. It would be helpful.
  • MikeM 5/5

    By monk.669
    Great little inexpensive Security camera. Works very well
  • Terrible 1/5

    By bhbjjnjk
    If you loose your WiFi or something happens with your WiFi. Bye bye light. Doesn’t even work like a normal light just blinks on and off forever. Tried to reinstall and everything even though my WiFi is working again. And nothing. Tried to contact developers and nothing again. Giving people epilepsy and seizure. Y’all are gonna catch a court case with this program and it’s Blinking situation.
  • Written Review 4/5

    By debbabeez
    Have the camera works great, But have it on our front porch lots of trees and flags makes camera notification flag and sound blow my phone up ( not blow it literally up) every 30 seconds or so, Tried it with sound off but still got sound from app notification so beings my husband has it on his phone I had to turn notifications off on my phone so I would guess if it’s inside the house it would be perfect, But need it for our outside area will be purchasing another one soon.
  • Love the Smart Wifi Led Strip 5/5

    By Tyson Buker
    I recently bought the led strip and mounted it on the underside of my table that holds my TV. Looks great and i love it. The app makes it super easy to switch the brightness, color, and light temp to what i want it to be. The only thing i wish the app had was a scene or a way to set up a smart scene that fades through the colors more slowly than the rainbow scene. Otherwise, love the product and the app.
  • Eh, pretty good I guess. 3/5

    By Brodie Purcell
    Pretty good, except the fact that I CANT use it with Apple Home.
  • Geeni camera 2/5

    By ms funsize
    I can’t seem to get to sync I did both set up still won’t connect I tried to contact customer service hold is about 30 mins and was able to speak to no one in customer service
  • App issues 1/5

    By Bishniggtits
    I purchased the smart bulbs and downloading the app to continue registering my devices. I tried to register with both my phone and email and it wouldn’t allow me because it kept telling me the verification codes were wrong even though they were not. I even tried to make a new email and register and my boyfriend tried on his phone with the same issues. Until this gets resolved it’s getting one star. I was very excited to use these lightbulbs and I know people who have them and love them but I am very unpleased by this right now.
  • Lightbulb 3/5

    By Bry Harris
    Okay tbh the lightbulb is A-okay, but the thing is that I wish you could change the color to it. Like it could be blue for a second and the it turns red, or if it could change its colors by itself. But overall it’s better than anything so ehh.
  • Instant lighting from everywhere! 5/5

    By Bill DDOM
    I can be thirty miles away and be able to turn my lights on for home security. I can pull into the garage after sunset and turn on the living room and bed room lights. all this from my smartphone. I don’t have to fumble around in the dark. I can also set preferred hours I would like my lights on or off. I have a dimmable light bulb that changes colors or remains white. You can’t ask for more than that can you!

    By I like pizza okay? Okay.
    I’ve tried Normal mode I’ve tried ap I’ve been right in front of my router and nothing works!
  • Can’t connect the led strip to the app 3/5

    By hkhhbbijvbjjjb
    the merkury led strip won’t connect to the app no matter what I do
  • Great App 3/5

    By Joseph78265
    I couldnt see in the FAQ how to change the units for wind speed and air pressure.
  • 6 months and love it 4/5

    By bassfishin101
    For the price and as well as they work the heck with HUE! Also great customer service!
  • Awful app 1/5

    By PatriciaG27
    Can’t get my light strip go link. It keeps saying I don’t have 2.4 internet connection when I know I do. Very frustrating!!! Won’t recommend to any one in my family.
  • Great app 5/5

    It’s exactly what it says and the camera is good quality with awesome night vision
  • Great cameras and software 4/5

    By craigatcsi
    I bought three Geeni cameras for my house before leaving for vacation. Connecting to the cameras and configuring them in this software is pretty much idiot proof. Operation of this app is also very easy to use. But..... If I had to choose something about this app that I Very Much Don’t like, it would be the inability to turn off the infrared on the cameras. During the night hours, the infrared bounces off the glass, thus blinding the software. Other than that, I love the cameras enough that I will buy more.
  • Awesome! 4/5

    By allgood707
    These bulbs are so great. I changed more than 15 bulbs and there is no any problem everything is working. But I have a little problem in the app 1- the background color. The app background only black there is no option to switch another background color and no options custom background from photo gallery. Please add more background color or give us to choose from photo gallery. 2- Fonts are too small. We need options in the setting to make them bigger as we need. I hope I may see these two issues a fix / updates. Great job thanks a lot!🙏
  • inexpensive but great 4/5

    By Ladywrench00
    I bought this camera for about $25 bucks at Walmart in order to keep an eye on my cat when I’m not home. It was so easy to download the app and connect. I love that it has both night vision and regular day mode. I mounted it with a Command strip even though it came w its own adhesive strip. Command strips are just cleaner if you have to relocate the cam. The microphone works great I can talk to my cat and yell at her when she’s scratching “off-limits” furniture. You can’t talk and listen at the same time so whoever is on the other end needs to know that they must wait a few seconds before responding.The motion triggering work great in day and night mode and when it senses something not only does it send you a notification but it takes a screen snapshot. I kinda wish it recorded for at least 30 seconds after it is triggered but oh well for this inexpensive camera you can’t have it all. By the way it does have a SD card slot that I’ve never used. Probably would need a special SD card that can withstand back to back recording and erasing. I’ve heard that WD is making one for that purpose called the Purple SD card.
  • Well Made Camera 5/5

    By Mtn Pk
    I’ve owned every camera out there and this one is just as good as any of the rest..... That’s at an extremely affordable price!! Best camera ! Thanks Geeni
  • Satisfaction 5/5

    By Reroom
    I’m enjoying both the plug and bulb versions. The security of having a light on when you come in and knocking that it will go off after you leave is important.
  • Great-Easy 5/5

    By DI Sooner
    This is a nice system that allows you to turn on your lights remotely, especially when you’re gone away from your home for numerous days to set different times maybe make one of the lights out, two more look like you’re there.
  • Update 1.6.0 ruined the application. 1/5

    By Zachary/\yrahcaZ
    This application prior to this update ran efficiently. Now due to the things like the unnecessary weather update box, has caused the app to have delayed response with almost all of its applications. When I sent my feedback to the company I didn’t even receive an automated response thanking me for my constructive canter, let alone the sincere response I should have from a well ran company that values customer service. The application needs much improvement and it needs to be done quickly so that users can have an efficient app. May I please recommend, K.I.S.S. Keep it simple stupid. This app worked perfectly before you spent all the money you did wasting time and energy for your developers to add basic and unnecessary features. Please make this application good again. It’s ok, but it should be great. It’s a very simple application and requires little modification. It’s a utility, it’s not meant to be pretty or flashy. All it needs are it’s basic functions and you guys would be MUCH better off.
  • Jeannie Swider 5/5

    By Reggiesweets
    This camera is amazing. It notifies me when someone is on my property. So far we have caught two people trying to steal from our business. No more guessing. We call the people and tell them we can see you and they immediately run.
  • Works great, but... 3/5

    By K8teGre8t
    I’ve had a few problems with playback. Besides that I have no complaints whatsoever.
  • Happy 5/5

    By Bekmomo
    Bought a few of these instead of ring and for the price you can’t beat it! I had a negative review because I was not setting up the camera nearest to the router and phone. Once I figured it out, everything works perfectly. I like the ease of access. There was no messy installation, just adhesive and an extension cord. I can share with my family and speak through the phone and intercom with ease. These things are really something special. I can do my entire house for the cost of 2 ring devices. There is black and white for night vision and a way to save and record. I love I can monitor my puppies at home and have instant replay without a lag. Will definitely be purchasing more. I’m glad I didn’t take them back (which states on the troubleshooting instructions) but tried the easy instructions. I almost gave up but I’m glad I stuck it out. Pairs with IPhones/IPads too which is cool because i was concerned it was only android. Very Happy
  • Good, but needs HomeKit. 4/5

    By Roll trump roll
    Good so far, but i wish it was homekit compatible.
  • ???? 1/5

    By Kuerio
    I liked this camera but the videos miraculously disappear . I need a proof to show just in case something bad happens.
  • Great product/app. Needs iWatch app. 3/5

    By Juice_Plays
    It’s a great easy to use app. I’d give it a 5 star rate, but it’s missing something which would of made it perfect and that is an iWatch app. I don’t have my phone on me usually at home I either leave it charging, but I always have my watch on. Please make an update for an iWatch app!!
  • Great app 5/5

    By pao barillas
    It’s an affordable camera and it works great I’ve had for about 4 months now never had a serious problem with it its night vision works good sound and talk back as well and the sensor 👍
  • Great Equipment and Great App! 4/5

    By Paulman1966
    I wanted to Smarten up my house for awhile. I was deterred by the Price. I looked on and saw the Merkury Smart Plug. I bought just try it out and was pleasantly surprised. I looked on Amazon and other products too. I’m recommending this to everyone. The App is super simple to use. You have me hooked!
  • These shut off randomly!!! 1/5

    By ShelliD23
    We loved these and they worked for about a week. They shut off at random intervals. Useless.
  • Smart wifi cameras 5/5

    By dogmaticwings70
    Ive used it on two seperate platforms and have to say android use Isn't very good but on iphone wow just a straight amazing product the features are up to pare simple has some new and different features then android...... for best use and performance use iphone playback has more feature on iphone also. I like it thinking about buying one of the dimmer lights are multi color lights.
  • Where to start? 1/5

    By Genopsdir
    I was excited to get these bulbs but the app requires a login. The login requires a password that you get from a SMS. I don't receive texts. I figured there's probably a workaround by calling customer service but they don't pick up, even after waiting 15 minutes to an annoying music track that repeats every 5 seconds. So, basically, these bulbs and app are useless unless you like a flashing light.
  • I enjoy it 4/5

    By Daniel Morg
    I have the smart lightbulb that changes color and stuff i just really wish it could work with siri. is there any way this could be added to the next update?
  • Great! 4/5

    By CaptainCognac
    I just wish there was a widget for it
  • Geeni 2/5

    By calpoult
    Camera goes offline quite abit on one of our cameras. The rest have been ok. When trying to talk it’s all muffled and can’t understand what I am saying
  • Light switch 1/5

    By Oh Noooo!!!
    Followed the installation instructions to the letter. A few videos would be helpful. My results? It’s a manual light switch. Does not connect or even be seen on any devices. The troubleshoot section of the app is a complete joke. Just as before, manually toggle the lights. Save your $25 and get a $2 switch.
  • Cameras 4/5

    By mom of muliples
    We have bought several cameras set up throughout the house inside and out I love them I’m able to talk to my kids in each of their room we’re also able to see what’s going on at our house at all times and with multiple kids and always having friends over this does help a lot it’s eliminated a lot of my kids arguing because now I can see who’s doing what my only complaint is that if the storm knocked out the power and the Wi-Fi goes off when they kick back on and the cameras don’t automatically turn back on and connect so if no one‘s home to reconnect all the cameras it’s kind of pointless to have (but my neighbor knows how to reset our outside ones) if they could fix that automatically connect after disconnecting that would be awesome.but I’m excited to try the whole line of products
  • Quite tickled 5/5

    By Dover Rover Rob
    I’m actually quite tickled to be able to see and hear what’s going on in my home. I ran into a hiccup with my 2003 router not being modern enough but it was easily remedied. The cameras work great and even the night vision works quite well. I’ve only had them up and running for about two hours but I must say setup was easy and the app is small and easy to load. Bravo gentlemen.
  • Mmm ok I guess!! 2/5

    By Cari Sutliffe
    Definitely not something I like to brag about. But I got this to keep an eye on things when I moved into a multiple family home. Everything seems to be working great I just hate the fact that you have to have your new people in your family add an account every time you want to give them access to be able to use the app. Very annoying I would rather be able to just invite them then download the app and make their own or enter my password. However I do like the fact that you can add multiple devices to multiple rooms which makes it very handy but still at times it’s very annoying the fact that you have to go in and make sure you add each appliance to each room when you want to group them together I gave it to stars because I have had a hard time trying to figure out how to go about sending people request to have them enter my family and have access other than that I guess it’s OK.
  • Very flexible! 5/5

    By Berber84
    I wrote a review requesting a few features but then pushed my exploration to the max trying to figure it out and I did. I now love the app even more!!!!
  • smart light will not connect :( 1/5

    By angelinaisreviewingok
    i’m so disappointed i’ve had the bulb for a month. i wait, then try again to connect. it flashes, then i try to connect and it stops. it gets to 100% and it says it failed. it’s so hard and all i want it for it to work!! customer support won’t answer i just want help!
  • A little helpful 3/5

    Send notifications coming far too late for you to view any real time. Need to be able to have automatic recording at least 10 seconds; like a they could do better.
  • Smart Lightbulb waste of money and time. 1/5

    By Tayber F.
    Excited to try out the Smart Lightbulb? Don’t even bother. Return it and get your money back. Been trying for over an hour to connect to it and nothing is working. This was a waste of my time and money.
  • Works well has glitches 4/5

    By chochie692003
    The main problem is using the voice option to speak with those at home from our phone. It did work well when we first got it then wore our really quickly to the point it’s just distorted.

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