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Genius: Song Lyrics & More

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Genius: Song Lyrics & More App

Genius is the world’s biggest collection of song lyrics, videos and crowdsourced musical knowledge. SEARCH 1.7 MILLION+ SONGS Find annotated lyrics for all your favorite songs, or browse what's hot on Genius. VIEW GENIUS VIDEOS Watch interviews with your favorite artists about the music you love. TAP HIGHLIGHTED LINES TO READ ANNOTATIONS Explore a world of knowledge, crowdsourced from millions of obsessed fans – the Genius community. GET THE FACTS BEHIND THE TRACKS With verified content from artists and producers. FIND LYRICS FOR THE SONGS PLAYING AROUND YOU Hold your phone up to the music, tap the soundwave button (powered by ACRCloud), and lo, the annotated lyrics appear. You can also easily navigate the lyrics for all the songs in your iTunes library. ANNOTATE THE WORLD FROM ANYWHERE You’re the genius: highlight some text, tap “Annotate,” and share your knowledge.

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Genius: Song Lyrics & More app reviews

  • This app would be great if it actually worked 1/5

    By MxxCxmxr
    I like the Genius service, and I thought having the app would really improve on this service. It does not. I’ve had the app for over 2 years now and I’ve still not seen any major improvements. It’s slow. It crashes frequently. It randomly won’t allow you to click on some annotations. It also will cut into your audio because of the ads, so a major functionality (that should be free) of following along with the lyrics is broken. There’s so much potential here to be a great app, but it’s not. Don’t waste your time, the 3.7 rating this app currently has is not accurate at all, should be much lower.
  • When you leave the app you lose your place in the lyrics... 4/5

    By kaitcourier
    Which is frustrating because I leave the app to restart the song or something and then have to search again and restart the song and so on.
  • CONSTANTLY asks to login to my itunes account 1/5

    By 6od
    ...rendering the app unusable. why do i need to log in to my itunes/app store account?? there’s no special feature. i never purchased anything. yet it asks EVERY SINGLE TIME i open the app. when i open the app, i HAVE TO enter my password for itunes or else i can’t even do a basic lyric search, which is slow and glitchy at best. i’m using an iphone 7 so this really should not be a problem. then if i switch to another app, while leaving genius open in the background, when i switch back to genius (which if aren’t logged into with my password), it will ask AGAIN for my itunes password. even though i had JUST put it in. if my screen locks, i have to enter my password. ITS RIDICULOUS. and if you wanted to remain on the same lyrics page? FORGET IT. you have to start your glitchridden slow search allllll over again. i’m deleting it and using the web version. it’s not worth it anymore.
  • Pausing music from other apps. 3/5

    By LacCaddy
    When listening to something on Spotify and reading along to the lyrics on Genius, there will be video ads that cause the music to stop.
  • i don’t have apple music 1/5

    By [gr8]
    and it doesn’t work with spotify
  • Love looking up lyrics 2/5

    By llcawthorne
    I love looking up lyrics for songs I’m listening to. I can’t understand why it thinks I want it to play a sample of a song from Apple Music that I’m already listening to though. It interrupts my music to play an incomplete sample of the song I was already listening to. Then I have to minimize Genius and go back to Music and restart my song playing. Why do you do this?!?
  • Can’t see the comments 1/5

    By Duka237
    I hate the facts that I can’t see comments
  • Don’t download 1/5

    By MikeboulSON
    Used to be a good app, started getting bugs that they didn’t fix or update. Better off just going to
  • Great Lyric Finder 5/5

    By Kolsrer
    anytime i wanna find a song that i don't know the name, this app helps me with any song
  • Waste of 68.3MB 1/5

    By BabyDoomer
    - Lags consistently - Searching for a song is like trying to find BigFoot - Crashes often - Asks for Apple ID every time you open the app - One in blue (for me) I would select a lyric and be stuck on a loading screen until I restarted the app Overall I love the idea , maybe more dedicated developers who care about the musical experience for the listeners could make this app 10 times better, until then its a pretty mediocre app.
  • Not User Friendly 2/5

    By Zara Employee
    Search bar doesn’t work: the keyboard glitches and won’t come up whenever I need to search something. I also had no idea how to find how to add lyrics, etc. the app is absolutely not user friendly and would rather get on my computer and use the website.
  • Ight 3/5

    By elmayimbu
    Love the app, but all of a sudden these ads pop up with the lyrics and stops my music, gets me really frustrated at times
  • advertisements literally STOP you're music and ply on repeat 1/5

    By nxjzoamwbdyzijafuco
    the app updated so that upon opening it starts playing a video ad in the background that NEVER ENDS. you literally can't listen to music and have this app open or else it just plays ads on repeat and pauses your music. when did this happen? the app is actually unusuable until they fix this, you can't listen to music and read the lyrics anymore, it forces you to listen to THE SAME AD OVER AND OVER ON REPEAT UNTIL YOU CLOSE THE APP. I EVEN CLOSED THE AD AND THE SOUND STILL PLAYS
  • Ads 1/5

    By gen98b
    Yo what is wrong with you, if I wanna the app I don’t wanna listen to ads
  • The background music in the ad won’t stop 2/5

    By qwantre
  • Great online, but app has a small problem 2/5

    By Sorlena
    I love and trust this anytime I need lyrics to a song! It works great in a browser like safari. But when I downloaded the app and tried searching for music or lyrics, the keyboard wouldn’t appear. I’d press the search bar, and for a split second the keyboard would appear, but disappear without giving me a chance to type anything. Please please PLEASE fix this!! Will greatly improve my experience with the app!
  • FIX THIS ASAP!! 1/5

    Every time I open this app, it requires me to enter my Apple ID password every single time. It’s so annoying. Idk if anyone has this problem. It might be that my Apple Music is linked to genius and constantly asks me for my password.
  • Zero Stars; App Takes Way Too Long to Load 1/5

    By xndkxjfjfjfjfnn
    app takes forever to load 🙄
  • Slow and clunky 1/5

    By cig saddle
    The search engine in this app is really slow, and sometimes it’s hard to find your intended result that will be mixed in with seemingly unrelated songs of completely different titles. It’s never faster than just using your search engine of choice and just finding the lyrics or videos on the internet.
  • Ads. 1/5

    By beingcrustyyyyy
    This app used to be my favorite app, I loved it so much and would always use it in the car listening to music But now it’s the worst app on my phone. It doesn’t let me listen to music and look at lyrics and the unknown ad sounds that plays in the back ground is so annoying! It makes my mood go from happy and jamming out to just annoyed and frustrated! What’s the point if I can’t listen and look at lyrics at the same time?!?! Horrible.
  • Could be improved! 2/5

    By thebillyross
    App works great but if I try to open the app while playing music it immediately cuts to some ad (or what I think is an ad) and it continues to play on loop until you figure out how to stop it.
  • Insane Refresh 2/5

    By SketchySteven
    Why does this app refresh every single time you leave and come back to it? I’ve lost so many posts and searches when I’ve left to start a song over ... only to return to your opening screen. And why does it take so long to load? I want to love this app!
  • Missing Great Feature and Minor Bug 4/5

    By User_12738
    The app is great overall but there’s a feature that used to exist but was removed for some reason. 1. While playing a song on Apple Music you used to be able to open the genius app and a pop up if the song playing would appear at the bottom of the screen but that’s gone now for some reason. It’s a bummer that you have to search the song now. (Maybe this happened after the addition of the “play on Apple Music” bar but it’s annoying when I’m already listening to the song I’m reading the lyrics too. We can still have both features simultaneously though.) 2. The bug is when I’m playing a song and reading the lyrics to it the Genius app stops playing the song once I reach an add. The only way to fix this is to click play on the “play on Apple Music” bar which is aggravating because I was already playing it. This is obviously not a feature but a bug. If I switch to reading a different song then yes I’ll click to play it on the genius app but I’d just prefer if the apps worked together better.
  • Need to fix Apple password pop up 2/5

    By BMann260
    Appears every time you open the app
  • Can no long have Spotify playing with the app open... 1/5

    By ChanceKonn
    Doesn’t work with Spotify anymore.. you can’t play a song on Spotify and look at the lyrics in the app.
  • Good app 4/5

    By Ok gymnastics is cool
    Makes it easy to find lyrics to songs although it is glitchy sometimes
  • Fix everything 1/5

    By lewsreviews
    Nothing but ads and crashes, can’t even type in the search. Can’t click on lyrics without sending me somewhere else
  • Plays audio for a lyrics app 1/5

    By Davidbowieman
    Constantly interrupted my music with ads, I used genius because I don’t always know what rappers are saying now I guess I’ll find a new app. I will not be installing this until they remove the noice or at least give you an option to mute! Super disappointed I’ve used the site for years...I don’t recommend it to anyone when there’s google that won’t stop your music.
  • Bug Fixes 1/5

    By Cunstructive Critik
    App is in need of some serious bug fixes. The search bar malfunctions and I should be able to delete my history
  • Ads 2/5

    By Crispy Coffee
    The ads or something stop my songs from playing on my phone. It’s really annoying. Even if I get rid of the tab and go back into the app, it still does it. In my opinion, everything else is fine.
  • Pauses music frequently. 1/5

    By Jgrlhy
    I’ll be listening to a song on Spotify while looking through lyrics on this app, and the music gets paused. If I turn it back on, it pauses again as I flick through the lyrics. This is pretty bad for any app, but for one that’s music-focused, it’s just unacceptable.
  • Love this app but ads interrupt music 1/5

    By tileno1010
    I listen to music on Spotify and the ads that appear on the lyric pages on the genius app interrupts and stops my music from playing. I’m fine with ads but the fact that it interrupts the music is so annoying.
  • lacks basic function 2/5

    By Blaziken48
    Search bar is SOOOOOOOO bad ahahahaha, the 2015 version of this app was great though honestly when all the little things worked!
  • **USED** to be great 2/5

    By dg2017xx
    I used to love the fact that I could listen to music in my music library (that I’ve purchased through iTunes) and read the lyrics at the same time. It was so convenient, especially after new music releases. Apparently, now you can no longer do that. If you’d like to read lyrics while listening, you need Apple Music. And if you don’t have Apple Music, an extremely annoying and loud ad will just keep playing over and over. It’s disappointing, to say the least, that I now need a paid monthly service to utilize this app the way I used to.
  • good app, but has frustrating issues 4/5

    By intheskeletonclique
    1. the app makes me sign in to apple music every time i open it (and it doesn’t even support faceid, so it’s a whole lot of typing whenever i want to find one line) 2. ironically, around the time it started making me log in, the app completely stopped working with my apple music. no more “now playing”, and it won’t sync with my library at all anymore (even after giving genius permission to run in the background) overall, the concept behind the app can’t really be beat, and there aren’t any competitors i’m aware of, so i’m really hoping genius fixes its bugs because i use it every day
  • Wont stop autoplaying 1/5

    By LucasHughes
    Was a good app but now will not allow you to listen to the song you are viewing the lyrics of because it begins autoplaying an ad. Hope this is fixed soon
  • Love app - major glitch 3/5

    By mdlipton
    I love this app but it’s unusable with the glitch that prompts you to enter your itunes password every time it opens. It often makes me re-enter it multiple times in one use.
  • Sign in to Apple 1/5

    By Nomarbosox5
    This app makes me sign into my iTunes login every time I visit it now
  • Really advertisements that stop music? 1/5

    By Sublimeolea
    Why is it that on an app that is used to look up lyrics, y’all have advertisements that completely stop my music? Super dumb. Fix it
  • Music interrupted 1/5

    By vibvibdrvv
    Too many advertisements that interrupt my music this app is trash now
  • I like it but some annoying issues 3/5

    By hjehwjwnahaudjsnkqlslfllr
    If you scroll to fast it simply just returns you to the top of the page. Sometimes you click on a line of lyrics to see the annotation and it displays the annotation for a completely different line. In NWA’s “Gangsta Gangsta”, on the last group of lines at the end of the page, it either fails to completely load a line of lyrics or makes them appear out of nowhere when clicking on a completely different line. These issues have been around on the app for a short while and honestly I thought they would have fixed them by now. I hate to say it, but I think they’re just ignoring these problems and bugs because they seem like minor issues that could be fixed. But the problem is that these minor issues make the app frustrating to use sometimes because they happen so often. Other than those bugs, I think it’s a great app.

    By yikess.alarioo
    I use to use this all the time, but now I go to use it and it cuts the song off as soon as I open the app! What happened Genius? Please don’t make me pay for Apple Music when I already pay for Spotify. I will just uninstall the app and use the website I guess, thanks.
  • Can’t sign in 2/5

    By Metalcabanaplanetarium
    I’m not able to sign in with Twitter. I get an error every time. Not sure the reason but obviously this heavily limits my use of the app.
  • Taking me back to home page when switching apps 3/5

    By Samantha D.b
    This app is great overall and I would give it 5 stars however I find it very inconvenient that whenever I look up a song and I’m looking at the lyrics, sometimes I’ll exit the app to switch to another app (usually Spotify) for literally 5 seconds and I switch back to Genius and it takes me all the way back to the home page rather than just staying on the lyrics page of the song where I left off. It’s annoying because then I have to search it again or click on it from the search history and wait for it to load (which sometimes will take very long too) and I just see no reason for why it has to take me back to the home page and make me search the song again rather than just staying on the page of the song where I last left off especially since it’ll only be like 5 seconds that pass by in which I left the app & that’s enough for the app to send me back to the beginning. Other than that I haven’t run into any major issues!
  • Recommendation 5/5

    By JamesOfApple
    Needs better account settings I still haven’t figured out how to add a profile picture or find out what activity my stuff has gotten. Look at SoundCloud Pulse, there should be a lot of account accessibility.
  • Why? 1/5

    By #68 two chainz
    Why does my music stop playing when I open the app? Is it because of the ads that they force on us? I don’t know but it is awful.
  • Fix this now 1/5

    By Dominic Zetouna
    Every time I open the app I have to login to my Apple ID!!! Please fix ASAP
  • Excellent app but.... 4/5

    By egerrior
    Amazing app. I’ve had the app since genius was Genius has grown in so many directions since those days. This app is amazing for letting artists and listeners define and interpret the music. Such a great concept with line by line meanings to songs and full album details and reviews. With that being said, Genius PLEASE remove the sign in to Apple Music feature. It makes the app so much LESS user friendly. I can’t use the app any more because every 5 seconds (no exaggeration) there is a pop up that demands Apple Music credentials. Pressing cancel oa similar option makes the pop up reappear within 2 seconds. Entering the info will stop the issue temporarily until the app is killed. Once it reloads there it is again demanding this info. That inconvenience overpowers the utility and enjoyment available with the app. I like to use it most days in fact, but that feature eliminates the desire to find the meaning behind the music. No one wants to be prevented from seeing their precious artists’ words by irritating pop ups demanding info from them. I haven’t used the app much in the past few months because of this disappointing feature. Take notes Genius, accessibility and convenience are top of the list of product demands in the 21st century. You’ve made an amazing product, don’t let feature creep ruin a great reputation.
  • Love the app however 4/5

    By LukeMonte92
    You need Spotify support.

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