Geometry Dash SubZero

Geometry Dash SubZero

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  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: RobTop Games AB
  • Compatibility: Android
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Geometry Dash SubZero App

Geometry Dash is back with a brand new adventure! Jump in, brace yourself, and get ready for a real challenge! This won't be easy... Game Features • Rhythm-based Action Platforming! • Three unique levels with amazing music from MDK, Bossfight and Boom Kitty! • Unlock unique SubZero icons to customize your character! • Use practice mode to sharpen your skills! • Challenge yourself with the near impossible! Approved by RubRub \ (•◡•) /


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Geometry Dash SubZero app reviews

  • Flat out retarted 3/5

    By DaBsTAtion54
    Most of the time I play this it doesn't jump when I tap it and it lags and kills me then when I don't jump it lags and jump like its weird and stupid please fix this
  • Geometry dash sub zero 5/5

    By kobe gurley
  • My eyes 2/5

    By Cerberus 13
    The rapid movement and crazy colors really mess with me eyes. It also cuts into different patterns in the game throwing me way off and it’s frustrating trying to play the games and being thrown off by crazy colors and movement
  • First try 5/5

    By booka700
    First one 85 are used practice then I hope your boy you don’t see it because just like dang I rate is really high because it’s a really good thing yeah your way out there just don’t want to game if you can this is review and story is really good so
  • Better than the full version but hard 4/5

    By bedebolt
    A little different than the full version but mostly the same
  • Great game robtop 5/5

    By Shiningbullet7
    Good job robtop
  • Best 2.2 simulation Eva!!!! 5/5

    By kriskoolkiller
    Thanks for the hint of update2.2! Amazing!
  • Problem 1/5

    Ugh the game is not able to complete
  • Too many ads 2/5

    By XxLandonboixX
    Take out the ads and people with start to get this game. It’s fun tho
  • Addicting and more levels 5/5

    By mamaluv1234RBLX
    Thx Robtop for creating GD can you make more levels on the SubZero one?
  • Great Game! 5/5

    By Ezoom Gamer
    I just got this game two days ago and I’ve already finished the practices for Press start and the Nock Em’. By the way, has anyone realized that Press Start was Dan TDM’s original opening for his videos?
  • TOO HARD 1/5

    By 8Y FRKVMRJH T N58
  • DANTDM 5/5

    By baconGUY670
    Ok so the first thing I need to tell you is about PRESS START yeah PRESS START I mean it dantdm’s intro is in here boi who ever made this game I LOVE MY SOUL .com💎 minecart
  • Glitch 1/5

    By Fuel 707$((
    Level 3 Coin 1: Fixed Coin 2: Broken Coin 3: Fixed The problem with coin two is that I collected it and beat the level but it didn’t count as collected. I tried to re-download the game but it didn’t fix. I went back to get the coin on another round but it showed up as collected, yet not as counted at the end of the round
  • The game is amazing , but a bug 5/5

    By Dbdkck
    I love this game gd subzero I also have meltdown and the original one although this game is very good there is a bug I’ve noticed . I’ve always wanted play the level power trip, but it doesn’t seem to play When I click it , it wouldn’t load or come up it wouldn’t do anything . I hope you guys see this robtop for you can fix that
  • I loves it 5/5

    By ChrisMaster5341
  • Awsome love it 👍🏻😻 3/5

    By fanofanything102
    But when I tap it doesn’t do it still love it tho can’t blame it but fix it please 🤞🏻. :D and turn down the colors please. :/ it makes my head want to explode on press start 🤯
  • Good game but lag.. 4/5

    By Brandoncckk
    Little bit of lag, but still a very good game!
  • Wow 5/5

    By thisainttaken
    Great music and I also noticed press start is the intro of DanTDM. (You tuber)
  • Awesome but fix it please? 4/5

    By Saosk
    Hello RobTop! And I like this app but a few bugs you need to fix, when I was playing power trip I haves fun but in the wave part I couldn’t complete it and when the wave part was reversed that was the bug so the boss fight in press Start was amazing 😉 but something went wrong the glitch was that when I completed press Start the boss fight was following me and I don’t like it and please fix it. Last but not least the level creator, we like it in the normal geometry dash but here I don’t want it to say “full version” again! So please I want to see triggers and more! Please remove the sign “full version” now of I will not play this again and I hope RubRub and you will fix it and remember to not let anyone destroy again 😍
  • Good 4/5

    By TattooedCrook
    I have been playing this game for a while and I have been kind ok mad at the game because when I was playing I lost my spot out of no were
  • Pretty awesome!🤩 4/5

    By TheMinecraftJukebox
    I saw my friend at school playing this game and I decided to buy it. I recommend it; a particularly good deal for a free game. It is hard at the start, but when you get the feel for it it is really fun. A good casual because it is hard to complete. That makes up for the lack of an abundance of levels.
  • GG, GD. 5/5

    By tigers2727
    I dunno y I know this, but Press Start is DanTDM’s intro. And I don’t even watch him!( I rather The Pals or Think.)
  • First Review 5/5

    By StaleHamSandwich
    Sooo I love this app! Its really fun but also frustrating! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • 😎game 5/5

    By l love thegame
    I 😍 your game but 😯 is your name🤔becuse i 😍 it sow much Your sow the best😎😋😏🤗
  • Noice. 5/5

    By Large-intestine
    I like this. The 2.2 features are so exciting! But two things. First of all, Why does this start with a normal level? All the rest of the Geometry Dash games start with an easy. The other this is that the 2nd coin in Power Trip just doesn’t count. When I get it, then beat the level, it doesn’t count. When I play the level again, it is dotted lined, but still doesn’t count. Please fix this.
  • Ulitimate Geometry Dash 5/5

    By Trollhunter635
    The first time I kept screwing up but once I found my potential I got really good at it- I LOVE GEOMETRY DASH SUBZERO!!!!😆
  • Trash 1/5

    By this review is very true
    100% trash
  • Can’t get the middle coin in Power Trip 4/5

    By Edwin V. Butay
    I can’t get the 2nd coin in power trip I collected it and completed it
  • 👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿 2/5

    By MR.KID ££
    This game is rigged because whenever I tap it doesn’t work and you know about practice mode whenever it shows the diamond to save your checkpoint it doesn’t 😖😖😖☹️☹️☹️
  • Should this be on geometry dash? 3/5

    By JTWGaming16
    I played all of the levels and first one curses.
  • Only for pros 5/5

    By BoiIMVU
    This is way too hard for me. But it’s still an amazing game.
  • Geometry Dash subzero 5/5

    By Ms.Candy K
    Nbzbmxnxnxnnxhxhxhvbhzjjxhvhxbbjxnhzbxnxnnxnxbxnhxhzhzhhzhsbshhxbsbhյϲյ×հ×ցƒհѵհղհҍտհհ×հցցհ×հհհտհհտհհհíզթҽօҽյյժҍժҍҍժյտթɑթտյհժժҍժҍ×ҍհժմɑíɑօթթɑյժյյƒղⓖⓠⓗⓠⓗ[̲̅g̲̅][̲̅h̲̅][̲̅e̲̅][̲̅h̲̅][̲̅r̲̅][̲̅j̲̅][̲̅e̲̅][̲̅h̲̅][̲̅h̲̅]ⓙ ⓗⓧⓗⓩⓗⓧⓗⓗⓩⓗⓩⓗⓩⓗⓗⓗⓢⓗⓢⓗⓓⓑⓢⓗⓓⓑⓧⓑⓗⓓⓙⓢⓙⓙⓢⓙⓓⓗⓓⓗⓓⓗⓓⓗⓓⓑⓗⓗⓢⓗⓑⓓⓗⓓⓑⓓⓑⓢⓗⓓⓗⓗⓓⓗⓗⓗⓔⓗⓓⓙⓙⓧⓙⓔⓙⓙⓓⓙⓓⓙⓓⓗⓒⓑⓒⓑⓧⓧⓙⓢⓗⓢⓗⓢⓑⓗⓢⓗⓦⓗⓖⓢⓖⓖⓖⓢⓑⓢⓑⓙⓙⓙ[̲̅v̲̅][̲̅d̲̅][̲̅b̲̅][̲̅b̲̅][̲̅b̲̅][̲̅b̲̅][̲̅b̲̅][̲̅f̲̅][̲̅b̲̅][̲̅d̲̅][̲̅b̲̅][̲̅d̲̅][̲̅b̲̅][̲̅b̲̅][̲̅d̲̅][̲̅b̲̅][̲̅f̲̅][̲̅b̲̅][̲̅f̲̅][̲̅b̲̅][̲̅b̲̅][̲̅f̲̅]
  • Nice! 4/5

    By Descendantsfan08
    Cool and great, but I would suggest if you guys could make a beginner one if the game and so if you don't know how to play you could have a tutorial or as I said a very easy beginner one.
  • Good 5/5

    By JetStreamPrime
    So good and nice music but it’s SO frustrating! I guess it would be easier if I was not experienced.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By GeoCKShadow
    I like the levels, fun and easy. But I wish there were some adjustments to the music for Knock em’, and some more levels.

    By kara mitchell
    Ok so I am in love with this game not just because that it has the dantdm intro song
  • We is it part demo 4/5

    By stop the demo
    It is a greate game and geomitrydas Ab diffinetly put a lot so that is why
  • Rage 1/5

    By idixc
    This game gave me way to many rage issues😡😡
  • Not happy with it 1/5

    By rtrchamps
    Not happy that it has a curse word in the song yet it’s 4+. My son is 9 and I just happened to hear it. He had no idea it wasn’t a nice word. Do not recommend for children!!!
  • It’s fun, but makes me FURIOUS 4/5

    By BrentCobb
    I enjoy this game, and I love the fact that Press Start is in the game. (I love DANTDM) But here is the problem, some of the difficultly emojis don’t match. Example, Press Start has the grinning green emoji, but I haven’t even got close to finishing it, in fact, it’s REALLY hard. I have had a lot of experience with Geometry Dash, and I don’t understand why that emoji looks so happy!
  • DanTDM Fan!😘💎💎💎 4/5

    By #Awe$ome girl 12345679
    So I love DanTDM,(Obviously) and I love Geometry Dash,so I found this game easily. And chances are not many people are going to read my review,but I don’t really care. But even though I love this game, I don’t really like when apps ask you to rate it... So for that,I’m giving this 4 stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Yup,that’s four stars alright. But I think the reason so many people like this game,is BECAUSE of DanTDM... Wich is fine,but I mean if it IS true,then RobTop should thank him. Anyway,this review is getting pretty long. Thank you for reading my review,(if you did)and get the game if you really like hard games! 😘😘😘
  • Best Geo Dash in a While!!! 5/5

    By DragonLayer47
    This is a fun, new, creative take on geometry dash. Even though there are only 3 levels, they are challenging and unique. Keep pursuing this game RobTop, it'll only get better from here!!!
  • Somethings wrong 3/5

    By camilll mac
    Something is wrong with nock em I keep dying on 29% because everytime I tap it doesn’t work I think this game needs some improvement
  • It’s Great 4/5

    By TheDiamondB21
    The game is really good, but it really tests your patience, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get it.
  • Problem 3/5

    By NadeDaMan
    The game says rated 4+ but I myself was playing a level and I’m 23 years old and at the end it showed a horror add that kinda startled me and I was surprised that a kid rated game would have so really inappropriate adds for little kids.
  • Gameplay good, advertising is rated M 1/5

    By CoDarei
    This game is not 4+ friendly. The maker needs to rethink ads, I removed this game because of an advertisement depicting a txt message of someone threatening a girl and her sister. “If you don’t want to see Cindy get hurt, you’ll do what I say” Disgusting.

    By Fakirguru
    It made me work on the not true levels that are hard, but the they've been absolutely fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • OMG GET IT NOW 5/5

    By True rReview
    1. It is addicting 2.It is fun 3.It has cool songs + Dantdm’s theme song called press start 4.It is free 5 -983,997,133,82 more reasons and it would be to long
  • Woah... 5/5

    By Da coolyBrp
    I saw this thinking, yay! Another one! And boy was I not kidding. Dan’s old intro?!? Wow, surprising. The levels even introduced fun mechanics and was fun to play. BUT, I have recently stumbled across a game called the impossible game or something, it somehow made it to the front page of the App Store, and has thousands of good reveiws, but its a copy of your game!!! I am letting u know so u can file a lawsuit or whatever

Geometry Dash SubZero app comments


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