Getaround - Instant Car Rental

Getaround - Instant Car Rental

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Getaround - Instant Car Rental App

Getaround makes carsharing easy! Instantly rent and unlock great cars nearby from your phone. Our car rental platform provides over 5 million users with instant access to car rentals, by the hour or day. Own a car? Make $1,000s to offset the high costs of car ownership by sharing your car on Getaround. Joining is easy. Just download the app and start renting a wide variety of cars, from a Toyota to a Tesla––no subscription is required. Insurance and roadside assistance are included. Find and book the perfect car for any occasion for as low as $3 an hour––Getaround is your transportation solution for road trips, errands, commutes, and weekend getaways. Unlock with your phone, and you’re ready to go. IT’S GO TIME.

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Getaround - Instant Car Rental app reviews

  • It’s almost like magic! 5/5

    By zzmoviecom
    You simply choose the car. Use the app to unlock the car (woa!) then drive! And no parking hassles! Great for Uber drivers who want to make a quick buck without renting out for a full week. First $60 is on them so give it a try for free!
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By jdhcbf
    The UX/I interface is atrocious, the app wouldn’t load and it wouldn’t allow me to change the search settings. There was no way to look at what cars are available in your area, and as I said the search feature doesn’t work. DO NOT download, this app is probably a scam of some sort.
  • Service is great but the app is so prohibitive 1/5

    By briankeene
    Why do I need to give you access to my Facebook friends list to pay you to rent a car? The app is so poorly built. Just make it easier for people to use the service
  • DONT USE they’re extortionists 1/5

    By FUgetaround
    Trying to get me to pay 1k to fix tiny little dings that were on the car when I rented it. They were so small I didn’t pay any attention but now they’re sending me to collections Use an actually established company
  • Best ever 5/5

    By best buds ever
    Able to get a great car fast! And the customer service is always there to help if you need anything.
  • Worse Service!! Do not use!! 1/5

    By Tvon5432
    I’m an Uber/Lyft driver who had no choice but to rent a vehicle while my personal vehicle is out of service. I rented thru the Lyft Hertz program and was getting straight up robbed of my money and Lyft earnings. So I got approved to rent through the Uber program and figured I would return the Hertz rental and rent a GetAround vehicle. Assuming since Uber has a rigorous approval system that you have to wait 2 weeks for, once given the green light, thought I would be all set to pick up a car rental like with Hertz. Well I was wrong. I am not on a full 7 days stuck with no vehicle because of GetArounds absolutely HORRIBLE customer service, lack of knowledge, no communication or way to reach “other” departments, and never getting replies back from the emails. This company is the most UNPROFESSIONAL I’ve dealt with. And now I’ve lost hours of my time, a whole weeks pay because of them and most importantly my patience & sanity! Ugh.
  • Still very rickety 2/5

    By webchirps
    Wish it could be better. Used it a few times but gave up. Cars with empty gas tanks , cars dirty , last booking the car wasn’t there , owner forgot and never showed up. Wasted our time , customer service cared less.
  • Awesome ! 5/5

    By Jay in the Bay
    This app and service is amazing. Can’t wait until my lease is up to get rid of my car and use this service going forward !
  • Get Tool 5/5

    By Tyger2125
    Use Your Money To Make Money, Why Not Sign Up!
  • Renting a car never been so easy!!!! 5/5

    By Stephfonscott
    This app is incredible. The prices are super reasonable and not over expensive. Everything is just so seamless. Great selection of cars. Hands down my favorite car rental app!
  • Service level 5/5

    By Antoha krapivko
    Excellent and responsible service
  • Great 5/5

    By noneyatay9306
    Great car

    By Ig:whitereserve
    Unfortunately Turo is still on the top. You guys overcharge completely. They have Porsches, vettes, bmw, more selection for half the price. AND TURO DOESNT HOLD A SECURITY DEPOSIT. Step up ur game
  • Worst experience of my life 1/5

    By MikeSWelch
    I rented out my car for two weeks. This is my experience: Two of my wheels were damaged. Someone put stickers on my cars paint. Someone left two full boxes of ice cream sandwiches melting in my back seat. I received two speed citations in the mail. Getaround expects me to pay for everything and then they will reimburse me. This is roughly $1000 worth of repairs and citations.
  • If you don’t have Facebook then you’re screwed. 1/5

    By Coppermax
    Really stupid that this has to be linked to social media. Really really stupid.
  • Best car rental app out there 5/5

    By nicenicenicenicenicenicexnnz
    You can rent by the hour , so many options, and no crazy fees for being under 25. I just wish it was in every city !
  • Terrible!!! 1/5

    By Tonio7023
    I was denied without any reason what so ever.
  • Poor Customer Service 1/5

    By sandylo00000
    I called to make a change to my reservation and was told they had a “glitch in the system” and couldn’t do it. Instead they gave me a $75 promo, cancelled my ride, and told me to redo the reservation with the promo. This sounded fine but didn’t work as intended. The $75 promo only covered the actual cost of rental and none of the fees. So, on top of my original reservation, I had to pay $28 in fees for the new reservation. I ended up just cancelling the new reservation because it’s ridiculous I had to pay because they couldn’t fix the problem on their end. Now I’m done the money I paid for the original reservation having not even used any car.
  • Great Experience 5/5

    By Wheel 2.0
    Discovered this app on a busy game weekend when all rental cars were sold out. Found a car within a mile of me, for a very reasonable rate. Unlocked the car with a button and I was driving in minutes. Great job!
  • Trashy. 1/5

    By Bruhntasaur
    The app is barely usable.
  • Unsatisfied and highly upset 1/5

    By MsMozie19
    Highly unsatisfying experience. First time using this app. Went through entire process only to be told I couldn’t rent a vehicle THEN my card was charged. Called customer support and was told that when I confirmed the reservation their system automatically took the funds and once the system sees that I was unable to rent the vehicle I’ll get my money back in 3-5 business days. But what’s funny is when it said I was unable to rent with Getaround I would not be charged. Now I can’t celebrate and surprise my daughter who is in college and just turned 21 because I don’t have any money to try and rent a car somewhere else
  • Love this app 5/5

    By keriagirl
    The app is easy to navigate the process is very easy the instructions are given with well thought I love renting through this company easy rental experience I have ever had
  • Facebook interface. 1/5

    By Richroi
    I have used the app for three years with great success and satisfaction. But in the past month it has stopped making reservations because it wants to interface with my Facebook by getting all my friends. Customer service can’t explain. Terrible algorithm. Fix please. Hurry.
  • Amazing App Incredibly Easy 5/5

    By Turbo412
    Discovered this app last week and I’ve already used it 3 times. It’s perfect for getting around LA. I’m able to get a vehicle at anytime within walking distance of my rental apartment. I took a brand new Camarillo convertible down the pacific coast for the day for around $60 and I’ve also gotten cheaper cars for about $20 for 4 hours to run errands. The instructions are very easy to follow. I would recommend adding a sort feature when viewing available cars such as price high to low or maybe even by MPG.
  • Should not let you register if car not compatible 2/5

    By Julien10021
    Sounded great until they let me enter all my perso al info and car info I.e. the year of my car and mileage and more. But then after calling them to finalize the process they tell me: “oh is your car really from 2007? This is too old and has too much mileage. Do you have another one?” Haha well I can understand but obviously I don’t have 5 card or I wouldn’t have registered that one.. And most importantly, Why do they even have 2007 in the list and 125k+ miles if it’s not a viable option?
  • Good - want more options 4/5

    By Bad features
    Has been a pretty easy experience. Would be nice to have a feature to start your reservation early if you are early and your car is available.
  • Account suspended 1/5

    By angel747363828
    Hi, I’m new and I’ve tried using this app and it said I was under investigation and that they needed proof. So I sent the picture of me holding my license and they are saying the ya rent able to verify. Like what more do you wnat. Now my account is suspended and I was charged $219 for something and still haven’t got my refund
  • No issues here! 5/5

    By Sean Kellz
    So it’s probably been a couple weeks of using this app. My first rental was a Jeep that was cancelled by the owner. Getaround Support called me immediately and got me a new car. I returned that car with no issues and I’ve been happy using the app ever since. I’m actually getting ready to use it right now! Thanks, Getaround!
  • Very easy to find the car 5/5

    By Tekemarkus
    The parking spot the car was parked at was very easy to get to. It was at a parking garage in the middle of the city. Perfect location. It was so cool to see my phone used as a key to unlock the car.
  • Nifty Service, so-so App experience 3/5

    By jb renter
    Been a regular user of this service and am a big fan. There are a lot of vehicle options in Chicago area. The ability to access a car at any hour of the day/night is fantastic; much more useful than the traditional car rental service. Not thrilled with the rental-end-of-trip experience as the App process is very inconsistent. The experience is pretty good when ending your trip early. You get to record your fuel level (handy because recently most of my rentals have not had a full tank at the beginning). When ending your trip at the end of your rental, the App navigation is crap. It doesn’t present the same end-of-trip options. Lastly, the App should let me rate my trip when I end my trip. But, no, it asks me to rate my last trip the next time I use the app—sometimes weeks or months later. Make the trip end process consistent every time. Let the renter rate the car at that moment. And provide the renter the option to get credit if they actually fill up the car even though the car was not full at the beginning of the trip; this last feature would allow the rental community to improve the experience for everybody, other renters and even the car owners.
  • They cancelled my reservation like no big deal 1/5

    By Newjesus2/
    I reserved a car nearly a month in advance for a wedding I had to attend over the weekend. A few days before my pickup date they cancelled my reservation that i paid for over some “new security precaution” without even notifying me first. Then after i resubmitted my license photo they reactivated my account and ignored my question if they could find me a replacement car. Ended up booking a rental thru some outside rental for the tripe the price, major inconvenience, i thought the whole purpose of paying for a reservation was for this not to happen. 👎
  • Useless, Lame, Obsolete 1/5

    By Sinshin88
    My long-time existing account had to get re-verified for because their system is lame. And this takes 48 hours!!!! I needed the service in few hours.! Luckily Zipcar still exists! Their customer service agents are also clueless idiots. I will be happy to see this lame service be closed soon.
  • Getaround 5/5

    By Jonathan "Sagna"
    Getaround is so easy to manage, it’s definitely cheaper than renting from a first party rental car company, and get amazing support from the company! (:
  • You need a Facebook 1/5

    By Perry194
    Everybody doesn’t have Facebook.
  • Reliable and affordable 5/5

    By chocolatecrl
    They are great, I had a problem with my first rental and they quickly called me ahead of time and placed me in a new equivalent rental w/o an extra charge. The new rental was very convenient and was just down the street. I love love love them for that. Excellent service. : ) Will definitely be back!!
  • Truck rental 5/5

    By kattme
    I was a little concerned about my first time using getaround, finding the truck, using the app, unlocking and starting the car... but everything clicked into place... it was so much easier than having to clean out the trunk of my own car or asking a friend to clean out their Subaru— also I knew it would be large enuf to carry the furniture piece without having to take measurements of the trunk opening to see if furniture would fit ok. There was plenty of room. Sure beats having to go across town to u-haul and dealing with all the paperwork. Using getaround is like having a friend with a truck, but not having to put them on the spot for helping me out, again. 👍👍👍
  • If your change your credit card info your account will be suspended 1/5

    By mrsm0421
    I had getaround for 6months now so recently I changed banks and received a new card so when I changed my card they suspended my account.
  • Repeatedly Locked Out 5/5

    By Nick_RF
    I’ve used getaround in the past and suddenly I cannot rent anymore. It keeps saying I need to be verified, then even when the verification is complete when I try to rent it takes me through the same process again.
  • Fair 5/5

    By mommy ipadair2
    Getaround is the best rental car company that you can use via app, I've ran into a couple problems in the past but they was great with helping me and solving the problems they are very fair
  • The good reviews are fake!!! 1/5

    By Gutta_Montana
    Don’t waste your time. I tried to rent a car, was charged for it and then hit with an error code. Trying to get in contact to fix this problem was impossible. I had to go through my bank and make a claim to get my money back.
  • Your dream car might be here with Getaround 5/5

    By T-Barros
    Getaround is exceptional. Whether for Uber or personal they are much better than those rubbish rent a car companies around. It’s easy to download the app, it’s affordable, no stupid down payment that isn’t refundable, you can drive any car you want even your dream cars are listed in the app. From Audi to Volkswagen. In between the two you’ll find all brands including some some high classic luxurious ones. Highly recommended!
  • Disappointed 5/5

    By Dee_oneIamm
    They are racist. Rented my first car went through all the verification process. I was good to go and now that I was trying to rent my second car they put my account under investigation for no reason whatsoever and ask for pictures of all type of things like bank cards and etc. They already have my rounting number and account number to my back account. They already have picture of my driver license. Also logged i. With my google to verify. I was asked to verify my identity with my Facebook I also did that like come on what else are they going to ask for DNA samples to verify it’s really me. It was my first day driving with Uber and it’s partner Getaround which Im so disappointed with. Overall rating 0 stars
  • Phenomenal experience! 5/5

    By pgdeirossi
    I’m still in shock over how easy this was to set up and use. We came to Boston from California and there was not a single rental car available in the Boston area for college move in on Labor Day weekend. I had tried for weeks to get approved for ZipCar, with no success. It took me all of 5 minutes to load the app, put in the appropriate information and find our choice of cars in the area. We chose one 1/2 mile away. The car was clean, full of gas, dependable and easy to find. We added time to our rental several times. I still can’t believe how easy and reasonably priced this was. Good bye Zip Car - hello Getaway! Thanks again!
  • Issues with the app 1/5

    By <1 e
    They have the best customer service but the app need a less than one star rate
  • Great company 💯 5/5

    By Manny007B
    Best Places to Work in Boston list ranks the startups and tech companies 👍🏾
  • Great for renting cars 5/5

    By Anirudh_Kaja
    Smooth process and the price includes car insurance
  • Fantastic! 5/5

    By SuperTotallyAnonymous
    There’s an issue with Tesla’s as you can’t unlock them from the app as of today (9/10/2019). You need to call support and have them unlock it on their end. Other than that I’ve had nothing but excellent experiences renting cars. There’s no face to face interactions. You just unlock the car and you’re good to go. It’s so simple I love it.
  • Needs more transparency/warning about verification 2/5

    By stranded would-be driver
    I downloaded the app the other day as I’m moving and making appointments while I’ve got reliable access to the car. My first impression was great, I almost instantly scanned my credentials and was verified — the whole system seemed to work flawlessly as I found the car, used it, then returned it. Then I go to book my second trip, having operated under the assumption it would be just as seamless the second time. Nope, without having been warned in advance, I needed to complete extra verification that could take 48 hours. Not only did I miss a number of appointments and waste half a day having anticipated car access, but the app requires a Big Brothery selfie (most likely a facial recognition scan). Honestly, it seemed like such a better option than Zip or other app rentals but now I’m not so sure. “I’m not mad, just disappointed.”
  • Shady company 1/5

    By Raychel Stevens
    I’ve got a great driving and otherwise great record. I was turned down through their authentication process which is basically a photo ID and your Facebook. From there they gave me the runaround and were entirely unhelpful. I’ve also had friends run into problems with their insurance coverage. Read the fine print, these guys feel like crooks.

Getaround - Instant Car Rental app comments

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