Getaround - Instant Car Rental

Getaround - Instant Car Rental

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  • Current Version: 6.5.0
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  • Developer: Getaround, Inc.
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Getaround - Instant Car Rental App

Getaround makes carsharing easy! Instantly rent and unlock great cars nearby from your phone. Our car rental platform provides over 5 million users with instant access to car rentals, by the hour or day. Own a car? Make $1,000s to offset the high costs of car ownership by sharing your car on Getaround. Joining is easy. Just download the app and start renting a wide variety of cars, from a Toyota to a Tesla––no subscription is required. Insurance and roadside assistance are included. Find and book the perfect car for any occasion for as low as $3 an hour––Getaround is your transportation solution for road trips, errands, commutes, and weekend getaways. Unlock with your phone, and you’re ready to go. IT’S GO TIME.

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Getaround - Instant Car Rental app reviews

  • Awesome!! 5/5

    By leigh-oct
    Easy and convenient! Love this sharing economy idea!!
  • Once again Getaround disappoints 1/5

    By ariferrari19
    100% going to start off and say I am the person who looks for reviews, Never writes them. For me to write this just means that I’ve reached that point of no return. This company has proven time and time again they do not care about the rental services they provide and after renting a car that ended up having a faulty bumper/loads of other mechanical issues I was sent away with a “$25 promo code” Do yourselves a favor and spend the extra renting from another service, seriously. Getaround has charged me without my consent, ignored emails, and badgered me via phone. They try to wrap up all their infidelities with a little bow and a cheap promo code to use within ... 90 days.. like even when they apologize they’re still selling you. Try any other rental service, LITERALLY any other service. You may spend more but you won’t be charged insane fees and have your car break down on the side of the road. I don’t expect much to be done about my past experiences but I will not be going with them again, happy renting ya’ll !
  • only like 10 cities overall!! 1/5

    By jhgffdrttyh
    u should add more cities especially for florida because theres only miami!
  • Y far the best service I’ve received on all rideshare rental options 5/5

    By MyNameIsFree
    This is GENUIS! I’ve had a few issues with car cleanliness or a car not starting but any and all the agents have been extremely professional... empathetic and knowledgeable. By the time I get off the phone I’m more then pleased . They don’t make excuses or blame other people. They recognize the issue and fix it immediately . I e literally rented a car from them every day for two weeks . I love that you don’t ha e to wait in line. You truly do book the car . Once to the location the app locks on on your signal and unlocks the car remotely. You check the gas and for damages and you’re on your way . Literally a five minute process . This company is going places . Very convenient . And it fits my schedule and life . I almost don’t want to tell people bc I want to keep this little secret to myself . I recommend that everyone try it .
  • Getaround sets the standard for customer service 5/5

    By MilllllllllllllllllI
    I’ve been renting cars for a bit and even now they are a fairly new service on my area. While I have had issues with the app and some car mechanical issues I can’t blame them for it. They always go out of their way to compensate me for any lost time or to reschedule my trips when I’ve been inconvenienced. Always friendly and understanding.
  • Extending trips fails 1/5

    By Frank Saldana
    It’s been several updates and the extend trip functionality is still broken. This is a feature that used to work reliably and provided peace of mind. Now I have to call, and the reservation doesn’t update so if I have to extend again the support phone number isn’t even available.
  • Slow and not convenient 1/5

    By cmm0812
    I don’t have a Facebook account and wish they would’ve given an email enrollment option. After using a Facebook account that I created to sign up, it is still taking them time to complete the approval process. It’s been two days.
  • No social media 1/5

    By Barista us 185
    I really want to use this app but I don’t have a Facebook. Sad. It looks like a good app though, is there any other way you can verify identity? I don’t even use social media.
  • Glitch Much? 3/5

    By MsMilaJ
    Glitchy and customer service is just ok. You try to book with Uber and it doesn't connect with Uber. Or either the inspection of the car doesn't go through. There's always issues, I'm always getting promo codes bcz of their constant glitches. It's annoying I'm switching to Fair.
  • Bugs abound 1/5

    By Vikmet
    Both the app and the website are extremely buggy. I've struggled for over an hour to make a reservation, but either the payment would not process or I would get a gateway error. Both on the app and on the website. I even called my card company and everything is fine at that end.
  • Used to be amazing! 3/5

    By Movannnv
    I loved this app! It was so easy and simple to use. $5 an hour to rent a car was so great. Since they updated their pricing I’m lucky if I can find a car for $8 an hour which kind of defeats the purpose of the “as low as $4” they got a lot of us on board. It started out as something great and now they are just money hungry. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be using their service. Hopefully they go back to the $5 an hour because when I last looked a trip for 5 hours was $55 before the booking. That’s disgusting.
  • Uber effective 5/5

    By Fest101
    I was able to signup quickly and the credit really boost the opportunity to go ahead tryout the platform. Thank you Uber and Getaround.
  • Process 5/5

    By CocoLeCheChe
    The process was easy. I loved how convenient it was to get to the car and how easy it was to get in, use etc
  • GetAround Steals Uber Drivers Money 1/5

    By proriderdriver
    GetAround will charge your card a extra $15 dollars if you go 7 minutes over your cutoff time. This app is designed for only GetAround to make money and take advantage of Uber Drivers paying$5 a hr plus gas.Uber Drivers use this app with caution because it’s very difficult to make money based on GetArounds business model.
  • Lacking customer service, and will surprise charge you after trip is done 1/5

    By nicenicenicenicenicenicexnnz
    They only allow you to enter the app through Facebook. I got logged out during a trip and was unable to get back in due to a technical error. After speaking to 6 customer service agents, they all kept passing me on to the next to avoid dealing with the issue. 3 weeks later I am unable to get in and they completely ignored it. I also wake up to a 50 dollar gas charge because they claimed I didn’t fill up. I have photo evidence that I did. You may get a car for the day but don’t expect that to be the end of the charges coming to your account.
  • Don’t use this app, horrid experience 1/5

    By Hellokitty678
    I’ve used this app >5 times because I had one good experience and every time they screwed up afterwards I always thought it was a fluke. Some of my issues include: - The car not being where it was parked - not being allowed to park the car in the correct spot because the app thought you were parking it too far away - having to call support when I really shouldn’t have to to get a refund - not easy to reach support line/unhelpful support employees - an app that deals with renting cars shouldn’t have so many glitches, it’s dangerous
  • Loving Getaround! 5/5

    By 1029NYC
    Have been using Getaround since over 2 years ago. What a great way to get a car for quick trip or to run some errands! There were few minor issues with car locations handful of times, this to be said their customer service is on point with quick and efficient help. Always a great experience.
  • Unreliable for important events 1/5

    By Jackdaniels87
    I had family in town and had to rent a larger vehicle. We weren't able to access the car, so we were late to our event and had to take alternate transportation. Get around should have reserve cars or figure out a way to properly reimburse their customers. I wouldn't recommend them for time sensitive situations
  • Excellent Costumer Support 5/5

    By Romaldana
    A very efficient Customer Support makes the difference! Getaround is the best way to rent a car downtown: flexibility, good prices and excellent Customer care. 100% recommended.
  • Privacy 2/5

    By Meli021056
    Does not give users the option to not share their location.
  • AWFUL APP!!!! 1/5

    By Jsway16
    From a 1st time reviewer: I’ve had the worst experiences using this thing. Drivers not putting the car in the right location, Key won’t work (2 separate instances), no gas. It’s absurd the amount of BS I’ve gone though with this app that’s supposed to be convenient. I do not recommend whatsoever.
  • Broke my toe nail for nothing 1/5

    By jeovanax3
    Why would you let me rent a car that is out of state?! And then not answer the phone when I’m calling customer support. I’m here waiting for an answer with my toe bleeding out
  • Surprisingly Great First Experience! Would Recommend! 5/5

    By AmeliaBdelia
    After a rough start with Getaround this week - the car I’d booked was in an accident and ended up being unavailable, and then there were no available cars in Manhattan - the customer service team went above and beyond to rectify the error and place me in a new car in time for our trip. The car we rented, an awesome ford hybrid suv, was easy to find, clean, well equipped for our trip, and the return process was just as seamless. Getaround is a great & affordable alternative to Turo. Hoping they’ll get more cars in Manhattan and Brooklyn to make car-sharing and renting even more easy!
  • needs Aux/Bluetooth filter 4/5

    By AnaLilia9615
    Overall, a great company and good rental option. When getting a rental car for road trips, having a music option is integral for me. Sounds silly, but it would be a game changer to be able to search cars by this feature.
  • Used to love Getaround 1/5

    By Bic61333
    I had been driving using Getaround for months now and I used to really love it. It was pretty convenient and affordable to drive for Uber using a Getaround car. 5/hr isn’t bad! Suddenly I get an email saying that they will no longer be doing 5/hr but flexible rates, so that rides could be cheaper. I’ve looked all week and they’ve all been higher!!! A 3hr rental that would have been $15+ $1 booking fee is now $22! Ridiculous! No one asked for this!!! My car rental was canceled randomly in the middle of the night and they gave me a $10 code for my “inconvenience” that’s not barely an hour and a half of a rental! To make up for a days work! GETAROUND YOU'RE TRASH!!!
  • All in the name!!!! 5/5

    By itsrolin
    Getaround is amazing it’s simple straight forward right on your phone. I’ve used both android an iOS apps, the selection of cars are endless clean well maintained. The best way to experience is check it out for fewdays go somewhere or get some errands done for a few hours in whatever car fits your lifestyle or impress a girl or your friends.... Getaround!!!!!!
  • Just horrible 1/5

    By SesimaniMakahili
    The way they verify identity is beyond retarded
  • Thank you for removing Facebook account requirement 5/5

    By Dollop of Daisy
    Used to be a big getaround fan. Then facebook’s data privacy violations started leaking 2 years ago. Had to stop using the app as I got rid of my Facebook account. Now I can use my google account which still kinda stinks, but at least I don’t have to use Facebook! Happy to be a customer again :-).
  • Works well 5/5

    By Josho231
    I use this company to drive for Uber. It’s a little on the pricey side, in comparison to using other rental companies. However, if you don’t have a lump sum of money to deposit or need a short term rental, this is a great solution.
  • Facebook required 1/5

    By Chad34758934
    Getaround allowed me to login with Google first, but to actually rent a car, Facebook login is required with access to my entire friends list, which I can only speculate is used to sell to the highest bidder. And besides, it’s 2019, does anyone under 40 use Facebook? Also, server error pop ups abound.
  • Awful customer service 1/5

    My girlfriend called Getaround to ask for help in fixing a glitch in the app. She sent all the documents that they asked for. Initially, they said that the glitch will be fixed in 2 hours. That 2 hours became 24 hours and then 48 hours. The problem wasn’t fixed. It seems the service is run either by lazy or incompetent people.
  • costumer service is cool 5/5

    By Intelmnd
  • Precio 4/5

    By master9029
    Un poco más cómodo
  • Good app 3/5

    By 215wp
    I love this app it is awesome only thing is they need more cars in Philly
  • They will play with your time and your money 1/5

    By De510
    I started using Getaround carshare as an alternative to using my personal vehicle to drive for Uber. The flexibility, ease of use and low rental costs were attractive to me. However the fact is the quality of the vehicles they allow you to rent are very poor and sometimes unsafe. I’ve completed 8 drive with Uber Getaround trips so far. On two of those trips the car had virtually no gasoline at the beginning of the trip, forcing me to pay for my gas and the persons gas who started before me. Almost none of them had the Uber trade dress (charger and phone jack) like they say they do in the vehicle descriptions forcing me to buy my own. And above all, the reason I’m writing this review is because the car I rented today to drive for Uber actually broke down on me. As soon as I went to drive I quickly noticed a check engine light on and a loud hissing/growling noise from the engine of the vehicle. Obviously I couldn’t continue to drive the car. Getarouds solution to this was to tell me to end the trip and sent me a 15 dollar promo code. Yes, that was not a typo, 15 dollars in exchange for a whole nights work and an hour on public transit to get to the car. I am not someone who sits around and writes angry reviews, this isn’t a habit of mine, but I’m telling you they will waste your time and your money. I would advise you to do what I am about to to and check out maven or fair or gig car share or any other one of their competitors that may show at least a modicum of regard for the condition of their vehicles.
  • Janky app 1/5

    By M4DFl4Vor
    Kept telling me I was not connected or that cars weren’t available even though they appeared under the dates I needed them. Then I was charged for a car without any notification from the app I only found out through email. Don’t waste your time.
  • Easy and affordable 5/5

    By commuteboop
    I’ve rented 3 getarounds do far. It’s really saved me time, money, and stress when I need to commute for work meetings. The hourly rental is perfect for my needs. And there’s so many options near where I live.
  • Kudos 5/5

    By buddhachris427
    Great app great Hotline Support very understanding staff. I will definitely use this app again. Had a bit of a glitch initially; I had to login into the website versus the app...took me a couple of days to to figure that out but other than that everything on this app is A OK
  • Incredibly Glitchy 1/5

    By Operaemmy
    I’ve rented from GetAround a few times now and while the first few times were smooth and seamless, the last couple of times have been incredibly glitchy. The glitches are causing me to spend too much time on the phone with Customer Support, who are quite slow in their diagnosis.
  • False advertising 1/5

    By DopeItsJamal
    Do not, I repeat, do not book cars with this app! Let me tell you what Getaround doesn’t when you book their cars to do Uber: drivers are not required to clean the cars before returning them. Therefore you will pick up a dirty car and they will expect you to come out out pocket to clean it. I rented three cars and all of therm were filthy when I picked them up. Also, non of the cars I rented had phone holders as advertised. Their is a 200 mile cap on the cars, which is a big downside if you want to do Uber. Lastly and most important, you can not take Getaround cars to LAX! Yeah that’s right. Their advertising on the app and almost all of the car listings says the cars have LAX plaques. That’s false! I learned that the hard way. Save your money and rent elsewhere.

    By Fabieuro
    Tried signing up and the app failed several times and was not able to upload correctly finally just gave up on it. Spend more time on you’re and get it to function first GETAROUND!!!
  • Can’t even get past the sign up part! 4/5

    By Dlavitt
    I am excited to use this app but it won’t let me in past the sign up part, it says that the picture isn’t able to connect to the server. How am I supposed to get in and use the app?
  • Great and easy 5/5

    By joe hogc
    The prices are great and the Service and cars are great as well
  • Still requires Facebook 1/5

    By Stevendcoffey
    I was really excited to get the update that allows you to log in to Getaround without a Facebook. But now, when I get the checkout page, I still have to verify my identity, with, you guessed it, Facebook. Logic begs the question, what on earth was the point of allowing more Oauth providers if I still cannot use the service without a Facebook account? You already are verifying my driver’s license, the idea that Facebook, of all services, provides a reputable second layer of authenticity is mind-boggling. Fire your PM of account management and take my money already.
  • Doesn’t make it easy. 1/5

    By skennedy789
    The location of my car according to the app’s GPS marker was incorrect, as the car simply wasn’t there. Had to cancel the reservation and was left without transportation as nothing else was available. Not using this app again. Turo was more reliable.
  • Privacy? Only Facebook or Google to log in? 2/5

    By Tinycube
    No way to authenticate with this app unless you use Facebook or google. Wouldn’t do it.
  • Sign up is so clunky! 1/5

    By Mks2016**
    I got a reference from a friend with a $20off promotion, and somehow had to register 3x and then merge accounts before I was even able to open the app. By the time I did all that it told me I didn’t qualify for the promotion anymore bc I had already used it?! I haven’t even been able to rent a car yet!!
  • Quick and easy! 5/5

    By JayeBellaDonna
    My first experience using getaround was super quick and easy I thought it was going to be a bit complicated with all the instructions and things that you have to ready but honestly the app during pick up made it much easier and I'm hoping my second trip this Friday will be even more awesome
  • A great platform for rental cars availability 5/5

    By Sunday Ogbu
    I picked up a car with a 75% full tank (gasoline) and returned it with a 100% full tank (policy). Without expediting, Getaround refunded my excess fuel cost. That was impressive as there were no back and forth correspondence to that effect.

Getaround - Instant Car Rental app comments

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