Getaround - Instant Car Rental

Getaround - Instant Car Rental

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Getaround - Instant Car Rental App

Getaround makes carsharing easy! Instantly rent and unlock great cars nearby from your phone. Our car rental platform provides over 5 million users with instant access to car rentals, by the hour or day. Own a car? Make $1,000s to offset the high costs of car ownership by sharing your car on Getaround. Joining is easy. Just download the app and start renting a wide variety of cars, from a Toyota to a Tesla––no subscription is required. Insurance and roadside assistance are included. Find and book the perfect car for any occasion for as low as $3 an hour––Getaround is your transportation solution for road trips, errands, commutes, and weekend getaways. Unlock with your phone, and you’re ready to go. IT’S GO TIME.

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Getaround - Instant Car Rental app reviews

  • This entire app is a scam 1/5

    By DisneyPrince
    Overpriced, secret frees and charges. Don’t waste your time with this app.
  • Worst experience 1/5

    By Hossain174
    The first car that I rented won’t unlock. When I called them they issued me a promo code for my next trip and a refund only covering the license and booking fee, not the rent fee. The next trip car doesn’t have any keys. This time also they covered the license and booking fee. Now, I have spent 27 dollars(after the refunds) for 0 trips and they are not even returning me that fee.
  • Don’t Rent From Them 1/5

    By RGAWReal
    I booked a reservation a month before my vacation in june, and the day I’ve arrived ready to receive my car it took me a whole hour searching for the car. I took two different taxis for the owner pick up location just to never see the car. Once I’ve got the car I never the car and had to speak to customer service for a hour just for them to tell they couldn’t get a different car for me. The only problem was that the host said the battery was dead lol. I booked the car for 10 days of my vacation it was there L… Waste of time
  • Now Worse than Rental Companies 1/5

    By HD Thoughts
    Been using Getaround for a couple of years. Loved the idea of renting a car for a few hours rather than the whole day, and their convenience stashed around the city. But now the prices have increased significantly, and the cars are just fleet leases from people that don’t maintain or care about their cleanliness. They charge random fees like “license processing” even though I’ve been using the app for years without it. They also charge a over $400 for a rental and “refund it in 7 days of your trip” for what’s supposed to be a $40 3 hour rental. Honestly at this point its easier and cleaner to use a normal rental car company, and less hassle. They’re scattered around my city too making it just as convenient.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By kiki08123
    Their communication is HORRIBLE THEY HAVE YET REFUND ME MY $741.20 that they said would be refunded I will NEVER RENT WITH THEM EVER AGAIN. & the host of the car HORRIBLE THE CAR HEADLIGHTS WAS OUT THE CAR STANK SO BAD & their was NO GAS ON THE PICK UP.
  • Bad services 1/5

    By 11975yunga
    This company is doing bad. They blocked my account and wouldn’t give you a reason as to why. You have to wait too long for verification process after you done paid off your overdue balance. I hope this company goes to dry because they will not seek to help your account.
  • Doesn’t work! 1/5

    By Cweetrick
  • Crappy service 1/5

    By ssssmmmmmhhhhh
    Suspended my account for no reason and doesn't tell me why or how to fix the issue.
  • App does not work 1/5

    By mickey2324453
    Waste of time. Turo is better. App won’t open
  • Good idea, poor execution 1/5

    By captben7
    Good idea, wanted to like it. App doesn’t work though so it’s useless.
  • Nightmare experience 1/5

    By Anya D Night
    I went with a friend to pick up a car he booked. When the booking time came, the car was suddenly in a far away residential area. It cost $20 to take a taxi to it. Then, it didn’t open. We spent ages being shuffled between the host, the robot customer service called Greta (that we nicknamed Re-greta-ble, and multiple customer service reps who were all useless in resolving the problem. After over an hour, missing out on our entire planned vacation excursion for the day completely, and some sun burns from standing outside in the Hawaiian summer going over and over the car unlock protocols, all we had was an offer to compensate us with A 35 DOLLAR COUPON FOR THE NEXT TRIP. Getaround, there won’t be a next trip!! They didn’t even offer to compensate the additional $20 to return from the residential area to our lodging where the car was ORIGINALLY supposed to be. They did offer a $25 payment for the original taxi, but closed the ticket before paying it or letting us follow up. Generous! /s
  • Piss poor system. I’ve had enough 1/5

    By No Name O.G
    I have been inundated with false gas charges every time I rent. I have to call and prove they’re wrong every single time, and every time I’m held up at least 12 to 24 hours before it’s resolved. Piss poor system
  • Scam 1/5

    By Varietyvlogs tv on yt
    Thieves they steal your money stay away!
  • Be wary of extra charges 1/5

    By kay759
    I followed all instructions as best I could. I was charged much later for an improper return fee saying I didn’t park it in the radius given. I was never given a radius of where it had to be just the guidance it needed to be “free street parking for 24 hrs.” No location requirements given. The app was not user friendly because none of this was disclosed as we attempted to close things out and I was charged 15 days later and I argued it because the features they claimed got me the charge were never available to me.
  • Beware 1/5

    By MaddenMan216
    Friend recently rented a vehicle in which had minor marks on bumper when arrived to pick it up. Didn’t think anything of it but after driving off noticed issues with the car and reported something was wrong. After returning car, the owner of the car blamed damage on us and our card was charged $1,400. Currently looking to file a lawsuit because app should make sure rented vehicles are documented, checked and approved for renting so that future users of the app aren’t scammed into paying for someone else damaged vehicle.
  • False advertising 1/5

    By eyob001
    It’s not $5 an hr even with cheapest, damaged, dirty car. 1 hr of use is nearly 3xs the rate advertised. You’ll need to set up an account before you can see all this so prepare for daily text messages and emails.
  • DO NOT USE 1/5

    By mfeinstein52
    They don’t tell you the exact location of the rental car until 15 minutes before your rental starts. This means that you’d better be close to the rental other wise you may have to spend 40 minutes getting to it eating up your rental time. Additionally I’d say, the person who’s car you are renting forgets they have their car on there you may find out the car is 10 hours away in a different state 15 minutes before you’re supposed to pick it up. Also the car I got was 100% not safe. The power stealing squealed whenever I turned the car, and there was something wrong with the transmission as the 0-30 was about 60 seconds. So not use this app!
  • Lack of concern 1/5

    By LG102017
    We had just flown in out of state for a trip and when we went to pick up the car, we could not get it to open. We went ahead and called customer service and found out that they were notified 20 minutes BEFORE we called them that the battery was dead. They did not bother to update us on that and they took their sweet time to get us promo code that supposedly price matched us but we still ended up having to pay. We called to ask for reimbursement and they have to still get approval for it. I do not recommend get-around AT ALL. Pay the extra fees with Turo.
  • Crap 1/5

    By Feed the world
    Trash app fascists run this trash of an app! Would rate negative-5 stars if i could
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By sonrohan
    Guy wouldn’t pickup his phone to buzz me into the building. Support forces you to call, and then when they call they need to forward your request to another team to even cancel your trip and refund you. The support person didn’t seem to understand the extremely easy to understand issue either. Pretty useless.
  • For your own safety, don't use Getaround 1/5

    By Lazarus Riley
    My friend and I rented a car through this service to go camping. The car's alternator died on the way home. We were then stranded 4 hours from home, without any help from Getaround. After waiting on the side of the road for 4 hours, Getaround had the car towed to a nearby lot and left us to fend for ourselves. Luckily, the tow truck driver let us ride with him to the lot, which was close to a town with Amtrak bus service back home. We had to walk 2 mi along a narrow hwy in the heat to get to the town, rent a room last min for a one night stay, and then buy last minute bus/train tickets home. All told, we got home over 40 hrs after we initially left. I probably called Getaround customer support 10 times. They have no local support staff, so they were suggesting I call an Uber or rent another Getaround, which was impossible as we were in a remote part of Northern California. It was clear that they had no protocol for a situation like this. Eventually, I just told them that I would be sending receipts for all additional costs incurred from the situation, and I expected them to reimburse me. To make matters worse, we also discovered that the vehicle we rented had an expired registration. All told, this seems like a service that has extremely poor oversight of its vendors' vehicles, and absolutely no support for users who find themselves in extraordinary and dangerous circumstances. I would really suggest just sticking with the traditional car rental companies and not using car sharing services like this. I certainly won't be after this incident.
  • No cars to rent 1/5

    No more cars in daly city area
  • The Wrost experience EVER! 1/5

    By Suzie2427
    In the beginning everything was fine I made my trip 45 mins away from where I lived with my 2 children. When I had to leave to come back home around 8:45 when I started driving back home that is things started to go wrong. Everything was fine for about 30 minutes or so until I reach the entrance for to my town. I was in the process of switching lanes when I realize that the speed odometer was gradually slowing on in speed. As I realize that I try to cautiously pull over before the car stopped in the middle of the highway. I was in the car with my 2 children. I safely pull over. I try to restart the car and the car did not restart. Finally I realize I had to call for assistance using my triple A services. I was waiting for 1hr and 25mins in the dark high way with my Children's until a AAA staff appeared. The time this happens was 12:20 am and at 1:50 am the road side assistance came. I had trouble looking for a ride but thankfully found one I was 30 minutes away from my home at that time of night. This experience was scary and extremely stressful for me and my children. I didn’t think I would have gone through this with this car rental that is suppose to be safe for people to drive. The worst part is that Never received a refund. Customer service was useless just a back and fourth. I don’t recommend these company when you need to solve a problem they are completely unreliable and they try to hold you accountable for the problems of the owners car.
  • Seems to unfairly charge customers 1/5

    By Jsaintjames
    I've used get around countless times but am just learning about a string of unsual charges and customer abuse for their rentals. I don't want to use this app ever again after learning that you are 100% liable for any breakdowns that happen to occur while you're renting the car. It's insane because their customer doesn't maintain the car.. why are they being faulted for it? It's odd. So I'd like other people to be aware. Google it first and see the stories
  • Horrendous Customer Service 1/5

    By UnhappyCustomer12334567
    They have no direct line for users to call, outside of when you are on a trip and it’s only for emergency. Meaning if you are unfairly charged after a trip, need an account update, or just something basic goes wrong you have to wait days to get a response that will most likely be completely useless and unhelpful. I have been dealing with Getaround “happiness” support for over two weeks now and can never get a response until 2-3 days later. Deeply unhappy with this service and highly recommend using ANY other car rental service
  • Great except for one thing 4/5

    By GrowWithItGirl
    Love this service. My only complaint has to do with changing pickup times. If you need to extend your trip, it’s as easy as adding the desired amount of time and if the car is available you just pay for the extra time. However, to make the pickup time earlier, you have to cancel the entire trip, then rebook it. This wouldn’t be that big of a deal except when you cancel you’re still charged for a portion of the original booking so you end up paying more for the same service. This seems unfair.
  • Convenient, but disappointing. 2/5

    By GhostfaceGlock
    And I say convenient because of the rental options compared to rental agencies like Hertz and Avis, and because there’s no rental agreement. It’s disappointing because most of the time, Getaround charges you for missing fuel after returning the car with a full tank of gas. Almost every rental I’ve had, I had to contact customer service for a refund over missing fuel charges that should have never hit my account.
  • Dirty cars and wxhorbitant late charges for being 5-10 mins late 1/5

    By Rajan 007
    Terrible experience…dirty car and horrendous late charges … Terrible experience…,car was very dirty…had drinks packages and stench. Also, I was charged 50 dollar llate fee on $70 rental for being 10 mins late…how does Getaround justify this nickle and diming customers?
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By ... f this apl
    This app dosen’t even deserve a star ! the guy canceled our trip a week before it and there was no explanation and I could not speak with anyone in customer service like they would be any help. DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP
  • Use Turo if you need a reliable vehicle 1/5

    By lolakhaj
    I want to love this app. I do a lot of traveling for work and some experiences with Getaround have worked out. However I now have had multiple bookings cancelled day-of without any explanation or help from customer service, and I have also had a car break down and not start up and need to be towed from another state (and I was stuck, and left on my own without help or reimbursement from Getaround for another rental). Said car that broke down during my rental was one of the jankiest vehicles I’ve never seen, check engine light was on and there was a sign that said “DO NOT REMOVE KEYS FROM IGNITION!” - which was NOT okay because I had expensive gear in the car on my way to a job. They clearly do not inspect or screen cars on this app. You get what you pay for. If you need a reliable car to get to work, use Turo. This app can work, but do not rely on your Getaround bookings if you really need the car. Additionally, months ago, I had thought it may work well to rent my own car out in this app while I am traveling! I submitted my info on Getaround’s site and was told a representative would reach out to complete the process. I never heard anything at all. This app has potential, but is not reliable.
  • Luxury cars like Tesla and Benz cant be rented out 2/5

    By zarrion sr
    Found out very late in the onboarding process that luxury cars like Benz and Tesla are ineligible to host on the platform. Only medium range cars like Toyota and Honda could be rented out.
  • Host Nightmare; car ruined by homeless renters 2/5

    By Jay Chodagam
    I've had my car listed on Getaround for the past 4 years. While in the past, there had been issues with renters damaging my vehicle, Getaround was good about fairly compensating me for the cost of repairs, replacement of lost parts and loss of use income. But this past year has been a nightmare. Three times in 12 months, renters have used my car to live in. With their pets and everything. They overstayed the rental period which caused the vehicle to lock them out. Some have tried to break into Getaround Connect system to override it. Trashed my vehicle. Cigarette smoke or weed smell reeking on the inside. My car was tracked, sometimes over an hour away, and was towed back because the renters walked away with the keys. It was a huge amount of time and energy to get estimates on all the damage, replace missing parts, smoke odor detailing and fight with Getaround Claims department to get reimbursed. While Getaround support is cordial, their Claims dept is apathetic. My car was in the shop for 30 days waiting for parts and clearance from Getaround for payment. Claims deny that they are responsible for the loss of use. They keep copy/pasting terms/conditions that only after 15 days in shop will they compensate. And only up to 30 days. Apparently although my car was in the shop beyond 30 days, the job doesn't take that long accord to their rules. Parts are back ordered all over the world. And why am I responsible for this when it was caused during a rental? The last renter had abused my car and kept it running for 12 hours at a stretch, probably to avoid getting locked out, if he switched off. This was information I got from the Getaround agent. That has caused engine damage the shop provided an estimate. Getaround won't cover it. And it's not like Getaround is paying from their pocket. They charge the renter for damages or the insurance company Sedgwick. Their apathy towards hosts is unacceptable. I've pulled the plug and taken my car off their platform. Besides the fact that they screwed me over for damages caused by the renter, I've given them feedback several times to have a system where hosts can review the track record of renters and only rent to those they feel comfortable. Like on Airbnb or eBay. They haven't done squat. And the result is ongoing abuse of my vehicle.
  • Poor customer service is an understatement 1/5

    By Mfisher411
    I cannot recommend anybody use Getaround after a terrible experience on our trip that is still following us. The bad experience starts when my fiancé rented a vehicle, which was canceled 2 days before the beginning of our trip. However, we were only notified only 2 hours before pick up time that the vehicle was canceled, as we landed at the airport. We then proceeded to wait roughly 2-3 hours to get confirmation on another vehicle, and during that time we were cycled through 2-3 more cars that were subsequently canceled. Additionally, we were forced to pay for a slightly more expensive vehicle and were not compensated for this in any way. After using the vehicle for a few days, another driver very slowly backed into the front of the car in a parking lot as we left a busy concert venue. Based on the photos we submitted to Getaround when we first picked up the vehicle, there was no additional damage that was not already there when we picked up the car, but we filed a claim anyways to do our due diligence, including submitting the other driver's insurance information and license plate. We then received a $480 charge to our credit card, stating we are responsible for non-existent damages. This shows there was no attempt to contact the other driver despite our claim and incident report stating other driver was at fault, and/or that they did not actually review the pre and post-rental photos before charging us. In summary, Getaround did not A) respond well or promptly enough to our vehicle cancellation and swap, which cost us a significant wait time and B) did not their job when assessing damages or contacting the other driver. Either the company is incompetent or they're just out to bleed their drivers' wallets. We will be further addressing this with customer service, disputing the charge and reporting to the BBB if we find their explanation lacking.
  • Terrible excuse for a car rental company 1/5

    By joedeangelo
    I booked a Jeep Grand Cherokee 3 weeks in advance for a weekend trip. When I went to pick up the car at noon on a Friday, I could not locate it so I called the Getaround customer support line. After waiting 15 minutes to speak to someone, they informed me that the car was damaged and they would have to cancel my reservation. The only similar car available in my area was $400 more for the reservation period. After spending another half hour on the phone, they informed me the best they could do was a promo code for $25 off. They knew the car was damaged but they neglected to let me know until 15 minutes AFTER my reservation started and only after I called them. Terrible experience, beware!
  • Be careful of this scams company 1/5

    By Davees36
    I have rented an old car 2010 Toyota Corolla full of scratch and when I picked up the car was dark at night and I didn’t notice some small crack on the windshield even when I delivered the car I didn't notice that Crack because it's didn't exist at the time I give the car back and 100% happen in the parking time after I left the car end up my trip... Now they're trying to charge me nonsense of $3000 fees like they are doing with a lot of others who had the same experience... Since the car owners can get a new paint job for any small scratch and wear and tear on their car and good luck with proving it... Stay away from this company if you don't want to be scammed... I Have warned you..!!!
  • Racist platform, BIPOC do not use 1/5

    By kimaniphai
    They deactivate BIPOC without any reasoning. I used this service for about two years. I booked whenever I was out of town with no problems. I follow the rules of the owner and the company. I only had good reviews. The last reservation I made was in LA. When I made another reservation, it said my account was blocked. I contacted customer service and they gave me no reasoning to why my account was blocked. I had no outstanding fees nor was my license suspended. The only conclusion I could come up with was that I was a person of color. You have to provide a picture on the app. I strongly believe that I was discriminated giants based on my race. The same thing happened to my friend who is also a person of color. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH THIS APP!
  • Used Twice, and Now Never 1/5

    By @eddiefndiaz
    I filled my rental car until the handle stopped working, checked that the fuel gauge was full and topped off. I made the mistake of not filling up the car once before so I knew to fill the car. Getaround charged me $9.41 because their fuel meter said the car was at 94% for 0.714 gallons.. Not worth it for Uber. As a customer, I feel cheated.
  • Bad experience, good support 3/5

    By GenericNickname789
    Opaque pricing and mileage limits. Crummy app and driver experience. Support was helpful and available. Car was great.
  • Won’t use again 1/5

    By IntraShell
    They over charged me like almost $100 then charged me another $20 without asking for no reason does not tell me what it is for. Just that they charged me. Bad be sure to prepare your drop off at least two hours in advance. No because according to you I was in on toll road while I was at work.
  • Stay far away they will take your money!!!!!! 1/5

    By gvskzf
    This is a 0 star company very poor policy and customer service they always trying to get you out of money my cousin and I had to return a car at 4:30 in the morning and we trying to get in contact with them and the owner on where to drop the car at and couldn’t so they had cut the car off on there end the car couldn’t move no more for us to return it and then they charge my cousin card 750 dollars and we had boy rented for a few ours it’s more to the story it was just terrible I will neve recommend this company to any one just stay far away it’s a scam!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡
  • DO NOT USE 1/5

    By erica jayy
    The host on my first trip cancelled my rental due to the previous reservation being 3 hours away. I wasn’t informed until I was already in an Uber going to the location. I called customer service and they refused to refund me my expenses for having to take an Uber there and back home (i was expecting to go home in a rental) and got stranded downtown. Horrible first experience will never use this crap again. Please use a more established rental service if you don’t wanna be inconvenienced.
  • Bad service, cars are in terrible condition 1/5

    By Lil’ Joey
    Avoid using this app. The cars are in terrible condition - most are owned by a single LLC that doesn’t take care of their cars. The one I rented broke down a soon after I started driving, and GetAround refused to refund me - they even charge me extra time for when the car was on the tow truck! Still dealing with it weeks later.
  • Be careful 1/5

    By honestly_amazing
    Be very careful when using this app. When you have an issue you have to strictly use email and they will charge you for something you didn’t do. For example, I was charged for a smoking fee and I don’t even smoke. Prior to this rental I had rented about 3 other vehicles and no issues. The car I rented smelled like paint thinner and I had issues with the transmission and the car wouldn’t start. I had to call to and they eventually started it from a remote location. I’m addition, no one tried to accommodate me in the process.
  • Overcharged for beat up cars 1/5

    By sometin good
    You get charged above market rate and charged multiple times. Didn’t fill up gas to completely fill and got charged 10$/gallon.
  • Car wasn’t there and there is no resolution for ruined plans 2/5

    By Caleb Kierum
    They let me rent a car that had its location logged a whole 11 hours ago… spent a good 20 minutes searching the area in case the coordinate was off but nothing. Other cars offered are far away or more expensive now that it’s last minute. They didn’t offer so much as a sorry. Just another company that wants to profit off of making irresponsible connections between strangers.
  • worst 1/5

    By derryl dickerson
    After reading the bad comments about this app i end up trying the app myself. Regret the fact i even wasted my time even trying. I booked a car a month in advance before my trip, comes to find out the car had a low battery the day i arrived out of town. Its crazy i didn't receive a email or text messages from customer service or the owner. i spent $30 to get to the car just for it not to be there.
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By Peej H
    I don’t like that it doesn’t tell you the area of where the car is located. 2 miles can be a different borough in NY. Also don’t like that I’m unable to read the cars reviews.
  • Can’t get a car 1/5

    By gv0
    When I was referred to get this app because of the approval process would take less than a day to approve me and I’ve been waiting since may 6th 2022 for that approval and it’s June 8th 2022 . This is crazy I wouldn’t recommend this app .
  • App experience infuriating 3/5

    By AlexOtu
    A number of times now the app showed an incorrect fuel gauge reading at the end of the trip. I get charged a fuel fee based on this inaccurate fuel gauge read. 2-3 business days after I submit a request I get reimbursed. Is this a feature or a bug? It is exasperating!