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GTL’s GettingOut mobile app is rooted in the power of relationships. It provides simple and reliable communication between inmates and their family and friends -- allowing them to stay connected, even on the go! With our free mobile app, you can easily make deposits, send and receive messages with our new and improved messaging feature, send photos and videos (select facilities), manage contacts and more. Download the GettingOut app today!

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  • Nowhere does it explain how to put money on the inmates end 1/5

    By taylormanna
    I have wasted so much money and my fiancé still can’t message me. I spend $40 in to days and it’s still saying he has no money on his end. I called and the lady barely spoke English and 30 mins wasted on the phone and got absolutely NOWHERE

    By Deveighchase
    WHERE DO I BEGIN!!! The glitches, links that don’t go anywhere, site buttons that don’t work, calls constantly do not connect or are cutoff….I could go on and on! There is no reason for this company to be getting millions of dollars from consumes and the government and the app does not work. I could if it was one or two issues but no, it’s FULL of issues at every single junction!!! GET IT TOGETHER
  • Don’t add funds, won’t let you msg even if you do 1/5

    By JeepersSleepers
    This app/service is either a scam or so badly operated that it’s non-functional. I’ve added funds to my account and the inmate account and it still won’t let me message. It’s quick to process the deposits but won’t send a message even with available funds.
  • What the F 1/5

    By cashvow
    It won’t let me do anything.
  • Dnt use it 1/5

    By axsnjeodm
    I added $10 it charges $3 more. But I never got to write 1 message. I seen a message to me and it said I didn’t have funds even after the $10 was added. I added another $10 still nothing I tried to upload some pics and it took the pics but when I press on the pick another screen comes up really quick and then disappears and it looks like that screen is asking me to put a check mark on something but it leaves so quick I can’t never see it. So they got me for $26 and that’s how they will get everyone due to any money is money to this system
  • Horrible , scammers 1/5

    By iris22267
    They just take your money all the time and the app never works , you contact “ customer service “ and they never answer the phone or reply to emails.
  • Terrible 1/5

    This app needs to be seriously repaired for the jail to Have access - all this money I can’t seem to understand why they provide us with a service that still has all these glitches.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By ahwalt
    This app is garbage!!! Fix it!!
  • Works Until You Pay 1/5

    By j2nice78
    Got the app today. Worked fine until I deposited funds. After that, it stopped working. All I get is a loading screen. Basically, once you pay, the app breaks. Complete garbage.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By crystalangel04
    The app only lets me see the messages but won’t sent any from my side. I hope they do an update or something to fix the issues.
  • Wishful thinking and hopes shattered 1/5

    By Rein jb
    This app is very temperamental and a waste of time something that can be so simple you spend so much time trying to figure it out. Account set up is not easy and once you add money and the account is verified with the code still unable to respond to the messages. What’s the point of adding the money and still being unable to use the app. I’m over it and money wasted that could have been spent on my daughter actually talking to her dad there’s the hope of the photos down the drain .
  • 409 Error 1/5

    By myy2Ys
    I have been asked to verify my email forever and everytime I try to do so it gives me a 409 error and refuses to verify my account. I have sent in my drivers license and selfie and still no option to add my loved one as a contact. And it seems they have no customer support. This is ridiculous
  • This shy 1/5

    By fed up and mad boutIt
    This app is HORRIBLE I absolutely hate it….. they know they are your ONLY link to the person incarcerated. They obviously don’t care that their service is terrible. I hope this company ROTS
  • Ehh… 2/5

    By Nay Nay Bby
    This app is ok. It crashes a lot. My messages disappear and reappear. When I first downloaded, I couldn’t add funds. I’m not sure why more correctional departments don’t adopt the more well known competitor, but none the less Im glad this opportunity exists. I agree with much of what the other reviews state.
  • Dissatisfied 1/5

    By tymeme82
    App never works properly. No matter how much it updates still doesn’t work correctly
  • App needs worked on 1/5

    By arregghgggg
    When I say this app is trash I really mean this app is trash. It barley works. Half the time all it does is load, or if it’s not loading it saying some stupid stuff like “can’t load message cost” no can’t load your contacts. Get it together. I’ve never had some much issues with an app in my life.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Godseyg
    The fact this company makes the amount of money they do and the app is this horrible tells me someone pads their pockets and to heck with R&D. Also, I can sign on video app no problem, I can sign on through Safari but on iPhone 14 Pro Max it says email or password is incorrect?!? That makes no sense!

    By Chica Rubal
    Honestly this thing is always had problems. Now I can’t even read the messages. I get notifications but then I have to get on my laptop just to read them. This app is totally totally out of line I’m not even gonna give it a star because it’s not worth nothing but a -5.
  • Terrible ! We pay money for this ! 1/5

    By Iayona1
    Terrible app filled with bugs and complications, no excuse for an app we are literally spending money on !!!!!!0 stars !!!!
  • GTL is a tax on the poor 1/5

    By cmc1010124
    The Insane fees and poor connection wile still being charged paired with the fact that most people in prison and their families face financial insecurity make this app a tax on poor people to keep in touch with their loved ones. This company is bloodsucking and I really hate how they really screw over it’s users
  • GOOD LUCK 1/5

    By Chikachikayeahhhh
    This thing won’t let me write messages because you have to submit a photo of your ID, your face, last four of SSN, and DOB. It either won’t accept it and give me an error, or it says accepted, and then when I try to hit send on my message it makes me do it all over again. I’ve never been so frustrated with an app. What is the point of it if it doesn’t work? Oh, and forget looking at your account info, that gives an error every time too. I’ve been trying to send ONE MESSAGE FOR TWO MONTHS.
  • Poorly made app 1/5

    By Honestt94
    Constantly crashes — doesn’t load messages or contacts. And this happens extremely frequently. Not a dependable or good quality app.
  • Dear lord worst app of 2022 1/5

    By timmmmmmyyy
    Definitely an India made app from someone on fiver it’s god awful seriously just to talked to a love one this is a headache! I pray this company goes out of business because it is GOD AWFUL TERRIBLE! Look up Jerrick Hakim he can developer a better app in 3 months than this trash
  • Great App 4/5

    By G Willt
    Able to text with my brother throughout the day. Able to make video calls. Video calls don’t always work but it’s great to have this technology to make doing team easier.
  • Disorganized app 2/5

    By LithiumPhoxx
    This app is a basic messaging app, there’s no reason it should rearrange and repeat sent messages all our messages are out of order. I’ll think I have a new message but really it’s a repeat from hours ago. And my messages say approved and I’ve called him and he says he has nothing on his end. A whole days worth. For a service I’m paying .25 cents per message for it should do the bare minimum if what it claims. Also I tried sending a picture that was 2mb and it said it was too large when 5mb is the limit.
  • Decent but NEEDS update/repair 1/5

    By thrashnbashn
    I used to use this app a lot in 2020, and ever worked amazingly; but now I’m trying to and I have deposited funds ($10 to my account so $13.95 total) into my account and it reflects on my GTL account and online and the money was deducted from my bank too, but any time I try to send a message, it says I have no money on my account and won’t let me send anything.
  • Waste of money on this app 1/5

    By AVC2529
    It took a long time for my account to be verified so I can send messages and even at that I still can not send pictures I can not schedule video visits, but it sure did accept the money I deposited into the account. I hate this app!
  • Process smooth 4/5

    By Climb11
    The process went pretty smoothly for me. Bugs must have been fixed since that May review. At least for messaging. There was one hiccup during set up when an error occurred and it said they would send me an email to confirm my email. It took awhile to get the email. It said there were duplicate accounts. I think because my brother without realizing it had created an account for me. Anyway got cleared up in about 30 minutes. I love that there is an app. I started out on the website. I love being able to message my brother as if I was texting him. For us and maybe others it was not instant of course messages have to be approved. At one point I stepped away for about 30 minutes and when I came back my messages were approved. My brother was able to let me know an issue he was having with iheart radio and I got to fix it that night! Normally he’d be trying to reach me by phone for days! At least for me I cannot send pictures electronically. I guess you could in the past or maybe other prisons can. I went to the app and the app said they would print my pictures and mail them and it was about $8 for two pictures. For messaging also there is a limit on length but it’s pretty long. But my first time I went one character over and it was deleted. But again overall I am very happy with this!!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Tink071985
    I just downloaded the app and all its doing once I signed in is *Loading* I’ve tried everything it won’t work!!!
  • Another worthless product produced by the government 1/5

    By Blauers
    Hate the system! Dislike every feature provided in these worthless apps! Deposit money into my account to message or video chat and the money disappears yeah shows a deposit but, I can’t use this trashy app for anything! What make deposits??? Retarded! It’s only convenient if a family member was across the world and cannot seam to make it to location! This system is broke in need of a major overhaul
  • APP never works 1/5

    By AngelM000
    This app never works properly. There’s always bugs that to be fixed.
  • Needs lots of improvements 1/5

    By Jessrae:)
    I’m grateful to be able to communicate with my dad through this app but since we are paying to use it, it’d be nice if it worked a lot better. Sometimes messages don’t come through at all or it takes days after they have been approved to get to the recipient. Now the app is saying you have a number of texts but when you open it you only have one.
  • Waste of time and money 1/5

    By Hennessy Cruz
    If I was able to give 0 stars I would. This app constantly messes up, there’s days where you can deposit money and days you can’t. This app is a waste of money and time, and I recommend to not call costumer service for nothing because it’s a waste of time and when it comes to depositing money they charge you $6 and something
  • Horrible 1/5

    By mrsklo939
    This Apple is terrible it constantly crashes
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By MsHous77
    This app is absolutely garbage. We pay money to be able to communicate with our loved ones but half the time you can’t log in at this time or message failures. This is poorly thought out system and you all need to fix it. It’s a shame that this is what we pay for and can’t do much about it because this is what the prison system uses. Do better.
  • Rip off 1/5

    By dustSUCKS
    Telmate and getting out are the biggest rip off of any company I’ve ever seen they don’t give a crap about the fact that their system is crappy and only works a quarter of the time yet we’re charged big fees to try to use them this app is worse than running through the browser what did Joe get your crap together And give the people quality business because we pay for it
  • Put 18+ 1/5

    By ATM0110
    I’m currently 17 years old trying to get in contact with my brother, I thought I was going to be able to because The apps says it’s accessible for people that were 17+. When I downloaded the app I tried texting him and suddenly you have to be 18+, this is ridiculous. If they’re going to put 17+ they might as well let us minors talk to our friends and family. Update that to 18+ if 17 aged people can’t.
  • Worst app 1/5

    By 88pianokeys
    My experience is awful! I set up my account at a kiosk. Came home to login on my laptop and for six hours it would not let me login. It kept telling me my email or password was invalid. I would click forgot password. Sometimes I received a link and sometimes I didn’t. When I did receive one I would create a new password. It said success. I go to login and the process would start all over. I was provided with a customer service phone number with an option to press. I tried over twenty times. Each time it placed me on hold with music and then just like that I am disconnected. It finally let me login after about six hours. I had to call GTL Connect Network, ask them to connect me to customer service, the exact phone number I had been dialing, and I got put on hold for almost an hour when finally I got to talk to someone in person. And then they acted like they could care less about my complaint. Now my soon to be daughter-in-law is having the exact same issue. This is not okay! If you are going to be a provider for government institutions, you have a responsibility to make sure that all the technical functions work smoothly. Loved ones have enough emotional challenges, they do not need something like this to add to them. A service provider like this needs to have as a mission to make sure they do everything they can to care and provide the best service possible. This company is far from this!!
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By bluebugsadie
    Terrible malfunctioning money scram app. Like everything else associated with the prison system.
  • Highway Robbery! 1/5

    By Mikey17737378
    I used this app for commissary deposits twice in two days and both times the money was charged to my credit card and then it disappeared; it was not credited to an inmate account . After hours and hours on the phone they told me they don’t know where the money went, and they promised to refund it to my credit cards. Has not happened yet. I am currently disputing the charges through the credit card company, but who knows how long that could take. What a scam, they are just stealing money from people. Beware!!
  • Needs an update 1/5

    By Kmg377
    This app needs to updated Like NOW. I’ll have so many login problems and now some of my messages are missing or it tells me I have like 12 unread messages. I use the app everyday, so how can I have unread messages. Deleting the app and re-installing doesn’t work. FIX THIS NOW!!!
  • Absolute Mess of an App 1/5

    By Policywank
    I’ve worked in software for 25 years. If I could find the names of the people who built their back end systems and make sure they never work in software again, I would. If they didn’t have a literally captive market, they couldn’t survive in the marketplace.

    By trustmeLOL123
    Every time I try to send a message it instantly says message sending failed. There is no actual reason for it to fail sending. It’s literally always something inconvenient going on with this terrible app. How embarrassing.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Toro kayak
    This is a clunky confusing app. Don’t know if my girlfriend (who’s in jail) got the text I sent thru this. Minimal help support. Can’t schedule a video visit thru this either. Not user friendly at all
  • Terrible 1/5

    By xxx1025a
    Definitely a sub par app constantly glitching and not working for all the money I spend on here it should not take hours for me to be able to see my messages because it “can’t load my contacts” for some UNKNOWN Reason
  • Worst App 1/5

    By NebraskiGirl
    I just downloaded this piece of junk app. Talk about not working. Allot does is buff. NE Dept of Corrections switched over from JPay to GTL effective 1 August 2022. Their website is not user friendly and this app is junk. JPay had an actual email system where you bought stamps.
  • Does not work well 1/5

    By April Segura
    This app could be great to keep communication between loved ones inside.... However it crashes, now mine is stuck and won't load contacts fully. This is even after refreshes and restarting my phone. Very frustrating!!!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By xc14r4
    Awful app, crashes whenever I get to the profile section. What good is this app if Every time I deposit, I get an error message? Very shameful.
  • Terrible app and terrible customer support 1/5

    By chellp21
    I deposited $25…bad idea…with assumption this app would work. It doesn’t. The balance shown in app was $0. My profile had some kind of error that kept bouncing me out. Customer support was useless. I waited on phone for over an hour. Please someone create a better system!! This whole system get a MINUS 5 stars!!
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