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GHIN Mobile

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  • Current Version: 4.4.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: United States Golf Association
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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GHIN Mobile App

This is the official mobile app of the Golf Handicap Information Network (GHIN) , a service offered by the USGA to golf associations worldwide. It offers a personalized mobile experience that allows you to manage and follow your game. Key features include: • Score Posting (Total Score, Hole-by-Hole Score and Hole-by-Hole Score with Stats) • Stat Tracking (Number of Putts, Greens in Regulation and Driving Accuracy) • Score History • Golfer Lookup • Course Handicap Calculator • My Card Note: Use of this app is only for golfers of a club using the GHIN services exclusively through their golf association.

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GHIN Mobile app reviews

  • Apple Watch 4/5

    By Tjb2239
    I love the app but would love to see the ability to enter my scores and stats on my Apple Watch
  • Room for improvement? 5/5

    By Flagstaff434
    I’m sure there’s room, but for me this app is so useful and easy to use I can’t imagine more features. To be honest, I don’t use the hole by hole feature…..
  • Stuck on Home Screen 1/5

    By Eli 626
    I can’t even log in! I emailed customer support and all they’ve asked is what phone do I have. It’s worked in the past but always had glitches. Now it won’t go past the GHIN home page and when I try and verify it is blank. Not sure what’s going on.
  • Usga should leave it alone 1/5

    By stupid usga
    I never had a problem with GHIN, now with the usga it never works. Time to call the local section to reset. This happens each time I try to post a score.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By stylist5155
    Always technical issues trying to open up the app to post scores.
  • App does not load 1/5

    By JackPsu
    This app constantly freezes on opening screen, not allowing you to post score. Frustrating, especially since we pay each year to post our handicaps. Get it together GHIN!
  • Gain app 1/5

    By hihodon
    Cannot seem to get the app to download. It just sits there and spins. What’s up with that
  • App 1/5

    By val21212121
    Can’t save it as an app for some reason. I have to go to the Apple Store and open it rather than click on in icon on my screen
  • Never works 1/5

    By Drewbydewbydoooooo
    Literally never works
  • Posting score 1/5

    By misstookalook
    You have made it impossible for me to post my score on this site. Your system will not recognize me no matter how many times I try! Very frustrating!!!
  • Won’t download from the App Store after iPhone upgrade 1/5

    By golfffan
    It works, but only if I go to the App Store every time. Used to work fine on the old phone.
  • No support, no GHIN number, just a wasted $30. 1/5

    By tlauerii
    I signed up to begin tracking my handicap. My account still does not exist and I’m unable tolog in. No phone number to call and all emails have gone unanswered. Complete waste of $$.
  • Freezes on launch 1/5

    By Chris Br.
    This app worked well until the sponsorship & the new log-in system was implemented. Now, it consistently gets frozen on launch. I use local USGA app instead of this one because it’s much more stable. Disappointing
  • App will not open 2/5

    By Feathersb
    App would go to cover page but no further. Deleted app, reloaded and now will not log in. I fill in GHIN and password and it goes into an endless circle spin, never logs in or gives any error message.
  • Print handicap card 4/5

    By Engr guy
    I do love the app but have a minor issue. I decided to print my handicap card but was unable to do it. In the iPhone app, I didn’t find any link to print the card. When you open the card in the web application there is a print button. What prints there is a 1/2 sheet of paper. Yes, you can do a screen grab in either place, copy it to another app like Word, resize it to card size then print it. But really? Also, there isn’t any way from either place to just send this type of info to “Sentry”.
  • Horrible reset 2/5

    By NJiTunes
    Needed to update password to login this year. Nothing but problems. Changed password 2x’s. Deleted and reinstalled app 2x’s. Still can’t log on. Prior to this app had issues such as lack of ability to make changes, tracking, etc. This is GHIN - they have to do better
  • Zero stars - no biometric login 1/5

    By Djhuuuuu
    Why no biometric authentication?
  • Randy Gillam 2/5

    By jdoldguy
    Tried several times to get in frustrating for an old man
  • App freezes, password reset difficulty 3/5

    By Jerry in St Pete
    When the app works, it is functional for posting scores and looking up handicaps. However it has frozen twice requiring me to delete the app and reinstall it on my iPhone. Since I didn’t remember my password I had to reset that but the website froze on both my iPhone and iPad necessitating using my laptop to do that.
  • Keeps crashing 2/5

    By Greasimo
    Keep having to reinstall the app and then it works once and have to go through it all again. Used to be reliable, whatever update they made ruined it. The functionality is better, if you can open it.
  • Sticks at Home Screen 2/5

    By DDubATL
    App is great when you get in. More than half the time when I tap the app, it sticks at Home Screen and never lets me in.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By fp1959
    When I open the app and enter my GHIN number and password I just get a spinning circle so the app is unusable.
  • Crap 1/5

    By The Dude Abides 44
    New app won’t log in. Can’t access it. Endless circle of loading death.
  • Update 3/5

    By GrovePK
    I have been using and enjoying this app for over a year. The update is my problem. For some reason I am unable to apply the update. GrovePK
  • Awful since change 1/5

    By John Brinkley
    This app use to be great but since the change at beginning of the year, can’t load app on either IPhone or IPad and have talked with 10-15 golfers with same problem. Called but no one seems to want to fix it!
  • Snownan 1/5

    By Yatesey58
    App totally screwed up and useless, can’t long on after new password requirement.
  • Very SLOW! 1/5

    By meme 1732
    New version of app loads very slowly. Prior version was excellent. Please fix.
  • What Happened? 1/5

    By Pauliwalnuts
    I liked this app all last year... MAJOR issues happening! From app not opening to not being able to log in. Well, it was good while it lasted.
  • Refuses to load 1/5

    By gass2235
    Is that is great when it works well, but it frequently freezes and won’t allow access into the app. I can’t even reset my password because the page just freezes. Very frustrating
  • What happened to “Course Handicap Lookup”? 2/5

    By alloverthepark
    Where is the Course Handicap Calculator?
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By thirdtryforjimbo
    I’ve done everything required. They gave me a strong password. I use that but it’s wrong. So I make my own which they said to do. Wrong again. Can’t post at club because computer down. It was so easy last year. Thanks a lot. Jim Just found out my nickname has been used. Thanks again.
  • I did like it when it worked 1/5

    By BlueTick2
    Since the update I can no longer login. HATE the update but if I could login I might like it.
  • Michael ruggiero 1/5

    By harder than it should be!
    This is the most frustrating login I have ever had!! You would think that once you enter your ghin# and name you would be found in the system!!
  • Worthless and dysfunctional 1/5

    By Mister Hexcel
    This used to work well. Now it’s dysfunctional garbage. Loses your score halfway through the round, crazy security messages. Altogether an embarrassing piece of junk, USGA should be ashamed they inflicted this on us. Oh, and everything looks different, thanks a lot.
  • Needs to be better 2/5

    By b c nyc
    Very slow
  • Useless 1/5

    By LRLQ
    App won’t open after multiple tries
  • John Doe 5/5

    By Bo Geee
    What a sandbagger
  • New format 1/5

    By lifelonggolfer
    Was very simple to enter a score, now you screwed it all up. Typical of your incompetence.
  • Will not open 1/5

    By sulidb
    Had the app on my phone for sometime, worked fine. Now it won’t let me sign on.
  • More stats 3/5

    By Bogey118
    My I pad has more option than my mobile app and it not as friendly as the old app
  • Screwing with requirements 1/5

    By UnhappywithGolfTlink
    Today they had a new requirement for a player profile. Why screw with something that was working?
  • USGA can’t do anything right 1/5

    By Will18349392818
    It’s not enough they can’t run a tournament without creating controversy, now they screw up their own app. Can’t get logged it even though I created a profile.
  • Log in 3/5

    By chiari37
    Poor performance and very slow
  • GHIN APP 5/5

    By Suzebrown
    This has been easy to navigate and track my scores.
  • New app 1/5

    By DS4343
    Old app worked. This does not!!!!!
  • New update (email required) 2/5

    By Jlyle7b
    Ever since the new update I am not able to pull-up my card and the golfer look up is incorrect.

    By Mivanows
    I have players in my group that they handicap is 15 when they look on their app but when other player do a lookup it shows as 9 - for the player. Another example is a player that has twice their names but with different handicap. We play serious golf and money is part. What is the real handicap? On more issue: I search for a player and try to add to my favorites but the app does not allow me to do it. Please help !!!
  • Frozen 3/5

    By Mmmedit
    Not for the first time, this app has locked me out.
  • It’s annoying 3/5

    By julaweg
    The app is very good and easy to used, subject it’s working. Very often I have trouble to turn it up. It says put your GHIN number but there is no place to put it in nor the typing is activated. I keep deleting the app and downloading it again. That is what I’m doing now. Crazy thing.