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  • Current Version: 2.2.11
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: United States Golf Association
  • Compatibility: Android
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GHIN Mobile App

GHIN Mobile is the official app of the Golf Handicap and Information Network® (GHIN®), a service of the United States Golf Association®. It offers a personalized mobile experience that allows you to manage and follow your game. This universal app offers these terrific features! • Post your score • View your official USGA Handicap Index® • View your most recent scores • Interactive Course Handicap™ Calculator & Handicap Index lookup • News and event results (if your association has opted to customize) • And if your club has opted to customize: o Non-Golfing members can now utilize the app o Clubs can now connect directly with their providers that offer web-based services, such as websites, tee time reservations, event management, dining, and more. • Works on iPhone and iPad Note: Use of this app requires an official USGA Handicap Index® issued by a State or Regional Golf Association that uses the GHIN service.

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GHIN Mobile app reviews

  • No membership? 1/5

    By YaMetalHomie
    I have over a hundred rounds posted and all of a sudden it tells me I no longer have a membership but I can still post my scores with a web browser....
  • Update app 1/5

    By Flynhog1961
    I have been using the app several years with no issues. I installed the recent iOS update, and now the app does not recognize me, and will not allow me to log in. Please update app.
  • What happened to this app? 1/5

    By DCC'71
    I have used this app for years with no issues. Now it doesn’t recognize my GHIN #. I try to post my score and NOTHING comes up. I went to my card & got a blank picture. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it...same issues. Now, I’ll have to enter my scores for all of my rounds regardless of where I played at my club.
  • Handicap lookup 4/5

    By ??....😊
    I wish the app I included GHIN lookup where you can enter the State and the player’s name to find handicaps across the US PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE!!!
  • Not even close 1/5

    By Wyochat
    I’ve installed and reinstalled trying to get the app to locate my course, or at least a course not 1500 miles away. Search is no good , just a waste of time
  • Partners do not update 2/5

    By Fosh59
    All my partners handicaps did not update on Aug. 1. What’s up with that? It used to work. Do I have to re-enter every 2 weeks?
  • Location Louisiana 1/5

    I just loaded your app and it keeps giving me courses in New Jersey & New York! WTH?? I live in Louisiana? It asked if it wanted me to allow my location and I said yes, but still don’t get my location! How do I fix problem?
  • Needs more features 3/5

    By Vikingqb7
    Need to be able to track statistics like fairways hit, greens in regulation, putts, sand saves, up and downs, etc...
  • Partners 2/5

    By pbeeler
    Partners index don’t refresh. Refresh button does nothing
  • Doesn’t open 1/5

    By GarryHolman
    Doesn’t open half the time when you need it. PLEASE FIX IT ALREADY!
  • GHIN app frequently crashes. 2/5

    By mfkbgolf
    Frustrated by the GHIN app frequently crashing on my iPhone. Again, had to delete and reload.
  • Zero usefulness! 1/5

    By Alternatwang
    I have loaded this app and removed 3 times hoping that it will load my club. Cannot get past the first screen. Useless!
  • Embarrassing 2/5

    By GoHatters
    This app is embarrassing. We pay annual dues and the app looks like it hasn’t been updated since iPhone 5 was released. And there are a plethora of free apps that provide USGA compliant handicaps that are miles better than the GHIN app. It performs its most basic function. Barely. But adding some simple functionality would be nice. Heck. Maybe ever compete with Grint and 18Birdies which are excellent?
  • Refresh 2/5

    By insdoc
    I agree with gerner. I have used this app for two years thinking they will fix the refresh. Last year I put in all players, come Jan ‘19 wouldn’t update. Thinking it was somehow user error I loaded all players again. The recent revision, June ‘19 won’t update.

    By bobwpb
    Terrible. I live in Rhode Island and all that pops up are “local courses” on Long Island. WORTHLESS.
  • Won’t work except on WiFi 1/5

    By Drewette
    This app will only work when on WiFi which make using the app useless on the course. I’ve deleted the app and reloaded it numerous times with the same results. FIX THE APP!!!!!!
  • Purchase handicap online 2/5

    By Hal9943
    Why dont you allow people to purchase their yearly handicaps on your app. It would be a lot simpler!!!!!!!!
  • Partner Indexes Don’t Update 1/5

    By Fast7ed
    Once again, handicap indexes for Partners are not being updated. The Refresh button cycles but does nothing. My Partners list shows indexes from 11/1/2018... it’s now 5/16/2019. I’ve used this app for several years and have found it useful but unreliable. However, it’s obvious that USGA leadership is not paying attention to their customers; just read through the 1 & 2 star ratings. Same problems over & over. It’s ridiculous that simple functions like this can’t be made to work reliably.
  • Layout 3/5

    By Lani.Kuzia
    Can you move the CH a calculator button up above the “download mass golf mobile”? Every time I scroll even if I don’t touch it, the box pops up asking if I want to download it.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By TWx2
    This app no longer works for me. Weird
  • Handicaps 2/5

    By Chappydave
    Handicaps are still not refreshing on my iPhone. If i go in and re-add the individual it will update to the latest handicap. Hitting the refresh has no effect. Some of my handicaps are showing dates that are 2 months old!!!! Fix please.
  • Partners Function Refresh 1/5

    By Arcara
    The partners function does not refresh. Interface is a little dated.
  • Don’t Work 1/5

    By grhessler
    I’ve downloaded the app twice to be able to enter my scores. When I try to enter my score, I never get asked to select which tees I used. All I get is a blank page with the words “Enter score”. Can’t enter anything. Worthless!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By RayVC79
    On the home screen I tapped “I’m a club member without a GHIN number”. It takes me to a Find My Club search page. The nearest club listed is 235 miles away. No matter what I type in search box, no clubs pop up and it says “contact your club administrator”. Yes I granted app permission to use my location. Zero stars!
  • Partners not refreshing on iPhone 2/5

    By Wesorock
    This app worked great last year but this spring not so good. I use the partners for events and I have about 150 loaded in here. Now they don’t refresh. Can this feature be updated so we can use the app again? I do use an iPhone XR if that helps.
  • Partners Refresh 2/5

    By gerenr
    When I saw the Partners feature,I was excited. I run a league with approx 70 players and HDCP revision twice a month is a huge job. So I entered all my players, expecting that when HDCPs changed, I would have a convenient list of players that would update and simplify my job considerably. Disappointment! The list does not refresh. I now have a list of 70 players with 2-week old HDCPs!! There is a refresh icon, but it doesn’t work! Am I supposed to re-enter all my players? Come on USGA. You almost got it right. Please get the refresh feature for “Partners” working! Continued comment Thank you USGA. Two weeks after my original review, the “Partners” indexes now update on 1st and 15th of the month as they should on my iPhone. However, the fix does not seem to be applied to the app on my iPad. Fix that and I’ll be re- rating the app to 4 stars.
  • Updates to partners ghin 3/5

    By rtme24
    I find the app quite useful, as it comes in handy. But the partners portion does not update regularly. Last update did not post to my app. A glitch maybe.
  • This app is the worst. 1/5

    By Billing Optimization
    While I have had it for several years this app continues to fail and never hooked up to Wi-Fi and is nothing but a constant battle to try to use. Either fix it right or get rid of it altogether!
  • Location service does not work!!!! 1/5

    By cmsuswami
    Only shows clubs in NY and I live in Missouri. Does not find my club so I cannot sign up.
  • Amazing bad 1/5

    By american airliner
    I cannot believe that this app is as bad as it is. Especially when it is required to participate in tournaments. It would seem that someone who wants to promote golf in the Carolinas would improve it. Right now it’s virtually a waste of time to use it. What a shame
  • I’m not in New Jersey 1/5

    By Scot189
    Location services don’t work, and none of the courses I manually entered in NC were recognized. Hard to create an account if you can’t do either.
  • A Very Broken App 1/5

    By zibix
    1. Won’t find my club- It shows the closest clubs as 1300+ miles away. My club is almost impossible to find. And when I finally figured out how to add it to my favorites, it still won’t show up properly. 2. Scores don’t update. Sometimes it takes a week for my score to get processed and show up.
  • It’s free and it works 5/5

    By macgrueber
    This completely free app makes tracking my scores easy and consistent. Not sure I’d be as on top of things without the app. After reading the bad reviews on this app, it seems most are related to clubs that setup the app incorrectly or user error. I’ve been using the app, on android and iOS, for a little over 5 years. Note: I work at a golf course and the reviews here are absolutely classic! It’s the 99th ranked sports app in the App Store... it’s probably not “broken” and “irreversible”, it’s probably user error. Try to enjoy this great game and these extras they throw in for a nominal fee!
  • Just Found a Bug.... 5/5

    By HarpBreak
    We use app all the time. Works great! Found first bug today. We have several players that use the Partner Handicaps.... which is great to adjust for HC and Tees. However, we found the players index does not automatically adjust on the two day a month update. You have to erase all and put back in after every update. This should be a simple programming fix.
  • Apps Needs to Go Sideways 2/5

    By Fishdoctor2
    A good app, and very useful for inputting and tracking scores, index, and overall statistics. It also includes a very useful calculator that allows you to easily calculate Course Handicap based on your index and the slope of the course you are going to play. BUT. They need to recognize that the entire online world don’t only use smart phones. Displaying in portrait mode is fine for phones. But virtually all iPad (and tablet users), displays primarily work in landscape mode. It is especially distracting for iPad users who have attached keyboards, which lie flat in front of you, while your screen is displaying sideways. Please come out with a version for iPads that will display in the landscape mode.
  • Partner handicaps not refreshing 2/5

    By threeputts
    This app works great for my handicap. I can see trending, history, 20 most recent, and calculate my handicap for a new course. However, my partners do not update. I have no idea why this is a hard thing to fix. I would be a 4 star app if that happened correctly. Two star is generous.
  • Desperately needs update 2/5

    By jvalley18
    This app is effective, but needs a UI update and support for the new (by new I mean 2 year old) iPhone X’s. Would also like handicap index history.
  • App No Longer Works on IPhone 1/5

    By DarrinKennedy0
    No way to fix
  • Robert E 1/5

    By Derp Sherzer
    What happened? It was working well for a couple of years, now I can’t even log on.
  • Please Fix Partners Function!!! 2/5

    By luvtodraw
    In Partners mode the players’ index no longer updates to the latest (it still displays 10/1/2018 index but today is 10/16). This used to work.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By Irizarry787
    Laggy and sometimes won’t post my score
  • Can’t find club 1/5

    By ReaderBee
    Yep. Just like others said. Even though it uses my location it doesn’t find where I am and it only shows clubs in NY or NJ!
  • I would give it zero... 1/5

    By Patrick Shafer
    Why is it when I try to “find my club” it gives me clubs 650 miles away??? And nothing when I type in my clubs name? Why is there not a zip code you can type in? It really shouldn’t be this difficult.
  • 9 Hole Issues 1/5

    By Healthnut327
    Being a 12 ish handicap index I started using GHIN from my club and it only accepts 9 hole scores. It only takes the best 10 of the he last 20 9 hole scores which makes my index about 1-2 points lower. Especially when I have a great 9 and a mediocre to bad 9 paired w it. I average mid 80’s at my course but have a low 80’s index.
  • GHIN App 4/5

    By Striker 59
    This is a super app to post scores from any golf course and systematically track your handicap. I haven’t entered a score in my club’s computer since installing the app on my phone and tablet. The partner feature in the app provides the opportunity to follow your peers. There seems to be a glitch between the phone app and the tablet. There is a refresh button to update current handicaps of all peers. Refresh works perfectly on the tablet, but does not function on the phone app. The course handicap calculator is another time saving feature when calculating your handicap at an away course. GHIN is probably the standard most golf associations use to verify handicaps in several states.
  • Failure to Launch 1/5

    By Robnmyknku
    The app will not allow me to search for my club. Only shows NJ locations
  • Apostrophe still not working... 1/5

    By JimO3
    Fix says it corrected the apostrophe problem but it didn’t for me. I can log in online just fine where it only asks me for my login and password. Maybe update the app to log in the same way as you log on online?
  • Unable to connect 1/5

    By coltbu
    Never had a problem till this summer just keeps saying unable to connect
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By hedgerlea
    I have tried it on my phone and my iPad with the same result. It does not list my club and lists the nearest club as being 650 miles away. A test to try other clubs in the area results in no club being found in the GHIN database. I have tried changing app settings with no success.

GHIN Mobile app comments

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