Ghost Detector Radar Camera

Ghost Detector Radar Camera

  • Category: Entertainment
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  • Current Version: 2.2.5
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: First Class Media B.V.
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Ghost Detector Radar Camera App

Find ghosts and communicate with spirits, using this app's groundbreaking ultra-realistic experience. The only ghost detector app that shows you detected ghosts like they are actually floating in your home. = Instructions = 1) Start the app 2) Walk around and find a ghost 3) Select a question and wait for the spirit to answer Disclaimer: since paranormal activity can't be scientifically proven, we can't guarantee that the app communicates with real spirits.

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Ghost Detector Radar Camera app reviews

  • Spoke 5/5

    By ninnycheeze
    I was walking around my daycares when there was a demon I searched it’s name and the thing said it was a dangerous spirt
  • People 5/5

    By monicalynnoconnell
    I saw 2 ghost people today 2 of them were evil. And They didn’t want to hurt me I was sure there were
  • I DID ITTTTT 5/5

    By Girlplayingroblox
    ok soooo me and my sister were on my bed trying to find a ghost and we found one, we asked it questions and it was evil. He didn’t want to hurt me but we decided to share it with everybody reading this rn.
  • Scary 1/5

    By Assyriam woman
    Guys this may sound fake but when I wa sushi f the app I heard ghost like shhh in my room and it wants the app
  • Most scariest time of my life 5/5

    By thetruthofthesky!!!!!!!!!!
    I was in my bed I was on this app I found a person in front of my Christmas tree and it was a man he had 7 kids and he was a nice ghost so I talked to him a little but also kind of scared.
  • Best app 5/5

    By michonof
    Me and my friend were running using this app It got me over my fears but I stepped on a stick and it freaked my friend out. Me and him love this app!
  • Thomas the tank engine 5/5

    By pandas forever123456
    I was just watching Thomas the tank engine and I saw a ghost in him it look like he was bleeding is ice out it was so scary yeah I’m scared and I will move out of my house soon
  • Crazy impressed lit app 5/5

    By GreysonRange
    My mom recently bought these haunted dolls and put them in a hutch and i downloaded this and it scared me and her so bad bro this is crazy asf😂😂
  • Scary stories 5/5

    By bcudkf
  • ISaw a ghost 5/5

    By Fire/blake
    I saw a ghost I detected it behind me and it made me scared and then I saw another ghost it was on my right side it made me so scared that night I heard a strange noise it was coming from the kitchen
  • It 5/5

    By bobodifu
    One day I was walking down the street and I found a scary clown a picture got knocked down and I ran into Nas you know my eye was cut off my legs were cut off my feet were cut off and I’m still here to this day so I am a heart and spirit so you better run or I will find you
  • Wow 5/5

    By evanfromhevan
    I’m pretty impressed, but I know that their not going to hurt you.
  • Spooky scary skeleton 5/5

    By The 4 Harts
    So uhmm, I was babysitting this kid but It was freezing, so I checked the ghost detector app and it was a spirit named Sid Well, and then the kid I babysit said, “that boy is my friend”
  • Killer mom 5/5

    By cupicake joy
    One day their was a girl that was going to school her mom said when you come back don’t go to the basement when you come back the girl went to school when she came back she heard yelling from the basement she had to go and check and what she saw was her mom staving a knife in. The dads body and the dad was the one yelling
  • Omggg 5/5

    By 👓👓👓🦁
    So me and my bestie downloaded this app. We found a ghost in my room. I told her to ask its name thinking it wasn’t real. So we waited for it to transmit and it said my name is Alexa. The thing is my name is Alexa in real life!
  • Killian dash 5/5

    By tiredofbeingsick
    I have a ghost in my house two of them be left though
  • The Christmas ghost 5/5

    By lets go👻👻👻👻👻
    I love this game It was Christmas and I was eating and playing when I saw a ghost by my Christmas tree and I asked if it wanted to hurst me and it said “Wait till after Christmas and you will see”
  • there was a weird skeleton….. 5/5

    By Yessski
    The 2nd time we tried this game i covered the camera with my finger and then it showed a skeleton ghost. It did not let us ask a thing and he floated and he moved forward and forward, and then it disappeared. It didn't even show up on the radar. Anyways this is a good game. Five star rating.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🙂
  • This is the best app 5/5

    By roxy and minnie
    Sooo I first saw the first spirit and looked like a little girl creepy And the house is 200 years old so Make it creepy errrr
  • My ghost story 5/5

    By Gini😄😝⭐️
    One day I had a sleepover I was going to read my favorite book to my friends but I couldn’t find it I was going to look under the bed as soon as I looked under the bed I saw a dead boy he said he was murderd by Grey J Wilson and that’s the end.
  • Yo mama 5/5

    By Daves Bestfriend
    Yo mama yo mama yo mama yo mama
  • Kenny 5/5

    By Kenneth_torrens
  • Hunters story 5/5

    By hchxhgdbdh
    Ok so I was going to the bathroom and I had this app opened when a ghost appeared right beside me and I was freaking out and I went in the living room and it just kept following me and it was creepy
  • How did he KNOW MY NAME!? 5/5

    By appstore user298776
    I was playing and i asked a question “do you have a message for me?” He said, something and called my name!”
  • I was scared but it was better after 4/5

    By tinscupcake
    So I was playing the game and saw a ghost black eyes black mouth clearly a girl she was a demon didn’t wanna hurt me evil for fun she was nice but none of the ghost I’ve met have been mean I know one day I’ll meet a mean one
  • Good entertainment 5/5

    By ya boi 365
    Definitely not real but it’s good entertainment for creeping out your friends.
  • The scary 5/5

    By fhkk go d
    So I was useing the app when I found a ghost and it said “it was the bad type oh so good” San it could feel the anger in me it said”I feel the burning in you embrace it and she’s still following me ,isn’t that fun💀🙃🙂 fm
  • Fake 1/5

    By lexa_Eli
    Ok first THIS IS SO FAKE AND U TELL US ITS FAKE! So if u go to the purchase the subscription thing it says “more ghosts added daily” and what does that tell u? Its fake.-very disappointed cali
  • Butt holes 5/5

    By dds nuts
    I like food
  • Real app like wow 5/5

    By gxhbdhx
    Someone died in my house when i got it they age was 67 the ghosts age 67 name bella ghosts name balla died of stroke ghost died of stroke im scared man ghost not evil and wanna help me but im scared lol
  • My dad died 4/5

    By matt🤟🏾
    I was sitting on my couch sleeping and I woken up and I saw my dad in the mirror
  • Anna cake 5/5

    By i I'm on my name
    Culet with the girls
  • Unknown man 5/5

    By jkearns620
    Say I thought I could check out this app but I don’t know if anyone else would believe me so I found a ghost named Jail He was like oh boy 35 years old died of a very bad broken neck I saw it and like he was friendly though so we became best friends forever
  • Qqqqqqqqqqq 4/5

    By 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇🙂
  • Xx 3/5

    By Imadree
  • Go for it 5/5

    By Godors
    Maybe you should inspect the whole area instead of walking around
  • Why is this a thing is this real???!!!😶😭😭😭 1/5

    By petsephone
    Is this real??!! It knows my name someone tell me the answer PLEASE I am scared for life. I don’t know if I am save…😬😬😟😟😰😰🙀
  • Death 3/5

    By mar chocolate bar
    I was with my friends and we were messing around with this app and all the sudden it said death and my friend had a heart attack then at her funeral the app came on and said alive and she woke up and then he or she said angel and she said she was flying with big white wings This is not a real story I just did it for fun but it reaped the same words and I think said paw patrol lol but this is not worth it
  • I past коагокоарм ворсов 1/5

    By liligz8
  • The scary ghost family 5/5

    By no4040
    There was a baby a man and a woman and both of the parents names started wit a s and they was both evil
  • IDK 3/5

    By Lisa Katherine Mara
    This is so fake. Anyone else get a Sarah born in 1984 from Portland,OR who died from domestic abuse?
  • Fun app 👻 5/5

    By WolfieEden
    So me and my cousins downloaded this at a sleepover. We thought it was fake until me and my cousin were laying down on the mattress on the floor and then a ghost showed up right on top of us. I can’t quite remember her name but we asked if she was good or evil and she said was evil in a good way or something like that. We were scared we were screaming. The next morning me and my cousin were in his bed on our phones watching scary story time videos. I decided to go on this app and see if anything was there. For a split second I saw this guy float across my cousins room. I sat there scared. I closed out of the app. Maybe about an hour later I go on the app again wi the my OTHER cousin. We see the same guy floating right there. We ask him questions, he was very nice and friendly :) even if this app is fake it’s 100% guaranteed that you’ll get the chills. 10/10 five stars.
  • The one 5/5

    By ctadt
    There was something knocked out in my garage and I didn’t know what it is so I found this and I want to look at the ghost he told me that he used to families grounds
  • Ghost 5/5

    By Jango is a dog ghost detector
    We woke up at 3 am, we checked the house for ghosts. We went in the dark hallway, my bathroom door was open. I dropped my phone and saw a ghost in it. I grabbed my phone and ran. My dog came to see what’s going on, he started barking and growling at nothing right were the ghost was, what could this be?
  • Ghost story 5/5

    By form braydonlanier
    It was moreing and i sow someing bad in the world of her own way to get the same thing
  • The bathroom 5/5

    By right in two words
    I was at my grand paws house and I saw a ghost I the bathroom and it peeked it’s head through the door and my brother went in there and came out with scratched
  • I got a Angel in my house 5/5

    By OFA_Jony
    I got Angel in my house not a demon I got it because I prayed to lord every time and I ask him forgiveness and stuff like that so if you want in angel then pray to god every time
  • Oof 4/5

    By madden the gr8
    So I was exploring a woods that kids said a person with a gun ran in to and met a demon and i asked if it will hurt me it said if you got good skeletons in your closet and what did I found in the app a skeleton
  • Wow 5/5

    By Jacob😀😀😀:D
    I was playing with this app with my cousins and we found one that new my name!!! I highly recommend this if you like spooky
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