Ghost Detector Radar Camera

Ghost Detector Radar Camera

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  • Current Version: 1.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: First Class Media B.V.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Ghost Detector Radar Camera App

Find ghosts and communicate with spirits, using this groundbreaking free app. The only app that lets you chat with spirits for free! No in-app purchase required. = Instructions = 1) Start the app 2) Walk around and find a ghost 3) Type your question and wait for the spirit to answer! Disclaimer: since paranormal activity can't be scientifically proven, we can't guarantee that the app communicates with real spirits.

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  • Scary 3/5

    By pudgybunny101
    So I got this for laughs but it scary so there was this one ghost that said stop while you still can and I asked what and the ghost said demon after that I was so scared
  • The wife that died in my house 5/5

    By sjosjdbdlsdndbsksjbd
    I killed my life JK got you 🤣😂😁
  • Scary 5/5

    By Eirc The Dude
    I got this game today. I was talking to a ghost named Peggy she said. Then, she said help I said from what?..... She answered ”in the corner.” and I look there and there's this black figure👻👻😱
  • Wow 4/5

    By zoe and the cats
    I saw a spirit in my bathroom then it disappeared
  • None 1/5

    By vicsf777
    Didn’t see anything this must be illustration only. (Gaming)
  • Ghost 5/5

    By yafav.ajrrr my tik tok name
    So one day i was looking at this app and diwnloaded it i thought it was fake but then i try it and then i look at the ceiling and BOOM when i look in front of me there is a ghost i got so scared i threw my phone and ran to tell my mom lol it was funny😂😂
  • What happened 5/5

    By Dead pool man
    So two boys are walking on Clinton Road and they see a strange man looking all cricket in the wind closer and they saw a man’s back and then they heard explosion far away and then the man turned and he looked like the boys friend and then they ran to the car he locked it and then he came right to the window and now realized that it was A Hooded Man and they were driving so fast that the car flipped over in both of them went to the different worlds which where the mirror world and they never got back since then so Clinton Road is also the sign of the mirror world
  • WTFFFFf 5/5

    By i am a potatoooooooooooooo
    Ok ok ok it’s fake but I’m freaking out so I was playing around with the app and a ghost appears she is friendly her name is Peggy and she was murdered in 1915 anyway we started talking and I asked, “what are you thinking” she said “Ann” I asked,”who’s Ann?” Than she said,”are you scared” like wth right?? So me being me I said no she asked why I replied,”because your nice” and Peggy said.....”stop while you can” I just exited the game..than as I’m typing this I heard someone saying my name and I heard foot steps were Peggy was standing seriously wth??......
  • This is so crazy and creepy 5/5

    By anyel786
    Ok so I was playing this at 3:00Am and I was playing that with my friends and zozo was there and I was takin to him then we started playing and we stop because it was sayin I will kill you and creepy stuff so i stop and some one scratched me and I was so scared and no one was there with me so yeah
  • Ok 3/5

    By 🦖💨
    It’s great to scare your friends with but the spirits and demons are allways asking me the same questions and when I ask questions they say something then I ask it a again and the say something completely different
  • It’s all right 4/5

    By Blestbeez
    It’s fun for the kids who are interested in ghosts. Not recommended for adults. The spirit supposedly chat with you. But they have the same response, all of them
  • Spooky! 5/5

    So, there’s these two siblings, and they creep me and my friends out. I found a ghost and asked what it’s name was. She said Melody, and she seemed nice. When I asked how she died, she said heart attack. I then asked if the two kids (their names are Ella and Stephen) were evil. She said stop while you can. Every question I asked had the same answer. Then I said please tell me I need to know, and she answered get out. I asked why and got don’t turn around. I turned around, and the camera effects made the whole wall look bloody. It hadn’t looked like that before, even with effects. I turned back and asked what that was. She said run, so I left. I then found a vengeful spirit in my room, and asked her cause of death. She said monster. I was freaked out, but I still asked who the monster was. She replied, she’s coming. I was scared, and then another dot appeared on the radar. I walked until I was on top of it, but nothing happened. I went down the stairs, and found a demon. I had always known that the park behind my house was haunted, so I asked if the demon haunted my park. It said behind you. I turn around to find another demon. This one looked like a girl, with long, straight hair, and a dress. In other words, she looked just like Ella. I asked her name, and it showed the symbol for E, then the game crashed. I looked for it in my apps, but it had moved to a different page. This scared me quite a bit, but it gave me what I needed. Info. I now know that Ella at least is really a demon/monster. To the people who think this app is fake, it’s not. It is very much real, and helpful, even.
  • The scariest day of are life 5/5

    By Pypee
    Me and my friends thought we heard something that day so we downloaded this app we scanned all around the house and BOOM we saw something move we tried it again and we saw a ghost 👻
  • Definitely Worth It! 5/5

    By E4pres
    This is a really neat app— the responses that the ghosts give are on point, and it’s just a really unique experience in general. I suggest maybe having ghosts answer questions with a little bit more variety just cause sometimes a ghost repeats the same answer it gave me before. But otherwise, this game is definitely worth it! I did have an experience that was kinda frightening. I still don’t know if it was caused by this app, or if it was caused by something else, but I did have a questioning moment that happened to me fairly recently. I was sitting in my room, talking with a ghost through the app. Suddenly, the ghost left my radar. I was kinda confused but I was also a bit bored after being on the app for a while, so I turned off my phone and set it aside. Suddenly I felt as though a giant block of ice was crushing my chest. It was hard to breathe, and my heart was racing. It only lasted for a few moments and the feeling eventually faded away. But by the time the crushing sensation came to an end, I found myself breathing heavier than normal, I had chills all over my arms and a nauseous feeling came over me. It was honestly one of the most bizarre and strange things that I have ever experienced in my entire life.
  • Very Interesting 5/5

    By JHost1
    This girl Opal who lives on the corner house beside my home. She died 5 months ago from a heart-attack at age 20 years old. So, sad. She also told me that she felt lonely.
  • Fun to harass ghosts if you’re bored, but responses get old after a couple minutes. 3/5

    By god dammit nappa
    Do you like tacos...response yes lol
  • FAKE 1/5

    By mapoenzellar
    Me and my friend asked multiple questions questions like touch me and it said make it stop what does that mean also we said were you in a plane crash it said time to have some fun then i said what and it said devil nothing happened very FaKe

    By Kitten32211
    The first time it did not work but then I found a lady screaming at me and saying GET OUT I was freaked out and I just went to bed so the next day I woke up at 3:00am and decided to play on it I was playing on it and I heard a noise from my kitchen so I went to look what it was.The knife was on the ground I hot scared and ran to my room I was looking for the lady again.I was looking in my room and saw two girls and two boys the boys looked the same I got pretty freaked out and was saying to my self don’t think and the girls said YOU SHOULD OF LISTEND TO DAD and the boys said MOM WE GOT HER then the lady came. I was scared so I ran to my closet and ran out I wanted to call 911 but they would think I was crazy. next day I was looking for something else and found a little girl and she said I drowned and I said cool I wanted to delet the game but my sister said was my phone she always plays on my phone and I was really mad about it she would ask me every day to play it I would say no. But if you want to know more go to KITTEN32211 or KITTY on ROBLOX BYE ✌🏻
  • The shape shifter 5/5

    By jiselleryan
    When i un packed my bag, I saw my grandma and asked my grandpa where was grandma.he said out side! I saw a shape shifter.P.Sthis is a real story.
  • Wwwwwhhhhhaaaaattttt 2/5

    By fruby women
    Ok so me and my dad were n this abandon mansion and like this was the perfect 👌 time to play this app and I go into a bloody bathroom and a dead girl was in there and I turn around and I try to leave but the door is locked and I turn back around and their is a bloody girl with a Knife lucky me I had bought ghost spray just in case ha and all that but people who play this game be careful of we’re your going
  • The ghost 5/5

    By xxxloneypotatoxxx
    The ghost told me to run so I did then I popped in front of me
  • OMG!!!! THIS IS SCARY!!!! 5/5

    By map fail
    So we were in the kitchen and the ghost detector saw a ghost. It was in the corner. It’s type was spectrum and we asked if it was nice and said “in the corner” when we went on the recliner it FOLLOWED US!!!!!! We asked if it was nice again AND SAID NO!!!!!!! I freaked out. Now my cousin’s point of view: we were playing with 3 old furbes when we thought it was haunted when we saw it move!!!! So we downloaded this ghost detector and we saw a ghost flying above it!!!!!!! And ever since there was ghost and spirits and yet we even saw a DEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Flying above it and us!!!!!!!
  • Creepy Game 3/5

    By vcufyu
    So I went on the App Store and I saw this so when I was playing on the app I saw a ghost in my hallway so I said my names karsynn and they said get out and then I ran to my dads room and then the ghost was in his room too the app is soooo scary 👹
  • Scary 5/5

    By Ęm¡lÿ
    I was in the car waiting for someone to pop up for about 10 minutes. I finally got someone and I said “hi.” It took a while for them to reply. The scary stuff started happening when she/he asked “Are you scared?” I said, “No” and it replied with “You should be.” I just sat in my seat and got weird chills like someone was touching my hands. I asked, “Why?” And they replied with, “It’s coming.” I said, “who is coming?” It took around 3 minutes to reply with, “Mommy.” I stopped playing it after that.
  • The freaky ghost 5/5

    By our creepy ghost
    Me,my cousin, and my half cousin were playing a game with all the doors shut and with all the lights off trying to scare our selfs because we like to get creeped out and we found a really cold spot by the door so we decided to get a ghost game and when we did we saw a ghost right where the cold spot was.The ghost we saw was in a gown and had black hair over her face and we knew she was real because we saw that same ghost with our own eyes before we did the app and so the next day I went to school and described the ghost to my friend and the very next day he said that he saw her in the mirror when he was washing his hand also when we got the the app we asked what it’s name was and it said it’s name was Opal and we said are you nice and it said time to have fun so we asked Opal what she meant and she said you will see and then I got pains that felt like a knife was stabbing me
  • Fake 1/5

    By bigwhitecok
  • umm is this is real.. 5/5

    By KiKi Plays101
    So I got this game to play with meh friends a couple days ago. I found it on my ipad and of course I clicked it I was behind a curtain and there was a dark area which was unusually cold It detected a ghost there I got creeped out because it was a vengeful spirit.. After that it went behind me and when I turned around I said “oh my god” and it lost signal and now this app won’t work for me at all, no spirits are popping up so I’m creeped out All the stories are probably fake but mines real.... :D
  • So cool! 5/5

    By Vhkgukgrhjkerhugrehouvhjirfeh
    Ok, when I downloaded this I was kinda scared. My cousins kept saying “DO IT!!!” So I did. It kept a little while to get a ghost but IT DID!!! I talked to the ghost. It’s name was Sara and it was 9 years old. It died from a vampire. She said “It’s coming for you.” I said “what” she replied “get out.” So I started asking her if she was evil and here to kill me. She said... YES!! I all of a sudden started getting super warm... I took my temperature and I was 99.5 Them I took it again and the thermometer froze You should not be scared to download this. It’s not real but makes you laugh, but it can get a tad scary. Good job creating this!
  • HELP 4/5

    By cdhhcxhxxghv
    I was sleeping and a freaking tall man grabbed me and pulled me in the closet I freaking screamed and then the spirt cut my throat open and I died. HELP. I am satin now. God be with you all. Just kidding!!!!😂 none of that happened. I actually tried out the app and then I turned the phone sideways and the ghost turned with the phone SO FAKE. But....I still use it because you never now. It could be real.
  • MOMMY 😱😱 5/5

    By zucchini is scard
    So I did this at my friends house and the ghost said it was a shadow and the type was ghost...well I decided to do it at my house and the ghost said that i needed to stop and leave.THE TYPE WAS DEMON IM FREAKING OUT
  • Scary ghost app 5/5

    By dank circus eevee
    I was playing with this app with my cousin and we met a ghost and she wouldn’t stop following us. When we deleted the app it sent a notification of “play with me!” From the app we freaked out.......
  • The girl needs the tv 5/5

    By the trrefing story
    One time I was gonna watch tv and then a crazy girl came out I was terrified
  • Cool 5/5

    By Lil'Rigo
  • I’m very scared 5/5

    By kitten kat boiiiii
    I was walking through my house and I was thinking ghosts are not real then I look up and I see the creepiest thing ever it kinda looked like a zombie + Annabelle......IT WAS CREEPY AS HELL
  • The game is cool even know it’s fake but i rate it 100/100 5/5

    By lenttoe
    Love it
  • Muy mal 1/5

    By Kreeperking
    I didn’t see a ghost muy mal
  • Plane crash 5/5

    By Tiger7764
    So me and my friend were using the app and then this ghost came at first we asked how it died plane crash but here comes the twist we asked when it it said 34 years ago we looked it up and it was true ☠️
  • quality 5/5

    By jester8ball
    i value this app because it is accurate, consistent and stable. Plus the big thing that i really like is that it is so very simple and easy to use. good job creators :) James B.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By nickname ghost man
    So I got this app because I was bored and I was talking to this ghost and it said ‘run now’ and ‘stop while you can’ it was really scary
  • Dasiy 5/5

    By Izzy Lolipop
    Ok I’m at my moms boyfriends house and of course the dumb kid I am I played it and a friendly ghost named Daisy mommy starts talking to me then says leave now I have to stay here I’m scared and my phone died right when she said that DON’T PLAY THIS APP!!!
  • Hi 1/5

    By aubin kay sample
    It will not let me write anymore To the ghost ,l have to ask something for one of my friends
  • Creepy 1/5

    By Joebruin04
    I found a ghost and asked what it’s name was, how old it was when it died, and what year it was born/died. It gave me the information about my great grandma, who passed away last night.
  • Ghost in my room . 5/5

    By gucucgu
    I was playing a game and it was all about ghost then I saw a shawdo and it was not mine and it was not a dream so I was scared
  • This app is fake 1/5

    By fortnite290
    I saw a fake family member
  • wird 4/5

    By Stickman Golfer 2
    Scary at a funeral home
  • Scared 5/5

    By bell bell bro
    This app is so scary. I downloaded it because it felt cold and scary in a room in my house. This ghost said they were nice but then they randomly said they don’t like me and I said why. They said just because like what?
  • My ghost Dora 4/5

    By rita m 01
    So I did this at home, not sure I recommend if your afraid of ghosts! My ghost is named Dora. She’s an older lady who is not all that bad at times. She can get testy though. For the most part, she’s ok but sometimes, she can be a bit much. I get mad because she says it’s not her hurting me but I don’t know. I sometimes feel like I’m being smothered in my sleep by an entity! I don’t know what to think! Dora is in my home and refuses to go away! She died in my home and I’ve saged my home multiple times without success! I’m the only one she bothers. I get my hair pulled or feel something brushing against me or other things happen. This app helps me but often wonder if there’s more entities than Dora. Not sure what to do.
  • WOW 5/5

    By Syreetafields
    Best Ghost Detector Ever! This works. Freaked me the —— out! I can sense spirts and this appt picked them up.
  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooope 5/5

    By Jaxpei
    No no flip this game ok but no [email protected]?! THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nooooooooooooope (that’s y it’s called nope) I found a bunch of [email protected]“?!$ SPIRITS!!!! Hey I’m not the only HATER!!

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