Ghost Detector Radar Camera

Ghost Detector Radar Camera

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Ghost Detector Radar Camera App

Find ghosts and communicate with spirits, using this groundbreaking free app. The only app that lets you chat with spirits for free! No in-app purchase required. = Instructions = 1) Start the app 2) Walk around and find a ghost 3) Type your question and wait for the spirit to answer! Disclaimer: since paranormal activity can't be scientifically proven, we can't guarantee that the app communicates with real spirits.

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  • My friend 5/5

    By cool nate 37
    I made a friend named ruby she was a nice demon the last I saw of here she said run now I asked why she said you will see the next hour everything was falling over or moving
  • My experience with ghosts 3/5

    By Nikkuuuuuu
    I saw like 3 ghosts and 2 of them were in front of my mom , it was like a connection of people we didn’t know but we laughed and shrugged it off. There was one ghost named Maria and she was a Spectre ghost ! I asked her if she wanted to hurt one of us and she said,” YOU BET !” It was like the life was out of me , I was that scared. It was at like 8:30p.m.
  • Scary 5/5

    By Krlanier
    The first time I played I met this ghost named Anna. I asked her if we could be friends and she said she couldn’t imagine that. I asked why and she said you will find out. Then I asked for her to not hurt me. She then replied behind you. That was so creepy
  • The strange ghost! 5/5

    By Siouanj13
    So, one time I down loaded the app and played it, it is great but really my story is that one time when I was in my pantry. I met a female ghost that was a demon and her name was sally. She was nice for a demon! Until she said “wanna play a game?” I wondered what she meant. Then I asked “what kind of game”. She said, “go to the graveyard behind your neighborhood and walk in”. I asked why and she said, spirits of the dead rise up again, return to the place where you begin. I instantly froze. Still and super silent. Then I said, I’m not doing that! I could go to jail! Maybe. She responded angry. Then a couple months later I got a text from someone named Ashely rancher, she is a friend of mine! Female and 27 years old and her father was dead from drowning. The text read: I was playing with this ghost detector app and I met a ghost named sally! I froze in fear when I read the text! And it was only 4:32 in the morning! I asked her: is something wrong with her? She instantly responded back and she said: There is, she is in your house! And she is looking for you! I was panicking! She then responded back and said: I’m also looking for her! I texted her back and said: how do you know that she is in my house? She said: she said that she wanted me to follow her and she went to you house! She wanted me to tell you to get out bu... and the text ended. I wondered what happened to her. I was afraid she was a attacked by sally! She had me panicking! Breathing heavily and then the bedroom door opened, I imagined my friend remembering the day I thought I would die, November 13 1993- September 3 2013 and then I pulled out my phone and pulled up the ghost detector app as the door was slowly opening. I froze after I pointed my phone to the door. There was Ashely. She must of found the key I keep hidden key under a couple rocks along the side of my house. But she said: you need to get out! We then ran out of the house together, but then I asked what happened on the last text. She said bu like trying to say but. She said something happened. She said she was pushed down the steps and fell to the ground. She thinks it was sally that pushed her. I agreed. We ran to my car and we drove off to a local mc Donald’s parking lot. We talked for a couple minutes about what just happened. We eventually went in to get some milkshakes both vanilla and some fries. So we talked in the car for 30 minutes and then I pulled up the ghost detector app and looked if sally was around. Instantly I found a ghost, no it was not sally. It was also a demon. Her gender was female and she is 31 years old and died from cancer and she said she went to purgatory, and purgatory is where you have been good and bad you whole life, and your waiting for god and the devil to pick if you belong in heaven of hell. Her name was lily. I said if she knew sally, a demon. She said yes! She said I was just with her looking for you and then sally came up next to her! And said: I won’t be done getting to you for long! They vanished! 4 years later... I get a text from Ashely again saying: hey John , John is me! John Joseph... I said hello and then she texted back immediately and said: sally, remember her? She... she... she’s gone. That is the last time anyone in my whole life ever mentioned sally... THE END
  • Ha ha so fake 5/5

    By jxhekdhdbdjdg
    So I know this app is fake because one time it said connect to the Internet to speak and that’s how I knew it was fake so ha ha
  • Deman 4/5

    By Alexa golia
    So I got this game on the way to school and I said hi to the ghost and it said hi Alexa and my friends and me got scared😂😂
  • Oh oh 5/5

    By ifnbklepsjshvss
    Ok so I was going to download this as a joke and I tried to play around with it and I asked a spirit what it’s name was and it said dorthy then I asked how it died and it said monster to that I replied oh...... and then i got REALY DIZZY and light headed and then the spirit said oh oh
  • Scared 1/5

    By Z j man
    So I was in the grocery store and I saw this ghost that looked liked a skeleton it was a good time then I asked it we're does it live and it said next door and I said we're then he said behind my house and I said my garage and he said yes I got scared then he said get out and I said why and he said not telling that is we're I end it. It was scary
  • This is no joke 5/5

    By app of gods
    The ghosts and spirits are here, at my very house, I try to talk to them, but hey tell me to look under my bed, to help them, they ask for my body, they even want my soul I’m trying to survive In this ghost infested house. Help me!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Saniol the Army
    This is the best app for me and it’s the ideal ghost detector that I have found. And some of responds are really creepy like when I asked a ghost “are you friendly?” She said “I’m a pure evil” and I said let’s be friends and she said how that works? And I freaked out and closed the app😅
  • Super Scary! 3/5

    By adzzz🐷🐷🐷🐷
    This app was so scary, I was playing with my cousin and the ghost repeated his last name multiple times. Though this happened, I received the same answers to questions from multiple ghosts, so I don’t think this is real. However, it’s is very fun and I recommend doing it for harmless fun rather than hoping for a real outcome. Super fun and scary though!
  • So good! 5/5

    By ivotechrgh
    So, I just communicated with this ghost name Emily, who died of the plague in 1991 at the age of 26. She said that I shouldn’t be scared, but I should be careful. She also knew my name somehow.
  • I Like It 5/5

    So I Was In My Basement And I Saw A Ghost Saying My Mom’s Name
  • . 4/5

    By my name is juan jk
    I swear I kinda think this app is sorta real I asked it a few questions and it said don’t be scared Brandon and I freaked out cause I’m thinking is this a real spirit and just for trolls I asked the ghost can we have sex and it responded angry so I just left out of my car and into my house
  • Scary 5/5

    By -/438$(?9;)/@)bsj$;)7hd
    I was awake i looked at my phone and said to my self it 3am all the spirits are out so i went in the basement and saw a girl with hair over her face i typed are mean and it said yes ####### i said how do know my name it said it said hoodoo magic i said do you work with the devil satin it said yes i said bye and went up stairs and went to bed
  • SOOO SCARY 5/5

    By im sister shooked
    I was talking to this ghost and I asked if there was any other ghost here, she said,” yes” and I asked if they were nice, she said,” I am evil”. I asked why and she said,” you will see”. 😱😱
  • My story 5/5

    By 🍕🌸🤣😳😩😩
    So me and my brother was in Boston and we had downloaded this app and it was funny and scary at the time because there was a ghost where I was sitting at and also one of them was on top of my brother head🤪🤣
  • Ghost detector 5/5

    By bitzwinger
    I love this game but the weird thing is at night my kindle keeps turning on
  • Cool! 5/5

    By Mary128572
    My brother was playing this app so I decided to download it. When I was playing it, a demon appeared when my mom came in. Hmm... I wonder why the demon appeared when my mom came in.. 😂😂😂
  • New my name 5/5

    By Taig22
    I don’t know how it did it but it knew my name when I didn’t put anything that said my name into the app
  • Not real 1/5

    By carstion
    Who ever made this app is just trying to scare you. He wrote codes so whenever somebody asked a question it should respond. Don’t worry it’s fake god loves us and should protect us forever.
  • The scariest time of my life 5/5

    By green hall
    I told my friend I found a good and scary game he said what is the game I said it is a ghost it was 3am we here’d sum crazy sounds it started to get close we looked we saw nothing then we ran to my room we locked the door
  • Freaky😬😱😰 5/5

    By Cupcash
    I got this app because i thought, “I’m not scared of stupid ghosts and gouls. I’m a big girl and I’m not gonna get freaked out by a app!” And oh, was I wrong. I frogot about it for a LOOOOOOOOONG time. I got it about two years ago. I barely used it because nothing really showed up. One day I was home alone. I like going to bed early and eating huge ice cream sundaes. I also like having the lights turned out because it’s really fun. I wasn’t scared for being hurt or anything because I know how to defend myself easily. I got a call from my friend. I picked up but just heard breathing sounds. I know that only happened in movies but I promise it really happened. I said “(insert name) are you there..... is that you? (Insert name)?!” Nothing but the heavy, shaky breath. Finally I heard a tiny “Grec?” My name was Grace. “Wa” i said but then quickly shut my mouth and hung up. I called my real friend and she made me feel a lot better and I went to bed again. I woke up to a big “RRRIIIIPPPPP” sound. I gulped and realized I was sweating so much. I pulled my blankets off and felt cold. at first it was nice but then I felt a sharp pain Go through my neck the back then feet. I picked up my phone and pulled up the app. I was breathing heavy like the person on the phone call. The pain was slowly making its way on my legs down to my feet. I got the app pulled up, you looked at the ghost meter and saw about 20 ghost were in my room and30 more about in the other rooms of my house. My eyes widened and I asked the ghosts if they were dangerous and going to hurt me. No response. I dropped my phone but picked it up and ran to my bed. I was shaking but not because of it being cold. I deleted the app and called my freind. She believed me even thought I though fed like a psycho. I hid under the blankets and was scarred for the rest of my life.
  • Creepy 5/5

    By BrianaPrzedexki11
    This game was so creepy! I found no nice ghosts. Everytime I thought I did it always said it’s time to have fun. The app is amazing. I would recommend being super brave and not afraid of ghosts or you will have nightmares.
  • Cousin spirit 😱👻 5/5

    By Molly 78900123!!!!!👌
    I’m scared I don’t know what to do Thank goodness
  • Lol 5/5

    By steel alea
    My friends and i were messing around with the app and my friends though “hey im gonna flirt with a demon” i was like hey thats a funny idea 👻 then we found out later the ghost was 66 and her name was Mary we turned off the app for a while came back and a demon appears it was the same demon my friends start fussing at it and started copying way it was saying the ghost was but before we turned off the app it was hurting my friend Cori i wasn’t scared i was just confirmed that this demon was actually a friend of mine because i can already see ghosts but she didn't recognize me she kept saying run but we didn't if my cuz was here she would have been dead...
  • Scary sleepover 5/5

    By 😣😣😫😫🥺🤭🤭😯😮😧😦😲
    So I was at a sleepover when my friend had the idea to do load a ghost detector it was like 2:00 we got scared till we sal a bad ghost we turn it off and my friend heard a noise at the kitchen we went to see the snack drawer OPEN we did not get any snacks so we got scared to start watching YouTube cause we got really scared so we got in the room my friend sat down then ran to ME i said what is wrong she said “i felt something or someone touch my BACK “ after that we heard something fall in the play room we did not go cause there are dolls there when she was little and then we went to sleep I warn it is scary to play and follow the rules cause you get cursed I WARN YOU GUYS
  • Yeet 5/5

    By hotspotbest
    I was in my dads car and I ask the ghost how it died and it said I was poisoned
  • They know my name 1/5

    By Ryan Lane 579
    I know this is fake and there’s someone texting these words but how the hell did they know my name i fell like they hacked my phone DON’T DOWNLOAD THIS
  • 5 stars 4/5

    By Hellowild
    It’s scary at night! I did it every night and then once a little girl was sitting on my bed really close to me!!!! It was scary, great game though
  • My name !!! 5/5

    By MotherOfNature4
    I just need to know how does the spirits know peoples names ?
  • *IT SAID MY NAME* 1/5

    By creepy69
    OK so me and my cousin downloaded this app along time ago because we wanted to try to find a ghost detector app and we always played on it and then I would delete it when we was done playing on it. Just here recently the last time we played the game at my cousins house I decided just to leave the game on my phone and so that way I won’t have to download it next time. It’s been about A month since the last time we played it together. Then one night we were at a hotel and cousin asked me if I still have the app on my phone and I said yes so we got on the app and we found a ghost so we said hi like we usually do and the ghost said hi and then I said my name so I got freaked out and deleted the app and then my cousin really wanted to play the app because she said it was just a coincidence so I got the app again about five minutes later and we seen a different ghost and I said hi and it said howdy my name hello there my name and then it said hi again so either way I always thought this app was fake but then I wonder how it would know my name or say anything about my name I don’t know just don’t get this app
  • Scary 5/5

    By dogabow
    We were messing around with a ouiji board and that was a mistake hearing things left and right so we got this app and met a ghost we summoned and he was luckily nice but still I’m not going to sleep now
  • Wack 1/5

    By Alex smith is the best
    You ask any question to start the “session” and it instantly says you want proof. You move the phone closer or farther away the “spirit” goes with it. Debunked this app when i was using the portal app on a android phone (the app is android only an actually works!). So yeah disappointed
  • Shook 4/5

    By HBK CYN
    So I downloaded this app bc I was bored and home alone with my two dogs... So when I got to using it I was like walking around my house and (mind you I was home alone) the app says "ghost detected type a question" and I did I simply said "where are you" and the ghost simply replied “next door” I got super creeped out and exited out of the app... But a few hours later I get bored again and go around my house but this time the ghost or whatever was in my room and I could see the silhouette of the ghost on my screen and the app once more let me type in a question. Moving on, I type in “hey” and then the answer I receive is “hey cindy, howdy cindy, hi there cindy, cindy” and I got SUPER SCARED because my name is CINDY.... After this I immediately told my sister and she said “Okay so like idk if that app is just crazy but whenever I take the dogs out like it doesn't matter morning night afternoon I feel like theres a ghost by the shed that watches me I even told B the other day I'm losing my mind. We need to leave that house”
  • Not a game 5/5

    By karamel_Redd
    This is not a game bruh do not play my name is Chyna and it said my name this is no coincidence
  • Ghost death 5/5

    By Samajj22
    Hey bro I’m going back right away
  • A skeleton followed us 5/5

    By me and cousins
    So I downloaded this app with my cousins and when we saw this skeleton and when we saw it we were sooo terrified and my cousins and me went to the kitchen to test it if it was folllowing us and it was THE SPOOKY END
  • Meh 5/5

    By doctor pimple popper

    By 81Baby
    So me and my cousins were looking for scary games and we found this so we started playing and we played for a bit but one of my cousins said then kill me then and it said not yet Mariyah and she through her phone and we all ran out screaming but the weird part was she never told it her name and we really got freaked out and it said it came from hell please don’t download this app it might be haunted
  • 😧😧😧😧😧😧 4/5

    By KRL is awesome
    There is this ghost and it’s never said my name before no ghost has ever known my name but then I said hi today and it said hi and it said my name and then I said how do you know my name and it said I know everything and I’m like go away you’re freaking me out and it said no I will never go away so then I turn off the app and I ran inside and I was so scared
  • Hi 1/5

    By Jaybutt22
    It’s so dumb
  • 😵 4/5

    By Starrywolf
    So one day me and my friend where using the app and a ghost showed up, we asked some questions, but than the ghost replied to one, “not yet, Mia and Oona. That freaked us out so we closed the app put the phone down and ran. This is my first time using the app since, because I no longer want it on my phone because it knew my name and my friends name🤯😱😫😨☹️👻☠️🙀
  • Halp 4/5

    By GachaLover2000
    Da ghost kno mah name but da ghost play fortnite so I play forkknife with ghost yay
  • Woh 5/5

    By countryside7665
    Ok so I went outside to see what I could find well something was detected so I was like ok and I asked her what her name was and she said Sara. I asked how she died and he answer was heart attack. Then I asked her what she and she said 15. We had a whole conversation about how boys are complicated this was sad and fun at the same time I also know this is fake to btw Sara is my favorite gost btw
  • Bloody marry 5/5

    By jfjfjfjdjksjckr
    I was at a sleep over with my friend his mom was out of town and we were home alone and we went to the grave yard with a mirror and and did bloody marry we saw A blood red women behind us so we went back and heard a vase fall over and a bunch of other stuff so we left to my house and lived
  • ok look 1/5

    By 가라11111
    this knew my name, i didnt agree to anything, this isnt ok :/
  • can someone help 5/5

    By elisemagic0
    i downloaded it and i didnt look if it was free or not cus it said processing payment
  • 😱 I loved getting scared of the Ghosts that wouldn’t let me leave 5/5

    By ghostgirl👻
    Me my sis and her friend were looking at scary stuff and we found this app and started finding a bunch of ghosts All of them said stuff like you can’t leave and Run while you can it was really creepy and fun We really like this app but Really creepy stuff started happening Started hearing really creepy sounds and whispers we really like this app especially talking to ghosts!!!!😄😱

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