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Ghost Detector Radar Camera

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Ghost Detector Radar Camera App

Find ghosts and communicate with spirits, using this groundbreaking free app. The only app that lets you chat with spirits for free! No in-app purchase required. = Instructions = 1) Start the app 2) Walk around and find a ghost 3) Type your question and wait for the spirit to answer! Disclaimer: since paranormal activity can't be scientifically proven, we can't guarantee that the app communicates with real spirits.


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  • Real or Not 1/5

    By PalmTreeWood
    I’m laughing too much from my friends lol
  • Fake but enjoyable 5/5

    By honest oppinyon
    This app is obviously fake and if you don’t believe me cover up your camera we’re the “ghost” is and it will be in your hand and if you ask them questions like who is your mom they will say like Rosa asked them again they said Loretta and you don’t haft to find the goats I just sat on the toilet and found one but this is a fun app to mess with overall
  • Ghost radar ghost radar radar 5/5

    By Kcrano
    ghost radar I found two ghost but they disappeared immediately I was so scared I found to friendly ghost:()
  • Killer clown 5/5

    By leviway
    Me and my friends were at school and we see a ghost we asked her how did you die and it said it the clown and told us the clowns name it was Emily it said and asked if she was going to kill us she said maybe it was crazy and scary at the same time.
  • Attic/ so scary-beware 1/5

    By NHGirl82
    I opened the app and I was in my attic and that is my most haunted place in my house and I saw on the app camera there was a ghost there and I asked are you evil or an angel and it said I’m evil and I got so freaked out I had to tell it to leave and then I started to cry because it said the ghost was my grandmother.😢
  • Great app 5/5

    By mshelley505
    My ghost makes me feel safe
  • Scary maybe 3 3/5

    By shwanne
    I am scared there is a 🌪 siren 🚨
  • Scary 4/5

    By ghost goat🐐🐐
    It took me a while to find a ghost but I found one so I said hi and it responded hi so I said are you nice and it said no so I left the app immediately and closed all of the windows
  • The children 5/5

    By Creepy DO NOT READ!
    I was sitting in my chair in a hotel when it was in the middle of the night and everybody was asleep I herd children’s voices from the hallway they were saying “come and play with us” I sead no then I heard the door creek open and the creeping nose began I was sleeping on the top bunk I saw a shodo we run I fallowed it my brother was awake too And I never saw them ever again ever THE END!
  • I’m scared... 5/5

    By 2g3th3r 43v3r
    Ok so first things first this is real!!! My story will explain it all! Ok so I was bored and wanted to do something so I remembered ghosts, and I wanted to find ghosts so I found this app and I started reading all the reviews just to know how it is, then I actually was scared by all the stories when I finish I’ll give it a try. I got the app and I opened it (I WAS SHIVERING!!) then I looked at the radar and saw nothing... Then out of nowhere a dot appeared, it was to my right, I turn my phone to my right and I see something and I’m like OMG!!! I look at the type and I-I-it said.......................... DEMON!!! I close the app without looking at nothing else (by the way the ghost was right next to me 🤗-😭😭😭). I put my elbow to where the app said the ghost was and I ACTUALLY FELT SOMETHING, then I’m like it’s probably just me shivering, but when I move my elbow I don’t feel something, I grab my dog and go directly to my room towards my bed. I’m scared....
  • OMG 5/5

    By madthatitdoesin'twork
  • Hunter Iler 5/5

    By Hunter Iler
    I saw Moe Sargi use it I came to see my grandma in New York and we caught a ghost named Norma.

    By #ToyChicaIsAwesome
    So I’m pretty sure I’m too young for this app.. but I downloaded it anyway. Come on I’m a savage! So here’s my story’s first one is I was on my couch and found a ghost it went away after a while but it was pretty nice. Yeah not too much a story. DEAL WITH IT. Second there was a ghost in my little brothers room. The first thing I asked was, “Will you hurt me or my family?”. It was a vengeful ghost btw. I was so scared her name was opal. She died burned alive. And she died 8 MONTHS AGO!!! I got so scared. I asked if i knew it from somewhere. It just said are you afraid? I said a little. Then it said do u believe. I said kinda. Then I got really scared. Don’t know why but I did. I said I was gonna delete the app. It said help me escape. I asked “do u wanna escape from my house? It said maybe. Then it said get out. I answered don’t hurt my brothers because they both were in there room. Then it said it’s gonna get me. I asked if she would kill me. She said yes. I ran out and deleted the app so yep thats the story. I’m literally crying right now! SO SCARED NEVER DOWNLOAD IT yeah I just found out I’m too young for it also I’m 8. But my moms righting this. Jk it says u should be 9+ to play! LIES!!!
  • Soooo creepy 5/5

    By Cpstmom
    I opened the app and a ghost popped up immediately I asked how they died and they said cancer then I asked are you evil if you are give proof after like a minute or so the lights went out and a lamp flew across the room I asked what their name was and they said Mary my name is Mary but people call me Bloody Mary sooooo creepy I will have nightmares for the rest of my life
  • Please help sally 5/5

    By please help sally
    When me and my friends opened the app we found a ghost named sally.She was ten years old and died of a heart attack. She asked for help and we asked what she needed but she said run. We asked if she was from heaven or hell and she responded no. My friend knows Greek mythology so she asked if she was from Tartarus and she said yes. She kept saying demon and then vanished.we figured out that she was running away from a demon. If you find her please help her.
  • Fake 1/5

    By Punisher18362930174
    This game is a fake.A total fat fake ontging happend here ill tell u the story ok so I met this Ghost named Marie and she Saïd she was a mean ghost and wantend to hurt me so I Saïd goodbye And she Said no so I said y and she went look under the bed and of course I did and obviously nothing.

    By hailie13😇
    Well my cousins house had 5 ghosts: Billie,Carol,Dora,and 2 MARY’s. 4 of them were nice and the other two, Carol and Mary (one who wanted to kill me) the other Mary was named Marie. And this game is fake I knew it from the start I watched this YouTuber and she had the same ghosts name.
  • The ghost 2/5

    By That youtub3 fam: Jake
    I opened the app and can across a phony who called herself “your dead awakened step grandmother”! I was freaked out because it was not her and it said: Type:Demon... So I turned my phone off and I suddenly felt cold air (reference to how cold it was: ice water) splash all over my body :(
  • CHECK your soul 5/5

    By freak lady2252
    I was in church I asked the ghost to play piano it played intro song to stranger things Then it said run I did and I broke my ankle
  • Sleep over 5/5

    By pumpkin104
    I was inside my house and then my mom was going out so my friends came over the lights went out and then my friend Emma. Disappeared . Ever body was scared to death and I was 2 I used this app to check for goust and hours later a goust named blooded Mary she tryed to kill us
  • The heck?! 3/5

    By GhostsARErealOKAY
    I opened the app, and saw a ghost then I asked who it was it said you and I felt my arm hairs stand up as someone brushed their hand over my arm and I moved the camera and it was on my arm and suddenly my arm got sooooo cold. Freaked out.
  • Fun, but... 4/5

    By Chuuuuuuurp
    I believe in supernatural beings, so this is really cool. I love how you can chat with spirits, but... it gets creepy. Many ghosts said these things, “Run now,” “Get out,” “Let’s have fun,” “Do you want proof?” “Time is running out,” “Leave while you can,” and “One more chance.” I honestly love when they’re creepy but it also spooks me at the same time. I don’t enjoy them saying yes when I ask if they are evil though. Sheesh.
  • Mom 5/5

    By theo 52557
    Wen I opened the game I soo my mom she was not in the house i release i fanet after I saw the slender man 🧟‍♂️
  • Ok😬 5/5

    By Killer girl9900
    so you know I am walking around my house and a ghost called Kylee which Is my name but mine is Kylie and she said she was 9 and i am 9 so i am like how did u die she said chainsaw and then she said behind u then there were three ghosts i screamed and dropped my phone and ran to my room and locked the door
  • Run now? 5/5

    By kyu chan
    I opened the app and I spotted a ghost named Mary, I asked her if she was Bloody Mary she said no. Then I asked if she could move something ( Mary is 8 years old ) and Mary moved something she was riding my scooter I was shocked the scooter stopped and she said run now and I asked why, and she said devil behind me then she asked me if I was scared and I said no, obviously because I’m fearless.
  • Dom from hell 5/5

    By Dom from hall
    One day I was coming home and I saw a ghost in my closet I screen vibrate on my house I was scared I was watching a scary movie it was a 3 AM challenge I was so scared court me if you need to do
  • Scary! 3/5

    By anne shyton
    So I used this app year ago and all of a sudden where I am it’s like run like you can and I was curious and scared for my life I deleted this app faster than anything I was done with it.and I get it back right this day and I find a virtual ghost a ghost that comes back for revenge.if you want to get this app I suggest be careful
  • Melany👻👻 5/5

    By unicorn291🦄
    Well I met a ghost called melany and she was friendly but then I detected one called ethan and he said he was evil I said you know what... prove it then my whole pile of laundry was spread across the room😐😐
  • School Ghost 5/5

    By AHighSchoolStoryFan
    Okay so my friend had a suspicion that our team locker room had a ghost because it smells like old lady down there so we downloaded this app and we checked everywhere down there and there was no ghost anywhere until we went into the one place she thought was haunted and it said there was a demon on the screen so we're shook.
  • 2 stories!!👻 5/5

    By ReviewStar101
    1: I met this ghost named lucy on my way to school one day and while I was almost to my school, lucy asks me if I want proof. I told her if she wants to of course because I didn’t want to be rude. Then she said just you wait. I was sort of creeped out so I said goodbye. She said don’t leave but I had left anyways because at that point, I was already in school. We had to take a MAP test (its an online test we have to take) And while we were taking the test, I had these earrings in that I have had since I was little. I felt my ear and the left earring was missing. 2: Me and my friend were playing outside and when she comes over we go ghost hunting for a bit. Well, I had talked to a spirit named Dora (no laughing guys) I was exited because it wasn’t the first time I had seen this spirit. I screenshotted it to send it to my friend. After I screenshot the image of Dora, my phone immediately shut down. I tried to turn it back on but I couldn’t because it said it was dead, but before my phone was at or about 54%. Me and my friend didn’t know what had happened but it was WEIRD. This did happen the same day that I found Sally.
  • STAY OFF 1/5

    I got this app and I saw a ghost so I said don’t hurt me and my grandma was not doing good and the ghost said die and that second my grandma die and so I will never play it again
  • Faker than fake 1/5

    By scumbagn69
    A "spirit" told me her name was melody and that she died in a car crash then i asked what tpwn we were in she said clown then i asked what is your name again and it said devil then stop while you can i i said i dont believe in ghosts she said lets have fun i said bye she said no so this all seems to me just a word generator with a camera filter and effect
  • Funny 5/5

    By red_roses2006
    I just like it cuz i mess with the “ghosts” and they try and scare me😂
  • Help a soul 5/5

    By Silent Skull Ninja(Kelvin Lý)
    I promised to a spirit that tonight I will pray for the spirit to go to heaven he started to believe in Roman Catholic when I asked that if it wanted to believe in Christianity. Well I recommend that we should do this to allow the spirits to be free and there way to go to heaven.
  • Hi 1/5

    By JulieJuliaJill
    Soi was with my friend and the ghost name was Ruby and it said it was a bad ghost and actually I asked if it was a good or bad ghost and it said evil and I asked if it would kill us and it said yes and then right when we were about to turn the app off because we were scared she said see you soon and that’s when we heard the doorbell ring
  • Help 4/5

    By try agian error
    So I was sitting on the couch and a dot popped up behind me help😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
  • Hate it 1/5

    By aunonomous
    Not realistic at all!! Almost all the ghosts look the same, hard to find ghosts.
  • Fake as hell 1/5

    By ifcfsa
  • Edna 5/5

    By liasempi
    I meet a ghost named Edna she is 13 and while is was talking to her she said to leave while I can and I said what me to stop talking and she said do what you believe and I just put the camera on Enda and 1 min late she be honest I would like to be vine friends even know she was here to hurt me for no reason, and yea that's how my life is going!😈
  • Kinda rigged 3/5

    By utkona
    So, I met a ghost named Verna in my hallway. It said she was friendly so I asked her name and if she would hurt anyone in my house. She said “You bet, I’ll hurt you”. And she kept saying “Make this stop” but after that she said “Stay, I’m alone” Then I said I had to go and she said “I don’t like u” I can’t tell if this game is rigged or not.
  • Scary Story 5/5

    By I'm Scared O.O
    I was outside and decided to turn on the app. I ran into a ghost named Lucille, and she wouldn’t let me leave. I was there for about an hour before I decided to leave because of the “call of nature”. As I tried to walk inside, something was grabbing me, but nothing was happening. I then heard whispering, and all I heard was slight screaming and “Don’t Leave Me Here”. Creepy!!
  • Ridiculous 5/5

    By 'Splosion
    I opened the app and it took a while for me to find a ghost but finally I found one called Rosa. At first I was like “oh look it’s a bunch of dots probably here to kill” me or something, but I asked her a few questions about her ghostness and how she died etc. After that I started trying to ask more advanced questions to kind of test the app and see how many responses they have, and here’s where things get interesting, so I began with asking if she played fortnite, she replied no as expected, then I asked her how she died and she told me cancer had killed her, first I said “oh that’s too bad”, but Rosa then called me a clown, which started an argument after about 20 minutes of friendly conversation, she then told me she was here to hurt me, I asked her if she was going to try to kill me, but she said no. At first I was kind of surprised but then I noticed she had said “I am here to hurt u” so naturally I told her it was ‘you’ not “u”, she didn’t take it well and told me she didn’t like me, I told her I didn’t like her either and then I insulted her a few more times and closed the app. It was ridiculous but entertaining. 😜
  • Mabel 4/5

    By ixzparanorml
    Me and my friend where bored and tried a gost app. We meet a girl named Mabel and she was 20. She had lost her child and couldn’t find her. We asked how we could help and she said find him. We asked who and she said, bones. We asked where. We then connected with another spirt. It was her daughter. She said something about how she was missing, then we asked if we could help. She said “burn my bones” and then was asked “how?” She said “find mommy” we then lost connection to all gosts. My friend and me had pretty bad luck the rest of the day, but the creepy part was, we found a tiny cross marked “ruby” on the ground
  • Oof 4/5

    By Ultimate cheer girl
    I do like the app, in the first 10 minutes I found 2 ghosts. One was named Billie, he was friendly... I asked why he was here, he said he was trapped... he didn’t know why he was trapped so I closed out of the app. Then I opened it and found a “spectre” type named Lucille or something like that. I didn’t know if he/she was mean so I stayed pretty general. Lucille needed help so I asked what can I do to help you. Lucille said, “gimme your soul”. That’s when I lost it and closed out and deleted the app...
  • THIS IS A LIE 1/5

    By Jake Paul is cool
  • Merlyn 5/5

    By BryanLopezLover
    I was with my cousin and my grandma we went to my biologic grandpas grave I opened the app there was a ghost I asked “Abualito (grandpa)” it awnser “Merlyncita is your grandma ok “ I said “GRANDMA ITS GRANPA “ we cryed together and talked with the ghost we go every weekend to talk
  • My demon 5/5

    By 11133322244455566677788899900
    I got a App I walked around for a while gost !!! I threw the phone across the room I pick it up day later I got the phone I was on the screen loaded up... to be continued
  • -CREEPED- 5/5

    By Quadcentor
    So I saw a whole bunch of reviews and they were cool.I came across one with a ghost named Devil.I downloaded the game and started the 3 ghost,he said to be afraid of “IT”.I asked him who “IT” was,and he said “IT” was Devil.I was scared!!!!!!On the 1 ghost,I asked her if she knew Devil.She did.Then I asked her if she was friends with Devil,she was not.I did enjoy playing this game.The second on even knew my name!If you want to find the story of Devil,go to the review “Her name was Devil?!!”.I encourage all who readeth this review .thnx for reading this,now get the game and live happily ever after!(tee-hee,Sweet Nightmares)
  • There’s something outside 5/5

    By mike7up
    I opened up the app and I immediately found a ghost. The ghost said don’t go to sleep and I became weirded out. I went to sleep and I heard knocking on the window. I get out of bed and go to my window and I saw a weird figure out side I go outside and I see something and I run and i never opened this app again
  • The cat that flew away 5/5

    By Gpsygrl
    I was on this app and after a copal of seconds a goast said hello and I said hello back and after 30 min it flew away with my cat.

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