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GIF Keyboard

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  • Current Version: 2.0.5
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Tenor
  • Compatibility: Android
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GIF Keyboard App

Sometimes emojis just don’t cut it. Share your true feelings with GIFs. Drag and drop GIFs from your menubar directly into iMessage, and collect your favorite GIFs from anywhere by dropping GIFs into your menubar. It’s perfect for all those times you wanted to... - Express just how much you love pizza. - Annoy your friends with that one lyric you just can’t stop singing. - Tell your crush that cuddling should be in your future. Tenor GIF for Mac Features: * Always send the perfect GIF and video responses to your best friends straight from your menubar! * Browse through categories like reactions, music, trending and more. * Search millions of GIFs and videos on Tenor for the perfect moment. You can also tap the emoji icon in the menu to search by your favorite emoji! * See a GIF you like while browsing the web or receive a GIF from a friend? Drag/Drop the GIF to your Menubar to save for later. That means no saving to clunky desktop folders, and its instantly available from your toolbar * Works with your favorite messengers and social networks including iMessage, Slack, Email, Telegram, Facebook, and Reddit * Syncs with Tenor GIF Keyboard on your iPhone. Your GIF collections are instantly available on both your iPhone and Mac so your favorites GIFs are accessible everywhere

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  • Broken 1/5

    By @brandenlee
    This app fundemently doesn't work anymore. The developer has abandoned it and should now be considered abandonware. Everyone should start looking for a different gif app to use because this one doesn't copy/paste gifs, it sometimes posts one frame of a gif but that's it. The only thing you can do is copy the URL... which defeats the purpose of the app.
  • Need to fix permissions for Catalina 4/5

    By WarWagon.AV
    It's not that GIF Keyboard is broken, it needs permissions that are now restricted in Catalina. If you go to System Preferences->Security & Privacy, then go to the Privacy tab. Under the section "Accessibility", you can add GIF Keyboard and make sure it's checked. After that it works like it always has.
  • App Doesn't Even Open 1/5

    By truetonorth
    The title says it all. I downloaded it (running Catalina) and the app doesn't even open at all.
  • Won't Work with Catalina 1/5

    By landonjh
    The GIF doesn't actually copy fo the keyboard in Catalina. Hasn't been updated for a while, and the developer, Tenor, won't respond to support requests.
  • Suggestions 2/5

    By dev.jsm91
    App has not been updated in a while and it shows. I like that I can load it in the menubar on login, but I would love for the window to not always pop open (does not abide by the hide checkmark). Also, it when going to upload gifs, the tags will not allow spaces, but the online version and filter suggestions both do. Lastly, there seems to be an issue with keeping things consistant when it comes to organizing the 'favorites', 'uploads', and 'recents'. For instance, my favorites sometimes show a filled ❤️, but othertimes doesn't. If the heart is unfilled, but filed in my 'favorites' folder, then filling the heart (❤️) removes it from my favorites, but still shows as filled if searching in the main search.
  • Catalina 1/5

    By Mr.O2tha
    Was working perfectly. Now it won't paste into Messages since switching to Catalina.
  • Copy/Paste Doesn't Work 1/5

    By Music.Freak83
    I don't know if this is the fault of the new OS Catalina update but ever since that, I can't copy/paste with this app. I click on a gif and it gives me the notification that it's been copied but when I use my trackpad or cmd V to paste, nothing happens. I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it to no avail, and rebooted my laptop. Please help! It's unusable in it's current state. :/
  • needs to update 1/5

    By Cmh1479
    cannot work on macbook air once new OS was downloaded.
  • Broken 1/5

    App won’t even open. Very disappointing.
  • Needs update 3/5

    By The Troester Family
    It still runs on Catalina, but I can't copy and paste gifs into Messages anymore. It shows that it's been copied to the clipboard but it doesn't paste. Still seems to get the URL for the GIF - maybe some kind of security setting?
  • Works great 5/5

    By GamercoreX
    Results are a little different from something like Giphy, but it gets the job done. App performs MUCH better than GIF Hunter which overheats my MacBook and slows down my internet to a crawl. Love it.
  • Unusable since update 1/5

    By berrypecker
    This app used to work great, and I loved it, but since the update it no longer works. I try to launch it, and it immediately quits.
  • Parental Controls Anyone? 4/5

    By Urs for sure
    Could there be a way to block some content for this app? Not my thing some of language and want to put controls on kids phones too. The app works great on my Mac even with updates and can be such a joy to use except this one issue which may cause me to delete it altogether. Hope to find a replacement if I must delete though.
  • freezes constantly 1/5

    By audreykb
    maybe an update is needed because this app is always freezing.
  • Needs HD Gif support 3/5

    By nathanalf
    Love the app, use it multiple times daily, but I wish it had the HD gifs that are supported via the website and iOS iMessage app! There are times when I send a gif on my Mac then go and view it on my phone and the gif is so small you can't tell what it is or read any text. Please support HD!!
  • Broken App (All Devices) 1/5

    By mattypanda
    I have this app on iOS and 2 mac computers and the account page/section is utterly useless. I get notificaitons that my gifs are used and all that jazz but I can't even use them myself because when you click on the Account thing and go to the packs they will show one gif that is in them but when you click on it they're all empty. Every last one of them. The favorites, the uploads, the saved folders all of them... empty. GOOGLE. FIX. THIS. PLEASE.
  • Not good. 1/5

    By aharubi
    The app doesn't work with WhatsApp for some reason, it just gives me the first frame of the GIF. And jesus christ why the f can't I change the icon on the menu bar? It literally says "GIF" on my menu bar and it's HUGE and UGLYYYYYY. Get your act together.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By THISAPPSUCKSsssssssss
    No matter what I try, I only ever get the spining gear. I try to search and nothing come up. Thankfully it's free so I only wasted my time...
  • Initial Impression 4/5

    By Creakycracker
    I just got this and sent a GIF to my wife’s iPhone from my Mac mini. I got a ‘fail to send error’ and when I picked up my iPhone the GIF was a box that said ‘click here to download’. It then sent it on the next try from my iPhone. The gif shows on the Messages app on the Mac, and I don’t understand why the GIF isn’t delivered from there. Since I downloaded it on my iPhone and re-sent it the imessages app on my mac shows it delivered twice but the iPhone shows once? This may be user error, but I wanted to send GIFs in imessages directly from my mac because it has a 60” monitor and I have to put eyeglasses on to use my phone. I still give 4 stars but will revisit later to amend review when I figure what is going on. BTW I am running Mac OS 10.13.1
  • my GIF 5/5

    By seaqual
    Seems to be excellent. Just downloaded
  • No longer perfect 5/5

    By E-Dawg007
    I used to love it! It worked perfectly! Since updating to Mojave, all it pastes into chats are still images (.png's) and not gifs. Any chance we can get an update to resolve this. Until then, I'll have to drop it from 5 starts to 4
  • App Force Closes 1/5

    By Smikenziel
    The App force closes every time it opens, doesn’t work.
  • Just what I was Looking for 5/5

    By AJsAWiz
    Works on my Mac just like it does on my iPhone and iPad. No hitches, no hiccups; works smoothly and seamlessly.
  • Solved Missing Menu Bar Issue! 5/5

    By Mark Drumz
    Originally I found that The GIF kept Dissapearing from the Menu Bar So to Solve this ,Do This, while you have Messages open click Anywhere on the Finder Desktop Then Select GiF, select Gif of your Choice Drag Down to the Messages Window while it’s there in Other Words You’ll only see it when Finder is Selected So Toggle Between them, i’m on MacBook Pro untill i figured it out it Drove Me Nuts
  • Crashes MacBook Pro 1/5

    By I'm John
    If I have this running in the task bar and close my MacBook Pro then reopen it… it’s crashed and rebooted everytime. I’ve stopped using it. You can just drag and drop a GIF from any website. Plus you have to create a log in just to use it. Nope. See ya!
  • Update 1/5

    By sad student 8
    I really enjoyed the app untilI I updated it. Now it will not open on my computer. Super disappointed.
  • Does Not Work on Macbook 1/5

    By hankinskm
    I used to love this app and frequently used it on my Macbook Pro. I am not sure why but now everytime I try to open it, it appears in my bar for half a second and then disappears without opening. Have tried uninstalling/reinstalling to no evail. Please fix.
  • Nice Feature/ keyboard small for middle age eyes 4/5

    By Melissa j/m
    I use this on my iPhone- and love the gifs you can use. In my 60’s I do miss the ability to have larger font on the keyboard/ and spell check does not auto correct (no complaints about that- "just the facts, ma’am.) Still training my fat fingers to hit the right keys.
  • Force Closes/Crash 1/5

    By loreenaquamarine
    For some reason the app won’t open anymore, it’ll appear in a tiny screen for a second and close. It was fine, up until about a month ago. I’ve tried deleting it and re-downloading it, but it still doesn’t work.
  • Doesn’t work on 10.11 1/5

    By Hhrfhhyfdebggdd
    I would imagine it has to do with Google purchasing Tenor, but it doesn’t work on 10.11 anymore.
  • It works better than the nonexistent competition 3/5

    By bran.nosk
    It works better than the nonexistent competition. But the icon is awfully blatant, and lacks that macOS reserve.
  • App Force Closes, Unusable since update 3/5

    By Anbu Rick
    Have been using this app for several months and was a big fan of it, but since the most recent update it has been unusable for me on my Macbook. Every time I try to open it the app attempts to open but immediately force closes itself.
  • Revision? 4/5

    By Hunky Bear
    I read the reviews about the name confusion. I believe that there has been a revision that fixed at least some of the naming problems. In LaunchPad, when I type in Tenor, there is no result. When I type in Gif, GifKeyboard comes up. Tenor is still part of the app. I have seen it in some menus and on the window that pops up after I click on the icon in the menubar. I haven’t had Gif long, but it seems more straight forward that some of the 2017 reviews indicated.
  • easy to use! 5/5

    By fl1zz3r
    Just installed this and I love how easy it is to use. Just search, drag, and drop. Love the fact that it’s docked in the menu bar for easy access to. Great job!
  • Crashes on High Sierra 1/5

    By stlz19
    Every time I try to drag a Gif, the app crashes — has only happened since upgrading to High Sierra.
  • High Sierra Support! 5/5

    By Andrew
    Thank you for supporting High Sierra! It’s been a sad few weeks not being able to open the app since I installed the beta...
  • Great App, but Broken for High Sierra 5/5

    By jnoutinen
    Great app, but broken for High Sierra. It used to work just fine before the newest OS update. Hope it’s fixed soon!
  • Doesn’t work under High Sierra 1/5

    By Murphy0013
    App used to work but has stopped since the 10.13 upgrade. No response from the developer, no info on their web page. Abadonware.
  • missing high sierra compatability 2/5

    By kktspecial
    just as my life got easier because of this app, it got harder again as soon as i updated my computer. PLEASE FIX. FOR ALL THAT IS GIF-Y. PLEASE.
  • Great App | Just Doesn’t Work on High Sierra 5/5

    By Dyron "DJ"
    Name is a bit decieving as it is not a keyboard, but it still was useful for sharing GIF’s… now with High Sierra it crashes as soon as it opens! Will go back to 4 ⭐️ once (or if) update is applied...
  • Doesn’t work on High Sierras 1/5

    By parino
    Doesn’t work with newest operating system. Used to be great.
  • Stopped working 2/5

    By docjerry
    Loved the app until I updated to High sierra os. Now I can’t get to load on my iMac. I deleted it and re uploaded, but still does same thing. The icon appears in the top dock and then immediatly disappears, and won’t open.
  • Does not work in High Sierra 1/5

    By aporzio1
    After updateing to 10.13 the app no longer launches. Has not been updated since April, Hopefully there will be an update soon.
  • High Sierra Fix? 2/5

    By colorfulmeta4
    I bought this app not one week ago, and would have assumed there would be a fix with macOS High Sierra. I can’t get my app to start in boot. It keep disappearing from my menu bar. I try and open it and the app shuts down. Shouldn’t have this been fixed within a few days of High Sierra’s release - or even during the beta testing? The iOS versions work just fine with iOS 11, but the macOS version needs attention now, and I’m not seeing it. Please fix MacBook Pro 15 (non-Retina, mid-2012) 16 GB system RAM 500 GB SanDisk SSD storage Running High Sierra (of course)
  • Fix for MacOS High Sierra PLZ! 5/5

    By Wiifan
    Please fix this app for MacOS High Sierra (10.13). It used to work before the update, but now it just crashes whenever I try to boot it up. FYI I am running 2015 Macbook Pro w/ Retina Display MacOS 10.13 High Sierra
  • No longer works in macOS High Sierra 1/5

    By tltltetd
    Crashes as soon as you open it. Sad!
  • Not working with High Sierra 3/5

    By Madam Minnie
    Love this app. It’s one I use daily but since upgrading to High Sierra on my MacBook Air, it’s stopped working. Hope an upgrade is pushed out soon. I miss giffing around with my friends in email messages. :)
  • Not compatible with High Sierra Update 1/5

    By KrunalS
    I love this software and used it basically in every imessage I did. After updating my laptop to High Sierra, the GIF keyboard no longer pops up on the menu bar, nor can I see it on the touch bar. Kindly fix the issue soon.
  • Broken 1/5

    By Zenzazional
    Nice but it’s now broken after last OSX update….just crashes at launch. Needs updating and fixing and maybe some improvements too.

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