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GizmoHub App

The GizmoHub app lets you call, find and control your Gizmo wearable devices. You’ll need to download and install the app on your phone to set up your Gizmos. Once they’re set up, you can use the app to: -Speak with Your Child Call your child’s Gizmo any time, and your child can use it to call you. -Find Your Child Check the location of your child’s Gizmo with just one tap. You can also schedule a time for the Gizmo to automatically check your child’s location or set GPS boundaries and get notified if your child crosses them. -Add Contacts Invite Buddies, Caregivers and other Guardians who can call the Gizmo and receive calls. The number of contacts varies depending on the type of Gizmo you have. Guardians and Caregivers can also use the GizmoHub app to find your child’s Gizmo. -Send Messages to Your GizmoGadget Send short text messages to your child’s GizmoGadget. And your child can send emojis, voice recordings and pre-set text messages to you. -Manage Your Child’s Gizmo You can use the GizmoHub app to change settings on the Gizmo like the volume, ringtones and fun sounds. You can also check your Gizmo’s battery level and turn it off. - Keep Your Child’s Information Safe You can protect this app by adding a PIN. Even if your phone is lost or stolen, your child’s information will remain protected. Download this app and follow the onscreen instructions to get started!

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  • Silence outgoing calls 3/5

    By sturll
    I like the GizmoWatch. However, pretty disappointed that the one thing they didn't think about it is when the child calls out. I can silence everything except when the child calls out. I got this watch specifically for the Gps function. I let my daughter take it to school with what i thought was completely silenced. However, she accidentally called me while in class and everyone heard it. So needless to say she cannot have it at school anymore until we figure it out. Right now it's worthless and she doesn't wear it. I am just surprised not one developer thought of this. Worst case scenario someone kidnaps a child wearing this they can hear them call out. It defeats the purpose. I have notified the developers and i haven't heard anything back. Please fix this problem. Update: I wrote this review in December and still have not gotten any response back. Still having the same issue.
  • Great app 5/5

    By gruzin 1134
    I have 2 gizmo watches that my kids use every day. They love the fact that they can be Gizmo Buddies and talk to each other. I love that I can track and contact my kids at any time. The location accuracy is not always on point, but after manual check it shows me a good estimate. I understand that GPS signal is not always there and there is not much that can be done about it. Overall great product that allows me to sleep tight at night knowing my kids are safe.
  • Update causes issues 2/5

    By Momm2bys
    Since I ran the update the app tells me I need to run an update and sends me to the App Store. Every time I open the app it tells me it needs to be updated even though I already ran the update. If I go to the App Store there is no update just an Open option. It also took weeks to update my kids profile information. I preferred the original views.
  • Why can't I change the name of the primary holder?! 2/5

    By Ali9979
    My husband got our daughter the Gizmo watch which is great but you can't change the primary caregiver's name. He accidentally put himself as 'daughter' and now can't change it to dad. The app is also super slow, and yes it is up to date. I wold recommend the watch in a minute but the app definitely has some kinks it could still work out.
  • I really like it 3/5

    By Lilybd
    I really like this app! There are a few performance issues I would like improved, but overall it’s a lot better than anything else that’s out there. I don’t like that after the update, it takes forever to locate my child - please fix that ASAP. It didn’t take long before the update. I love the new UI, so kuddos to you guys! I also love that my daughter can send me voice messages!! One more thing: 1. Please add a few more messages so that she can communicate with me when she’s unable to send me vm. Keep up the good work, guys!!
  • Feb Update GPS issues 1/5

    By cooker_11
    Feb 2019 update has been nothing but issues. GPS doesn’t work from app and crashes watch (turns off) if kids send check in. This update needs to be rolled back. Very disappointed.
  • Nice idea poor execution 2/5

    By Adolf Gomez
    For some mysterious reason the app has my area code wrong... try to change it and I get an error, delete the app, try again, same problem. Won’t let me sign in manually, must sign in with Google account... same problem. Online chat with Verizon customer support for 20 minutes, can’t help me. Garbage.
  • Works Great! 5/5

    By Omedrano
    After 3 months it has worked great. The GPS works exactly as advertised.
  • Latest update 3/5

    By ACarilli
    Overall I’ve liked the app but the latest update has caused the app to crash EVERY time I attempt to open it. I can’t even get to the home screen.
  • Was great until the update 2/5

    By orgPro
    We loved the device and app until the major update. The new interface looked promising but we soon learned that my child’s contacts were all uncoordinated with the app. Worst is that I could not - no matter reboot, reinstall, anything - reassign a caregiver. I send an invite and it gives me an error message that it could not connect to the device. But it’s nearby, turned on and working. It takes forever to load the location now too. I was going to get another device and add a child, but I may need to drop this entire platform.
  • Battery issue. Turns off at 20% charge... 1/5

    By ReversiMaster
    I get a notification that battery is low at 20%. Three minutes later, the gizmo turns off and I get a notification. Three minutes to consume 20% power???? Thanks for making my kids LESS safe. You should be ashamed.
  • Update? 1/5

    By D mom 6
    My Gizmo Ap keeps alerting me to update, but I can’t update when there is no ap available in the App Store.
  • No ability to customize notifications 1/5

    By SCLEV99
    This version was supposed to not fire as many notifications. It still sends too many and you can’t customize which ones you receive. App development 101! Such a waste of a good opportunity.
  • My daughter loves it!! 3/5

    By elle1122
    My daughter got the Gizmo for her birthday and the only complaint is that to be able to text her each person has to be setup As a guardian/parent and then has the ability to track her location. I wish there was an upgrade where there was a in between where you can text but not m be able to track the location.
  • Doesn’t work, this app is trash! 1/5

    By 8bunny4
    I had the old app for over a year and it was great. I was able to locate my child right away and see updates on her gizmo. But I recently got a new phone and sadly had to download this garage updated app. I don’t know how they did it but they made the app worse. The gps takes forever to load if it ever does load. It doesn’t even show the correct battery life of the watch, I charged the watch to 100% and the app said it was at 60% after exiting the app and refreshing it over and over. Nothing ever loads on this app it’s a complete waste of money. This app makes the gizmo watch useless. That’s why we will be canceling the watch. No reason in paying for something that does not do what it promises.
  • Works as expected 5/5

    By Reporter476441
    Downloaded the app recently and everything seems to work as expected. No problems noticed so far. Performance is reasonable. Can’t complain.
  • Beyond frustrated 1/5

    By Sam Santana
    Trying to log in, it says the email/password combo doesn’t work. Then I tried through google sign up (knowing I had set up using my email address). Doesn’t work. Click the re-set my password, follow the steps (yes it sent my email address a message right away). Enter in the email address that I know is linked to the gizmo account, the pre-set password... prompts me to make a new password. I do. Then go to log in, email/password combo is not valid. Try it again... same issue!!! BUT the app can tell me I am still getting notifications from the watch and I can still call it? Why do I have the worlds worst software playing middle man to what should be a great product?!
  • Generic notifications 1/5

    By Jficodnejr
    Why in the world did the latest update make it so that notifications are generic? What I mean by that is the notifications used to say “Timmy has arrived at home”. Great — simple and effective. Now the notifications say “gizmo notification - tap for details” (or something like that. Now I have to go into the app every single time I get a notification. Wth?
  • After the update- terrible product 1/5

    By JD-RN-34
    I bought the gizmo pal for my daughter. It worked great until the update. I am constantly logged out of the app and get an error message when I try to login. If I can log in, I am no longer the “caregiver” and can’t make changes to her watch. She is listed as a phone number and not by her name with no way to edit. The list now goes on and on. I was hoping with all of the complaints and the drop in ratings that the issue would be fixed but I am no longer hopeful. I went to the Verizon store and they referred me to the gizmo app. I sent several email (with screen shots of the error messages) and have had no response. DO NOT BUY this product unless the developers do a real upgrade and fix the issues.
  • The app is unreliable 2/5

    By Surly vegan
    I need this app to work. I depend on it because my son wears the watch. When the app works, it’s great but it rarely works properly. I’m constantly being logged out or I get “null” errors. Constantly. I hope the creators of the app read the reviews because this really needs to be dependable. Otherwise, market the watch as a toy.
  • Apple Watch 1/5

    By Emmi0115
    What happened to watch app?
  • Can’t tell when you get texts 2/5

    By Monkey7919
    Please update to add an audio alert when receiving a text from your kid. Right now you get a visual alert but unless you’re staring at your screen 24/7 you don’t know you’ve gotten a text from your kid. It should work like any other phone text you recurved and give you the option to get audio sound alerts.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Melloekat
    It is a very expensive device it has poor tracking poor Internet capability of notification to find your child it doesn’t update regularly phone calls drop all the time limited who the child can talk to limited who child can text the application itself is hard to use not user-friendly hard to make corrections The band breaks easily LG won’t fix it nor except it’s fault in the design cannot put a magnetic band on it as it interferes with the signal and you’ll have no service much better off buying a phone and when you need help no one knows how to fix it or help you nor anyone nor does anyone want to take accountability for any of the problems or issues
  • Does not work right after last update 1/5

    By MGYMO13
    I can’t add my husband as a caregiver. Well I can add him on my end, and our child can call him, but the app on his end will not add him no matter how many invites, factory resets on watch, on/off, delete/download the app that we do. This is highly frustrating. So he has no way to contact or see location of our child if need be, our child can only call out to him. I don’t know if it’s the watch or the app, either way the money we paid out for the watch and to keep it on a phone line is not worth it.
  • HORRID 1/5

    By NoonFamily
    We’ve had watches for 2 out of 3 girls for almost 2 years. We love the watches, but the app changes are horrid! Grandparents can’t use it (even though they have all updated), I can’t assign their dad as a caregiver, gps does not update well, and it’s making us wish we hadn’t recommended these watches to friends!
  • Gizmo is useless now 1/5

    By Dejeanli
    I don't know what they did but this app is not nearly as useful as it used to be. Using GPS is a joke now.
  • What happened to the App? 1/5

    By Rachael’s list
    Never mind the location feature takes way to long to update which would send any parent into shock! I can no longer access the app ! I’ve deleted and re added the app and I cannot get add my device ! Why did you guys change the app function ??? I’m paying for something I cannot use !
  • Very Laggy and slow to update 1/5

    By Stephen062185
    Was hoping this app would have gotten better but hasn’t. We have had these watches for almost a year and I definitely will be looking for another alternative. It doesn’t matter where you are, standing outside, inside it’s all the same, slow!! Not impressed at all.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By elrothiel
    We’ve had the Gizmo watch for years and never had issues with the old app. This new app is useless! I’m not getting updates anymore and can’t even track where my daughter is! Getting rid of it!
  • Horrible money pit 1/5

    By MrWinberg
    Device is marginal at best. Disruptive at school with no silent/vibrate mode. Battery lasts half a day. Band broke on day 32. Poor call quality. Proprietary charger, so another thing to remember for travel/sleepovers, or to buy for if you want/need replacement. Non-existent support from VZW. Too bulky for kids < 10. Definitely not ‘cool, for kids > 9. GPS is unreliable. App is terrible with continuous unnecessary notifications/badges to bury your child’s actual communications firmly in the abyss. It is unintuitive, and barely functional. This AM I woke up to 124 badge count and not a single real event within the app. You’ll definitely want to disable notifications on this communication lifeline for your kid.
  • I wish i could say i love it 4/5

    By Gylsel
    Even though I thought i was gonna love it because i could see where my kids are and i was going to be able to communicate with them, the app itself is giving me a hard time. It signs me out and them takes for ever to sign back in. There has been a couple of tines were it says invalid password and i have saved on my iPhone. And whats nerve wracking is that it shows i have so many notifications!!!!! Is there something that needs to be fixed, please do so ASAP!!!!! The bands don’t last long. After two months of my kids using the watch the band broke. Bought the replacements on Amazon. Good thing it was easy to replace. Overall my kids love their watch and i love the fact that i can communicate with them without having to give them an actual cell phone.
  • Gizmo app not working 1/5

    By mrsvazquez415
    Very disappointed app doesn’t work I can’t finish setting up bc app doesn’t work!! Need help!
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By Kdd62189
    I would give no stars if I could. App takes FOREVER to update my child’s location. Right now it’s not letting me change any settings from the app. Shouldn’t take 3 minutes to turn on auto answer. SO. FED. UP.
  • Cannot delete contacts 1/5

    By Aviduser3
    Contacts that show up on watch prior to update don’t show up on app and cannot be edited.
  • Don’t buy this 1/5

    By Eefiekeenie
    It is a shame to have to say it, but the idea is excellent, the support and actual operation of real time functioning of this app are TERRIBLE!
  • Slow, inaccurate, minor bugs 2/5

    By eLizzie33
    This version is a lot slower and feels much heavier than the previous version. It takes a very long time to find my watches and sometimes won’t find them at all. When it does happen to find my watches, it is pretty accurate. When it says my child left somewhere, it leaves off the last letter of the location they left. This is slightly irritating but it appears only to be cosmetic. This newer version is harder to navigate, slower, worse, and I’m not a person who dislikes change. It looks prettier! I want to like it! But it doesn’t function well. There is also no way to share feedback from within the app, that link does nothing whatsoever. Even though these gadgets are now old, I hope this app is still supported and updated!
  • Location Services Failing 1/5

    By Tcgamer240
    We have been using GizmoGadget for several years and the latest update is not working. The gps location services are not working at all however we are getting battery updates. It is not related to being in a building or out of a building because we tested this extensively and the location services history demonstrates this. This MUST be fixed immediately as this feature is critical.
  • The product is amazing but... 4/5

    By Rickie archer
    I love this product there is nothing really like it. I bought it for my son to make sure he got home from school safely. I have a few complaints though. 1st) I wish you would make a device for older kids who can text but parents aren’t ready to give an iPhone to. My son has basically grown out of his gizmo because of the preset messages, bad speaker, and inability to take off of speaker phone. 2nd) I loved the old version of the app ( before the login requirement) and I am happy with some of the updates, but I have two gizmos on the app and I’ve noticed there’s no way to turn off notifications for one gizmo nor can I select what notifications I get (my niece likes to turn hers on and off of silent mode randomly throughout the day) 3rd) I don’t like that in this new update every time I go onto the app to check a notification it auto updates the locations of both devices and thus sends me another notification for each device. I miss being able to request the location or update it on my own. The auto update kills the battery pretty quickly (especially when one of the gizmos sends 100 notifications a day) 4th) I’ve also noticed the new update is having issues updating the parents dash control toggles (I’m not sure that’s what it’s called) basically if my son puts his phone on silent I get a notification for it, but then when I go to take it off of silent that part of the app says it’s not on silent so to put it on ring I have to first make it go to silent then back to ring. Which since I’m doing it remotely takes quite a bit. These are the issues I’ve discovered in the last month. I appreciate the product you guys have made and hope to see great things in the future. Thank you for keeping parents’ minds more at ease and kids safer.
  • Glitches Galore! 2/5

    By noname391748
    We love the concept when the app works. It takes it forever to open up and I often have to sign in every time (over and over until it finally lets me in). My daughter keeps sending me messages, but they aren’t showing up in the app. I can’t delete old messages either. Also, I hate that I have to get all of the notifications. Even when I only click to receive one of them, they all continue to pop up. It definitely needs adjustments.
  • Don’t buy. 1/5

    By Jokesss
    When you see bad reviews you think that people are over reacting. This watch is crap and so is the app. My issue is more with the watch being a half baked idea. Text are preset to the phone. The is no head phone jack so when your child makes a call everyone can hear. My kids have a vetch watch with a face bigger than that watch. I returned that crap and got her an iPhone which was cheaper than this watch. Now for the app. The most difficult set up ever. I spent 25 min on trying to scan the stupid QR code. I decided to turn the watch on and when it came back on it synced to my mothers phone and now she was the primary guardian (issue 1). My daughter was in the house all day and I got 15 alerts on her new location. I’m in an NYc (very small) apartment not a mansion. She was going an where. When I got home. I asked her did she go out with grandma and she said no. Buying this for the gps is useless. All phone have GPS. I track my phones. I know where she’s at all the time. I like the idea of it being a watch and nothing else about. I really can’t stand when people sell terrible. Products.
  • GPS horrible 1/5

    By JessieGirl76
    Agree with other users - worked terrible finding location when he went to a friends party. He’s 10 and the whole purpose of this was to locate him anytime. Imagine how I felt when it wouldn’t pinpoint his location.
  • Come on!! 1/5

    By Booger2005
    How can a person change the text tone notification to something other than the default tone?!? I tried to get app support but it sends you to some janky digital assistant, that provides no help. Come on Verizon!
  • Does nothing’nnb 1/5

    By RubyChivas08
    I have been trying to add something to her “to do list” and an error message keeps popping up!!! we have great wifi!! it’s fully charged!!! I turned it off and nothing seems to work!!!! is this just a simple app?!? do I have to take this witj Verizon??? I will cancel her watch!!!!!
  • GPS Tracking is Terrible 1/5

    By lallyr
    I tried to track my child today at it look 20 minutes to start tracking. Defeats the purpose of tracking when it takes that long. I’ve tried multiple times to track, from many different locations and the result is always the same. Too slow to start to be of use. It doesn’t seem to matter if he’s inside, outside, or I’m on WiFi or not, the button turns purple and spins until it may or may not start tracking.
  • Terrible: dysfunctional notifications 1/5

    By nicknamebfc
    This is what happens when there’s no choice in a marketplace. Verizon controls the towers and refuses to let any other product talk to them, so they can continue selling one poor product at an artificially high price and low quality. This watch has a couple notification settings: 1. Receive no notifications at all. If the user of the watch texts; you will never know about it unless you open the app and navigate to the text feed. 2. Receive notifications. This includes texts, calls to other people, missed calls, when the phone was charged, when the phone was not charged, if the phone is home, if the phone is still home, if the phone has moved, if the child has taken steps, if the child has not taken steps, so on. 3. Even more notifications. You can select the above, and add additional notifications on top of that. Net net, you get ten or more notifications for every actual communication from the wearer of the watch, so you turn them off and wind up ignoring your child or remain annoyed with Verizon and reminded many times per day of their anticompetitive behavior.
  • Sucky 1/5

    By mollym6
    Such a sucky app. Keeps signing me out only to not let me sign back in. And you don’t even know that you are signed out! So guess what that means. My kids can’t get a hold of me or vice versa. And when I do get signed back in it wants me to setup their watches in which I have already done. What a waste of money!!!! Beyond frustrating.
  • GizmoHub 1/5

    I got this for my granddaughter, it needs more games and ring tones. More 😔😊. Why can’t this just be updated with more for kids. Thank you
  • Wants all my contact information 1/5

    By BbornBitter
    I have used the app for a few years, now all of the sudden I can’t access the app to check on my sick child without setting up my account again... this time providing access to contacts.
  • Going down hill 1/5

    By matteo macliebawitz
    When i got first watch things worked okay. There was app update and second kid got new improved watched... again worked okay.... gps takes way to long to load, when i know theyre on the way to school in open areas with good cell. Now the app wont let me log in. It kicked me out cant login with email and password! Tells me to use google plus because cookies need to be on..., they are on how much more ON can i make them? Disappointed

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