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GizmoHub App

The GizmoHub app lets you locate, call and stay in control of your child’s wearable device. Speak, exchange messages and invite trusted contacts to communicate with your child, all while managing their Gizmo Watch and keeping their information safe. GizmoHub lets you: - Monitor your child’s location and receive alerts while they’re out and about. - Call, text and video your child’s GizmoWatch easily. - Ensure that only trusted contacts call or text your child’s GizmoWatch. - Assign a contact to receive an instant notification if the SOS button is pressed. - Track your child’s steps and set up daily exercise reminders. Download the GizmoHub app and get a little peace of mind along with it. To get started: 1. Download the GizmoHub app on your smartphone. 2. Follow the instructions to create a GizmoHub account. 3. Pair your smartphone with the Gizmo Watch.

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GizmoHub app reviews

  • Great watch 4/5

    By Haleylba
    Great watch, makes me feel at ease that I can track where my daughter goes or I can call her if I need too. The only complaints I have are that the tracking system doesn’t update very fast and the screen does not lock so she constantly is accidentally calling people from her watch.
  • Great idea until it isn’t 4/5

    By JCM09030416
    The watch does what it should with the exception of how insanely slow it is to locate my kid and provide me with that info. Also, I just upgraded to an iphone13 and for some reason I cannot get the watch to pair with my new phone. We have uninstalled, reinstalled, reset etc.
  • A great idea not quite executed 2/5

    By hippiepanda27
    When the app works it’s nice. I like being able to track on demand or always track, easily send messages or calls back and forth and add to do lists, reminders etc. but so often the app or watches themselves lag, don’t update, freeze all together. And lastly…the fatal flaw in my opinion…no way to turn the watches back on via app or to not have a way to turn them off except for via app like other similar brands. To me, this renders them almost pointless. A kid is mad at you and turns their watch off, someone kidnaps them and turns the watch off, someone steals the watch and turns it off…SOL. This should be priority number 1 in updating to something capable of remote power on or removing the power off feature from the actual watch itself and only allowing power off via battery drain or through the app.
  • Decent 3/5

    By Gerch928
    The app gps takes a very long time to load. I would like to see read receipts added at some point
  • Not impressed 1/5

    By Nativeamericanprincess
    I wanted to love this watch. We purposely bought it for the GPS feature and it just doesn’t meet expectations. It takes what seems like forever (especially in the event of an emergency) to update the location. My daughter had hers on and she called me to tell me she was on her way home. After a time even I knew she should be home, I started to worry. Tried locating her via the GPS on Gizmo and it just kept circling. No data available. This was super stressful. I’m like “what’s the point if the GPS doesn’t even work?” I would really like to see this feature made 100X better.
  • Terrible GPS 3/5

    By Schwinefus
    Please do an update on the GPS. It’s honestly the sole purpose I got this watch from my kids. We do a lot of our door activity and they are not always by my side.
  • No alarm option after update 2/5

    By Angelpetalz
    The watch updated and now I can’t find where to access the alarm to adjust or cancel alarm times. It just goes off based on what we had set up before the update and that was for school. It’s summer now, I don’t need the alarm going off
  • Love the Gizmo Watch 5/5

    By FunArm
    My Daughter is Down Syndrome who does not know how to use a phone but this watch we both love .I have programmed 10 contacts whom she can call n visversa,She loves it too.I also love how I can track her whereabouts when she leaves home to go to her day program.One day she was late getting home off the bus n I called her and found out she had a new bus driver who was on the wrong side of town looking for my house.We live in Berlin and he was in West Berlin.Same street name ,Driver heard her talking n he got directions from me to get her home,I love love this watch!!!
  • Review & request for VIBRATE feature for alarms 4/5

    By ishallremainname
    This watch has virtually all the features that I need for my 9 year old, save a VIBRATE only alarm setting. School doesn’t allow any smart watches, but will make an exception for medical necessity and on silent/vibrate… PLEASE update the alarm feature to allow for vibrate as an option for the alert
  • Question 1/5

    By Prestomom
    Dose the GizmoHub work on Apple Watch SE?
  • Inactive login email 1/5

    By Teacher2mom1
    I have an inactive login email and now I can’t use the app because it is connected to my phone number!! I chatted with verizon and they said they could’t help me.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Kaylee1975
    Since the newest update it is stuck in silent mode. I deleted all of the data so there is no silent mode but can’t even change it on the watch. No volume no nothing. Not helpful at all for this watch when I need it to communicate.
  • Review and Request for Timer Function 4/5

    By anon355
    When it’s working this app works well. Sometimes it lags or if there is an issue with the phone then the app itself is not very helpful. I recently got my son’s watch replaced because regardless of the days/times we set school mode, the watch would automatically go into school mode including on weekends. This went on regardless of troubleshooting efforts until Verizon sent us a replacement and we’ll see how it goes. Another thing I would like to mention is that the Disney edition watch really needs a timer function. I don’t know why this was removed for a watch that is twice as expensive as the other Gizmos that have the timer function. As other reviewers (on the Disney Gizmo watch reviews) mentioned, the Disney watch could really use a timer function and no one could figure out why this useful function was removed. Kids use this for homework, tasks, etc. I’m hoping this would be a software update soon. When we got the watch, for example, there was no Boba Fett character option, and after a software update a couple months later the Boba Fett character option appeared. Hopefully a timer option can be updated this way? I mention this request here because a Verizon representative actually told me this (Gizmo app reviews section) would be the best place to make such a request/suggestion.
  • Charging fails often /poor design/bad customer service 1/5

    By Kmanthepro
    From the beginning, our Gizmo has had major problems charging. It seems to have poor contact with its charging base, so it it is hard to get it to start charging, and keep charging, since it will often stop, repeatedly. Even when it does charge, a message on the Gizmo says “slow charging; use orig. charger for Gizmo”, which it is. I searched and saw on Verizon forum that many people have this problem with Gizmo. Cleaning the contacts with alcohol, as suggested, does not help much. My only crazy solution is to clean and jiggle it until it makes contact, and then clamp the watch to the charger with an adjustable c-clamp to force contact. Even this approach has only a 60% chance of working until full charge, so it have to be checked and repeated until I can achieve at least 80% charge. This painful chore is a sore topic every day, especially on mornings before school when we discover it did not charge much at all, and it runs out during school day (which defeats the purpose of having it). Regarding customer service, it was terrible. We bought Gizmo for my son’s birthday through our phone carrier and kept it unopened for a couple of weeks until his birthday. Only after that period did we open and start using it. When I discovered and called about this charging problem, I learned about this extremely short window to replace or return it to both Verizon and Gizmo, which meant we were stuck with this defective device. They would not budge to replace it. Very dissatisfied, and will NOT buy or recommend a Gizmo again. The magnetic charger design is “slick” looking, but poorly designed and ineffective. The watch contact surfaces prob. need to be slightly thicker to ensure that both watch and base contact each other. Either that fix, or their quality control and variability of electrical contacts is very poor. A simple plu would probably be less problematic. It’s a major shame, ‘cause when the watch works, it’s great, but we just can’t simply charge it properly. (The cheapest part of this watch is ruining the performance of the more costly and good electronics and software, inside.)
  • Missing basic simple abilities. 2/5

    By Soannoyingand time wasting
    Got my daughter the gizmo watch 2. This thing has no screen lock feature. So she constantly accidentally swipes it and within just two actions it’s calling someone. So I have to remove all contacts just to prevent that from happening. Of course all this accidental swiping also turns on the screen and uses the battery very fast. Did they even test these things with actual kids?
  • Location component is AWFUL 2/5

    By emwinto
    The location abilities on the app are awful. It can’t hone in on much smaller than a few city blocks, sometimes much worse. So you might know of your kid is somewhere in a certain neighborhood, could look like 15 houses away from where you thought they were, or across a big road, or somewhere completely different. For example, right now my kids at school, but it says she’s at the neighbor’s house six blocks in the opposite direction. Therefore I’ll never get a notification when she gets to school. They should not advertise this for location at all, because the app can’t locate anything well enough.
  • No badge notifications 4/5

    By Complete Ride
    Love the ability to track but when it comes to receiving badge notifications, it just won’t work. Been in Verizon stores, tech support, emailing support and to no fix. Been like this for 2+ years UPDATE: this has since been updated and fixed by signing out and back in. Would be a 5 star it would have been this easy 2-3 years ago. Regardless, it works so thank you for listening.
  • New maps are a downgrade 2/5

    By Ryan Golding
    The new maps are out of date and take longer to refresh. Using latest and greatest watch and phone here.
  • doesn’t really work /: 3/5

    By lamacorn222222
    okay so i got the gizmo watch for my birthday and every time i scan the QR code it says that this party is busy or something like that and when i try to sign up on the app it tells me that i can’t so plz help me:(
  • Keeps logging me 3/5

    By fixGizmo
    App works great when it works. At times i go to see where my kid is and im logged out. Ive set up my account via my gmail and it will route me back to the log in screen. It takes having to restart the phone or completely deleting the app to get it to work. Its starting to become very annoying.
  • Doesn’t work Slow! 1/5

    By Yettiemom
    This used to be a life saver but now it makes you want to throw the phone away. Doesn’t always load locations or if it does it takes over a minute. I timed it. Son went away and I couldn’t call him or track him the whole way.
  • Quiet time schedule broken 2/5

    By fivefivefivefivefive
    Can only schedule quiet time in same half if day, so only between 12am and 11:59 am or between 12 pm to 11:59 pm If your quiet time schedule falls across a boundary - say 8:00pm-7:00am like some normal person, the AM/PM toggle sill helpfully switch to be the same. Updated due to developer response— I now understand that quiet time can’t be more than 8 hours and can’t cross an am/pm boundary as “rules”, so I can mostly have it work now. But, respectfully, these rules are arbitrary, stupid, and frustrating.
  • Text Notifications Don’t Work 2/5

    By IamTheSuck
    No matter what I do or what settings I use I never get notifications of any messages sent to me from my daughter. Phone calls seem to work great, but I just have to periodically check my messages to see that I received one 4 hours ago, or even the previous day.
  • Love the watch, the app not so great 3/5

    By 1gr8fan
    I am listed as a contact on my grandson’s watch. He has the watch because he is autistic and has a tendency to wander off even though he knows he shouldn’t. This watch is supposed to help us track his location. However, it is hard to update location and is not always displaying the most accurate location. Something changed with the last update and it’s extremely frustrating. Please improve this app so it will easily refresh the data.
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By MNO774
    The app is incredibly frustrating. It doesn’t update, it will notify you that your child has sent you a message but won’t show you the message until the next day, GPS takes FOREVER and has such a wide range it’s pretty close to useless, one of my kids watches notifies me almost daily during the school day that he is not at school but then two minutes later tells me he is still at school (that’s pretty troubling for any parent, thinking your child has somehow left school). I had a lot of hope for these watches but the only thing I have actually liked is that my kids can call me if needed and I can reach them too when they’re out with their friends.
  • Started glitching. Update: fixed. 5/5

    By Adukes87
    Update: logging out and back in fixed the issue. My only other problem is when this first happened I tried to give feedback through the app but it said I didn’t have an email address added. I cannot find where to add one. I still love this for the ability to see where my son is and call him but recently it started sending me a notification that he sent me a text message but when I go to look there is no message there.
  • Steep decline 2/5

    By mrs.fergiefresh
    I got these watches for my kids for Christmas and now it doesn’t track for days at a time, messages they send aren’t coming through to me and it calls randomly. Very disappointing.
  • Apple ID sign in not working 1/5

    By 9wm5
    Can’t sign in. Error with Apple ID
  • This app is trash 1/5

    By csp00
    Nothing works on it. And then it kicked me out I can’t change the password because it’s a garbage app. I’m going to take watch back and delete this app.
  • great except can’t communicate with Apple Watch 2/5

    By corirr
    Loved this watch for my 9 year old until I realized I can’t communicate with her via my Apple Watch. Big disappointment.
  • Mediocre 2/5

    By Sgreene9398
    This app is not the best, I get alerts that my daughter has sent me messages and they never show up in the app until the next day or so. Even tried force closing the app and reopening but still no new messages showing until the following day. Defeats the purpose of buying something to stay in contact with a child.
  • The best! 5/5

    By Mommy34567
    We were looking for a phone or something that our son could talk on. We didn’t want to buy him an actual phone because he would lose it. This is the perfect solution. I can call my son and track him. Beat thing ever!
  • So close and so far 1/5

    By ampersand_c
    The concept it great and my kid loves the watch itself. However the app locks me out regularly rendering it completely useless for intended use. We had to replace the watch after 2 months when it randomly stopped working. We received a new one with no cost, thankfully. That said, the emergency reliability is so iffy I’m looking into another option.
  • Waste of money 1/5

    By Linc&Linz
    This app and watch is a waste money. I’m very tech savvy and it never works. Calls can never be completed. Text messages work ok. If the watch is turned off, it doesn’t let you know that it. It just says it’s not working. It’s very frustrating when you’re worried about you kid
  • Updating rating. We love our Gizmo! 5/5

    By csmasten
    I’m not sure how to update my previous review but I was able to get our issue resolved quickly by emailing the email provided and we are back up and running. We love our Gizmo and are very happy to have it working again.
  • Hoped for function 2/5

    By SGT Tough
    Not going to lie, I knew this would be basic. However, this app is so not user friendly and is made more complex than it needs to be. It often glitches out. It tells me I have notifications when I don’t. The location data takes so long to refresh. I am guessing because it is a Verizon skin over everything. It seems that Verizon breaks any program they touch.
  • No app for Apple Watch 2/5

    By Katietlady1!
    As much as I love the gizmo, I am thoroughly disappointed that there is no app that I can download onto my Apple Watch so I can get notifications and text messages from my child when my phone is out of reach. I am extremely disappointed by this! I always have my watch on, I seldom have my phone next to me
  • 8 year old 4/5

    By Anni gma
    Good app the tracking. Messaging and calls are great. Hard to set up
  • Touch ID? 3/5

    By Claire Bear🦋
    This app is ok. It does what it needs to do…albeit very, very slowly. This new version is faster, but still slower than most apps on the phone. When is Touch ID coming? This would help with the login process and the slight delay that frequently occurs. You can text your kids, call them and it’s a great way to stay in touch without giving your child a phone. Even though the app frustrates me, I still love the Gizmo compared to a phone. Still waiting for the developers to fix the bug where the phone loudly chimes every morning at 7am to kick off a step goal. There’s no way to adjust this other than to turn of step tracking, which my kids love. I did turn it off for a few days and then back on. It worked to remove the reminder on my daughter’s phone but not on my son’s.
  • Great app!!! 5/5

    By Daustin69
    Really enjoy the features on the app and watch together, helps me keep in contact with my kid.
  • Won’t pair 1/5

    By needs repaired
    Update: what you are not told is must use the phone number of the Verizon phone you are using. The watch isn’t capable of receiving the security code needed. Also, I was not aware it uses your data plan for text and calls. I wasn’t aware it used an app either. Horrible purchase. It won’t pair after numerous tries and Verizon wasn’t helpful
  • Video Calling 1/5

    By Misaa0123
    I purchased a Verizon Gizmo Disney Edition and I can’t make video calls. Called Verizon says feature should be in app. Where is it? I can’t find it anywhere.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By ksur17
    Most of the time it doesn’t even work. Location gets stuck in one spot and takes days to update. Cant receive the messages in the app. I can send them and the watch will receive it but when my son sends me a message from the watch it never loads.
  • Location and notifications 1/5

    By SolanaJeff
    This app has lots of issues. Mainly with notifications for messages and location of the watch. I have deleted and reinstalled several times and it is always hit or miss. If this says inconsistent I will have to move on to another company.
  • Trash 2/5

    By ridiculicious
    This app is trash. Step count never works. Neither does GPS. Updating takes years. Now, when my son calls me, it won’t even ring my iPhone. Do better, developers.
  • Location never seems to work. 2/5

    By aml2amg
    Disappointed that location doesn’t work as well as it should. There’s a location icon that just spins and spins.
  • Unskippable adds when trying to use 1/5

    By speed30096
    Got a four page ad for a Disney gizmowatch before I could get into the app to contact my child. Inexcusable.
  • Kicked off and can’t get back on! 4/5

    By Joycemtm
    I am the grandma, a guardian and the bill is in my name of the recipient of the watch; however, I have been kicked off the connection to her watch and cannot get back on now for about a year now! Every time I attempt to connect to her watch by putting my information back in the watch responds by saying your information is already in and that’s it. There is NO other option! I have called and spoke with customer service and went inside their store with negative results! The store associate gave me a number to call and the technician stated after being on the phone for nearly an hour, she would have someone else to contact me to help with the issue and No one NEVER Called! I have taken the app off a few times and reinstalled it but that doesn’t help because I have an Apple phone and my information is in the cloud so that is wasted time and steps! My daughter says she has called them we get the same lame suggestions over and over that doesn’t work. Besides that the watch didn’t work properly in the first place, it wouldn’t take a charge nor last any time when it did. She went through changes with that! After months of complaints they switched out the charger I believe twice and a refurbish phone a few times before she finally got a New phone that worked! Wow, unbelievable! So now the only way we communicate is through an iPod she has and through her mother android phone. If my granddaughter isn’t doing her chores and or flip mouthing her mother she loses those privileges, lol! So I can’t win for losing myself. So they were visiting this past weekend and it was my granddaughter and I birthday week and I noticed she left her birthday card on the dining room table minus the money of course, lol and I was attempting to contact her via her watch again with NEGATIVE results! This is what prompted me to write this review which is way Overdue! This is an update for my last review. I was contacted by one of the developers, sorry can’t remember the name; however, he reached out and helped me with my issues. It took a few days but now I’m up and connected to my granddaughter without any issues to this day. I know I had promised to update my review earlier but every time I write a review soon after receiving my product and/or update something right away, something goes wrong. So I am very pleased to report that I am still connected with out any issues at all and we are communicating daily. Thanks you for keeping me in touch with my granddaughter! 😊👍🏽
  • Watch is fine, app is glitchy 3/5

    By MishaMell
    This app has some mega issues. It uses Face ID to unlock maybe 1 in 5 times, when I turn off school mode it still says school mode is active and won’t let me make a call to my child but does let him make them to me. I also wish more features of the app were better explained, or that there were videos anywhere online answering questions about how to use various features. We’ve had the watch for about a week, so far I’m really not impressed for the price.