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GizmoHub App

The GizmoHub app lets you locate, call and stay in control of your child’s wearable device. Speak, exchange messages and invite trusted contacts to communicate with your child, all while managing their Gizmo Watch and keeping their information safe. GizmoHub lets you: - Monitor your child’s location and receive alerts while they’re out and about. - Call, text and video your child’s GizmoWatch easily. - Ensure that only trusted contacts call or text your child’s GizmoWatch. - Assign a contact to receive an instant notification if the SOS button is pressed. - Track your child’s steps and set up daily exercise reminders. Download the GizmoHub app and get a little peace of mind along with it. To get started: 1. Download the GizmoHub app on your smartphone. 2. Follow the instructions to create a GizmoHub account. 3. Pair your smartphone with the Gizmo Watch.

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GizmoHub app reviews

  • App closes… 4/5

    By jenneration 18
    New to the watch so we are still getting a feel for the usage. However when texting from the app and adding an emoji it closes the app immediately.
  • Latest update crashes when sending emojis in messages 2/5

    By Tired parents of newborn twins
    Just updated and now when I add an emoji to a message the App crashes and I’m taken back to my Home Screen. Sending text messages appears to work fine.
  • Bug with new update 2/5

    By Del3660
    Installed new update. I can no longer send a picture or emoji. When I hit send it freezes and closes the app completely.
  • Update 1/5

    By Gerch928
    Was told to Email them. So I did and their only response was they couldn’t fix it so I should call Verizon. Only for Verizon to say the same.
  • Not working since I update my apple software 3/5

    By TengRN
    My son watch is not working since I installed my new apple version. I am trying to turn off and on several times but never going to main screen. Once the Disney logo shows den the two jumping eyes then next thing will shutdown again. I tried to turn off using mobile apps and locate his phone it always unable to reach.
  • Good 5/5

    By Phoenixchappell
    It’s very good except I don’t like that the time has to be between 8 hours and 10 minutes it is very annoying but the app in all is very good.
  • Poor UX, though it does what it says 3/5

    By cwpkzwpb19
    This service and app, both struggle with a fundamental problem, and that is that texting must be done through the app, instead of through a phone number. Why this is is not clear, because the Gizmo devices have a phone number when children call, but cannot send and receive text messages.This should be very simple to implement-server side, so I’m not sure why we’re forced to use the app. Other than that, switching between children is annoying, because there’s a tendency to press on the map instead of finding a white space to swipe left or right. This is poor design that should be improved. As others have noted, it can be unresponsive and laggy at times. Buttons sometimes register a press if I finger lands on them, and then slides off, which is not consistent with other buttons in iOS. The use of non-standard UI elements is unfortunately something that the Verizon developers embraced, instead of rejecting as they should have. Allowing the devices to use silly voices and do voice recordings is an example of bloat that I think should not be included on the devices. Overall, yeah, they work as advertised, but the experience isn’t smooth.
  • Amazing concept an kid watch/phone concept 5/5

    By geneva t
    This watch has worked very well for my child whom is now 9. It works exactly as it says ! If you follow the directions with the 10 contacts an put their level for the right abilities for example ( texting from apple to gizmo) is able if you have the apple user as an authorized person to the watcher holder at the level for texting. Note : there are different levels of permission for the 10 contacts. I say this for anyone seeing these reviews for deciding if it’s right for ur little one an what features in details/functions work best etc. because I did the same research. It’s GPS is unmatched even against apple it’s much more precise! And the volume …. The volume on my child’s watch is so LOUD WHEN NEEDED, an CLEAR, I have an Apple Watch and it’s no where near as clear an loud so this is a huge deal! The rep at Verizon let us know of other places we can find more band options to update with a wrap band vs the ones with pin holes as the wrap kind are better with kiddos I can send pics if needed to show how maybe gismo can make some of these direct… the only tiny thing I didn’t like was My child scratched the front not screen but the border part of it when sitting on the floor in gym class n it had no protector for that but that’s not a biggie.. would love to replace that n have a cover option. Love love love this!!! Will always recommend it
  • Gives me security 4/5

    By gardenscaper!
    I would give it a 5 but sometimes it glitches out while using the “real time tracking” and doesn’t load. So when I’m tracking my kid, it will be way behind on where she actually is. But for the most part it works well! I think it’s a great way for my kiddo to communicate with me without needing a whole phone yet.
  • Error-Token is not valid 2/5

    By Beth143
    App was working fine over the past 8 months, but now it won’t let me sign in. I constantly get an error message saying “token is not valid”. Verizon help desk wasn’t helpful at all. Please help!
  • Unable to sign into Verizon 1/5

    By Morgenlf
    I have deleted and reinstalled this app multiple times. Yet, every time I try to sign into my Verizon account to pair a watch, it gives an error message that my password is not eight characters despite being more than eight characters.
  • Needs to have Apple Watch App too for parents 5/5

    By BoJake
    App and watches are great, but as an adult, I prefer to wear an Apple Watch instead of the Disney Gizmo. My 3 little kids all have the Gizmo watches. It’d be really nice if I could effectively use a GizmoApp on my Apple Watch as a Parent so I manage without my iphone. Should be an easy add.
  • Works Mostly, Annoying Always. 2/5

    By Vtran25
    We have this because our son walks home from school. I basically use the tracking daily for about 30 minutes. When Verizon can’t find the watch, it’s useless. But the most annoying part is that it asks you every 5 minutes if you want to continue tracking. It will shut you out and you have to confirm with face recognition or a passcode. There is no way to disable this for continuous tracking. STUPID app, poorly designed by people who are not parents. I regret that I’m stuck having to use this.
  • Kicks You Out 1/5

    By Court & Ty
    The app kicked me and won’t let me back in. When I press forgot username, it sends me my email. Then when I put in the email and press forgot password, it says my email does not exist. When I try to create a new account, it says I already have an account. Really frustrating.
  • Not working all of a sudden!!! 1/5

    By Abacoobie
    Fix this issue. Using iPhone with latest IOS 16. Worked today fine and now just spins!!! Need this for communication with my kids.
  • Good for communication not so good for emergency tracking 3/5

    By quick_nick
    My daughter loves her watch and calls me when she needs to but it falls flat as a tracking device. It would be a simple fix too. In the map while tracking the watch, put a marker where you are so you can see where in relation to your kid you are. So simple every competing device does it. How the devs missed this is amazing.
  • Login Issues 1/5

    By aimeebinsd
    I originally set up my account using an Apple ID. I was recently locked out of the account, and it is now unable to log me in with the Apple ID…it says token not valid. I have removed/re-added it to the ‘Apple ID’ sign in, changed my Apple password (thinking maybe there were security issues) and nothing has worked. I have spent a lot of time with Verizon support and they have told me there is nothing they can do on their end. So - I have a plan I am paying for and cannot communicate with my child who has the Gizmo - and Verizon has no solution. Frustrated.
  • Exactly what I needed 5/5

    By Misstippyy
    This app does everything I need it to do. I can track my kiddo, call and text him whenever I want. I can turn silent mode on and off. It’s pretty basic but it’s exactly what I needed it for, definitely does it’s job.
  • Signs me out 1/5

    By drizbriz
    App automatically removes me from my child’s watch and when she texts me I will receive a notification but there’s nothing there when I open my app
  • Good watch and app 5/5

    By Harry20k
    My son is using the watch for a year now and it’s been great. The app is excellent to track on real time basis.
  • Slow 2/5

    By Spgrpg
    The tracker function is useful but incredibly slow. For a device that functions on cellular, it should be quicker. Find another device.
  • School mode should be on all models 3/5

    By Rachelpw
    The school mode feature should be on all models, not just the Disney version. I’d like for my child to wear it to school but only be able to make emergency calls. Why would this only be available for a Disney model?
  • Needs to be updated with Watch App support 3/5

    By cavy24
    It’s great to give kids a portable way to contact parent. Parents should also have the option to track and message parent via a watch app.
  • Ok 3/5

    By amandndjfcj
    I have this good and bad things about it like I don’t like about it is that the GPS is never right like today it’s showing them a half a mile away from the house when he’s sitting right here in the office and his watch is right there next to him. this is not good if something happened under emergency church situation I would be half a mile off wherever he has the other day he was walking home and I showed him walking up the other road those parallel to the road he was actually walking on.
  • Not bad 4/5

    By Amber Zamudio
    The app isn’t too bad. I wish the watch itself was live gps tracking. I don’t like having to refresh to get an updated location on my child. Sometimes it’s not accurate and it takes quite a while for it to update when looking for the location. Love that I can call my child and it will answer if the child doesn’t answer.
  • Notifications need PUSHED 3/5

    By Tlc in NC
    We have tried everything on 2 phones with the app and the watch- notifications don’t come through. It worked for 1 week and months later we still have to be in the app to get texts or voice messages. This needs fixed immediately as it’s the main reason mostpeople buy the watch- to be notified from their kid !
  • Position updates 1/5

    By LMnoPuppies2022
    This app is horrible, in a metropolitan area you would expect my child’s position update with some regularity but the app hasn’t updated in 10 minutes. A child can go a long way in a short period of time. I’m not sure I’d recommend this app!
  • Glitchy 3/5

    App will randomly log out. Annoying and looking at other options if this is a constant issue
  • Simple yet effective 5/5

    By Ballmom31
    This watch has its ups and downs. The pros are: great way to contact kids when playing outside or at a neighbors. Gives parents a sense of ease when away from child ( school, friends house, grandparents, camps, etc) Easy for kids to use The cons are: Battery charger and watch do not connect with ease. Some days it’s a battle to get it to work. Battery life is not great. App and watch take time to pair when using map location to see where the child is. Can’t wear in water so taking to the beach or pool is not as effective.
  • Constantly crashing! 3/5

    By jwbdvejan
    I’ve been a longtime gizmo person—both my kids use/used them. My biggest issue is that the app is constantly signing me out, which then my daughters texts don’t come though. Since she’s battling anxiety and panic attacks, this is a huge deal. Today I was logged in all day, and I just went to text her and the app was logged out. Why is that?
  • Can’t receive iPhone notifications for text messages 4/5

    By Little Spotted Pig
    I like the app but I have some issues with it: 1. The “call”, “text”, and “notifications” icons are so close to each other. It’s really hard to select them. These buttons need to be spaced out or laid out differently. Interestingly enough, the stock pictures of the app in the App Store shows those buttons more spaced out. 2. The overall texting interface is not very user friendly. The buttons are too small and so are the messages. It looks like the app was not designed for an iPhone. 3. This is my biggest issue, whenever I receive a message from my child, I only learn about it when I open up the app. I don’t receive any iPhone notifications for the texts I receive in the app although my Gizmo app notifications in my iPhone are all enabled. Gizmos has a great idea and product but I think that if these issues aren’t addressed, some other app will. Vzw really needs to have an iPhone app designer to vamp up the app.
  • GizmoHub app 3/5

    By Hyperdog 360
    So when l use it sometimes it just lags and one time it just stayed at the loading sign so it is good for kids but it always will lag
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Nancy eve
    Everything I was needing, this watch and app provide!
  • When the app decides to work its great 2/5

    By Jcdrox
    I work outside the home. I need to be able to have reliable communication between me and my kids. The app glitches so often this cannot happen. Every time I go to click onto a contact to edit their role or add a caregiver, it glitches and kicks me out of the app altogether. I have tried restarting my phone, I have updated the app…nothing fixes this. Now my youngest cannot contact anybody. Nobody can call or text him anymore. Also the charger on my oldest child’s watch stopped working after about 5 months. They both overheat often and won’t allow them to make phone calls. I would love to resolve this.
  • Gizmo 1/5

    By Lou4598
    This app is lacking to put it nicely. The location services lags severely, and works sometimes. The phone calls barely come through, and the messages as well. There needs to be some serious updates done.
  • Please add support for Apple watch 4/5

    By lauren9814
    Would love to see an Apple Watch app!
  • To-Do List Needs An Update 4/5

    By JLokeJ
    This watch is pretty great and does exactly what I need it to efficiently. My only gripe is why offer time-based to-do lists? Why can’t I simply just add reminders that they can mark as done? Why do they need to have a duration assigned to them? i.e. 8:00 AM pack your backpack for school…I don’t need it to take a certain amount of time to complete.
  • GPS awful 3/5

    By medinaglad
    When the GPS works it’s great but for the most part it doesn’t work well. There is a big lag most of the time. Defeats the purpose of having this watch. I’m having to close the app then reload at times to get the GPS working (this is when I’m using the live tracking and click on the icon to update location) . I get text saying she’s at a certain location but the app still has her at school. For safety reasons this app/watch leaves much to desire. Maybe they do it on purpose to force you into getting a smart phone for your kid. The call and texting feature seems to work well. Update: today our call was dropped and then no calls would go through ( in or out). What’s the point if my child can’t contact me. When I got home I had to power the watch off then back on. It work fine after that. And yes the app is up to date on updates as well as the app on my phone.
  • The confidence I need! 4/5

    By RightlyDivide2Timothy3:16KJV
    I’m glad this technology is available! My kids are loving their new watches and I’m loving the confidence it gives me to allow them more independence! The location on the map is a bit off- but it is good enough. Definitely thankful for this watch!
  • So far so good 4/5

    By maadi1
    Happy with it
  • Can’t change my phone number without resetting the device 1/5

    By victor.maiorov
    Can’t change my phone number without resetting the device
  • This watch met my expectations 5/5

    By Obagi, Olver
    I have an 8 year old son that just started riding his bicycle to school. I am able to track him accurately as he is riding his 2 miles each way to and from school. He also can contact me when something out of the ordinary arises; for instance, he used the phone to call me when he had a flat on his bicycle which I quickly was able to locate and assist him. It is a piece of mind for me. I just wish to have a longer lasting battery to avoid charging the watch often.
  • FaceTime 1/5

    By why is this forced
    I’m confused as to why FaceTime is on here? That’s not an option for the watch. Also it’s glitches and completely kicks my kid out of being able to text me. There’s so many problems with this
  • Great watch 4/5

    By Haleylba
    Great watch, makes me feel at ease that I can track where my daughter goes or I can call her if I need too. The only complaints I have are that the tracking system doesn’t update very fast and the screen does not lock so she constantly is accidentally calling people from her watch.
  • Great idea until it isn’t 4/5

    By JCM09030416
    The watch does what it should with the exception of how insanely slow it is to locate my kid and provide me with that info. Also, I just upgraded to an iphone13 and for some reason I cannot get the watch to pair with my new phone. We have uninstalled, reinstalled, reset etc.
  • A great idea not quite executed 2/5

    By hippiepanda27
    When the app works it’s nice. I like being able to track on demand or always track, easily send messages or calls back and forth and add to do lists, reminders etc. but so often the app or watches themselves lag, don’t update, freeze all together. And lastly…the fatal flaw in my opinion…no way to turn the watches back on via app or to not have a way to turn them off except for via app like other similar brands. To me, this renders them almost pointless. A kid is mad at you and turns their watch off, someone kidnaps them and turns the watch off, someone steals the watch and turns it off…SOL. This should be priority number 1 in updating to something capable of remote power on or removing the power off feature from the actual watch itself and only allowing power off via battery drain or through the app.
  • Not impressed 1/5

    By Nativeamericanprincess
    I wanted to love this watch. We purposely bought it for the GPS feature and it just doesn’t meet expectations. It takes what seems like forever (especially in the event of an emergency) to update the location. My daughter had hers on and she called me to tell me she was on her way home. After a time even I knew she should be home, I started to worry. Tried locating her via the GPS on Gizmo and it just kept circling. No data available. This was super stressful. I’m like “what’s the point if the GPS doesn’t even work?” I would really like to see this feature made 100X better.
  • Terrible GPS 3/5

    By Schwinefus
    Please do an update on the GPS. It’s honestly the sole purpose I got this watch from my kids. We do a lot of our door activity and they are not always by my side.
  • No alarm option after update 2/5

    By Angelpetalz
    The watch updated and now I can’t find where to access the alarm to adjust or cancel alarm times. It just goes off based on what we had set up before the update and that was for school. It’s summer now, I don’t need the alarm going off