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GizmoHub App

The GizmoHub app lets you call, find, and control your Gizmo wearable devices. You’ll need to download and install the app on your phone to set up your Gizmos. Once they’re set up, you can use the app to: -Speak with Your Child Call your child’s Gizmo any time, and your child can use it to call you. -Find Your Child Check the location of your child’s Gizmo with just one tap. You can also schedule a time for the Gizmo to automatically check your child’s location or set GPS boundaries and get notified if your child crosses them. -Add Contacts Invite Buddies, Caregivers, and other Guardians who can call the Gizmo and receive calls. The number of contacts varies depending on the type of Gizmo you have. Guardians and Caregivers can also use the GizmoHub app to find your child’s Gizmo. -Send Messages to Your Gizmo Send text messages to your child’s Gizmo. And your child can send emojis, voice recordings, and pre-set text messages to you. -Manage Your Child’s Gizmo You can use the GizmoHub app to change settings on the Gizmo like the volume, ringtones, and fun sounds. You can also check your Gizmo’s battery level and turn it off. - Keep Your Child’s Information Safe You can protect this app by adding a PIN. Even if your phone is lost or stolen, your child’s information will remain protected. Download this app and follow the onscreen instructions to get started!

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GizmoHub app reviews

  • Battery Draining 3/5

    By Thefukkingawd
    Hi Devs - Recently bought the gizmowatch 2 for my son. From 7 am - 345 pm est the watch was down to 28%. Only thing I turned on was his step count. Software was updated last night 9/14/21. Any reason why the battery is draining so fast? I just disabled the step count. Please advise on why the battery life is terrible. Otherwise the product isn’t so bad.
  • Great app 4/5

    By The Great Rate
    Love the gizmo and the app. We have had gizmos for over 3 years. I do wish the child could type their own text messages if the parent allows. The voice texting allows them to get the message through, though I cannot play it if I am somewhere where I cannot play a message out loud. Overall the app and gizmos are awesome for my 11 and 7 year-olds and we will be using them as long as we can! I also wish the “To Do” list items could be checked off without playing a timer. I put things on there for my kids to get done and reminders to put on the watches but I do not need a timer with those items. I love the feature that allows the reminder to play until it is turned off though. It prevents a lot of forgotten watches. It would also be great if there were an Apple Watch app for the gizmo hub.
  • Quite useless if you are buying this to know the location 2/5

    By CoolCat_0000
    Got the Gizmo-Disney edition. The watch looks cute. It has some nice features like phone call and text message. But, there are many issues that you will not expect in a product from a company like Verizon. (Had been a loyal Verizon customer for almost 20 years, and usually I am very satisfied by their service even though they are on the expensive side). First of all, the location tracking doesn’t work 95% of the time even when the phone shows full signal strength. For me, this is a show-stopper. Secondly, you can pair only one phone to the watch. (Verizon, use your common sense, both parents should be able to track the kid). Returning the watch as it is quite useless when tracking doesn’t work. There is $50 restocking fee, but still better than keeping a useless product.
  • I use to love gizmo but I need help ASAP 1/5

    By eeyore32827
    I need help! I use to love gizmo but now I have a watch that is doing my 9 year autistic son no good because it won’t work right. I have talked to many people from Verizon to fix the problem and had a total of 4 watches (1 original 3 replacements) in less then four months. The watch can make and receive phone calls from the only number on there. But I can’t get it to communicate properly with the app so I can’t track it, I can’t text it, can’t add more contacts, can’t put it in school mode if I do get it in school mode I then can’t get it out. Please help!!! I was told this is how I have to contact you to get help and I need this watch to work so I can keep my wandering autistic 9 year old safe!!!!!1
  • GizmoHub 5/5

    By Jfamily52005
    We love it. I can keep track of my kids, call them even text them. It’s a watch so they won’t lose it. I also like the satellite view.
  • Gizmo 2 not sending location notifications to phone 1/5

    By pham1979
    I recently replaced gizmo 1 Disney with gizmo 2 blue. The gizmo 2 no longer sends the location notifications ( every hour) to my phone, which has the GizmoHub app installed. I don’t know if there is a compatibility issue with the software (iOs 14.7.1) but I have troubleshot every setting and it does not work. I’ve talked to my service provider Verizon, who cannot seem to resolve the issue. I even got the gizmo 2 blue replaced and the same issue persists.
  • Overheating 4/5

    By Siah's mommy
    The phone over heats on a phone call that goes longer than 5 minutes. When it over heats you cannot place another call for a while. That’s a little worrisome. Other than that the gps, sound, and app features work very well.
  • Not working properly 1/5

    By stephanieciao
    Used to work fine but now says gizmo watch is off when it is not. App won’t let me track location.
  • Awful 2/5

    By DeeG1110
    My daughter sent me the link through text. Had to jump through hoops to register. Awful, not well-developed and pain in the butt. Everything is a problem w this horrible app. They want to collect your info and without that won’t let you register only their code sending system is faulty and buggy. They tell you to upgrade your security setting but don’t tell you what exactly to do. Created by a bunch of idiots.
  • Missing one key feature. 4/5

    By BigAsht
    Would love it if during quiet time it restricted texting or calling gizmo buddies. The lack of this feature causes huge friction. My kids want to add their friends but we don’t want them calling at night or during school. Hope someone reads this who cares.
  • Slow! 3/5

    By VSchoborg
    The messages are so slow! I get notified there’s a message and it takes minutes for the message to pop up! Using GPS to locate my son takes forever and the battery drains very quickly!
  • Pleased with the watch but does have glitches every now and then 4/5

    By teamweird
    I love the watch it gives me a piece of mind but also sometimes the gps wants to act up and tell me my daughter moved out of her school zone and a minute later it corrects itself. I know that may happen but I think it needs to be worked on because that’s the whole point of having it for tracking and making sure your child is where their suppose to be and it’s giving me mini heart attacks. I know it’s not a phone but we are still paying a fee every month and the watch itself is almost as much as an Apple Watch. But overall for my daughter I do love it.
  • Great So Far 4/5

    By Daman3178
    Gizmo watch and GizmoHub great so far! Only thing we would like changed right now is the notification sound on the GizmoHub app. Wish we could make the notification sound change able so it stood out more! Also quiet mode doesn’t seem to work well for night time until morning. Like 9pm to 7am. Has to be within the same day not two different days to make it work. Please keep in mind on next update!! Other than that great app!
  • Landscape vs portrait 3/5

    By fdhsjkfasdhjkfdshkjlfas
    Can we please get an update to work in LANDSCAPE orientation and Fullscreen on iPad?
  • App working again 4/5

    By codesign80
    The app is working again. I’m not sure what happened - the screen was frozen on the pin page without a keyboard no matter how many times I opened it. I hope they can sort out the bug for that. They did reach out to help me with support a couple days after which was nice.
  • Great idea with a few drawbacks 3/5

    By Flmom613
    The app is okay, I don’t like that you cannot turn the watch back on from the app. Also, as I write this my gizmo app has not updated at all today (h my husbands) and I have already uninstalled/reinstalled. My kids are currently at school (hopefully) and the app has now failed to do its job by not notifying me of anything as it is stuck showing me last night and had not updated at all. Also, the task reminder times are way off or don’t ring at all on either of my children's watches. Great idea, but already has bugs and the battery doesn’t seem to hold a charge as long and we have owned these watches for less than 1 week. On that note I am giving it 3 stars because when working it does its job of letting us know where are kids are and allows them to contact us in a emergency.
  • Apple Watch compatible please! 3/5

    By ashley019473819205847
    Love the app but really want the notifications to come through the Apple Watch - even if nothing else does!
  • Excellent 5/5

    By howdoyousaysiri
    Had it since 2019 and it has helped give me peace of mind with my kids location and well being. I can talk to them anytime and anywhere without the hassle of internet .
  • Perfect 5/5

    By a_rod_jade
    Absolute peace of mind!! I love the fact that I can track my daughter while she’s in school. We can text during her downtime and has the availability to call me also if needed! This is perfect !!!
  • Ok… but ap doesn’t show on Apple Watch 3/5

    By Wilburann
    Overall we are loving the gizmo. It would just be great if the ap would show on the Apple Watch.
  • Auto answer 2/5

    By wyomom4172
    Terrible! My sons phone no longer auto answers. There is no where to even select this option anymore. So frustrating!!
  • Grandparent 2/5

    By JDPoppins
    After we are added to the child’s gizmo by the parent we keep getting dropped off.
  • Apple Watch 4/5

    By damallion
    It would be extremely helpful if this app was compatible with the Apple Watch.
  • Help 1/5

    By Gustav1010
    My Gizmo app has stopped working and the reason for purchase of gizmo watches for my grandchildren is destroyed. I have deleted app and reinstalled to no avail. I did nothing different to settings. Just went to use app and it was gone. Please help. I keep my apps updated so that is not an issue. Really loved the Gizmo when it worked but am very distraught. The children’s moms operate the accounts and my ability to view is gone. My phone will not down load app
  • Quiet Time Problem 4/5

    By Needs some stability
    Got my grandson the gizmo for his birthday, and the watch & app work (almost) great, except for a problem with scheduling quiet time. When I set the start of quiet time (9pm), the stop time automatically resets to an hour later. Then, if I reset the stop time (10am), the start time automatically resets to an hour before the stop time. So basically the app is letting me schedule 1 HOUR of quiet time rather than overnight. Fix this and the rating jumps to 5 stars. Thanks for your response; followed your recommendations and they worked fine. I’m only going to bump to four stars, though, because it seems a little user-unfriendly to have to set three separate quiet periods to get one that runs 13 hours overnight. Might want to re-look at those system limitations to see if they’re really that necessary. Really do love the watch, though, and, more importantly, so does my grandson.
  • Very happy with app 5/5

    By BacaUtahJack
    Got the Gizmos for grandkids and my only issues with app/situation was because I didn’t read or research better. The app doesn’t update the locations unless you or the child sends an update location from watch or app, unless you tell it to do a 5 min live tracking which runs the battery on watch down fast. If you are aware of this before hand you should love the app and watch
  • Not compatible with Apple Watch 1/5

    By Jfksndjfis
    The GizmoHub app works fine on my iPhone 7. However, I am so disappointed that the app is not compatible with my Apple Watch (series 6). Please resolve this issue!
  • App is stuck saying “Saving. Just a moment” 1/5

    By Jess 620
    I added a contact for my child and my app said ‘Saving, just a moment’. It’s now been days and this same message is still showing. I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it but when it re-opens I get the same ‘Just a moment’ message. I also restarted my phone. I have no idea how to troubleshoot any further and now I can’t check my child’s location or message him.
  • App is REQUIRED for texting to watch 2/5

    By lydz1974
    I don’t understand why the app must be setup on an approved contacts phone to text a Gizmo watch user especially since each watch has a valid Verizon phone number and the app is not required for phone calls. Not every one has a smart phone and there is no hands free option for texting (while in car, Siri etc). Older folks wanting to be techy with kids/grandkids are being left out and Verizon isn’t addressing some key functionality. Please consider more options. The approved contacts list already restricts who can contact the user and is well controlled. Other carrier solutions like Tmobile offer more options Also a screen protector is desperately needed. The Disney edition seems be be the hardest to find protectors for. Verizon is missing out here too on key product accessories. These screens are not replaceable so additional steps should be available to prevent scratches and cracks.
  • Wish I found this sooner! 4/5

    By MrsKapish
    Great product and app is very user friendly. However I wish it was compatible with my Apple Watch. I also wish I was able to set an alarm for my child from the app. Sometimes we forget before she leaves the house. Last item I wish it had was a panic button that the child could alert contacts and 911 In case of an emergency:)
  • Great for parents piece of mind 5/5

    By Rod NYC
    I was doing research for a good while for such a product so my child could communicate with me on her summer bus rides to camp. The Apple Watch was way to costly for a child and Gizmo2 is the perfect lower lift solution, phone/text/GPS all in one. A good stepping stone for an Apple Watch when my child steps onto the teens.
  • Crazy slow 4/5

    By Flight Commander
    App works, watch works, but it’s SO SLOW
  • I'm 13 and have this 4/5

    By MuckieDee
    It works fairly well, considering that I got it 3 years ago.
  • Like it a lot! 4/5

    By Kristi2504
    This has been a very helpful and affordable alternative to buying a phone for my daughters. I really do wish they could text whatever they wanted rather than m selecting from the pre-written messages or using voice text. I would also love the watch to be able to connect to headphones for private conversations.
  • App issues but watch is great 3/5

    By Taranicole
    So frustrated with this app. Was working fine until it randomly logged me out one day and I have never been able to get back in since. I logged in with my Apple ID - when trying to log in, I got an error that said “could not update the Apple JWT token”. I went to my Apple ID and disassociated it from The GizmoHub app. Now, when I try to login it says I need to setup a new account but my number is already associated with an account. So I’m totally locked out and my daughter is walking around with a useless watch. I tried calling Verizon three times and they are totally clueless. They told me to contact the developer of the app who is Samsung - ummm. No it isn’t - it’s Verizon as clearly seen here in the App Store. I also tried emailing the developer who is responding to many of these reviews but have received no response. So upset - feels like a total waste of money. Update: the email I sent received a reply and the person was very helpful in fixing the issue. It took a few days which was tough when we need the watch to work but he was very polite and understood the issue unlike the multitude of calls I made to Verizon. I think he’s the only person working for gizmo troubleshooting. Verizon, your reps answering the phone should know how to handle basic gizmo issues! Thanks to Daniel for the help. The watch is useful and nice when it works.
  • Gizmo2 Not Showing Up in App 1/5

    By RZ6784
    The watch pairs with my Verizon account but doesn’t show up on the GizmoHub app. Spent hours on phone with tech support to no avail.
  • Gizmo watch 5/5

    By Nanahamm
    I bought the watch for my granddaughter who just turned 10. Didn’t feel she quite need a phone just yet probably one more year when she goes to middle school. Really like it so far and so does my granddaughter. It’s nice to be able to track her when she’s outside playing reset the timer for her to come home in a half an hour and I can also see where she is on the GPS. I really like the satellite portion of it
  • Love it 4/5

    By KarryTheMyth
    The Gizmo app is an awesome tool to help keep track and communicate with your kids.
  • No longer able to send/receive messages/ App frozen 1/5

    By smett2021
    Watch and app worked great for the first week or so. Now for the last 3 days we have not been able to send/receive messages with the watch. The app will not show any updates information since 3 days ago and will not show location. We are still able to make and receive phone calls. It seems to be an issue with the app more than the watch itself.
  • Gizmo 5/5

    By Nataniela
    As a mother of a non-verbal child my biggest fear is his about being hurt by a person and him not being able to tell me. Gizmo gives me the peace of mind. Being able to call in on silent mood is my life saver
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By 1nick9877
    I have been trying to setup a new watch and every time I go to scan the QR code the app crashes. I’ve tried to delete and reinstall but it continues to crash every time!
  • Poor design 1/5

    By thisahitsucksxxx
    Poorly designed app. You must restart your phone to make up for the poor logic of this app. You would think Verizon would have the resources to both properly design and test an app before releasing it.
  • Not working 1/5

    By gizmo watch
    This app is not working, I bought a gizmo watch to set up and the app won’t let me set up and I can’t get a hold of anyone to help. Going to return
  • Frustration beyond measure. 1/5

    By mszm123
    I never write reviews but if I can save just one person from the immense frustration of this device, I’m here for it. First Gizmo2 stopped working after a day. Just relentlessly turned on them off. Forced to order a second Gizmo to replace the first (still waiting on that refund) and now the Hub won’t connect it to my child. I activated it per GizmoHub instructions. I go to pair with my child. It said that Gizmo is already connected to my account. But GizmoHub says I can’t do anything because I have no gizmos added to my child. Click here to add gizmo. I add gizmo. That gizmo is already paired to my account. Lather, rinse, repeat. Hours with Verizon tech people. First delete and add a child. Then delete the app and redownload. Completely circular instructions, same “add a gizmo” then when adding the Gizmo, “that gizmo already paired with account.” Now I have to go to the store to get THIS device refunded. Don’t put yourself through this. There are other more reliable ways to keep up with the kid. This is junk.
  • Great watch, buggy app 2/5

    By Shuang_74
    The watch is great and the perfect solution for kids too young for phones. The app itself is sloooow. The worst part is trying to make any updates to contacts. It takes forever too make one minor change and often times out. Updates don't go through, etc. Very frustrating.
  • App Issue 1/5

    By Pugsoup77
    App signed me out and I can’t log in. Tried resetting password but unable to get a code. Just get a message stating Error: Unable to get temporary log in. Paying for a service I can’t use.
  • Great mode of communication 4/5

    By Solvies
    I really love this watch. We’ve had it for 2 years. The only thing I wish was better was if the main “parent contact” could turn the watch on from the app the way you can turn it off. Sometimes my son forgets to turn it on in the morning and I have no way to get him to turn it on unless he looks at the watch. Otherwise I love everything about it.
  • Watch OK, login process not 1/5

    By JPN36
    I’ve been trying to reset my password for days and every time it errors out. Can’t login to the app making it worthless.
  • Crap!! 1/5

    By Mad Momma 22
    The app can never locate my watch, I set it up so I would get notifications when the watch left a certain area and I don’t, I have had to uninstall and reinstall app three times to get it to “work” super disappointed in Verizon and this service. I paid extra money for the top of the line watch and I can’t even get the basic functions to work.