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Glassdoor - Job Search & more

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Glassdoor - Job Search & more App

Find your next job, prepare for interviews and get hired faster with Glassdoor. Compare salaries, reviews and the latest job listings on the go. Our top 3 Glassdoor app features: • Job search - our powerful job search tool automatically finds the right opportunities for you among millions of job listings. • Workplace transparency - our growing database shows you company reviews, CEO approval ratings, salary reports, interview reviews and questions, office photos and more. • Job applications - use the ‘Easy Apply’ button to apply for jobs on the go. Our mission is simple – to help people everywhere find jobs and a company they love. With Glassdoor, you get access to millions of job listings and a growing database of company reviews, CEO approval ratings, salary reports, interview reviews and questions, benefits reviews, office photos and more. NEW: Collections Our new app feature allows job seekers to organize their jobs and content, create and manage relevant notes, and be able to discover hyper-relevant jobs and content based on what inspires them. Research Salaries and Benefits • Use the ‘Know Your Worth’ tool to plot your current base pay, reveal how your market value has trended over time, and discover how it compares to typical workers in the same field. • See salary and compensation by company, job title and location • Research averages and ranges for base salaries, bonuses, stock options and more • Learn about what benefits are offered and what employees think about them Fast Job Searches & Alerts • Receive instant push notifications as soon as we find new job opportunities for you • Quickly create a saved search for any job title and location of interest • Easily see which job listings are new Apply On Your Phone • Save jobs or apply directly from your phone so you'll never miss out on a good opportunity • Use the ‘Easy Apply’ button - simply upload your resume, fill in the application form and tap ‘Apply Now’ Access Company Reviews • Read reviews from employees about the work environment • View the pros and cons of a company, and see advice to senior management • Get opinions from current and former employees about specific companies Follow Companies • Follow your favorite companies to get the latest updates • Get relevant suggestions for new companies to follow Job Interview Questions & Reviews • Read reviews from applicants about the interview experience • See job interview questions that top companies are asking Download now and take Glassdoor with you wherever you go. The Glassdoor iPhone and iPad apps support iOS 12.0 and higher. Do Not Sell My Personal Information:

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Glassdoor - Job Search & more app reviews

  • Terrible user experience 1/5

    By Serenity Jolie
    Years ago, I found Glassdoor to be a useful resource. I even recommended it to someone recently when they were job hunting. Having tried using this myself now, through the app and website, I am terribly disappointed. The drop downs are limited and does not allow for accurate entry options. It asks a lot of you. Getting an account is tedious and invasive even before any information is accessible to know it is even worth the hassle. It is a terrible experience for the user. Part way in, I will be deleting this app and never recommending this to another person.
  • Doesn’t function 1/5

    By Kennochas
    App simply says please update the app to continue with multi-factor authentication. It’s fully up to date, so unsure of what else I could possibly do.
  • Misleading salary ranges for many jobs 2/5

    By Ytrrr
    The initial job description provides a salary range that is often very different from the posted salary range when redirected to the company website for the actual job posting. Becomes a waste of time after this happens so many times.
  • Good to garbage 1/5

    By Chris501Mercer
    Now a forced data trade app. You must review to see a review. Great if you have 100’s of jobs to review. Bad if you’re a professional researching possible new employers. This has become another worthless app. Sad, it must be under new ownership.
  • Sellouts 1/5

    By Thdjfkrksu
    Full of obviously fake reviews. UI is impossible to use without jumping through a million hoops. And most recently, they got rid of the interview process icons that let you know what to expect in terms of skills tests, interview types, drug tests etc. Do better.
  • Not good 1/5

    By its106miles
    Searches constantly show out of state or results that are not near the search criteria. Now having a problem that anytime any filter is used it comes up with no results. Contacted customer service and they said they would have their “engineering team” look into it. Then they sent an email saying they were closing the case. So apparently they don’t care to fix their problems. The app is trash if the filters don’t work and it constantly shows wrong locations.
  • Poor login. 2/5

    By PapiLopez
    App is a good source of employment information but unfortunately the Apple ID login is very terrible. You either get a “something went wrong” error or it never stays login and logs out if you leave the app for just a second. Does not stayed login in the background. Almost as if Glassdoor just added it to comply with Apples App Store guidelines for having other login sources but does not care to polish it. It’s been like this for months.
  • Timing out like crazy 1/5

    By GiphyRulez
    Time to deleeeete!
  • Very helpful website, but the mobile app needs a lot of work. 2/5

    By kevin123398
    There are constant bugs that makes this app almost unusable. I’m also never able to successfully filter a company’s page for anything. If I filter interviews for a specific job title, it’ll show the same two reviews over and over again, but when I’m on the website it’ll show many more.
  • Annoying app, not user friendly 1/5

    By lusiferrrr
    The website itself used to be useful by comparing salaries and tracking wages of jobs. Now you’re lucky if you can get that far. After you make an account and it pummels you with questions about reviewing past employers, you get to search for positions that are available without being able to see salaries/wages ahead of time. In the end it’s a less user friendly Indeed and beats around the bush about feeding itself information.

    By PDProfs
    This app has not once shown me jobs within my specified filters. Im still getting notifications even though Ive DISABLED them because they weren't useful anyhow. So now with notifications disabled and app deleted from my phone, I am now receiving emails regarding vacancies way outside of my initial filters. At least the PUSH notifications have ceased...thats a plus.
  • Director 5/5

    By Mufrax
    This is a one stop center for all types of job searches.
  • Glassdoor has sold it to corporate greed 1/5

    By LarsNAz
    Glassdoor use to be a trusted source for objective company reviews. They have sold out to corporate greed, the almighty dollar. Glassdoor is the proverbial toothless, clawless lion….useless.
  • Acknowledge location preferences 1/5

    By Dmntd1
    I get dozens of emails from Glassdoor daily and they are all to jobs in Indiana. I live in NC. I have my settings set to Lewisville, NC. I’ve only applied for jobs in NC or remote positions. I have YET to be notified about a NC job. I have reset and everything but still I remain receiving only job notifications in Indiana.
  • Alright app, but needs work 2/5

    By Justworkalready193
    I like that it shows some job availabilities near me. But, there’s that key word, “some”. Most of the job recommendations are from out of state! I live in West Virginia, not Virginia. Why would I be looking for jobs out of my state? There should be an option to look at jobs only in a so many mile radius from where I live. The app needs work, I won’t be using it until I’m able to actually get job opportunities close to home.
  • Convenient 5/5

    By Nickname vv
    Simple to use and effective when searching for a new career
  • Love it! 5/5

    By TBuckey
    Super clean app that helps me learn a lot about a potential employer before committing to them.
  • Screen constantly skips when scrolling on an iPhone 1/5

    By Brrrrhead
    When trying to scroll down through the reviews the screen constantly refreshes and you lose your place. Difficult and awkward if you wish to scroll through various reviews. The application gets worse with every new release.
  • OTR 2/5

    By pushygame
    Multiple, inaccurate listings sent to me. When I responded to the alert and that it wrong… now I get 3-4 identical and useless alerts per day of the exact jobs I reported we’re not even in my state. Almost feels like spamming, but I’m sure that wouldn’t happen.
  • Trust and Ethics - 1/5

    By Prayin'forU2
    It’s a known FACT companies pay to solicit positive reviews from employees and Glassdoor has FAKE reviews (not rocket science to figure out). It’s also interesting how you’ll see only positive reviews on Glassdoor but honest reviews on Indeed. We all deserve honesty. This is like paying for likes on social media but its consequences are far greater.
  • Updated and better 4/5

    By U r s Payne
    I tried app a few years ago and it appears to have better featers now.
  • No one likes being forced 1/5

    By Dulce CaraBella
    Stop forcing us to provide input in exchange for us to do research I dislike being forced to sign up in order to research a company I might be applying for. Then Glassdoor ends up selling my info and I start getting spam in my email I’ve never use to get before.
  • TRASH 1/5

    By stevo666
    This app and website are complete trash I just want to see one thing and have to jump through 2000 hoops to get there. NO THANK YOU
  • Can’t find my review 3/5

    By Downtownyaz
    When I click on “most recent” my review disappears. And I can only see it on my phone but not my desktop. My former colleague has also written one and she got the email confirmation but their review doesn’t show up at all. Are companies able to remove these?
  • Great movie to see 4/5

    By Bou dro
    We loved it
  • The app has issues all the time 1/5

    By Libs85
    Honestly, I have never seen a worse app than this when it comes to bugs. Why is the quality so bad ? Aren’t they paying their engineers to maintain this crappy app ?
  • App is broken 1/5

    By jdhdodheidhdhd
    If you try to delete a contribution, it will never be deleted. If you try to edit the review, you must sign in even if you are already signed in. Then you must sign in again. So this app is officially broken and I’m just never going to use it again. Bye bye Glassdoor
  • Not accepting real critics 2/5

    By BluFin
    This app won't accept an honest review for the firms. It would accept only good opinions. It is very deceiving.
  • Locking Sign In Functionality 2/5

    By iPadAppReview_15
    In the current version, I get a recurring error reading “Sorry, something went wrong” when so try to sign in using the “Sign in with Google” or the “Sign in with Apple ID” buttons
  • Crap app 1/5

    By SmileyKoop
    Incessantly nags you to fill out your profile and keeps teeing up nag screens you can’t skip. They show a skip button that doesn’t work and then you can’t get back to the home screen to do a basic search. Worthless. Strongly recommend AGAINST using this app.
  • app is very buggy 3/5

    By skywalker0602
    seems as though the cache is messed up so it literally just shows the same 20 or so listings over and over, none of the filter settings worked (ie tried to put 15 miles but still showed places over limit, salary settings etc) and trying to hide jobs for “feedback” didn’t do anything.
  • Professional liars working for employers 1/5

    By toxic_reviewer_1
    Do you really believe there is a business that profits from anonymous reviews? The reviewers will not pay them a cent but the employers could pay them big bucks.
  • Just wish it would not be so hard setting up so it only provides area I want 4/5

    By Mike ro Wave
    Spend most of the time resetting the filters and not much time actually finding my field of work.
  • Good but 2 issues 3/5

    By serayepa
    I was really enjoying using this app to look & apply for jobs, but I applied to a few jobs the other day on my computer & they aren’t showing up under applied jobs on the app. It’s the same account & I did use easy apply. I tried to message them 4 or 5 different times to ask what was wrong & how to fix it, but every single time the captcha thing kept timing out & then it would just refuse to send (I tried several different browsers). No email address listed so I have no idea how to contact them other than maybe here. I would give this app 5 stars if I could get this resolved.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Ryry1212
    Very useful!!!
  • A living breathing person 1/5

    By dead buzzer
    If you have low self-esteem and really believe you are worthless this is the job for you!! If you are lucky enough to land a job at the condemned site off Bank Street in Attleboro you can count the dead rats on your way into work. The defunct buzzer is permanently broken. There is a sign with a number to call if the buzzer is broken. You can bet your life it will be broken. This number to call is the 24/7 crisis worker. She is a worthless worker who could care less about your crisis. The Norton Crisis Team know to expect nothing from her. They complain that she refuses to call them back or respond to an email. No crisis should ever be sent by email. This worker clearly puts the needs of her family before any crisis. She was so transparent that the judge dismissed her from the court room. The sad state of affairs is that the crisis worker sees this as a win because it is even less work for her. She has no pride. Doing less is win win for her. Nobody holds her accountable. I guess there will have to be a real tragedy before anyone dares to challenge her pathetic work ethic. The only warning is do not cross her. She has several underlings that are fiercely loyal or afraid of her. This “team” works like a mob. The peer specialists fear they will lose their jobs if they do not cover for her failings. My worker plays the single mother spiel. She also thinks having been in the system herself is a badge of courage or something. She faithfully condones this unethical behavior. This peer specialist is also a hypochondriac. I do not think she has ever worked a full week. Unless you count texting. She told me she has to bite the bullet because she has no qualifications to work any other place. Being in foster care is her credentials. So sad when that replaces a formal education. She is actually doing more harm than good. So I highly recommend ACCS for those underachievers and anyone with experience being a camp counselor. So sad that a poor county like Bristol County has grown to accept sloppy lazy workers. They are actually celebrating 25 years of underserving the community this year. So CCBC/ACCS is the place to be if you are looking for a piss poor salary in exchange for being one of their useless employees.
  • Great minus scrolling the salaries 3/5

    By Eschy023
    Every time I scroll through the salaries on a company, the app glitches and reorders the salaries I was looking at.
  • App doesn’t follow criteria or filyer unwanted positions 2/5

    By DancerGirl🍭
    I can’t filter out, out of state positions. I can’t delete options that have been ruled out. This wastes a lot of my time.
  • You removed salary requirement filter 3/5

    By Spicyx123
    I can no longer add my desired salary requirement as a filter in the search engine.
  • Horrendously Difficult 1/5

    By beeflover43
    The app won’t allow me to look into jobs unless I write a review about a(n) (former) employer; I’ve never been employed. How can I use this app to find a job if I must write a review about something I’ve never had before ?? there is no option to opt out. Terrible design, lousy function, and lazy developers.
  • Frauds 1/5

    By ZsaZsaKapow
    I wrote a balanced, somewhat critical review of my workplace. Named no names or even hinted at specific people. The company had it taken down in a week. Simply put, Glassdoor is a fraud and clearly in the pockets of the companies. Do not trust the skewed reviews on this sham platform.
  • A bit intrusive 3/5

    By Sea language
    Glass door stopped sending me job listings because I didn’t review my company. They insist my review will be private but because my job salary is set by a contract that has specific criteria to get to the amount, they can easily pick me out. I gave a company review that reflects the knowledge that I can be identified.
  • Ok 3/5

    By getyourishtogether
    You shouldn't have to create an account to see reviews. Annoying..
  • Love you glassdoor 5/5

    By Biloosi
  • Recent Updates & Terrible Filters 1/5

    By JAAJ33
    Recent updates removed the ability to select a salary range or hide jobs with no salary. It’s not monitored for accuracy, companies post competitive salaries and then once you click on it it’s not even half. Used to be my favorite job search app.
  • Can’t delete my account plus no relevant suggestions. 1/5

    By Beth in NH
    The instructions to delete my account are invalid. I want to get rid of this app that spams me all day with irrelevant jobs but I don’t want an open account with them. Useless help page. Do not use!!!!
  • Google Sign In - iPhone 1/5

    By trosstrosstross
    Google Sign In on iPhone not working for me
  • Frustrating!! 1/5

    By Dr. charelle
    It’s is so annoying to have to be forced to write a review in order to see a potential companies reviews from previous employees. The salaries are not accurate. The UI needs some work. Lots of misleading practices.
  • They pull negative reviews 1/5

    By Ategev
    The system is set up to pull really honest negative reviews. I’ve seen them take down 100% honest and candid reviews for no reason.