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Glassdoor Job Search App

Find a job you love and get hired using Glassdoor job search. Access the latest job listings from companies hiring right now, and get an inside look at company reviews, salaries, benefits, and office photos shared by those who know the company best – the employees. Tap into the world’s most comprehensive career community to search job openings, discover your earning potential and see what it’s really like to work at thousands of companies worldwide. Features: Saved Job Searches • A powerful job search tool that automatically finds the best new jobs for you among Glassdoor’s millions of job listings. • Receive push notifications as soon as we find your new jobs • Create a saved search for any job title and location of interest • Easily see which jobs are new in the last day Job Search • Fast and easy-to-use job search with filters • See company salaries, reviews and other information right from a job listing • Save jobs or apply directly from your phone so you'll never miss out on a good opportunity. Look for the “Apply on Phone” label • Swipe on a job listing to email it, view the company profile or follow the company and more Salaries and Benefits • Use the "Know Your Worth" tool to reveal how your market value has trended over time, how your market value compares to typical workers in the same field, and also plot your current base pay. • See salary and compensation by company, job title and location • Research averages and ranges for base salaries, bonuses, stock options and more • Read about what benefits are offered and what employees think about them Company Reviews • Read reviews from employees about the work environment, culture, senior leaders and more • View pros, cons, and advice to senior management • Get opinions from current and former employees about specific companies Follow Companies • Follow your favorite companies to get the latest updates • Easily find your way back to the companies you love on the “Companies” tab • Get relevant suggestions of new companies to follow Job Interview Questions & Reviews • Read reviews from applicants about the interview experience • See job interview questions that top companies are asking The Glassdoor iPhone and iPad apps support iOS 10.0 and higher.


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Glassdoor Job Search app reviews

  • One of the best apps for job hunting 5/5

    By Somethingwitty99
    Glassdoor is simply one of the best apps or anything period I've ever used for Jon hunting. Companies love to brag, glassdoor lets you see what employees say about actually working there. It's insanely helpful to be able to see which companies are worth your time and which aren't.
  • Glassdoor won’t let me post my company review 2/5

    By Shffwgiputrwrfhjprwv
    I spent a few hours wrote an honest review for my company but got rejected by Glassdoor. I revised a couple of times by getting rid of more identifying details, but still no luck. I emailed their team asking for help but nobody ever got back to me.
  • Great content 5/5

    By ScottDRichards
    The benefits info, reviews and interview questions are invaluable resources when evaluating jobs and companies. Can save jobs and follow companies I am interested in and create saved searches. Lots of super valuable content!
  • 4 star on the cusp of 5 4/5

    By STVnRWC
    Great app that is close to being perfect if not for just a few tweaks!
  • Calm down on the notifications! 3/5

    By Michae38
    I like the app, but don’t send me notifications about a NEW place of employment while I’m at my CURRENT place of employment for the majority of each day.
  • Seriously? 1/5

    By My 2.5 Cents
    If you love receiving 6 emails and 8 on-screen alerts EVERY day for the same jobs that were posted 5 days ago and already alerted to, despite deactivating the alerts, than this annoying app is for you!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Asailorsvoyage
    Stupid that I need to download this app to read the reviews.
  • Consistent bugs 2/5

    By Em5290
    There are consistent bugs with this app. A while back it made me log in every time I tapped anywhere on my screen and that is finally stopped. Half the time it will say the same number of reviews for my company but when I look at the reviews there ARE in fact new ones. So either people take their own reviews down daily or Glassdoor does in fact remove reviews for companies. Then today the reviews on my company’s page were not actually my company’s reviews. It was entirely different. When I checked it online it was the correct reviews. Not sure if someone at Glassdoor is just getting lazy or what but this app has become cumbersome to use
  • Why do I “Have” to install the app to see details of companies???? 1/5

    By Hrisant
    It is unethical this day and age to be forced to install an app for full details. You’re driving your customers away with this “push in a corner” technique that old school crook companies used for years. It’s 2018, get a marketing/ advertising class , it’ll help :))) That being said , once I’m done “ filling in with rubbish details, I’ll delete this app in 5 min once I read what I’m interested in :) You shouldn’t force people to install an app that takes memory space on their phone unless they choose to :))) Good luck
  • Mobile app is useless for job applictions 2/5

    By katie3416
    I have had so much difficulty with this app when trying to apply for jobs. When trying to upload my resume, the submit button am doesn’t work. When trying to apply for jobs, the cover letter that I already used to apply via their desktop site, on the mobile app keeps telling me its too many (over 1000) words, it’s not even 500 words. So incredibly frustrating!
  • Constantly asking to login 1/5

    By astarks1
    I login every time I open the app whereas before it kept me logged in. Then anytime I click anything it makes me login again. Repeat hassle on every click so I just don’t waste the time anymore. I’ve troubleshooted every possible step—deleted app, reinstalled app, made sure I was allowing it whatever info it needs to keep me logged in but nothing seems to work.
  • Never allows me to apply.. 1/5

    By Joey Morelli
    Always have to get to a computer to submit an application.
  • Notifications are Very Frustrating 2/5

    By lsjones3
    I enjoy the site and the information provided. However, the app notifications are the absolute PITS!!!! Every day sometimes three or four times a day I’m getting notified repeatedly about the same jobs that have ZERO to do with the searches I’ve saved. I’m thisclose to deleting the app. I’ve had it with going through the notifications a few times a day and 99% of the time they’re the exact same positions that are not relevant to my search. Will someone please take note and make important changes that address this issue? Thank you.
  • Great and simple but...... 5/5

    By The Duke of Spook
    Not enough employers use it. If the integrated resume was capable of filling out more information in order for the website they use then that would be something. But instead all they have to look at is a photo of our resumes most likely in all cases we will still have to go apply to their website anyways and then what’s the point of doing a quick apply if not just getting your feet in the door. Word must spread further of Glassdoor. Also too many emails.
  • Great app buuuttt 4/5

    By sauceaveli17
    The app is great very convenient and useful when it comes to job hunting but the new update not allowing me to apply from career site inside app please fix
  • Nice 5/5

    By Burn311
    Helpful app
  • Fails to load, slow, no data 1/5

    By layys
    The app could use a good tester. Hire me.
  • Claims Associate 5/5

    By shayla120782
    I love Glassdoor it’s my go to for all questions pertaining a possible employer.
  • Location Settings 4/5

    By Riso7878787878
    There seems to be an issue with the location setting. Even when I use the filter it doesn’t generate results in my choose area and everything is far away.
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By Chiri3000
    Excellent app If your looking for job, or even to compare your current salary! Looking for someone else’s opinions about your future employer, or even their experiences during interviews? That’s amazing... Share your experiences at your workplace!
  • Great app but..... 4/5

    By Cayarenee89
    I’m getting super frustrated with the emails. I found a job and I’ve unsubscribed literally 5 times and got rid of the app and I’m still getting emails about jobs. How can I fix this????
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Nilzie
    Haven’t been able to apply to a single job through this app. Either the easy apply is nearly impossible to fill (clickable area is hugely offset form actual position of the form firlds), it also gives errors that are unsolvable, like that it is unable to convert my PDF resume to a PDF (???). Haven’t been able to fill out any forms through “partner site” or “career site” applying either. Overall a terrible experience and completely useless app Edit: After giving feedback through their app, my mailbox got spammed with automated messages, it is currently up to 43 emails with the same response over and over. Great job Glassdoor!
  • Great for conducting research. 5/5

    By Nighya
    You get a feeling of what's available in the market at some possible salary scenarios. Also you can look at Co.'s background based on employee for employees and former employees input.

    By AmandaB1226
    Had to come on here and write a review because I am so sick and tired of clicking on jobs on this app only to further search the company and to later realize that the COMPANY DOESNT EXIST! A quick google search tells me that it is a SCAM! After a year of using this app (still jobless) it doesn’t seem that Glassdoor is doing anything about the countless number of fake jobs and fake companies being posted on their app.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Astro122
    This app is just so easy to use! One thing I like about it, if I am having a difficult time applying for a job from my cell phone, I can save it and apply from my home computer. I just started using this app a month or so ago, so I have no complaints at this time.
  • Necessary tool; Old salaries 4/5

    By jen12323
    Very valuable tool for job search. I’ve worked at 1, 2, 3 and 4 Star companies and the reviews are absolutely on target. I will never work for a company lower than 3 stars again. However, take salaries with a grain of salt. Glassdoor has been around for a while and seem to keep all the old salaries from a decade ago (15% total inflation since) so the lower end of the range doesn’t reflect current salaries. So an average Glassdoor salary is actually a low one in my experience. They need to update their formula to use only recent salaries.
  • Flawless! ❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

    By Caramel candy chocolate
    This App is very easy to maneuver. It’s clear, and the information given is very useful. I love it! 😍
  • ByeBye Battery 1/5

    By Clockton
    This app completely ruins your battery. Drains it so fast my phone gets very hot. Even in my pocket, I had to turn background refresh off. Unplug at 100% at 7:00am by 11:00am my phone was dead. Not low battery, dead. This app WILL do long term damage to your battery if they do not fix it.
  • Good details of jobs but... 5/5

    By Thai freedom
    I would use the App more if it would show salary prior to filling out the application
  • Great App 5/5

    By Kaylasunny
    This app is easy to use and super convenient to apply for jobs! Huge help!
  • Not what it used to be 3/5

    By Br13ll3 B0t
    I haven’t been on this app in awhile, but do to new circumstances I need to find a job again and came to this app. Well I’m truly disappointed! This app used to be the go to job app but it doesn’t post as many jobs, when you go to apply to a company and it redirects it to their website it zooms in on the format and you can’t load your resume and can hardly read the page (the app even gives a disclaimer saying this might happen using the jobs website which is absurd and they need to fix it not warn us)! I do like how it lists the salary’s and you can get a request for it if not shown. I hope they fix these things because I do like some features other apps don’t have.
  • The Last Update Dorked My Saved Searches 3/5

    By Fed Up with "Improvements"
    The last update has dorked up my saved searches, e.g., within my Johnson & Johnson search I’m receiving jobs from Chase, Citi, Coca-Cola - but nothing from Johnson & Johnson. The Johnson & Johnson jobs are showing up in other saved searches. I uninstalled, reinstalled, deleted job searches, recreated job searches - still dorked ☹️
  • Useful 5/5

    By Mato87
    I like how you can filter by salary
  • Only so many ways 2/5

    By essenceofchill
    Version History: "We've completely redesigned how you search for jobs..." "We've completely redesigned how you search for jobs..." "We've completely redesigned how you search for jobs..." My comment: I've completely redesigned how I think about app reviews. I've completely redesigned how I think about app reviews except that. I've completely redesigned how I think about app reviews except that I actually change. I've completely redesigned how I think about app reviews except that I actually change what I say each revision. See what I did there? There's only so many ways you can completely redesign something. Why don't you just revert to the generic lazy (but honest) version hsitory comments like Facebook and Pinterest instead of trying to say you've completely redone something when nothing changes. Wish Apple would do something about the BS version comments.
  • Glassdoor 5/5

    By Viquetoriousone
    Awesome app for finding a good job!
  • Submitting reviews 1/5

    By RacerCB_SF
    Glassdoor is a joke - you submit a review and it’s always rejected. Shameful and rigged. Deleting this app.
  • Salary search filter removed! 2/5

    By Xyzzyllp1234
    Without a salary filter in the search it’s a waste of my time. It’s taken out, added back, now taken out. Leave it in!
  • Excellent job 2nd time!! 5/5

    By SachMo007
    I remember how clumsy & useless the app first was. Couldn't use it to crack a nut!! You know what I mean!! But glad they took it down and reengineered it from ground up. It's so useful & user-friendly now! Still scope to make it faster & more feature-rich though! Keep it up!!
  • Incorrect Market Value and Useless Tech Support 1/5

    By juliemariesmith3
    Several months back, Glassdoor was a fantastic app to use. It helped me to discover what my worth was to my company, which came in handy during salary negotiations. However, about 4 months ago, the Market Value/Know Your Worth section has been drastically incorrect for me. Despite inputting all the information requested, Glassdoor states that people in the same position that I am, that are in the same area as me, are averaging $13k in their yearly salaries. This is grossly incorrect! Glassdoor states that my Market Value is right over $9k, which is also incorrect. An email to tech support for assistance with this proved to be useless, as they only instructed me to input the information that I had already previously input.
  • GOOD 5/5

    By Emmy777***
    I like the application process for this company...It was fairly simple & didn't take long to complete.
  • Crashes and Bugs. 2/5

    By CJMillett
    I’m not sure if having an iPhone 6 is the problem, since you know, the iPhone 10 is now the latest and greatest. The app crashes when I’m surfing through corporate jobs, and when I follow and unfollow companies. Please fix this.
  • This is just annoying 1/5

    By Devon_o_Mon
    I have posted the review for my current job SEVERAL times. And by several I mean over five times and it has never posted to the reviews. Even after waiting over a month for them to be up. Now I am receiving emails telling me I’m going to lose the ability to use the app because I haven’t posted a review. It’s incredibly frustrating that I have spent my valuable time to write reviews and then they never get posted. Why ask my opinion, pester me with emails and then never post it. But of course you took how much the job paid me. Ridiculous.
  • “Chicago” is not a location 1/5

    By N/A 1234
    “Chicago” is roughly a 150 mile radius and is a useless location for job seekers. You need an exact location to determine if a job opportunity is a 2 hour commute or 20 minutes. #Failure
  • Cannot use app without logging in 1/5

    By Jjhoward11
    I found the app very user unfriendly. You must login multiple times and hunt and hunt and hunt for the information because they force you to enter job search information they force you to enter profile information they force you to upload a resume just to access reviews of different companies I do not like the app where you girl
  • Easy 5/5

    By Jade589706
    Easy to use easy to apply for jobs.
  • Been Very Helpful 4/5

    By Consultant on the Prowl
    As a Consultant almost annually I begin an independent job search. Glassdoor is very useful with their salary estimates. As an Executive Level/Senior Manager the salary helps weed out opportunities that do not fit my requirements. It has taken a bit of time to learn the ins and outs of the application; however, the effort to learn has been very beneficial.
  • This is better than Indeed! 5/5

    By SquirrelLover25
    Love it!
  • Great insight for job searchers 5/5

    I find the search functions very easy to use and customize for my specific field of interest. The reviews and company information provide great insight.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By quasi811
    This app is terrible. Garbage. Never could find anything I type in and very slow and the app crashes. Trash
  • Good app 5/5

    By Charlywingate
    What you’d expect.

Glassdoor Job Search app comments


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