Global Citizen: Take Action

Global Citizen: Take Action

  • Category: Education
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.17.11
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Global Poverty Project, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Global Citizen: Take Action App

Join the movement to end extreme poverty worldwide, NOW — become a Global Citizen. Global Citizens are action takers and impact makers. Our voices inspire action to defend the planet, defeat poverty, and demand equity. With our app, you can do good daily, from your pocket — you can live the change you want to see in the world, and get rewarded for it too! Take Action: you can start taking action with us right away. Sign petitions, take quizzes, and more to help fight climate change, break systemic barriers and empower girls and women. Join Challenges: Take part in daily and weekly tasks that help you to form impact-friendly habits alongside our supporters such as Coldplay and Netflix. Stay Informed: Learn more about what’s going on in the world, and the issues we face, with the latest news. Read articles that tell you what you can do to help. Earn Rewards: Earn points for everything you do. Use them to win exclusive perks, experiences, and more! A better world, at your fingertips. Join the movement to end extreme poverty worldwide, NOW!

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Global Citizen: Take Action app reviews

  • Never can get a ticket 1/5

    By ZEB99999
    Hi, I live near Central Park and have over 700 points and am not able to get a ticket for the event in Central Park. I have never been able to get a ticket no matter how many points I have, I couldn't get tickets last year either. Can you help me with this? I have an old IPhone 6 and have contacted Global Citizen multiple times and no one gets back to me.
  • Love Global Citizen, But App Crashes & Doesn’t Work 2/5

    By Riyah Speaks
    I love Global Citizen, but I’ve been trying to do actions for like two weeks now and every time I try I get an error message. I’ve updated the app and it has fixed nothing.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By cor.R
    Enter more than 20 rewards never won a single one. They just make you waste your time.
  • One track mind 1/5

    By life_goes_on_
    It’s downright liberal and bias. This app is not interested in solving universal problems TOGETHER, but rather pushing Liberal Democratic Geopolitics Agenda. They literally copy and paste bias and radical CNN and BBC articles onto their app. There is zero logic and analytical thinking in their mission, but rather one track bias mind inspired by radical leftist politics.
  • Mr 1/5

    By Smith Awambu
    I’m a member of Global Citizen and I have been taking actions I want to attend Global Citizen tenth anniversary celebration I want a ticket
  • Error 2/5

    By Marie1211
    I am receiving an error when I am trying to complete an action as well as when trying to post on Twitter. This app use to never have issues but it has become extremely problematic.
  • Thanks for what you do 5/5

    By putiit
    I am Huge supporter of Global Citizen. I was always a member. Now every time I try to log in. Recognize my email, but nothing happen. I take action. I never get a ticket to a concert. I also live on W 85 st off Center Park, I am always outside the fence. Please help me this year. Thanks
  • I can’t go forward for win my tickets 1/5

    By cabdzanah
    I already down the app and delete 2 time because It’s frozen and it doesn’t allow me to advance in other causes, it remained stagnant in the first one, it gave me 5 points and it did not allow me to take further action… I really want to win the tickets please fix that mistake in the app !
  • rewards not opening 4/5

    By davidafl
    hello! im a big fan of the cause! and im interested on the live event at nyc! i got the point to redeem the rewards but the section is not working
  • Whatever update you just did crashes the app 2/5

    By TMBA Corbett
    I am not able to do anything in the app as soon as it opens it crashes. It’s been happening since the latest update.
  • Good App! 5/5

    By ...L.O.N.D.O.N...R.A.Y.N...
    I Really Like The App So Far, It Is Good That It Is Helping People Rights, And Helping The Planet. Maggie Baird Suggested The App To All The Viewers Of Her Stream. Definitely Will Use The App A lot 😀
  • Love it 5/5

    By Tracy Par
    Great way to participate on social issues!
  • Limited categories 3/5

    I’m a Christian and I wish there was a category for religious rights.
  • Action, Impact, and Awesome Rewards 5/5

    By Aef27
    I love this app. It lets me take action on important issues and make a difference. I really feel like I’m making an impact on big, complex issues. It helps me learn more. And I get cool rewards for the actions I take. It’s a fun way to do something that matters.
  • Yaay for diversity 5/5

    By DCnomad
    Since a negative review really trashed the app and the organization itself, why not offer suggestions to improve it. having worked on global poverty programs in about 30 countries in as many years, this group is one of very few that actually crosses cultures and has tangible positive results without relying on government (donor) finding — also gets a lot of folks thinking about global problems that affects us all. I’ve always been a global citizen since studying foreign language and culture at an early age (1960’s) and appreciate the role of diversity and multiculturalism in enriching society - sorely needed in America today
  • Thank you 5/5

    By hi fk f
    Thanks for all you are doing. Don’t let the haters get you down. That just means that you are doing it right..
  • Thank you. 5/5

    By 34125674
    This is a wonderful tool and resource during this crisis.
  • Can’t sing up 1/5

    By xavis93
    Don’t waste your time on this app
  • The Quizzes 5/5

    By herev2025
    I love this app and I think everything it stands for is great. The quiz section has a couple of bugs though. The questions don’t show up only the answer choices do. So it would be great if you guys could fix that.
  • Quiz 4/5

    By Masalookie4206969666
    When you try to take the quiz’s it only give you the answers to choose from and you can’t see the questions.
  • Questions on quizzes don’t appear! 3/5

    By angel.ica
    I love the app and it’s causes & intentions I’m just irritated at the fact that the quiz questions don’t show up, which really doesn’t help much when you want to test your knowledge.
  • great cause but a few problems 4/5

    By faith 🌙✨💜
    there are so many different problems faced across the world and i love how i’m able to educate myself and find ways to help those in need just from this one app. that being said there are a couple problems i found on the app. for some reason i’m not able to actually change my avatar which isn’t a big deal but when i tried to take a quiz i couldn’t even see the questions. the color scheme is also a bit weird because some of the text blends in with the background and it makes it a little hard to see. nothing too big however just looking for some ways to help improve the app. :) overall i love it!
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By tajrene
    I wanted to do an email but it wouldn’t send me the verification email
  • Wasteful 1/5

    By AyaniELF
    I had points saved up to enter into a concert...that I couldn’t even use.
  • Can’t take action 1/5

    By sabrina.decastro
    I can’t get to try getting my tickets on their app. I can take actions, but the festival isn’t an option... already downloaded a few times.
  • Emails not counting as points? 2/5

    By skyarl
    Does anyone have similar issues when they send emails through the app, the points won’t register?

    By susicue29
    For about a month I’ve been trying to take the call action and I never receive a cal back!! Please help! I need these to b enrrred in the draw to go to the nyc global citizen festival. Please get back to me on or before Monday to fix this? Thank u
  • Satisfied 3/5

    By Flowing glo
    I’m happy that the app finally got updated and I can take action in the movement they have set out for the community to take place. LOVE the feeling of making a difference in the world even if it’s just a small step towards the goal.
  • I cannot get logged in in the app!!! 1/5

    By Carioca in usa
    Changed phones and when downloaded the app it won’t allow me to log in! I have reset my password several times, and still won’t work! I can login on regular browser, but not here! Very annoying!
  • Points are wrong 2/5

    By bricksnbeatles
    Every 5 point action I take only awards me 2 points. I’ve emailed their support team about it multiple times, and I haven’t heard anything back.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Breelalacarter
    This app keeps me informed and on my toes! It’s a great way to share information!
  • Great cause, bad app 2/5

    By brucewayne42
    The scrolling in the rewards always messes up, and the location for it is a mess. Things should be listed by proximity to the user and there should be some sort of filter
  • I thought it was fake- but a great way to win tickets! 3/5

    By 000182626
    I’ve won so many chances to see cool shows from this app! Thank you!
  • Log in trouble 1/5

    By Mikel191996
    The app will not let me log in, it keeps saying trouble with my email or password . I can log in using safari browser just fine
  • Doesn’t open 1/5

    By WendySnap
    I jumped through all the hoops giving up my info and reading privacy policy. After I created a password, the app never opened. It said password was already assigned, and there was no button to go to a menu or next screen. I deleted the app but am annoyed that I wasted time creating an account.
  • Please fix 3/5

    By copyrighht
    I’ve been a global citizen for almost 3 years. I’m unable to login through the app
  • Love this app 5/5

    By More pics please
    I wanted to get involved and this app has done it keeping me up to date on what's happening.
  • Needs work 3/5

    By qenali
    Sometimes the twitter actions don’t work. The rewards section is really difficult and annoying to scroll through. It jumps up or down as I’m scrolling through.
  • Twitter Actions Not Working/Reward List Population Issues 3/5

    By Jesse Phoenix
    For several weeks now Actiona which require Tweets are not working. Since the very start of this app, the Rewards List populates in peculiar ways. For example, you’ll be looking at a Reward ten or twenty down from the top of the list, but as soon as you attempt to scroll further down the rewards list it will take you all the way back to the top of the rewards list. Please fix this.
  • Needs Update ASAP 2/5

    By WickedFantasy
    Just downloaded and was excited to start participating and taking action, but a lot of the actions do not work properly on the app. It will not let me post to Twitter at all, it keeps giving me a ‘post not sent’ message. Please update the app and make sure all of the actions work so we can actually help.
  • App not working 1/5

    By amandar0ses
    All actions say failed to send. Or error.
  • Login failure 1/5

    By Joanna DJ
    It seems I can login fine online, but not through the app. I just remembered why I’ve deleted the app before, I can sign in.
  • Can’t submit entry 1/5

    By nsjc21
    It says I have enough points to submit for entry but it won’t let me click the button to enter to win. Unfortunate timing with the festival coming up...
  • Problems signing in 1/5

    By sabrina110499
    I haven’t been able to sign in on the mobile app since a new update several weeks ago. I know it isn’t a typo because I’ve tried multiple times and my login works on desktop or even on safari on my phone. :( unfortunate timing with the GC festival coming up
  • Faulty 1/5

    By sadgirl365
    I couldn't even log in with my regular account, and when I tried signing up with my Facebook, it told me it couldn't connect either. I made a new account, and when I tried to share to Twitter, it logged me out and restarted the app!
  • Log in issue 1/5

    By Racegirl1094839
    App won’t let me log in and before wouldn’t link to my twitter or Facebook after authentication.
  • Already disappointed 1/5

    By holly519
    One, I already disliked GC’s liberal affiliations and was unimpressed by their corporate-backed sponsorships, but when I learned that they were forcing everyone to download the app this year - which was so subpar in technological advancement that it doesn’t even justify the participation - in order to encourage “activism”, my view of GC has just plummeted. They must know how this drops so many people’s accessibility, and even those with limited accessibility can be activists and go to concerts. So we’re forced to partner with corporations funding global destruction, download a crappy app to participate in activism we could’ve done on on our own devices anyway, and the app doesn’t even work because my tweets can’t go through! Uninstalling, resigning myself to listening to the music through the the bushes, and continuing to build the revolution from the ground up as it’s meant to be!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Iriana C
    I recently won two free tickets while learning about the problems that are occurring right now!! Great app, although there should be more options on rewards. Like for instance gift cards or more singers to chose from
  • Award code wouldn’t work 2/5

    By roerz
    Cool idea, but wondering if it’s a hoax because I tried the reward code at least ten times on phone and laptop and it didn’t give me my “prize”.
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