Pregnancy + Baby App: Nurture

Pregnancy + Baby App: Nurture

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  • Current Version: 4.10.6
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  • Developer: Glow
  • Compatibility: Android
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Pregnancy + Baby App: Nurture App

Named one of 10 Best iPhone Apps and featured by InStyle, The Guardian, Brit & Co, and many more! Glow Nurture is the world’s most advanced and comprehensive pregnancy tracker. Powered by data, designed for simplicity, this app rewrites the rules for what a pregnancy app should be. It is completely customizable so that we nurture YOUR pregnancy and your baby. KEY FEATURES • Customize your experience for your pregnancy and your baby. • Alerts and insights based on the data you enter, resulting in a healthier pregnancy. • Thousands of daily pregnancy articles about what to expect of maternity and your baby. • Beautiful charts and innovative symptoms tracker. • Community and Partner support. • Integrated with Jawbone and MyFitnessPal and Apple’s Health App. + Unlock next-level health awareness & community involvement with Glow Premium! MEDICAL FEATURES • Email yourself a PDF of all your pregnancy symptoms, weight, medication and other health data. • Postpartum support - as we recognize importance of the ‘4th trimester’. • Miscarriage support - as we also recognize that as many as 1 in 5 pregnancies end in loss. • Reminders for your appointments and medication. ESSENTIAL TOOLS • Daily updates on your pregnancy and your baby’s size. • Fetal development images: see what your expecting baby looks like each day. • Photo sharing of that gorgeous baby bump. • Hospital Bag and Baby Registry checklist. TRACK EVERYTHING • Trimester-specific pregnancy tracker: daily log changes as pregnancy progresses and tells you what to expect of the next stage. • Feedback on your health, expecting baby, and pregnancy symptoms with insights from trusted resources. • Postpartum tracking including breastfeeding and pumping. • Miscarriage tracking includes emotional well-being and unusual symptoms. UNPARALLELED SUPPORT • Get support, pregnancy tips, maternity advice, and notes for expecting parents from the vibrant, warm and knowledgeable Glow Community. • Once your postpartum period ends, continue your journey on Glow, the women’s health app. • Don’t forget to download Glow Baby to log all aspects of your baby’s care. SUBSCRIPTION PRICING & TERMS Glow Nurture is free to download and use. Should you choose to upgrade to Glow Nurture Premium, you will unlock the following features: Comparative Insights - “Is this normal?” Our data knows. Exclusive new articles - Your next level pregnancy savvy. Private messaging - Find and connect with Glow moms-to-be. Custom profile - Stand out from the rest. Premium support - No more lines for you. SUBSCRIPTION AND PRICING TERMS $29.99 for 3 months, first 3 months trial at $23.99 $47.99 for 1 year after 7 day free trial ($3.99/month) $79.99 for lifetime (subscription works across all Glow company apps!) Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Your iTunes Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, Glow yearly subscription is $47.99, monthly subscription is $7.99. Subscriptions may be managed and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to your Account Settings in iTunes after purchase. For full Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service: CONNECT WITH US Support - [email protected]

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Pregnancy + Baby App: Nurture app reviews

  • Nice for pregnancy tracking, but full of bullies 2/5

    By LolaVanillaBean
    Edit to add: Thank you for the canned response from the developer that says the same thing to every other review. Your policies don’t work, reporting does nothing, and the bullying continues uninhibited. I like the app for tracking pregnancy, but the “support” section is full of rude women saying whatever they want and putting each other down. Really disappointing to feel bullied on a pregnancy app for asking simple questions and admins not moderating more of the hateful speech in comment sections.
  • Glow: Nurture 5/5

    By Jakelynemansilla
    It is a really fun app to help you track your pregnancy and has a lot of information on each stage of your pregnancy. Highly recommended.
  • Makes you pay for any info on your pregnancy 1/5

    By mall-e-mall
    I had this app with my first pregnancy and I loved it. This time around it seems you have to pay to have access to ANY articles with information on your pregnancy such as development by week and such.
  • Could’ve been 5 star 1/5

    By nalynn6262
    I used the glow app for over a year to track my cycles. Although I couldn’t input every little detail without a subscription, I could document and see the important things. I became pregnant in April and was directed to the Glow Nurture app. I was excited to know I could use the same platform to now track my pregnancy and baby. Or so I thought. I could only get so far before I am required to upgrade to premium. Why? Why would I pay glow for cute updates on the bump and baby development over the next 200+days?! I’m not. I’ve downloaded baby center and a couple others that tell me all of this FREE!! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Goodbye Glow✌🏼
  • Helpful, and comforting! 5/5

    By sparkliejesse
    It is wonderful, even as a fourth time mom, to have a place to go where I can compare experiences, vent, get support and help others too! It’s also nice to use the features of the app to track my symptoms, how I am feeling, keep track of appointments, and so much more.
  • I love this app 5/5

    By amberbbbb4
    It nice to see that people are feeling the same way I am. It really cool to see my baby growth
  • Mediocre 2/5

    By colllane
    Mediocre at best... can only read so many articles per week if you’re not a premium member.. and it’s not like the articles are shared are ground breaking evidence. And not sure how accurate the weekly size comparisons is... at 20 weeks or something around that supposedly the baby is size of a papaya? Only interesting about this are the group forums and If you wanted to track your symptoms
  • Love this app.!! 5/5

    By sweetlilbelle
    Great App. Lots of information on here , and love the interaction between other mothers or mothers to be !!. Best by far hands down .
  • Love love love 5/5

    By Aaaayyyyydddeeeennn
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Turbs57
    All their apps are great!
  • Good app, but a lot of pay walls 3/5

    By ringgg28
    I like using this app but it’s annoying that it only lets you read 5 articles a week without paying. It is also constantly advertising for their premium services. There are other apps that are just as good but don’t do this.
  • Community ruined it 2/5

    By Courtc3
    I liked this version of the app even less than I like the fertility tracker. I honestly didn’t even explore many of the features when I got pregnant, because I couldn’t get past how obnoxious the community is. No one ever discusses the articles Glow is sharing - it’s only ultrasound photos and people asking for any “Ramzi theories,” which, FYI has been disproven, so who cares? It’s just obnoxious and unhelpful. It’s also clear they don’t clean up the posts ever - there are no years included on the post dates (which is also weird?) but I can’t tell you how many posts I saw from women saying “just announced today!” And the photo of their announcement includes a due date from 2016. Glow has some good stuff here, but the focus (or lack thereof?) on the community portion of the app is honestly ruining it. Women need support, sure, but give users the option to hide it so they can have a better experience.
  • Be careful what content you allow in your mind.. 2/5

    By Michele Romans
    The 2 stars are for the app’s functionality - it’s good for tracking pregnancy things if that’s what you’re in it for. However, the articles are almost always horrifying! Multiple days during my first trimester, the article lists were entirely about “looking out for a miscarriage”. While I understand it’s important to have access to that kind of information, putting fearful articles at the forefront for pregnant women to see causes anxiety and stress on the mind and body. Now at 23+ weeks, my daily article was about how if my baby were born now the “doctors would do all they could do” but he would likely be born with birth defects. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’m deleting the app after seeing that. If you want positive helpful information instead, I recommend the What to Expect App!
  • It’s ok but annoying w the upgrade sells 2/5

    By Stella muro
    Update, second pregnancy: I used this last year for my pregnancy and decided to reload it for my current pregnancy now again. Let down. In the 8 months that have passed since my last pregnancy the app has changed to be almost exclusively upgrade-required. You’re not limited to 4 articles a week. So for 3 or more days a week, the app is basically useless unless you solely use it to comment and be annoying/ solicit attention with other users. The look ahead calendar feature is still there thankfully and not upgrade required. The logging is fine but whatever not really necessary. I redownloaded this app last week and this week I reached my limit on articles on Thursday. Luckily I have an appointment today, Friday, so I don’t need this app for the rest of the week anyway. But I’m just sure what features this app has that are money worthy. Articles? I can literally go anywhere and look up articles 25 hours a day. I keep the app on my phone bc I have the WTE and BC apps as well and I toggle between the three during the week to have some variety. I keep this app largely for the calendar feature. Which I’m sure will soon be upgrade only. ————————————- This could be a cute app, and something different from the baby center and What To Expect apps, except its really just kinda the same. The endless “I think I’m having a miscarriage” posts, the endless “any gender guesses?” posts, weird editor added photos accompany the articles. Some articles are pro only. Like I really need to pay a monthly fee to read an article about pregnancy exercise? They do have weekly AND daily info articles though so if you’re jonesing for different info everyday they have a Day (#) post every single day w new info or tidbits, rather than just the Week (#) articles. This is nice for those that go onto the app a ton and don’t want to see the same articles for 7 days, as is the case for the other big apps. I find the community to be a little annoying and easily offended. Or The few times I have posted I never really got too much interaction, whether I was asking for help or giving it. Stupid posts will get 9,000 upvotes and comments but genuine thoughts and requests for thoughts and support get lost in the garbage about Ramzi theories and “help I’m bleeding” posts. Speaking of posting, you can’t edit a comment and it frequently posts while you’re typing. You end up having to post twice in a continuation of the thought. How can you not have the ability to edit a comment? There are also some really thirsty users in here who just post for attention and then they get it from others, which is very annoying to see. Once in awhile someone will pipe up and be like you’re just posting this for attention, but for the most part everyone takes bate pretty easily. Lots of 5lb women in sports bras w no visible baby bump at all being like “42 weeks and so over it!” Just so they can 700 people to tell them how good they look. Others will post annoying things like sorry not sorry but I am pregnant. Again 2 weeks after my sons birth!” And everyone will be oooooooooooo. Sothat gets kind of annoying The constant prompts to upgrade and go pro are really annoying. You can’t click on anything w out something coming up to upgrade or have “nuh uh uh—-> that’s a pro feature” thing pop up. Like leave me alone, I don’t want to go f*ing pro and the more you make me deal w the prompts the LESS I use the app. I love the calendar type feature where you can click ahead. I used to do that when I was just pregnant, and now here I am at 38 weeks and it’s fun to see where I was 8 months ago w it all. The logging is ok and sometimes helps me to remember to do my Keigels lol. I generally use this app to log some things sometimes, look at the calendar feature, read a couple articles maybe, and see where my Birth Month group members are in their journeys. I try to stay out of conversations or comments or attention seeking posts. Just keep to yourself and try to ignore the upgrade prompts, and this app is ok.
  • Expecting Mama! 5/5

    By SC:Kakkkeeesss
    I love this app! It’s a great app for expecting moms.
  • Best pregnancy app 5/5

    By Luckylocallady
    Very informative and fun to watch baby grow. I’m now using this app for the second time around 🥰 I use it in conjunction with glow as well as glow baby for my little one. Haven’t used premium yet cause I find that the free version has so much to offer.
  • Favorite pregnancy app ever 5/5

    By mommyonfleek
    Glow nurture in my opinion is the best app for charting your pregnancy and learning what your little one is up to inside of you
  • B E S T E V E R ! ! ! 5/5

    By hhjhdcvjbhhnn
    I love it
  • Great 3/5

    By helms09
    But just hate the fact that some of the access is cut short to payment and that’s no fair
  • SO Informative 5/5

    By Stephlles
    I love this app so much! Every day I learn more and more about pregnancy and my baby!
  • Good Info 5/5

    By lmz656
    Good info to read while you go through this journey!
  • I love it 5/5

    By shaianne27
    It is amazing
  • There’s better apps! 2/5

    By x0gabbixo
    I was on this p.o.s app in my last pregnancy . Was . If your a pregnant woman who likes to bully other pregnant women or enjoys being bullied by miserable women ... then this is the app for you!!! It’s worse then middle school! U can literally ask , is chocolate safe to eat during pregnancy ? and you will be attacked by a bunch of women who can’t have kids . Which I don’t know why their on a pregnancy app to begin with if they just live to torment pregnant women concerned about the well being of their babies! God forbid you defend yourself and say something back ... you get blocked and can’t post questions until the app decides to let you again ... smh 🤦🏽‍♀️Their policies are a joke . A pregnancy app should have nothing to do with politics /religion / and so much chaos when your just trying to educate yourself in your pregnancy journey .
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Dfz189765
    Great support System and got me pregnant twice
  • Lots of good info! 4/5

    By Bbloomie
    I wish there wasn’t such a tight limit on articles in the free version or that there were at least previews. I’ve definitely wasted my free views before. Overall, great app for logging symptoms, getting insights, and having community boards.
  • More love to Women! 3/5

    By Roses_x.x
    I wish it was a free app only because i believe any preganant woman would love insights especially during their pregancy because its a lot of uncertainty that new moms face. Im not mad at the price or paying for the app but definitely it will show that initiative that we are supporting our news moms and showing some love to women. Overall the app itself its been real helpful ! Love it would recommend the app.
  • Great app for mommies. 5/5

    By QueenCortney2U
    I love this app. I’m a mom of two and expecting my third. I used this app with my second child and with this child. I love to learn about my baby development. Even through I’m not a first time mom it’s still fun to read the progress.
  • Best app ever 5/5

  • Hanyak 5/5

    By hanyak4534
    Great app
  • Pretty awesome 4/5

    By 69squirts69
    Love the app . Just don’t like when posting anonymous or won’t let you comment/reply to others anonymous
  • Hate it 1/5

    By Tokyo kandii
    If I can give zero stars I would I hate this app and glow because after you lose a baby don’t know one wanna keep seeing baby post well definitely not me it’s annoying and frustrating they should remove all content from your page about pregnancy and new born babies I just overall hate this horrible app and then in the community females can bash other females I just can not I just use it to see when my period coming
  • Pregnancy 5/5

    By missymiranda
    Great support on various topics
  • Terrible app with many outdated articles 2/5

    By Irinaowens
    I was using this app when we were trying to conceive, and it was nice to have something handy to be able to write all of my temps and progress down. So I got premium. Once we got pregnant, the app switched over, and I still had the premium account. Whatever you do do not purchase a premium account on Glow. Yes it gives you ability to read more articles, but their articles are usually one paragraph if that, some of them are literally one sentence long. Seems like no research goes into them, they repeat constantly This app constantly posts contradicting information. One day it will say one thing, another it will post an article that was done 10 years ago. The only reason I still have it, it’s just to see how many days I have left, how far along I am.
  • Pregnancy articles no longer free 1/5

    By Brischroeder
    I used this app last year when I was pregnant, and it was great! That pregnancy sadly ended in a loss, but I am pregnant again now. Just updated the app, and you have to pay to see articles on pregnancy now. 🤨 I know you can read “x” amount of articles for free each week, but I think all resources should be free to use on the app. There are other apps out there who offer this. Sadly, I’m going to be looking for a new app because I can get more articles for free.
  • Whose paying for articles?? 2/5

    By dnwp27
    Glow was okay but now they changed their app where you can read their articles 5 times in a week. In order to continue reading articles, you have to pay for premium. Whose doing that when google is free, half of their articles come from another publication and we have apps like Ovia and more which are free and very informative? I already barely use Glow because you can’t do much of anything on there but I’m sure I’ll be deleting the app very shortly today.
  • Love it!!❤️❤️ 5/5

    By Alia mommy to be
    It’s an amazing app that tells you a lot that you need to know ❤️super helpful on pregnancy tips! All around awesome!
  • I love it 😇 5/5

    By hayley🥳
    This is a fun app!!! The section where you can post and comment is really entertaining and interesting to read about your baby!!!
  • Great content, not free 3/5

    By MazdaGirl687
    The content in this app is really great, however, after a certain number of articles you have read it becomes paid only to see any more (like what the baby looks like?!). I removed the app after that because I can access the same info for free on other apps.
  • Love this App! 5/5

    By ZKyrkos
    Used the app for my first baby and now, with my 2nd! Everything you need to know about your little bundle of joy’s growth, development etc. Love this App!!!
  • Great app 5/5

    By autumrenee18
    So many woman to relate to, talk to, ask questions. Not only for pregnancy but relationships, friendships, health, etc etc! Download!!
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Frustrated and ticked.
    I used this app with my first pregnancy and it was great, tried using it for my second pregnancy and they’ve gotten far more strict with what is free. They only allow you to read five articles for free a week, if you want to see more you have to pay for it. I mean come on we’re paying for enough as it is while being pregnant. Kind of BS if you ask me.
  • So helpful! 5/5

    By CNC2019
    This pregnancy tracking app is wonderful! Tells you the size of baby, tracks the progress, and even has articles from other mommy’s-to-be for you to have realistic help! Love it!
  • Stealing my money! 1/5

    By jtbx2
    I updated to a premium account and can not access it. I’ve emailed and emailed and can’t get a response about a refund!!! I can’t find a number to call either. Now I paid almost 30$ for a 3 month subscription I already cancelled and can’t use and nobody in customer service will help. Worst app ever!!!!! As well as the customer service. If I could give 0 stars I would.
  • Not worth it 2/5

    By Hslebsyskwckshch
    Glow baby appears to be useful but we’ll see once baby is here and I start using it. Do not pay for premium. The articles that are offered are usually just a paragraph and most of the time the information isn’t useful at all.
  • Loving it! 5/5

    By Xoxlovelyfairyxox
    This adds extra excitement to such a beautiful gift and helps keep the stress at a minimal.
  • Too many features being pushed to pay for 2/5

    By Cait_the_great_taken
    I really didn’t like the constant blurred out info that encouraged you to pay $3.99/MONTH to see.
  • Satisfied 5/5

    By y.jimenez
    Cool place where moms can share ideas or safely talk about family planning without being judged ❤️
  • I love(d) this app 2/5

    By Stephhh0210
    Original review: First time mom! I downloaded a few other pregnancy apps and this is my favorite! The community is a bit ridiculous and sometimes unrelated to pregnancy but I die laughing reading some of the stories.. Update: Ads and LIMITS on articles you can read unless you pay have become incredibly annoying and ruined the app.
  • Plagiarism? 2/5

    By AlyB9021
    Just purchased the book “Pregnancy Day by Day” and realized this app is word for word and picture for picture the exact same as this book.

Pregnancy + Baby App: Nurture app comments

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