Glucose - Blood Sugar Tracker

Glucose - Blood Sugar Tracker

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  • Current Version: 2.9.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Adappt LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Glucose - Blood Sugar Tracker App

Glucose Tracker is built for tracking blood sugar, A1C, medications and more. This makes it easy to identify trends and retain your data. It is simple to continue tracking weight and blood pressure. You can also schedule reminders to ensure that you are diligent about checking your blood sugar. Whether you have diabetes or prediabetes, this app makes it easy to track your blood glucose levels. The app also tracks what time of day you are checking your blood sugar, such as first thing in the morning, before a meal, or before bed. You can also add a note to each record. Glucose Tracker also allows you to track insulin, medication, A1C, blood pressure, carbohydrates, weight and ketones. It is a comprehensive app for both diabetics and prediabetics. You can also sync data between devices, export a report for a loved one or a health care professional, and even view a graph of your data. The app also has configurable reminders to check your blood glucose levels. This helps you make sure to check these levels to stay in control of your diabetes. Tracking has never been easier. Glucose Tracker integrates with HealthKit by writing all inputted entries to the Health app. Be in charge of your diabetes! Blood sugar tracking has never been this easy! This diabetes tracker also has an estimated A1C level. Please note that this is just an estimate and should never be used for diagnostic purposes.

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Glucose - Blood Sugar Tracker app reviews

  • Easy app to use, good tracking 5/5

    By John In GR
    I have tried several other apps for tracking my blood glucose levels and my weight. This one allows me to setup reminder for meds, enter measurements, and see trends easily. This app is the best so far.
  • Nice ..but ... 4/5

    By Nytetears
    This is a nice little app but I dislike them hiding your estimated a1c behind a pay door at outrageous prices. If it was a decent one time price I would have no trouble paying for it but not doing a reoccurring sub for that info. The app is clean and easy to read and your data is easy to Imput. What I do is put all my info into this app and sync to apple health. I use this for daily use to easily see my numbers. Then I use the one drop app and sync it to apple health. That app gives me my A1C. And to send download their nicer reports for your doctors
  • New update made it great again!! 4/5

    By DrMaark
    11/30/20 New update made it great again!! Thanks for listening! Great app, easy to use. Before the update it was quick and simple to change time. Just ruined the app w the last update. Can’t read info with black panels. Don’t you test this before you release?
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By miramariphone
    Best glucose app around. Easy to use and very complete with everything you need to keep track of your diabetes. Most important the tech support is 100% the best. Can ask them questions and make suggestions directly in the app. And they respond. Excellent developer.
  • Ok 4/5

    By bch513
    So far evrythings is ok.
  • Money Trap 1/5

    By Lean6T
    Would be a decent app if the developers weren’t greedy. There is nothing that this app does that you should pay some greedy developer a subscription. This app should be a one-time purchase. Set a price, and then don’t try to be greedy. I won’t feel sorry for this developer when Apple inevitably incorporates these very simple recorder and calculator functions into the Health app, and forces these developers to find another way to rob people.
  • Not sure how to use app 1/5

    By Gogohog
    Need to have instructions on how to use app. I am new to diabetes and don’t know what numbers to put where and don’t know that terminology
  • Apple watch app not working 4/5

    By Jimcmonta
    Would give this app an overall 5 stars, but device syncing over all still has problems. Finally able to sync iPad with iPhone, but Apple Watch still says “no data”? I was told by support that they are working on an update for this problem. Until then I would suggest removing the Apple Watch icon from App Store as it doesn’t exist yet. When it is fixed I will come back and rate a 5.
  • Paid 1/5

    By Ajay 44948
    You can download free apps instead this paid app asking too much money like the are selling insulin owner the app
  • Perfect! 😊 5/5

    By AnarysRz
    This app is great. You can track almost everything. You can track your weight your glucose, your carbs, your A1C,Blood pressure insulin, medication, and ketones. I suggest you should get this app if you have diabetes I feel as though it’s perfect because you can track your carbs your glucose your insulin your wait in your A1c everything.
  • Helpful 5/5

    By Jas1017345
    I have gestational diabetes and my doctor wants me to send a record of my readings weekly. I love this app because I can log in what time I took my sugar an what I ate. It’s all there together and easy to do!
  • Customer Support 1/5

    By not an app worth having
    The person refused too give his/her name and when I said I didn’t know my glucose meter came with an app I got “well guess you didn’t need too purchase one then” then he/she stopped responding
  • Ok 3/5

    By NormAly91
    I’m been having problem with this app every time I updated I doesn’t open, I have to delete and download again this is my 3 time this happened I don’t know it cause my I phone cause when I had a android phone it work fine every-time I updated.
  • Not free 1/5

    By L⃟I⃟Z⃟
    Not all features are free
  • Not sure yet.... 3/5

    By Kentmudhen7
    Purchased the app subscription after tracking for 14 days, saw the value of the data. However waiting on response from support as to why when I attempt to use the “HELP & FEEDBACK” tab I get the “COULD NOT CONNECT TO SERVER” warning. Problem is not on my end, connected to the internet with no restrictions on my devices. I’ll report back here with an update either good or bad! UPDATE data has synced with my iPhone that’s what I wanted! I now have data in all Apple devices. Still would like to have the ability to send messages via help & feedback on app. But the data recorded and saved on the app make it a very nice tracking tool, and the yearly subscription is affordable if that server thing is corrected. UPDATE This will probably get deleted but after reading dozens and dozens of whiny crybaby, “I want something for nothing” liberal pantloads; it’s no wonder the outlook is bleak for the the USA or wherever you are from! Posting your 1 star ratings because I HAVE TO PAY NOW I want it free boohoo😭mentality. Before you downloaded the app didn’t you see the small print right under the app icon, “OFFERS IN APP PURCHASES”! What the hell do you think that meant, save your quarters and go buy a clue😡 UPDATE The help and feedback tab has been restored😁, I can now communicate or ask questions through the app. So far I like the data available to me. Yes I did pay the yearly subscription, I knew up front there was that option. I think $30 is fair to help me track, plan and recover hopefully to one day not need insulin. Four weeks into my diagnosis stabilization has begun, the tracker has helped me accomplish that relatively easy. UPDATE Well I’ve had the app just over 30 days, for the most part it has been a good tool for the newly diagnosed diabetes patient. As stated I’ve paid the yearly subscription, the help and feedback has been “restored” according to the developers. However I’ve left 3 messages with zero response, one with merely a thank-you for fixing that the other just some basic info I was looking for and the last, just fishing to see if anyone was there but still no response from the developers. Not sure why they list this the tab as “help and feedback” if they do not respond. Since I’ve invested 30+ days now on compiling my data I’ll stick to this for now but I’m sure I’ll be checking out others when it’s time for subscript renewal. Downgrade my review to 3 stars
  • Loved it,now hate it. 1/5

    By Barnaby-Wild
    I used this app everyday and loved it. Now I updated and I can’t see my history on the graph without paying. I guess I’ll have to find another app.
  • Great app, thief in price 1/5

    By CJ34561
    They offer a yearly option of $29.99 so you can get your estimated A1C and few other options. But it actually deducts $40.00 from your account. Not pleased at all with this thievery. For that I give it 1 star.
  • Now you charge ?? 1/5

    By Gary loves bon
    I used your free app a long time, now today suddenly the A1c portion is locked and I must pay to see it... goodbye, too bad it worked well.
  • This was my favorite app a year ago 3/5

    And now you are asking $30 a year for the same thing I got free ... sad. Looking for a new app
  • Fees 1/5

    By Bluutata
    Very disappointing. They want to charge fees now for features that had been included previously.
  • Good But A Couple Foibles 4/5

    By Tebow-man-dude
    Simple, effective way to track your blood glucose levels, carbsand insulin. Pros: 1. Easy to use 2. No intrusive ads 3. Reminders 4. Graphs 5. Tracks what I need (glucose, insulin, carbs) 6. Can track weight, estimate A1C, etc. Cons: 1. Can’t contact developer ... can’t ask questions, suggest features, etc. They have their server turned off. Maybe they turn it on sometimes, but you can see from other reviews that this has been going on for quite some time. 2. You cannot adjust the graph scale. The insulin graph y-axis starts at 40 units. 40? My daughter takes just a few units sometimes. Every entry under 40 does not show up on the graph. Any entry higher than 40 shows up but who injects 40 or more units at once? Makes no sense.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By I can't you won't take it
    Does nothing unless you upgrade, so how do they claim its free?
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Deadmandave462
    I really love this app really has great info and features and really helps manage your diabetes
  • Crash 1/5

    By Kelena
    How can you use it, when every time I open it, it crashes? I’d give it zero stars, but the system won’t allow.
  • Hello 5/5

    By Jehovah2017
    Am sorry let this app free especially glucose+ I need to see what happen 90 days
  • Apple Watch 1/5

    By Pop9
    Will not sync with my watch !!!
  • Sencillamente Excelente 5/5

    By LachiAngel
    Buenísima aplicación , fácil de usar. Te da promedios. Puedes compartir los resultados por diferentes vías. Sobre todo a los medicos. Totalmente recomendada!
  • Delores63 1/5

    By delores636
    This app is rip off . I downloaded this app without a charge or difficulty. After about a month I open the app and the app charged my account $31.98 a yearly fee. Please please do NOT download. It’s a rip off !!!!!.
  • Insulin 4/5

    By whechun
    There’s no place to write which insulin is taken ( NPH or REGULAR.
  • Deleting this app 2/5

    By Steven Ledingham
    Used to use this as my go to app. Recent changes to the subscription model, including a subscription block on A1c estimates and only maintaining 7 days of records have made this App useless. I would be glad to pay some tome fee but I am unwilling to go with a subscription fee. As a 69 year old senior on fixed income, I think it’s tragic to see this company chasing the money. Sorry to see this company following this route. At least keeping a list on paper gives me a more reliable record for a fraction of the subscription price.
  • They got greedy 1/5

    By Djkid7539
    This used to be a nice app when I got it a little over a year ago. It was free then and I’d happily paid $3 to $5 dollars to keep it. But then they started fencing off functionality that used to be free such as showing your estimated A1c and graphing for more then 7 days unless you pay a monthly fee. Totally not worth it and makes the free version pretty useless.
  • Liked it a lot before it became subscription 1/5

    By tonynpr
    I just wanted something basic. It worked well , 5 bucks a month is a bit steep. I continued using it though until . Entries started to vanish , records disappeared . They went in fine , first a day or two now whole weeks. I loved it quick easy convenient not reliable.
  • good 4/5

    By kung hae fat choy
    good good
  • Like the app but. 4/5

    By zeb2
    Your adds are locking up. Suppose to be 5 seconds but never starts counting down. Please fix the count down please. The keto one is locking up.
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By IntegraTPA
    I was using this until they decided they wanted to charge you $6/mo to reveal your a1c. Complete larceny. I “might” be up to paying $.99 to remove adware, but that’s absolutely insane to make a change like this and expect anyone to stay with your product.
  • Chris 5/5

    By Chrissystar1
    It works great thanks. Easy to use and understand.
  • Acting stupid 2/5

    By George villareal
    Used to be a good app. But now they started Charging for everything. I’ll be searching for a different app after next week. I needed the information to pass my d.o.t. Physical
  • Really Basic 3/5

    By Modern Jess
    The Glucose app is simple, but not very effective. At best, it’s just a list of glucose values in a scrolling list. The graphs are almost unreadable in portrait mode, and squeezed down to almost nothing in landscape mode. What this app calls “insights” are just periodic averages, plus the ability to generate a report. About that “report”: it’s just a list of glucose numbers. No charts, no graphics, not even any averages. And it contains two values labeled “value”, one of which is obviously glucose and the other which is always 0 — what does it mean? No clue! The “report” is just the same data seen in the main screen, which makes it effectively worthless. The only insight this app offers is a1c estimation, but there’s the rub: you’ve got to subscribe to the app to get that functionality. Trust me, it’s not worth it.
  • Uh, No, 1/5

    By Nemo24219
    I’ve been using this app since shortly after my dx. Found it to be easy to use and easy to read (legally blind) but I will be searching the app store for a new tracker. My needs are not such that I feel a need to pay excessive $$$ for my simple needs.
  • $$ Grab 3/5

    By KCSO121
    Don’t let the good reviews fool you, app gives you just basic info and wants money for anything else
  • Review 2/5

    By Drod04
    Was a great way to log and manage your A1C average, like anything else it was complete free which helps so much because the cost of medications and everything but now it makes you pay to see your average A1C. Looking into another app since that happened. Wouldn’t recommend unless your willing to pay.
  • Changed the Rules!!! 2/5

    By Doctor Noh
    Out of the blue, this app now holds all my history hostage for $6.99 a month! Well over a year’s data trapped!
  • Just One Bug 4/5

    By potentiallyhappy
    Does a great job at recording and labeling everything as needed. However, the app crashes when trying to save a jpeg of the graph currently on my iPhone 8+.
  • Charged for graph function 1/5

    By dissapointed-JEB
    I stopped using when you started charging for extended graph function.
  • Upgrade Disappointing 3/5

    By Parker*2008
    The application works well, have been using for several years. Unfortunately the last upgrade requires a fee if you want to estimate A1C and graph for than a few weeks. Healthcare system, everyone wants our nickel.
  • Thanks!! No email requirement 5/5

    By Pirate2Late
    I tried several other apps before I found this one and all of them wanted me to create an account. That alone was enough to try this one, but it is really easy to use and has all the features I want.
  • Essential feature in-app purchase 2/5

    By Kadam961
    For me, estimated A1C is an essential feature of an app. I’m deleting the app now that the estimated A1C is no longer part of the free use. Plenty of other apps still offer it for free, and I already pay plenty of money just to live due to my Type 1.
  • Need to sync to other apple devices 1/5

    By Yuri IMP
    Developer made app for purchase, I use this app for years just s as simple glucose track. I give 1 star and I get something else.
  • Useless app now 1/5

    By Handpa
    Very disappointed. This was perfect at one time. Your update locked out the main reason for me to use your app. I can no longer track my A1c without a subscription. I might have considered a nominal flat fee but not yearly. I will be looking for another app to use and deleting yours. Very bad decision on your part.